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Thread: Phenobarbital

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    I took it for 40 years to control epilepsy and it worked well, I always felt tired and sleepy though. Earlier this year my doctor told me to see a neurologist and see about a different med. The neurologist put me on Keppra.
    I am in the last phase of taking pheno. and it is 1/4th of what I had been on. I had been trying to lose weight and gave up, today I found that I have lost 8 pounds. Also I am far more active, I take on projects with little reservation.
    Is this from going off of the pheno.?

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    Re: Phenobarbital

    Quote Originally Posted by peeonme View Post
    ...Is this from going off of the pheno.?
    Indirectly, yes.

    If you were having somnolence and sluggishness after taking your phenobarbital dose, then it is possible that your increased activity has helped take off some of the pounds.

    In general, sleepiness and anergy is a side effect of anti-convulsant medications, so it's a good thing that you're not having this side effect with Keppra.

    Phenobarbital is an old drug and it's no longer the first choice for epilepsy because of the side effects and the addiction potential of barbiturates. Good for your doctor for sending you to a neurologist for a medication change.
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