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    my hometown-- city council approves $2.5 mil settlement for traumatized 3 year old

    congrats chicago taxpayers, once again you get to foot the bill for your corrupt police department.

    Chicago's City Council on Wednesday approved a $2.5 million settlement in an excessive-force lawsuit that accused police of traumatizing a 3-year-old girl by pointing a gun at her chest and striking her handcuffed mother.

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    Curiosity led me to wonder just how much police misconduct costs us, contrary to popular belief, police misconduct is not isolated pocketed incidents that happen here or there, rather has been a consistent thread throughout American history. The most recent numbers I found were from three years ago so I'm gonna keep looking for something more current.

    I know, I know, she's not an Abercrombie n Fitch model so this story is lacking in sex appeal but it's still important to share methinks.
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