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    pan, gay saunas, sexually attraction?

    I just explain before asking you options

    Im Bi/Pan just came out to my sis, im in my twentys. she didnt understand pan found it hard to explain can somebody help me with it? she still accepted me.

    I feel and experience it as this the people i have dated and had sex with
    I cant have casual sex , im attracted to both sexes. i can see and recognise whether somebody is attractive or cute, i can aprreate this apeal but not sexually attraction there. when i kissed a guy and a women i didnt feel anything arousal, i was turned off and disguised abit. like a striaght guy kissing a guy. when i sat down with them over a couple of weeks i got to know them, when i kissed them again everything changed i was so turned on and everything felt amazing and couldn't resist them.
    how do i explain this
    if people where in a room i could understand and recognised people where attractive, but no light or anybody stands out and woundnt feel attracted to anybody, feel turned off abit. totally no sexually attraction was there, but as soon as i know somebody its light see a single candle in a sea of darkness and then im suddenly turned onto them when before im not. i was sexually attracted to him.
    it just seem like i cant have sex unless im know them personal or in a relationship.

    ya, when with previous BF (he was gay) he asked me to go to gay sauna, i said no, he kept on and on about. he got way to pushy and afterwards he could see him in same like and every time we kissed or hugs i felt replused and it was wrong like a striaght guy kissing a guy. some thing felt wrong. i couldnt see that light i use too. he kept pushing me for causal sex with other guys in sauna he wanted to go too, and want for other people to just use me aswell. he hate that i said no and got pressured me so hard to things that i did regret.
    do other pan people feel this way?
    is it me or do other people gay, bi, pan people feel uncomfortable or not like it about gay saunas and casual sex?
    i feel that i cant get turned on by it, it has to be with somebody i love or care about. it maybe because im young or something what u think. the idea of a guy who doesnt care or love me or me to him and just wants me to give him sex seems off putting.
    how do other people feel about it?

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    Re: pan, gay saunas, sexually attraction?

    Pansexual recognizes there are more than two genders. Pan meaning all means you would be open to anyone if they were open to you and you felt the same attraction.

    As for sex outside of a relationship, I am the same way and yes I am pansexual. If there is no emotion of any depth; sex does nothing for me. It is called being demisexual.
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