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    Scratching an itch before marriage-[G-182]-part-1-of-1

    Scratching an itch before marriage

    I cheated and lied to my then girlfriend now wife Barbara about an encounter I had with another man years ago while we were dating. As I recall the experience it happened before we moved in together. At the time I was on a business trip in Houston and while at the hotel I got extremely curious about what it would be like to go down on another guy.

    The more I thought about it the more it got me going so on a whim I posted an ad on CL that I was at the Holiday Inn just off I-610, was curious and looking for a no strings attached encounter.

    I remember getting several posts but only after I got a face picture from some guy did I agree to meeting.

    I remember being really scared about the whole idea but was still curious, real curious.

    His name was Anthony.

    I told him where I was and my room number and then we arranged a time.

    When Tony arrived at the hotel I was extremely nervous, so nervous I remember leaving the room with him there under the pretext of going to get some ice. But I didn't get anything. I just stood in the hallway to gain my composure.

    When I went back to the room I remember Tony had me take my gym shorts and t-shirt off as he watched.

    Then he and me sat on the edge of the bed. He touched me on my leg. I wasn't comfortable with that but I closed my eyes and let him kept going. As Tony was touching my thigh I could feel myself growing, getting bigger and harder.
    Then I remember unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. And Tony lifted his butt up off the bed so I could pull them down his legs to his ankles and off his feet.

    That's when I leaned over and started kissing his stomach, as I made my way down toward his lap. Going down to my knees, I stared at his flaccid cock. It was only about three inches soft.

    Because this was the first time for me to be in this position, I was paying close attention, so I noticed that when I kissed and licked his cock it got larger and firmer, the skin of the nut sack pulled tighter and his balls were pulled up against the body. As I continued to use my mouth to arouse and stimulate the color of the head deepened as it swelled wider and his balls actually swelled and grew larger.

    I quickly realized that Tony had a grower. When erect his cock was a good seven inches long.

    Wrapping my fingers around its shaft, I started slowly stroking it. I stroked it a few times and then Tony said, “Put it in your mouth.”

    sliding off the bed down on to my knees in front of him, I leaned over and guided it into my mouth. Clamping my lips around the shaft, I started moving my mouth up and down as I sucked. Each down stroke I went down further until I felt the head bump the back of my throat and his balls were banging against my chin.

    “Oh shit… suck that cock,” Tony whispered. “You really do want my cock, don’t you?”

    I nodded as I kissed the head and then started jacking him off. He let me stroke it a few times and then he murmured, “Kiss it.”

    His authoritative tone sent a shiver up my spin as I started kissing it all over. Kissing the tip, kissing the left side. Running my tongue down the right side. I lifted the cock up and kissed and licked underneath where that little sensitive piece of skin connected the shaft to the head.

    “Put it back in your mouth,” he said.

    I took it all the way in until I felt the head hit the back of my throat. Tightening my throat I started slowly bobbing my head, moving my mouth up and down his shaft.

    “Oh fuck, you learn so fast,” Tony exclaimed, as he threw his head back in pleasure.

    I sucked him for a few minutes and then Tony pulled me off and went down on me.

    I watched in awe as the head of my cock disappeared between Tony’s lips and then as his lips closed around my shaft. Parroting my movements, Tony’s mouth moved up and down my shaft. After a few minutes when I felt myself starting to cum, he stopped sucking.

    By this time Tony and I were sideways across the bed. Before I knew it Tony was kneeling over my face and leaning forward in the 69 position. He took my cock back in his mouth and started sucking.

    As he bobbed up and down, moving his mouth on my cock, Tony’s dick was flopping against my cheek. He bobbed and sucked my cock for a few minutes and then just before I was about to cum Tony took me out of his mouth so I could cum on his chest.

    At that point Tony’s dick still waving in my face, so I grabbed it in my mouth and started sucking again.

    With a moan of, “Oh, God, I'm cummmmmming,” Tony started working his hips, roughly plunging his cock in and out of my mouth. Caught up in the moment, I dug my fingertips into his taunt butt-cheeks, spurring him on. Suddenly he went rigid and a moment I hadn’t planned on arrived.

    All my thoughts had been about what a dick would feel like in my mouth, I hadn’t given any thought to his cum. I certainly hadn’t planned to let Tony cum in my mouth.

    But suddenly that decision was made for me as Tony’s cum gushed out, splashing the back of my throat with a hot, salty flood.

    With him on top and my head trapped between Tony’s knees, forcing his cock down my throat, the decision to swallow or not was taken from me. The head of his dick so deep in my mouth that I could feel the head bumping the back of my throat, leaving me no choice but to slurp and suck as hard as I could, gulping down his load and siphoning every drop of cum from his quaking body.

    I'm not sure what happened next. By the time I got my breath Tony was off the bed and dressing. Once his clothes were on he left pretty fast. There wasn’t a lot of talk and no exchange of information.

    I remember feeling gross, disgusted, dirty and guilty about what I’d done, especially the swallowing part. I remember that I showered for like an hour afterwards but for some reason I didn’t brush my teeth. So the taste lingered in my mouth and on my lips. Even though it had an acrid peppery taste and had kind of burned my tongue I found myself maybe not savoring but continuing to experience the taste until I brushed my teeth the next morning.

    I really can't say what brought on my curiosity to begin with. But since then this kind of desires or fantasies haven't fill my head or made me question my love for my family. I don't find men attractive and have never thought about what a relationship with another man would be like.

    I do admit though hat from time to time now that we’ve been married for a long time and Barbara’s interest in sex has dwindled, that a few…very few and far between…times I’ve thought about what it might be like to have another encounter. Full on sex never enters my mind and when it does it completely turns me off.

    When I do think about an encounter I don't think about another guy going down on me. Instead I remember the feel of Tony’s dick in my mouth and really only think about me going down on him. But it’s only a fantasy and it’ll never happen. Of course I am going out of town on business next week. So who knows?

    The end…

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    Re: Scratching an itch before marriage-[G-182]-part-1-of-1

    for me thats an itch that would need scratching over and over agian

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    Re: Scratching an itch before marriage-[G-182]-part-1-of-1

    great story and nice cock!

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