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    Eros Exotica question

    You'll find lots of little preview clips of scenes from "Eros Exotica" on pornhub etc. that last about 7 minutes or so and are plugs for the main site. These clips show the scenes to be slow, with low-level lighting, and the guy often getting as much screen time as the girl. One of the regular models they use is Will Steiger who you see in the top left panel of the first screen shot. His massive dick is on display in the bottom right hand panel.

    Anyway, there are seldom any cumshots in the preview clips I've checked but does anyone know if there are always cumshots in the full-length scenes? As you can see in the timings under each panel, these last well over an hour but I don't get the impression from the mini-previews that cumshots are necessarily guaranteed. This is because there's usually a soundtrack narration merely describing, for example, a blowjob technique. As it happens, you do get a Will Steiger cumshot at the end of a 5-minute clip entitled 'Suck it like a pro' (2nd screen shot) so maybe all the scenes do end with a hot load. Does anyone know for sure? ...

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