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Thread: new neighbor

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    new neighbor

    When I was 20, a new neighbor moved into the house across the street from
    my family. He kept pretty much to himself, so about the only time I saw
    him was when he worked in his yard on weekends. When it was hot he was
    usually shirtless, so I could see his bare chest. Although he was "old" in
    my eyes, he was also tall, thin, smooth, toned... definitely worth
    checking out up close. Up until now my jack-off fantasies had usually
    involved other college guys, but I was too scared to try anything with
    my friends.

    So it was easy and natural for me to strike up a conversation with the new
    neighbor one Saturday, shortly after he moved in, when I saw him doing yard
    work. As soon as I saw him from my bedroom window, I put on my usual baggy
    shorts and a ragged tee, and headed out the front door to introduce myself.
    I think he was a little surprised, but also impressed by my friendly
    attitude. Steve introduced himself, then listened patiently while I related the history of the world according to Will (that's me). I think the only thing I DIDN'T tell him about was myacute interest in my own and other guys' bodies... and now HIS body, too.
    He had short brown hair and green eyes and a super smile, but I tried not
    to be too obvious while I looked him over. He made that easier by
    continuing his yard work while we talked... or rather while I talked.

    I was nosy as hell, and asked him how old he was (thirty-four) and if he
    was married (no), or had a girlfriend (no), and why not (he said because he
    was new to the area). By the end of our conversation I knew I wanted to be
    his friend, and I was pretty sure he felt the same about me. Afterwards he
    always waved and said hello when he saw me, and I became a regular visitor
    whenever he was outside.

    Several weeks went by while my sexual fantasies increasingly centered on my
    new friend. Just the sight of his bare chest made me throw wood, and I
    took advantage of every opportunity to visit when he was out in his yard.
    After each visit I'd go back to my room for a long, slow jack-off,
    imagining what Steve would look like naked. The more I masturbated to
    fantasies of Steve, the stronger my orgasms felt. I didn't realize it
    then, but I'd developed a crush on my neighbor... I think it was my first
    case of True Love. It wasn't long before my crush became an obsession, and
    I started imagining ways to fulfill my fantasies. Unfortunately, Steve
    never mentioned sex, and though I almost went crotch-blind looking for it,
    I couldn't spot a bulge in his pants.

    One hot Saturday morning I saw Steve watering the yard and beat feet to say
    hi. We talked for awhile, and he surprised me by asking if I liked
    throwing Frisbee. It was obvious he was hoping I did, so I was crushed to
    have to admit I'd never learned. He said that was OK, and I almost wet my
    pants when he asked if I wanted him to teach me. No sooner had I said
    "yes", than he went inside and came out with the Friz, and we walked to the
    park a couple of blocks away.

    I couldn't believe how far Steve could throw that thing, and I was
    determined not to let him down, so I put everything into it in order to
    learn. We must have run up and down that park for 2 hours while he
    patiently chased my bad throws, at the same time telling me I was going to
    be great at it in no time. Like I said, I was tall and strong, and I loved
    to run... so it wasn't long before I was showing some progress.

    It was hot, and Steve peeled off his shirt soon after we started playing.
    I was a little self-conscious at first because I was so skinny, but I knew
    he wouldn't laugh at me, so I finally followed his example. Soon it was
    like the rest of the world stood still around us, while we went flying
    through the air, jumping and falling, laughing and shouting, barefoot and
    shirtless. I was hooked, and Steve's praise just made me want to try
    harder. We didn't stop until we were both completely exhausted, but our
    euphoria persisted all the way home.

    After that, every Saturday seemed to find us at the park, no matter how hot
    the day was. Finally, we were buddies! Steve seemed grateful to have
    someone to toss Friz with, and as I got better at the basics he started
    showing me trick throws and catches, which I quickly learned to emulate.
    He even pretended to be jealous of my growing skill and stamina, but I
    could tell it was just another way he had of helping build my

    Up until now, we'd always gotten together outside in his yard or in the
    park, but he'd never invited me inside his house. Then, after one
    particularly inspiring work-out, I couldn't believe it when he actually
    invited me in for a cold soda! We were only in the kitchen for a few
    minutes before I reluctantly had to go home, but the idea that I finally
    had my foot in the door made for another hot jack-off session.

    A week or two later we were at the park, near the end of our weekly outing.
    Both of us were shirtless, and sweaty from hard running. When a young
    teenager asked if he could join our Frisbee toss, we readily agreed, and
    ended up playing keep-away. At one point Steve and I were both running on
    an obvious collision course. We were both reaching up, eyes glued to the
    disc, when our feet got tangled together and we fell flat in a heap,
    laughing. Steve ended up on his back in the grass, with me laid out
    length-wise on top of him. Worse (and BETTER!), I was face down on his
    chest, about even with his flat, dark nipples. Still laughing
    hysterically, neither of us moved at first, and I even let the side of my
    face linger in a puddle of sweat that was forming between Steve's smooth
    pecs. After a couple of seconds he yelled "uncle", so I raised up on my
    elbows and started to roll off to the side. When I did, I suddenly
    realized I had a major hard-on, and it was pressing into Steve's upper
    thigh, just below his crotch! I was so unnerved that my first reaction was
    to freeze, and look at Steve to see if he'd noticed yet. As soon as we
    made eye contact, I was sure he knew. Regaining my wits, I jumped up and
    walked away from him in order to hide the outline of the log in my pants.
    When we looked around the other kid was gone, so we headed home. By now my
    dick was going limp, and didn't show.

    During the brief walk back, Steve kept up the usual small-talk, and acted
    as if he hadn't noticed anything. So by the time we got to our street, I'd
    started to relax again. Just then my mom called me into the house, and I
    had to leave before he could invite me in for a soda... although it wasn't
    exactly the soda that I was interested in.

    No sooner had I walked in the front door to my house than my parents and
    sister almost knocked me down, rushing out the other direction. When I saw
    my sister's uniform I realized they were headed to her first soccer game.
    "Finish your homework!" was the only comment directed at me, and they were
    gone... I didn't play youth-league anymore, but from my own experience I
    knew they'd be gone for at least three hours, probably closer to four, and
    longer if they stopped for an ice cream on the way home.

    Alone in the empty house, all I could think of was being pressed against
    Steve's bare body at the park, and how he totally did not react when he
    felt my dick rubbing against his leg. The longer that picture stayed in my
    head, the more I wanted to do something about it, and what I had in mind
    sure didn't mean just pulling my own pud for the ten thousandth time. So I
    devised a half-baked plan, and walked across the street.

    It had only been minutes since my parents had pulled out of the driveway,
    and I hadn't showered or changed clothes, nor even put on my shirt. I had
    my fingers crossed when I knocked on his door, and I wasn't disappointed
    when the door opened and Steve stood there with a big towel slung over his
    shoulder, barefoot, but still wearing his running shorts. I told him my
    parents would be gone the rest of the afternoon, and we were out of coke,
    and it sure was HOT, soooooo... could I come in for a cold soda? I felt
    light-headed when he smiled, stepped back, and held the door open for me.
    Steve busied himself closing the door, and told me to help myself to a
    soda. While grabbing a can for myself, I also noticed a couple of
    six-packs of beer, which gave me another idea. In a teasing voice I asked
    him if he wanted one, but he said no, not until after his shower. "Then
    hurry up!" I said. He just laughed and headed down the hallway, still

    I gave it a minute or two after I heard the water running in the shower,
    then followed the sound down the hall, to the open door of his bedroom.
    The bedroom curtains were drawn closed and the door to the bathroom was
    ajar. Through it I could see the mirror above the sink, but it was fogged
    up. I guessed from the direction of the sound coming from the shower that
    it was opposite the door, and I tip-toed closer. As I approached the
    bathroom door, I listened for the slightest sound indicating a change in
    water pressure, or sliding curtains... but heard nothing except the normal
    hiss of the water. I ever-so-slowly peeked around the corner into the
    bathroom, and saw my naked prey. Instead of the curtain I feared, Steve's
    shower had sliding glass doors. And I could see the outline of his nude
    body through the rippling glass. Not in detail of course, but I could
    easily make out the major features, including his dark pubic patch, and
    what hung beneath it.

    Sorta hanging down, but not exactly limp, it looked huge to me. I knew my
    cock was almost seven inches hard, but Steve's looked bigger than that
    already. I tried to stay calm, telling myself that he couldn't see more
    than a few feet through the glass, while I was across the room, hiding on
    the other side of the doorway. "No Fear", I thought, and slid my hand down
    the waistband of my shorts, to grope my growing meat. Nor did Steve seem
    to be in any hurry.

    I watched breathlessly as his dick rose slowly by degrees, while he
    finished shampooing his hair. He squirted liquid soap into his hand, and
    began washing his face, chest and back, and I distinctly remember his
    fingers lingered on his nipples. By now his dick was definitely pointing
    straight out in front of him, and I figured he was at least an inch longer
    than I'd last measured myself. Suddenly it seemed to get hot in the
    air-conditioned house, and I realized my erection was too big for the space
    allotted in my shorts... so I pulled the waistband down below my aching
    balls, and slow-stroked my throbbing boner in the open air.

    Steve began soaping his legs, ass, and crotch while I watched from the
    doorway, through billowing clouds of shower steam. He seemed to cover
    every inch, except his erection, which only drove me crazy with lust.
    Finally he put both hands down around his balls, loosely massaging them.
    Then he moved his right hand up the length of his cock in one continuous
    motion that didn't seem to end... until his long, thin fingers reversed
    direction in a downward stroke. After a few warm-up laps, Steve had a
    moderate rhythm going, which I soon realized I'd unconsciously matched with
    my own body.

    In fact, I was virtually naked now, since my baggies and boxers had fallen
    down around my bare feet. But I hardly noticed, as I could sense the
    finale starting to build between my legs. My first thought was to shoot my
    load into my shorts. But I couldn't reach for them without losing stride,
    so I just went for it. My ejaculation spewed so violently that the first
    few shots hit the door jam and the wall across from me, and the rest
    splattered onto the bathroom floor and bedroom carpet. At the same time an
    involuntary groan escaped my lips, causing Steve's head to suddenly snap
    upright, and he began to reach for the faucet handles. I quickly stepped
    back, pulled up my pants, spun around, and fast-walked out of the bedroom
    and down the hall to the kitchen, cum still dripping from my cock. I
    stayed in the kitchen with my soda, waiting for Steve to return from his

    Just as I started to worry that he was taking too long, and maybe he hated
    me for being... well, he emerged in a terrycloth bathrobe, and sternly
    demanded his beer. But I could have cried with relief when I saw he was
    smiling through the towel he was using to dry his hair. I almost tripped
    on my own feet trying to get the beer out of the refrigerator, open it, and
    put it into his outstretched hand. When I gave the can to him he took a
    long drink, told me where the chips were, and then sat down on a stool at
    the kitchen counter. He must have seen the look of relief in my face,
    because as I walked back to the counter with the chips, he softened his
    voice as he told me not to worry, he understood what I was going through,
    and how I felt. I was totally speechless, even though my head was bursting
    with questions. But before I could say anything Steve surprised me again,
    this time earnestly complimenting the "awesome load" I left behind in the
    bedroom and bathroom. I couldn't believe my ears, but my dick did, and I
    could feel it start to expand. Though it still had a ways to go before it
    would make a tent in my shorts, I was nevertheless grateful to be standing
    behind the countertop, which handily blocked Steve's view of my crotch.

    I hadn't said a word since he entered the kitchen, and my red-faced silence
    seemed to fuel Steve's monologue.

    "Good job Will, but please try not to get it on the walls and carpet next
    time, k? It took me FOREVER to clean it up!"

    That was enough to make me smile, and when I did Steve reached over the
    counter and tousled my tangled hair gently. I shut my me it
    seemed like a caress. I was still savoring that sweet sensation when I
    opened my eyes and saw him quickly adjust himself under the counter. Now
    HIS face turned red. I finally regained my voice to say,

    "Don't worry, I understand how you feel... here, I'll show you."

    At that I stepped around the counter and stopped next to Steve, waiting for
    him to react to the bulge in my pants. Smiling and unsuspecting, he turned
    his head to look me in the eyes, but quickly let his eyes drop, and then
    lock on, as I unbuttoned my baggies and let down the zipper. As they fell,
    my hard dick was revealed, sticking out the front of my boxers. The head
    waved around for a moment, then settled at an upward angle toward my navel.
    The front of my underwear had dark blotches of cum that had started to dry
    and harden. Steve still hadn't moved as he continued staring at my

    By now I'd decided that silence was as good as consent in this situation,
    so I reached out and pulled on the side of Steve's robe that was closest to
    me. He made no attempt to stop me as I dragged it off his knee, exposing
    his lower body. Under his robe he wore tight white briefs, which couldn't
    quite contain the torpedo-shaped dick that protruded beyond the limit of
    his waistband. I moved behind him, and pulled away the other side of his
    robe. Then with two hands I lifted it away from his bare shoulders, and
    draped it over the back of the stool. Steve silently slipped his arms from
    the sleeves of the empty robe, lifted his beer, took another long swallow,
    and said, "Thanks, I needed that!"

    Hoping his "need" implied more than just beer, I put both hands on his
    shoulders while I leaned my naked chest into the back of his head. An open
    palm slipped from his shoulder and slid down his chest to his nipple. He
    gently grasped the hand I'd laid on his chest, and pulled it across to his
    other nipple. As if on cue, my other hand drifted down to Steve's exposed
    upper thigh, and delicately began feeling him up. Like moths drawn to a
    flame, my fingers fluttered toward the burning heat, feeling his erection
    under the soft white cotton of his underwear. I gripped his shaft firmly
    and quickly squeezed it several times. Now that I'd finally reached my
    goal, I badly wanted to see it, too.

    "Turn around." I croaked.

    And he did. Now facing each other, I backed up a step, pulled my boxers
    down over my raging boner, and let them fall to the floor. With Steve
    watching as if under a spell, I couldn't resist the urge to show off, and I
    began stroking my cock to that familiar rhythm. Then I stepped forward
    into the space between his knees, grasped the waistband of his briefs with
    both hands and pulled. Steve lifted his body to let me slip his shorts
    over his knees, and then kicked them off. As soon as he did, I returned to
    the sweet spot between his open legs.

    Both of us were now naked, our hard cocks merely inches apart. I took the
    initiative and wrapped my fingers around his hard-on, feeling its silky
    hotness. I extended my loose fist slowly down the shaft until my hand
    pressed against his dark bush, then slipped my fingers underneath to cup
    his tight scrotum. At first Steve closed his eyes and leaned back a bit on
    the stool, but when I reached his testicles he took the lead. His open
    hands went to either side of my waist, then slipped behind me until they
    rested on my butt cheeks. Using my ass handles, he pulled my willing body
    closer between his legs until our dicks were pressing together. Since he
    was sitting, we were at about eye level. With a soft groan, Steve lowered
    his face to my throat and began nibbling his way down past my collar-bone,
    finally pausing on my left nipple. He brought one hand up from my butt to
    pinch the other nipple... roughly, making me gasp with pleasure.

    Steve's lips and tongue moved down across my belly on a trajectory toward
    my navel. When it occurred to me what his final destination might be, my
    knees got weak. He must have felt me shift my weight, because now he
    grasped my hips and held me firmly upright. I was glad for the help, and
    reflexively put my hands on his shoulders for additional support. I could
    feel the strength in his shoulders, and see his round biceps straining as
    he bent lower. When his warm breath reached my lower belly and pubes, I
    pleaded with him,

    "I've never had a blowjob before."

    No lie, it was true. I'd heard about cocksucking at summer camp, but never
    had the opportunity to experiment with anyone else. And none of my friends
    at home ever expressed interest in that sort of thing, so I kept my secret
    desires to myself until now. No sooner had the words left my lips than my
    wish was granted. Steve's wet mouth slipped over my cock-head, then he
    gulped my meat all the way down in one motion, until his nose rested in my
    light brown pubic hair. Luckily he was still gripping my waist, because I
    was totally overwhelmed by the incredible sensation.

    After a few seconds my legs started working again, and I raised my hands
    from Steve's shoulders to the back of his head, letting my palms ride the
    up and down motion as he pistoned my cock in and out of his throat. Soon I
    was rising up on my toes to meet his down stroke, simultaneously making
    incomprehensible mewing noises. Then he stopped!

    "Please don't stop, that was the most awesome thing I've ever felt!"

    But he just looked up and smiled.

    "Then get me another beer, boy!"

    It was only a few steps to the refrigerator, but when I turned around with
    the beer Steve was out of sight.

    "Steve where are you?!" I was begging.

    Then I heard my name called from the direction of the bedroom, and lost no
    time traversing the hallway, by now familiar terrain. When I reached him
    he was lying on his side on a bed that was even bigger than my parents'.

    "Where's that beer?"

    I opened it and handed it to him like my life depended on it.

    "Mmmm, that's better; now get up here with me."

    I didn't wait to be told a second time, and lay on my side watching him
    while he swilled most of the second beer. He let me finish the last few
    ounces, then reached over me to set the can on the nightstand. His chest
    and stomach grazed my bare shoulder as he hovered over me. As Steve lay
    back down he pulled me over with him in one smooth motion, until I found
    myself lying on top of him again like at the park an hour earlier. Again I
    rested the side of my face in the middle of his chest, but this time I
    didn't care that he knew my dick was hard. Nor did Steve cry "uncle". In
    fact, I could feel his superheated cock molded into my abdomen, poking up
    into my breastbone. This was too hot for me to resist, so I squirmed lower,
    sliding the side of my face along his ribs and hard belly, until I felt
    Steve's hot tool grazing my throat, stopping against my chin.

    His nude body was as taut as his cock. I lifted my head at the same time
    he raised his up far enough to look me in the face, and his expression did
    nothing to deter me. I moved lower, until I was eye-to-eye with the
    monster, then extended my tongue to explore it.... CONTACT! I licked it
    like a popsicle for a minute, then wrapped my mouth gently around the
    middle of the shaft, like a dog with a bone. Steve's moans and muttering
    were almost continuous as I gnawed on his shaft, in the fashion of eating
    an ear of corn. I kept my teeth behind my lips to avoid hurting him, and
    tried to coat his rod with as much saliva as I could produce. That was a
    lot, and soon my saliva was also spreading over his lower belly... or so I
    thought at first. It took a second look before I realized his own cockhead
    had coated his underbelly with precum. Since my dick also leaks copious
    amounts before gushing its load, I didn't panic. Instead, I slid my lips
    up and over the spongy helmet at the top of his rock hard meat, delicately
    lapped its wetness, then laid my head flat on his smooth chest, and began
    to nurse on his pulsing erection.

    As my head moved downwards, the rest of my body naturally aligned alongside
    Steve, so that my boner was now opposite his face. He was laying face-up
    at my last sight of him. I snapped out of my suckling trance when I felt
    his vice-like, two-handed grasp on my hips, which were suddenly elevated
    above the bed and over Steve's upward-turned face. I knew it was his face,
    because once again he buried my hard dick down his throat. I distinctly
    felt his nose and hot breath against my testicles and in the crease between
    my legs. In spite of the fact that his lips were pressed hard against my
    pubic bone, he seemed to be trying to bury his nose deeper. I lost the
    ability to concentrate on sucking him, overwhelmed by the sensation of
    having my hips repeatedly lifted and lowered. Steve tirelessly
    bench-pressed my lower body, plunging my cock in and out of his mouth. For
    several minutes my dick seldom left his throat.

    Then the feeling started rising, and I whimpered meekly at him as a
    signal...but needn't have bothered. We erupted within seconds of each
    other; though he had given me no warning he was so close. At my first
    muscle contraction, Steve held my cock deep in his throat, open to receive,
    like with his last can of beer. At the same time Steve's cock spurted what
    seemed like a bucket-load of cum, which I couldn't contain in the confines
    of my mouth and lips... so I didn't even try. I increased my grip on his
    spewing dick, but let my mouth slip off the head. I rest of his load
    spurted on my face, so that thick hot cum was now dripping down my forehead
    and nose. When he finally turned off the fire hose I rested my face on his
    softening meat, basking in a kind of afterglow I'd never felt from
    masturbation. Steve relaxed his arms and returned my lower body to rest on
    his face, neck, and chest, my knees spread. We cuddled awhile in this
    improbable position, and I think we both dozed briefly.

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    Re: new neighbor

    That's a good ready I liked it!

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    Re: new neighbor

    That was awesome, chewchilla. What a dream come true for a young budding lad not to mention Steve's obvious enjoyment. I certainly hope we hear more of Will and Steve's adventure.


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    Re: new neighbor

    hot story!

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    That was a very well written story.

    Will there be another chapter where Will fucks the shit out of his new neighbor? I sure hope so!

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    Re: new neighbor

    That was a very hot story and well written too!

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    Re: new neighbor

    Thanks readers

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    Re: new neighbor

    That was hot. Thanks for sharing.

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    Re: new neighbor

    Loving it! I hope that there will be more!

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    Re: new neighbor

    Makes me want a new neighbor really soon

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