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Thread: The Doctor

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    The Doctor

    If you have any ideas for new chapters or other stories, please feel free to PMl me.

    I'm new to writing erotic stories so I appreciate your feedback!

    Enjoy the story!




    My name is Lucas. I’m a closeted gay 18 year old.

    I never planned on my parents finding out that I’m gay, but my secret was let out after they found gay porn on my laptop.

    Soon after, they contacted a doctor that promised to “cure” me of my homosexuality through experimental treatment.


    Earlier today, I came home from school to see two men dressed like security guards standing in my living room next to my parents.

    My parents told me that they had arranged for me to go to a treatment center to help me with my sexuality.

    The two men then put me in handcuffs and dragged me into the back of an SUV.

    As the vehicle began moving, they put a black bag over my head, to prevent me from seeing where they are taking me.


    After what feels like hours, I suddenly hear the engine stop.

    I feel strong arms pull me by the shoulders out of the car door and lead me away from the vehicle.

    I try not to trip as I walk, as I'm unable to see where I'm going.

    I hear a large door close behind me and I realize they have brought me inside a building.

    The men take me down what seems to be a long hallway before turning into a room and pushing me down onto a chair.

    The bag is pulled off my head, letting me finally see again.

    I look around the room, trying to make sense of where I am.

    The room looks like the kind they have at medical clinics, where doctors do exams.

    It is a small room with white walls and a examination bed in the center.

    I stay sitting on the chair in the back corner of the room as the two men quietly leave and close the door behind them.

    A minute later, a middle-aged man in a white doctor’s coat walks in and introduces himself.

    “Hi, you must be Lucas. My name is Doctor Johnson, I will be your physician here at the Homosexual Research Center for the duration of your treatment. Now, I need to perform some tests. Please remove all of your clothes.”

    I realize that arguing probably will not do me any good, so I take off my t-shirt and drop my pants.

    I stand in front of him wearing nothing but my tight green boxer briefs.

    “Those need to come off too…” the doctor looks down at my underwear.

    I blush as I slowly slip off my boxers and let them drop around my ankles.

    I see the doctor glance down at my cock as I stand there completely naked.

    I kick my clothes to the side as the doctor puts on latex gloves.

    “Sit down on the exam bed” he orders.
    I sit down on the leather padding and see him preparing a needle for injection.

    “What are you giving me…?” I ask cautiously.

    “Don’t worry this is harmless. It is a medication that causes an erection. I have to conduct measurements of your erect penis for your patient file.”

    He steps towards me and pushes the needle into my arm, injecting the drug into my bicep.

    “In a moment, you should begin to feel blood flow to your penis. You should soon become fully erect.”

    I look down to see my cock slowly growing bigger as it starts to get hard.

    I see a smirk on the doctor’s face as he watches my dick get rock hard.

    “Very good, I see the drug is taking effect.” he says as he makes a note on his clipboard. “Now I will take your measurements.”

    He takes a small roll of measuring tape out of his pocket and stretches it out along the length of my shaft.

    “Seven and a half inches, you are bigger than average.” He writes another note on my file.

    He then wraps the tape around the shaft to measure the girth.

    “Well done. Now to test the tightness of your anus to determine if you have had anal sex.”

    “Oh, doctor! I'm a virgin!” I try to explain. “I’ve never had anal sex, there is no reason to do that test. Nothing has ever been inside me, not even a finger.”

    “I’m sorry,” he says “I must perform the test. It is necessary for our research.”

    The doctor takes a small rubber tube attached to a thin hose off of a hook on the wall behind me.

    The hose connects to a machine sitting on the countertop next to the bed.

    “I will insert this tube into your anus and it will fill with air. I will then measure the pressure to determine how tight you are. Lift your legs and spread your cheeks."

    I lift my legs up and pull my ass cheeks apart, exposing my virgin hole.

    He applies lube to the rubber tube before pressing it up against my anus.

    As he slowly pushes it inside me, I let out a whimper of pain.

    “Just breathe… it won’t hurt for long.”
    The discomfort fades as he pushes the tube all the way inside me.

    “Now, I will turn on the air pressure machine. You will feel your rectum expand as the pressure increases inside you. The test will only take a minute.”

    I take a deep sigh as he flicks the switch on the machine.

    A deep humming sound comes from the machine as I start to feel the tube growing inside me.

    I moan as the tube gets thicker.
    I feel the pressure building inside my ass, filling up like a balloon.

    The pressure gets so intense that I start to feel like it is impossible for the tube to get any bigger.

    I can feel my virgin hole has been stretched out wide.

    The machine suddenly goes quiet.

    “There we go…” the doctor makes a note of the test results “It definitely looks like you're tight like a virgin.”

    I feel the tube inside me slowly releasing pressure before he pulls it out of me and sets it aside.

    “Just one more test for today. Please masturbate so I can take a sample of your semen.”

    I look at him uncomfortably.

    “You mean right here… with you watching?”

    “Yes, I need to take notes during the test for our research.”

    “Okay…” I say as I begin stroking my cock.

    He takes a couple notes over the next few minutes while I jerk off.

    I feel so nervous with him watching me that I can’t even get close to cumming.

    “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can do this.”
    “Maybe I can help.” The doctor looks down at my hard dick with a smirk.

    I feel the latex on his hand wrap around my cock as he begins to slowly stroke up and down my shaft.

    I gasp and look up at him with a shocked look on my face.

    His thumb circles around my cock head before his strokes start to get slightly faster.

    “How does this feel?” the doctor asks.

    I don’t know how to feel about this.

    “It’s okay…” I say quietly.

    “Just okay? Maybe I should try something else.”

    I feel his finger press up against my hole as he continues stroking my dick.

    His fingertips slip inside me, slowly moving in deeper.

    His fingers begin moving in and out, making me moan as he squeezes his hand tighter around my cock.

    His fingers go knuckles deep inside me as I start to feel closer to cumming.

    I feel myself orgasm, leaning my head back in pleasure.

    Thick streams of cum shoot into my chest.

    “Good boy.” The doctor says, then uses a suction syringe to take a sample of my semen for testing.

    “I will send this off to the lab and a staff member should come in shorty to escort you to the room you will be staying in.”

    He closes the door behind him, leaving me sitting there naked and covered in cum.


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    Re: The Doctor

    An interesting start! I am looking forward to seeing what happens next.

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    Re: The Doctor

    So fucking hot. xxx

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    Re: The Doctor

    I was 14 and went to the doctor for a physical.....he told me to "remove my pants and underwear" and that turned me on like crazy! I immediately obeyed. I would have done anything he said that day

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    Re: The Doctor

    Wow what a great start to your story! I hope you continue the story.

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