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    Intensified orgasms --- mantras and kegels

    There are several ways to add intensity to your orgasms when you jerk off (or have sex with another creature).

    If you engage in a mantra, that has the effect of vibrating your nasal cavity and causing it to release Nitric Oxide (a natural blood gas) into your blood stream which has the effect of immediately opening up all your blood passageways from your largest veins to your tiniest capillaries. This facilitates a cleaner, fuller orgasm.

    Also, if you practice the Kegel exercises a minutes daily (repeatedly squeezing the sphincter, anal and urinary, for several seconds before releasing) it quickly and easily gets your orgasmic muscles in shape.

    It's also recommended you take one 50mg Zinc supplement after every ejaculation to replace the "spirit" loss.

    These simple steps will significantly improve the quality of your private life.

    BTW: try to get off of HFCS, an artificial sweetener (no matter what they say, it's made it the lab) which is linked to bodily inflammation, blood in your cum, and impotence even in teenagers!

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    Re: Intensified orgasms --- mantras and kegels

    The mantra seems a bit specific. Wouldn't doing anything vocal have the same effect? Like, you could probably hum and activate the same bodily reaction. I wonder if a nose ring would heighten the effect?

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