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    Calling on any of the Docs. Or those who have had shingles.

    As you may have heard from my whining starting last July, I ended up with shingles in my left eye and back across my head.

    I had constant headaches and bad, bad pain for about 127 days.

    Since that, though, I have had post herpetic neuralgia with an almost const dull aching pain in the back of my skull and a line of pain from my eye right back to the base of my skull.

    Lyrica just made me totally stupid.

    Recently I have had more constant and acute pain to the point where it affects my ability to focus. to concentrate, to even finish a sentence when I am speaking.

    I have had to turn to Tylenol 3 at least once a day...which for me is not great. I don't want to use them except for their original purpose.

    Is there any alternative that you might have run across to keep you alert and sane but to just stop the fucking pain for at least an hour or two?

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    Re: Calling on any of the Docs. Or those who have had shingles.

    I had shingles several months ago. At first, I tried to just deal with the pain like a brute. For like, one day. Then I was on the phone to the doctor and he prescribed gabapentin, which apparently works on the nerves themselves. I thought it was terrific, and didn't notice any side effects. Happily, the nerve pain only lasted for about three weeks in total. Shingles pain uniquely sucks; I'm sorry to hear you're suffering from the post-herpetic crap, and am delighted I escaped it. (I'm going to ask about getting the shingrix vaccine next time I see a doc, too. No desire to have a repeat.)

    P.s. for everybody, who like me, thought (thinks) they're too young to get shingles. No you're not, and it hurts like fuck. Get the vaccine.
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