I consider myself straight, although most of you might disagree with my definition, but physically I'm only attracted to women and same goes romantically.

That being said, I've always had a strong fetish for humiliation and from 20 to 28 I've sucked cock 4 times. Perhaps it was the influence of internet porn, who knows.

A) The first time was one on one with a guy, made him wear a condom. To be frank, I didn't like it at all. On paper, I should've liked it due to the humiliation fantasy, but didn't.

B) The second time it was with a female friend who initiated it, basically I sucked her fuck buddy's dick in her car, in front of her. I nearly ejaculated in my boxers just from sucking. To this day possible one of the hottest sexual encounter in my life.

C) The third time was one on one in a guy's car. We had talked online before, so we basically didn't speak, I showed up, started sucking. I jerked off while doing it and gave myself a ''ruined'' orgasm when he came. To note, this was the first time a guy ejaculated in my mouth and I didn't know how to feel about that.

D) Fourth time was again, with a female friend in front of her. That time I'm the one who initiated it and it involved a lot of face fucking. Afterwards she blew me in my car. It was fun, but not as fun as with the other girl. This one came in my throat directly, so I didn't feel anything.

This is probably a very specific kink in a way that, to me, the female involved almost has to be more into it than me or the other guy. As for the other guy I prefer he stays completely passive (glory whole would probably be best) and that the female takes the lead, talks dirty, etc.

Anyone else falls into this category?