I have always thought I was 100% gay, but lately I've noticed that I have a strange kink or fetish that I can't very well explain in those terms. Lately I have found that cuckold fantasies really get me hot and bothered. There have been a couple of threads on here where all the participants are gay, such as when a guy watches his lover have sex with another man. I find some of these scenarios interesting, but what makes these different from three-ways or open relationships that many gay men participate in?

The cuckold fantasies that really turn me on are some that theoretically I could not participate in any fashion: It is of a guy being cuckolded by another guy doing his girl or woman. One thing which seems rather obvious to me, though most "straight" people in the cuckold lifestyle seem to deny it, is the clear homoerotic or homosexual overtones involved. If a guy gets off on another guy doing his woman, I look at it as he's either getting off on watching another man get pleasure from sticking his penis into her, or he's getting off on his woman being pleasured by the other man's penis. Or if he does it to "compete" with other men, he's trying to see how they measure up to each other.

But the cuckold situation that gets me rock hard is when a son is sharing his wife or girlfriend with his Dad. Either he comes home and finds his Old Man and his girl doing it, and is initially jealous, but finds himself so turned on that he really gets into it. Or he even sets it up, asking his Dad to fuck his girlfriend, and his girlfriend to let his Dad fuck her, and he beats his meat watching the other two go at it. He yells, "fuck her, Dad! Fuck my girlfriend!" as he watches them.

Another scenario is when the son marries a woman, but the father gets first dibs on the bride. Sometimes they arrange that the son never touches the bride until his father gets her pregnant, and give the daughter-in-law his baby. Or the father and son both sleep with the son's wife, so nobody knows who actually sired any of the kids.

There are some aspects of the cuckold fetish that turn me on tremendously, but there are other things that don't do a lot for me. For instance, I don't particularly get into the fetish of making the guy being cuckolded a sissy or sexually inadequate. Rather, I see the sons as being sexually potent, randy and rowdy, craving all kinds of sexual experience. They just realize that they get boned up big time by their Old Men doing their girls and women.