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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    I miss Tuck!

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Quote Originally Posted by viktorredd View Post
    I miss Tuck!
    So do I ... school starts in the Fall ... he coaches now. Bound to reappear!

    Not sure where I am going, but certainly enjoying the ride!

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    New guy here. Well, not really new...just someone who has visited the site for years and prefers to stay quiet. I’m sure there’s quite a few of us out there. Lol However, having kept up with this story since it began, I finally feel compelled to speak out in appreciation of the obvious hours of laborous love that Funtimes puts into each and every chapter of this story. I can’t believe there are now 200 of them. This is no story, it is a novel...and the damn best one I have ever read. I keep coming back, practically daily, hoping for new insught into the lives of written characters that seem more like close friends. Keep up the good work Funtimes. I guarantee you that your audience is greater than you can imagine. Thank you for your efforts to share this masterpiece.

    P.s. I too want to see Tuck’s return. There’s just something about him and Hector. Ashton’s name is now almost synonymous with that of Jack. Can’t wait for Andy to tell him to hit the road. Is it too much wishful thinking to see the stars align with a relationship between Andy and Thad? Looking forward to finding all this out and more!

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Grassmonkey, welcome and thank you for such a glowing endorsement of this story. I am truly touched. I am so glad to have you weigh in with your thoughts and ideas. It is a family of friends with problems and desires most like many of our own. I am always thankful for others' perspectives on what is going on. Seems like the predominate message here is everyone misses Tuck from the ones that weighed in. Tuck is in town and is going to visit Josh to see how his building project is coming along. He's not gone by any means, and should make an appearance in Chapter 207. Key events happen to the boys before then, but tend to settle back down at that time period. Chapter 206 is one of my favorite chapters which you'll be seeing in the near future. Remember there is a bachelor party coming up and a wedding. How can Josh and his friends make that interesting? Stay tuned. Guys, please feel free to weigh in on everything as I didn't realize until now how much everyone missed Tuck. I do too, actually. We must work him back into Josh's life this summer somehow. Thanks again for evveryone's support. Have fun reading. I'm having fun writing, even though this thing has turned into a very long novel, but fun. FT

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chapter 201 – Greer Outlines the Future

    I was always anxious to see Greer and hear that he was meeting with Jordan with a stop by here this afternoon. I was also happy that he was back in Stoney’s bed, although I wasn’t sure Stoney was being totally honest with him about his health, even though it sounded like he was making major improvements. The fact they at least started having sex again was encouraging.

    My guys were all outside cleaning up the perimeter of the building and the parking lot. Todd hadn’t rented the brushhog yet to clear out the overgrowth around the building, electing to get all the rubbish and trash picked up first before we started grinding all the growth up with high-powered machines. He was probably right in his approach. Hell, he knew what he was doing. He did confide in me that he and Chad missed us sexually and that Ashton had asked about coming over with Chuck and having another party. Todd told me mentioned to Ashton they were busy every night this week with change orders and ordering materials. Todd didn’t think Ashton bought the story, but what could he do about it. I thanked Todd for not giving into him. Todd told me I owed him one, as Ashton’s ass was kind of hot to give up, although he didn’t care for his personality or attitude and said Chuck was a real bore. Todd admitted Erin, Jake and I were more their preference in friendship and in sex. I patted his ass and told him we’d get back together sometime soon.

    I had Thad continuing to work on setting up the computers in the office and setting up an e-mail account, loading our accounting software, getting the banking access loaded and several other administrative functions up and running. He bugged me again about a solid internet hookup. I had asked Erin to give Dustin a call personally and find out when he could set us up with a direct hookup. We were waiting for Dustin to get back to us, according to Erin. Erin said he did enjoy talking to Dustin and hoped he’d be by soon. With everything in motion, I set out to see what I could do to help the exterior crew with the grounds cleanup. I found most of them in the parking lot at the far end, picking up trash, beer bottles, cans, even an old mattress someone had chosen the bowling alley lot to deposit one. For all we knew someone may have been sleeping on it, although is was damp and musty. Allen and OBB were heaving stuff into a pile and then using a scoop shovel to load it into a wheelbarrow and move it to one of the dumpsters. At least they were wearing gloves. I asked if they all had recent Tetanus shots. Some of them couldn’t remember to the point I told them to be extremely careful. We didn’t need any accidents. We found a pile of bricks in the weeds and several old pieces of boards that had rusty nails in them. I told them to be careful where they walked also as nails could go right through the bottoms of sneakers. I was concerned we weren’t really dressed for what we were doing, making it that more necessary to be mindful of where we stepped and what we picked up. I also warned them about poison ivy when we got to the weeds. The boys even found some used condoms underneath the old mattress causing some comic relief in our work. They asked Ashton if that’s where he had been the night before with Chuck. Ashton said Chuck’s cock was so fine and clean they didn’t use condoms. He still didn’t say where they had been. The sun was bright and the temp was hot. Everyone was down to just a pair of shorts and sneakers, hoping for some sort of tan, working outside in the heat. Luckily Jake and I had procured a few cases of Gatorade and had it in one of the coolers in the old kitchen, one that actually worked, for the time being anyway. The cooler looked like it was on its last legs, but it kept temp so far. Thad, tired of plugging away with the computers all morning, brought us out a case of Gatorade and passed them out to the thirsty souls working in the lot. We were very gracious for his thoughtfulness. At least it was a nice break in the action.

    While standing there and drinking down a cool Gatorade under a shade tree at the end of the parking lot, we saw a guy pull into the parking lot and get out of his car, wearing a suit. He made his way into the building, then a couple of moments later came back outside, dropped off his suit jacket at his car and headed our way. As he got closer, we could tell it was Cliff, the assistant to the vice president at the bank. Thad and I supposed he had our permanent bank cards with him.

    “Hey, guys. Kind of a warm one today, but you guys look like you’re dressed for it anyway,” Cliff said greeting Thad and me. I quickly introduced him to the rest of the group and pointing out the partners. He shook everyone’s hand even after we warned him we were all hot and sweaty. He didn’t seem to mind at all. He said our chests glistened with the sweat of work. Humm, our chests ‘glistened’. I liked the tone of that.

    “Yeh, I think you’re a little overdressed, Cliff, for this weather out here with us,” I chided him.

    “Don’t think I wouldn’t love to take all this off and be out here shirtless and in shorts helping you guys as opposed to being in that stuffy old bank all day in this suit,” he said. I was sure he was right about wanting to be outside with us. “Hey I brought your bank cards with me and I needed a couple more forms signed if you guys have time to take care of this or I can come back later if you’re busy out here,” Cliff volunteered.

    “I’m headed back in,” Thad told him. “Working on computer setups today. Wouldn’t mind a couple of pointers on our bank interface if you have time to show me,” Thad hinted.

    “Be happy to. You need to find a reason to keep me here all day and I’ll strip off and help you guys out here also,” Cliff said gleefully. I was starting to get a hint he may be on our team.

    “Yeh, Thad still has his shirt on so you can tell who got the clean job,” I remarked getting a chuckle from Thad and Cliff. “I’ll be back guys,” I told the rest of the crew as I walked back into the building and office with Cliff and Thad.

    “You have a lot going on here, Josh. I remember this place from before. Doesn’t look anything like it did before. There’s still some of the old place left, but it looks like you’re heavily into demolishing most of it,” Cliff said as he looked around inside the building. I took him over to the contractor work desk and showed him our plans for the layout. I also introduced him to Todd and Chad as our contractors. They checked him out rather well, I had to say, as he did them. My gaydar was registering 75% at this point in our relationship. I needed alcohol in him and clothes off of him to get a good gaydar registration, but figured that would take a little time. Still I loved a challenge.

    Cliff brought out the paperwork he needed signed, and put it on the desk in the office. He hovered over me showing me where to sign. We were close enough to kiss. “Sorry if I’m a little ripe, all sweaty and all, and you having to put up with that for me to sign this,” I told him, apologizing for my current state. I guess I should have gone up to the apartment and showered if I knew when you were coming,” I said leaning over in front of him.

    “Josh, you smell great. No problem there. I’d be the same way if I was doing what you’re doing now. I didn’t want to interrupt your work, but saw the chance to sneak over to see the two of you and get this file fodder signed for the bank. Those compliance officers are something else. Besides, nothing wrong with a little man sweat. Gets the juices flowing. I love to sweat myself. I try to get to the gym at least three times a week and sweat up a storm, then sit in the steam room for 15 minutes then take a warm then cold shower afterwards. Makes you feel like a million bucks,” he said. I felt his biceps and raised my eyebrows.

    “Someone has been working out some. I can tell, Cliff. How’s your pecs? Can’t see much under a dress shirt like you have on,” I commented, causing him to unbutton his shirt and have me stick my hand in under his shirt over his pecs. “I am impressed, Cliff. Nice form,” I said making Thad extremely nervous and concerned where this might be going. “You probably look fantastic in a bathing suit. You know, I’m co-captain of the Uni swim team. We’ll have to get you over to the natatorium sometime and see how fast you can swim,” I suggested. He looked interested.

    “Yeh, I’ll swim with you sometime. That’d be great,” he said excited to do it. “Don’t expect me to outswim you as I heard you won State this year. I have a feeling you’d leave me so far behind you wouldn’t be able to find me. But, I’d love to swim with you anyway. Winning State was a pretty great accomplishment, Josh. Must be why your pecs look so good and your legs too from all that swimming you do. I’m sure you look great in your trunks also. Wouldn’t mind haning out with you guys sometime and getting to know you and the gang better. I have a feeling you guys are going to do great things in the future, and I’d like to be there to assist you any way I can,” he offered. I liked his attitude.

    “Thanks, Cliff. I’ll take you up on that sometime. You want a quick tour of our apartment?” I asked. He seemed excited to see it. Thad said he’d stay and work and I could take Cliff on a tour. Luckily, we had changed the beds back to singles after breakfast this morning in anticipation of Jordan coming for a tour this afternoon. Cliff was blown away with the apartment, saying this would be any professional person’s dream place and to think it was on the order of a dorm.

    “Josh, if you had the capital, you could work with your contractors and build student housing using this as a model. I’m not kidding. We don’t have anything like this in the whole town and nothing near campus but old apartment buildings dating back to the 60’s. You, being a business man and major, should look into putting a concept like this together and build some private student housing. You said you put this together rather inexpensively, but yet, it is the coolest place in town. Imagine what it’d be like owning a whole building of apartments like this? If you could rent them out reasonably, I think you could make a small fortune,” Cliff said excitedly.

    “You know, Cliff, I never thought about that. But, you’re right. Everyone that’s seen this apartment has said how great it is. And they love the shower that I’m about to show you,” I said as I guided him into the bathroom which impressed him seeing the urinal, then to the shower room where he looked puzzled. I turned on all the jets, momentarily, for him to see the typhoon effect in the room. He was literally blown away.

    “Oh, wow, Josh. Makes me want to strip naked and dive right in there,” he said, he was so excited. “This is fantastic. How many guys can shower at one time?” he asked curiously.

    “Well, we have eight guys staying here. Originally, we just had the center pole with four jets allowing at least four to shower at one time. Then our contractors, Todd and Chad got carried away and put in the wall jets and the ceiling rainfall jets, and well, you saw what they did,” I told him after I had turned off all the valves. “We had 12 guys in here the other afternoon after we finished working. It was a little tight, but kind of like being at a waterpark really,” I told him, showing my pride for our great shower.

    “This just blows me away, Josh. You have so many great ideas. If we could work together and with your contractors to put a possible design together for a student housing plan to integrate some of your great ideas and come up with a reasonable design/build proposal, I might be able to work with the bank to get financing to actually do a building. This could propel my career and your net worth. I’d love to work on a project with you and your crew, Josh. I hate what I do now. It’s so boring. I swear, I’d strip right now and get dirty and sweaty along with you guys and have a great time, and an even better time showering with you guys in this amazing shower at the end of a work day. Wow, that would just be the greatest. Think about my suggestion about a design and proposal to build a private student dorm building. Give it some thought. I think it just might work and be profitable at the same time,” Cliff said so excitedly I thought I was going to have to settle him down.

    “Cliff, a couple of us are starting a new company in the near future backed with some serious capital. You may have just suggested the first project we might want to do. If that’s the case and we decide to do something like that, I would let you in on the project and help us out with it. Your new job might be a little more exciting than your current one and a hell of a lot more lucrative,” I told him, as I got excited about it myself.

    “Josh, I don’t know what to say other than I’m actually excited for the first time in a long time,” he said and hugged me. Realizing what he did was awkward, he backed off. “I apologize. Sorry, I shouldn’t have done that, but I just got overwhelmed. I feel like I really know you and we connected somehow,” Cliff said, apologetically.

    “I’m glad you hugged me, but I hope I didn’t get my sweat all over your dress shirt, Cliff. Wouldn’t want to ruffle your feathers any,” I said chuckling still holding onto his arms. “Actually, it felt kind of good. I feel this connection to you also,” I said looking him straight in the eyes. I felt like he wanted to kiss me, but he was restraining himself. Still we continued to stare at each other.

    “You’re dry now anyway, being in the air conditioning, but it just felt right, Josh. Sorry if I was out of line,” he apologized again.

    “I like hugs from friends, Cliff, and I think you just became a valuable one helping me discover something I was struggling with,” I told him.

    “And what is it that you’re struggling with, Josh? Tell me all your deep darkest secrets. I want to hear it all,” Cliff said scaring me a little. I wasn’t quite prepared for that. I was only making a statement about finding a project for the new company, but I could see how he took it some other way.

    “Ah, my deepest darkest secrets might take a few days as many as there are, and maybe someday we’ll be close enough for me to let you in on some of them. What I was really referring to was the struggle to come up with a project for our new capital management company. We have some serious capital backing us and I needed to find a worthwhile profitable project for us to consider.”

    “Oh, Josh, that’s wonderful to hear. I want to help in the worst way. What you’re talking about doing just gets my juices flowing like you wouldn’t believe. I feel this tremendous connection that needs to be explored, like I’m standing on the edge of something great that’s about to happen, and I want to be a part of it with someone that’s really going to make a difference,” Cliff said still almost star struck.

    “Hey before get too enamored with each other and we fall in love and start having sex, let’s table this discussion for a future date. Maybe we should have some beers some night and continue our discussion. Hell, we could even shower in this thing to give you a real experience in what this baby can do,” I suggested. He stayed excited.

    “Oh, wow, that would be fun. Shit, I can’t wait to get back together with you, Josh,” he said and hugged me again. This time we stayed together a little longer than we should have.

    “Cliff, you’re giving me a boner,” I told him as he hugged me tight.

    “Oh, shit. Sorry, Josh. I’m so sorry. I’m just so excited,” he said apologetically again.

    “No, hell, that’s a good thing. That means we really can connect. I like that idea,” I assured him. “Nothing gets me going like what get’s my cock excited,” I told him.

    “Sometimes that happens to me too,” he said. “I guess we are a lot alike.” To find out I felt his crotch and he did have a hardon, a nice one, from what I was able to determine following the outline in his dress slacks. He smiled nervously, as I gently outlined his cock with my fingers. He put his hand on my junk and felt my hardon.

    “I definitely think we’re a lot alike, Cliff. I think we definitely have some more exploring to do together,” I said, staring into his eyes. The next thing I knew, I quick kissed him on the lips. He hugged me tightly. “Hey, I didn’t mean to get carried away. Sorry about that,” I said apologetically.

    “I’m not. Meeting you and spending this kind of time with you is the highlight of my year, practically. Josh, there’s some magic there. I’d like to explore it more,” he said earnestly.

    “Cliff, I have a boyfriend and some close friends and partners that are intimate friends. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t be one also, but we need to take it slow and get you acquainted with the other guys in our group and you acquainted with them. I’m sure you’ll love them and they’ll like you too. You’re a sweet guy, and we’ll spend some time together. You tied up with any boyfriends now?” I asked, wanting to no more about this guy that wanted fucked in the worst way, but had promise to be a valuable business associate.

    “Did have, but we were very cautious about who knew. Let’s face it, Josh, I work and live in a professional area and I can’t afford to be outed. I took a hell of a chance doing what I did with you just now, but for some reason, I just knew I could trust you with my life, as corny as that sounds,” he said, almost ashamed of himself at this point of our conversation.

    “Hey, I’m glad it happened and I know I can trust you now. We have some single guys in our group that are like you, that would love to meet you. Everyone you met outside is on our team, well except for the big guy out there that’s about to be kicked out. He’s just a friend of one of our partners that we just met this week, but his tenure with us is going to be very short lived. It’s kind of a shame because he does have a hell of a body and a big dick and set of balls, but he’s quite the asshole. Oh, and Thad, he’s our token straight guy. He’s not into our stuff, but he’s friendly to our stuff. He has to be or he’s gone. Although, he seems to be showing more interest lately, so who knows. What I’m trying to say is we are all straight outside of our group and have to remain that way. But inside the group, we share, care and take care of each other like an intimate family, if that makes any sense to you,” I explained.

    “Sounds like Utopia to me, Josh. Unbelievable. I had a close friend in my hometown. We were even in college here together. I got the job at the bank when I graduated last year, so I’ve been at the bank a little over a year now. My friend went back to our hometown, saying he wasn’t going to live here. He broke my heart by leaving me. I have to admit, it’s been rather lonely without him, but I’m career oriented, and I was going to stick it out and build my career no matter what. Damn, am I glad I did as what you have is light years away from where I could be both socially and professionally had I left and gone back home. This is truly amazing getting to know you like this. I’m just overwhelmed,” Cliff went on, still excited.

    “Sorry you lost your friend, but you may have gained many friends that will keep you happy for years, Cliff. One more thing. This possible venture capital project we briefly discussed, no one knows about except Jake and myself. Jake is my boyfriend. So, you need to keep that between just you and I. Jake will know about it also. I can’t disclose this to the rest of the group just yet until we get it all together,” I told him in confidence.

    “No problem with me. I actually know something your intimate friends don’t know yet. Wow, that does make me feel special,” he said smiling.

    “We better get back downstairs before we do something. Thad’s going to think we had sex up here and he was almost right,” I said as I leaned in and kissed Cliff more passionately, feeling his tight ass in the process. He did the same to me.

    “Josh, I can’t wait to get to know all of you better and your friends and partners too, if you let me,” he said and winked at me. I told him I was anxious also. I helped Cliff straighten up his shirt, and his pants, noticing the nice bulge he still had.

    “Keep that thought. I’m anxious to meet your lower half down there,” I said as I gently patted his swollen cock underneath his dress pants. Cliff chuckled. We finally made it downstairs and he took off. I told him I’d be in touch soon. He said he could not wait. I waved at him as he took off, then rejoined Thad.

    “Tell me you didn’t seduce our banker, Josh,” Thad said being funny when I returned.

    “Almost. We made out for a little bit, then felt each other’s boners without bringing them out for a ‘look see’. Horned ourselves up pretty good and hot, but we didn’t do any oral or anal this time. Maybe next time,” I said smiling at Thad. Thad looked serious. “What?” I asked surprised he didn’t believe me. “I’m joking,” I told him.

    “No you’re not. All the things you told me about Ken when you said you were joking were actually true. You did do what you just joked about. I know you now, Joshua. You can’t do that to me anymore. I know you now, buddy,” Thad said, satisfied he figured me out. I just shrugged my shoulders and smiled at him. “Hell, I thought you guys were going to go at it right here in the office when you felt him off. He unbuttoned his shirt right in front of me and had you feel his breasts. I couldn’t believe my eyes,” Thad said excitedly. I laughed.

    “It wasn’t that bad,” I said blowing off what Thad said.

    “What!? Why is it in just a few short minutes, your charm has a guy practically sucking your cock, or even worse taking your cock up his ass and I spend a whole night trying to get to first base with a girl, getting nowhere. Guys just rip their clothes off and want to make love to you after spending a few minutes in conversation with you. That animalistic charm is way beyond my comprehension, Josh. I’m not dissing you, Josh. I marvel at what you’re capable of and don’t seem to even work at. Charm just rolls off you like you wouldn’t believe. Guys just fall over in your wake. You’re addictive. That’s what you are. You’re terribly addictive. Shit, even I wonder about myself sometimes around you,” he said and then tried to take it back.

    “What, you have an attraction to me now all of a sudden, Mr. Straight?” I asked eagerly interested.

    “I shouldn’t have said that. No, I think I’ll stick with girls for the time being, but I can’t help but love you, Josh. And then there are times, when I feel like everyone else has more of you and an intimacy with you that I don’t have and, well, you know, maybe a part of me says I want that too. I fight it though. Sometimes it’s a struggle, but I’m comfortable right now,” he added. I went over to him and hugged him.

    “I am here for you, however you want me, Thad. I’ve told you that too many times. You don’t have to wonder what it’s like. You just have to want to be with me in that sense. You’re welcome anytime,” I told him as I stood beside him, as he sat at the desk. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and I kissed him on his forehead.

    “That’s what keeps me going, Josh. When I feel like I may be keeping myself left out and a possible urge to be more for you, I think of what you tell me, that you are there for me in that respect, and all I have to do is say the word. That keeps me going, Josh. That relives the thoughts that I’m leaving myself out, when I could be letting myself in like the other guys. I know you’re there for me, and I truly love you for it. I just have to find myself first in this world to truly find my way. I haven’t found my way yet as you can imagine. Thought I might have arrived last night, but that turned out to be a disaster. But, I haven’t given up yet. I’m young. There’s still time,” he said thinking out loud.

    “I had no idea you had repressed feelings, Thad. I appreciate you sharing that with me. You’re being totally honest and open with me. I love you more for that. We don’t have to love each other physically to love each other. I think you have at least discovered that part of our relationship. I didn’t know that you really thought about a physical relationship, but repressed the feelings. That’s actually kind of hot,” I told him. He looked embarrassed.

    “Actually, it’s kind of beautiful in a way. I can love you and admire you, Josh, but not have to feel like I have to be physical in that love like the rest of the guys seem to need with you. We kind of have a super special relationship that way. I know you’d be there for me that way, which means the world to me, but I don’t have to do that to earn your love. It’s been there all the time. Shit, I sound like a smitten school girl talking about my first crush,” he said. I hugged him tightly and kissed him again on his forehead.

    “Thad, you don’t know how much you just warmed my heart. Whatever love I had for you, and I truly care about you more and more each day, but that all just grew tenfold,” I told him holding him tightly.

    “Well before you take my cock out and suck it, I need to get back to work,” Thad said anxious to change the subject after baring his soul.

    “You know, that’s one thing we did do for Eric, our straight manager you’re going to work with. He loved getting his cock sucked in the shower by one of us,” I told Thad.

    “Nuh uh. No, I don’t believe that,” Thad said blowing off my statement.

    “Ask him when you see him Thursday night at the bachelor party. He’ll tell you the best blowjobs he ever got were from us. He said no woman, even his fiancé could suck cock like a gay guy. He said we were by far the best at cocksucking he’d ever experienced. He even said he didn’t like it when his fiancé tried to suck his cock because there was no comparison with how we did it and he didn’t want to think about how bad she was doing and have to think about us when he was trying to have sex with her,” I added. Thad laughed. “Ask him. He’ll tell you. So you know we could actually help you out in that area if you needed a release,” I suggested. Thad shook his head in disbelief.

    “How would I know since no girl has ever sucked me off before. I might need that experience before I get to your experience. Just saying,” he said, still blown away by my statement. I chuckled. “It looks like you need to get your crew back to work as they seem to be sitting down on the job out there under the tree,” Thad said looking out the window across the parking lot. I looked at my watch.

    “It is lunchtime I guess. Looks like Jake went and bought lunch and they’re sitting outside in the heat eating. I’m sure he got some for us, Thad, so we might as well go join them. Thad and I walked out to the crew. Jake did have sandwiches and drinks for us.

    “Thought you guys might finally join us when you got hungry and remembered you needed to eat. You get the banker all straightened out? Nice looking. Any possibilities there?” Jake asked. Thad busted out laughing.

    “Quite possible. We’ll see. Give it some time,” I replied. Thad just shook his head.

    We had fun teasing each other about the amount of work everyone was doing. Of course, they accused me of falling down on the job. I told them I had administrative duties also. They said they guessed I did, and needed to do the banker. I gave them a shit smile and even shot them the finger. Then I really got razzed when I told them I needed to get cleaned up to meet with Greer and Jordan, who were due sometime after lunch. I told Jake I needed him for that meeting also. We put Erin in charge of the outside gang. He got razzed also, but said everyone knew perfectly well what we needed done without him having to run the crew. He got a standing ovation for that. Thad, Jake and I returned to the building. Jake and I went up to get cleaned up.

    Jake and I got naked and turned on the water on the pole shower. We got a little carried away in the shower and ended up having some sensuously hot sex in the shower room. It felt so wonderful, just the two of us for a change. We loved Erin and truly loved having sex with him, but Jake and I needed some alone time also. We had enjoyed a whole week of it the first week back when we were here by ourselves, well part of that week before Todd and Chad got us started on them. That was fun also, but we did have this burning desire to please one another also. We definitely need our alone time we figured out. Our dicks finally leaking the last bit of cum and our balls emptied, we dried off and got changed into some khaki shorts and polo shirts. We looked so preppy, I told him which made him laugh. We made our way downstairs to bug Thad until Greer and Jordan finally showed up.

    To our surprise, Greer and Jordan had dressed casually. I guess Greer tipped him off ahead of time he wasn’t coming in business attire, driving over for three hours, spending a small amount of time here, then driving back. He wanted to be comfortable, as he put it. Jordan told us that was all the excuse he needed to be comfortable also. Jake, Thad and I laughed.

    We left Thad in the office, and took Greer and Jordan on a tour of the bowling alley, stopping at the contractor desk first to show them the plans. We introduced Greer and Jordan to Todd and Chad. All four were impressed meeting each other. I could see the wheels turning in Todd and Chad’s heads wondering where in the hell we found all these hot looking business associates. If he only knew they were more than business associates, well at least Greer. Jordan was still a mystery. He was definitely a lawyer, hard to read, but had a nice personality and sense of humor.

    Both Greer and Jordan were blown away by the apartment. Like all the rest, they couldn’t get over how nice it was. The shower did the trick also. I could tell Greer was chomping at the bits to jump in there with Jake and I and enjoy it to its fullest. He could only imagine what took place in there. I could see the wheels turning in his brain. After the tour I had them sit at the kitchen island and poured them some iced tea. I asked them if they preferred a beer, but Greer said not today as he had a three-hour drive ahead of him. I told him he could stay over if he wanted as we had plenty of room, but he said his boss needed him tonight and he needed to be there for him. I told him his service was admirable. Greer shot me an evil grin.

    “Josh, Jake, I filled Jordan in on what the new company was going to be doing and some of the framework of its structure. I had him sign a co-counsel agreement for the new company we’re putting together, and, under the current contract the two of us drew up to enlist his services, whatever we talk about is confidential and covered under lawyer/client privilege so Jordan is sworn to secrecy. In other words, we can talk about whatever the fuck we want to talk about and he can’t go blabbing about it to anyone,” Greer said, getting a chuckle out of Jordan.

    “Greer, your legalese impresses the hell out of me,” Jordan said smiling from ear to ear.

    “I explained that to a judge one time using the same legalese,” Greer said smiling.

    “You didn’t?” Jordan asked shocked at the thought.

    “I did. He pissed me off and I let it out. I almost got cited for contempt of court for that remark though. I had to tone it down after that, but I always wanted to say it in court. Not wise, but it happened. I won the case so it wasn’t all bad,” Greer said happily. “Anyway, Jordan and I had a long discussion this morning and at lunch, and I’m happy to say we’re on the same page. I told him I trust you guys implicitly and showed him how Stoney structured the company and its operating structure. We each have a vote, but we know, trust and care about each other as family, maybe care about each other more than some families do, so we doubt if we even ever have to vote except as a formality for the minutes of board meetings. Jordan said he can help us out in those areas also as the official appointed corporate secretary. This corporate secretary would not be the kind that types letters and gets coffee, but a board secretary that records minutes and files briefs for the company, certifies votes and shareholder actions. The nice thing is we only have three shareholders in name and one in Stoney, so a total of four. The by-laws we’re putting together allows for more if we want to add some at a later date but only by unanimous vote of the three of us and then under certain conditions set forth in the by-laws, which we will all review and accept when we get them written. I’m sure Stoney will approve those before he tells us to vote for them. Having written a million by-laws for corporations I can have these put to bed rather quickly, but Stoney will want to put his personal touch on these, I can assure you. Jordan has experience in that area also. What he has great experience with is the Trust area. The Trust that he will be setting up for us is our main capital pool that we will draw capital from or leverage capital in order to fund our projects and build our businesses. We have to endeavor to make each one stand on its own. In other words, we cannot have a restaurant say, subsidize a car dealership, just as an example. The restaurant stands on its own and has to be profitable in two years and stay that way or it gets sold and we reinvest our money in something else that is profitable. Same way with a car dealership. The litmus test for all companies we invest in, create or buy, must make a profit in two years or we dump them and reinvest in another enterprise. So don’t get emotional about any business we get involved with as it’s purely a numbers game the way Stoney wants us to set it up. If we create something we all have a passion for and want desperately to see it succeed, then we need to pour our hearts and souls into to making it profitable and keeping it that way. Same way with companies we own that were once profitable, but go south. If a company loses over 10% of its value over a two-year period of time, we have one year to turn it around again and make it profitable. If it loses 30% in one year, we have six months to dump it. If we can’t move it in six months all capital for future investments is frozen until we do. These are all Stoney’s requests for by-laws besides the other obnoxious boilerplate legalese language associated with by-laws. In a way, I think Stoney’s ideas are ingenious to an extent. He’s operated his businesses for sometime like this and look at the wealth he’s created. For whatever reason he trusts and loves the three of us enough to turn a ton of it over to us for this experiment he is so sure will work. The man has balls, is all I can say. I just hope to God we don’t disappoint him in this endeavor. I know the three of us could never forgive ourselves if we did.” Greer finished outlining what Stoney expected of us. It was all extremely intriguing. “Oh, one other thing. We are required to have board meetings in person once a month. This is mandated. If we fail to have one, our capital gets frozen for the next month until after the next board meeting. We can change the dates but not more than three days before and three days after the stipulated date we agree to we set up in the by-laws. So look at your calendars and pick out a safe time once a month to meet that will not interfere with gymnastics or swimming matches, or any other school functions like exams, tests, or anything else you can think of. Stoney is writing the mandatory guidelines for the board meetings also. Can’t wait to see what those look like. Jordan will attend those also and take the minutes then write them into the corporate minute book after the three of us approve them. I’m sure there are some other things, but I’ll fill you in when I think of them or they’re pertinent to our mission. Oh, and Stoney is working on our compensation schedule he says he has worked out. There are additional bonus structures for hitting certain profit percentages and we’ll have expense accounts to take care of our day to day needs pertinent to company business. I’m working on that with Stoney. Jordan has agreed to administer payroll, bonus payouts and expense accounting for us when we get started. Oh, and we can hire full or part time employees as necessary when it makes sense. We will definitely have to hire employees for the companies we create, but we may need additional corporate employees as we start amassing companies.”

    “Damn, Greer. I just feel like I went from my accounting classroom to the ivy tower of a major investment bank in New York City for Heaven’s sake,” I said almost overwhelmed by what all Greer told us.

    “It sounds overwhelming, Josh, but it won’t be once you get your feet in the water, so to speak. I really think Stoney has put a tremendous amount of effort into structuring something extremely exciting and what I believe will be a model business of other large ones to follow someday. This may well be a case study you might study in business school, and to think you helped create it,” Jordan chimed in.

    “In that case, Jordan, buddy, you might have to come to my business class and explain it to me and the others,” I told him, and I wasn’t laughing. Jordan and Greer laughed though.

    “It’ll be fine, Josh. Don’t let the mechanics overwhelm you. Let us lawyers take care of that. You are the creation side of the company. The visionary, I think Stoney called you. Jake makes it happen and builds it. Stoney was very visionary when he created the structure. He is truly a visionary himself. But he says he’s staying on the sidelines and just cheering us on,” Greer stated.

    “What if we piss this all away not knowing what we’re doing?” Jake asked concerned as I was.

    “Stoney told me, if that happened, we had no one to blame but ourselves. Then he said it would never happen, because he picked the magic combination of talent to be successful and make tremendous success come to life,” Greer said encouragingly.

    “My head is about to explode, guys. We’re going to need a lot of hand holding through this thing,” I warned them.

    “We’re here for each other, Josh. I know we won’t let each other down, not intentionally anyway. With the combination of our expertise, Stoney said it’s impossible for us to fail, Greer assured Jake and me. I shook my head, shocked at the amount of faith Stoney had in all of us to trust us with millions of his own money.

    “Well, we’ll give it the best we can give it. I think Stoney is crazy doing what he’s doing, but he must have a vision of this thing being tremendously successful to entrust that kind of money to guys like us. It blows my mind, but the guy is definitely serious. There is no doubting that,” I said, still overwhelmed by the whole thing.

    “You’ll make it happen, Josh,” Jordan piped in again. “This is a tremendous opportunity for you all. I can tell just by being around you and from the conversations I’ve had on the phone with Greer and our meeting here today, this is the beginning of something fantastic. I’m excited just to play a small part in it, and pledge to you my total attention to your well being and success, once we get this thing up and running,” Jordan added.

    “From my conversations and discussions with Jordan, and we’ve had some doozies at all hours of the day and night, I’m excited he’s on board with us and trusts us enough to pledge his support to our cause. We’ll take care of him along the way also and anyone else that helps us achieve our successes. That was another stipulation of Stoney’s and it’s a good one also,” Greer added.

    I got up and paced around the kitchen. “You sure you guys don’t want a beer. I think I need at least several,” I told them and got out four bottles. “We have to celebrate this thing somehow,” I urged them. They said they thought they could handle one at least. Jordan said he wasn’t driving far, but was concerned about Greer. I noted that. There seemed to be a growing attraction on Jordan’s part for Greer. He warmed up rather quickly to Jake and I, but he had spent hours in conversation, planning and structuring by-laws with Greer. It was obvious they had developed a close relationship working together intensely for a week now. I was glad to see it, and very comfortable with their growing professional relationship, as I could see Jordan becoming an extremely important part of what we were about to immerse ourselves in.

    Sipping our beer, Greer asked if we had any inkling of an idea what we might want to consider as a first project. “Stoney said, and this was just a suggestion of his, that the most profitable entities involved real estate associated with a business of some sort. He suggested maybe a hotel, motel, condos, resort property, possibly a retirement center. Stoney said you could build a building for these and either operate them yourself or lease them to a larger corporation to operate. You know, build a hotel of the qualifications of a Hyatt or Marriott or something like that, and then lease it to one of the major hotel chains. We own the real-estate, but lease the operations out to the hotel chains and then the real estate pays for itself over time. Anyway, that was one of his suggestions to get us started. That, and he wants you to buy the building the pub in the City is located, Josh. He says you’ve built up the business so profitably there, you need to own the building so the landlord can’t cut your throat there, and hold you hostage when your lease expires in a year,” Greer said.

    “Hey, I have ten one-year options at the same rent number. I was smart in negotiating that lease. I think we’re covered,” I told Greer.

    “What if the City should condemn the building and the landlord says he can’t pay to have it fixed so you lose your lease then. Those ten one-year options are out the window. Then he fixes the building up and opens the pub back up under a different name while you’re trying to regroup in another part of the city not known to your clientele?” Greer asked.

    “That would be dirty and underhanded. I’d have you and Jordan sue the bastard and win,” I replied.

    “We might win that over a two-year period of time, and in the meantime, your pub would be long forgotten. Stoney says to own what you operate. He told me to negotiate the purchase of the building for you. Buy it at a cheap price while we can. We can roll it into the new company once we get it up and rolling. In the meantime, Stoney will pay for it out of his company funds and then transfer it to our company when we can. Your lease will stay in tact and for what we think we can buy it for, our company will be very profitable from the purchase and your current lease. So there, we already have our first real estate asset and a healthy operator as a tenant,” Greer said happily. I was blown away.

    “Fuck, that’s unbelievable. Just like that?” I exclaimed.

    “One down and many more to go,” Greer said excitedly. “So did you guys do any thinking about some possibilities?” Greer asked.

    “Someone gave me a great idea this afternoon that got my dick hard thinking about it. Oh, sorry, Jordan. We get carried away and talk like that once in a while. But you know what I mean,” I said not remembering we had a professional straight guy in our midst. Jordan was laughing and slapped me on my back.

    “It’s okay, Josh. I’m a guy too, not just a lawyer. Lawyers can be so stuffy at times. Greer and I were talking about that at lunch when he described you and how animated and exciting you were, just a great friend that motivated him to do great things. I’m telling you, Greer has got to be your greatest fan in the world as well as Stoney giving you guys this unbelievable opportunity. I like your candidness sto don’t hold back because of me. Just be yourself. I’ll be there with you,” Jordan explained. I smiled at him and gave him a quick bro hug. Jordan loved it. I was really starting to like this guy more and more. He had to be gay. He just had to be for our sakes. We needed him to be one of us in the worst way. I guess time would tell.

    “Anyway, before I was so crass, I showed our personal banker, a young ‘VP wanna-be’, the business downstairs and the apartment here. He was blown away by the apartment and the way it was set up, just like every other person we’ve shown it to. He said there was nothing like it in this entire town. He told me we ought to think about coming up with a concept of private student housing using this type of setup as a model. I know for a fact that one of our suitemates from last school year is staying in something like this next year where they have four single rooms with their own bathrooms and a common area for social interaction and eating, but it isn’t anything like this. The rooms are small and only fit one person to a room. Also, they’re expensive. If we could come up with a concept, find some reasonable land close to campus, like we did with this property, build the building, and I already have the construction company working on this property, put together an operating entity to manage the property, either using our own company to do that or leasing it to Marriott or whomever, that just might fit into Stoney’s formula of owning real estate and a unique type business to go with it. What do you guys think?” I asked looking around the room for a reaction. “Sorry, Jake. I didn’t have a chance to tell you about the idea, since we had that other matter to discuss in the shower when we were cleaning up for Greer and Jordan,” I added. Jake smiled knowing the other matter was the hot sex between us. Greer kind of smiled also suspecting nonetheless.

    “Personally, I think it’s brilliant,” Greer chimed in. “There may be opportunities for multiple buildings, a quad maybe with a park in the middle. If it could be affordable and nice, I think you have a winner there. Jordan could nose around and see if there were any problems with outside housing and does it have to be approved by the university, etc. Obviously if there are private housing facilities already in place, there has to be protocol for these entities. Jordan, see what you can find out. In the meantime, I guess we could see what you could build one of these things for and play with the design. You can get some rough square footage construction costs from your contractors you’re using here. That would be a start,” Greer said happily. “See, Josh. You’re off to a great start already. That creative mind of yours never stops,” Greer said complimenting me.

    “You mean my demented mind, don’t you?” I threw in. They all laughed. “I’ll start working with our contractors on a possible design or securing an architect for a possible design. Jordan, if you wouldn’t mind researching the zoning on property around the university and seeing what might be available for sale, we might be able to start there. There is a large vacant lot beside the bowling alley here that one could possibly build a dorm type apartment structure. I’ll have to check that out. This could turn out to be a major project, but an excellent one if the numbers work,” I said thinking out loud. “Do we need more beer? My head is starting to hurt,” I said rubbing my head. You guys comfortable enough. You look all stuffy, even when you dress casual,” I told Greer and Jordan. They laughed

    “We’re fine, Josh. Hell, we’re almost as casual as you. You have shorts and we have khaki pants and short sleeve shirts. I feel totally dressed down compared to what I usually am. I guess we could handle another beer, don’t you think, Jordan?” Greer asked.

    “Definitely. I like that IPA, Josh. Good stuff,” Jordan replied. “Is this what it could be like in the future once we get this company up and running? Am I going to be practically living with you guys?” Joran asked.

    “And then some, Jordan. We may be bed partners before it’s all over with. Hell, the four of us may have to live together to keep this train on the tracks and moving on down the road. Good grief, this is going to be work,” I said thinking about it.

    “Well, you guys seem like fun to be around and Greer says you’re great guys, so I guess I look forward to that actually. Sure beats the boring life I’ve had so far,” Jordan replied. I patted him on the back.

    “Buddy if you hang around us long enough, your life will be anything but boring. Trust me on that one,” I told him. He said he hoped so.

    We spent a couple more hours brainstorming and drank a few more beers. Greer abstained from beer after the second one. He said he really needed to drive back tonight. I told him we had an extra bed no one was using so far if he wanted to go back in the morning. Jordan said he had a couch he could sleep on if the wanted to bunk with him. That sounded very interesting to me actually, but it probably wouldn’t go anywhere. Still, Greer insisted he needed to meet with Stoney tonight.

    The two finally left right before quitting time. Greer said he’d drop off Jordan on his way out of town. We were all excited having had a great discussion this afternoon that opened up our eyes to the infinite possibilities that were available to us for consideration and analysis. Jake and I gave Greer a hug as they were preparing to leave.

    “What, where’s my hug?” Jordan asked as we stuck out our hands to shake his. I dropped my hands and embraced Jordan as I had Greer. Jake did the same thing.

    “I guess if we’re going to be family practically, we need to treat you as one of us, Jordan. Besides, you are kind of cute,” I added. Jordan did a funny doubletake. Greer laughed.

    “I told you these guys were crazy, Jordan. Get used to it as you never know what comes out of their mouths or the things they’ll do to you. It’s great though. I couldn’t ask for two greater partners, and you’ll be right there with us if we can ever get this thing put together,” Greer told him.

    We said our goodbyes finally and Jordan went through the door first, followed by Greer. I pinched Greer’s ass, almost making him giggle, as he walked through the door. I reminded him, just before he got in his car, that the bachelor party for Eric was Thursday night and he had promised to have one of his associates help with the catering, as I put it. Greer knew I was talking about Sven entertaining at the party and said he’d get him there. I told him he needed to stay also and we could talk more then. He said Stoney might want to see us while we were there. He knew I had a wedding on Saturday, but we could possibly talk more Friday or Saturday after the wedding. I told him we’d get together sometime while Jake and I were there.

    The boys were coming in from working outside, hot and sweaty. They made it a point to hug me and rub their sweat all over my nice polo shirt, giving Jake the same treatment. They said they were headed for beer. I told them I’d be up in a minute. I stopped into see what progress Thad had made.

    “Gees, you guys were meeting all afternoon. What could you possibly have to talk about that took that long?” he asked. “Oh, wait a minute. You didn’t have sex with those guys did you?” he asked suspiciously.

    “Easy, big guy. No, there wasn’t any sex. There should have been, but there wasn’t. We had big plans for the new company I told you we were forming that will transform our lives, Thad. I still can’t fill you in yet, but I’m telling you, we are all in on the ground floor of something that will make us all very rich, maybe even filthy rich if we work hard enough and are successful at it. This is going to be amazing. I’m telling you, Thad. Get ready for some great things,” I said excitedly.

    “No shit, Josh? Seriously? Really rich? You’re not just teasing are you?” Thad asked still concerned.

    “No, I’m dead serious about this one. This business here is peanuts compared to where we’re going, and I’m taking you with us, all of us. I have to make some changes to get you more involved, but I’ve been with you long enough to care about you and trust your judgement, so you’re going with us on this journey,” I told him having a hard time holding in my excitement, excitement he could feel that made him excited. He jumped up from his chair and hugged me, then kissed me.

    “Josh, I don’t know what to say. I’ll suck your dick. You can suck mine. Hell, you can even fuck me if I can be a part of this great future. I don’t care, let’s get it on. I want to be all in and if that’s having sex with you guys, then I’m all in,” he said all excited. I pushed him back.

    “I’m not doing this because I want to have sex with you, Thad. That’s not it at all. The only way that would ever happen is if you want it to happen and it really means something to you. I’m not holding your future over your head for sex. I would never do that to anyone, especially someone I cared so much about like you. Don’t even think something like that and don’t ever prostitute yourself for opportunities like this. You earn opportunities the right way, not through sex, Thad. I love all my friends here, you included. I have sex with some of them and not with all of them, because we mutually enjoy each other that way. I care just as much about you today as I will tomorrow without having to have a sexual relationship with you. I just care about you, Thad, and I trust you, which is even more enduring than love to an extent when it comes to business,” I told him, putting him at arms’ length with my hands on his shoulders, and staring him straight in the eyes as I told him. I thought he was going to cry. He pulled my arms down and hugged me tightly.

    “Why do I find myself loving you more and more each day I’m around you?” he asked himself.

    “I’m adorable. What can I say?” I told him. He kind of laughed, but continued to hug me. “Hey, you’re making me horny. You keep this up and we may have to have sex,” I told him. He laughed, but said it was okay. I told him it had to be for the right reasons and he hadn’t shown me there were any reasons for it yet. I wasn’t sure if that disappointed him or not, but he seemed a little relieved that I cared as much for him with or without sex involved. He felt safe and loved at the moment.

    We joined the others upstairs finally and drank another beer with all of them. Allen, OBB, Erin, Ashton and Chuck all got up to take a shower, and Drew and Trevor had already left. Jake and I had already showered, not that we minded doing it again with all the other hot naked sex crazed guys, but I wanted to talk to Todd and Chad before they left for the evening. Jake and I walked down with them and stood by the contractor’s desk to talk.

    “Jake and I are looking at some additional opportunities in real estate and construction. We really care about the two of you, and more importantly, trust the two of you. We have some major opportunities coming our way we’re going to need your help with, but it can be extremely lucrative for the two of you and you’d be working very closely with us on everything. Just to put you on notice, you may have to devote your entire company to one project that might take more than a year to accomplish so that’s something you need to think about. It will make you some serious money, more than you would make with all the other business you might have combined and it would be steady income. You wouldn’t have to worry about getting paid from all your other projects where your customers told you the check was in the mail. There is some serious capital backing this project, so none of us have to be concerned. What Jake and I need from you guys is a commitment. You would have to make us a commitment you would see this through to the end and be our partners in making a project work. If we are successful with the first one, there will be more after this. Also, you’ll have to have sub-contractors for the trades and hire additional people yourselves. You’re going to have to get bigger to handle what we have coming. Some guys are happy with the size they are and others want to grow. Jake and I need to know where your heads are at,” I explained.

    “Fuck me running. Wow. Talk about blowing our minds which was greater than when you blew our cocks. Damn near created the same type of orgasm though. I think my dick is throbbing right now,” Todd said staring at me. I reached down and felt his crotch and smiled.

    “Not hard yet, but we could sure get it there fast,” I said smiling. Todd hugged me then looked at Chad.

    “Are we in, Chad? We’ve never had such great guys to work with and had so much fun at the same time,” Todd explained. Chad hugged Jake and me.

    “I think I’m close to an orgasm right now with no one to share it with,” Chad said holding back his excitement.

    “Oh, we’ll share several of those for many years to come if we get this thing off and running,” I assured him. They both hugged and kissed us again.

    “We miss you guys so much already,” Chad told us sadly.

    “We have a bachelor party and a wedding to go to starting Thursday. We’ll be back Sunday. You won’t have any gay help here, well except for you two, until Monday. One night next week we’ll get together at your home and talk more about what our future plans are and what I need you to start investigating rather quickly,” I told them. “Then if there’s time afterwards and we haven’t worn out our minds, well, maybe we can do a little fucking while we’re at it,” I suggested. They both looked totally relieved and said it was a date.

    Jake and I were excited as we walked back upstairs. The boys were just coming out of the shower. Thad was coming out with his towel over his shoulder and not around his waist. I nodded a smile of approval. He smiled back. Erin, Allen and OBB got their briefs on and joined us in the kitchen.

    “Thad actually showered with you guys?” I asked the three of them.

    “Yep, stayed right with us. He didn’t want to get near Chuck and Ashton. They told him he had a nice ass and a nice dick. That kind of scared him and he hung close to us,” Allen relied. “I told him he did have a nice dick. That’s a true statement, you know. He told me I had a nice ass. I told him we should get the two together sometime. He just smiled and told me if I just had a nice set of tits, we’d make it happen right away. He said that was the only thing missing he could see. I asked him about my dick and balls, but he said he could live with that if I just had some tits he could squeeze and suck on. I offered him my dick to squeeze and suck on, but he wanted tits. Still, I think he’s starting to come around a little,” Allen said chuckling. Erin said Allen would never stop tempting him. We could be sure about that.

    Thad came walking in wearing his boxers. “I think we need to get you a thong to wear around the apartment, Thad. I think you’d fill one out rather nicely,” I told him.

    “Too much of a breeze over my hairy asshole,” he commented and went right on. He knew the hairy asshole comment got to me.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Another amazing chapter, FT. So Josh was a little smitten by Cliff, the banker. They both felt a 'connection'. I'm sure I know how Josh intends to connect with Cliff and maybe the rest of the troops as well. Interesting how Thad confided in Josh his repressed feelings for a physical involvement. I can kind of understand his intense admiration and caring for Josh as his friend and mentor, the same as the others, but some kind of jealousy that the others shared a physical involvement with Josh, where his was only a mental involvement. Interesting how he described that to Josh as being left out. Josh assured Thad he cared about him and the physical non-physical relationship didn't matter. Still, I can see how Thad might think it could seeing the intimacy Josh shared with the others and not with him, at Thad's own doing, by the way. Interesting perspective. It was interesting that Cliff was inspirational to Josh for a possible first project for their new venture capital company. Cliff may have gained a new friend and a new cock for his ass with his suggestion. Greer liked the idea of a private residence hall. I wonder if they'll install communal showers or separate bathrooms for each room in a suite. Leave that up to Josh's imagination. Looks as if Jordan is going to play a big part in the new organization. Greer seems to like him, but the jury is out on whether he liked dick or pussy. He seems to be all business so far. Thad, while maintaining he's straight, is letting his guard down a little everyday. He just might get curious as to what Josh told hm about Eric enjoying bj's by the boys. That had to make him think. Great story, FT. As always, looking forward to more of this continuing journey with Josh and friends. They grow on you like family. Keep typing, my friend. Send us more. BC

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Thanks, BC. Got another one for everyone. Have fun. FT

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chapter 202 – Trouble for Trevor and Ashton

    Chuck and Ashton had taken off somewhere and the rest of us had just finished eating and were just chilling in our briefs, when we heard a knock on the door downstairs. Erin put on a pair of shorts and ran down to see who was there. He emerged back upstairs with Trevor which surprised us all. He looked totally distraught.

    “Where’s Drew?” we all kind of asked at the same time. “Drew in some kind of trouble?” I asked concerned about Trevor’s concerned look. Then I thought he was going to cry.

    “Dawson showed up at the apartment. He and Drew are over there. I don’t know what’s going on, but I couldn’t stay there,” Trevor said, totally shook by the whole situation. “He wanted to talk to Drew alone and suggested I go somewhere.”

    “Trevor, it’s your apartment. You should’ve made them go somewhere,” I stated.

    “I know, but where are they going to go? I knew I could come over here. I don’t think you’d have enjoyed hosting them for whatever Dawson is here for. I know he misses Drew’s hot little ass and that’s why he’s here,” Trevor managed to say, still in somewhat a state of shock.

    “So much drama over dick and ass,” Thad mentioned, which no one paid attention to.

    “Was he just coming to see Drew and then leaving again or is he staying for awhile?” Jake asked.

    “Who knows. All I know is Dawson suggested I get lost. Drew told me he’d call me later. They’re probably fucking in my bed for all I know,” Trevor added sadly.

    “We could all go over there and kick Dawson’s ass, Trev,” Jake said getting excited.

    “Won’t solve anything. Actually, maybe it’s better if Dawson is here, and we bring this stupid arrangement to some sort of conclusion. When Drew’s with Dawson, he’s all Dawson’s. When he’s with me, he forgets Dawson. It doesn’t take an idiot to figure out, Drew’s in love with Dawson and that’s his first choice. I just need to bring this stupid relationship to a conclusion and go on with my life. What good is being happy with Drew day to day when Dawson could show up at anytime and end it all between Drew and me. I’d just rather it be over with, if the truth were known. I mean Drew and I were happy with each other and the sex was great, but I can’t live like this knowing that happiness could be shattered the second Dawson shows up or Drew goes back home. I just want it over one way or the other,” Trevor said exasperated. We all gave him a group hug. Thad just watched and took it all in.

    “Need a beer?” Erin asked as he went to get one for him. We all thought we needed another after this revelation.

    “Take off your clothes and get comfortable with the rest of us,” I told him. Trevor stripped down to his briefs. We all kind of sat there not knowing what the next move was.

    We heard another knock on our back outside door. Erin slipped some shorts on and went to see who was there. It was Dustin, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. Erin gave him a quick bro hug and invited him in.

    “Sorry, looks like I’m a little overdressed,” Dustin said seeing all of us in our underwear. We laughed and told him to join us. He just smiled. “I’m here unofficially to hook up your servers to the cable modem like Erin asked me to do. If I do it on my own time in my own vehicle, I can have a beer with you guys afterwards, and it won’t cost you anything for the installation,” Dustin explained. Erin hugged him, making him smile.

    “Is he one of us?” Trevor asked. I whispered we weren’t sure, but he had tremendous possibilities. Trevor looked interested.

    Dustin said he needed to get some supplies out of his Jeep, but wasn’t’ sure we were home so he thought he’d knock on our door first. Erin said he’d help him get his stuff. They disappeared downstairs.

    “I should probably help them since I wanted this done. Then I can test the servers,” Thad said going for a pair of shorts.

    “I like this cable guy,” Allen said. “I’d like him better naked so we could see the goods,” he added. Jake and I laughed, knowing only too well, Allen and OBB were lusting after the poor guy.

    “Amen to that,” Trevor added. “Would be nice to meet a hot guy without baggage attached to him.”

    “We don’t know that much about him, Trev. He seems great and he didn’t have any problem getting naked the other night with Erin when the two of them cleaned up in the shower after they fished up a cable to the closet we have the washer and dryer in. They really got dirty before they were done and we threw them in the shower. We’ll have to see if they want to use the shower again tonight after they’re done,” I told them.

    “Hell, it’s group shower time if that happens,” Allen announced. “You could use another shower, Trevor, couldn’t you?” Trevor said he definitely could. “How about OBB and I show you our new bedroom, Trevor. I think you’ll find we have something exciting to show you there?” Allen asked. Trevor perked up right away. I knew what was coming next. The three of them headed off to Allen and OBB’s bedroom and shut the door.

    “Well at least Trevor won’t leave here horny tonight,” I told Jake, realizing we were all by ourselves for the first time in a very long time except for the shower we had before Greer and Jordan showed up.

    Jake and I discussed the Drew/Dawson situation, but didn’t come to any conclusion, not that it was out business anyway. Still, Trevor was one of us and we cared about him, thus wanted to protect him. Both Jake and I wanted to go over to Trevor’s apartment and confront Dawson and Drew, but we decided we probably needed to stay out of it. Still, the whole thing was pissing us off. We grabbed another beer and went down to see how Dustin, Erin and Thad were progressing.

    Dustin found a junction box in the office where a previous cable hookup had been. Luckily the line was still good when he shot a signal through it, so he said he could use it and connect to it from the outside. He and Erin went out and worked on that while Thad remained in the office. Dustin had hooked up a device to the cable wire and Thad had to tell them when he got two green flashing lights, indicating the line was connected and good.

    “What do you think about Dustin?” I asked Thad. Thad gave me a strange look.

    “Seems like a nice guy. I’d say Erin really likes him. He was practically falling all over him trying to help him,” Thad added. “Not sure Dusting shares the same interests as you guys, but he’s a nice enough guy. Very thoughtful and polite. I mean he’d make a nice friend and all.”

    “Yeh, that’s what we think also. Oh well, it gives Erin something to think about,” Jake told him. We finally got the two green lights Dustin was looking for. Thad banged on the window to get their attention. Erin and Dustin then closed up the work box they were working in and came back inside.

    “Josh, Dustin has an old 1994 Jeep Wrangler. It’s the coolest Jeep ever,” Erin said excitedly.

    “Not really, Erin. It has 150,000 miles on it and only cost me a couple of thousand dollars when I bought it off a high school friend several years ago. It’s reliable, is all I can say about it. Still, it’s mine and it’s paid for. The insurance is cheap because I only have to have liability insurance,” Dustin said, humbly.

    “I think it’s cool, and I know Josh and Jake like Jeeps. Hell, I don’t have any wheels at the moment so your Jeep is far better than anything I have,” Erin told him. Dustin smiled and patted him on the back.

    Dustin then hooked up a new cable modem/router combination and put CAT 5 connections to the servers. Thad rebooted both servers and brought up the communications. Dustin then ran a diagnostics test on the servers. The speed was excellent, according to Thad. Even Thad got excited.

    “Now, where’s that beer?” Dustin asked excited to have his work completed and now relax and have a beer with us. We went upstairs. Erin told Dustin to strip down to his underwear as that was the official dress code of our apartment. Dustin had no problem stripping. He had a nice bulge in his contoured boxer briefs. He had some light grey Hanes he was wearing that really hugged his form. We sat back at the island and had another beer.

    Erin was only too eager to ask Dustin questions to find out more about him. He seemed about our age, but we weren’t sure. Dustin told us that he had started school at Uni and got through the first year working on the side. He said he kind of ran out of money and needed to take a year off and work to get more money to go back to school. He said he didn’t want to bury himself in student loans so he was working this last year. Turns out he was a year older than us. He said he made good money at the cable company, but desperately wanted a degree. He said it might take him a few years longer to get his degree, but he was going to stay at it, working on the side. He said his father had died at a fairly young age and it was only his mother and a younger sister left in the family. His mother and sister were living with his grandparents and in a small house in a rural part of the state. He loved them all, but there was nothing in that town for him and he was better off here. We told him it took a lot of guts and fortitude to do what he was doing. He thanked us for that, but said, it was just something he had to do. He said his grandfather told him he was very brave in coming here and finding his own way. Asking him where he lived, he said he rented a small studio apartment here in town. He said it was more like a closet, but it had everything he needed to get by and he was saving money living there. He told us that he spent very little money, just what he absolutely had to live on, and then put the rest of it away for school. He was going to take a few classes in the fall and work at the same time. He said he had it all worked out. We told him how great it was that he was determined to put himself through school. He told us what he made at the cable company was decent, but not enough to do what he was trying to do.

    “Dustin, if we had work here in various areas where we could pay you decent money, would you be interested in doing anything like that?” I asked. Erin was almost ecstatic I brought that up.

    “Sure, but like what would you need me to do?” he asked curiously.

    “Well, we’re all working on trying to get this pub up and running. There’s a ton of work to get done. We had another friend that we thought was going to help us out, but it looks like we might have some attrition. We could use some additional help. I think it could be very beneficial to you from an earnings standpoint,” I told him, peaking his interest somewhat. “It’s something to think about anyway. I know we could do a lot better for you financially than the cable company. That I can promise you. Still, it’s not everyone’s interest, but we could see,” I said not knowing what he might think about gay culture. Still, if he was totally straight, it would give Thad more of a friend to hang with.

    “Oh, wow. I knew you guys were great guys. I’ve never had any close friends, just working all the time and trying to get by. You guys have been great, and I really enjoyed the other afternoon when Erin and I fished that cable up and we got your TV’s set up. You guys were so nice to me then. Even let me use your shower. That was a real blast, literally even,” Dustin said excitedly. I could sense the excitement Erin was feeling.

    “How much notice would you have to give the cable company if you changed jobs?” I asked him.

    “Oh, probably two weeks. Sometimes when guys quit, they take all their tools and turn them loose immediately. It all depends on what kind of mood the boss is in at the time. He’s not the nicest guy sometimes. He’s treated me pretty fair so far, but not some of the other guys. He did accuse me of putting too many miles on the company van one time. I had to prove to him that it was exactly the number of miles for where I was dispatched. There was a detour on the route that I had to take. I couldn’t help it. He got all pissy about it and accused me of using the van to go off route for personal reasons. I swear I never did that. He finally got over it when I showed him on my phone where all I went and why. Then he told me not to let it happen again. I mean, that was pretty nasty of him. Still, I needed my job, so I just let it go,” Dustin said reliving an unpleasant experience.

    “What would you say to going to work for us and living here?” I asked him. He got all excited and so did Erin. “I mean, you wouldn’t have any living expenses then, you could make a lot more money and you’d have more money for school. Does something like that sound good to you?”

    “OMG, that would be utopia. This is absolutely the coolest apartment on the face of the earth. You guys are fantastic and all my money worries would be eliminated. This is almost too good to be true,” Dustin said so excited he almost cried. Erin quickly hugged him. “What’s the catch. There almost has to be a catch?” Dustin went on to ask.

    “You need to know something about us, Dustin,” I started to say and saw Erin brace himself. “I don’t think it will affect you in any way and I assure you we will not let it. Most of us here, although not all of us, well, we’re gay. Do you have any problem with that?” I asked point blank. Dustin looked at me a little funny trying to take this all in.

    “I’ve never been around gay guys before that I know of, but what difference does that make regarding me?” Dustin asked. I could see the disappointment in Erin’s face, finding out Dustin wasn’t sure exactly what the gay lifestyle was all about. “I mean I know that means there are guys that like guys, but that could be friendship also,” Dustin went onto say. “If the friendship and caring you extend to me is as wonderful as it sounds, why would anyone care that you are called gay?” he asked.

    “Being very candid here, which we need to be because you need to know what you’re getting into here, many of us here have sex with each other, but not all of us,” I told him. He didn’t get up and run out of the room screaming. He was listening intently so far. “Jake here is my boyfriend and Erin is right there with him. We love each other and we show each other that love physically with one another from time to time. Thad, on the other hand is straight. He thinks he might like girls although he’s never been with one successfully physically. We care about him and we love him, but we don’t have sex with him. He is tolerant of us and understands what our needs are, but we don’t harass him in any way, other than to tease him just in fun, though,” I told him.

    “Sounds kind of wonderful really,” Dustin said as he looked to Thad.

    “Dustin, you couldn’t find a more wonderful family of guys to be with. It’s true, I’m still trying to find my way, but I swear, these guys are fantastic, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love living here with these guys. We have a lot of fun together and they treat me great. They’re like brothers to me and make me feel wanted and cared for. Josh, Jake and Erin are just fantastic human beings. I am so lucky to know them and be accepted by them. No complaints here,” Thad told Dustin.

    “Well, okay then. I guess that says it all. It sounds wonderful to me. Are you sure you want to do this though? I don’t want to be a burden on you guys in any way,” Dustin added.

    “You won’t, Dustin. We won’t let you. We all share the load here and everyone pitches in. You just might have to put up with some eccentricities from time to time, you know, nudity, some boners, a little kissing, whatever. We’ll try not to gross you out. Thad has held in there so far,” I said kidding Thad.

    “Hey, I have no complaints. No one has made me do anything I had a problem with. It’s all been great fun,” Thad responded.

    “I know it’s a leap of faith, but I feel totally comfortable with you guys. I don’t have any problems with nudity. Hell, I’ve been naked with Erin already, and that shower you have is to die for,” Dustin marveled.

    “We have space until the semester starts so you can bunk with Thad in his room. Not sure what we’re doing after that, but it all might work out if we have some attrition I can almost count on. You and Thad won’t have to worry as we’ll work something out somehow,” I reassured them. That was music to Thad’s ears even.

    “I’ll talk to my boss Friday and let him know I’m leaving. Do you have work for me on Monday if he turns me loose that day?” Dustin asked. I told him absolutely. We’d be in the City starting Thursday as the straight guy that was going to manage our pub here was getting married and we had his bachelor party at our other pub on Thursday, then the wedding on Saturday. We’d be back Sunday evening.

    Dustin had a lot more questions about the business. We shared with him the partner setup and how that worked, and revealed the nature of the business to him. He was blown away not having been to a gay bar before or understanding what happened there. All in all, he just considered them to be a bar where like people gathered, which was mainly what it was. We asked him if he had any experience with girls at all. He said he dated one in high school for a short time. He thought he loved her, but realized he didn’t. They had sex one time and he said it was disappointing and awkward, which kind of caused them to break up. He said he was never more embarrassed about the whole thing. Thad said he could relate to that after the quasi experience he had when we tried to help set him up. Dustin couldn’t believe that us gay guys acted straight for the sole purpose of being wingmen to help get Thad laid. I thought he was going to bust out laughing. Thad thought it was pretty funny too, but said that’s the kind of friends we were and were just trying to help him. Dustin thought it was great.

    We heard giggling and an asscheek get slapped as Allen, OBB and Trevor came down the hall, naked and semi-boned on their way to the shower. “Whops, didn’t know we had company. Sorry about that,” OBB said as they scurried to the shower and out of our sight. Dustin laughed.

    “That’s the kind of thing you might experience living here, Dustin. If you can handle that, then you’re good to go,” I assured him. He said that was nothing. Thad agreed. As the three emerged from their shower, they had towels around their waists. I introduced them individually to Dustin. Dustin had the same reaction to OBB’s nickname as everyone else. Of course, OBB had to drop his towel and show Dustin his one ball. That didn’t phase Dustin, who said he had one ball considerably larger than the other one and dropped his briefs to show OBB and the rest of us. We all slapped him on the back and told him he was good people and would fit in just fine around here. Dustin already started to feel like a part of us.

    Finally, he said he needed to go as he had an early morning start, but said he was extremely excited about the prospects of being with all of us. We all hugged him and told him to come back soon or at least on Sunday when we got back. He promised he would. Even Thad hugged him. We heard the old Jeep fire up in the parking lot and off he went.

    “Feel better knowing you have reinforcements for the straight side?” I asked Thad.

    “Honestly, Josh, I really wouldn’t have cared if he were gay. Caring about you guys the way I do and you caring about me, there’s no difference in who we really are except for the sexual part, and even that can be beautiful at times. So, gay or straight, Dustin is a great guy and will be a great friend to all of us,” Thad said sincerely.

    “Sometimes you make me want to love you so much, Thad,” I said hugging him tightly and quickly kissing him on the forehead.

    “What no kiss on the lips?” he asked surprised. I kissed him on the lips and gave him some tongue which he gave back. “At least I can kiss you properly,” he said grinning. I hugged him again.

    Trevor joined us finally, having found a pair of briefs, adopting our informal dress code. “So you hear anything from Drew this evening?” I asked Trevor curiously.

    “I’m about to text him and find out what’s going on. I want to know if he’s staying or going. At any rate, I want my apartment back with him and without Dawson or without the two of them. The drama needs to go away and these two need to buck up and decide what they hell they’re doing,” Trevor said. All eyes were on Trevor as he texted a note to Drew. There was a long pause before his phone actually rang. It was Drew. Trevor got up and went into one of the bedrooms to talk to him. We heard Trevor’s loud voice, then soft voice, then loud again. Finally, he emerged from the bedroom with tears in his eyes.

    “Are those happy tears or sad tears?” I asked him. He said they were sad tears. Our hearts dropped. We all got up to hug him, including Thad who hardly knew him.

    “The bastard is going home with Dawson in the morning. Sorry, Josh. I guess I just lost one of your summer employees,” Trevor said apologizing.

    “Fuck him and Dawson too, Trev. That’s pretty shitty if you ask me,” I told him as I felt a pang of anger towards Drew and Dawson and disappointment for Trevor.

    “He even asked me if they could stay in my apartment tonight and leave in the morning. Can you believe that?” Trevor said half angry.

    “You told him to fuck off, didn’t you?” Jake asked also angry with the two.

    “I told Drew hell I didn’t care at this point, but to take all his things as he wasn’t ever coming back. He had to be totally gone this time,” Trevor said settling down, still confused and disappointed.

    “You’re a far better friend than I would have been,” Erin said, trying to comfort Trevor. We all agreed. Even Thad said he’d have thrown the idiot out and volunteered to go over to Trevor’s apartment and evict the two.

    “Gees, Thad. Remind me never to get in a lovers quarrel with you. Damn, boy, you like to get even,” I told him surprised by his reaction.

    “Hey, we’re all friends that stand up for each other. That’s what you drilled into me which made me think this was the greatest friendship ever, and it is,” Thad said emphatically. “You hurt one of us, you hurt all of us,” he added. I was impressed. I kissed him again. Thad smiled.

    Trevor sat on the couch and put his head in his hands. Jake and I sat on either side of him and ran our hands up and down his bare back trying to comfort him. “You said you and Drew knew you weren’t in love with each other and you would both go your separate ways at some time or other, Trev. Maybe earlier is better than later. That gives you a chance to meet someone that might be more lasting, that you could love. Maybe it’s a good thing, although I can’t say I’m pleased about the way it happened. Dawson just couldn’t stay the hell out of it. He can’t make up his mind who he really is. I’m sure he has no intention of ‘coming out’ to his parents or anyone he knows in his home town. It’ll be interesting how those two get through the summer with each of them living in different houses even though they have constant sleepovers. At our age, that gets a little suspicious when it happens all the time, when they already live close together. That means they can’t stand to be separated from each other, which should trigger some suspicions. But who knows how they’ll spin it to their parents and friends,” I exclaimed, throwing my hands in the air.

    “You’re going to have to let me stay here tonight,” Trevor said, as if it was a foregone conclusion. We all told him absolutely. “Good, and I want to get fucked tonight also. I want all you guys to drain my balls until I absolutely cannot walk,” he declared. “Make me forget I ever met Drew and that prick of a boyfriend of his, Dawson.”

    “I think we can accommodate you somehow, I’m sure,” Jake chimed in, kind of surprised by his request, but totally understood his need to be shown our love.

    Chuck and Ashton came noisily up the stairs. They had been drinking somewhere. Chuck was giving Ashton hell for something, which prompted me to ask if everything was okay.

    “Big dick here was flirting with some whore at one of the bars downtown. He actually wanted to fuck her,” Ashton proclaimed as if it were a mortal sin. We were all kind of confused but interested in what happened and let them play it out in front of us.

    “Hey, I could have too. She had her hand on my cock and balls, Ash. She got me hard. I got a finger up her snatch. Wanna smell?” Chuck retorted.

    “Fuck you. Your cock would have rotted off from the disease you’d pick up from that rotten snatch, Chuck. That condom would have dissolved in her puss and melted to your prick. That was nasty, Chuck. I know you don’t believe me, but I took a picture of her with my phone, guys. I mean this was way beyond trailer trash,” Ashton piled it on. He showed us the pic and she did look rather rough in our eyes.

    “Look at the ass on that bitch, guys. I mean there was plenty of cushion for the pushin there, unlike Mr. Boney Ass over here,” Chuck said demeaning Ashton.

    “You told me you loved my boney tight ass, dumbass,” Ashton shot back.

    “I did until you fucked up my sure thing tonight with that girl, Ashton. “You told her I was queer, a faggot of all things. You told her we were a couple. We’re not a faggot couple, Ash. I take care of your ass, but you don’t own my dick by any stretch of your imagination or your hot ass,” Chuck said getting angry.

    “I had to tell the bitch something or you’d have ended up with a horrible STD or something that’d make your dick fall off. That puss was toxic, I’m telling you,” Ashton shot back loudly trying to make Chuck come to reason. We were all in awe at this particular argument. Poof Thad was taking it all in, not knowing who to side with, both sides seeming somewhat ridiculous.

    “You know, you just need to stay out of my shit, Ash. Maybe we hung out a little too long this summer so far. Maybe you need to make up with your faggot boyfriend and let his limp dick keep that sorry ass of yours company,” Chuck said really making Ashton angry.

    “For the record, Andy is no limped dick faggot, Chuck, and if that’s the best you can say about him, maybe it’s time you left,” I told him standing up, not so much for Ashton as I was for Andy. “We all love Andy here. He’s a considerate loving person, unlike his boyfriend at times,” I said looking rather angrily at Ashton for bringing Chuck into our lives.

    “Yeh, maybe the two of you just need to cool off a little before you say things you can’t take back, getting us all to hate both of you,” Jake added. The two seemed to calm down a little after that, although they were still pouting.

    “We’re all going to the City tomorrow for Eric’s bachelor party for invited guests only. That doesn’t include you at all, Chuck. Just so you know. Now you, Ashton, have to meet with Andy and decide where in the hell your relationship is going if anywhere. Chuck you don’t need to be anywhere near that meeting. In fact, you might as well go home since it isn’t that far from the City and Ashton can talk to you after he’s met with Andy.

    “A lot of good that meeting is going to do either one of us, Josh, and you know what I’m talking about,” Ashton said sternly.

    “Regardless, the two of you are going to meet face to face and talk over your differences and resolve your future. For the record, the by-laws of our current company state if any two members cannot get along, one has to go. The rest of the members vote on who that person is that isn’t compatible with the rest of the membership. There are buy-out provisions for the one leaving the membership,” I advised him.

    “That’s a bunch of bullshit and you know it, Josh,” Ashton came back at me getting fired up again. “We all know who wins that battle. My ass get’s thrown to the wolves and you all just keep fucking each other in your little den of ass and cock and pretend to be happy with each other, when all you’re doing is staying together for the money,” Ashton said angrily.

    “Ashton, we all cared about you at one time. But you’ve brought chaos to our lives recently. You broke Andy’s heart, hell, like Drew just broke Trevor’s heart. What happened to all of us? We all loved each other when we first started out. Did we go too far with this business thing? I mean, I’d give it up tomorrow if I thought everyone would be happy. Our ass is kind of committed, but once we get this bar up and running we could sell both of them, split up the proceeds and all go our merry way, for fuck’s sake,” I practically yelled at Ashton. He came across the room like he was going to hit me. Jake jumped up beside me ready to take him out, but instead he hugged me and started to cry.

    “I fucked up, Josh. I fucked up,” he said crying on my shoulder. I wasn’t sure whether to hug him or push him away. I hugged him and let him get it all out.

    “I love Andy. Hell I love you, Jake, Erin even the two dweebs in the other room,” referring to Allen and OBB, I guessed, which kind of pissed me off, but I listened. Intently. “I’ve never had such wonderful friends to share my life with. I can’t seem to make anyone happy anymore,” he said apologetically.

    “Hell, you do make my dick happy, Ash” Chuck said trying to find some way to console Ashton.

    “Shut the fuck up, Chuck,” Jake told him. Trevor and Thad were practically huddled together trying to weather the storm, their eyes big and round as they took all this in. I was sure Trevor forgot all about Drew for the time being watching the next crisis start to play out.

    “Look, Ash. We love you also. We did anyway. We just don’t seem to know you anymore. The one you loved and we all loved you’ve pushed away. You’re not happy. Andy’s not happy. Now you’ve pissed off Chuck of all things. What does it take to make you happy, because all you seem to be doing at the moment is making everyone miserable. Life’s too short for that. We all want you to be happy and feel loved. You’re making that so hard to do these days,” I told him as I hugged him, his head on my shoulder as we kind of swayed back and forth standing up. He was still whimpering. I finally got him to sit down and settled down. “Looking deep into your heart, Ash, what does it say you want?” I asked him, looking him straight in the eyes. He kind of hung his head and moved it back and forth as if he wasn’t sure what he was going to say but was trying to find words.

    “I love Andy, Josh. I truly do, even though I know he loves you more,” he said causing me to shake my head ‘no’, but I continued to listen. “We just can’t come to any acceptable arrangement between the two of us on my needs. Andy, bless his soul, is so thoughtful he gave me a long leash. But, unfortunately, it isn’t long enough for what I need. He was more than patient and tolerate of my needs, not asking for anything for his for his own needs other than I love him. He stood by me and suffered the hurt I must have dished out all those times I betrayed him. I’m a dick, Josh. I don’t deserve Andy or the rest of your alls love for me. I just don’t see how it’s going to last. It crushes me to say that, but I think it’s true,” he said softly and dropped his head back into his hands again. I grabbed his head and put mine up against his. I kissed him on the neck. After a long pause, he finally said, “I’ll tell Andy tomorrow he’s free and he deserves better. He really does. You and I both know that. I love you and Jake, and my Andy. That will never change. But I don’t need to give any of you anymore hurt than I’ve already given you. You can throw me out of the membership. That’s okay. You don’t even have to pay me. I got enough out of it just with the love and friendship you all gave me. I’ll just get out of your lives. It’ll be easier that way,” Ashton said so pathetically dejected. Hell, he made me want to cry. I could see the tears in Jake’s eyes also. Erin wasn’t buying what he was selling, but he and Ashton never really got along anyway and rightly so as Ashton had resented Erin from the beginning of our friendship, trying to use him against me with Andy. Trevor was never too sure of Ashton. He liked him because he was part of us, but he didn’t like the way he treated Andy, knowing the heartbreak he gave Andy. Thad was just blown away by the whole thing.

    “Ashton, we all love you, but we can’t understand the need you seem to have. We thought with all of us, you wouldn’t need any outside attention. Obviously, that’s not working. Talk to Andy. If you love him and respect him any at all, you owe it to him to talk to him man to man and either reconcile or part ways. We’ll all respect whatever decision the two of you come up with. Although, this is going to sound trite, but we all can still be friends one way or the other,” I told him as I continued to hug and console him. He looked in my eyes and kissed me passionately. Then he grabbed Jake and kissed him passionately.

    “I need to go to bed. I’m drunk and emotionally drained,” he said as he got up and headed towards the bedroom. Chuck followed him. We heard them talking in a decent tone for some time as we discussed what we just witnessed amongst ourselves in the living room. Allen and OBB had missed it all.

    Finally, we decided we all needed to go to bed. “Hey I can sleep with Thad tonight and let Trevor stay with the two of you,” Erin said willingly.

    “Excuse me? Do we really have to sleep together? I’m not sure that works for me,” Thad said concerned.

    “Not in your bed, silly. I’ll sleep in the other bed, unless you get lonely and want to plant that cute cock of yours in my ass for some fun and relief,” Erin said smiling at Thad.

    “Be care, that just might happen,” Thad said teasingly, but greatly relieved he misunderstood, Erin. Trevor told him he didn’t mean to push him out of wherever he was sleeping, but did need some ass time tonight to get rid of the Drew issue. Erin said he totally understood and told him to enjoy it. Erin gave Trevor a hug and a kiss. Thad gave Trevor a hug. He did quick kiss Jake and I on the lips. Erin told him he’d get his goodnight kiss once they were in bed. Thad shook his head no. Then Erin grabbed him by the hand and pulled him into their room. Jake and I chuckled.

    Although all the bedroom walls were insulated to keep the noise down, we could hear Ashton and Chuck fucking in their room. I shook my head. “His ‘need’ is going to do him in someday. I want to believe he’s sincere, but he makes it awfully damned difficult to believe him sometime. The two of them were arguing like crazy earlier and now their fucking away in there. It just doesn’t make sense. Andy needs out of that relationship in the worst way,” I said to Jake and Trevor. Trevor wasn’t paying attention to me and had slipped off my briefs along with Jake’s and was taking our cocks into each side of his mouth.

    Jake finally picked him up and threw him on the bed. We pulled off his briefs. He was laying on his stomach. I spread his legs and pulled his balls and cock back between his legs. I went to work on his cock and balls and Jake split his asscheeks apart and drilled his man hole with his tongue, giving Trevor tremors. Jake and I smiled at each other.

    “Now, that’s what I’m talking about. Fuck Drew when I have all of you to make me happy. Fuck, take it easy guys. I almost came twice already. I never get this much attention with Drew. Damn, you guys are so fucking good,” Trevor said as we horned him up something fierce. Jake rolled him over and let his cock stick straight up in the air. Jake knelt over his face and tea bagged Trevor lowering his balls into Trevor’s mouth. I went down on his cock from the right side this time. I ate his cock, balls and taint. My tongue was all over that boy’s junk, and he was ecstatic. Trevor took it upon himself to suck on Jake’s balls as Jake smiled at me. Trevor did manage to take Jake’s breath away, as he stuck his tongue forcefully into Jake’s asshole. Jake was liking that action. “Easy on the cock there, Josh. Like I said, I almost came twice. I’m close and this can’t end quickly,” Trevor managed to say, bringing his tongue out of Jake’s asshole.

    “Trevor, dear. You need to shave your balls. Getting a little hairy down here,” I said as I pulled some of his ball pubes out of my mouth. “I mean I like your dirty look, but it’s a little hard on the teeth. I almost need a toothpick,” I told him.

    “Aw, Drew liked my natural look. He said he got tired of shaving practically all his man parts all the time because of swimming. He said he loved my hairy legs and my pubes that fan out of over my cock and upper thighs. Dirty look? I kind of like that terminology in a way. Cool,” he said thinking about the way I described his hairy balls, what he considered ‘natural’.

    Jake pulled Trevor’s ass up against his Jake’s chest and split his asscheeks apart with his thumbs and drove his tongue into Trevor’s needy hole. I stood up and straddled Trevor’s ass. Then when Jake was done with his teasing, I slapped Trevor’s hairy outlined hole with my cock, smacking the head of my cock against his moistened asshole. That drove the poor boy insane. Jake would suck me momentarily, getting me nice and slicked up, then I’d smack Trevor’s hole over and over.

    “Okay, okay. Enough with the foreplay. Just fuck the damned hole, would you?” Trevor begged. I offered his hole to Jake first, but he told me to go first and he’d hold Trevor in place. I stood over him, pointed my cock south and let myself down, penetrating Trevor’s tight hole. He gave out a big sigh. “Finally,” he said as he sighed. Jake stuck his own cock in Trevor’s mouth below him. Trevor had a cock in both ends at this point, and he was loving it. Jake took the opportunity to Jack Trevor’s cock as he got his sweet asshole pummeled with my cock.

    “Fuck, Trevor. You’re nice and tight back here,” I mentioned as I could feel his ass muscles squeeze my cock and beg for my seed. “You’re feeling pretty damned hot on the end of my dick, buddy.”

    “That’s because your fucking buddy Drew had to bottom all the time. I haven’t had a cock up my ass since Allen and OBB earlier tonight, and they, well, while cute and hot in their own way, they aren’t you and Jake in the cock department,” Trevor said gasping while his ass was being pummeled, and Jake face fucked the poor boy. Jake and I grinned and high-fived each another. “Fuck this feels so fucking good.”

    I stepped up the rhythm, as I drove my cock deep into Trevor’s asshole causing pre-cum to sling from his enlarged dick as Jake jacked him, while driving his own cock into Trevor’s mouth. I was getting close and decided Trevor needed more time. He was enjoying it way too much to stop soon. I gave Jake a nod to take over Trevor’s ass and I’d fuck his face. Jake was eager to accommodate my request. I came out of Trevor’s ass and laid him out on the bed. Jake jumped off the bed and pulled his ass to the edge of it, then spread his legs apart and put them on his shoulders. I held his asscheeks apart for Jake penetrate him. Trevor gasped at the fullness of Jake’s penis as it entered his body.

    “Fuck, guys, I should have ditched Drew ages ago. No one fucks better than the two of you. Shit this is unbelievable,” Trevor uttered, half out of his mind, he was so ecstatic having Jake and I fuck him silly tonight. I got on the bed and 69’d him while Jake took care of his ass, jamming his cock deep into Trevor’s sweet hair lined tight asshole. Even Jake thought Trevor was pretty damned hot as his cock appeared and disappeared into Trevor’s body. Trevor was doing a hot number on my dick. There was no denying that. I felt the pressure rising in my balls and it working its way up my dick. I had to stop momentarily to keep from drowning the boy in my cum. Jake had that look also. I bent back down just in time to feel Trevor tense up, shake, then release a torrent of cum into my mouth, hitting the back of my throat and making its way down my gullet, but leaving me with a full mouthful of his cum to savor. Trevor finally quit shaking long enough for Jake to pull out and spray his load all over Trevor’s chest and abs. I grabbed my cock and painted his balls white with my white cum, then slung the last remnants of my seed onto his face. Trevor scooped it up off his face and swallowed it. Jake leaned over and licked up his cum off Trevor’s balls making Trevor flinch even more. “Damn, guys. I haven’t cum like that since I don’t know when. Probably the last time you guys fucked me. We used to have some hot times. It’s all coming back to me now. Gees, when we first met I never thought about your dicks up my ass or my balls in your mouth. That would have sounded totally creepy to me. But, damn, it’s so fucking hot I just love the two of you for it,” he said as he was trying to get his breath. Jake and I leaned over and kissed him. Jake rubbed his wilting cock against Trevor’s cum slicked balls, exciting Trevor all the more.

    “You know we never thought about our dicks up your ass or your balls in our mouths the first time we met you either. Funny how things work out, isn’t it?” Jake commented making Trevor giggle.

    “I think I’m happy Drew went back to that asshole Dawson now,” he said still basking in a post orgasm stupor. I bent down and kissed him passionately, driving my tongue into his mouth to find his. Jake sucked the remnants of his seed from his limp, cum drooling cock making Trevor sigh. We finally joined him on the bed and cuddled with him. He felt loved, so he told us. He was determined he wasn’t going to be sad when Drew left. In fact, he said he wasn’t even going to tell him goodbye. He could just leave, as far as he was concerned.

    Jake and I put Trevor between us for the night and told him to leave our cocks alone as we needed our sleep. He said he was just happy to be here with us and not alone naked in his bed without anyone with him.

    We woke up early the next morning knowing we only had a few hours there before leaving for the City to get ready for Eric’s bachelor party. Although it wasn’t until 9:00 tonight, we had plenty of things to do at the CNB to get ready, plus needed to leave Todd and Chad in a good place. We sent Trevor in to shower, noting the crusty cum still on his ball sac. Jake had lapped up a considerable amount, but apparently not all of it. Trevor had a hint of cum smell, as if he was wearing it as a cologne or something. I wasn’t too sure of how the construction guys might take that, so he needed to wash his balls and cock.

    Chuck and Ashton came wandering into the kitchen naked, their dicks flopping around as they walked. Their cocks looked like they had a hard night. I could almost confirm they did from some of the noises we heard through the night. I wasn’t sure if this was a makeup fuck or a parting fuck. Who knew with the two of them. Ashton, of course, walked over to me and hugged me tightly, pressing his cum crusted morning semi up against my naked belly and briefs. He kissed me passionately and told me he loved me. He did the same to Jake. The two of them grabbed a cup of coffee and then hit the shower. I could tell someone was already in the shower as you could hear it running. Shortly thereafter, Thad came running out of the shower room with a towel wrapped around his waist.

    “That Chuck has a big cock, Josh. I saw that damn thing disappear up Ashton ass which scared the bejeebers out of me. Chuck gave me the eye like I was next. I got the hell out of there as fast as I could. I don’t know how you guys do what you do with dicks and asses. It just blows my mind, and frankly, it’s kind of scary. All I know is I don’t trust Chuck or Ashton, so I got the hell out of there as quick as I could,” Thad said excitedly, and dripping wet from his hasty retreat. Trevor had followed him out as well. Trevor said as fucking hot as Chuck’s cock looked, it was way bigger than he ever wanted to take and Chuck was an asshole also. He agreed with Thad, that Chuck was looking them over as his next conquests. Jake and I laughed.

    Just then Erin came into the kitchen and hugged me. “You’re all wet, Thad,” Erin said looking at Thad. Thad rolled his eyes. I told Erin there was a little too much action in the shower this morning with Chuck and Ashton and Thad and Trevor had to make a hasty retreat. Erin semi laughed, but said knowing those two, he probably would have done the same. Thad and Trevor took off to dry off and get dressed. I asked Erin if he got any action from Thad last night. He laughed and said that would have been an interesting surprise. He said the two of them talked for awhile before falling asleep. Erin seemed to think Thad was an okay guy, which I was glad to hear.

    Todd and Chad were up for morning coffee. We discussed where we would be and when for a four-day wedding activity weekend. They said they could keep things moving here, but would have had more fun going with us. I told them I wasn’t sure about that as it was a bachelor party and wedding for a straight guy. That seemed to turn them off. I told them I had hopes it would be somewhat enjoyable for us gay guys, but wasn’t sure. The guy I put in charge for the entertainment, Francis, was bi-sexual at least, so who knew.

    Trevor decided he might as well go with us to the City as he’d be the only one here by himself if he didn’t. I was sure the CNB could use his help on Friday and Saturday night while the rest of us did the wedding deal. Jake and I were invited to the rehearsal dinner on Friday night, along with Kevin, who we hadn’t seen since school was out. Allen, Erin, Trevor and OBB would help out at the CNB on Friday night while we were at the dinner, then we’d join them back at the bar later.

    We busied ourselves in the morning with light work, moving stuff out of the way for the construction crew mainly. George and Doug were disappointed we were leaving and wanted to know if we’d leave them a key to the apartment so they could use the shower after work. Todd heard George ask about it, and told them they didn’t need to bother us with the shower request. They seemed disappointed. I told them maybe one night when we got back they could join us again. That seemed to excite them some.

    Trevor got dressed and went back to his apartment to change clothes and pack for the City. He said he’d be back to ride with some of us going over to the City. Allen and OBB took off earlier than the rest of us. Somehow, they persuaded Erin to ride along with them in the Mustang. They wanted to stop somewhere along the way to get some things for the bachelor party. I was already concerned when it came to the two of them and a party for a straight guy. I reminded the two there would be plenty of straight guys attending tonight including our frat brother Taylor, who I did not want to embarrass. I reminded them that Taylor was our new president this year since Tuck had graduated. OBB said it would all be fine. So he said. That almost was enough to make me nervous.

    Ashton and Chuck took off before lunch. Ashton told me they were both going to the City together, but he would meet with Andy alone. I told him that was a must, and he admitted he realized that. He hugged me again and apologized for all the trouble he caused me as he said he really did love me and understood why Andy loved me so much. He said when it was just the four of us, Andy, Jake, himself and me, he seemed happier. We had all rescued him from an awkward time in his life, his first year of university life. For that he loved us. He said somewhere later, he lost it somehow in a lust for sex. He blamed his brother for some of that, but then admitted it didn’t have to happen. I told him I understood that, but love had the power to change all that. He said he understood, but wondered if his love for Andy was strong enough to make that happen. That statement scared me. I sensed this meeting with Andy may not go well. But then, if it didn’t, it was time anyway for both of them to move on. I told Ashton to listen to his heart and not his asshole. He chuckled, and said there was probably some truth to that. I asked him how it was that he and Chuck got into such a heated argument last night in front of us and then fucked half the night. Ashton said the argument was from the heart, but the fucking came about listening to the asshole. I just shook my head. Chuck just gave us a far off wave, not bothering to say much or even shake our hands as he left. I couldn’t get rid of him fast enough.

    Finally, after bro-hugging Todd and Chad, Trevor, Thad, Jake and I jumped in the Lincoln and headed to the City excited about seeing some of our old and new friends again, especially Eric, Kevin and Taylor. It was a break in the hard driving pace we had for several weeks and we were all looking forward to it, although feeling a little guilty for what we were leaving behind undone. Jake reminded me we had two capable contractors taking care of things and moving the construction along. I supposed he was right.

    Trevor was fidgeting in the back seat. I asked him what was wrong. “My asshole’s a little sore after the pounding you gave me last night. Not used to larger dicks like you guys,” Trevor admitted.

    “Seriously?” Thad asked. “Too much information, Trevor. Remember I’m in the car,” Thad reminded him.

    “Sorry, Thad. It’s just weird not talking about fucking assholes, sucking dick and licking balls and assholes, Thad. We talk about that stuff all the time. I’m not geared for not offending straight boys. In fact, I almost feel sorry for you for all the fun you’re missing out on,” Trevor replied. Thad just shook his head.

    “I guess I can stomach part of it. Lord knows what all I’ll hear tonight, my first night in a gay bar of all things,” Thad said somewhat apprehensive.

    “Hey this gay stuff is going to make you rich someday, buddy, so don’t knock it,” I reminded him.

    “Can’t knock success and wealth. That’s for sure,” Thad admitted.

    “Does your asshole really hurt the day after you stick a dick up it?” Thad asked curiously. We looked at him strangely. “Just asking. For the life of me, I can’t imagine doing something like that, but you guys seem to think it’s the greatest thing in the world. All I can imagine is a dick covered with shit coming out of that orifice and one stretched out of shape butt pucker,” Thad said cringing. The three of us gay guys laughed.

    “Don’t knock it until you try it, Thad. I used to think the same thing until these guys gradually led me to the promised land,” Trevor told him. “I used to fuck the hell out of my girlfriend, but for some reason I got real curious about male sex. I got so curious that my girlfriend, Betty, the bitch that she was, and I didn’t realize it at the time wanted me to meet some gay guys and explore my curiosity, thinking that what you just described, a shitty dick and a sore asshole would end all my curiosity. Fortunately, it only made my curiosity more intense. I told Jake and Josh they actually rescued me form a life I didn’t realize I didn’t like. One trip over to the other side and I was hooked for life. Betty couldn’t believe it at the time and thought surely I would get sick of it and deny my urges at that point. Well, you can see that didn’t happen. Hell, I never realized what a real orgasm was until Josh and Jake showed me. Damn, I never felt anything like it before in my life. I was done with smelly pussies, monthly menstrual periods where your dick comes out red with blood for their bloody oozing vaginas. I swear any other living thing that bled that much would surely die, but not women. They just get mean during that period of time. Then you have to put up with all the moodiness of those creatures. Then there’s the feelings and constant attention. Hell, with guys you just suck, fuck, have a fantastic orgasm and then go play sports or have a drink together. Sure, there’s love, but it’s an understandable and appreciated love, unlike what you have to do to earn the love of a woman. Granted, offspring is a problem, but the tradeoffs are well worth it, in my opinion anyway,” Trevor explained. I looked at him and shook my head.

    “You did learn a lot from us, Trev,” I said marveling at his soliloquy. Trevor smiled.

    “Interesting. But I don’t know if I’m wired that way,” Thad said contemplating what Trevor explained.

    “Well, that’s because you haven’t experienced everything yet, Thad. Give it some time and experience and maybe you might just like it too. Time will tell. At least take the time and get the experience to consider everything and then make your decision. These two guys up front are experts. Trust me on that one. I can’t love them enough,” Trevor proclaimed. Made my heart warm.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Wow, poor Trevor. Drew can't make up his mind and he's letting Dawson control him. Dawson says he's committed, but is he really. Drew and Trevor were happy together and getting along great. It's a shame Drew's leaving with Dawson. He won't have as much fun at home as he would with the boys. Oh well. Ashton's situation doesn't seem to be getting any better. Sounds like he and Andy are headed for a wall also. Chuck isn't helping matters with his craziness. He's a weirdo if there ever was one. Too bad Ashton is a size queen of sorts. Dustin is a sweetheart and shows promise. At least he'll be company for Thad at the moment of je gets to move in with the guys soon. Trevor looks like he's going to try to convert Thad. Good luck with that. So much going on and so interesting. Can't wait for the next chapter, FT. Love how you keep pumping them out, making them interesting and always nice and hot. Keep 'em coming, buddy. Love it all. BC

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Gees, BC. You are really into this. Hope I don't disappoint anyone as much as you all really get into the characters. Here's more. Enjoy. FT

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chapter 203 – The Bachelor Party

    Arriving in the City we went straight to the CNB. Trevor said it hadn’t changed much from the time he competed in the wet underwear contest when he and Betty were here. I rolled my eyes, remembering that scene. I could remember actually being pissed at him for his arrogance that night. I put that thought out of my head.

    “What the hell is a wet underwear contest, for Heaven’s sake?” Thad asked. Trevor explained how he was on stage with a bunch of other guys in their underwear, some of it see-thru if it got wet, and each contestant stood in a kiddy pool and had water poured over their underwear, then each person paraded around the stage. The fans cheered each contestant and then voted for the hottest one in underwear. He told Thad pretty much all of him showed that night, and he came in second or something like that. Thad just shook his head in disbelief. “You actually showed off your junk in public like that?” Thad asked almost shocked.

    “Hey they were just a bunch of gay guys cheering us all on and having one hell of a time. We had so much fun that night. Josh had a sellout crowd and one of the best nights of receipts he’d had since he opened. It was those kinds of promotions that genned this place up to the profit center it has become. You need to buy in, Thad. I’m telling you. This place and the one we’re building now are going to make us all rich,” Thad told him excitedly. Thad had to stop and think about it.

    We came in the back and went up the rear stairs to the apartment to drop our stuff. I was pretty sure Trevor never saw the apartment.

    “Wo, this place is a dump compared to the apartment you guys have now,” Trevor said looking the place over.

    “Hey, this is an old building and we only lease the space. Remember?” I reminded him. He guessed that was true. Then I told him and Thad, we were thinking about buying the building, and should that ever happen, and we had some extra money someday, we might fix this one up a little. But I reminded them, we only slept here a couple of nights a week when we were here almost every weekend. Sleeping was rare also. It wasn’t like we were living here full time. I didn’t mention the all-night fuck sessions we usually had with a variety of hot guys.

    “I love your bedroom furniture. Two king sized mattresses on the floor in the bedroom. Is that something modern you picked up on HGTV or something?” Trevor asked being a smartass. I swatted his ass. “Easy, you wore that out last night. Remember?” he said smiling at me. Thad shook his head and Jake laughed.

    “I’m going to suck your balls right out of your bag, if you’re not careful,” I threatened him with a smile.

    “Wo, we haven’t tried that yet. Sounds kind of kinky,” Trevor replied. Thad just shook his head.

    “That I might want to try on you, Trevor, if you don’t behave,” Thad teased.

    “Okay, he’s coming our way, Josh. Get ready to intercept him and turn him for good,” Trevor said teasing. Jake and I laughed. It was good to see Trevor in a great mood considering what happened to him the day before with Drew and Dawson. I was really proud of him, but was wondering if some of this was put-on, a façade to hide the hurt his heart felt. Still, he was doing a great job of hiding the hurt if he felt any.

    “You guys do a lot of fucking on those mattresses?” Trevor asked.

    “Hell yes, Trevor. But don’t worry the sheets get washed every week after we leave. Francis takes care of that so you won’t have any stray sperm cells sneaking up your sore ass tonight if that’s what you’re worried about,” I explained. Thad looked at the mattresses with some concern.

    “Where do you want to put me tonight?” Thad asked. I looked around not really sure.

    “Oh, I guess you get the couch tonight. Not sure if you and Trevor get the couch together as I’m not sure what Andy’s plans are at this point. Then there is Erin, but Jake and I can squeeze him in with us. Wouldn’t be any different than at home. We’ll just have to see. Don’t worry though. You’re safe with this crew. I think anyway,” I said which made him concerned. Trevor put his arm around Thad’s shoulders and told him he was safe with him if he got to share a bed with him as his ass was still sore, but he warned Thad about sucking his balls out of his scrotum. Thad just shook his head.

    We walked downstairs to see what all was going on and where we were with everything. I introduced Thad and Trevor to Parker, then to Seth and Lance, who eyed up both boys excitedly. Trevor liked the attention, but it scared Thad. I told Seth and Lance that Trevor had a sore ass so he was off limits and Thad was straight so not to bother with him. Seth said as long as his cock was straight it could penetrate his ass rather nicely. Thad shook his head half concerned. I told Thad he was harmless but a total bottom so if he did feel like fucking something, Seth’s ass was always available. Seth thanked me for the recommendation of all things.

    Tony and Ollie stopped by to say hi and wish us luck on the bachelor party. They had a beer with us so Thad and Trevor got to meet the partners he’d never met before. I told them about Thad joining the team and handling all our admin duties. Tony was relieved to hear we found someone, relieving him of some of the burden. Francis stopped by to tell me all was a go for the entertainment tonight for the Eric’s party. I thanked him for setting all that up. He took me aside to whisper something in my ear.

    “Just wanted you to know so you don’t freak out tonight. If we have a private closed party and you don’t sell any drinks during that time or have anyone pay anything at all, which is the case here, you can actually strip all the way. Nudity is not a problem. It’s going to be a really good show tonight, Josh. I mean, this is going to be fun,” he told me smiling from ear to ear.

    “Just don’t get me arrested and have us lose our liquor license,” I warned him.

    “I checked it out with Greer who called me to say Sven would be here for the party to perform with me and the two ladies. Greer told me for a private party, no alcohol sold and no one contesting nudity, we could even fuck on stage if we wanted to,” Francis explained.

    “Greer told you that?” I asked surprised.

    “Hell yes he did. I went straight to the lawyer to find that one out. I wasn’t taking any chances,” Francis replied. I just shook my head in disbelief. Now I had to wonder what Francis and Sven had cooked up. “Oh, and I meant to tell you, Erin, Allen and OBB are back in the dressing room if you need them.” That sparked my curiosity as to what they were up to.

    I told Thad I’d show him the dressing room, thinking it was safe as no one but my two urchins and Erin were back there at the moment. I walked in to see a production line of something that blew my mind. The three of them had a helium tank and were blowing up condoms with helium. Anyone that had ever blown up a condom knows how large they get. They were inserting tiny instruction sheets in each condom before inflating them with helium.

    “Hey guys. This is for the party tonight,” Allen said excitedly. “This is some of the audience participation stuff we’re using.”

    “What the hell are you guys planning now?” I had to ask. Allen informed me that there were instructions that each person would get when they popped a condom and the little tags or sheets fell out. They had all kinds of tasks. Some of them were sexual and some of them were just stupid things such as pinch an ass or something like that. I warned him we had straight guys, including the guest of honor, at the party tonight. He told me that was not a problem as these instructions were for gay or straight. The straight guys could perform them on the two ladies and the gay guys could perform them on the two guys. All was good. I couldn’t imagine what instructions they put in all those inflated condoms. I reminded him that if he filled up many more there would be no room in the dressing room left. He told me Francis was going to help with those and they were going to put many of them on the stage.

    “Hey, we put some doozies in these for tonight after Francis told us there could be nudity and almost anything goes,” Allen said so excited he could hardly stand it.

    “Just remember we have some sane individuals here tonight, and we can’t let things get too far out of hand. Be civil,” I warned. Allen just grinned from ear to ear which scared me somewhat.

    “Just in case you need an agenda for tonight, the plan is for us to have a get together, get acquainted hour, for the first hour with booze and food. The second hour is when the fun begins. The third hour is every man for himself and anything goes,” Allen said getting excited again. I frowned. “Don’t worry. I’m embellishing a little, maybe.” Good grief. What did he get us into?

    Thad wondered if maybe he should go to a movie. I told him he had to help with everything. I explained to him that we needed to work on the books tomorrow during the day and get him acquainted with the software system. Tony and Ollie, and even Parker, if he had time, could assist him with the training. Then I told him I wanted him to tend bar and help with the entertainment while Jake and I were at the rehearsal dinner for Eric. I told him Allen and OBB would be here to help also. Thad asked me if he was safe with Allen and OBB.

    “Listen, if something goes wrong and your ass is impaled by one of those two, first of all it won’t hurt because their members are smaller than ours and second, you may find out the easy way you actually like it. I don’t see a problem at all,” I told him truthfully.

    “Oh, shit. That means there could be,” Thad said concerned. I pinched his ass.

    “Oh, and get used to having your ass pinched, and your nipples touched also, maybe even kissed. Customers get a little frisky at times, but it’s all in good fun. Oh, and when you work behind the bar, you need your shirt off and flirt with the customers. You get great tips when you do that. You could even kiss them – not with tongue though, just lips. The more you flirt with them, the more money they spend with us and tip you also. I’ll even let you keep your own tips. We usually split them, but for you, being a virgin and all, we’ll let you keep your tips. And, if you feel the urge to dance in a thong on stage, you hot devil you, you could make a small fortune with tips, but you might get your junk handled by strangers a little, which you have to control. But remember, the more you’re comfortable with a little feel, the more money they stuff in your thong. Francis can train you on that,” I advised him.

    “I think I like the bar idea the best considering my options,” Thad said wide eyed. “At least there is a wooden bar between me and them,” he added. I laughed.

    We decided to get a snack to eat before we got busy at the bar. We didn’t want to eat too much as we had plenty of food for the party later on. I was surprised at the amount of after work crowd that showed up. Everyone voiced their displeasure to me we were closing at 9:00 for a private party. Some even suggested we let them come to the party and they wouldn’t complain about us being closed. I told him that was not an option tonight as we were letting straight guys in tonight only. Some of them said they loved a good straight guy to mix things up a little. I assured them these were not the kind to mix things up with. They weren’t the curious married guys that were out to have some anonymous sexual fun with another male. These were straight friends of mine and one was getting married in a couple of days. I was told those were the best kind, because they wanted to be naughty before they had to be good for the rest of their lives. Go figure. All us gay guys had a way of rationalizing almost anything it seemed.

    A snack and a beer over, Jake and I told Parker to go relax and check on the party preparations. Thad, Jake and I were going to man the bar for a while. Somewhat surprised, Parker actually liked that idea. Jake and I had become familiar enough with most all the drinks our patrons ordered so we were confident we could handle the bar by ourselves and Thursday nights were not large nights since we never had entertainment on Thursday nights. Parker warned us many of our regulars still came in for drinks and fun. We got cheers as the three of us showed up shirtless for our bartending chores. Everyone asked us if we were going to show up every Thursday now. We told them it was a secret and to keep coming in on Thursdays to check to see if we were here. The tip jar started to fill up to the surprise of Thad. Jake and I bumped into each other behind the bar and got hollered at by the bar customers. I kissed him passionately in front of all of them and dollars flew our way. Then they asked if I loved the newbie they had never seen before, but was super hot. I grabbed Thad and kissed him in front of the gang and more dollars were thrown at us. I had to empty the tip jar as it was full. Thad was starting to get the hang of it. Whenever things would get a little slow, I would grab Jake and put his arm up in the air and lick his armpit generating more dollars coming at us. Then I embraced Thad and licked one of his nipples, running my tongue over the tip of one of his nipples from the side so all the crowd could see. Thad seemed to react the way any guy did having his nipples teased. I had to be careful I didn’t over stimulate him. He was a little awkward but played along. The three of us dry humped each other another time, to the cheers and applause of the bar crowd. Thad couldn’t get over how all this semi-lewd entertaining was generating so much cash. We all laughed and just had a good time.

    “Hey, the newbie is a hottie, Josh,” One of the patrons yelled out. “Show him how you want to fuck him,” another shouted. I embraced Thad once again and ground my junk through my shorts into his junk as I ran my hands down inside his shorts and underwear feeling his bare buns as I kissed him passionately. Thad played along, getting accustomed to this form of entertaining and the profitable results. The crowd went wild. “You too, Jake. Get a little of that. Don’t let Josh have all the fun,” Someone else yelled. Jake did the same thing to Thad. Thad actually kissed one of Jake’s nipples on his pronounced pecs. “Look, they all have boners,” someone else yelled. I couldn’t believe it, but our shorts were holding back some engorged and excited penises, showing off our excitement to the world, seen through our shorts. I was pleasantly surprised we had excited our straight friend Thad that much. To the rest of the crowd he was as gay as our entire staff, but Jake and I knew the difference. Thad blushed, but didn’t try to hide anything, just followed Jake’s and my lead with the entertainment. Dollars came flooding in. “You guys put on a better show than your dancers, Josh. We need more of you guys showing off your horny bodies behind the bar. I’m gong to need a fan it’s so hot in here,” someone shouted. We all smiled and kept drawing beers and sending them down the bar. We finally got a little break in the action. Trevor was sometimes watching us do our thing, as Seth was trying to talk him into sex with him later in the evening. Even Lance put in a bid for Trevor’s cock later. I just rolled my eyes at them. Erin was still busy helping OBB and Allen in the dressing room. Soon, 8:00 rolled around. Greer showed up with Sven who got cheers from the bar crowd as if they were about to catch a Sven strip on a Thursday night of all nights. Sven had a lot of fans gather around him and try to sweet talk him. He finally made his way to the dressing room to avoid the crowd he was collecting. Guys were pouring in all around.

    I caught Parker walking by. “You posted the fact the bar was closed at 9:00. I saw the big posting on the door. Where did all these people come from? I never heard that we were this busy on a Thursday night. What gives?” I asked him.

    “Word spread like crazy you and the gang were in town and you had some hot newbie with you putting on a show behind the bar, and to come in and check him out. It’s all over social media including pics of the three of you. Boy are they going to be disappointed when we finally throw them out at 9:00. You better get them to drink fast as we only have an hour to go. Keep up the entertainment though. They like this just as much as they do our dancers. Maybe more,” Parker said patting me on the back.

    “You hear anything from Ashton? He hasn’t shown up yet,” I mentioned to Parker.

    “He’s over there, Josh. Andy just got here also. I think they’re going upstairs to talk, which they desperately need to do. “I can’t say much to my brother, seeing as I kind of have the same problem as him, which is no secret. But, I told him he was a real shithead if he messed up with Andy and the rest of you guys. This is the best thing going out here for all of us. He just needs to settle down and enjoy the wonderful life he’s been given. Fuck throwing away all the love he has from all of you for a big dick, especially that high school friend of his, Chuck. He was an asshole when the two were friends back in school. Ash was always trying to get him to fuck him then and Chuck would tell him his cock was for pussy only. Guess somewhere along the line, Ash got his wish. That wasn’t a good thing. All the guy wants is to get off, and he doesn’t care with whom or how. Ash has a loving boyfriend in Andy, and all you guys to support and care for him also. He gets enough dick. There’s no reason to fuck around outside your group and fuck everything off he has with you guys. But then, he’s young and stupid. I keep telling him not to make the same mistakes I made, but he just doesn’t listen to me anymore. Go figure. He used to give me shit for fucking around and now he does the same thing. I know you’ve talked to him, but I don’t think he heard you, unfortunately. Let’s see if Andy can talk any sense into him,” Parker said giving me a rundown on what he told Ashton. I patted Parker on his ass and got back to work. Trevor jumped in to help us out also, taking his shirt off to the cheers and hollers of the increasingly growing crowd. Trevor and I really put on a show. Trevor was really into it, maybe a little too much as he flashed his pubes and then hairy asscheeks to the crowd. I thought a riot was going to result from his flirtatious performance. Thad was shocked. I told Trevor to tame it down as he wasn’t on stage in the wet underwear contest tonight. We didn’t need to get all these guys too horned up and them shove them out the door. We needed to taper off and let them down slowly.

    At 8:30 Parker stood on the bar and announced the bar was absolutely closing in one half-hour and to get their drinks now as we were gong to stop serving in 15 minutes. He got booed terribly and even had things thrown at him. He mooned the crowd who responded with dollars. We all couldn’t get over what a crazy night this had become. I had always pictured it as sleepy tonight and we would herd the few drunks we had out the door at 9:00. I was getting considerably worried we would almost have a riot on our hands. I told Jake, Trevor and Thad to put their CNB t-shirts on and to tame it down considerably so we didn’t have a riot on our hands at 9:00. I went to talk to Greer who hugged me and quickly kissed me.

    “Did you really tell Francis there could be nudity with a closed party?” I asked him concerned.

    “Absolutely. Not that it will happen, but if it accidently does, it’s no big deal at a closed party with no sales of alcohol, Josh. Why, what do they have planned?” Greer asked curiously.

    “Beats the hell out of me, but I reminded Francis that we had straight guys here also along with the president of our frat. I told him not to get too wild. I don’t know how prudish Eric’s friends are either. I just didn’t want to embarrass Eric on his special night,” I told Greer above the roar of the crowd.

    “Is it always this busy on a Thursday night?” Greer asked looking around and noticing it was hard to hear each other as the bar was so crowded.

    “No. Parker said social media was going crazy earlier because of Thad and Trevor being here shirtless. New meat, I guess. If they only knew Thad was straight. He’s been a good sport with all of this,” I told Greer.

    “Don’t kid yourself, Josh. They love seeing you and Jake when you’re here. You guys have quite a following you know. They consider you guys the personality of the CNB. You’d be surprised how much business picks up when you’re in town. I follow you on Facebook and get updates when you and the guys show up. It’s like you have professional spotters out there playing Paul Revere when you guys come to town. ‘Josh is coming’ is the cry to the gay community out there. ‘Meet at the CNB’. They just have a ball here. This is their place and you guys are their friends and entertainment. Nice to be a celebrity. I’m sure you can do the same thing at #2, as you call it,” Greer said smiling. I quick kissed him again.

    “Gotta run. Eric and his straight friends, plus Kevin just showed up. I guess I better welcome our distinguished guest,” I told Greer and patted him on the back. Greer swatted my ass as I departed. I turned around and grinned at him.

    I gave Kevin and Eric a hug, then Eric introduced me to three of his friends. Two were pretty hot looking and were being eye fucked by the rest of the crowd. One was a little stocky, but even he was being checked out by some of the more stocky members of the crowd.

    “Big crowd tonight,” Eric commented to me and his friends.

    “Yeh, well, we found out that when we show up it gets blasted out on social media we’re here and for everyone to meet at the CNB for our little show behind the bar. Eric looked at Thad, Trevor and Jake back there, not seeing anything unusual except we were making drinks and drawing beer.

    “We tamed it down a little. I have to get all these people out of here in 15 minutes and I didn’t want a riot on our hands,” I explained. Eric just grinned.

    “Is this the way it’s going to be at #2?” Eric asked. I told him I sincerely hoped so. I got the guys a table and told Seth to get them beers. Then I saw Taylor walk through the door. I had to go hug him. Jake came and hugged him also. Taylor was excited to see the place and how crowded it was.

    “You invited this many people to the bachelor party? You must be spending a fortune on drinks and food. Man, when you do something you go all out. I never knew Eric had this many friends,” Taylor commented looking around.

    “Believe me, in a few minutes this crowd is going to disappear. The bewitching hour is upon us for the general public. I’m not sure what all is going to happen tonight as I left the entertainment up to my previous roommate and one of our staff members here to put together. I hope we don’t gross anyone out tonight,” I told him. Taylor assured me if there was food and booze, he was sure everyone would have a good time. I responded by telling him one could only hope. At 8:50 Parker announced the bar was absolutely closed in ten minutes. Once again, he was booed terribly. We had a few pads of free drink tickets in the office and I went and grabbed some. I told Parker to tell everyone that left by 9;00 they would get a free drink ticket to use anytime, but they had to be out the door by 9:00 in order to get one. Parker and Trevor went outside to hand out the tickets, making sure everyone was out the door before they got one. There was a mass exodus as the crowd scrambled to get the free drink tickets. It was a little costly, but it worked. I was sure it was insurance against mob action and possible riot if we had to shove them out the door. Once everyone was finally out, which was a few minutes after 9, we gave out the last ticket and locked the doors.

    Thad came up to me and grabbed me as I was locking the door. “I just got back from the restroom where a giant dick came in my hands as I went to wash them. Really, Josh. You guys think of everything. That dick was extremely realistic. I wasn’t sure I wanted to touch it, but I saw a couple of other guys using it also, and thought, what the hell, if I want soap, I guess I have to pump the dick,” he said and started to laugh. I swatted him on his ass.

    With the bar crowd gone, peace restored and only invited guests and staff finally present, we all introduced ourselves. Allen, Erin and OBB joined us also. Seth had food out on a makeshift buffet table and he, Parker and Lance were tending bar. I announced that we had an open bar, everything was on the house, but to drink responsibly, as we had a great friend to honor and we wanted his wedding to be perfect and without incident. I got some laughs for that one. Everyone mingled and seemed to get along well together. There wasn’t any gay/straight conversation to amount to anything. There didn’t seem to be any awkward moments or times so far. We were all standing around in conversation.

    Kevin caught me as I went to check on something. “Any chance of getting fucked tonight, Josh? I mean it’s been a dry spell for me for the last couple of weeks. I almost impaled myself on one of your penis pumps in the bathroom, I’m so needy,” he proclaimed. I shook my head.

    “Don’t know, Kev. You’ll have to find someone that has the same desires as you. There’s always Allen and OBB. They have a suite at the hotel where they usually have orgies the nights we’re over here working. You could try that DP stuff with them if you get desperate,” I told him. He got a big grin on his face. I made a note to warn Allen and OBB, but they liked Kevin and his big dick, and seemed to really enjoy their cocks pressed together up his hot asshole.

    I was impressed the way everyone was talking to each other and interacting. They were pacing themselves with the booze and beer. Thad was talking to some of Eric’s straight friends. Kevin was yuking it up with Allen, OBB and Trevor. He was really chumming up to Trevor for some reason, presumably to get his butt fucked later. Erin was hanging in there with some of Eric’s friends also, holding his own. I saw Eric grab Thad and talk to him for a few minutes. I assumed they were forming their straight alliance, plotting out how to deal with us gay guys. Eric was laughing at one point. Hard to tell what Thad was sharing with him. I was making sure more finger food was being brought out when Thad came running up to me.

    “You guys did suck Eric’s cock,” he said surprised.

    “I told you he loved our attention in that department,” I re-emphasized.

    “I can’t believe he let you do that. He said you guys gave the best blow jobs in the whole world. He told me he wouldn’t even let his fiancé suck him off because she couldn’t compete with you guys. Not only that, but he said that was what got him through the week until he got to fuck his fiancé on the weekends. He told me if I didn’t get my dick sucked by you guys I was missing out on something fantastic. He’s not pulling my dick is he, just to help you get my cock in your mouth?” Thad asked somewhat bewildered.

    “Nope. We took care of the boy. He loved it and we loved him. We were all close and that was one act we could do with him that he really loved,” I told Thad, who was really thinking it over. “Only when and if you want to, buddy. No pressure, but I swear you’ll cum hard. You already did one time, but that was just a preview of a good blow job. Only a guy knows what a guy needs in that department. Women don’t know how to really make love to a cock because they don’t have one. It takes a guy to really appreciate the finer art of making love to a cock and his partner cum hard. Hell, if you close your eyes, you’d never know if it was a guy sucking your dick or a woman, except a guy does it much better. Getting your dick sucked by a guy does not make you gay, Thad. I think that’s what Eric was trying to tell you,” I explained. Thad looked lost in thought, presumably thinking it over. “Hey, you did great behind the bar, Thad. Was it weird or did you have fun like Jake and I always do?” I asked. Thad smiled.

    “That was some of the craziest shit I’ve ever done in my life, Josh. It was fun. The guys bought it. I guess my straightness didn’t give me away so far. You and Jake are really crazy, but everyone had a great time together. This is going to be fun. I’m really looking forward to it. Even all the customers were great. I did get my ass gently pinched a couple of times and even got propositioned a few times, but no one was out of line. I just told the guys that said they’d love to fuck me to get on a long list. That made them laugh and let them down easy. It was so much fun. I can tell why all you guys like this so much. Just think we’ll be around it all the time back home. We still have to get over here sometime as we can’t allow business to slip in this place. I’m excited, Josh,” he said and quick hugged me. I patted his ass and told him to have fun, then took off for the kitchen. I really wanted to know what was going on with Andy and Ashton, but didn’t want to interrupt them in their intense conversation upstairs.

    At 10:00 Francis made an announcement to get drinks and have a seat on bar stools he set up in a semi-circle in front of the stage. He said the entertainment was about to begin. Everyone scurried to have a seat. Eric was directly in the middle of the semi-circle as the guest of honor. With everyone seated, Allen showed up on stage and announced we would have a mock wedding, our depiction of what could possibly come on this nuptial weekend. The gang all laughed. Francis emerged on stage dressed in a mock tuxedo with a nametag that said Eric. Shortly thereafter, I assumed it to be one of the stripers, although I had not seen the ladies Francis hired. She emerged in a mock wedding gown. The two of them danced a rather awkward waltz, but tripping over each other made it rather humorous. Then, Sven emerged with a tuxedo also with a nametag of Josh, presumably playing the best man. He had another lady in a bridesmaid’s dress at his side and joined Francis and his bride in the waltz. There was more applause. Then the music got a little faster and clothing seemed to fly off from time to time until. little by little garments came off and flew to the side of the stage. We were finally down to bras and panties for the ladies and boxers for the men, although they still had bowties around their necks. There were some oos and ahs from our guests at this point. All eyes were glued on our actors. Some of it was actually beautiful and sensuous. The guys seemed to be worshiping the women, but would caress each other from time to time as a show of their friendship and caring. I was somewhat in awe over whoever worked this out. It got to me. It showed two loving friends caring for each other, but tending to the needs of the women.

    The music got a little faster, depicting time was moving faster. Bras, panties and boxers came off. The men and women were down to thongs at this point, the women bare breasted. Sven and Francis danced together shortly, caressing each other’s junk, by running their fingers across their thongs. The women danced together, depicting their friendship, gently kissing and caressing each other’s breasts. One girl had large breasts and the other smaller, more natural breasts. I looked over to see how Thad was taking this all in. He was sitting beside me at the time with Jake on the other side of me. Eric’s straight friends were glued to the women fondling each other and Kevin and all of us were glued to the guys. The guys left each other as if to part and rejoin their women, man leaving his dearest friend and joining his woman. The men made over their women, caressing them all over and rubbing their junk up against their partners’ pussy, caressing their breasts and squeezing their buttocks. The women bent down and pulled off Francis and Sven’s thongs releasing their semi-hard cocks. The group really oo’ed then. The guys bent down and pulled off the women’s thongs revealing their neatly trimmed snatches. I could tell there were a lot of boners in our group when that happened. Jake and I looked at Thad, who was hard once more, but at this point it was hard to determine if the females or males made him hard. Francis and Sven were extremely hot enough to make all us gay guys hard, and the women were attractive enough to make the straight guys hard. One way or the other, all of us watching were hard.

    Sven and Francis gyrated their junk against their female partner’s vaginas. Nipples were erect and being sucked on. Francis’ cock was hard. Sven had a semi-boner going for him. Needless to say, both the guys were hot looking and they ran their cocks between the legs of their female partners. One of the ladies, a big voluptuous blonde had obnoxiously large tits, while the other brunette was more natural, with smaller breasts and more normal features. Both had nicely trimmed pubic hair over their vaginas. Thad was actually rubbing his cock through his shorts at this point. I was thinking he never really got a good look at a really live naked girl. The one shot he did get was rather quick and I wasn’t sure if he even got her panties off.

    The couples simulated sex on stage, although it was pretty damned close to the real thing. At one point the couples separated and the men got back together, gently stroking each other’s cocks, then separating again and joining their women. I assumed they were depicting that there was still some male bonding with close friends after marriage. That we could only hope for. Everyone was still intensely glued to the entertainment. Finally, the foursome simulated climax with everyone faking an orgasm to the climax of the music. Then the foursome joined hands and bowed to all of us. We all gave them a standing ovation, and cheered and hollered.

    More music started and the foursome came off stage and stood in front of Eric. The women gave him a lap dance while Francis and Sven watched. These two ladies, not much older than we were, caressed and kissed Erin all over, taking off his shirt and licking his nipples. One of them pulled his shorts down and freed his hard cock. Eric was trying to keep them from it, but they were too much for him. They caressed his cock as Sven and Francis moved down the line simulating lap dances for the gay guys in attendance. Eric got his balls fondled and his cock stroked, but not sucked at this point. They were doing a number on him, teasing him to no end, then moved over to his straight friends and entertained them, getting their shirts and cocks out also. I was holding my breath we didn’t confuse any gender preference, but they seemed to get it right until Francis got hold of Thad and Sven descended, wiping my face with his big cock and balls. I gave him some tongue on the backside of his balls as they wiped across my face. Thad got the same treatment from Francis, although he didn’t complain. I couldn’t stop Francis fast enough. I finally got his attention, telling Francis Thad was straight. Francis hugged him and moved on to Jake. Thad just shook his head. I motioned for the brunette to entertain Thad. She did, taking his shirt off and getting his hard cock out. She gently rubbed her tits over his face and put his cock between her tits, jacking his cock somewhat with her breasts. Thad seemed to like it. Then she kissed him and as gone. They finally finished their lap dances. Everyone was horned up at this point. We finally got our cocks back in our shorts as the naked actors disappeared.

    Allen got up and announced an intermission and to grab another drink. Seth and Lance were tending bar. Greer found me and asked me what I thought about the show so far. I told him I couldn’t believe what they put together. He said Sven and Francis had worked on this for a couple of weeks. I told him they did a fantastic job. Greer thought so also.

    “If you have some time tomorrow before you have to go to the rehearsal dinner tomorrow night, Stoney would like to meet with Jake, you and me. He suggested lunch at the ranch if you wouldn’t mind coming out there,” Greer said inviting us to lunch with the big guy.

    “I think we could accommodate that. How’s your sex life these days?” I asked Greer.

    “Getting better actually. Whatever was bothering him seems to be better now. He’s still a little awkward in some of the things we do, but we’re 50% back to where we were. Hell, you know I don’t care about what we do, it’s that we’re together. I love for him to know I’m beside him and with him, Josh. I like sleeping with my man as much as you like sleeping with Jake,” Greer assured me. I knew what he was saying. “Wait until you see this next segment the boys cooked up for the party. I’m not going to spoil it, but Allen and OBB had their hand in this one,” Greer informed me.

    “Should I be concerned?” I had to ask him. Greer shook his head and then smiled. That concerned me.

    Francis came up to me wearing some tight trunk underwear showing off everything he had. He hugged me and whispered in my ear, “The girls are willing to fuck any of your guests that want serviced. They’ll do 15 or 30 minute individual sessions or a longer group session after we’re done down here. Just so you know. I let Eric know. I have them setup upstairs, one in the bedroom and one in the living room. Don’t worry, I’ll clean up everything before you guys go to bed up there tonight. I’ll let Eric know in case some of his friends want to get their dipsticks wet tonight,” Francis concluded. I grabbed him.

    “There is something I want you to do,” I told him. I want a session for Thad with the brunette. This would be a good education for him and help him out in that area,” I explained. “I’ll tell him the girl has the hots for him after the lap dance she gave him. He’ll go for it, I’m sure.”

    “Wow, you really do take care of your friends, gay or straight. You need me to show him anything?” Francis asked curiously.

    “If he needs to know anything gay, I can take care of that part, Francis. I wouldn’t ask you to do that,” I replied. Francis kissed me gently on the lips and took off.

    I saw Andy join the group finally. He looked like he had been crying. He came running over to me and hugged me tightly. “Are you okay?” I asked him. He held me tightly, his head up against mine.

    “He’s gone, Josh. Ash is gone,” was all Andy could get out of his mouth at the moment.

    “Gone gone or gone for tonight?” I asked.

    “Long gone, at least I think so, for a while anyway. We broke up. We gave each other freedom to do whatever. I thought if he could do what he wanted and fuck who he wanted, maybe it would help him realize I wasn’t such a bad thing after all. Truth of the matter is I’m tired of trying to make him be someone he may never be, a loyal loving companion. Ash likes cock too much. He has a heart, Josh. Don’t get me wrong, but a big dick outweighs his heart right now. Who knows, maybe in six months, a year, whenever, he might come back. I’m going to move on with my life. Hey, I might need some attention sometime if you and Jake care spare some,” Andy said looking up at me and smiling.

    “You know you have that anytime you want it, Andy. We all love you and that will never change. Frankly, I’m glad Ash is gone. This last few days with him and that Chuck guy were not enjoyable. Chuck’s an asshole. It’ll be interesting to see what he does without his Chuck dick this fall when he comes back to school,” I told Andy.

    “Josh, he was screwing a couple of guys in the art department anyway. There’s plenty of dick around for Ashton. Trust me. He doesn’t have trouble finding cock. That’s for sure, and that was his problem. Oh, we did make love one more time before he left. I came in his ass and told him to carry me around with him for awhile at least. He said he would. I wanted him to remember what passionate sex felt like instead of a plain big dick fucking,” Andy said making me chuckle somewhat. “Anyway, good riddens. Oh, he said he’d do whatever you wanted him to do about his share in our company. I’ll leave that up to you,” Andy finished. Erin came over to us and hugged Andy knowing what all was going on with him and Ashton.

    “Hey, Trevor lost Drew, so maybe the two of you can keep each other company,” I suggested. Andy smiled thinking about it.

    The lights dimmed again signaling the start of another segment. Allen was onstage. I grabbed Erin and went to find Jake and Thad. We set down once again waiting for our assumed master of ceremonies to begin the next segment. We noticed that Sven, Francis, the blonde and brunette models joined us naked once again.

    “Gentlemen, and I use the term loosely, because I saw some of those hard dicks during our last segment. You guys have to do better than that,” Allen said smiling getting some laughs. “Don’t worry, you’re going to get another chance at it. Everyone take off your shorts and shirts and get down to your underwear. We are releasing some condom balloons. These condoms will be floating over our heads. Now we have a long stick with a sharp nail on the end of it. Each person will be able to punch a condom and break it. This is your one and only situation where you hope your rubber breaks,” Allen said getting a big laugh. “Inside is a note of something you must do. Now, you do have options in case it suggests you do something with someone you might not want to. But remember, this is all in fun and whatever happens here tonight stays here, but it’s etched in our everlasting memories for the rest of our lives, so make your choices wisely,” Allen finished with.

    Lots of condoms came floating out from backstage. Eric was given the stick first and popped his first condom. He said if he’d have just used one of those when he should have, we wouldn’t be having this party tonight. We all laughed. A note floated down from the busted condom. It said, ‘Kiss the nipple of a close friend or a model, model being the option and since there were male and female models, it made it easier on whoever had to do whatever to whomever. Eric got up and came over to me and sucked gently on my nipple to the applause of the whole group. One of the three of Eric’s straight friends got the next note. It said to kiss the tip of the dick or clit of whoever he wanted. He got up and kissed the clit of the voluptuous blonde to a great applause. The next straight friend got a note telling him to kiss an ass cheek of anyone he wanted. He made Eric slide his underwear down to kiss Eric’s ass. The next straight friend was given the option of having his dick caressed by anyone. He had the blonde stroke his hard dick. That made it even harder. Taylor got the stick next. His note was to wag his cock in front of the group. To our surprise, he did, and what a nice cock it was also. It got down to Thad. His note said to kiss someone on the lips. He turned to me and kissed me on the lips, surprising us all. I thought he would have gone for the naked brunette with the natural tits, but he kissed me instead. The condom I popped said he had to get my balls caressed by someone. I had Jake do that for me. Everyone kind of went ‘Ahhh’. Jake got one that said someone had to sit naked on his lap with him naked and kiss. Jake dropped his briefds and pulled mine down and made me sit naked on his lap and kiss him. Again, we got a number of ‘Ahhhhss’. This went on for a good half hour. Allen got an instruction note that said he could get his face slapped by a dick or get his nose rubbed with a clit. He got Sven to slap his face with his big dick. I swear that big dick got some Allen tongue as it swiped Allen’s face. The second or third round – Allen blew up a ton of condoms – Trevor got a note that said he had to moon the crowd and spread his ass cheeks to expose his hole. One of Eric’s straight friends got one also and was more than happy to shoot his hairy hole at the rest of us. He was hot too. At least they were being good sports, I had to think. Taylor, on his third or fourth round had to hug someone naked. I was sure he was going for the brunette. Instead, he got up and came down to Jake, dropped his briefs and hugged Jake tightly. I about shit watching his beautiful cock press up against Jake. Then he quickly kissed Jake, bent over and kissed me, then pulled up his briefs and sat back down. Only once did he kiss a female’s nipple. I wasn’t sure what that was all about, but I liked it. The finale came with the two women stripping Eric of his underwear and rubbing their tits and cunts all over his body. He was hard as a rock, but never got to cum. Even his buddies were having a hard time keeping their juices from erupting, sporting wet spots on their undies, their hard cocks straining to be released, as they watched the intense titillation for their soon to be married friend. I was pretty sure Eric was out of breath as the two women kissed him then left him, naked, hard and wet.

    Allen asked me to say a few parting words, the entertainment portion of the party essentially over. “To one of the best friends a gay or straight guy could ever have. Here’s to Eric who will be joining us as our manager of a bar, just like the one here tonight at the University. We love him and will always be his intimate friend, however he needs that relationship to be,” I said getting cheers all around. “Francis, once he gets his big dick back in his underwear, is going to invite a few of you for some frivolities upstairs should you care to join in. In the meantime, the bar is open and there is still plenty of food. We don’t want anyone getting hurt or in trouble on your way home tonight. We look forward to seeing everyone at the wedding on Saturday. Remember, we just had food, drinks and a lot of laughs tonight. Nothing else happened. Right?” The group cheered and held their glasses high.

    I saw Francis talking to Eric’s straight friends about taking on one of the girls. They got all excited. Francis looked over at me and winked. Francis told them to give him about 15 minutes to get set up and then he’d escort them upstairs for some fun.

    Eric, came up to me in his briefs, and thanked me for a fantastic bachelor party he said he’d never forget for the rest of his life. “You got any place I can freshen up a little, Josh? I have pussy juice all over me from the treatment those two sweethearts gave me,” he said holding the rest of his clothes in his hands. I laughed then walked him back to the dressing room. Allen, OBB and Thad were putting stuff away, including one condom popper Allen made.

    “There’s a shower behind that partition. Here’s a towel, Eric. Need anything else?” I asked him as I directed him to the shower in the dressing room.

    “Yeh, as horny as I am right now, I could sure use an Allen and OBB blowjob if they wouldn’t mind,” Eric said looking at OBB and Allen. They got a big smile on their faces.

    “Come on, Eric, OBB and I’ll wash that female snatch juice off that hot body of yours and make you enjoy it,” Allen said walking back behind the partition with him. Thad just shook his head.

    “It’s the best, Thad. I’m telling you. You’re missing out on something wonderful,” Eric said looking over his shoulder as he dropped his briefs, exposing his large hardon to the delight of OBB and Allen.

    “Just like old times,” Allen said giggling. Thad looked at me and half smiled, half not sure he really heard and saw what he did. I grabbed Thad.

    “Thad, that hot brunette girl told me she thought you were cute and kind of hot and wondered if there was a chance the two of you could get together after the party. I told her I’d ask you. What about it?” I asked him winking. Thad almost stuttered.

    “What kind of get together? Just talk and a drink?” he asked interested.

    “Thad, she wants you to fuck her. Go ahead and find out what it’s all about. She’s cute and just a little older than we are. Go get your dick wet in some pussy juice and find out you really can breed a woman. Go on. She’s anxious to do it so you don’t have to romance her any or date her for weeks. Just go have some fun and get off,” I suggested.

    “Doesn’t she charge for something like that?” he asked. “I can’t afford sex like that.”

    “Not for you, buddy. She thinks you’re hot so go show her you are. Drive that hard cock of yours up that snatch and make her call you Daddy. Go for it, Thad. We’ll be down here. Wear a condom though. Francis will get you taken care of. The other guys are going to party with the blonde. Go, buddy. Suck those nice titties and be a man,” I said encouragingly. Thad smiled and then went out to the bar to join the others.

    I peeked back behind the partition hearing the shower running. OBB was naked and on his knees sucking the hell out of Eric’s cock. Allen was rimming his ass. Eric was literally shaking with delight, his hands bracing him up against the side of the shower stall trying to steady himself. “Fuck you guys are so fucking good at this shit,” Eric said stunned by the attention he was getting. “I should have gone gay. My life would be totally different today from what it’s about to become.”

    “Hey, give me a parting suck guys,” I said as I stood outside the shower stall and they pointed Eric’s cock at me. “One more time, for old times sake,” I said sucking Eric’s engorged cock for what I expected to be the last time. I swear he had tears in his eyes. Erick kissed me tenderly and passionately when I got to my feet, getting me half wet when he did. “Love you, buddy,” I told him. He told me he loved me more than I would ever know, and thanked me for all that I had done for him. “Okay, for that, get him off twice, guys,” I told Allen and OBB. They went to town on him. I heard him yell out at one point as I was leaving the dressing room.

    Francis found me when I got back to the bar. “You fall in a lake somewhere? You’re all wet,” he said noticing the front of me was wet where Eric hugged me from the shower.

    “Minor problem, but it’s all good,” I told him.

    “I took care of your buddy. He’s nervous as hell, Josh. This his first time or what?” Francis asked.

    “Yep, he’s a virgin. Should be an interesting trip he’s about to go on. Hope he likes it,” I commented.

    “What’s not to like. That brunette is hot. I wouldn’t mind a shot at that myself,” Francis said.

    “I think she got you pretty aroused during your little performance tonight. That cock of yours was hard as a rock. There were several of us that wanted a piece of you, big guy,” I told him making him smile.

    “Anytime, Josh. I told you before, my cock and ass are yours anytime you want it, buddy. As much as you’ve done for me, that’s the least I can do for you,” he said and gave me a quick hug.

    “Not necessary, Francis. You have no debts with me. We’re all good,” I assured him. Kevin came up and hugged me telling me how great the party was, and how relieved he was that there was something for everyone here tonight. He thanked Francis also and told him how hot he was. Francis was still standing there in his briefs. Kevin copped a feel of his big dick and balls. Francis smiled and opened up his briefs to let Kevin see the hot goods. I swear Kevin almost melted.

    “Hey, you got Eric’s other friends taken care of. Is there anyone to take care of his gay friend?” Kevin asked. “I could sure use a cock like that beautiful one up my sorry ass tonight. It’s been a long dry spell since I’ve been home,” Kevin exclaimed with a gleam in his eye. Francis looked at me. I basically shrugged my shoulders telling him to go for it.

    “Come on Kevin. Let’s go to the dressing room and I’ll teach you how to kiss a table,” Francis said. I think Kevin almost came in his pants as he hurried off with Francis.

    Taylor caught me as he was about to leave. He hugged me again. “Hey, you surprised the hell out of Jake and I tonight. Is there something you might want to tell us you’ve been repressing for some time?” I asked curiously.

    “No, only that I truly love the two of you as a couple of my closest friends. I wanted to do some kind of gesture to show that to you somehow. While it wasn’t really my style, I knew it was yours and, well, I got a little emotional and just did what I did. Don’t take it for something it isn’t, but I truly care about the two of you,” Taylor said. Jake came over and hugged him also. “Thanks for a hot evening, guys. I’ll see you at the rehearsal dinner.” Off he went.

    Sven was dressed and talking to Greer and Erin who were back at the bar again. Jake and I joined them. Sven hugged me. “Sometime we fuk, no?” he said in broken English.

    “Sometime we fuk, yes.” I told him. Sven laughed as did Greer.

    “I hope we don’t lose our liquor license with all the nudity we had tonight,” I exclaimed. Greer smiled.

    “Relax, buddy. No laws were broken here tonight. Just some hot fun had by all. It was a great party, Josh. Francis, Sven, Allen and OBB did a great job planning it all. I’m sure Eric enjoyed it. We heard a faint howl from the dressing room catching our attention.

    “In fact, I think he’s still enjoying it,” I said raising my eyebrows as I looked toward the direction of the dressing room. I knew Kevin and Francis hadn’t gotten started yet as I was sure they ran into Eric and his two minions. We all laughed.

    Greer and Sven took off saying he’d see me tomorrow around noon at the ranch. We all got hugs from both of them before they left. I sent Seth and Lance home thanking them for the service they gave everyone tonight. Seth said he’d really love to have Trevor up his ass, then Lance said he had dibbs on Trevor’s dick.

    “I can’t fuck both of you,” Trevor exclaimed.

    “Why not? We’re game. We’ll take you home and we can switch off,” the two told him. “Seth can host,” Lance said inviting Trevor to Seth’s home. Trevor looked at me for permission. I told him it was up to him. Trevor gave each one of them a hug and a little grope, then told the two of them he might catch them next time, but someone else needed his attention tonight. While disappointed, they told Trevor they looked forward to that next time. He told them they needed to rest up for it, because he was going to fuck them senseless. That encouraged them all the more. I told Trevor he was pretty damned cocky for just having lost his quasi-boyfriend. He told me he was going to have fun from now on out. I told him to knock himself out.

    Andy came up to us after talking to some other guys. I gave him a big hug. Jake hugged him tightly and so did Erin. He seemed relieved somehow that Ashton was out of his life. Even Parker, Ashton’s brother, told Andy he was better off, as his brother would only bring him heartbreak. Andy hugged Parker, which surprised me.

    Eric, all nice and clean, with his balls drained, joined us at the bar. I drew him a beer. “Feel better now?” I asked.

    “Much better. Haven’t felt this good in a long time. I’m afraid your boys got a couple of mouthfuls of some stale cum as long as it’s been since my dick threw up cum,” Eric said being funny. We all patted him on the back. “So this is what it’s like,” he said looking over the bar as if to get ready to manage something like this for us. Parker asked if Eric could spend some time with him tomorrow and he’d go over some of the managerial duties. Eric said he’d be happy to do anything that would get his mind off the wedding stuff. We all laughed.

    I went to the restroom to relieve my bladder. As I walked down the hall by the dressing room and the stairs to the apartment, Thad came barreling down the stairs. He saw me and practically jumped into my arms and hugged me tightly not wanting to let me go. “Hey, how was it, buddy. You got done awfully soon. Everything okay?” I asked getting a little concerned.

    “Josh, that was weird. Just weird. It wasn’t anything like I dreamed about. It was weird and awkward,” he said disappointedly as he kept hugging me.

    “Wanna tell me about it,” I said as I pulled him down to sit on the stairs beside me. He was still holding onto me as we sat.

    “I mean, it was like a sex-ed class of sorts. She was nice and tried to be sexy and all, but I don’t know her and to be totally naked with a stranger I don’t know and be expected to make love to someone like that, it’s just not right,” he said still haunted by the experience.

    “Tell me you got hard this time, Thad. Tell me you at least got hard and got to experience the act,” I begged him.

    “She sucked my cock, Josh. She sucked my cock. That did get me hard, but it wasn’t like when you sucked my cock. I don’t know, it was just weird. Then she put the condom on my dick once I got hard. She had me kiss her tits, which wasn’t bad. I think that was actually the best part. They weren’t all silicone either this time. She had nice firm breasts that felt good to feel. Then she took my hand and made me feel her clitoris to stimulate her, so she said. That was really weird. She said it was the female version of the male penis. Well that was just shit. It wasn’t anything like a male penis, something you can really got a hold of and all. Then she had me lay on top of her and penetrate her vagina. It wasn’t anything like I expected it to be. For one thing the condom was tight, but she wasn’t. I felt like I was fucking air at times. Hell, you get a much better grip on your dick with your hand when you jack off. Then she started moaning and groaning like I was really doing something to her, which was totally fake. It was a major turnoff. I had to concentrate on other things. I couldn’t cum. She acted like she came twice. Can females even cum, Josh?” he asked seriously. “They don’t ejaculate like we do,” he exclaimed.

    “They can climax, Thad. Not sure just how that works, but you can drive them to climax somehow. I never paid too much attention to that as with a guy you get actual evidence. No disputing a guy’s climax. That’s for sure,” I stated. Thad agreed wholeheartedly on that fact. “Did you finally cum?” I asked curiously.

    “We tried fucking more, then she sucked me again and jacked me, but I never came. I was too nervous and embarrassed about the whole thing. It was a nightmare. Hell, I might as well be gay. I’d sure as hell have a lot more fun hanging around with you guys. I know I could get off with you guys. Hell, I did that one night at Todd and Chad’s house when Chuck fucked Todd that one time, and you and I were kind of stroking each other. Shit, that was hot and I came hard,” he said longingly.

    “I can’t believe you didn’t cum, Thad,” I said shaking my head.

    “Don’t tell anyone, Josh. It’s all too embarrassing already. I don’t need any more embarrassment,” he said burying his head on my shoulder. I side hugged him, due to the tightness of us together sitting on the narrow steps.

    “Your secret’s safe with me, but thanks for sharing what happened so I can help to understand you more. I think you need something meaningful between your partner and you, Thad. It’s not that you’re really gay, although, you could have leanings in that direction, but I’m not sold on that idea yet. What you do need, I believe, is some sort of connection between you and your partner. The two women you’ve had for your entire sexual experiences were not what you would call intimate friends. You and strangers are not a good mix for sex. That I’m fairly sure of. Oh well. At least you got a little more experience out of tonight. Anonymous sex just isn’t your thing. We know that now,” I assured him.

    “Am I hopeless?” he asked putting his head on my shoulder.

    “No, you just need to be loved, Thad. All you need is love,” I said running my hand down his back as he laid his head on my shoulder.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    FT, I think I love you!

    Not sure where I am going, but certainly enjoying the ride!

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    I'm sorry for the break-up between Ash and Andy, mostly because Ash didn't followed his heart, but as much as I'm glad the situation between the two is clear I'm now concerned about the Ashton-leaving-or-staying-in-the-partnership and the Drew-Dawson situations.
    While I understand some drama fuels the story to go on, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for everything to work out at its best.

    PS. what a bachelor party to remember

    PPS. can't wait to hear from Tuck

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Great chapter, FT. Loved the bachelor party. Damn, our boys know how to throw a party. Something for everyone it seemed. Allen and OBB had to 'relieve' Eric one more time. Josh even got a last suck in on Eric. Tell me he didn't love that too. Eric is giving up a lot of loving attention he'll surely miss once he's married. Poor Thad can't seem to get it right with the ladies. He may default by accident to the boy's side. He did seem to enjoy bar tending with the guys. Ash and Andy seemed like they were headed for the wall and I guess they finally got there. It's a shame. Hopefully, Andy will find happiness again with all his close friends that will surely take care of his physical needs. Love the way your bent mind works. Who'e have ever come up with a bachelor party for a heterosexual man thrown by his gay friends and have it come out the way it did. Damn, FT, you have an extremely bent imagination that we all so adore. Keep the chapters coming, buddy. We can't get enough. BC

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    I think I'm not the only crazy one here. You guys are reading this stuff after all. Thanks for the great comments, Friend, Thanatos and BC as always. Love you guys too for being there throughout this whole trip. So much more to come. My mind is on overdrive lately. You guys are going to have to settle me down. Anyway, enjoy the next chapter of this crazy adventure. FT

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chapter 204 – Trevor Hits On Andy and Sven Gives a Great Massage

    After getting Thad settled down from his disappointing first experience with intercourse with a girl, I took him back out to the bar, Francis slapped him on the back and congratulated him. Even though Thad was terribly disappointed and embarrassed about his first sexual experience, he played the part of enjoying his experience. Although choosing not to talk about it, he smiled, nonetheless. It wasn’t long until the rest of Eric’s straight macho friends emerged back downstairs full of excitement after emptying their balls in the voluptuous blonde, talking about her big titties and hot cunt, eating her out and getting their dicks sucked, then cumming all over her titties. One of them said she even took him in her ass at the same time his buddy was fucking her pussy. He frowned when his other buddy said it was crazy seeing his two buddies rubbing their balls together as they took on the different orifices. Reminded me of the time Tuck and I did the girl Bambi one of the first weeks at the frat. Eric remembered that also, having watched us that night. I remembered how Eric and I connected that night also, more mentally than physically. Hearing their exciting story, Eric smiled at me. I knew what he was thinking, flashing back a smile letting him know I knew. Francis was yuking it up with the group asking the guys if they left anything for him. They said they thought he was gay, but he told them any port in a storm and he liked women more than men really, but you couldn’t ask for better friends than gay guys. Eric’s friends seemed to agree. Kevin, on the other hand, having had his ass reamed out by Francis, just smiled.

    It was late when we finally said our goodbyes to Eric and friends. They were all staying in town tonight and tomorrow night as the rehearsal dinner was in the City also. The wedding would be in his home town about an hour away. We all got hugs as they made their way out the door. Everyone said it was the best party they had ever been to in their lives. I had to believe no one threw a party quite like the one we threw tonight.

    Erin, Jake, Andy, Trevor, Thad, Allen and OBB helped clean up, along with Francis. Sven and Greer had departed some time ago. We gave Allen and OBB a hug as they left to go to their hotel suite for their after party, although there wasn’t much of a group for that tonight. Francis told him he’d get Derek and Jared to show up as they were always looking for some fun with Allen and OBB. Francis said he’d bring Ralph to party. I figured his night would not be too crazy.

    Erin, Jake, Andy Trevor, Thad and I made our way upstairs to the apartment, tired, but excited the party had been such a success for Eric. We stripped down to our underwear immediately as we arrived in our living room. Francis had assured us everything had been cleaned up and the linens were all fresh. It appeared to be as he described it. We did find one condom full of someone’s cum in the bathroom, misplaced somehow. I used some toilet paper to pick it up and throw it in the trash. There was a lot of cum in that condom, so someone was pretty damned worked up when they came.

    We sat and talked about the party, laughing about some of the more humorous parts. Some of what took placed was pretty damned hot. Francis had done a great job of preparing for it, and Allen and OBB did a great job on the interaction of all the guests.

    Andy’s mind was somewhere else, but he looked interested when spoken to. We asked him if he needed to talk about his situation with Ashton, but he said we all knew the problem and now it was no longer a problem. He said he was ready to move on. Trevor said he was in the same boat, only he knew Andy loved Ashton. In Trevor’s case he liked Drew, his companionship and enjoyed the sex between them, but he admitted he didn’t love him. He said in his case it was probably better to separate now rather than later. Trevor said he was looking forward to all the new guys we would meet when we got the bar open. Andy said there was a new swimmer he thought might make for a great friend with possibilities of more. He reminded me of Aiden, who I assured him we had accepted on the swim team.

    “I have to be co-captain with Dawson of all people this next year,” I reminded them. “I don’t know how that’s going to work. I think I have the ear of Coach as he seems to be a little perturbed with Dawson lately. Which reminds me, he wants to get together to discuss this coming season and who to put where. He wants me to come to his house for a meeting and a ‘swim’ of all things. I can only imagine what other things he has in mind,” I mentioned sarcastically.

    “He’s got a nice body,” Erin mentioned. “It wouldn’t be all bad from that standpoint.”

    “I just don’t want him to get used to me having to take care of his needs. I think we all did rather nicely dodging that bullet this year. Not sure if Dawson had to service that ass or what. He seems to be pretty familiar with how to do it, having had plenty of practice on Drew, and acting so high and mighty straight about it,” I exclaimed. Andy agreed with Erin and me on that one.

    Andy, Trevor and Thad were sitting on the couch in that order. Jake, Erin and I were on the floor with our backs to the two chairs we had in the living room, Jake had his head on one of my shoulders and Erin on the other. “You know you have some sensuous looking nipples, Andy,” Trevor said, looking at Andy’s nipples then touching them with a finger.

    “Why are you interested in my nipples all of a sudden?” Andy asked Trevor.

    “Not sure I ever noticed them before, but they’re hot, and they feel great too. Ashton must have loved to suck on those babies. Probably gave him a boner just to look at them,” Trevor speculated.

    “I don’t think anything gave Ashton a boner except a big dick up his ass. At times he could be somewhat passionate. He was pretty passionate kissing, but most of the physical attention he liked was directed at him. He was not one to give attention, more one that needed attention. I was a sucker and gave him what he needed,” Andy confessed. Thad was taking all this in.

    “How could he not worship you, as hot as you are?” Trevor asked.

    “Okay, now you’re making me hard, Trevor. Don’t tease me like that,” Andy warned.

    “I’m not. I always thought you were hot, and a hell of a decent guy too. Truth be known, I liked Ashton, but I kind of thought he was somewhat arrogant and aloof, like he thought his stuff was hot. Don’t get me wrong, the guy was hot alright, but you were the sweet one and just as hot if not hotter than him,” Trevor replied.

    “Are you hitting on me or something?” Andy asked somewhat enjoying Trevor’s comments and attention.

    “Just being truthful,” Trevor said as he continued to gently circle one of Andy’s nipples with an index finger. Andy took his hand away and kissed his fingers. Trevor smiled.

    “I was going to suggest that I sleep with Trevor tonight and Josh and Jake take care of Andy, you know, give him some loving attention. Now I think maybe Trevor and Andy need to sleep together. Looks like we have a new mutual admiration developing,” Erin commented. Andy and Trevor laughed.

    “Yeh, right. We’re two helpless homos on the rebound. Aren’t we just right for each other,” Andy stated. Trevor leaned over and kissed Andy.

    “That damn Ashton is a fool,” Trevor said shaking his head.

    “Drew is an idiot,” Andy stated. The two kissed again more passionately this time.

    “Looks like you two need to get a room,” Jake announced. We all kind of laughed. They both showed signs of penile stiffness in their underwear. Thad did notice that.

    Trevor, noticing Andy’s hardon, flipped Andy’s waistband down below his balls. “Look at that perfect penis, guys. I mean that is one perfect penis if you ask me,” Trevor remarked and his took his fingers and ran them up one side and down the other of Andy’s hard cock.

    “Fuck, Trevor, you trying to get me off? Feels kind of hot, but I always thought you had a nice cock also,” Andy said enjoying the playfulness of Trevor. His playful teasing was making us all hard, including Thad who was carefully trying to conceal his erection.

    “Nice smooth balls,” Trevor said running his fingertips over Andy’s balls in front of all of us. “I remember you when you fucked me down in Florida, putting me through that supposed initiation you guys concocted. Yes, I said concocted, because that’s what it was. You all wanted a piece of my ass. Everyone of your cocks met my ass that night. Damn, it was hot. I don’t know how many times I came that night. You guys drained my balls something fierce. I have wet dreams about that night from time to time. I wake up cumming hard too in big pool of cum. I hate to say it, but while I was briefly at home at the end of school, my sheets were so full of cum you could practically stand them on end. I was so embarrassed I stuffed them in my gym bag and took them to a laundry-mat to wash so my mother never got ahold of them. That wouldn’t have been a pretty sight,” Trevor said making us all laugh.

    “You took on all the partners that night? Each one of them put their dicks in you one at a time?” Thad asked almost traumatized by the thought.

    “Pretty much. I think everyone was there. Not sure if Ashton fucked me or not, but I sure remember Andy. He made love to me with passion. I know I came when Andy fucked me. I’ll never forget his turn,” he said looking over at Andy as he still held Andy’s cock in his hand, gently stroking it. Andy didn’t seem to mind. Andy leaned over and kissed Trevor.

    “That’s amazing, Trevor. How come you never told me it was special between the two of us at the time?” Andy asked.

    “You were in love with Ashton. I was just starting out on my own and finding out about myself. Jake and Josh were taking care of me and helping me at the time. I’ll never stop loving them for all the help they gave me. Erin got involved also. That was a fun trip. I dumped Betty at the time, which was a little traumatic, but was finally rid of her for good after that. No, I got to know all you guys on that trip, but some were more special than others. Besides, Josh, Jake and Erin, you made a big impression on me. I loved they way you felt in my ass and kissed me passionately when you fucked me. I kind of never got over that. I would never have said anything if Ashton had stayed in your life,” Trevor confessed. Andy didn’t know what to say.

    “I’m flattered, Trev. Really flattered. I never knew,” Andy confessed.

    “I know. You were too busy taking care of Ashton’s sorry ass at the time and trying to keep him out of trouble. Erin was in love with Jason at the time and they were playing some serious hide the weenie together. I kind of got left out and Josh and Jake took care of my sorry ass,” Trevor said reminiscing. Jake and I laughed remembering only too well the trauma Trevor was experiencing at the time. “Hey, I love them for all they did for me. Who doesn’t love both of them?” Andy was really starting to get a little emotional at this point, and he was definitely getting aroused, his cock throbbing with the playful stimulating attention Trevor was giving.

    “Trev, you’re getting me excited playing with my cock. Can I have it back now?” Andy asked.

    “Oh, sorry. I got carried away. It is a beautiful cock, Andy. Don’t you think so, Thad?” he asked Thad, looking over at him.

    “Uh, I guess it could be,” Thad said rather reluctantly.

    “Look how nice his pubes are also,” Trevor said outlining the edge of Andy’s pubic bush with his finger as some pre-cum oozed out of Andy’s piss slit and ran down the side of his penis. Trevor scooped that up with a finger and sucked it all down. “His pubes form a nice triangle above that perfect penis of his and he’s smooth on his legs and thighs. Mine go all over onto my thighs and legs. I have some very hairy legs,” he said pulling down his briefs to expose his bush that ran from his naval fanning out over his cock and down onto his legs. Trevor was a hairy one. “Josh says I have too much hair on my balls and I need to shave,” Trevor said rolling his balls around in his fingers exposing all the hair on the underside of his balls. Andy reached over and felt them.

    “Feels kind of sexy to me, Trev. I think I like that look,” Andy said playing with Trevor’s balls.

    Before Thad could stop him Trevor pulled out Thad’s waistband and looked at Thad’s pubes. “See Thad yours are somewhere between Andy’s and mine. You have a hot looking penis there, champ,” Trevor said looking at Thad’s erect penis. Thad was somewhat embarrassed. “Nice erection also. Trevor took his fingers and put his thumb on Thad’s pubic bone and his middle finger on Thad’s piss slit before Thad could stop him, as if to measure Thad’s erection. “I think you have me beat in length there, buddy,” Trevor exclaimed. Thad smiled.

    “At least I know I can still get an erection. I wasn’t sure after tonight,” Thad confessed.

    “Why what happened?” Trevor asked.

    “Don’t ask,” Thad told him. “I’m still trying to sort things out. But thanks for the complement. At least someone likes my dick even if it isn’t a girl,” Thad said disillusioned, but smiled when he said it.

    “Hey, there’s always us, Thad. We always take care of one another. You are always loved and sexually gratified.” Thad smiled acknowledging the care we all had for him, even if he wasn’t into the sexual aspect of our friendships.

    “Enough Andy. I’ll bet you haven’t had a cock up your ass in ages after having to take care of Ashton’s needy ass. It’s about time you got lucky. Come on, let’s go fuck. I’m going to make you my bitch tonight and fuck the cum right out of you. You’re going to be a total submissive bottom tonight and take this hairy cock of mine hard. Come on, bitch, let’s go fuck,” he said getting up and pulling Andy up behind him.

    “Man, what a change in you, Trevor. I like a guy that takes control. I don’t know what got into you, but I like it,” Andy said, as he followed Trevor to the bedroom.

    “Come on guys. You can fuck beside us, but don’t be sticking your dicks in our asses as it’s just Andy and me tonight. We’ll share some other time. His ass is all mine tonight,” Trevor said as they disappeared into the bedroom.

    “Is it going to be safe being in the same room as those two tonight?” Erin asked. I told him I wasn’t sure, but we kind of had to sleep somewhere and putting Thad in there was not a good idea, which Thad quickly acknowledged. We got up. I went to get some sheets for the couch. I told him he didn’t have to make it into a queen-sized bed since there was just him. He could sleep on top of it. Thad said he’d be fine and not to worry about him. I told him we’d try to keep the noise down. Thad laughed and said just to have fun. I kissed him goodnight as did Jake and Erin. Thad was beaming. He hugged me tightly before I got away.

    “Thanks for tonight, Josh. I loved the bartending and the fun we had behind the bar. I haven’t had that much fun ever that I can remember. Thanks for trying to help me in the other department also. Sorry I couldn’t be a man and do it right. I’ll have to work on that. Mostly, thanks for caring about me and our talk after that awkward horrible incident with that girl. I love you as my friend. I find I love you more and more each day. You guys are all wonderful and my life is exciting and fun now, unlike it used to be,” he said then quickly hugged me tightly again. I ran my hand up and down his bare back and told him we all loved him, even if he was straight. I laughed and he did too.

    Andy and Trevor were already in the shower together when we got undressed in the bedroom and headed for the shower.

    “Shower’s full right now and occupied. You’re going to have to wait as we’re into some serious business in here and can’t be disturbed,” Trevor said seriously. We stood on the other side of the shower curtain, naked and hard and had to listen to some serious commotion going on in the shower. “Okay, you guys can have it now. I need to plug a hole that needs plugging in the worst way and I need a mattress to finish this the right way,” Trevor said as he flung the shower curtain open, revealing two wet guys with ridged hardons sticking out in front of them. I had to stroke them both a few times. “Careful, that dick is cocked and loaded. It could go off at any time, and I was planning on it going off in Andy’s hot ass if you don’t mind. You guys play with yourselves tonight,” Trevor instructed. Jake, Erin and I laughed in awe of a new Trevor, wondering where in the world he came from. They quickly dried off and disappeared.

    We jumped in the shower and sensuously started washing each other. “What happened to the Trevor we know?” Jake asked. Erin asked the same thing.

    “Not sure, but I kind of like this new one we have. He seems more fun loving and a man of action when it comes to sex. I thought he and Andy would be bummed out tonight because of them both losing their partners. Hell, I think they’re both happy they did lose Drew and Ashton. Not sure how this all came about, but I think we were overly concerned they’d be depressed and just the opposite happened. Good for them anyway,” I told Jake and Erin. Jake told me to shut up and kiss him. I did more than that. Before our shower was done, all three of us had relieved our balls of some serious tension, taking care of our asses like you wouldn’t believe.

    When we got back to the bedroom, the three of us would have assumed Trevor and Andy would have fired off at least one load by then, as we took our sweet time in the shower, taking care of one another intently, we thought. Trevor had Andy up on all fours taking him from behind. “Fuck that dick, bitch,” he said rather loudly and smacked Andy’s asscheek with his open hand leaving a red mark on his ass. Andy laughed.

    “Let’s not get too carried away, Trev. Feels great though. Don’t stop. Keep fucking me like that,” Andy said lost in what was taking place. Erin, Jake and I crawled onto our mattress and basically watched the two of them aggressively fuck. Trevor grabbed Andy by his side and flipped him over on his back, then penetrated him again with Andy’s legs in the air.

    “Take that dick, bitch. You know how much you want it. Take it deep. Squeeze my cock, boy. Make your ass try to pinch my dick off. Come on, baby, you know you want it. Take it like a little bitch boy. Daddy’s come to breed you now, baby,” Trevor said in a demanding tone. Erin, Jake and I were giggling quietly as we watched and listened.

    “It’s like watching a damned porno movie, for shit’s sake,” Jake said to Erin and me, chuckling under his breath.

    “Yeh, baby, you like Daddy’s dick, don’t you?” Trevor told Andy as he rammed his cock, balls deep into Andy’s tight ass. “Take that dick for Daddy. You love that dick in your hot tight ass, don’t you, boy. Yeh, baby. Daddy’s close. You need to cum for Daddy. Can Daddy make that hot cock of yours cum, boy? You know you want to. Daddy’s going to seed your sweet fucking ass, boy. You ready. Maybe I’ll fire it down your throat instead. You like that, boy?” Okay, this was getting a little over the edge. Andy was half amused, but intensely loving the way Trevor’s dick was treating his ass. Andy told Trevor he was close. “Come on. Cum for Daddy. Give Daddy that hot load of yours, boy. I want to see all that hot boy batter. Shoot the shit where I can see it,” Trevor encouraged. Andy was frantically jacking his cock as Trevor was pounding his ass mercilessly. Andy tensed up all over his body, then erupted violently with cum flying over his head and hitting the wall behind him. The three of us watching were shocked at his eruption. “Damn, that’s what I’m talking about, baby. You really came for Daddy that time. Now it’s Daddy’s turn to shoot a load. Get ready because this is going to be a good one,” Trevor teased, as he came out of Andy’s ass and straddled his body with his balls on Andy’s breastbone and his hard bulging cock right at his lips. Andy was a little apprehensive with Trevor right at his face, not know how forceful Trevor could cum. Trevor raised up a little and dipped his balls in Andy’s mouth, teabagging, to add to his excitement. Trevor put his head back, his body tensed up, all his muscles in is legs and chest shown and straining. We were sure he was going to hit the wall as intense as he looked. “Oh, baby, this is going to be a big one. I can feel my balls boiling wanting to get rid of this fucking load,” Trevor said as he strained, mercilessly jacking his cock and getting ready to blow. We were awestruck, almost holding our breaths waiting for his cock to erupt. “Oh, fuuuccckkkkk!” he yelled, then turned his cock towards us and sprayed Erin, Jake and me with a huge load of cum.

    “Fuck, Trevor. Fuck that shit, man. Dude, you came all over us. That was supposed to be for Andy, you dweeb,” I told him. Trevor slung the last bit of cum off the end of his dick on Andy then shoved his dick into Andy’s mouth and let Andy suck the last remnants of cum out from his spent cock, laughing as he did it. Erin got up and got some tissues to wipe the cum off the three of us. “Damn, Trevor. Was that really necessary?” I asked still amazed at the forceful orgasm he had.

    “Hey, I didn’t want to leave you guys out. After all, you were right here with us. I didn’t want you to feel slighted in the least way,” he said, still amused at himself. Erin helped him up off of Andy, then helped wipe Andy’s cum off of Andy’s chest and face. Erin even wiped off the wall Andy had hit behind him. Trevor leaned down and kissed Andy passionately, their lips locked together, their tongues embattling each other in each other’s mouths. They were going for a record it seemed. It was so intense, their cocks were starting to harden again. I reached over and pulled on Trevor’s balls, half pulling him off Andy. “Wo, that felt kind of good, Josh. You have to do that to me sometime right before I cum. You know, just pull down on my balls. I think that might make an orgasm that more intense,” Trevor said. I rolled my eyes.

    “You guys need to get cleaned up,” I told them. “It’s 2:30 am. We need some serious sleep. Time for ‘Daddy’ to hang up his dick and go to bed,” I told them. He and Andy went hand in hand to the shower. Damn if they didn’t fuck again in the shower. At least we didn’t have to be the recipient of Trevor’s next load.

    Erin, Jake and I were snuggled together almost asleep when Andy and Trevor returned and jumped us, acting like they were trying to fuck us, although we knew their balls were empty by now. Still it was kind of sensual and we got hard with all the manly naked bodies rubbing each other as we rolled around. We finally got them to stop and put them on their own mattress again. I could hear them kissing over there. My thoughts turned to happiness for both of them. I wasn’t sure if this was just fun or if there was a sincere interest the two just found together. At least for the moment is was a distraction from the hurt the two had both experienced this week. For that I was relieved.

    We awoke the next morning to the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen. That could only mean that Thad was up already. Erin, Jake and I stretched and rolled around together a little, mostly just teasing our morning wood and boning each other up that much more, but it was fun and intimate at the same time. I loved being intimate with the two of them, even without getting off. Trevor and Andy were wrapped up in each other’s arms, looking totally peaceful together. Jake, Erin and I finally got up to our feet, our morning wood hanging out in front of us. I reached down and pulled Trevor out of bed and from under the sheets, exposing his hard cock. He resisted at first, but then gave up. Jake pulled Andy out and off the mattress onto the floor. His dick was flopping all over also. We let them lay there and finish waking up.

    “Damn, you guys are brutal,” Andy complained. “I was having this great dream about an orgy with all of us. Shit, I was just about to cum too. Damn, you guys.” We laughed at him.

    “Was I still your Daddy?” Trevor asked being cute. Andy gave him an evil eye. We filed into the bathroom and pissed in groups, then made our way to the kitchen.

    “Wo, do you guys ever wear clothes?” Thad asked shocked to see five naked guys half hard entering the kitchen in search of coffee. He had on his briefs. “Here I thought I wasn’t overdressed this time. I guess I still am,” he said amazed. “There are so many dicks around me all the time. Hanging out like you guys do half the time, it’s no wonder you have to play with each other,” Thad exclaimed. We all just smiled at him.

    “Give you any ideas?” I asked him. Thad shook his head, but in a way, I wasn’t sure. I gave him a quick gentle grope as I passed by him naked on the way to get a cup of coffee. I think he liked it. The five of us stood there naked in the kitchen drinking coffee trying to wake up.

    “So who’s ‘Daddy’? All I heard last night was Daddy this and you make Daddy happy. Who the hell is Daddy?” Thad asked curiously.

    “That would be me last night, but it could be you tonight if you care to join us,” Trevor told Thad. “Just sex talk. Adds to the mystique of intense manly sex, Thad. You have to get in there and mix it up a little, talk dirty and then do dirty things. It’s so much fun and hot too,” Trevor explained excitedly.

    “Not sure I understand all that. Sounds a little incestual to me, having my Daddy do something sexual to me,” Thad replied smiling. We all kind of laughed.

    There was a knock on the door. Thad opened it. It was Francis who brought sweet rolls for breakfast for us. Thad let him in.

    “Damn, guys, there’s more dick in here than there was last night. I feel kind of overdressed,” he said as Thad handed him a cup of coffee.

    “Now you know how I feel,” Thad told him. Francis did look down at his nice bulge in his briefs.

    “Took care of your boy Kevin last night, Josh. I think he liked it. Said it was the hottest fuck he’d ever had,” Francis stated. I smiled. He gave me a ‘what’ look.

    “Francis, Kevin thinks each dick he has up his ass is the hottest by far, but I’m sure you gave him one hell of a ride,” I explained. Francis looked proud.

    “Just out of curiosity, you ever fuck Seth or Lance?” I asked him.

    “We’re not supposed to kiss and tell, Josh,” Francis replied. “The answer is no though. Those two are just a little creepy for me. Nice guys and all, but you know I’m stuck somewhere in between and those two are ardent bottoms, not that I mind that at all, but I’d rather not fuck the help, if you know what I mean,” Francis explained. I could see his point.

    “Not to get personal, but what about our little Ralph?” Can he take the big schlong of yours?” Jake asked. Francis grinned.

    “Ralph’s a sweetheart. He sucks my cock and gets me off a lot. I couldn’t fuck the boy without killing him guys. I mean, he’s just too small. I would never want to hurt him. He’s my boy, so to speak. I’ll put my mushroom head up against his asshole and act like I’m fucking him, but I’ve never penetrated him. We sleep together and all. He calls me his big teddy bear. He’s so cute and precious. Gotta love the kid. He penetrates me when he’s in the mood. Can’t hardly feel him, but then he can’t do much damage also,” Francis chided. We all chuckled. Francis had on a pair of our nylon athletic shorts. He was getting hard talking about it and was tenting.

    “Could I see that thing up close and personal?” Trevor asked having just met Francis the night before for the first time. Francis threw his hands out as if to offer it to Trevor. Trevor moved in front of Francis and pulled down his shorts. There was Francis’ large cock, half erect. We were all amazed. As many times as I had seen his cock, we were all still amazed at the size of his appendage. “Damn, Francis, that belongs in the record books,” Trevor said in amazement.

    “That is the biggest dick I’ve ever seen,” Thad said overwhelmed by his size. Trevor stroked it somewhat lovingly and appreciatively, fondling Francis’ big balls with his other hand. Francis seemed to like the attention. Erin and Andy were getting hard as was Trevor. “Okay, sorry. Just getting a little carried away here,” Trevor said as he pulled up Francis’ shorts. Francis gave Trevor a hug and squeezed his bare buns.

    “Nice to meet you too, Trevor,” Francis told him. We laughed. “Well, hey, just stopped to drop off the sweet rolls and to say hi. I gotta run and get some supplies for downstairs. Gotta dance tonight also. Haven’t heard anything from Stan and Gentry. Guess they won’t be back until school starts again. Derek and Jared are regulars along with Lance, Ralph, Lars and Dudley. Sven is a big help when he can come. He always brings a crowd. There were a couple of other guys that stopped by one time and asked me about dancing. I told them they’d have to wait until you were back in town, Josh. You guys always did the hiring,” Francis offered.

    “Hey, if they look good and are 18 or older, try them out and see how they do. We’ll leave some of that up to you, Francis. You seem to do great with the choreography. That was hot last night what you and Sven did with the two hookers,” I told him.

    “You mean the two young ladies for gentlemanly pleasure, don’t you, Josh?” Francis said trying to correct me. I bowed to him.

    “Whatever you want to call them, Francis,” I replied. “Seriously, if you and the rest of the guys like some new stuff once in a while, hell, try them out. We originally thought we’d have a couple of sets of dancers and rotate them out. We never got around to that. We just couldn’t be here enough to make that happen. But with this new bar now, you guys are gong to have to step up over here a little and pick up the slack the rest of us are creating,” I advised him. Francis seemed to like the idea. I was empowering him and he liked it.

    “I’ll see what I can come up with,” Francis replied. Then he hugged all of us and took off.

    “That was one big cock that boy has,” Thad said still amazed at the size of Francis’ cock.

    “You should have seen his boyfriend, Sky, who danced with us for a few weeks. The guy was a pure skuzball, but he was hung as good if not larger than Francis. The two looked like they belonged on a stud farm. They could have bred horses with those willies,” I explained. Thad and Trevor were surprised. They asked what happened to him. Jake and I explained quickly the story of Francis and Sky. Thad and Trevor thought it was horrible what Sky did to Francis. I reminded everyone Francis was still not over all that, so to be careful what we mentioned around him, as he seemed happy these days, much better than he was right after the last incident with Sky. Thad asked if there was any chance this dude might show up again. I told them all that Sky was a wanted man, so he’d be crazy to try. We figured he was a long way away from anyone that knew him around here.

    Breakfast and coffee over, we went to the bedroom to get dressed. Trevor pushed Andy face first up against the wall and play humped him from behind. “Damn, boy, you horny or something?” Andy asked chuckling.

    “Only for you, baby. I loved that hot ass of yours last night. Can’t wait to tap that again. Damn, Andy, you made my cock so hard and my balls churn hard. Fuck, that was some hot fuckin last night. Makes my cock hard just thinking about it, Trevor said as he turned Andy around and kissed him passionately.

    “Not sure what to say,” Andy said somewhat embarrassed in a good way. “You made me feel special, Trevor. It felt great again to be with someone that made me feel special,” Andy confessed, then hugged and kissed Trevor again.

    “We can leave and the two of you can fuck your dicks off again if you want,” I told them. They looked around as if they forgot Erin, Jake and I were still there. Then they smiled.

    “Sorry. Just kind of got lost there. This animal here with a big dick fucked the living shit out of me last night. Don’t get me wrong, it was wonderful, just wasn’t expected. I liked it,” Andy confessed. Somehow, I got the feeling, as did both Erin and Jake, there was definitely some chemistry between Andy and Trevor. I never would have dreamed that a possibility. I never saw it coming, but the two fucked like minks half the night as if they needed each other desperately. Still, we were happy for them.

    I got Thad set up with Parker. Tony and Ollie were coming in later to spend some time with him on the books. Parker was going to show him how we used the software operationally, and Tony and Ollie would explain how it all interfaced with our accounting software. Thad was in good hands. Erin, Andy and Trevor were going to help out where they could. There was still some cleaning up to do after last night. I hated to see it, but there were busted condoms all over the floor. Francis was working on that, but he could use some help. I figured Allen and OBB wouldn’t be in until afternoon sometime, resting up from their all-night orgy they probably had. Everyone on task, Jake and I headed out to the ranch to have lunch with Stoney and Greer.

    We got to the ranch right about lunch time. Stoney was grateful to see Jake and me. We got hugs and kisses from him. He looked good. He ushered us onto the sunporch where he had lunch prepared. His cook served lunch to us, a salad with breaded chicken, nice and light for a hot day, with plenty of iced tea and an assortment of breads.

    “Thanks for spending a little time with me today, guys. I know Greer is working his hot ass off trying to get this thing put together for you guys. I just wanted to circle back and see if you guys had any questions about anything. I’ve got some traveling coming up later this summer and will be away for a spell, so I thought we needed to get this thing going as soon as possible,” Stoney said as we enjoyed our salads.

    “Where’re you off to, Stoney?” I asked. Greer gave me an interested look as if he wanted to know also, not having been told.

    “Out west. Got some business to attend to in Los Angeles and a few other places along the way. Got an old friend of my fathers I wanted to see up in the San Francisco area also, I thought I’d drop by to see. There’s even an old girlfriend out in LA, I thought I’d drop in and see. I know what you’re thinking. She was before I discovered the virtues, pleasures and beauty of the male ass, dick and mind. Yeh, I fucked around a little on the other side at the beginning of my puberty, but I soon found my calling and graduated to the good stuff. She knows I’m gay, but we’re still good friends. I’d like to see her again. She got married, hell, I guess a couple of times. One husband died and she kicked the other one out. She’s had a rough time of it, but she’s done okay. Says I was still the love her life even if I was gay. Ha. What’d you think about that?” he said chuckling. We were all amazed never hearing the story before. “Yeh, when I look back at all the friendships and relationships with people over the years, some good, some great and some not so great, you get to thinking about the people that have influenced your life one way or the other. I’ve had a lot of fun. But the people that inspired me the most are right here in this room. You guys are going to do some wonderful things together. There’ll be trying times on occasion, but you guys will figure it all out. Just promise me you’ll try to have fun along the way,” Stoney encouraged. “You have to trust one another with your hearts and souls. Not to mention with your dicks and asses also. Come on, let’s be truthful about that. That builds a stronger team. Greer’s going to need some taking care of too along the way, so don’t leave him out in the dick and ass department. I’m trusting you to take care of that for him,” Stoney chided.

    “Well, we’ll at least have you to help out in that area,” I told Stoney. He laughed and said he hoped he could help out with all of us. We all smiled.

    “Hey, what do you think about this Jordan guy, Josh?” Stoney asked. “Greer seems to think highly of him, but I want to know what you and Jake think also. I have to say that I’ve met him also, and he’s not hard on the eyes at all.”

    “Jake and I met with Greer and Jordan this last week for several hours. Stoney, the guy is extremely impressive, both physically and mentally. Jake and I were totally impressed with him. He seems to be as excited as the rest of us in what we’re going to be doing. We think he’ll be a great asset and one of our top players. How does he stack up on the legal side so far, Greer?” I asked.

    “Great so far. He’s extremely intelligent and knowledgeable in the areas we need him to be. Those kinds of guys are a rare find,” Greer explained.

    “What about his sexual preferences. Did you guys get a read on that yet?” Stoney asked somewhat concerned.

    “Don’t know. I get the impression he’s purely professional when dealing with the three of us and would continue to be regardless if he found out we were all gay. He just seems like a genuine person, from my perspective anyway,” I told him. Stoney seemed impressed. Jake told him the same thing, as did Greer.

    “That settles it then. As long as you guys are comfortable you can work with him regardless of what he eventually finds out about your sexual preferences, then you need to develop him into the asset you think he can become. Always retain good talent every chance you get,” Stoney advised. “I’m hoping, as easy as he is on the eyes, maybe he’ll share some of the same interests we do.”

    “Oh, Josh, Greer is working on the purchase of the CNB building. It’s an old building and may not completely be up to code. The guy that owns it, the one you rent from seems eager to sell it. He’s not happy with the price we offered him, but we’re getting the building inspected. He seems nervous about an inspection. Once he sees what all he needs to spend to bring it up to code, he might have a different idea about the price. Greer will cover that with you when he gets the inspection done. You and Jake have to weigh in on the deal since this will be the first acquisition of the new company. I’m staying the hell out of it and letting the three of you handle it,” Stoney informed us.

    Stoney didn’t spend the time going over any of the details he had in the previous development meeting we had the last time we met at the ranch. He seemed tired and somewhat pre-occupied, although very appreciative of all of us. It was like he had his little family with him and all was good, the patriarch giving his boys a gift of a lifetime and watching them glow from the opportunities he gave them. In this case, however, the patriarch enjoyed his boys sexually as well as loving them with his heart.

    “Hey why don’t you boys go take a steam and let Sven give you a massage. That might make you feel better,” Stoney suggested.

    “Wow, that would be great. You coming with us?” Greer asked hoping he would join us.

    “Nah, I have some things to do, but you guys go ahead and enjoy yourselves. The pool is great also if you want a dip. Just have fun and enjoy yourselves. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, and you know I would do anything,” he said chuckling. I might take a nap so if I don’t see you before you go, give me a hug and kiss,” he said motioning for an embrace from all of us. Jake and I gave him a hug and kiss. I felt his hard ass also, which made him smile. “Careful, you’ll get me hard,” Stoney joked.

    “My thoughts exactly. Maybe you’ll want to join us for a dip and a massage. We just might all be able to give you a massage, Stoney. I guarantee it will make you feel so good after we’re done with you,” I told him smiling.

    “Oh, I have no doubt about that,” Stoney said smiling as he grabbed both my asscheeks while I held his. “But I have some important things I need to get out today and your distraction would definitely make me lose my concentration for later. I’ll take a raincheck on that. Always love being naked with my guys,” he said and kissed me again. Then off he went.

    Greer, Jake and I walked over to the elaborate bunkhouse. We showered in the private apartment upstairs that Jake and I had shared the night we were all invited for an overnight party. We had some fun with Greer in the shower with us. He loved the attention Jake and I gave him. There was a small steam room in the suite also and we used that instead of the one downstairs. Coming out of the steam room we went back into the shower to cool off. Out of the shower, we sat in the indoor hot tub and relaxed there. Sven had the massage tables set up in the large bathroom suite we were using. He came in totally naked, his big dick and balls swinging as he walked, ready to give us a massage. We each took a table and laid face down. Sven started working on Greer first.

    “Hey, guys. Feel free to play with Sven’s dick and balls when he massages you and you can reach him. He loves it when you play with him,” Greer advised us. “You can get him hard and even suck his cock as he works. He says it makes it more fun when we participate.” Jake and I liked that idea.

    While Sven was working his magic on Greer, we were discussing more of the business. “Is Stoney okay, Greer?” I asked. “He looks good. His ass is still hot and firm. The sex still going okay?” I asked.

    “He’s better, but something isn’t right with him, and I don’t know what it is. I mean, the sex is getting hotter again. The guy has a tight hard body and muscles that make me look like a wimp. He keeps himself in great shape. He still works out, but not quite like he used to. We still work out together occasionally, and he can outwork me, that’s for sure,” Greer admitted rather embarrassingly. “Still, he’s a lot quieter than he used to be. I don’t know what was all so important that he had to do that he says he’s doing this afternoon. I take care of all the important matters as his attorney, and there is nothing other than the building purchase negotiations for the CNB building that’s going on right now. There isn’t anything pressing that needs to be done at this time. I don’t ask questions as he doesn’t seem to want to discuss anything when he’s making excuses for something he has to do. I just let it go,” Greer explained.

    “If the sex is good and he’s feeling okay, then what’s bugging him now?” I asked rhetorically.

    “Don’t know, but ever since that spell where we didn’t have sex for some time, he’s been different. He tries to act the same, but he’s not the same. I know that since I sleep with him. He likes for me to fuck him, but sometimes he doesn’t cum, and if he does, it’s not the volume or the intensity that he used to cum. I know that sounds a little crass, but that guy could outfuck us at one point in time. He’s only in his mid-thirties, so he’s not past his prime in any way shape or form. Hell, my parents are in their fifties and they still fuck up a storm,” Greer admitted. “But who wants to think about that? I’m glad they did, because I’m here as a result.”

    “Good point. Maybe he’ll let us in on what’s going on sometime in the future when he feels comfortable talking about it. You say he continues to get better, so maybe what’s bugging him is improving somehow,” I suggested. Greer said he continued to hope so.

    Sven was finished with Greer and started working on me. His fingers were very strong. He was up on the table straddling my ass and letting his big ball sac and dick lay on my ass as he kneaded my shoulders, arms and neck muscles. “Fuck you make me hard just feeling your cock on me and making me feel so good with your massage, Sven,” I told him. Greer chuckled.

    “Every man ought to experience this treatment, Josh. It’s literally wonderful,” Greer chimed in.

    Sven was down to my buttocks, kneading my ass cheeks something fiercely, his thumbs in my ass crack and teasing my asshole. I was hard as a rock. Luckily there was a hole in the massage table for your junk to hang down so you weren’t laying on your hardon, a hardon which was a natural response to a sensuous massage. I felt no discomfort with my raging boner. Greer was laying on his side, watching Sven do a number on me. He had a nice boner going also. Jake was watching from the other side. “Fuck!” I yelled as I felt Sven’s hot tongue teasing and penetrating my asshole. I thought I was rather good at rimming, but Sven took me to a whole new dimension with his strong tongue action on my hole. I wasn’t sure I could last long as my cock wanted to explode with his sensuous attention to my assshole. He finally moved on, and not a moment too soon, at the bottom of the table working on my feet, almost encouraging an orgasm there, it felt so good. He took a foot if mine and ran it up against his hard cock and big balls. “Fuck!” I said loudly again, as I felt the sex my foot was having with his hot junk. While I couldn’t see Sven’s face, I was sure he was smiling with the delight he was having, teasing my poor body.

    “Fucking hot, isn’t it?” Greer asked chuckling. “Sven really knows how to do a number on you. No doubt about that. I used to cum a couple of times just getting one of his massages. I finally had to train him to lighten up as I needed to take care of Stoney and fucking Sven would drain my balls with his sensuous massages. Now, I’m more used to it, but it still feels so fucking good,” Greer exclaimed.

    “Jake, I thought we were good with these things, but wait until Sven gets ahold of your ass. I mean this is mind blowing stuff,” I said adamantly. Sven moved to the front of me to work on my neck muscles again. He took the tenseness right out of me. I was able to play with his cock and balls as he worked on my shoulders and neck. I got the head of his cock in my mouth at one point and a taste of his pre-cum. It was heavenly. My cock was so hard. Then I felt a warm moist pair of lips on my cock. Greer had left his table and was under my table sucking on my cock.

    “How’s that feel to go along with what Sven’s doing, Josh?” Greer asked, as his mouth momentarily left my cock.

    “Fuck, unbelievable,” was all I could say. “Careful down there. You might get a mouthful, I warned Greer. I could hear him chuckle as his mouth moved to my balls, getting them sucked into his mouth, one at a time. “Fuck, Greer, you’re killing me. Go pick on Jake,” I suggested.

    “What too much of a good thing?” Greer asked as he scooted over under Jake’s massage table.

    “Oh, yeh, I was about to give you a mouthful of some hot creamy liquid. This big dick of Sven’s is something else,” I said between sucks. Sven kept massaging my muscles as my mouth massaged his sex muscle. He seemed to be enjoying what I was doing for him.

    “Fuck, Greer, you have a hot mouth, dude. My cock is so fucking hard right now. I can see why Josh was concerned. I’m getting that way myself. Get up here and give me some of your dick and give mine a rest for a minute,” Jake told him. Greer stood up beside the massage table Jake was on and pointed his cock at Jake, who promptly grabbed Greer’s cock sucking it into his mouth and going after it. “So is this how our board meetings are going to go once we get started?” Jake asked as he pulled Greer’s cock out of his mouth to get ready to suck on his balls.

    “I think we could handle this once a month, I suppose,” Greer responded. “Not sure if Jordan is into what we like, but we could always excuse ourselves for an executive board meeting session if need be. Fuck, Jake, you’re as bad as Josh is when it comes to sucking cock, buddy. I feel like I want to explode in your mouth,” Greer said as if Jake was taking his breath away.

    Sven finished with me and went to start on Jake. Sven’s big fat cock was sticking straight out in front of him, his big balls hanging beneath his beautiful shaft. Jake was only too excited to welcome him for his treatment. I grabbed Greer and pulled him on top of me. He ground his cock and balls into mine creating a wonderful sexual friction between the two of us.

    “I’m going to need that cock of yours in my ass, but let’s go play with Sven while he works Jake over. Jake might need some of our attention also,” Greer suggested, being naughty. Greer did have a sexual naughty side to him, which Jake and I kind of adored.

    Sven was currently giving Jake a rimming, driving poor Jake up a wall. Greer went under the table and sucked Jake’s cock one more time. I stood at Jake’s head and stuck my cock in his mouth. He finally had to stop us as he said it was too much excitement and he feared a heart attack. We all laughed, but the sexual feelings were almost overwhelming. I could vouch for that, having experienced it myself.

    Sven finally finished up and told us to get in the hot tub again. It wasn’t as hot as it normally was. Greer said they had a temperature setting for fucking in it so your blood pressure didn’t get too far out of whack. That seemed like a good idea. We were sitting in the tub beside one another, gently massaging cocks and balls for the heck of it. Sven got into the tub. He sat on Jake’s lap, but grabbed Jake’s cock as he started to sit, and attempted to insert it into his ass.

    “Damn, Sven, you’re tight,” Jake uttered his eyes almost rolling to the back of his head as Sven let Jake penetrate his ass. “Is he safe since I don’t have a condom?” Jake asked Greer.

    “Oh perfectly. He only plays with Stoney and me and if he does service someone else he’s always protected. We even have him tested once a month just as a precaution. Stoney says as hot as he is, you just don’t want to take any chances,” Greer replied. Jake and I were relieved. Sven leaned over and kissed me passionately as Jake continued to fuck his ass.

    “How does it feel?” I asked Jake.

    “Heavenly,” he replied. Greer just smiled.

    “I knew you guys would like that. But, while Jake takes care of Sven, how about you take care of me?” Greer asked. He lifted himself up to lower his ass on my throbbing cock as the water swirled around us teasing our balls and massaging everything else on us. Greer felt so good on my cock as if his ass belonged there. We truly were becoming a threesome with a dish of Sven on the side. Greer got off of me and bent over the side of the hot tub indicating for me to pound him from behind. I took full advantage of that sweet ass of his, and promptly shoved my dick as deep into his ass as I possibly could. He was writhing all over the place, his body fully charged with passion as my cock moved in and out of his body.

    “Josh, try out Sven here. I want a piece of Greer’s ass, if you don’t mind,” Jake prompted. I slowly withdrew from Greer and moved over to Sven who was bent over beside Greer now. I pulled his asscheeks apart to see his man cunt. He was hairless in his asscrack, somewhat disappointing, but he was hairless everywhere on his body, except for some light hair in his pits and his cock bush, so I half expected it. I started to slowly penetrate his beautiful ass, but he shoved himself back against me, wanting my cock and now. I was okay with that and immediately starting pounding him hard. He seemed to like hard only too well. I reached around and held his meaty cock in my hand, jacking that dick for all it was worth. I got some ooo’s and ahh[‘s out of him as I stroked that large piece of meat.

    “You want Sven fuk you?” Sven asked. I was almost shocked. I wasn’t sure what to say. Part of me wanted that big cock of his in the worst way, and part of me was frightened to death of that thing tearing me apart. I remembered Andy taking him when Sven’s cousin Liam took Ashton’s ass that one night at the CNB. Still I was a little worried.

    “Go ahead, Josh. It’s not as bad as it looks. Just bear down on it when he enters you. I’ve done it and it’s not all that bad. Do it, though. You’ll never regret it, I promise you,” Greer encouraged. Jake gave me a concerned look.

    I turned around apprehensively. Sven was smiling from ear to ear. “We fuk now, no?” he asked in his broken English.

    “We fuk now, yes,” I told him. His eyes got real big. He picked me up and held my asshole over the end of his cock. He was going to hold me as he impaled me with his large uncut cock. I wrapped my legs around his waist digging my heels into his ass, then wrapped my arms around his neck. Sven slowly let me slide down that large fuck pole of his. I know I held my breath, fearing the worst. I bore down on his cock with my sphincter as the tip of his cock slowly guided itself into my body. There was a brief feeling of a pinch of something and then I slid right down. “Fuck, he’s in. Damn, that wasn’t bad,” I exclaimed surprised to be impaled by what looked to be one rather oversized cock. “I feel so fuckin full. Fuck, this feels great, Jake. You have to try this dick. I mean this is one great cock he’s fucking me with. Damn, he hits all the right spots with it also. I began bucking my ass all over that beautiful cock of his, riding that pole for all it was worth. Even Jake and Greer stopped as they watched the ass fucking Sven and I were giving each other. It was awesome. Tuck was great eventually. The twins were even fun at times giving you that full feeling in your ass. Sven, now that was a cock to die for. “Fuck me, Sven. Fuck the cum right out of me,” I said as I rode him like a cowboy rides a bucking bronco or a bull. I loved that big cock stuffed up my ass like it was. I kissed him passionately as my body tensed up and I shot a huge load of cum between us without ever touching my cock. I was still spewing cum when he started to stop. I told him to keep fucking me as it felt so damned good. He only did for a short time, then he laid me down on the hot tub deck and shot a huge load of cum all over me with a big smile on his face as he did. I sat up and grabbed that big cock of his and sucked it for all it was worth. Damn, his seed tasted so good. I fell back on my back and went limp. “Fuck that was awesome, Jake. That was pure fucking awesome. Wow!” was all I could say. Jake and Greer came over to me to make sure I was okay. Greer had cum already with Jake’s cock deep inside him, but Jake hadn’t cum yet. I must have interrupted them with all my antics riding Sven’s hot cock. I hadn’t realized I was putting on a show, but one could not help it, with the likes of Sven’s cock up one’s ass. That I was almost certain of. “Jake, you have to feel that cock of Sven’s. I swear, it’s blissful. I’ve never felt anything like it. You gotta try it,” I assured him.

    “He came already, Josh. You fucked the life out of the boy,” Jake answered.

    “Oh, contrar. Give him a few moments and that cock of his will be rock hard and ready to fuck again,” Greer assured us.

    Jake flipped it around in his hand. Sven was limp at the moment. Jake wasn’t sure Sven could rebound that fast. Even I had my doubts as hard as that cock came all over me. I was still smeared with Sven’s cum. It was sticky on my chest. Sven just smiled with the action Jake was giving his cock.

    “We fuk, no?” Sven said to Jake.

    “We fuk, yes, if you can,” Jake replied. Sven picked up Jake and started kissing him passionately. Jake jacked that big boys cock beneath him as he wrapped his legs around his waist and his arms around his neck. In no time at all, Sven was hard and ready to do battle to any willing ass with that big cock of his. Sven laid Jake down on his back on the hot tub apron and spread his legs apart. Then he dove into Jake’s asshole with his tongue. Jake was writing all over in ecstasy at the feel of Sven’s hot slick tongue probing his asshole. Pre-cum was flowing from Jake’s piss slit as Sven assaulted Jake’s ass with his tongue. “Fuck, Sven. You got one hell of a hot tongue on you, bro. Damn, Josh, it’s almost like being fucked with a cock. Damn, it’s intense,” Jake uttered trying to get his breath, the sensations were so intense. I swear Sven’s cock was like a rock as he positioned it in front of Jake’s asshole. Sven took it slow, like he did with me. Jake grimaced a little, then gave us a look of ecstasy, with a huge smile on his face, as he realized he had the full length of Sven inside his body. Sven gave us a shit-eating smile also, knowing his partner was totally excited and relieved at this point. Greer and I held onto each other as Sven started pumping his cock in and out of Jake’s ass. Pre-cum was flowing from Jake’s cock. Greer and I helped ourselves to some of his nectar. “Fuck, this is fantastic, Josh. Unbelievable, I think you put it, and you were totally right. Fuck, this is blissful. You feel so full inside, satisfied, you could say. Wow, unbelievable,” were the words Jake used to describe what was going on. You could tell much more from his facial expressions as Sven stepped up the pounding. Jake looked like he was in outer space enjoying every second he witnessed down below, ecstatic with the sensuous feeling of being loved by a beautiful male member on one hot looking Swede.

    “Josh, if you have it in you, put your dick in Sven’s ass. He loves to be in the middle of a sandwich. Go ahead, he can take it,” Greer urged. Greer sunk down and sucked my cock until he got it hard. It didn’t take much after watching the pounding he was giving my boyfriend. Sven stopped long enough for me to penetrate his ass and then he worked both our cocks. He felt so wonderful on my cock as his ass muscles squeezed and released my now throbbing cock. The strong urges to cum came quickly. My balls practically boiled wanting to release. I backed out, not wanting to cum until Sven got Jake off and himself again. Greer took my place, enjoying the hot feeling of Sven’s ass on his cock now. Then Greer told me to penetrate him and we’d make it a foursome. At first, I was a little hesitant, thinking it would be too awkward, but then jumped in there to take on Greer.

    “Fuck, guys. I can’t take it anymore. I gotta cum,” Jake practically yelled. Jake came and he came hard, sending his hot jizz all over everything behind him and then himself. Sven pulled out and shot his second load all over Jake, then smeared it into Jake’s torso mixing it with Jake’s seed. Greer turned around, and I took his load in my mouth, savoring every drop of it. Then Greer sucked me off to completion, getting a load of my cum in exchange. We all collapsed together on the apron of the hot tub, our naked bodies somewhat limp from our intense sexual activities. Sven’s cock still seemed enormous even limp. He had sperm still oozing out of his piss slit and foreskin, drooling down his leg.

    “We fuk goot?” Sven asked. We all nodded ‘yes’, still trying to regain our composure. Sven looked like he was ready for another round, but the rest of us were spent, including Greer.

    We finally made it to our feet, showered again, then got dressed to leave. We gave Sven and Greer hugs and kisses and thanked them again for the fun filled afternoon and headed back to the bar with Eric’s rehearsal dinner to look forward to for this evening. Jake and I both felt like a limp noodle, but were in hopes we could regain some sort of personable composure to meet Eric’s parents, Maddy and the rest of the wedding party for this evening. I told Jake we needed to keep a low profile for this one. He agreed.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Still worried about Stony. Love the cool connection of Trevor and Andy. Hope it blossoms.
    Thad is so endearing ... looks more and more that he will be right in the thick of it before too long, unless ....

    Thanks bunches!!

    Not sure where I am going, but certainly enjoying the ride!

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Wow, another great chapter, FT. That Trevor is really becoming a horn dog. Looks like he has the hots for Andy. That could work out to both their advantages, having both lost their significant others. Trevor has become quite a character also, very fun loving. Don't know what Stoney is up to. Seems in a hurry to get things done then taking off for parts unknown for whatever reasons. I guess we have to keep reading to find out, which is all good. Thad is still a lost soul sexually. He might as well give up and join the boys. He'd have a lot more fun if he did. I think Trevor has the hots for him also. He's a hot looking 18 or 19 year old virgin so who wouldn't. Oh, that Sven. Josh and Jake finally got to enjoy him in the Biblical sense. Pretty hot too. They might be taking more advantage of that side benefit in the future. So much fun, FT. Love your bent mind, buddy. Makes us all smile and some other appendages rather ridged. But that's all good you know. Keep typing, buddy. We can't thank you enough but we have to have more. BC

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Thanks for the comments, guys. Sorry, I got distracted and failed to post Chapter 205 sooner. Here it is now. Enjoy. FT

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chapter 205 – The Rehearsal Dinner and Trevor Takes Control

    Jake and I were recounting the fantastic anal experience we had with Sven and Greer for the afternoon. We both were in awe, as large as Sven’s cock was how we were able to take him. Jake said Sven must have had a collapsible cock, if that was even possible. He said that thing looked so large going in, but was relatively easy to take for some reason. I told him it hurt just for a couple of seconds at the beginning, but then it felt fantastic. We just couldn’t get over how wonderful it really felt in our asses.

    “Maybe there is something to this big cock thing Ashton so needs to worship,” I told Jake, thinking out loud.

    “Yes, it felt great. Actually, it really felt fantastic, but it’s no comparison to when you and I make love, Josh. I mean there’s passion to it, as well as girth and length. You and I are just fine when it comes to size. I would never give up someone as great as Andy for a big cock up my ass. I mean Chuck doesn’t even give a shit about Ashton. Where’s he going to find someone as great as Andy to care about him and take care of his needs? I mean, let’s be real here. Ashton blew a wonderful relationship in search of a larger cock to take care of his needs. Good luck with that, Ashton,” Jake said trying to rationalize Ashton’s actions.

    “Amen to that one. Sven did feel really good though, Jake,” I said savoring the experience in my mind. I could tell Jake was also. Damn, we were both boning up again thinking about it. I reached over and felt his boner while we were driving.

    “Thinking about it, aren’t you?” I chided. Jake gave me a shit eating smile.

    “Damn right. It was fucking hot, Josh. I can’t deny it. But, I would never give you up for a lifelong relationship with Sven, no way, no how,” Jake swore. I leaned over and kissed him.

    “Still, we can get poked every once in awhile from our buddy Sven, now that we know we can take him,” I suggested.

    “Absolutely!” Jake said emphatically. We both laughed.

    Back at the bar, Thad had a good day working with Parker and then later, Tony and Ollie getting a handle on the software. He said he thought he could actually ring up customers now and handle the point of sale transactions, both cash and credit cards. I told him we’d put him to the test tonight, as he and Trevor were working the bar with Parker in our absence. Andy was going to help with the kitchen staff as he had in the past and also the dancers since Jake and I would be gone. Allen and OBB would help with the dancers as well, but Andy could introduce them, taking over the job Ashton once had. I reminded him that tomorrow afternoon, Andy, Allen, OBB, Jake and I would be at Eric’s wedding so he and Trevor would have a lot to do before we got back. I told him I was in hopes to be back about the time the dancers started as it was an afternoon wedding and reception and not a dinner. Eric and Maddy had worked hard to keep the costs to a minimum, so they went with a simple reception,n with beer and wine with some simple finger food at a reception hall of some sort, they were able to rent for a small amount.

    With the logistics determined and the work assignments handed out, Jake and I went up to change for the rehearsal dinner. Luckily the dinner was in the City at a small restaurant at the edge of town, in the direction of the town where Eric and Maddy lived. It wasn’t far. The wedding, however, was in their hometown, about an hour from the City. Eric was staying over tonight, as he had last night after the bachelor party, with some of his buddies. They had a hotel room somewhere. I figured they were going to get drunk one more time before hooking up to the ball and chain, as Eric put it. We were sure he wasn’t serious.

    Having recently showered, we changed into some dockers and polo shirts, as the dinner was supposed to be casual. I think it was a barbeque joint if the truth were known. Down to our briefs as we changed, Jake grabbed me and kissed me passionately. He stuck his hands down my briefs caressing my bare buns and holding me tight. I did the same to him.

    “You really don’t want to fuck again do you?” I asked thinking we just recently got off twice and with the kind of down and dirty fucking we so enjoyed, we’d have to shower all over again.

    “No, I just wanted to kiss you, hug you, hold you and tell you I loved you, if that’s okay,” he said kissing me again on my forehead.

    “You can tell me that anytime and all the time, Jake. I’m yours, baby. I know we get distracted with others, a lot actually, but you’re the one I truly love. I hope you will always know that,” I confessed.

    “I do, but it’s nice to hold you and tell you that from time to time, just to remind you, since a hundred thousand other hot guys love you also,” Jake said smiling. I pinched his ass for that one.

    “You didn’t mention the hundred thousand other guys that lust after you, big boy,” I shot back. Jake laughed. “We are pretty lucky we have such great friends, you know?”

    “I know. Wouldn’t give them up or their asses for anything,” Jake replied. “It’s just nice when the two of us get to spend some quality time with each other, you know, renew our love for each other,” he said as he tenderly kissed me over and over.

    “You’re giving me a boner, you know. But then you always give me a boner every time you hold me and kiss me. I actually like that, Jake. Makes me love you all the more,” I told him. We finally had to let each other go to finish getting dressed and head out.

    “Don’t let Trevor fuck the help tonight, Thad,” I told him as we were leaving. He made a joke as if he was the help. I shook my head at him. “Crazy ass straight boy,” I said to Jake, shaking my head. Jake laughed.

    “Josh, Taylor texted me and asked if we could pick him up for the dinner as he didn’t know where it was and didn’t want to have to go by himself. He sent me the address of the hotel where he’s staying,” Jake said as we got in the Lincoln. I told him that would be great.

    Taylor was waiting outside the hotel when we pulled up. Jake and I got out and bro hugged him. He quickly slid into the back seat. “Damn, Jake, you have enough room back here to do some serious fucking if you ask me,” Taylor remarked. “Not that you’d ever do anything like that in this fine automobile,” he added. We all laughed. If he only knew, I thought to myself.

    Taylor told us how great and creative the bachelor party was and how excited Eric was to have such a great event. I told him even Jake and I were surprised by some of it. Taylor said he saw our hands all over it. I told him it was everyone’s hands but ours. I okayed the hookers, or female entertainers, I said correcting myself, but Taylor knew what I meant. He said that was a stroke of genius combining straight with gay all at the same party and everyone having fun with it. Jake and I told him we were so relieved we pulled that part off. Taylor said it was great and everyone had a great time. Then he told us how great the bar was and he’d heard that it was doing a phenomenal business. He said he didn’t think we were going to get all the regular customers to leave last night. They were almost hostile we were closing. He liked the idea of the drink tickets as he thought that really calmed everyone down. We told him word got out on social media that Jake and I were at the bar and some of our regular Friday/Saturday night customers dropped by to see what was going on. Taylor said it was nice to know he was having dinner with two very well known gay celebrities. We laughed and told him we were lucky to be having dinner with the president of our fraternity. Taylor said that was nothing and he hoped to be able to live up to Tuck’s shoes. I told him he was a size larger. Taylor laughed and said he’d seen Tuck naked before and there were very few guys that compared to Tuck.

    “What, you were checking out Tuck? Seriously? That’s what gay guys do, Taylor. You have desires to play for our team?” I asked a series of quick questions. Taylor laughed.

    “No, but you can’t help but notice Tuck. I mean the guy’s pretty well hung. Great guy though, now that you changed him into a decent guy, Josh. I’m telling you, you won his mind and heart over this last year. He was a narcissistic asshole at times. He could be very professional and gentle at times, but then he could be a self-centered prick at other times. He only beat me out of the presidency by one vote last year. That made me VP and Secretary Treasurer automatically, which I was fine with. Not that I really wanted to be president, but I thought I could do more for the fraternity than Tuck and his self-centered ways could. You proved me wrong. I swear you totally changed him. I actually love the guy now. I could have used the word ‘loath’ a year ago. See what you did for all of us?” Taylor remarked. I felt all warm inside.

    “He was a challenge, to say the least. I can’t believe I told him to go fuck himself and I was done with him as a friend and would leave the fraternity. That finally got his attention, even though he had changed so much before then, and showed some real leadership. It all happened over Brady and whether to exclude him from membership because some of the Lacrosse guys thought he might be gay. I told Tuck that was horrible. We had a bitter fight that night, but then he grabbed me and hugged me and told me he loved me and I was right. He completely took my side. I was a little shocked, but happy he changed his mind,” I confessed to Taylor.

    “You were absolutely right in what you told him and the shock of losing you for hanging onto some stupid notion was enough to change him even more. Thank you so much, Josh for your transformation of his life. He’s going to be a great leader now because of you. I know you counseled him several times on how to handle his father also. He used to agonize over his family situation and that dumb gold digging bitch of a girlfriend, Julie. Damn, thank goodness she’s gone. That’s all he used to talk about was how great she was and how good she was in bed. He used to tap that almost every night. You’d have thought they were married. Boy did she turn on him when he told her he didn’t want anything to do with her anymore. I’m sure you helped him along in that decision also, and thank goodness you did. I was beginning to think we were going to have to have an intervention of sorts to vanquish that bitch from his life. She wouldn’t take no for an answer and kept coming at him from all angles, especially sexually. He had a hard time refraining from that. Still, he loved you so much, Josh, he completely turned around and got his head on straight in so many areas. You taught him how to be a leader on the basketball team, not just their captain, but an actual leader of men. Your handprint is on so much of the positive side of his life, I can’t begin to tell you. We were so blessed we had the right guy to be his little brother. You actually turned out to be the big brother and shape and mold him. We were all so relieved it turned out the way it did. You never knew this, but we only gave you a few weeks before we thought you’d have enough of him and quit. It brought tears to my eyes to see you at initiation and think of all the great things that were accomplished this year for the frat and for Tuck personally,” Taylor confessed, making me think he was never going to quit.

    “I guess I was lucky the chemistry was great between Tuck and me, and I was enough of a smartass to keep him entertained. He had a lot to put up with me also. I did some crazy things to that guy over the course of the year. He took it all in stride. I guess we were a pair of misfits that just fit when put together,” I admitted. Taylor said Tuck was the misfit and God sent me to kick his ass and straighten him out.

    “I have a question, Taylor. How did you know that Jake and I would be good friends? You set us up, if you recall. I met the love of my life because of you, so I guess you could say you had a hand in my future also. There were several factors that came together, with all of us separately, and together, shaping and molding our future. It’s interesting when you think about all the different players at different stages that made it all work, not knowing what others were doing at the time. I guess you could call it fate, maybe,” I threw out there. Taylor chuckled.

    “I saw in Jake what I loved about my brother. I cared about Jake from the moment I met him. I knew we’d be instant friends and teammates. We were. He was a great athlete, and still is. That went without saying,” Taylor said with Jake thanking him humorously for the ‘vote of confidence’. “But I knew he was searching for something. He was uneasy as he tried to find his way. That happens to a lot of freshmen, but not like it was affecting Jake. Jake was fighting off some demons, and I knew they weren’t drugs or alcohol. He was essentially a gay man in a straight world and he didn’t know it at the time. He thought he was a straight guy, but he wasn’t happy there and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with himself. He needed a friend, someone to help him through all that and find himself. Eric and I talked about it at length when he spent time studying in my room, all those nights you guys came over to study as pledges had to do. Anyway, without ‘outing’ you, which didn’t bother me in the least, Eric just told me he had a friend that was great at helping guys through personal problems they were struggling with and that you had worked a miracle on your roommate, although Eric never outed you or told me you were gay. I just gave him the lead on knowing who might be the best guy to help my beloved teammate and friend. Eric gave me you, which was convenient, since you were Tuck’s little brother. I never gave it much thought about you being gay or straight. We got the two of you together and Jake was one happy fellow after that, Josh. I kind of knew, but I didn’t care. I figured if you could win over Tuck and he didn’t know, why should anyone else know or care. I loved my brother so much and the thought of him committing suicide haunts me to this day. I didn’t want to see that happen to anyone else, especially someone I cared so much about like Jake,” Taylor confessed.

    “I could almost kiss you, Taylor. All this time you were in the background trying to help Jake. You really cared about him because of your brother. That’s admirable and an act of love. See, we can be gay and straight and still love one another. That’s the beauty of life. It’s our character and not our sexuality that determines what kind of person we really are,” I said almost in tears. Taylor leaned over the front seat and hugged me tightly as best he could from where we were sitting.

    “I love you both, Josh, you and Jake. I know you’re the perfect couple and will make each other happy for the rest of your lives. You are my two favorite friends. I was hoping we could have this conversation for some time. I was so looking forward to being with you guys this weekend and telling you how much I loved the two of you. You’re my shining stars and the life my brother should have had if he’d have met someone like you, Josh. I just felt so guilty and lost when that happened. I could never forgive myself I didn’t see it and try to do something about it. I wasn’t going to let that happen to Jake, even if I had to turn gay and love him myself,” Taylor said and laughed.

    “Hey, don’t be hitting on my boyfriend now, Taylor. He’s mine and all mine now,” I warned him jokingly. “I’ve seen you naked and hell, I’m not sure why he never hit on you. It’s a good thing I wasn’t your little brother or we may have had some serious sex this last year,” I joked. Taylor couldn’t help but laugh.

    “I’ve seen you naked many times too, Taylor. You did give me some hot jack off material at one time,” Jake admitted with Taylor and I busting out laughing. “That was before I met Josh, that is. Just to set the record straight. After I met Josh, my whole world changed, but I learned to love your heart then, instead of your body at that point,” Jake continued.

    “What, my body’s not good enough for you anymore?” Taylor asked jokingly. We laughed. We told him anytime he wanted to explore options on the other side we were there to coach him and help him through. He said he’d keep that in mind.

    We arrived at the barbeque joint just as some of the others got there. They ushered us into a separate room for a private party. Eric was there and introduced us to his parents. His mother surprisingly hugged me and told me how wonderful I had been for all the great things I had done for Eric and helped him with. I told her he was one of the best guys in the world to have as a friend. She thanked me again and hugged Jake and Taylor. She had met Taylor before, but was so happy to see him again. Eric’s father shook our hands and thanked us, not as warmly as his mother, but genuinely.

    Kevin was there and gave me a bro hug as well as Jake. He had met Taylor at the bachelor party and shook hands with him. A couple of Eric’s straight friends were there, one of the smaller ones and the other husky guy. They were all smiles when they shook our hands and reiterated what a great party we had the night before. I told them everyone there made it fun. They said the party upstairs was great also, as they hadn’t had that kind of excitement before. I took that to mean they hadn’t been laid in a while or could it be a first? Who knew, but who cared. They were straight. No further work needed there. Obviously, Kevin knew them from high school also. I could tell none of them were close with Kevin, but they were still friends.

    Miss Maddy finally arrived with her parents and what looked to be a sister of some sort and maybe an older brother. He was kind of hot actually. Maddy was rather ordinary, but sweet and very pregnant. I was glad this wedding was this weekend as I was sure she was about to deliver, hopefully not before the weekend was out. I almost wanted to tell Eric to have the wedding tonight as I didn’t think she could make it another day and they might have to get married in the delivery room. Eric said they had another three weeks so not to fret. I wasn’t sure he was right, but I let him have the benefit of the doubt. Maddy hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

    “Thanks for loving Eric almost as much as I do,” she whispered in my ear. I wasn’t sure how to reply after that statement.

    “Hey, he’s in love with you. I’m just his buddy, helping him make things work for the both of you and your soon to be family,” I replied thinking I said the right thing. She smiled at me, but told me she was so grateful to me for giving him a job and helping him to continue going to school. I told her everything was going to work out. She hugged me again and told me now she knew why Eric loved me so much. I was somewhat uncomfortable about her choice of words, but she was very congenial. It was her party and wedding, so I played along. Her mother and father were a little distant when I got to shake hands with them, but here I was a gay man as Eric’s best man at his wedding. They seemed to know about me and were accepting so far. I didn’t give them any reason not to be.

    Eric and Maddy introduced me to the minister also. I figured he was oblivious as to my gender preference as he was nothing but professional and congenial, as he would have been with anyone’s best man. The minister got the wedding party together in the far corner of the banquet room and did a mock wedding, more or less to say we had a rehearsal. He ran through the process rather quickly as he said he was hungry and ready to eat. We had to laugh, but the rest of us were anxious about the procedure. It boiled down to Eric, myself, Kevin and another of Eric’s buddies standing on the right side of the church. Two bridesmaids would come down the aisle first, the maid of honor next, then the bride. The congregation would stand for the bride’s march with her father who was giving her away. The minister told me that all I had to do after that was hand Eric the ring to put on Maddy’s hand. He told me to make sure I didn’t lose it and the best thing to keep that from happening or fumbling around trying to find it in a pocket was to slip it on my pinky as the ceremony started. I got that. Then he told me should Eric, faint, panic or bolt, I had to catch him no matter what. We all laughed. Then after the ceremony, I had to escort the maid of honor out. The wedding party would stand with Eric and Maddy at the back of the church in a receiving line and greet the guests. Eric told me there weren’t going to be but maybe 50 guests total so we’d be out of there in not time. The couple were forgoing the rice or birdseed throwing. The banquet hall was close by for the reception which was going to be simple. That said, the minister spent just a few more minutes talking to Eric and Maddy about their vows and when to do what. The rest of us found our tables where we were to sit.

    Luckily, Kevin, Jake, Taylor and I were sitting with Eric’s two straight friends at a table and the rest were scattered at different tables. The bridesmaids seemed nice enough. Nothing to make your dick hard, in my opinion, but then I didn’t like women from a sexual standpoint, so who was I to judge. One of Eric’s friends seemed to think he was going to get lucky with one of them later tonight. I wished him well as did the rest of the guys at our table. He said he hoped it was as exciting as last night had been. I let that one lie.

    One of the tasks we were given was to stand up and say our name and how we knew Eric and give a humorous story if we had one. All I could think about were the times we tormented him terribly, teasing him sexually and blowing him in the shower when he needed it. I hardly thought this was the place to reminisce with those memories. I had to think hard. Some of the bridesmaids were telling stories about Maddy and how she fell in love with Eric, reliving some of the cutesy things she’d say about their relationship and goings on. I was racking my brain. Taylor got to say some things about the fraternity and his study sessions with Eric. He even brought me into some of what he said. Jake said he was with me as a guest, but knew Eric from hanging out in my room with Eric and Kevin popping in all the time as suitemates. That got a few eyes raised. I knew I had to say something humorous, but I was devoid of all thoughts at the moment. Then it was my turn. I almost was speechless.

    “Well, I knew Eric was going to be a great friend from the first day of school when we moved in and my roomy and I met him and Kevin. Kevin was the crazy one and Eric, he was the solid guy,” Kevin interrupted me and thanked me for that comment. That got a laugh. “Then we had these long walks every night through the cold and rain and the dark as we made our way to study time at the frat. We settled half the worlds problems on those walks to and from the frat house. Sometimes he’d have to boost my spirits and I gave him some steep challenges there, trust me,” I said getting laughs. “Then there were times when he was sorting out the rest of his life, which he was looking forward to with great courage and love for his soon to be bride, Maddy here. Maddy, he talked incessantly about you. I could tell he was head over heels in love with you. He couldn’t wait for Friday to come and to run home to see you, he loved you so much. And now this great union is about to take place for which all of us here are eternally grateful for the happiness it will bring to Eric’s and Maddy’s families and of course, our guests of honor, Eric and Maddy. Then, I’m putting his butt to work in the coming weeks to get a business up and running. Eric here is going to be our new manager of a pub we’re opening up at the university. He’s going to be able to have a family, finish his school, stay in our athletic fraternity and have a steady income. We’ll all make sure he works hard and provides for his family. We love you two and wish you eternal happiness. You deserve it,” I finished. I got a big round of applause. I heard a grandmother say I was really good and should be a politician. That made me laugh. Eric came over and publicly hugged me. I patted him on the back.

    We finally had dinner and got out of there. Before we left, Eric thanked me again for everything. “Everyone cool with me being your best man, because I can switch just as easy with one of your straight friends,” I told Eric.

    “Josh, they all love you. You’re solid, Josh. Maddy’s parents were a little skittish at the beginning, but I told them there was no greater friend on the face of this earth than you. You should have heard them after your speech. They thought you were great. They said they understood why I held you in such high esteem. You won them all over, Josh. You are my best man now and forever,” Eric told me and hugged me tightly.

    “Last night as a free man. I can run you out of state. We still have time if you want to bolt,” I offered. Eric laughed and hugged me again.

    “Love you, brother,” he said as he hugged me. “Oh, you and I are changing into our monkey suits at the hotel tomorrow before we leave for my hometown and the church. You can ride with me to the church if Jake can drop you off around 11:30. That will give us time to change. Maddy says you’re responsible for getting all the things we have to wear for those suits on in the right order and the right places, especially those little stud things that replace buttons,” Eric explained.

    “I’ve seen you, stud. There’s nothing little about you,” I said laughing.

    “You know what I mean, Josh. It will give us some special time together so you can keep my nerves in check and keep me occupied so I don’t bolt and run away. You’re my keeper until I get married, I guess you could say,” Eric added.

    “Fine with me. I’m all yours for tomorrow at least,” I reassured him. Eric hugged me again. Taylor, Jake and I left after saying our goodbyes and getting congratulated on the wonderful things we all said about Eric. They all said they could tell what great friends we all were and Eric was lucky to have us as friends. Maddy’s father said what he thought might be a disaster as far as Maddy’s future was concerned looked like it was going to be great after all. I assured him all of Eric’s friends would do their part to make the two happy and well taken care of. Maddy’s father actually hugged me for those words. He said I didn’t know how happy that made him feel.

    On the way home, I brought up something I hadn’t thought about until this evening. “Taylor, what I’m about to say might not mean anything to you, but Jake do you realize tonight was the first social setting we’ve attended, outed as gay men? Think about that for a moment. I mean it hit me earlier this evening when I panicked thinking we had to say something about ourselves and our relationship with Eric and everyone, well supposedly everyone in the room, knew we were gay. Hell, our parents don’t even know we’re gay. Well maybe they do and are just humoring us,” I added a shot of levity there, because I was blown away by the fact I just made a speech in a room where people probably looked down on gay men, yet we were accepted and liked. “Fuck, I’m blown away. I was dreading this night for a long time and tomorrow also. I don’t fear tomorrow anymore. All the ones that count tomorrow were in that room tonight. We were accepted. We fit in. That’s the first time we were in a situation where others knew right out we were gay,” I said, still blown away by my own comments and reasoning.

    “You’re right, Josh. Kind of creepy in a way and kind of relieving in another way. We passed, I guess you could say. We were accepted socially and not disdained or anything. Damn, we’re out and the world didn’t come to an end,” Jake said somewhat amazed at the revelation. “Sorry about you, Taylor. All of them probably think you’re gay also, you know, guilt by association,” Jake added.

    “Who cares, guys. Josh said it on the way over here. It’s the character of the person that defines who we are, not the sanctimonious labels people place on us. Gay people are the same as straight people. They just chose to have sex with their own gender. The rest is the same,” Taylor said sounding philosophical.

    “How do you think it might go over in the frat next year, Taylor, Jake and I being gay and all. Not that they know or care right now, but the second we open the CNB2, the world will know. I’m concerned about the swim team as it is. I’m not so sure about the frat,” I confided in him.

    “No one will care, Josh, and the ones that might don’t matter and don’t belong in our fraternity. I think we’ve all evolved to understand what you said earlier, it’s the character that counts. You proved that over and over this past year with Tuck. At one time he was probably homophobic. He openly confessed he loves a gay man now, when he told everyone he loved you as his brother. He told the whole fraternity how wonderful you were for him and how you saved his life. You’re a hero, a winner in all respects. Jake also. Don’t waste a minute of your time worrying about anything negative some idiot might think about you or your lifestyle. It’s not an issue at all,” Taylor assured Jake and me.

    “I hope you’re right, Taylor. This is all new uncharted territory for Jake and me. I don’t worry about the future, as with what we have going on, I think we’re going to be rock solid for life, but you do worry about acceptance and understanding from your family. I guess if they are okay with it, and all our friends are, because they know us only too well, and most of them are gay anyway, and the rest love us regardless. I guess we’re okay,” I commented, somewhat positive about what I said. Taylor hugged me across the seat again.

    “You are loved, Josh. Never forget that. Someone has a problem with that, I’ll take them out myself,” Taylor threatened. We laughed.

    “Taylor the gay enforcer. I can see the headlines now,” I said mocking what he said. We all laughed.

    We asked Taylor if he wanted us to drop him off at his hotel of if he wanted to come spend the evening with us at the bar, have a few drinks and take in the entertainment. He said he’d like that. He said he might even get lucky. Jake and I laughed, as if that was going to happen.

    The first show had ended by the time we got back to the bar. Trevor and Thad were shirtless behind the bar helping out Parker. We grabbed a bar stool for Taylor and parked him at the bar. Trevor drew him a beer and flirted with him. Taylor got a kick out of that. Jake and I headed to the dressing room to make sure all was well for the second show. We got hugs and some kisses from all the dancers. Francis, Ralph, Derek, Jared, Dudley and Lars were all excited to see Jake and me. Allen and OBB were there joking around with the guys.

    “We had a slight wardrobe malfunction tonight, Josh,” Allen said sheepishly.

    “Say what?” I asked concerned.

    “Yeh, Francis’ thong strap broke, but he caught himself quickly, putting his hand over everything. Everyone thought it was part of the act and got all excited thinking they were going to see some dick and balls, but Francis managed to secure his junk and make it backstage without any fall out, literal fall out,” Allen said explaining the situation. “It was a close call, but Francis saved the day. Oh, and the crowd went wild. The guys hauled in some major dollars on that set.”

    “Amazing. A disaster turns into a windfall. Go figure,” I uttered. Allen smiled.

    “I told Francis his cock was too damned big and his balls too heavy for that little thong. The dude is hung like a bull, Josh. Too big for my hole by a long shot. Don’t know what it’d be like to take a dick like that,” Allen exclaimed. I was just remembering the wonderful experience Jake and I both shared with Sven this afternoon. If Allen only knew.

    We got the dancers ready for the second set, new thong and all for Francis. The guys did a great job and made lots of money. At the end, back in the dressing room, they jizzed on several thongs and Allen took them to the floor to auction. Jake and I got several questions on when #2 was going to be ready. We gave them a progress report. They all volunteered to dance there to help open it. I reminded them we had to keep this place going also, so maybe we could rotate some guys out at times to let them see what #2 was like. They liked that idea, getting to see new customers and dazzle them with their junk and provocative dancing.

    Jake and I made our way back to the bar. We were busy. We took off our shirts and only wore our shorts as we jumped in to help Thad and Trevor. Trevor jumped into my arms wrapping his legs around my waist and his arms around my neck, then gave me a big sloppy kiss. The crowd went wild. He did the same to Jake. Thad gave me a hug and slowly licked one of my nipples creating some major excitement for the crowd. Taylor was laughing at both of us.

    “Smooth action there, Josh. I’d say your bartenders really like you and Jake,” Taylor commented.

    “It’s all part of the show. The more affection and attention we give each other behind the bar, and the more provocative we can make it, the greater the tips. Works well.” I replied. Taylor just shook his head smiling.

    “Didn’t you tell me that your Admin guy, Thad, I think his name is, the one that just licked your nipple? Didn’t you tell me he was straight?” Taylor asked somewhat confused.

    “Absolutely. But, he knows the more gay he acts, the greater the tips. So, he’s quickly improving, learning how to play to the crowd. Sucker’s getting pretty good at it lately also. May have him retake the ‘limits test’,” I mentioned out loud. Taylor asked me what the limits test was. I just laughed and told him he didn’t want to know.

    The bar started to thin out closer to midnight. Jake and I ended up sitting at a table with Taylor, having a few beers together and doing some reminiscing. Taylor told us this was the most exciting long weekend he’d had in ages. He said our bar was a little unusual, an experience he’d never had before, but it was fun, and everyone had a great time here, hanging out with friends and enjoying the entertainment. Taylor marveled at the dancers, saying they were good at what they did. He told Jake and I we needed to have a ladies night as they’d be all over those guys and spend tons of money doing it.

    “You know that might not be a bad idea for #2, seeing as how we need to open it up to straights on certain nights. A ladies’ night with our dancers might just be the trick to packing the bar on a weeknight that otherwise would be slow. Damn, Taylor, that’s not a bad idea at all. Jake, we need to put him on the team if he has ideas like this,” I said praising Taylor. Taylor smiled.

    “Which team are you talking about, management or the gay team? Let’s be clear on that point,” Taylor joked.

    “Oh, yeh. Well that would be the management team as a creative consultant of some sort. Didn’t mean to infer you were joining ‘our team’ in a sexual sense,” I clarified. Taylor laughed and said he was just joking.

    Allen and OBB came by and said they were going back to the hotel for the after party. Taylor asked them if he could bum a ride and spare Jake and me having to run him back. Turns out he was at the same hotel. I warned him about Allen’s after party, so for him to stay out of trouble. Taylor said he would be sure to steer clear of that. Jake asked Taylor if he wanted to ride down to the wedding tomorrow with him and Andy since I was going with Eric. Taylor said he would have loved doing that, but he was leaving from there to go home again so he wouldn’t be coming back this way and he’d just drive. Taylor hugged us both before taking off with Allen and OBB.

    We helped Thad and Trevor clean up the bar area. Parker was extremely grateful for the help. He said the two T’s had done a great job tonight and really got the crowd excited. The bar business was great tonight. Thad told me he had a great handle on register system and the software after getting some practical use with it. I knew that would help him greatly if he actually used the system.

    “Yeh, Josh, I think we need to re-evaluate your boy. He got a great handle on me tonight also,” Trevor confessed peaking my curiosity. “He stuffed his hand down the front of my shorts and got a handful of my bare junk. Gave me a damn boner,” Trevor said excitedly. Thad just blushed with embarrassment.

    “It was part of the act, Trevor. I was just acting. Look at the tips we made tonight. It was great. You did it to me afterwards, so now we’re even,” Thad explained.

    “Wow, Thad. Seems like you’re getting closer to our side all the time. What’d you think, Trev, maybe another week and we turn him?” I joked. Thad shook his head.

    “All in fun, guys,” Thad said admittedly with a big smile.

    We finally were able to head upstairs for some rest or whatever recreation the guys were into tonight. Jake and I got off twice this afternoon, but Trevor, Andy and Erin could always get another load out of us. We stripped down to our undies and had a beer together, Thad with us.

    “So here’s how I think it needs to go down tonight, guys,” Trevor started. “I fucked you last night, Andy so it’s your turn to return the favor. Erin, I know you love receiving so I guess we can build a sandwich and I’ll be the middle with Andy in my ass. Jake, you and Josh can fuck each other, because you don’t get to fuck each other exclusively that often, but you absolutely have to unload in my ass. I want all your loads tonight. My ass is going to be a collection of DNA of my great friends. Erin, I’ll fuck you, but you have to fuck my ass long enough to cum in it,” Trevor said with great delight, seemingly having worked out this whole orgy scenario in his mind.

    “Trevor, remember, I’m still here. Couldn’t you talk about that stuff after you guys go to bed?” Thad asked. Trevor smiled.

    “Hey the way you let me feel your bare junk tonight, I figured you’d want my hot smooth lips on that cock of yours instead of your hand, and you join in the fun. Can’t go teasing us unless you’re willing to play,” Trevor replied. Thad laughed.

    “You crazy ass. Where did you find this guy?” Thad asked.

    “Amazingly, he found us. He was straight just like you, only his curiosity got the best of him and now, well, you’ve seen how he is. ‘Crazy ass’, I think you called him. His ass is definitely crazy, but it treats a dick wonderfully. You can try it out if you like, Thad. Hell, you can even cum in his ass and he’d enjoy it,” I told him. Thad made a face.

    “That’s just kind of wrong,” he said with a contorted face.

    “Don’t knock it til you try it. I guaranteed you’ll love it, Thad,” Trevor told him. “Thought the same thing myself back a few months, then I discovered how great it was and never turned back. Hell, it’s better than fucking pussy. It’s tighter and so much more sensual. I ought to know as I tried to wear out Betty’s loose pussy. Not that I didn’t like it, but a male asshole is so much better than a sloppy stinky pussy. Nothing like it. These guys will tell you,” Trevor assured him. Thad just kind of shook his head, not really knowing what to say and somewhat not wanting to think about it.

    “Can we get all five of us in the shower, Josh?” Trevor asked.

    “We’ve had that many of us in there before. It’s tight, but that’s what makes it fun. Don’t have anything like what we have at the apartment in Uni. But roughing it can be kind of fun. A whole lot more body contact,” I replied.

    “Wait, there’s six of us, not five,” Thad commented.

    “Oh, you joining us? If you are, you’re in the middle then so you can take advantage of both ends,” Trevor chided. Thad looked confused.

    “Oh, you guys are doing gay things in the shower? In that case, I think I’ll wait until later,” Thad replied.

    “Hello, half the fun of taking showers together is what you do to each other in the shower, such as sensuously bathe one another, running your soapy hands all over some other boy’s hot body and feeling up his junk and teasing his asshole. Thad, we have so much to teach you. You need to get started as you have a lot to learn,” Trevor said teasing him.

    “Uh, I think I’ll pass. My showers are so much simpler,” Thad replied.

    “Yes, your shower only requires one soapy hand. Okay, boys. I’m getting the water hot. Last one in has to lick everyone’s balls clean,” Trevor announced and took off.

    “In that case, I think I’ll be last. I love licking balls,” Erin replied.

    We stripped off our briefs as we hustled to the bathroom where Trevor already had the water going. Thad got the picture of five guys’ ass ends with balls and dicks flying as we took off. I was sure he was excited seeing that view.

    Shower time was fun. We teased each other terribly, getting each other all boned up and ready for action. The shower was definitely tight with five of us in there, but it was so much fun. We finally got out and dried off, then headed to the bedroom.

    “Thad, heads up,” Trevor yelled at Thad and threw him a small bottle of lube. “Try that tonight. It’s much better than a bare hand. But if you really want some hot action that will give you an orgasm out of this world, my hot ass is waiting for you in the bedroom and you are always welcome. Thad shook his head and laughed. I quickly walked in to kiss him goodnight, which he always appreciated, except my cock was rock hard from all the foreplay in the shower.

    “Josh, you’re hard already,” Thad said looking straight at my hardon. “Did I do that?”

    “Uh, yeh. No really, that’s a product of the shower. It got a little crazy in there and, well, we’re all hard, you might say. What about you?” I asked and felt his junk through his underwear. “Think you might be a little also. Come in and join us if you want to, Thad. You’re always welcome,” I told him. He smiled at me, then pulled me in again for a kiss.

    “Goodnight, Josh. Thanks for another great day here. It was so much fun and I learned so much. I’m excited, but I guess you could tell that,” he said looking down towards his boner. I blew him a kiss as I left him.

    “Okay, lick my asshole, Andy. Get me all nice and wet and ready to take your dick, buddy. I want that again in the worst way,” Trevor commented. “Erin, get on all fours in front of me and I’ll tongue fuck your sweet ass,” Trevor continued. “Jake, you and Josh amuse yourselves or jump in here anyplace you want. It’s a full-blown orgy, as far as I’m concerned, and we’re going to enjoy the hell out of it.”

    I decided to slide under Andy and suck on his cock and balls. He leaned down and kissed me passionately, almost dreamily. Jake was sucking my cock, licking my balls and trying to probe my asshole.

    “Fuck, Andy, you’re driving my asshole crazy. Shit, man, I’m pre-cumming like crazy. Fuck, I’m going to have to marry you, you feel so fucking good in my ass. You’re setting me on fire, boy. Fuck!” Trevor said, excited as hel,l as Andy rimmed his hot ass like crazy. “Okay, we gotta fuck now as I’m going to cum if you keep that up, Andy.”

    Trevor ordered us all to take positions. Andy lined up his cock with Trevor’s asshole and gently penetrated Trevor’s ass.

    “Fuck, Andy, that feels so fucking good,” Trevor exclaimed, as Andy moved his cock deeper into Trevor’s ass. Not losing a stroke, Trevor pulled Erin into him and penetrated Erin’s ass. “Damn, Erin, you have one of the sweetest asses my dick has had the pleasure of fucking,” Trevor told him. I had to chuckle.

    “How romantic, Trev,” I said.

    Fuck it, it’s hot, Josh. But you and Jake know that better than anyone. Andy’s is so sweet also. I think I’m going to fuck myself to death with all these hot asses and cocks around me now. Shit, I should have dumped Drew ages ago. You guys are so much more fun,” he said between deep breaths as his senses were being escalated.

    Jake and I were laying on our sides on our mattress watching the action next to us. I had penetrated Jake, and was fondling his boner and balls, but we were taking it slow and easy, just really enjoying the connection between us and the hot sight beside us. Jake’s pre-cum was oozing over my fingers as I stroked his cock while gently fucking his ass.

    “Fuck me harder, Andy. Fuck me like you mean it,” Trevor barked, like a general giving orders to his troops.

    “You can fuck me harder too, Trevor. I can take it, so dish it out,” Erin added. The three got real serious and started to really pound it out between them. That somehow got Jake and I more excited, I guess trying to keep up with the other three. I started pounding Jake harder and faster.

    “Erin, tell me when you’re ready to cum, as I want that hot load of yours,” Trevor begged. “Andy, fire at will, because I’m close. Oh, fuck. Fuck me harder, Andy. Put it to me, buddy. Fuck me like there’s no tomorrow. Oh shit. Erin, suck my load. I’m going to cum and I want you to have it,” Trevor said desperately. Erin came off Trevor’s cock and got below him and started stroking his cock hard and deliberately, wanting to milk his body of all his seed. “Fuck, I’m gonna to cum. I’m fucking cumming! Shit, fuck, suck, piss cum. Oh, shiiiitttttttt!, he yelled, as he tensed up like crazy turning red, then fired stream after stream of his hot seed into Erin’s mouth. Erin then latched onto Trevor’s cock with his lips and drained him of anything else he had from the depths of his balls. “Keep fucking me Andy. Don’t stop. Fill my ass with that hot load. I need that load of yours deep in my bowels. Give me every last drop. Drain those balls, boy!” Trevor ordered. Andy stiffened up, held Trevor’s hips tight against his pelvic bone, then jammed his cock deep into Trevor, giving him three more hard thrusts as his cock unloaded in Trevor’s ass. Andy collapsed on top of Trevor’s back, his cock still leaking his seed into Trevor’s body. Seeing how intense these two orgasms were, Jake and I were extremely close. Erin began jacking his cock and motioned for Andy to move out of Trevor’s ass as Erin took his place thrusting his cock deep into Trevor’s ass and intensely unloaded his balls. Jake told Erin to hurry as he was ready to blow. Erin backed out of Trevor, and so did some of the seed sewn in his ass, cum drooling out of Trevor’s ass like concrete out of a concrete truck. Jake quickly came off my cock and shoved his into Trevor’s ass, stopping the exodus of our friends sperm from Trevor’s ass, momentarily at least, as Jake added to the slick, slimy mixture of our friends’ sperm.

    “Fuck!” Jake yelled as he unloaded, tensing up like crazy. “Man, you’ve got one slick asshole, Trev. Felt like I put my cock into a whole bottle of lube,” Jake said as he took care to back his cock out of Trevor’s asshole, making room for me to finish him off. I jumped in and fired my load into the gooey sperm mixture churning in Trevor’s ass. Jake was right. There was so much cum in Trevor’s ass. A whole string of it fell out over my cock as I gently pulled out of his ass. We made a mess to say the least. Trevor rolled over on his back.

    “Kiss me your fuckers,” he demanded. “You can’t just bukkake my ass and not kiss me. What kind of selfish fuckers are you guys?” Jake and I shook our heads at each other and started laughing. Trevor had become so animated and funny, getting into male sex like none other we’d ever experienced. “Fuck, kiss me all over. Kiss my titties, lick my naval, kiss my balls, suck my cock, whatever, but give me some tongue action all over and act like you mean it,” he said looking ridiculous laying there with cum oozing out of his ass.

    “Trevor, I don’t know who you are anymore, but I kind of like the new Trevor,” I had to say. Jake echoed that sentiment. We all bent down and washed him down with our tongues, somewhat torturing the boy as we did.

    “Fuck, this is the life. Nothing like cumming hard with the guys you care about most in life. I love you guys,” Trevor said sincerely. Then we gave him passionate kisses on the lips. At this point he earned it. Andy flipped Trevor’s limp dick around to see if it was totally lifeless. He slung drops of cum around as he did. “You having fun at my expense, Andrew?” Trevor asked humorously.

    “Just enjoying what I see,” Andy replied. “You have anything left for my ass tonight?” Andy asked trying to breathe life back into Trevor’s cock.

    “Ooo, aren’t we a horny one,” Trevor replied. “Andy, if you can get that wilted fuck stick of mine hard, it belongs in your ass for sure.” Andy got a big smile on his face.

    “I’d forgotten how wonderful a dick up my ass felt, having to satisfy Ashton constantly. I rarely got fucked unless I was with Josh and Jake. I fear you’ve awaked my senses again, Trev. That dick felt so hot up my ass last night. I just have to have more,” Andy told Trevor.

    “And you shall,” Trevor replied and pulled him down to kiss him passionately. “But first, let’s get my ass cleaned up,” he said rising up to head to the bathroom. “Don’t want to be fucking your sweet hot ass with cum running out of mine.” That made us all laugh again.

    Jake and I embraced as we laid beside each other, kissing passionately, happy that our friends were happy and satisfied. The two I worried about the most seemed to be getting along greater than imagined, and extremely happy together. Jake and I guessed the real test would be when we got back to our new apartment and what might take place then. Erin came over and bent down to kiss Jake and I together. I playfully grabbed his penis, pulled him in with us, and made him feel loved.

    We heard a ruckus in the other room. Then Andy and Trevor came back into the bedroom. “What happened out there?” I asked curiously.

    “Oh, we caught Thad beating off and asked him if he really wouldn’t want a blow job instead. He declined and then I asked him if he wanted to see me bury my dick in Andy’s ass. Then he got pissed and told us to get out of there. He’ll come around sooner or later. We can’t give up on him. Nice dick when it’s hard, by the way. Didn’t get to see him cum, but I would love to swallow his load sometime,” Trevor explained. I had to throw a pillow at him. His crazy antics didn’t last long as he and Andy got into some serious fucking once again sending both of them over the edge one more time.

    “Can we all get some sleep now?” I asked cautiously.

    “Feel free to sleep, but Andy and I have some serious fucking to do and we’re just getting started,” Trevor said, then I heard his ass get slapped. “Ouch, fuck! Maybe we will get some sleep after all, since you mentioned it.” I could only imagine Andy put him in his place. Trevor was really becoming a character lately, and we all kind of liked him that way. He was fun.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Another great chapter

    Trevor and Andy getting along - in more ways
    Thad being more involved in all the stuff about CnB and #2
    We get to know a little more about Taylor

    Great stuff now let's see what the wedding day will bring

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Everything Thanatos said. Trevor is really becoming a crazy character. He has changed so much since the time the Josh and Jake turned him. Thad is getting a little crazy himself licking Josh's nipples and stuffing his hand down Trevor's shorts feeling his bare junk. Andy and Trevor seemed to bet getting along extremely well. Andy is probably relieved and happy to be with someone that is thoughtful and fun as opposed to Ashton who was needy and looking for someone else all the time, breaking poor Andy's heart with his selfishness. For two guys that should be sad and depressed just coming out of failed relationships, it's refreshing to see them have fun together. Taylor was fun and supportive of Josh and Jake. He really cares about the two and Eric. One could think Taylor sees his lost brother in Josh and Jake and has a chance to make up for what haunts him. So much going on, FT. You really know how to delve into the personalities of all these characters. You make us enjoy and care about them as if they were all our friends also. Love it all. Keep going. We so look forward to each and every chapter and additional insight into our friends' spirits. Love you, bro. BC

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chapter 206 – The Wedding and Events Leading Up To

    It was Eric’s wedding day. The day had finally come, and I had to fulfill my duties to my beloved friend as his best man today, the highest honor a friend could bestow on another friend. I was somewhat excited about the challenge of making sure I lived up to his expectations. On the other hand, I had been dreading this day for some time, concerned about what family members and other friends might think about a gay guy serving as best man for a straight guy. I was prepared to handle the situation, knowing full well, I had Eric’s confidence and love to see me through. This was only one day. Our friendship and fellowship would last a lifetime. I had to keep my mind focused on the lifetime friendship and not this one day. I felt much better and more at ease, having met both families the night before at the rehearsal dinner. I somehow, with the help of Eric I was sure, and maybe the little speech I gave about our friendship at the rehearsal dinner, earned their respect and professional appreciation. I was more positive about the day after having met my supposed adversaries the night before and passing their scrutiny. Hopefully, I was not to be the black sheep at the wedding as I had once feared. Eric told me several times I was full of shit to feel that way, but I couldn’t help it, my long-term secret on full view of strangers I did not know.

    Thad, bless his heart, dressed only in his briefs, had coffee brewing for us when we finally rolled out of bed naked and headed to the kitchen after making a brief piss stop at the bathroom. “I see the dress code hasn’t changed from yesterday,” Thad remarked as we rolled into the kitchen, our semi-boners swinging back and forth as we did. I gave his junk a gentle squeeze as I passed him, making him jump a little and smile.

    “Big night tonight at the bar, boys,” I told Trevor and Thad. “The rest of us will be at the wedding until early evening. We hope to be back here by possibly 7ish, so we should be back in time before the place gets too busy. Greer and Sven are coming tonight and Sven wants to dance, so the word will spread quickly, and more people will show up to see him. Business and profitability should be good tonight. I’m anxious to get this wedding over with and get back to business, getting #2 finished and up and running. Looks like we’re regretfully down a couple of people with Ashton and Drew gone. Dustin may be with us next week if he doesn’t have to work his two-week’s notice. That should be helpful. Not sure if Allen and OBB are here all summer or if they’re traveling anywhere. That we’ll have to find out, and I forgot to ask them. Allen told me at one time he and OBB may go to a diving conference for interested Olympic hopefuls just to see what it was like. Not sure where or when that is, but we’ll have to work around it. Trevor, you can spend time with Seth and Lance today to get a handle on the food service end of the business. Don’t fuck them though, please. They’ll try to get you to, but our professional decorum dictates we do not fuck the help. Bad HR. The food service is different here from what we have in mind at #2 in that we sub it out. We may want to do our own at #2 as we have a much nicer kitchen there with a larger menu potential. Check out what we do here and see what we might want to keep, and what we might want to add. Thad, you stay on the software and study all the interfaces. Take a look at the chart of accounts for the P&L. We’ll duplicate those for #2 so we can compare apples to apples.” I finished my thoughts while we were all there together, except for Allen and OBB who were undoubtedly recovering from their orgy last night.

    “Wouldn’t it be more fun to compare dicks to dicks instead of apples to apples?” Trevor asked. I reached over and tugged on his cock. “Ouch, just teasing, Josh. Can’t damage my fuck stick. Andy needs that terribly,” Trevor said smiling at Andy. Andy kissed him. These two were really getting along great, I noticed.

    “Jake, can you drop me at the hotel to meet Eric? I need to be there at 11:30. You, Erin and Andy can leave a little later to go to the church. I think Eric said it took about an hour to get to his hometown and the church was right as you entered the town limits on the right-hand side. Eric said you can’t miss it,” I told Jake.

    “Will do. I’ll swing by the hotel so Taylor can follow us down there to the church when we get ready to go. Keep Eric under control. This is a big day for him. Keep him amused so he doesn’t get any wedding day jitters. You know how he gets sometimes, worrying about everything. This is a big step in is life, one of the biggest. The next biggest step comes in about three weeks when the baby gets here. Not sure which is the biggest step, but both are a lot to swallow all in a short period of time. Keep him calm, Josh,” Jake urged. I told Jake, Eric and I were going to have to keep each other calm. Jake just shook his head.

    As much as I thought I was geared to handle all this, it was foreign territory to me and I was nervous. I wasn’t sure if I was nervous for Eric or for me, but I was nervous. I busied myself after breakfast with the staff, facility and reviewing the chart of accounts with Thad, just to keep my mind busy and not think about the rest of what was inevitably coming. I wanted a beer, or maybe several beers, just to calm me down a little, but didn’t dare drink anything now. I wanted to be the sharpest I could be for Eric’s sake and tease him to keep him relaxed. What we needed was a Sven massage and steam bath, but that was out of the question. I would be fine, I kept telling myself.

    “Josh, are you okay?” Thad asked after seeing me fidgeting all over the office.

    “Yeh. Fine. Why?” I replied half hearing him.

    “You’re nervous as hell. You’d think you were going to a hanging of a friend and not his wedding,” Thad replied.

    “I’m fine, Thad. Really, I’m fine. Just got to get through this. It’ll be over in a few hours, and then we can get back to our regular lives. Eric will be married and we can get on with our lives.”

    “You’d swear you were the one getting married,” Thad said smiling. “You’ll be fine. You know you need to make a toast at the reception. Best men always do that. It’s part of their duties,” Thad told me.

    “What? A toast? I have to do that and not their parents?” I asked him, hearing this for the first time.

    “Of course. You just say some nice things about them and wish them a happy and loving life together. It’s not hard. Rather simple, really,” Thad explained.

    “Shit, now I have to write something. Damn, what do I need to say?” I asked him.

    “Really, Josh. I mean you’re never at a loss for words when it comes to anything and everything. Words just flow for you. It’s the rest of us that have a hard time expressing ourselves,” Thad replied.

    “Yeh, well, this is one area, I’m at a total loss. I don’t know any of those people and I just met the bride last night for the first time. This isn’t going to be easy. What do best men say for a toast? You must have some idea since you knew a best man has to give a toast. Help me with this,” I begged him.

    “Josh, when you speak from your heart, everyone will listen. You do this all the time with us. It’s meaningful, touching and genuine. My advice is to just listen to your heart and say to Eric and Maddy what your heart wants to tell them. You’ll be fine,” Thad assured me. I gave him a look of strong doubt. He came over and hugged me. “You’re one of the most loving friends a guy could ever have. I’m sure you’ve hugged Eric before and he knows how much you care about him. Just use some of those loving thoughts to include Maddy and Eric, and you’ll be fine,” Thad suggested. I looked at him with great appreciation.

    “I want to care about you more and more each day, Thad. You’re a true friend. I’m so glad you’re with us and put up with all our shit, which may be difficult for you at times, I’m sure, but you’re a good friend. I love you as my friend,” I told him and hugged him. He even kissed me.

    “My life with you guys is interesting and exciting. Can’t say that some of it hasn’t shocked me somewhat, but I sure have learned a lot. You guys are fun and are on your way to being tremendously successful. I feel privileged you let me be a part of this,” he said sincerely, still embracing me. I hugged him tightly for a long moment. “I’m also grateful that we both have clothes on while we’re hugging each other,” he said making me laugh.

    “One day, we might not, but it’ll be because of you,” I told him. He smiled.

    Jake reminded me he needed to get me over to the hotel when it was time to go, and to grab my go-bag with my toiletries and clean underwear needed to change at Eric’s. My heart sank as I left Thad thinking it was finally time to do this. I was still nervous. I grabbed my go-bag and jumped in the Lincoln with Jake to ride over to the hotel. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, but Eric had the monkey suits, shirts, shoes, and everything else we needed to be formal for a whole few minutes. Seemed like a major expense for the short time we had to look so formal, but then it was a once in a lifetime event, at least we hoped it would be.

    “Josh, get out of your funk. That isn’t you at all. You’re mister personality, the one that keeps all of us going. Eric needs you to be there for him and to keep his mind off his nervousness. That’s not going to work well if both of you are nervous. I could always send Trevor along to keep you amused,” Jake threatened.

    “No, not that. Not that today, anyway. I’ll be fine once I see Eric,” I replied. I’ll tease his ass and make him laugh. I almost wish we were all going together down to the church. I have to amuse him by myself for a whole hour. Not that I mind that at all. Hell, I love the guy, but I have to constantly think of things to say to keep his mind off of the big day,” I told Jake.

    “Talk about the business and his duties as manager. Ask him if he’s found an apartment to live in for him, Maddy and the baby. What has he done about signing up for school? There’s ton of stuff you could talk about. You’re never a loss for words, Josh. You don’t have problems talking to strangers much less a close friend. You’ll be fine. Besides we’ll be down there to greet you guys when you get there so you’ll have us and the rest of the wedding party then. Hell, you’ll even have Kevin. It’s a wonder he didn’t stay with Eric last night, one more night with his roomy as a free man,” Jake commented.

    “I think some of his straight friends stayed with him last night and they probably all got drunk or something. Hell, if Kevin had of been there, he would have wanted Eric to fuck him and Eric was done with that stuff a long time ago with Kevin. Those were what he called pity fucks mostly. Once we all started dicking Kevin and then his friends, Eric was finally relieved not to feel guilty about helping Kevin out. I got the feeling he hated dicking around with Kevin. It was like he grew up and Kevin never did. Their experimentation phase in their early teens together, should have ended in their early teens, but Kevin couldn’t give it up. Eric wanted it to end in the worst way, but he cared about Kevin, and occasionally obliged him, although rarely. Still, as I said, that ended a long time ago, mostly after Kevin and Eric met us,” I explained.

    “Poor Eric, being straight and having deal with his boyhood friend sexually to keep him happy. I’m sure that wasn’t something he looked forward to,” Jake replied.

    “No, he wasn’t happy about it at all, but he cared enough about Kevin, he took care of him on occasion, as I said. He did let us suck him off in the shower from time to time. He adamantly believed that no woman could ever match a guy in giving a good blowjob. He said we were the best,” I told Jake chuckling.

    “Maybe you need to give him one today to take the edge off the other,” Jake suggested.

    “I’m sure that’s the last thing he needs today, Jake. He’s got a wife at the end of the day and they have to do something tonight to consummate the marriage,” I replied.

    “Looks to me like they consummated that about eight and a half months ago from the looks of Maddy last night,” Jake commented. “That babe is ready to pop anytime,” Jake added. I had to agree with him.

    Jake dropped me off at the door of the hotel. I gave him a quick kiss and told him I loved him, then exited the car. A doorman opened the door for me and I headed up to Eric’s room. I knocked on his door and he opened it to see it was me, then let me in. He was wearing his boxers and seemed fairly relaxed at the moment. I gave him a big hug.

    “So, here we are, finally at the day,” Eric said as I sat down on one of the beds. He sat on the other one facing me.

    “Finally,” I said. “You okay? You nervous at all?” I had to ask.

    “I’m okay. Just wish it was over and all the hoppla was behind us. I just want to go back a to a more simple life without all this attention. I told Maddy we just should have eloped and not done this wedding thing. Too much fuss and too expensive. She always wanted a big wedding, even though we pared it down considerably and kept it simple and economical. Still, it’s a hassle, Josh. I’m not one for all this attention. I would have been fine with a Justice of the Peace or a quiet family ceremony. I mean it’s a small wedding anyway with around 50 people, but we still have to wear these damned monkey suits and all. I just hope you and I can get them on right,” Eric confessed.

    “You’re happy, though. Right?” I asked concerned that my great friend was happy with what he was doing.

    “I love Maddy, Josh. That part is real. I’m just not sure if I’m ready to be a husband and a father almost at the same time. I mean, these are things you think about for the future, and not have them come crashing down on you at my age,” Eric said in deep thought.

    “Eric, we’ve been over this before. You can handle this. You’re extremely mature for your age. Besides you have me and the gang to help you with all that. Granted, you have to handle the sex with the little woman, and the two of you have to take care of the kid, but we’ll be here to make sure you eat and have a place to sleep, and get your ass through school. Maybe we might babysit on rare occasions if the world should come to an end,” I said making Eric laugh, which was my intention to boost his spirits. Eric leaned over and hugged me.

    “Love you, bro. You are my rock, Josh. You’re the only one I could really talk to about this whole thing when it started. You were the only one I knew would support me and help me through this, talk to me and help me make the right decisions. I can’t love you enough for all you’ve done for me,” he said hugging me tightly.

    “Hey, and I’m not going away. Neither is Jake, Erin, Allen, OBB. We’re all still here, just like in the dorm, to support you. Granted, we have a much nicer dorm now, but we’re here for you,” I assured him.

    “I can’t love you and the guys enough, Josh. If I’d just kept my cock in my briefs where it belonged or maybe in Kevin’s ass instead of Maddy’s pussy, we wouldn’t be doing what we’re doing today. Life would be much simpler for all of us,” Eric commented.

    “Everything happens for a reason. Like I think I told you before, maybe your child will be someone famous someday and this birth was supposed to happen, the product of your love for one another and important to some future world event. Who knows?” I surmised. Eric hugged me again.

    “Maybe so, but right now I wish it was us back at the dorm sitting on Allen’s bed while you tormented the hell out of that once straight kid, then turning him into a sex crazed gay guy. He’s a jewel though. Gotta love him now. Wasn’t so sure at the beginning, but you have to love him now,” Eric said, reflecting on our good times at the dorm.

    “We have a much better dorm now, Eric. Wait until you see our new shower. This one blows the other one away, although I do have a special place in my heart for that shower we had in the dorm. We started off many a great morning there sharing some hot times together between all of us,” I said fondly remembering all the hot sex we had in that shower. “Should be a plaque there to commemorate all the hot sex in that shower,” I added. Eric laughed.

    “Ain’t that the truth. You guys practically fucked poor Kevin daily until he found Calvin and Sam. Don’t know what he’s doing these days since he doesn’t have them around. He kind of hinted at something the other night and I just pointed to my ring finger. Then he dropped it.”

    “I had Francis service his ass after the bachelor party. He’s good for a little while anyway,” I assured Eric, who laughed.

    “Yeh, Allen and OBB did a number on my cock also that night. I was half drunk, but it sure felt great. One of them sucked down my cum, saying they didn’t want to waste it. They called it ‘breeder cum’, saying it was one of the better substances available, for whatever that means,” Eric said chuckling.

    “Means it’s from a straight guy, which is considered a delicacy, for whatever reason. It’s considered rare for a gay guy to be able to seduce and suck off a straight guy, so it’s considered extra special,” I tried to explain.

    “I just knew if felt great, is all I can tell you. Fuck and I needed that too. Those two are wonderful. You gotta love them both.” I had to agree.
    “I guess we need to get showered and get dressed. We have some time, but It’ll get away from us if we’re not careful. This thing is going to happen regardless, so I guess we need to get ready for it,” Eric said getting to his feet.

    I stood up and stripped my shirt off, then my shorts and underwear, then pulled out my clean stuff from my go-bag, a razor to shave and some deodorant and cologne. “Shit, you came prepared,” Eric said looking at all my stuff. I smiled, buck naked and headed for the bathroom with my stuff. Eric followed me having relieved himself of his boxers also.

    “I can shave while you shower and then change places with you, Eric. Go ahead and go first,” I told him.

    “I kind of thought we could do that together just like the old days if you don’t mind,” Eric said. “We can shave together then shower if that’s okay with you.”

    “Fine. We can do that,” I said, thinking he liked what we used to do on so many mornings at school. I lathered up my face with shaving cream and started to shave. Eric moved behind me to the adjoining sink and ran his hands over my bare buns as he passed behind me. “Careful there, buddy. You’ll get me excited. I can’t be responsible for what happens then,” I said jokingly. Eric laughed as he always did when I teased him back at the dorm, but usually just shook his head and ignored me.

    “How do you get your balls so smooth, Josh. You shave them too?” Eric asked as he reached over and felt the bottom of my balls with his fingers. I jumped a little.

    “Yes, Eric. Most self-respecting gay guys shave their balls and a lot of straight guys also. Yours are a little hairy, but not bad. You have what we call the ‘dirty look’ which is very sexy at times for a gay guy to see. I like them either way. Doesn’t bother me to get a few hairs in my teeth when I’m giving a guy some extra special attention to his balls and cock,” I said chiding him, as I continued to shave my face.

    “Would you shave mine for me, Josh? Maybe show me how to do it. I always thought you guys looked so clean down there, and I guess I do have that ‘dirty’ look you mentioned. Might be nice for my wedding night if my balls were smooth and all,” he mentioned.

    “Sure, be happy to. Might be easier in the shower though. That’s where I usually shave my balls. In fact, the shower we built at the new apartment has a bench built in to sit on to shave your balls. Makes it easier that way. You need to come and try it out,” I suggested.

    “Might get in trouble if I did that,” Eric said smiling. I leaned over and kissed his sweet face.

    “Wouldn’t be the first time,” I commented, making him smile all the more. I finished shaving then smacked his bare ass and told him to finish up so we could shower and shave his balls. So far, this preparation was fun, and I was keeping his mind off his pre-wedding jitters and mine also. I was great at shaving balls and Eric’s junk had always been some of my favorites.

    We got the water running and set to the perfect temperature in a really nice marble shower with plenty of room. We both got in and got wet. I told him I was going to lather up his junk so I could shave it better and get it moist. He was used to me doing all this stuff before, so I really didn’t think either of us cared. I told him to hold his big dick up and out of the way. I told him I was sure going to miss that big cock of his, having seen it almost every day for a whole school year, but guessed it belonged to some woman now, teasing him. Eric smiled and kissed me. I took the razor and started shaving under his ball sac as I held his balls in my hand and maneuvered them around to get all the surface areas clean of pubic hair. I bent down so I could see well underneath his scrotum and shave just part of his taint also. Then I told him I needed to shave part of his shaft as he had some pubic hairs growing up the side of his penis shaft. He told me to knock myself out. I held his large cock in my hand and stretched it out, stretching the skin to get a good clean shave, while at the same time remembering how wonderful that felt a couple of times in my ass. His cock began hardening in my hand. Eric was boning up. I knew then I had to finish quickly or embarrass the poor guy, and I was not about to do that on his wedding day. I finished quickly, but he was fully hard at this point, then I pulled up his cock, revealing his balls and ran my fingers over them to make sure I got everything. I wanted to lick them so bad, as I had done to Tuck at one point in time, but today was not the day to fool around and be crazy. This was an important day for the friend that I so loved. My hedonistic tendencies were for my gay friends for another time and not for my straight friend today. I behaved and then backed off. Eric pulled me to him and kissed me, rather passionately too. I loved his kisses and didn’t resist.

    “Let’s get you rinsed off and then soaped up,” I whispered to him as he kissed me for shaving his balls. “Sorry about getting you excited down there, but that happens a lot when shaving a friend’s balls.”

    “I’m not disappointed. I love it when you do things like that to me. Work your magic,” he replied. I grabbed the shower gel and started lathering him up all over, his back, his muscled wrestler chest, his neck, arms, pits, feet, ankles, then up his calves, then up his thighs, inner thighs, quickly over his junk and between his ass cheeks. His hardon got a little kick when I ran a finger over his asshole. I did that out of pure naughtiness, and he knew it. He laughed, but pulled me to him and kissed me again. “My turn,” he said and grabbed the shower gel. Eric followed the same regimen in washing me I had done to him. Only he took his time on my cock and balls, and then my ass, too much time, really. He managed to get me boned up. I told him he was being naughty now, but he just smiled, as if he knew he was torturing me, and having fun doing it. He started jacking my cock with his soapy hand, and even fingering my asshole.

    “What are you doing, you crazy straight guy? Not nice to tease a gay guy like that. Eric, you’re such a tease,” I told him trying to laugh it off, thinking he was surely going to stop soon. Eric moved behind me and ran his soapy hands all over my nipples, gently teasing them as he kissed the back of my neck. His cock was ridged and now tucked between me inner thighs. He was thrusting his cock between my thighs. I instinctively tightened the grip on his cock with my thighs, letting him have the sensation of fucking me without really penetrating me. He started stroking my cock and fondling my balls as he continued kissing the back of my neck. Okay, now it was getting weird, as we were about to get to full out fucking if he didn’t stop and this was not the time or the day for that kind of behavior I thought, in my mind anyway. I feared he had lost himself in the heat of the moment and lost sight of what it was we were to do here. That was to shower and get dressed in our monkey suits for his wedding and not spend an afternoon of hot all out sensuous sex, as that wasn’t Eric anyway. Sure, we’d had sex a couple of times. It had kind of been at my urging. He said he never regretted it, and it actually touched him in a way, but I could not imagine in my warped bent mind having a repeat of that this afternoon right before his wedding. Still I was getting really worked up and caught up in what we were sharing together, and realizing the intensity was growing. I caught myself and quickly turned around to face him, our hard cocks crossing each other as I did. Eric immediately starting jacking our cocks together.

    “Eric, snap out of it, bro. We have to get dressed. You have a bride to marry this afternoon. We can’t be fooling around like too crazy kids,” I told him, my mouth saying we should stop, but my body on overdrive wanting more and fast.

    “Shut up and love me,” Eric said pushing his lips against mine and entering my mouth with his tongue. That did it. I lost control and started really getting into what was happening. The more I did, the more he reacted positively and pushed us forward. I wanted to stop, but he didn’t. He kept coming at me more passionately than I had ever seen him before. Granted we had fucked two times and it was mind-blowing, but these were different circumstances. I was at a loss as to what he needed or really wanted.

    Eric came out of my mouth and started to kiss my neck, then moved to my nipples which drove my cock to a whole new level of rigidness. My cock was throbbing. I thought maybe if I sucked him off he’d be good. No, he moved down to my abs, kissing me all over. Then came the shock of a lifetime. He moved down to my cock and took it in his mouth blowing my mind completely along with my cock. Damn, if he wasn’t half bad at it also. Then I felt the warmth of his mouth on my balls. I was leaking pre-cum rather profusely at this point. Eric moved his hands up and down my inner thighs rubbing against my balls and then stroking my cock, I felt a finger tease my asshole. My body literally started shaking. I pulled him back up to me and drove my tongue deep into his mouth, as our had cocks rubbed up against each other, both rigid sticks slapping at each other, only his was much bigger than mine.

    Eric surprisingly shut off the water and then with a wrestling move picked me up in his arms, dripping wet, and took me back to the bedroom and threw me on the bed. He rolled me over on my stomach. Was he going to fuck me again. I could still remember how intensely passionate the last time that happened was. Eric spread my legs, then spread my ass cheeks. I prepared for this large dick to penetrate my body. Instead, I felt the moist warmth of his tongue on my asshole. This fucking straight boy was licking my asshole. Fuck, where did he learn how to do that. I cried out in ecstasy, my head bobbing up and down as Eric ate my ass. “Fuck, Eric. Where’d you learn to do that?” I cried out. Eric slapped my ass and told me to shut up and enjoy it. He began driving his hard tongue, desperately trying to penetrate my asshole with it and sending me over the edge and back. He was spreading my ass cheeks with his thumbs, trying to give him as much access to my hole as he could get to allow him deeper penetration. “Fuck, Eric. Fuck, oh shit, this is awesome,” I uttered as he continued to drive me crazy with his tongue on my asshole.

    It was all I could take, and I rolled over on my back then flung him on his back. I got above him in a 69 position then grabbed his ass and brought it up to me. Eric grabbed my cock and buried it in his mouth. I sucked his cock and balls as he serviced mine, then went for his asshole, I drove my tongue hard into that virgin asshole of his. I thought he was literally going to fall off the bed as his body reacted, writhing all over with the intense action I as giving his asshole. I continued to drive my tongue as deeply into him as I could, but straight boy assholes are hard to penetrate, their so tight. Eric was doing the same to me. I even sucked the boy’s asshole. Sucked, then drove my tongue, swirled my tongue around his rim, then drove it as deeply as I could, then sucked on his hole again.

    Eric stopped me and threw me off him and onto my back. “I can’t take this anymore. I want to cum so bad, but I want to fuck you, Josh. I need to fuck you. I love you so much, I need to fuck you,” he said with tears in his eyes. I pulled him over me and took my hands and put them on both sides of his head and drew him in for a kiss. At the same time, I raised my legs and gave him access to my asshole. Eric’s cock was already slick with my saliva, me having sucked his dick intensely as I rimmed his asshole. We never lost eye contact, as we stared into each other’s eyes. I felt the large head of his penis put pressure up against my asshole. Kissing him intensely, I reached down and pulled his ass into me, forcing his cock to penetrate my asshole. A look of sheer pleasure came over his face. We stared lovingly into each other’s eyes as I felt the full girth and length of his penis finally inside me. Eric gave out a huge sigh. I felt him develop a slow rhythm at first and then speed up. I wrapped my legs around his ass and pulled him tightly to me. He began pounding me faster, all the time staring into my eyes as I did his, like we were of like mind and body at this moment in time, sharing something sacred together as we expressed our deep love for one another.

    “I’ve gotta cum, Josh. I can’t hold it any longer. I want to fuck you all day, but I can’t hold it,” he said disappointed he couldn’t make this last longer.

    “Cum inside me, Eric,” I whispered in his ear. He gave me a concerned look. “Cum inside me. I want your seed inside me. Breed my ass and drain your balls. I need your seed, the love of your body. Give that to me, please, Eric,” I said and held onto him for all I was worth. I felt two more forceful thrusts and then the warmth of his seed flood my bowels, triggering an extremely intense eruption of my balls as I sprayed my seed between us. Eric collapsed on top of me, each of us holding each other in a tight grasp as if we were holding on for dear life itself.

    “I love you, Josh. I can’t help it. I love you so much,” he whispered in my ear, then raised his head to kiss me as passionately as he could. I saw true love there in his eyes. His body showed me it’s love and his eyes showed me his heart. It was such an emotional moment in time, I was blown away. I ran my hand up and down his bare back.

    “Are you okay, Eric? I know we love each other more than a straight guy and a gay man ever should. We’re of like mind and heart in all respects, true and endearing friends. Your marriage will never change the way we feel about one another. I can assure you it won’t on my part anyway. Not sure we should do what we just did again,” I said feeling a little guilty, but my heart is always yours and so is my love. You need to know that, Eric. I’m always there for you, true loving friends for life. Jake feels the same way.

    “Gawd, I love you so much. I don’t deserve you, Josh, but I can’t help but love you. Between you and Maddy, I’m not sure who I love the most,” he confessed.

    “You love Maddy the most and I’ll let you love me second most,” I said kind of joking, trying to lighten up the mood a little. I still had his large cock up my ass, which felt so fucking good. I could have gone another round, but I was shocked we even got this far. We did have a wedding to get ready for. It occurred to me, Eric was emotionally lost right now somewhere between loving me, giving me up and returning to the love of his bride. I had to take control and get things rolling in the right direction. After all, I was his best man, in charge of taking care of my guy for the day until the wedding ceremony. I had to deliver him in the proper frame of mind to wed his beloved bride. I kissed him one more time, very passionately and very long. “Eric, we need to get ready, buddy. I’m not going anywhere. I promise to be your friend for the rest of our lives. You’re not telling me goodbye today, but I do need to get you dressed and to the church for the wedding ceremony. I fear we’ve consummated the wrong marriage here. I have to admit, that was one of the most intense show of love I’ve ever experienced in my life, right up there with Jake who is the love of my life, like Maddy is the love of your life,” I said. He seemed to understand what I was telling him, and realized our friendship was still deep and intact, and would be for as long as we wanted it to be. He slowly backed his now wilted cock out of my ass. We made a little mess in the bed. The boy had one large ejaculation from what I felt inside and what I saw on the bed. I took a sheet and covered that up and thought the hotel staff could deal with that later. We stood up beside each other and hugged and kissed once more.

    “You okay now. Are we ready to do this together?” I asked. Eric grinned at me and then gave me a bro hug, which was what I was looking for. I slapped his ass, then drug him back to the shower to get us cleaned up once more. I did try to deposit as much of his seed as I could in the shower, but I wanted to retain some for sentimental reasons.

    Eric was still clingy in the shower, but we were making progress. We dried off and then found our underwear. It was shame to see him cover up that nice big wonderful cock of his that I had just manicured, and my ass had drained him of his seed, but we needed to get going. Suiting up in the monkey suits was an ordeal, but we finally looked as if we were millionaires ready to go out on the town. After I got his coat on and straightened out his tie, as he did the same for me, he kissed me again and thanked me over and over for our intense friendship. As we gathered our things, my go-bag with my shorts, socks, sneakers, my earlier briefs and t-shirt and he grabbed his overnight case, he abruptly stopped me.

    “I have to give you something,” he said fishing through his suitcase. He pulled out a ring box. “Here,” he said. He lifted up my hand and put a beautiful wedding ring on my pinky. “Don’t lose that now or we’ll both be killed,” he said jokingly.

    “I can’t believe we’re wearing tuxedos and you just put a ring on my finger. We both kind of laughed, but then, in a way, it was kind of neat, like sealing a bond between us.

    We checked out of the hotel, loaded up his car, hung our tuxedo jackets up on hangers in the backseat and hit the highway. I reached over and patted him on his thigh. “You okay, big boy and ready for this?” I asked him smiling.

    “I am now, thanks to you, Josh. I just had to have some way to show you how much I loved you. I hope I didn’t do something stupid by what we did. I don’t’ mean to slight Jake and make love to his boyfriend behind his back. Please don’t think that as I love Jake also, Josh. You know that. I just needed some intense closeness with you today and to show you I really love you,” he said. “Sorry to get emotional about it, but I’m just kind of an emotional guy, as you know only too well,” he said tearing up again and then trying to shake it off.

    “It’s okay, Eric. I understand. I’m just glad I could be there for you in every way,” I replied. “I don’t think we could have been any more explicit proving we loved each other this afternoon. I was worried about trying to find some way to cheer you up and keep you from being nervous about this afternoon. I guess we found our way around all that,” I said chuckling. Eric laughed to.

    “We always were a pair for discussing things. Mostly on our walks to and from the frat. I miss that time I got to spend with you, Josh. I’m really going to miss that next year,” Eric said thinking about it.

    “Eric, we’re working together. We’re going to see more of each other than we ever have before. Well maybe not in the Biblical sense, but we will be together all the time practically,” I assured him. He smiled. “Speaking of Biblical sense, where did you learn how to suck assholes and tongue fuck them?” I asked making him chuckle.

    “You, dufus. You did it to me the last time, well the last time we got together like that. I have to admit, Josh, since we can talk about it now, no one has ever made me cum as hard and as intense as you have. I mean I love Maddy, and I love fucking Maddy, but I’ve never cum so hard and been so worked up and had as much semen as I’ve had when we made love together. It’s awesome. There’s no other word for it. It was always awkward, unappealing and downright creepy with Kevin. I did it just to please him. I could cum and all, but barely, and I actually hated it. If it weren’t for the fact I loved him as my friend, I would have been like every other straight guy, and probably been a homophobe if the truth were known. My other straight friends you met at the bachelor party don’t like Kevin, mainly because he’s gay and sometimes a pain in the ass. They sure liked you, Jake and the rest of your friends. They got to see another gay person in a different light, and that you were great guys first and foremost. But they don’t care for Kevin. Kevin wanted to spend the night with me last night to show support, but I knew the other guys would give him a hard time, and I wasn’t sure if they’d try to do something to him, so I told him it was not a good idea. He seemed a little disappointed, but he understood. I told him I’d spend some time with him after the wedding and we’d pal around for a day. He was good with that. Maybe he can come over to the bar sometime and spend a night with you guys, which would really make him happy,” Eric told me. I was good with that. I knew Allen and OBB could make him happy and if not, Todd and Chad sure could. There was hope for the boy. I told Eric we’d entertain him in the style he liked, which seemed to please Eric.

    “Josh, now that we’re speaking frankly, and we have no secrets between us, I want to tell you something very personal that no one besides Maddy and I know about,” he started to say which got my full attention. “We do know the sex of the baby. We didn’t want to know until it was born, but we kind of saw it during an ultrasound, and it was rather obvious. It’s a boy, Josh,” Eric said divulging almost a state secret. “Our parents don’t even know that. You are the only one that knows besides Maddy and me. I wanted to share that with the second love of my life,” Eric said almost tearing me up. “We have a name for him already. Maddy and I both agreed on this. His name is going to be Joshua Eric Linder, named after you and have my name as his middle name. He’s your namesake and we want you to be his Godfather if you would accept that on our behalf,” Eric said tenderly.

    I cried, I was so touched I leaned over and hugged his neck and kissed him on the cheek. “I am blown away, Eric. I am so honored. Are you sure you don’t want a family name with your name, like your father or something?” I asked still in awe.

    “No, Maddy and I both agreed on it. It has to be you we name him after. She knows how much I love you and hold you in the upmost esteem, Josh. Well, she doesn’t know totally how much I love you or I probably wouldn’t be getting married today,” he added. I wiped away the tears and had to laugh at that part. “Will you be his Godfather, Josh?” Eric asked sincerely.

    “Of course, I would be honored, Eric. You crazy fool, I’d be crazy not to love this kid as much as you and Maddy will. Hell, let’s face it, I’ll probably never have any children of my own so little Josh might just be spoiled to death. Gawd, let’s hope he’s straight and not gay. I mean you do have tendencies, you know. Ask my ass about that, and it’ll tell you. I’m still feeling your tendencies,” I said jokingly. Eric laughed.

    “I wouldn’t care as long as he was like you.” We both laughed.

    “You say it was rather obvious he’s a boy from the ultrasound?” I asked with a grin.

    “No doubt about it. The boy is definitely hung, Josh. He’s gonna have a big dick for sure,” Eric said proudly.

    “Damn, just like his father. Well, if he happens to be gay, he’s going to have a hell of a good time then,” I said and laughed. Eric just shook his head smiling.

    “Now after the baby’s born, Maddy and I will both talk to you about being his Godfather, Josh. I didn’t tell you anything about this now. You know nothing. You’re going to act totally surprised and blown away when we tell you the name after the birth, and that we would like for you to be his Godfather. You understand right?” he asked.

    “Perfectly, Eric. Just like we aren’t going to tell Maddy you shot your load up my ass earlier today. I think we’re clear on both counts,” I said making us both laugh even more.

    “You know I was worried about having enough to talk to you about as we got ready today and then trying to figure out how to keep your nerves in check and make conversation on the way down here to the church. Thad and Jake both told me to talk to you from my heart and we’d have plenty to talk about. Damn if that wasn’t the case. Jake gave me a whole barrage of questions to ask you to make conversation. We didn’t discuss any of them. We talked from our hearts alright, our cocks, balls and asses too, then about all the things we weren’t supposed to talk about. I guess that’s the stuff loving friends really do. I am so relaxed right now and so ready for this wedding and being there for you all the way, knowing all the things we’ve shared together today, Eric. Damn, I just love you so much,” I told him as we rounded the corner and saw the church up ahead.

    “Josh, I love you just as much if not more. Know that always,” Eric said reaching over and patting me on the thigh. I grabbed his hand and held it there for moment. Eric gave me a reassuring smile.

    Jake, Andy, Allen, OBB, Erin and Taylor were all there waiting on us at the church. Of course, they had to make fun of us in our monkey suits, calling us monkeys, razzing us a little anyway. We were ushered into a room where we were given corsages to pin on each other. I had to put on Eric’s and he put on mine. Then we had to help Kevin and Eric’s one other straight friend, who delighted in telling me again what a mean bachelor party we threw. I was happy to hear he had a good time, knowing what the real good time was.

    We were finally ushered out to the front of the church. Eric stood on my left, then me, then Kevin, then the straight friend. We turned to face the attendees. The music started and the first bridesmaid came down the aisle slowly, then another one that Kevin would have to escort out, then the kind of hot bridesmaid that I would have to escort out. Luckily, we had already met at the rehearsal dinner. Then Maddy came down in her beautiful dress. Eric started trembling at that point. He was okay up now, but seeing Maddy beautifully dressed, and this was all real and going to happen, he got terribly nervous. All eyes were on Maddy as she and her father walked slowly down the aisle towards the front for her father to give her away to Eric. Maddy’s father had tears in his eyes. Eric leaned over to me.

    “I’m so nervous right now, Josh. Don’t let me fuck this up,” he whispered.

    “You got this, Eric. All that you care about is here with you supporting you. You have Maddy there coming to you with little Josh in her belly, and you have me standing beside you with your sperm up my ass and Maddy’s ring on my finger. We’re good,” I told him in no uncertain terms. He struggled to hold in his laughter, but he was okay after that.

    The ceremony was pretty short and sweet, which we were all grateful for. No one objected to marriage, when given the opportunity to do so, by the minister. I thought to myself, I had some pretty good grounds to object with everything Eric and I had done to each other this afternoon, but I would take that to my grave before anyone ever knew. Still, I had a cute little smile on my face when the question was asked, kind of an inside joke between Eric and me. I was totally relaxed and in control, compared to what I feared this morning. How the turn of events of today totally changed everything, and everyone was happy.

    The procession out was rather easy, then we stood in the receiving line meeting cousins, uncles, aunts and general people who just knew Eric or Maddy growing up. Eric and I got hugs from Taylor, Jake, Allen, Erin and OBB. I was sure Allen pinched Kevin’s ass, who was standing beside me, when Allen gave him a hug. While we were still standing in the receiving line, Allen had the balls to ask Kevin how a DP sounded to him. No one else but us knew what that was. Kevin smiled from ear to ear and said a DP sounded just great and they should get together for one soon. The straight guy on the other side asked him what that was. Kevin told him it was a Dolly Parton, a special drink we had at the bar. I got pinched by a few old ladies that told us we looked so handsome in our tux’s. All in all, it was your typical small country town wedding. With the few people that were there, the receiving line went rather quickly. I rode over to the reception hall with Jake, Erin and Andy. Allen and OBB had the Mustang GT they were cruising in.

    “What did you say to Eric right as Maddy was coming down the aisle that almost made him laugh out loud?” Erin asked as we were driving to the reception. I laughed and shook my head.

    “I said one of my smartass comments that blew him away. He was nervous and uneasy, saying I needed to help him through this. I just said, like what, I need to blow you right in front of all these people?” I told them making a little white lie, but a statement that had the same impact as the one I really told him. They all laughed.

    “And you were worried if you could keep him calm. Shit, Josh, I’m sure the two of you had fun all afternoon laughing and yuking it up,” Jake commented.

    “That we did, Jake. You were right. We had plenty to talk about, the past, future and the present. There wasn’t a silent moment the whole afternoon. We had a great time together, one we’ll never forget,” I assured them.

    “Told you,” Jake said. I laughed again. If he only knew.

    I did have to give a toast for my beloved Eric. It was from the heart for both Eric and Maddy. I was beaming with love and admiration for the two of them, knowing they had conceived and were close to birthing my Godson. I was so proud, but couldn’t say anything about it other than to shower the two with accolades about how they had the support of their families and all Eric’s friends to help with everything. Both sets of parents told me how wonderful my toast was and how wonderful a friend I was and the rest of our group. The parents were beaming, surprised but happy, to know we cared so much about the two newlyweds. We assured them we’d take great care of the two and the baby also. I got hugs and my gang got hugs from all the parents. Maddy’s hot looking older brother hugged me also. I wasn’t sure, but thought I got a vibe off of him. I made a mental note to ask Eric about him sometime. Eric never mentioned anything, but he was pretty chummy and he did hug me. Could be something there, I happened to think, or was I just wanting it to be? It wasn’t important. I also got a hug from Eric’s straight friend, promising he and his friends would be back to the CNB sometime. They thought it was fun for the short period of time there were there before we closed it for the bachelor party. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand what these straight boys were interested in there, but as long as they bought beer, we’d serve anyone over 18 and they could tip the dancers all they wanted. Fat chance of that.

    I finally got Eric’s keys to get my go-bag and the suit bag for all the tuxedo stuff out of Eric’s car so I could change back to my shorts and t-shirt again for the ride home leaving my tuxedo rental with his family to return. I laughed at Jake, Erin and Andy who came dressed for the wedding and had to ride home that way while I was most comfortable in my shorts.

    We said our goodbyes with lots of hugs and a kiss from miss Maddy, Mrs. Lindor now, which I proudly called her and got a kiss on the cheek for. I didn’t think Eric was going to let me go, he hugged me for such a long time thanking me for everything and telling me how much he loved me over and over. I pinched his ass which finally made him let me go. He laughed at me.

    As I started to leave, dressed to go back to the City, Eric asked, “Do you still have what I gave you to hold onto?”

    “I believe I do. In fact, I think I can feel it,” I told him. Then I slapped my ass acknowledging where it was. We both smiled.

    “What did he give you to hold onto?” Erin asked.

    “It’s an inside joke, Erin. Very inside.”

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    As I started to leave, dressed to go back to the City, Eric asked, “Do you still have what I gave you to hold onto?”

    “I believe I do. In fact, I think I can feel it,” I told him. Then I slapped my ass acknowledging where it was. We both smiled.

    “What did he give you to hold onto?” Erin asked.

    “It’s an inside joke, Erin. Very inside.”
    Amazing development! Cannot believe how comfortable Eric still is with sex with Josh.

    Do continue!

    Not sure where I am going, but certainly enjoying the ride!

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    One of the best chapters you've written, FT. Beautiful. I was touched by the love the two showed each other. I have to believe that Eric loved Josh so much that he didn't care about it being a homosexual act. He wanted to share intimacy with someone he so loved and the rest of the world could go to hell as far as he was concerned. Just a beautiful chapter, FT. I think I'm falling in love with you and certainly Josh. Damn, boy, this is some great stuff. Oh, and I loved the ending, the quote Friend recognized. So funny. If Erin and the rest of them only knew. Ha. You have to keep writing, FT. I am obsessed with this now. Just love it. BC

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Hey, BC, thanks for your review of chapter 206. Am so glad you understand the relationship between Josh and Eric. Eric does truly love Josh for all he has done and the friend he has been. He had to show Josh how much he loved him in a way it would touch Josh's heart and be truly meaningful. Eric did just that. It was a great day for Eric showing his love for his best friend and marrying the woman he loves. He had the best of both worlds, but that other world only included Josh and no others. I love the fact you and Friend enjoyed the ending. I got such a kick out of that myself. This was one of may favorite chapters I've written. It was effortless to write. My fingers never stopped typing from beginning to end. The words just flowed. Sometimes I think I get too caught up in the boys' lives and have to snap my self back to reality. I guess that's what fiction is for to lose yourself in another world you can enjoy, a brief intermission from the real world. Thanks again for your analysis. I really appreciate all the comments left and sometimes they do shape the course of where this goes. Keep the comments coming and we'll see what happens. FT.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chapter 207 – Andy and Trevor Entertain and Tuck Shows Up

    I was still basking in the day and how wonderful it finally turned out on our way back to the CNB from the wedding. Erin, Andy, Jake and I returned together. Allen and OBB were following us in Allen’s Mustang. Erin said the backseat in Allen’s Mustang was rather cramped on the way from Uni to the City, but it was a fun car.

    I got questions as to what Eric and I did this afternoon to keep his nerves in check. I told them all I followed their suggestions and talked to him from my heart. I said it had been an interesting afternoon and we communicated intensely for the entire time. We never ran out of things to communicate with. They were happy to hear that. I had an afternoon of intimate memories I would never forget, but that was between Eric and me and no one else.

    “You seem to be getting along with Trevor pretty damn good,” Erin told Andy. Andy blushed.

    “You know, I used to think he was somewhat of a pain and all, but he’s really grown on me. He’s sexy as hell. Can’t deny that. I love the attention he’s given me lately. Can’t tell if the attraction is because we both lost our significant others and enjoy taking care of each other’s needs or it there is something else there,” Andy confessed.

    “Hell, just enjoy each other and if a relationship develops, it develops. I always thought it would take a special person to compliment Trevor, but he seems to be keenly interested in you, Andy,” I told him.

    “Let’s not get too carried away this soon, Josh. I’m still licking my wounds from Ashton. Trevor has been a big distraction, and I kind of like it, but he’s Trevor. I have to get used to him. We’ll see,” Andy told us.

    “While you’re licking your wounds, Andy, Trevor’s licking your ass and doing a great jot of it, that and fucking that hot ass of yours,” Jake jumped in to say. We all chuckled.

    “Not a bad job of that also,” Andy replied.

    The bar was just starting to get busy when we returned. Trevor and Thad were shirtless in shorts behind the bar. Jake and I jumped in to help them, whipping off our shirts to give the crowd some skin. Thad jumped into my arms, kissed me in front of everyone and whispered in my ear he was having a great time. I set him back down on his feet and swatted his ass making him laugh. Trevor whispered something in Andy’s ear as Andy headed to the kitchen. Andy was smiling, so whatever it was, it made him happy.

    Greer and Sven showed up before the first set of the dancers. Sven came and gave Jake and me a big hug and kiss, rubbing our crotches as he did. The bar crowd got a kick out of that.

    “It’s that guy with the very large penis we saw at the bachelor party back again,” Thad stated taking all of Sven in as he hugged and kissed Jake and me.

    “Be careful of Sven, Thad. That Swede really knows how to use that big dick of his,” I warned him.

    “Not on me,” Thad said adamantly. I just grinned.

    Trevor disappeared leaving Thad, Jake and I to man the bar. We were busy. Greer found a bar stool so he could talk to us while we worked.

    “Still basking in the aftermeeting we had yesterday afternoon,” Greer told Jake and I. We both smiled remembering only too well how hot that had been with Sven and Greer. “Stoney asked me if we took care of you guys. I told him you guys left happy. He was glad to hear that,” Greer continued.

    “Sven is amazing,” Jake told Greer. Never thought I would be able to handle him, but it all seemed to fit somehow and, damn, if it didn’t feel good,” Jake exclaimed. Greer smiled.

    “He is truly amazing. If you just like sex, he’s great. He just isn’t the loving type. He’s more of a sex machine, if you know what I mean,” Greer explained.

    “Yeh, but sometimes you just need a good ole fucking and not get hung up in the emotional side of things,” Jake replied. I gave him an odd look. “Oh, don’t get me wrong, Josh. I couldn’t love you enough. All my emotional caring belongs to you first and foremost and then our friends secondly, but it was kind of fun having that big cock of Sven’s stuffed up my ass yesterday, if nothing else, just to see how it felt. You have to admit, it did feel fantastic.”

    “You’re right there. You tap that much, Greer?” I asked.

    “Not really. I’d rather make love to Stoney or you guys. If I’m super horny and haven’t seen you guys or Stoney’s not feeling well, Sven and I get together. He likes it as much as we do. He loves giving up his ass to a good cock as much as he loves shoving that cock into a hot ass. He told me after you guys left yesterday that he enjoyed your hot asses. He said you were sweet. He doesn’t normally comment on things like that, but he likes you guys and he sees how well we all get along,” Greer told us. Jake smiled.

    “Where’d Trevor go?” I asked out loud. “We need to get the dancers ready and he disappeared with Andy. Those two can’t seem to keep their hands off each other lately,” I mentioned to Greer and Jake.

    Jake said he’d man the bar with Thad if I wanted to get to the dressing room to make sure all was ready. I headed off that way, getting felt up and my nipples kissed by several patrons along the way, not having put my shirt back on before I left the bar. With just my shorts on, and half naked, I looked like one of the dancers and got treated like one also. I made it to the dressing room where Allen and OBB were busy putting on cock rings and helping get the dancers ready. Sven was totally naked and getting oiled up and boned up by Lars. It was a hot sight to say the least. Francis was right there with him. They were comparing cock sizes, holding their erect penises beside each other. While both were comparable in size and girth, Sven had an edge in looks over Francis, although both bodies were stunning, especially naked like they were at the moment. For a brief second, I lost myself, thinking if I could take Sven, I could probably take Francis. Then I quickly shook that idea out of my head as my cock was starting to harden. I was here to get the dancers started not an orgy.

    Francis gave me a hug and so did Sven, rubbing some of the oil on them off on my bare chest. Lars got a kick out of that saying I should dance with them as hot as I looked in just my shorts. I shook my head at him. The boys finally oiled up, Lars moved over to oil up Dudley’s ass cheeks, since that’s about all the showed of him with his cock inside his guitar.

    Andy and Trevor came into the dressing room quickly and pulled off their shorts, wearing nothing but their briefs. I got quick hugs. “What are you guys up to now?” I had to ask.

    “We’re going to dance for you tonight. We talked about this earlier and we’re going to do it to see how it goes,” Trevor said smiling from ear to ear.

    “You sure you want to do this. I mean you did dance in the amateur night contest, I guess. Damn near won it also, but you sure you want to do this?” I asked.

    “What the heck. We want to give it a try just to see how much fun it is. We’re not wearing thongs, just our briefs and shorts. We’re only taking off our shorts and dancing in our briefs. The guys aren’t going to see us in those thongs, just our CK’s. We probably won’t last long. I guess we’re the amateurs tonight. The crowd might get a kick out of it, or they might boo us off the stage. Who knows? At any rate, we thought it might be kind of fun to try,” Andy explained. “Come with us, Josh,” Andy said encouragingly. “Come on. It’ll be fun.” I gave him a strange look.

    “I’ll let you guys try it out and see what kind of response we get. Don’t want to throw all our assets at the crowd all at one time,” I replied.

    Andy pulled down Trevor’s briefs and started sucking his cock. Trevor was hard in an instant. Then Andy put a cock ring around Trevor’s cock and balls to keep him erect. “Gotta love those cock rings,” Trevor commented. “Damn, I could fuck all night long with one of these.”

    “Hell, you fuck all night long without one of those,” I replied. Trevor laughed and said pretty much. Andy tucked Trevor’s hard cock back in his briefs. You could definitely see his whole erection through his briefs. Trevor dropped to his knees and gave Andy the same treatment, only damn near got him off with all the hot tongue action he gave Andy’s cock and balls. He was going for Andy’s ass, but Andy stopped him and reminded him he was rock hard already, and to save the best for later. Trevor stopped, then got up with a shit eating grin, knowing he got carried away. Andy put his own cock ring on and pulled up his briefs. The boys put their nylon shorts back on. They looked hot and cute as they paraded around the dressing room with their hardons showing off.

    Jared and Derek asked if they wanted to dance with them or by themselves. They decided to dance with Jared and Derek at the beginning and then break off and dance by themselves as the other two disappeared, supposedly leaving Andy and Trevor to their own devices. I wasn’t exactly sure how this was going to come down, but they seemed to think it would be fun and wanted to try it. As hot as they looked together, anything they did on stage would be well accepted by our horny clientele, I had to think.

    “Maybe we ought to try that also,” Allen said to OBB. OBB got a big smile on his face.

    “Well, I guess if we have call outs on dancers at #2 we know where we have some standins,” I commented shaking my head.

    Andy went out on stage to announce the show and to give up their applause for Dudley who came out singing, his bare ass almost a trademark he had done it so long. Jared and Derek followed Dudley. They got the crowd heated up as they threw off fabric finally getting down to their thongs. The crowd started throwing dollar bills, getting into the action. Andy and Trevor came out on stage holding hands dressed as they had been in their shorts. The crowd was somewhat confused, thinking it odd that the staff, Andy, who they knew only too well and then the new bartender, Trevor, would come out on stage while the dancers were performing. Derek grabbed Andy and hugged him while Jared hugged and kissed Trevor. The two couples gyrated with bodies up against their partners. Then the shorts came off revealing briefs on Andy and Trevor. The crowd got real interested all of a sudden, but Andy and Trevor were wearing briefs up against hot guys that had much more revealing thongs. Still, for two staff members to be in their briefs, it seemed provocative to the crowd and they responded excitedly. The scene got pretty hot, with much groping and intertwining of bodies, as the four performed erotically, rubbing their junk up against each other’s with their hard cocks straining at the fabric holding them back.

    “Fucking hot!” Allen said standing beside me at the backstage door as we watched the performance. I had to admit, it was fucking hot. I reached down and felt Allen’s swollen cock under his shorts. Allen smiled at me, then ran his hand over my stiff member. He kissed me on the neck. “Your dick is proof this is some good stuff, Josh,” Allen commented. I had to agree with him on that.

    Derek and Jared kissed Andy and Trevor passionately then left Andy and Trevor on stage by themselves. Andy and Trevor embraced and ran their hands all over each other, sticking their hands down inside each other’s briefs. Wearing briefs, gave them more latitude as to what they could do to each other since they weren’t as constrained with those tight thongs. Trevor grabbed Andy from behind, holding Andy’s back against his own chest, then running his fingers all over Andy’s nipples and then down into his briefs, acting like he was jacking Andy’s cock which he truly was. There was a predominate wet spot where Andy’s cock head was in his briefs. The crowd could very well see his pre-cum saturating the fabric of his briefs. Oooos and ahhhss abounded throughout the crowd who cheered them on. Trevor carefully pushed the waistband of Andy’s briefs down to the base of his cock revealing his beautiful pubes. You would have thought half the guys shot their loads with that action. Trevor pulled Andy around to face him, then shoved the back of Andy’s briefs all the way down below his buns revealing both ass cheeks, which wasn’t anything new, since the thongs most of the dancers wore, revealed everything in the back anyway, but to see briefs down below his glutes seemed more erotic. Andy took control over Trevor then, and did the same thing to Trevor as Trevor had done to Andy, all the time kissing Trevor’s lips or body. The two had almost become one out there together. The crowd went wild seeing Trevor’s mess of pubes he had down there. I held my breath that his pubes were all they would see. Didn’t want any dick flying out of those briefs.

    Allen stuck his hand down the front of my briefs and grabbed my hard cock, then pulled his hand out and smiled. “Just as I thought. Got some nice pre-cum from you, big boy,” he said smiling and licking off my pre-cum.

    “What are you doing playing with my dick?” I asked grinning, letting him know that was kind of hot.

    “I love playing with your dick. If you’re pre-cumming, guess what the majority of that crowd is doing out there,” Allen commented. I had to agree Andy and Trevor were putting on one hot performance.

    Looking back at the stage, Trevor was down on his knees sucking on Andy’s cock through his briefs, getting that pre-cum wet spot even wetter. Then Trevor turned Andy around and lowered his briefs on his ass and started kissing Andy’s ass cheeks all over and making like he was going to rim him. The crowd went wild and dollars flew. Finally, the music came to an end and so did Trevor and Andy. They held hands and took a bow at the front of the stage and the guys showered them with dollars. Many hands went to try to grope them, but Trevor and Andy headed backstage as quickly as they could. Lars and Ralph ran out to collect the dollars, bringing fistfuls backstage.

    “You guys were fantastic,” I told Andy and Trevor while hugging them both. “Fuck, that was hot, guys.”

    “It was fun, Josh. We had a ball,” Trevor said all excited. Andy was too. They were still holding onto one another. “Hell, we could be another Jared and Derek act. What the fuck,” Trevor commented. Derek and Jared hugged them also, saying they thought they were going to perform in briefs and try it that way as you could do so many more things with briefs than you could do with thongs. Andy and Trevor agreed, then went over some of the things they did, giving them some pointers.

    We saved Francis and Sven for later, trying to keep everyone at the bar and spending money as long as we could. These two would be the finale of the night. We took an intermission.

    Trevor made his way back to the bar with me. Jake hugged him and told him he looked great up there and had more balls than he did dancing almost naked on stage in front of all those horny guys. Jake asked him if he was nervous at all.

    “Jake, it was a real thrill. I’m telling you, just playing around with Andy, which I love doing anyway, you forget the crowd is watching you and you just have fun, giving your partner your undying attention. You have to be careful you don’t reveal anything you’re not supposed to, but other than that, you just immerse yourself in foreplay and forget anyone’s watching you. It was a real turn-on for me and Andy. You and Josh need to try it sometime,” Trevor said excitedly.

    “Dude, your dick is still hard,” Thad said pointing at Trevor’s still seemingly hard cock.

    “Yeh, isn’t it nice?” Trevor said smiling. “Want a piece of it, straight boy?” Trevor asked smiling. Thad looked embarrassed.

    “How does it stay hard like that? You’re not doing anything to get it hard now, just talking to us,” Thad asked in amazement.

    “Thad, you do that to me, bro. Can’t help it. I see you and my cock gets so hard thinking about that hard cock of yours and that sensuous hot virgin asshole you have that dreams of having my dick inside of it. Hey, it’s destined to happen, Thad. Tonight, you’re not on the couch anymore. You’re sharing with all the rest of us and getting rid of all your inhibitions and surrendering your body to what you know it longs for,” Trevor told him. I almost fell over.

    “Uh, the couch is fine for me. Seriously, why is your cock still hard like that?” Thad asked again.

    “Cockring, Thad. I have a cockring on that keeps the blood from leaving my dick, thus keeping me hard,” he said and opened up enough of his waistband of his shorts and underwear for Thad to see his cockring.

    “Damn, that’s interesting,” Thad said studying it and thinking about how it worked.

    “I’ll put one on you tonight and you’ll be good to go with us all night,” Trevor said teasing. Thad smiled and shook his head then grabbed a pint beer glass as someone hollered at him for more beer. “Someday, that boy is going to be on the end of our dicks, Josh. Mark my word,” Trevor said smiling. “He has such a sweet ass too. Why do all the straight guys have such hot looking asses and cocks?” Trevor said shaking his head.

    “You were straight once and brought your sweet ass and hot cock over to our side. So, you tell me,” I told Trevor. He laughed, then grabbed me and kissed me. The guys at the bar went wild and dollars got thrown. Thad looked over and shook his head smiling.

    Trevor really got into performing for some reason. He was doing a strip-tease act behind the bar as he served drinks. He had his shorts and underwear down enough to show off his pubes, then gyrated his hips all over the place as if he was taking a cock up his ass and showing how he’d treat it if he did. I swear half the guys at the bar almost came in their pants. He turned around one time and bared his ass. You could see the hot forest of hair on and between his ass cheeks. His hair was the only thing covering his asshole, keeping him legal. I thought Thad was going to faint.

    “Getting a little carried away there, aren’t we, Trev?” I asked with an air of caution. He smiled at me.

    “Entertainment my dear partner. Bucks are rolling in. Just trying out different moves and things for when we open up #2. Gotta find out what works and what doesn’t,” Trevor commented.

    “Pretty much whatever you can show off that’s hot and not illegal, works, Trev. I think you just proved most of what I said,” I surmised. He was all smiles.

    “Teasing and titillation do the trick. Give them a mental picture to fantasize over, is what I say. How many guys are going to jack off tonight fantasizing about what I showed them on stage or behind the bar here tonight? There’ll be a bunch of balls busting cum tonight with my hot body etched in their mind. I think you can pretty much count on that,” Trevor proclaimed.

    “I sense you’re probably right there, Trev. These guys love to fantasize, and you gave them some great stuff tonight, no doubt about that. Andy too, for that matter. That’s what this place is all about, a place to come and have a good time and take in all the hot sights to relieve the mind of the humdrum life outside, and relax in an atmosphere of fantasy and drink,” I replied. Trevor wholeheartedly agreed.

    “Think you may need to put Trevor in charge of entertainment, Josh,” Greer suggested. “This guy’s hot and he has good ideas. Glad he’s a member of the team. You say he was straight at one time?” Greer asked me.

    “Damn straight, but curious. Jake and I tried some things out with him to test his curiosity, and there didn’t seem to be much interest at first. But once he had a little male sex, he was hooked forever and look at him now. He’s an oversexed male animal now. Can’t keep his dick limp for anything. Andy seems to get him and keep him hard. The two fuck like minks every night practically,” I told Greer who acted surprised.

    “Damn, we should set him up with Sven and see who outlasts who,” Greer suggested.

    “I’d almost put my money on Trevor, Greer, although I haven’t seen Sven’s long-term stamina yet. Could be an interesting competition though,” I replied chuckling.

    I turned to Trevor, noting the second dancer set needed to get started. “Trevor, do you think you can get the dancers started. You know what I did the last time and I think you could handle this if you can keep your dick in your shorts long enough to get through it. I’m sure the guys would love an encore with you and Andy, if you want to do another set,” I told him. Trevor ran to me and hugged me tightly, then kissed me passionately and took off for the dressing room.

    “Oh, thank Heavens,” Thad said somewhat relieved. I gave him a funny look. “Thought he was going to whip out his dick right here in front of Gad and everyone before he got done, he was so excited tonight. Trevor’s crazy, Josh. He’s just crazy. Cray fun, too. I have to say that. He does make me laugh,” Thad admitted. I had to tell Thad, I saw a whole new side of Trevor I hadn’t seen before, and it happened after Drew left.

    “I don’t know if he’s relieved that Drew’s gone and he’s a free agent of sorts now, able to pick and chose who he wants to have fun with or what. He’s entirely different from what he was before, but in a good sense. He makes all laugh and have a great time. Kind of neat to see him this way,” I told Thad and Jake. Jake agreed and said Trevor seemed much happier.

    Trevor started the second set. He and Andy put as much passion, if not more, into the second set as they did the first. Several guys, sitting at the bar, asked who those to sizzling guys were. They practically fucked on stage, their passion was so hot between them. I was greatly relieved they were able to stay legal, but they certainly pushed the boundaries. It was hot, almost sizzling hot. I never knew Andy to have so much passion before or Trevor either. This relationship between the two of them was becoming very real and not just a flirtatious relaxed relationship. These boys were serious or they were putting on one hell of an act. I had to believe what they were portraying couldn’t be an act as real as it seemed. Jake felt the same way about it as I did.

    Dollars flew and the crowd cheered yelling for an encore. Andy and Trevor disappeared and stayed in the dressing room for the rest of the acts. Sven and Francis were extremely good, but didn’t equal the passion and the sexual tension that Andy and Trevor created. Wow, we were all kind of blown away by our amateurs. They were something else.

    The show finally over and Allen having sold the cum stained thongs, he didn’t have any from Andy and Trevor. I asked him about it. “They didn’t want to provide any, Josh. They wouldn’t let us use any of Francis’ cum either, saying if and when they ever did something like that it would be genuine. Trevor said their seed was personal only to the two of them and their close friends, you, Jake and Erin included in that group, I suppose,” Allen said rolling his eyes. “Damn, Josh, they blew the house away tonight didn’t they. I mean our two quiet ones went all out up there and almost fell out,” Allen said smiling.

    “Kind of surprised all of us, Allen. Don’t know where that came from, but it was hot,” I told him. Seth stopped by and said he’d work a week for free if I could get Trevor to fuck his ass once. I told him he was crazy. He told me no one that hot had ever fucked him before. I told him, if he remembered, I had tapped his ass one time with a group of us. He got a little embarrassed about that, and said I knew what he meant. I just rolled my eyes at him.

    Trevor showed back up at the bar, still sweating from the dirty dancing he’d done earlier. I gave him a hug and told him he and Andy blew it out of the park. Trevor said it was fun and he and Andy were really showing off as to how they thought dancing should really be done.

    “Trevor, it was pretty hot. And that’s coming from a guy that doesn’t really get into what you guys enjoy so well. It was pretty hot,” Thad said repeating himself, at a loss for words as to how to describe it from a straight standpoint. Trevor put his hand down in his underwear appearing to cup his balls.

    “Here, Thad. Smell my balls. You can lick my ball sweat from my fingers if you want,” Trevor said waving his hand in front of Thad’s nose. Thad made a face.

    “OOO, Trevor. That’s disgusting. Now I take back the compliment I just gave you,” Thad said making a face. Trevor laughed. I told him he was naughty, but it was kind of cute. Anyone else at the bar would have licked his fingers. A couple did volunteer to do so. Trevor just laughed.

    Sven came up to the bar for a beer with us. He was all smiles. He was really looking Trevor over. “Trevor, we fuk sometime?” Sven said rather forwardly.

    “I’ve seen that huge tool of yours. I can fuck you, but I don’t think you can fuck me,” Trevor told him. I could have told him differently, but Jake and I stayed out of it.

    “No, we fuk goot,” Sven replied. Trevor wasn’t so sure about that. Sven just smiled. Greer came around the bar and hugged Jake and me. He patted Trevor on the ass and told him great show. He was definitely a hottie. Trevor liked the compliment.

    We finally closed down the bar an hour later and headed upstairs. “Okay, Andy, we get to finish tonight what we started on stage. You got me so worked up, I almost came a couple of times,” Trevor admitted to Andy.

    “Thought you really were there a couple of times, guys. It was so real,” I told them. Andy smiled.

    “I can’t believe we acted like on stage, Trev,” Andy said kind of embarrassed.

    “Why? I thought we pulled it off rather nicely myself,” Trevor replied.

    “Were we just acting or was It real?” Andy asked seriously. Trevor got quiet, not quite sure what to say as everything had been rather light up until now.

    “I guess we just got caught up in the heat of the moment, Andy. I felt something though. You seemed to react to it. Wasn’t sure if we were just performing or we were actually feeling something,” Trevor responded, which I thought was a great come back. Andy grabbed Trevor and kissed him.

    “It felt great, Trevor. That I can tell you,” Andy replied after their passionate kiss. Trevor smiled, having pleased Andy.

    Clothes were off and down to our briefs the second we hit the apartment. Beer came out and we had a post review of the day, of the wedding and the entertainment tonight, plus what Trevor and Thad had learned on this trip so far. Trevor said he learned Sven had a big cock as he got to see him both at the bachelor party and in the dressing room and watch that damn thing cum, as he put it. We got a kick out of his description of Sven firing his load over several thongs that were then sold to the highest bidders by Allen afterwards. Thad told us what all he learned about the software and the point of sale interfaces, all technical stuff, plus the accounting chart of accounts. Trevor told him that wouldn’t make his dick cum. Thad didn’t know what to say in that regard. Jake, Erin, Andy and I filled Thad and Trevor in on Eric’s wedding, which they didn’t seem that interested in, not knowing Eric all that well, but seemed to enjoy his bachelor party.

    Trevor finally yawned and looked at Andy. “Come on Andy, let’s go burn up some sheets and see if we can heat up the joint,” Trevor said getting up and pulling up Andy with him. “Thad, you might as well bring your hot ass in and join the rest of us tonight. We can assure you one hell of an orgasm, buddy. It’ll be a night you’ll never forget,” Trevor told him smiling.

    “I’m sure it would be, Trevor, but maybe in a way that would give me nightmares for life. So, I think I’ll save my virgin ass for another time, if you don’t mind,” Thad replied.

    “Man, and give up a chance to have this up that hot sweet ass of yours,” Trevor said, pulling out his half boned up cock and slapping it in his hand.

    “Nice one, Trev, but I have one of my own also,” Thad replied.

    “Yes, and you could bury that in my ass if you wanted to,” Trevor told him excitedly. Thad almost laughed at that one. He told him to go take care of Andy, as the way he performed with him tonight, it looked like the two really needed each other. Trevor smiled and said at least he offered.

    Andy and Trevor were in the shower before we hardly got our briefs off and let our cocks out. Jake, Erin and I kind of kissed and fondled one another waiting for the two to let go of each other long enough to get cleaned up and get out of the shower. They didn’t want to be disturbed, so they said. They were almost locked together as they emerged. I swear they didn’t dry off much before they were heavily into some passionate sex in the bedroom already. We took our time in the shower together, giving Andy and Trevor some private time to themselves, letting the three of us enjoy each other rather sensuously. We finally dried off, then cautiously entered the bedroom.

    “You guys took long enough. We have a couple of hot asses that need fucking here. Here we are all nice and hard, pre-cumming and all that, and you guys are just lolly-gagging in the shower, taking your own sweet time, playing with each other’s cocks and balls, probably licking some ass, and here we are waiting for some hot attention,” Trevor said as it he was miffed.

    “Excuse me, Trevor? We thought you two wanted some alone time as hot as the two of you were on stage tonight together. Good grief, we were being kind and giving you some privacy. We didn’t know you had an all out orgy planned for tonight. You might let us in on your plans sometime if you really wanted us here to take care of you,” I scolded him. Trevor smiled.

    “Just fuckin with you, Josh. We already did the dirty and got started again, but thought it’d be nice to share. Andy wants a little Josh and Jake love, and hell, I could use some also. Whatever dick is free gets to tap Erin’s hot little ass. Glad to see you’re all boned up and ready for action. I knew you guys couldn’t leave each other alone in the shower. Just can’t happen with any of us. I was going to go grab Thad and have him tap our asses if you guys hadn’t finally showed up. The boy needs to get in on this kind of action. He’s missing way too much fun. Damn guy has a great looking cock and a hot ass. He’s wasting his talents. But to hell with that, someone punch my ass and let’s get this party going,” Trevor almost demanded. Jake, Erin and I looked at each other, somewhat puzzled, but realizing it was the new Trevor we were dealing with.

    “Who wants what?” I asked, not knowing where to start, but my cock was hard and it was time to fuck someone or someones. Trevor frowned.

    “Well, it’s not like it’s a pity fuck or anything like that. Don’t sound so disappointed, Josh,” Trevor said as if I thought this was work instead of play. “Start with this hot hole,” he said as he raised his ass up in the air and spread his legs. “I think that hole is winking at you, Josh. In fact, I’m sure it is,” Trevor said with a big smile on his face.

    “Okay, smartass. Suck this cock of mine and get it good, hard and slick so I can fuck your brains out. Get ready for the fuck of your life, buddy,” I said diving towards him. Trevor caught me and giggled as I tickled him and we rolled around on the floor together, our cocks rubbing up against one another as we did. Jake and Erin went to work on Andy who was loving the more sensuous romantic approach to sex, ruling out Trevor’s crazy antics. “Give me that hole,” I said as I stuck my middle finger up Trevor’s ass and pulled him around to me. He yelped a little at the sudden movement of his body with my middle finger up his sweet asshole. Still he was wiggling around. “Stay still so I can stuff this baby up your ass,” I told him as I slapped his asscheeks with my hard cock. Trevor finally settled down and raised his ass up in the air again, wanting me to pile drive him. I got on my knees and held his ass up against my chest and drove my tongue as deep into his man cunt as I could get it. He started shaking his legs. I teased his hole terribly. Pre-cum was drooling from his cock down onto his face and he was licking it all up as fast as he produced it. I grabbed some of it and smeared it on his face. He giggled as I did it, then took his fingers and shoved some of it into his mouth. I just shook my head. “You ready for this?” I asked as I stood up and bent my cock down, putting pressure on his asshole with the head of my cock.

    “It’s about time, you big tease,” he said. “Hell, Jakes almost ready to give Andy a load over there and you’re still dicking around with my ass. It’s screaming ‘fuck me’ at the moment. Can’t you hear it?” he said being crazy. I shook my head at him in wonderment as to where my old Trevor went, as this one was way off base and crazy. Still he was fun.

    Not waiting any longer, I just shoved my cock balls deep into his ass. He gave out a quick groan, and then he gave me a smile of blissfulness. I pile drove his tight ass, leaning over him, planting my hands on the floor beside him, and on my tiptoes, slammed my cock into his ass over and over.

    “Yeh, now you’re doing it right, Josh. Bout time, but you’re getting it,” Trevor teased. I bent my head down and shoved my tongue deep into his mouth. It took his breath away.

    “I can let you lay here by yourself and go fuck Andy, Jake and Erin, Trev. Anymore complaints and I’ll leave,” I threatened with a smile.

    “You’d never pull out of a hot ass like this, Josh. Not you,” he chided. I pulled my cock out of his ass momentarily scaring him.

    “Sorry, I’m sorry. So sorry. Didn’t mean to say that. It’s all yours, babe. I love that cock of yours. My ass loves that cock. Feed it to me. Fucking tickle my tonsils,” he said as he slammed his ass up against my pelvis. I was having trouble concentrating with all animation and levity Trevor was giving me.

    “Erin, come over here and shove your dick in Trevor’s mouth and keep him quiet while I finish him off. He can’t keep his fucking mouth shut for some reason,” I told Erin.

    “I’ll behave,” Trevor quickly said just before Erin shoved his hard cock into Trevor’s mouth. Erin face slapped Trevor with his cock a few times, then passionately kissed me as he face fucked Trevor. We had the boy busy with both ends filled. He had to be quiet now.

    I was about to cum, when Trevor spit Erin’s cock out of his mouth as if he was gasping for air. “Hey, all you guys cum on my face this time. I want your loads on my face or in my mouth. Gotta mix them altogether and then swallow as much as I can. I want all our cum tonight. Just splatter your jizz all over my face and mouth,” he practically begged. Erin, who had his balls resting on Trevor’s face, and had received some tea-bagging activity, literally just jacked himself a few more times as he was kissing me and watching me fuck Trevor’s ass, unloaded forcefully point blank on Trevor’s face, hitting him on the cheek, mouth and some in his hair. Trevor quickly scooped it up with his fingers and shoved it into his mouth. Jake and Andy stood above him and pointed their cocks down at him, since I already had him practically upside down, and shot a couple of forceful loads down on his face. Trevor hadn’t collected all of it fast enough before I unloaded my balls on his face and chest, making another big mess on the poor boy. Then he unloaded on himself, sending several forceful streams of cum cascading down to his face and mouth. I let his ass back down to the mattress and we all gathered around him and scooped up the mess of cum on and around his face, then finger fed it to him. His face was a cummy sticky mess, but he was excited and happy with the mess we all created. “Wow, that’s like trying to drink Niagara Falls as much cum came my way as fast as it did. Fucking hot though. Damn, you guys taste good. Love this stuff,” Trevor said all excited. I slapped his ass making a smacking noise.

    We finally pulled him up to a sitting position. He leaned in and kissed each one of us, then sucked our dicks clean. “Fucking great fun, guys. Damn, why was I ever straight before. Can’t have messy sex like this with women. Cocks rule,” he said raising his hands in the air. We all laughed at our crazy friend.

    “Andy, you get enough dick up your hot ass tonight?” Trevor asked. Andy smiled.

    “Hell, yes. Thanks to all my great friends. Kind of nice, actually, not having to take care of Ashton, but having some loving friends take care of me also. Don’t know what I’d do without you guys,” Andy said sincerely. We all hugged him and gave him quick kisses.

    “Erin, you get a cock up your ass tonight?” Trevor asked, as if he was the service manager of fucking.

    “Got some of Andy’s and a little of Jake’s. Thank you very much,” Erin replied. “I feel great. It was all good.”

    “My face smells like my cummy dick,” Trevor said as he got to his feet. “Guess I better get cleaned up,” he said as he headed to the bathroom. Andy went with him to help him.

    “That is one crazy SOB these days,” Jake said with Erin agreeing.

    “Hey, he’s at least fun and very hot and sexy these days. I kind of like the new Trevor. Hanging around with Drew kept him down for some reason. Now, you can’t stop the boy. He’s the greatest thing to happen to Andy right now. Just think, the two jilted guys are the ones that got together out of all this. Couldn’t have worked out any better. If the two can keep each other happy, then I’m all for his crazy behavior,” I told Jake and Erin. They agreed.

    The three of us rolled into bed together and snuggled, desperate for some sleep after some exhausting sex. Andy and Trevor returned shortly afterwards and kissed us goodnight, then Trevor drug his cock and balls over our faces as he crawled over us to get to his and Andy’s mattress bed. We yelled at him, but it didn’t make any difference. We had our arms under the sheet and couldn’t fight back. He knew he had us.

    Thad had coffee for us the next morning standing in the kitchen in his briefs. He shook his head as we headed into the kitchen naked with semi’s, to grab some coffee.

    “Thad, I need coffee before my dick realizes it can relax now that I’m up,” I explained.

    “Hey, you don’t owe me any explanation as to why you have a half-hard dick in the morning. I got rid of mine already,” Thad told us.

    “Who’d you fuck?” Trevor asked curiously.

    “No one, silly. It just goes down, mainly because you have to pee,” Thad explained.

    “Mine stays hard while I pee,” Trevor told him getting a strange look from Thad. “Maybe because I jack it while I try to pee,” Trevor continued. Thad rolled his eyes at Trevor. “Don’t ever waste a hard cock, Thad. You take care of it, and it takes care of you. Remember that.”

    We decided to skip IHOP this morning and head back early to the apartment, mainly for a little rest before hitting the projects hard on Monday morning. Everyone was in favor of an early departure. Erin said he’d ride back with Allen and OBB since Trevor and Andy would ride back with us. Andy had a duffle bag of stuff he was bringing with him for the summer since he hadn’t been back yet. Trevor explained the shower to Andy who thought it must be super cool. Thad warned him not to bend over close to the side jets as they were strong enough to blow your balls off. Trevor asked him how he knew this, like was it from personal experience or observation. Thad just smiled at him.

    At one point, Trevor was making out with Andy in the back seat. He had his hand up Andy’s shorts, feeling his bare junk and Andy leaking pre-cum, spotting his briefs and shorts again. “Josh, it’s getting weird back here,” Thad pointed out. “They’re doing weird shit to each other.”

    “Tattletale,” Trevor told Thad. “You jealous or something?” Trevor asked. Thad gave him a strange look. Trevor was sitting in the middle with Thad on his left and Andy on his right. “Go ahead and stick your hand up my shorts, Thad. Feel that nice piece of meat under all that. We should all get naked and drive back that way,” Thad said, pushing down his shorts and briefs and revealing his boner and balls.

    “Gees, Trevor. You’re going to get us arrested,” Thad told him. I had to agree. Still, Trevor just looked at his hardon for a few moments. Thad couldn’t take his eyes off of it also, I happened to notice.

    “Behave, Trevor. Don’t make me have to come over the seat and fuck you,” I told him laughing. Jake laughed.

    “Oh, would I ever love that,” Trevor replied. Then he started showing Thad how one of his balls was a little larger and hung a little lower than the other one, only both were kind of tight up against the base of his cock with the boner he was sporting.

    “You have hairy balls, Trev,” Thad announced looking at them.

    “Yep, that’s what Josh tells me. I like them natural like that. Want to pet them?” Trevor asked. “Go ahead, they won’t bite.”

    “Oooo, hell no,” Thad replied making a face.

    “You could kiss them or lick them if you like. Andy does all the time. Josh and Jake too,” Trevor teased. Andy bent over and kissed each of Trevor’s balls then licked them saying he almost got carpet rash as they were so hairy. Trevor kissed him for that one. With the teasing over, Trevor put his family jewels away and behaved himself for a while at least.

    “Josh, Trevor invited me to stay at his apartment for a while. He’s lonely there by himself, and I thought that might give you guys more room at the apartment at the bar. You guys okay with that?” Andy asked without any advance warning.

    “What do you think, Andy? If you want to keep him company, far be it for us to complain. Might me kind of nice and more privacy. I was going to suggest that Trevor spend more time with us at our apartment until he found company for his apartment, but kind of looks like the two of you might like to be roommates and we’re all for it. You can still come over and shower with us, have beer and eat with us whenever you want. Make yourselves at home either place as far as we’re concerned,” I told him.

    “I’d appreciate it, guys. It was a bummer when Drew left and you guys came to my rescue. Andy needs some loving attention since he kicked big ass out, so it kind of works actually. We’re not in love by any means, but we do have some great times together,” Trevor admitted.

    “You mean great sex together,” Thad told Trevor.

    “Yep, that too. You could be there also, champ, if you’d let your dick out once in a while to play,” Trevor replied. Thad didn’t know what to say.

    “I don’t know. I kind of liked getting my nipples licked when we were working together at the bar. That was kind of hot, Trevor. I’ll almost hate losing that opportunity,” Thad joked.

    “Oh, baby, I can lick your nipples anytime and your dick and balls also if you’d like that,” Trevor told Thad, up close and personal, like he was going to kiss him. “I know how it makes your cock hard. Don’t think I didn’t notice that last night when we were messing around for tips. By the way, you do a great job of acting or is it really acting, Thad?” Trevor asked.

    “You just got me excited, that’s all. Josh did that to me one time also. He says somehow your nipples are connected to your cock and playing with your nipples makes you hard. At least he explained it that way,” Thad stated.

    “I’ll just bet he did. And did he tell you playing with your cock and asshole could make you cum?” Trevor asked. Thad blushed. Trevor leaned over and kissed Thad gently on the lips. Thad smiled.

    “I don’t know, Andy. We might have to take Thad with us and teach him some new tricks while we’re at it,” Trevor exclaimed. Andy said it was fine. Thad just shook his head.

    “You are kind of fun, Trevor. That I’ll give you. A little crazy, but fun,” Thad told him. Trevor grinned from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat.

    We arrived back at the bowling alley mid-afternoon. When we pulled into the parking lot, there was a tall guy and a blonde woman looking through the glass doors as if to see if anyone was there. They turned around when we pulled up in the parking lot. To my surprise, it was Tuck. I went running up to him and jumped into his arms. He swung me around like he used to do and kissed me on the forehead. I hadn’t paid any attention to the fact he was there with a girl.

    “Damn, it’s so good to see you, brother,” I told Tuck, still hugging him tightly.

    “You too, little bro. Josh, this is Millie, a very close friend of mine,” Tuck said introducing me to this cute young lady. I shook her hand and gave her a big smile. “She and I have been seeing each other for the last few weeks. I’d have been over here sooner to see you, but she kind of kept me occupied, which was kind of a nice thing,” Tuck explained. “We were out for a ride and drove by the bowling alley and took a chance to see if you were here,” he said still holding onto me. He finally let me go. I introduced Tuck to the guys with me he might not have known. Jake got a hug from Tuck also. I told Tuck, Eric got married this weekend, and we were just returning from the City. I quickly explained about the bachelor party, without details, and the wedding yesterday afternoon. Tuck was happy to hear everything went well for Eric.

    “So, Millie, come inside and tell me how you met my big brother,” I said not wanting to leave her out of the conversation and dying to know who seemed to win over my big brother’s heart, and try to determine whether she was good enough for him. Tuck smiled, knowing full well, I wanted the whole scoop. I ushered them inside since it was hot outside. Millie clung to Tuck as we walked inside. ‘Clingy’, I thought. Already clingy. Wasn’t sure about that one, but I kept an open mind.

    I gave them a quick tour of the apartment leaving out the bedrooms, but did show them the shower. Millie loved the kitchen most of all. Tuck was in awe at how we fixed the place up. We sat down at the bar in the kitchen and huddled around. Jake joined me. Trevor and Erin were showing Andy around the apartment since he hadn’t seen it yet.

    “Back to my earlier question, how did the two of you meet because he never mentioned you the entire last school year,” I told her. She smiled.

    “Josh, we met at the arena at the start of summer school. I work there in the admin office and he came in to get a key to the office he’s occupying as an assistant coach. I kind of thought he was cute at the time, but didn’t think he’d think anything about me. I gave him his key, but he came back ten minutes later and said it didn’t work. I told him it had to, so I took the key and marched down to his office in the locker room and put it in the door and it worked. He told me he must have done something wrong, as he was prone to have problems with keys. Anyway, I saw through all his bullshit and told him he just wanted me to come do it for him. He told me, ‘maybe’. We got to talking and he asked me what I was doing for lunch. We had lunch together and really enjoyed our conversation. We ended up having dinner together that night. I guess I fell for his charm. He told me all about the frat and you and the rest of the guys. He told me what a great person and tremendous friend you are and how you started your own business and now branching out with a second pub and all. I just think this whole thing is great here,” Millie said, somewhat excited about what we had. I really started liking her as she went on about Tuck and what all he told her about everyone and his life. She seemed so genuine. I was happy for him. Tuck was not saying much, but was beaming as he watched Millie talk to me.

    “I just feel like I know you so well, Josh. Tuck said you and Jake were inseparable also. Friendship means the world to me also. I have so many wonderful friends. I came here from a rural farming community down state, but I just love all the people from all parts of the country that come here to study. I got my degree in public affairs, but I’m working in the sports department right now, and I have to say, I really like the job and the people I’m working with.

    “Josh, she likes beer too. You happen to have any?” Tuck asked. I could have slapped myself.

    “So sorry, guys. Where’s my manners. I am so ashamed,” I said making Millie laugh. I got up and got beers for all of us.

    “Not bad stuff. You guys drink well, at least,” Tuck said approvingly. I nodded we did.

    Millie went on about growing up on a farm and was excited when Tuck told her I had also. We talked for some time. Then Millie asked to use the restroom. I told her to lock all the doors and pay no attention to the urinal in the restroom. Tuck said it was like using the restroom in a male dormitory. We all laughed. Jake said he needed to go help Trevor and Andy with something. That left Tuck and I alone.

    “Tuck, this is exciting. Millie seems like a great gal. You lucky SOB,” I told him excitedly.

    “She’s wonderful, Josh. She’s so down to earth. Nothing pretentious at all. Very level headed and very appreciative of everything I do for her. It’s a little premature, but I think I might be in love,” he said with a huge grin on his face. I jumped up and hugged him. “Don’t worry, I still love you just as much as I always did. That’ll never change, Josh,” he said sincerely.

    “Not worried at all, Tuck. I’m just happy you’ve finally found someone, and this time a decent gal and nothing like Julie, for Heaven’s sake,” I said somewhat relieved.

    “Nothing like Julie at all, Josh. Millie is just genuine and wonderful. She still doesn’t know about my family much, other than I don’t see eye to eye with my parents because they don’t believe in love and are more concerned with business arrangements to replace love. She doesn’t know what you know as to how wealthy they are, you know, and all the Washington bullshit. I’ll level with her if we hang in there together long enough. Everything else is moving along rather nicely. I have an apartment now. Moved out of the frat house and into my one-bedroom apartment. Living on my current salary and not touching my trust money, just letting that sit, unless you need some,” he said looking at me for an answer. I told him about the venture capital company we were starting and the money behind all that. He just about shit himself. I told him sometimes it pays to be gay. Tuck about split a gut. “Oh, let me tell you, Josh. Millie and I were kind of playing around a little several weeks ago, not too long after we started dating. It was one of the first times we had sex together. And, by the way, it’s wonderful with her. She really loves what I can do for her,” he said somewhat bragging.

    “Hey with Hector, any woman would be happy,” I told him.

    “Oh, Hector misses you something terribly every once in a while. He hasn’t forgotten you by any means, that’s for sure, and never will probably. But that’s just it. She told me I was rather big and it was kind of hard for her to take at first. I almost laughed out loud, Josh. I was thinking if you could take it where you took it, she sure as shit ought to be able to take it where she was taking it,” he said and started laughing. I laughed with him. “We got beyond that and she’s fine with it now, but it hit me that you and I had done something that was a bit of a problem for you, and shouldn’t be for her,” he said smiling. I jumped into his arms and hugged him.

    “I don’t regret one second of that for the world, Tuck,” I told him and quick kissed him.

    “Neither do I, Josh. You did that out of shear love for me and I’ll never forget it. It was beautiful. Love you, bro,” he said then hugged me again. “Anyway, I thought that was kind of funny, but I sure as hell couldn’t tell her about it now could I.” I shook my head ‘no’.

    “Does she know I’m gay?” I asked cautiously.

    “Yes, and she’s fine with it. She has a gay brother that she loves dearly. I swear that brought us closer together faster than anything, the fact I had a gay friend. I told her I was straight, but I dearly loved my gay friend and I would defend him to my death. She jumped into my arms and kissed me all over. Then we had some fantastic sex after that. Wow, it was hot, Josh. I’m just crazy about her and I wanted you to meet her in the worst way. She just had to meet you. You two have to like each other or I can’t like her. That’s all there is to it,” Tuck confessed.

    “You won another national championship with this one, Tuck. I might want to meet her brother if he’s as good looking and hot to me she is to you,” I said smiling. Tuck laughed. “You ever see a picture of him?” I asked.

    “No, not yet. But he’s supposed to come and see her sometime this summer. He’s probably your age also, but he goes to State. He didn’t come to Uni for some reason. I’m sure he’ll want to see this place when he comes, so we’ll make sure you guys get to meet him,” Tuck assured me. Just then Millie showed up again.

    “Loved the urinal. Classic male dormitory look, I have to say,” she said smiling.

    I took them downstairs and showed them what the layout of the bar was going to look like. Tuck went bonkers over the picture of the bar. He thought it would be the coolest bar in town.

    They were going out to dinner with Tuck’s coach and his wife, so they needed to head out. Millie gave me a hug as if she’d known me for some time and we were great friends. I told her she was refreshing as well as cute. She gave me a kiss on the cheek. Tuck hugged me tightly and told me he still loved me. I pinched his ass and told him I loved him also and it was nice seeing him wear something other than his boxers for once. He laughed, but reminded me how hot he looked in those. We all laughed.

    “I’ll be back for a beer sometime and we can talk some more,” Tuck promised as he headed out. I was all excited having seen him and for the opportunity to meet Millie, who I thought was the perfect match for him now. It was a great day and I was very happy.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    I was going to write a thought about chapter 206 when..

    *refresh button*

    ..chapter 207!!!

    Sooo.. I'll review both

    206 - I was expecting some sort of sexual interaction between Josh and Eric (Josh giving Eric a bj to relieve him from wedding's stress), but I was surprised by the amount and the meaningfulness of the act
    A delightful wedding (kinda like the Royal one between Harry and Meghan, so down to Earth and full of little personal details) and another role for Josh (Godfather to Eric's son kid which we shouldn't know the sex yet )

    207 - I'll just say Trevor
    And happy to hear from Tuck again and his new girl Millie

    Keep going, funtimes, keep writing

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Wow! Way to go! Andy and Trevor did very well indeed! I was beginning to get nervous about Trevor, but he's turning out to be very likeable. Thad is continuing to draw me in also. I like the tension between straight/gay in him and in the story itself. So very good to get a look at Tuck and his new significant other, complete with warm connections across the board. Loving this story with its complex interaction and variety of personalities. Thank you .... please continue!

    Not sure where I am going, but certainly enjoying the ride!

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    FT, you never cease to amaze us. Trevor is really coming into his own. What a character. I used to think he was somewhat of an irritant that Josh and Jake had to put up with. Then they felt kind of sorry for him, invited him into the brotherhood, so to speak, then shelved him away with another kind of mundane character, Drew. Josh was really worried about Andy and not so much about Trevor. Now Andy and Trevor have kind of found each other and Trevor has really become an exciting character in the group. It's amazing what you do with these extremely believable characters. I'm sure it was a rush for Andy and Trevor to perform together at the CNB. Were they acting or was there something there. Andy is happy and excited again having dumped Ashton. Why do I get the feeling he's not going to stay gone though. Old characters have a way of sneaking back in at different times in this story. Question is has he really given up on Andy and the rest of the guys he swore he truly loved. I guess you'll let us know all that as we read on. Was great to see Tuck again. You promised us he'd be back and here he is with a new girl, all happy again. It will be interesting to see what role he'll play in the future or is he just an old friend now. Somehow I don't see Josh giving up on anyone he cares about as much as he cared about Tuck, and then there was Hector too. Great chapter as always. Can't wait for the next and then the next and hopefully they go on and on. Keep writing, FT. We need this. BC
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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Thanks, guys for all the great comments and potential speculation as to what might happen. You just never know about these guys and which way the wind blows. Much more to cum, I mean come. Enjoy. FT

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chapter 208 – Jordan Makes a Visit and Breaking In A Personal Banker

    Tuck and Millie having left, I made my way to find where we were. Jake had already unloaded the car with our go-bags and Andy’s duffle bag. Andy and Trevor were still with us at this point. We grabbed some beer and were sitting at the island. Jake was asking about Tuck and his new girlfriend. He wanted to know what I thought about it. I told them all I was happy Tuck found a decent one this time as the previous girlfriend had earned the title of ‘super bitch’ and he deserved happiness once and for all with all he’d gone through in that area. Jake agreed.

    Allen wanted to order pizza since in the past we had always gone to the pizza joint on a Sunday evening when returning from the City and living in the dorm. I told him he had to be the one to answer the door when the pizza guy showed up. Allen asked if they even knew where the place was. I told him Jake and I had ordered pizza a few times and they found us just fine. I told him he’d like the pizza delivery boy. That made Allen curious.

    He wasn’t curious for long when Howard finally showed up and rang the bell at the outside entrance to the apartment. Howard had his pants down when the door opened. Allen pulled him in immediately.

    “Finally, a guy with some promise for a fuck,” Howard said as he got pulled in by Allen.

    “Gonna fuck your hot little ass something fierce before you get out of here. OBB, come help out the pizza boy,” Allen summoned OBB. OBB went to see what Allen was hollering about and saw a pizza guy with his shorts down at his ankles and boner under some red pubes waiting to be handled. I swear OBB sank to his knees and took Howard’s cock in his mouth. Howard almost dropped the pizza boxes, but Erin ran to grab them before Howard was drug into Allen and OBB’s bedroom where the three of them disappeared. With all the wailing and hollering in there, one could imagine, Howard got the fuck of a lifetime from what he was used to. Meanwhile Erin, Thad, Trevor, Andy, Jake and I enjoyed pizza and beer and discussed the weekend in the City.

    “You want any of that red desert back there with Allen and OBB, Trev? I’m sure that guy is up to having as much dick as he can get. It was like he knew what was waiting for him when he came through the door. Might be kind of tasty,” Andy suggested to Trevor.

    “Andy, I have all the desert I can handle going home with me tonight. Not going to waste any of my fluids on some pizza boy when I can have a real man,” Trevor said half way serious. Andy blushed.

    “Wo there. Sounds kind of serious to me,” I replied. Trevor looked at me and grinned.

    “Well, there are several real men here tonight and I’d enjoy any one of them or possibly all of them,” he said jokingly.

    “I think you can leave me out,” Thad chimed in.

    “Oh, come on, Thad. You’re the sexiest one here, buddy. You need to relax and let us show you one hell of a great time, drain your balls and put a smile on that happy face of yours,” Trevor replied. Thad threw a pepperoni at him and Trevor caught it in his mouth and savored it like he would a cock. We all laughed, even Thad.

    “I can’t win with you guys,” Thad said shaking his head.

    “You could if you wanted to, Thad,” Trevor replied with a smile. Thad didn’t know what to say.

    We were finishing up eating when we heard the bell downstairs at the front door. Erin ran down to see who was there. It was Dustin that came walking up the steps with Erin. We were all excited to see him, and all gave him hugs. Thad seemed especially happy to see him, knowing straight reinforcements had arrived.

    “Hey, Dustin. So, what’s the verdict. You still with the cable company or you on board with us now?” I had to ask. Dustin smiled.

    “I’m all yours,” he said with a big smile. We all cheered. “I even left my little studio apartment today, so now I’m homeless hoping you’ll take me in,” he said excitedly. We all cheered again making him smile even more. “Got my stuff in my old Jeep, what little I have, that is. Mostly clothes and a few other small things, not that I have that many worldly possessions anyway.”

    “Well, we’ll just go down and move you right in,” Jake exclaimed. Erin seemed very happy about this move.

    “Guess I’m getting a real roommate now,” Thad exclaimed.

    “What? I wasn’t good enough for you?” Erin asked. Thad looked embarrassed.

    “You were fine, but I always knew you wanted back across the hall where you were happy. I couldn’t make you happy the way you wanted to be,” Thad tried to explain.

    “You could have made me very happy, Thad. You just chose not to,” Erin teased.

    “You know what I mean,” Thad replied. Erin went and hugged him.

    “I know. You and Dustin will be great roommates together. Who knows, maybe the two of you will discover each other. Miracles can happen, you know,” Erin replied.

    We all grabbed some of Dustin’s things and brought them up to the room Thad was staying in, directly across the hall from Jake and me. We had to move Erin’s things back to the bedroom Chuck fucked the hell out of Ashton in, that was supposed to be Andy’s and Ashton’s room. Andy seemed to be in favor of keeping Trevor company, as he said, staying with Trevor at his apartment, forgoing the room at the apartment he and Ashton should have had together. In a way, this was working out rather nicely, I thought. If Andy stayed with Trevor in his apartment, hoping Trevor wouldn’t drive him crazy, and hadn’t so far, then that would leave the remaining bedroom for Erin and Zach, once Zach got here in the fall. This was going to work out nicely. Now if everyone would just get along the way I had it all planned, we’d all be a happy bunch.

    Once we got Dustin settled, we got him out of his clothes, down to just his briefs and gave him some pizza and beer. Howard had emerged with Allen and OBB, all of them seemingly having worked up an appetite and thirsty for beer. At least they had briefs on when they made their way to the kitchen, although somewhat soiled with wet spots from post ejaculative leaking. We all had to admit, except for the two straight guys, it looked pretty hot.

    “I finally got some action out of you guys,” Howard exclaimed stuffing down a piece of pizza. These guys know how to handle an ass,” he said referring to Andy and OBB.

    “They should. They’ve fucked every male asshole they could get their hands on around this campus last year,” I told him.

    “That’s not true. We have a lot more to do this year. We got a late start last year. Took us awhile to figure it all out, now we’ve got it, and we’re gonna use it too. Anytime you need a little ass action, Howard, you come and see us,” Allen told him. Howard smiled.

    “I wanna blow my balls off in that shower of yours you told me about,” Howard told Allen.

    “We can handle that and maybe tickle your ass a little more while we do it,” OBB told him, making him smile. Thad rolled his eyes, but Dustin took it all in.

    “So what are we doing tomorrow?” Dustin asked. I explained to him that we had to continue to clean out the tall weeds, brush and debris from around the building so we could pressure wash it and then paint the outside. I told him we had gloves and the necessary equipment to aid in that exercise. Dustin said he liked working outside, especially in the summertime. He said it beat fishing cable up through crawl spaces and dirty attics. I told him he was going to get dirty, but then we had that great shower to get clean again. He agreed with me on that. Dustin said he was excited and looking forward to working with us. He wanted to know what he needed to do about rent and if we could deduct that from what he was paid, then what about food and all. I told him he would be paid handsomely and didn’t have any rent. Food and board was taken care of. Dustin said that was almost too good to be true. I told him he happened to fall into a good deal at the right time. He seemed to think he really had. It was really his lucky day.

    It was getting late and Trevor said he and Andy were heading out to his apartment. He announced he had some anal exploring to do. Dustin asked what that was and Thad told him not to ask as he didn’t want to know. I just shook my head at Trevor.

    “Thanks for the great four days, Josh. I had a blast at the CNB. This one here is even going to be more exciting. We can make it that way,” he said giving me a hug and a passionate kiss which took Dustin by surprise. Thad told him he’d get used to seeing this and much worse. “I promise to take good care of Andy as long as he takes care of me,” Trevor added. Andy rolled his eyes.

    “We’ll see how this works,” Andy said. “I may be back in a few hours.”

    “What and give up a hot cock like mine? Are you crazy, Andy?” Trevor asked. We all laughed.

    Andy gave me a hug and kiss also, along with Erin and Jake as did Trevor. Then they headed out saying they’d see us in the morning if they recovered by then.

    Jake, Erin and I were worn out from the long weekend and all the activities we were involved with and decided to hit the showers and then retire ourselves knowing we had a full day of manual labor tomorrow. Dustin and Thad said they’d join us in the shower since they didn’t know how to work it. Allen, OBB and Howard said they were in. Then Howard got summoned back to the pizza place and had to leave. He was majorly disappointed. Allen said it was just as well as he’d overstayed his welcome at this point. I just shook my head at him.

    We all arrived at the shower naked and ready. I turned on all the valves and let the sucker fly. Dustin looked stunning naked. It was something we all noticed. He did have a nice bush on him, a wonderful cock and one ball that hung somewhat below the other one, making him look sexy as hell. He had nice tight buns, perfect for fucking. I just wanted to bend him over and rim that hot virgin asshole of his, he looked so hot. Nevertheless, I had to concentrate on the shower. We were blasted from all angles, but it felt rather nice, relaxing and refreshing. Erin, Jake and I lathered each other up and sensuously washed each other. We got a little hard in the process which didn’t go unnoticed by Thad or Dustin. Allen and OBB were washing each other with boners. They even playfully joined in with us. Allen stuck his hardon between my asscheeks and acted like he was fucking me. We all laughed. Thad and Dustin were taking all this action in, not sure what to think. Thad told Dustin to get used to it as we were kind of crazy, but fun. Dustin said it was all great fun. Erin asked Dustin if he needed his back washed. Dustin thanked him for that and Erin washed his back, not getting into anything sexual with him. Dustin said he’d wash Erin’s back and Erin was only too happy to let him, getting Erin a little excited in the penile department. Dustin apologized for doing anything that got Erin excited. Erin told him it wasn’t his fault that he was so hot looking and so well hung. Dustin blushed and told Erin no one had ever told him that before.

    I finally turned off all the water and we dried off. We told them we’d see them all in the morning. Allen and OBB were arguing over who was going to fuck who first tonight. Dustin and Thad weren’t sure what to make of that.

    Turning in early was kind of nice. Even though we were tired from a long fully packed long activity weekend, we still had enough energy to satisfy one another sexually. Erin, Jake and I didn’t take long getting our loads off once in bed. It felt kind of nice with the three of us back together again, although at one point we did say we kind of missed Trevor and Andy as we had been with them the last three nights. Trevor was like a new person these days and fun to be around. He was a dynamo in the sex department lately. We could only imagine Andy having a hard time keeping up with him.

    Despite turning in early, Monday morning came too early. We drug ourselves out of bed and made our way to the bathroom to relieve our bladders. Thad and Dustin were already in the kitchen and dressed. Still just in my briefs, I hugged Thad from behind and kissed him on his neck telling him good morning. Surprisingly, he grabbed my arms and pulled me closer to him like he really liked what I was doing.

    “You give me goosebumps, Josh,” he said as he held my arms up against him. I kissed him on his neck again just for that. He giggled and let me go.

    “Don’t I get a hug?” Dustin asked. I had to go over and do him the same way. “Damn, that does give you goosebumps, but it feels good,” he replied. I chuckled at both of them.

    “I can give you greater pleasure than goosebumps, guys. You don’t have to settle for just that,” I reminded them. They didn’t quite know what to say.

    “I haven’t had a hug in ages, not being near my family,” Dustin said sadly. Just for that, I hugged him head on and kissed him on the forehead.

    “What no morning wood to press up against me this morning?” Thad asked.

    “Oh, I can create that in a heartbeat if that’s what you miss,” I said somewhat excited he brought that up.

    “That’s okay. It’s just that I warned Dustin it was possible we’d see you guys walking around this morning with boners and not to be concerned as it was a natural act for all of you,” Thad replied. I smiled. Just then Allen and OBB walked by naked with boners on their way to the bathroom. “My point exactly,” Thad said to Dustin, referring to Allen and OBB. Dustin laughed as did the rest of us.

    “Nudity is a natural thing, Thad. Nothing to be embarrassed about,” Dustin told him, surprising all the rest of us. Thad wasn’t quite sure how to reply to that.

    We were finally dressed in our t-shirts and nylon shorts when Trevor and Andy showed up, giving us all a hug. Trevor ran his hands over Thad’s ass when he hugged him.

    “Damn, Trevor. I feel violated, Thad said smiling, almost expecting something crazy out of the guy.

    “Oh, trust me, Thad. You’ll definitely know when I violate you, buddy. But you’ll love it also,” Trevor replied winking at him. Thad just shook his head.

    “You guys look like you got some rest last night finally,” I mentioned.

    “Some, but we had fun also,” Trevor shot back. “I guess it’s all the protein Andy gave me last night. Damn if his cum doesn’t taste great, Josh. But then, you guys know that already,” Trevor added making us shake our heads. “So where’s the hot contractors, Chad and Todd at this morning?” Trevor asked.

    Just then we heard them coming up the stairs. “Damn, it’s about time all you guys got back. I swear I thought I lost all my help last week when you guys took off to the City. So, tell us all about it,” Todd asked anxiously awaiting the tales of hot male sex in the City. First, I introduced them to Andy and Dustin. Andy had met them at the contractors meeting when they presented us the cost to renovate the building, but had not seen them since. They had probably seen Dustin before when he was installing the cable, but not really met him. I could tell, they definitely liked what they saw. We gave them a thumbnail sketch of what took place over the weekend, including our two newest dancers. Chad and Todd were blown away that Trevor and Andy actually performed at the CNB, but thought it was fun themselves.

    “Where’s that big dicked Chuck guy?” Todd finally asked looking around and not seeing Chuck and Ashton.

    “We had a parting of the ways, you might say. We hated losing Ashton, but it was his decision. Andy gave him a choice, but he wanted the big high hard one instead of the caring and love of the rest of us. Hope he finds it,” I said.

    “Damn, that Chuck guy sure had a nice dick. And, Ashton, sure had a hot ass,” Todd mentioned as if he was going to miss them.

    “The guys didn’t need the drama, Todd. “It’s none of our business anyway so let it go. No use hurting anyone’s feelings over any of it,” Chad told him. Todd looked at him a little funny.

    “It’s okay,” Andy started to say. I loved that hot ass of his also and more importantly Ashton as a person. He just put sex before love, and I couldn’t take it anymore. It’s better this way. I’m happier now anyway, now that we’ve all moved on and the drama is over.” Todd and Chad went and hugged Andy.

    “My dick and ass are really happy that Chuck and Ashton are gone along with Drew.” Trevor volunteered.

    “Wow, you guys did have somewhat of a turnover this last week,” Todd surmised. “It’s a wonder we stayed together as long as we have, Chad,”

    “If it wasn’t for that big cock of yours, I’d have traded you in ages ago,” Chad chided.

    “Sweetheart, you say the nicest things,” Todd told him and went and picked him up, hugged him, then kissed him passionately in front of all of us. We all applauded.

    “How about we get our asses downstairs and get something done so we can get this bitch open before school starts in the fall,” Todd said wanting to get to work.

    We all headed downstairs. I heard Dustin express to Thad that Todd and Chad must be a couple also. I heard Thad say, “Oh, yeh. And Todd does have a big cock. I actually got to see him in action. You should see that damned thing. Puts the rest of us to shame.” I had to chuckle.

    We said good morning to Doug and George. They lit up when they saw us. “Hey, when are we going to get to shower with you guys again? That was so much fun,” George asked.

    “You realize how that sounded?” Doug asked him. George looked at him funny. “That sounded kind of gay, George,” Doug told him. George smiled thinking about it.

    “Well, you know what we mean,” George followed up. I smiled and shook my head. I told him I understood. Dustin asked Thad if they were a couple also. Thad told him no, but it was complicated.

    We left Thad inside to work on the payroll and the rest of us went to clearing brush. Our shirts were off in no time at all. There was a car full of college girls that went by and honked at us making us smile. If they only knew. We were some hot studs all right, but not interested in them.

    Andy and I were pulling a large limb to the parking lot dumpster, we had cut off part of a tree that was too close to the building. We heaved it into the dumpster. “So how did it go last night with you and Trevor?” I asked out of curiosity. Andy smiled.

    “It was really good, Josh. He’s so different from Ashton. He was very thoughtful and caring, and just kind of sweet actually. We’re getting along great actually,” Andy replied. I was so relieved to hear that.

    “You know I used to think he was somewhat of an irritant when Jake and I first met him, but he’s really changed. I remember the first time we had sex with him when he was feeling his way. He was so appreciative and it was a major transition for him. His girlfriend didn’t make things easy for him. She threatened and mentally tortured the guy. Now he seems happy. He’s developed a fun personality and you say he’s thoughtful and caring also. Big difference in the way he used to be Andy,” I remarked.

    “I get that. But, I like everything so far, and hopefully, it only gets better. He absolutely loves you and Jake. I guess that’s because you were patient with him and helped him discover who he really was and what he really wanted. I could tell he cared about Drew also. I think he cared more about him than he lets on. Now he could care less that he left and went back to Dawson. What’s with that anyway?” Andy asked. “I always thought Dawson was a homophobe the way he practically threatened you and the rest of us to quit attending to Drew’s needs and convince him he was straight. I don’t get any of this,” Andy questioned.

    “Dawson is a total enigma, Andy. He was hiding his secret love for Drew. He wanted Drew all to himself but under his own terms. He wasn’t willing to admit he was in love with Drew. He wanted it to look like the two of them were straight and then bang each other on the side. He was fucking the hell out of Drew every time they went back home. Then he’d come back to school and turn all that off. Drew was a mental wreck over that, not able to figure Dawson out. Dawson fucked girls thinking he could maintain his straight reputation, but enjoy Drew on the side. Drew wanted a relationship and Dawson poo pooed it. I can’t imagine what’s going on with the two today at home. If Dawson was true to his word with Drew, the two should have come out to their families by now, which, knowing Dawson, I doubt seriously. I don’t think he can do it. He’s probably banging some girl on the side and banging Drew too, if I were to guess. Don’t care though. They made their own life and screwed up a few on the way. I just feel bad for Drew, but he kept going back to Dawson, so it’s his own fault,” I surmised. Andy shook his head.

    “How complicated can you make it?” Andy exclaimed. I had to agree.

    We made our way back to the battleground of weeds and brush. On the way Andy told me he still loved me and this new found relationship with Trevor did not change any of that. He wanted me to know that his love for me was the same as it was when he was with Ashton. He never wanted that to change. He said Trevor loved Jake and I also. I gave him a hug and told him we were all good and we’d stay that way. Andy seemed happy.

    When we got back, Trevor was up on a ladder trying to get a difficult vine off the side of the building. Erin was holding the ladder trying to keep it steady. “Don’t look up my shorts, Erin,” Trevor looked down and told him. “I’m going commando today so you might see some balls and cock if you’re not careful,” Trevor announced so we all could hear.

    “We’re good, Trev. Can’t see a thing. Maybe if you were a little larger, we might see something,” Erin chided. Trevor, not willing to be outdone, turned around, dropped his shorts exposing his cock and balls and took a piss off the ladder causing Erin to scramble to keep from getting pissed on.

    “Sorry, Erin. Too much coffee, I suppose. Had to do it. Just had to, buddy,” Trevor said chuckling. We all shook our heads.

    “You sure you’re going to be okay with that?” I asked Andy with some disbelief.

    “I think we created a monster, but you can’t help but love him,” Andy replied. Even Dustin was laughing.

    Thad had some questions about the payroll he was preparing and came and got me to help him. “You’re all sweaty,” he said looking at my sweat glistening body.

    “It’s hot out here, Thad, in case you hadn’t noticed. Want a hug?” I teased.

    “Hell, no. Don’t want your sweat all over me. I’m clean so far,” he said backing away from me. I acted like I was going to attack him and rub my sweaty chest all over him.

    “Want to lick my sweaty balls?” I asked him. He frowned even more.

    “You can keep the sweat on your balls, thank you,” he replied, but he was smiling when he said it. I slapped his hot ass making him grin even more.

    I walked through the process with Thad and we set up the compensation for Dustin. Thad said I was being more than generous he thought, but was happy we were able to do it. I told him he was a great guy and we needed to help him.

    “Josh, you are one of the most caring persons I’ve ever met in my life. Everyone loves you and for good reason,” he said. “I would hug you if you weren’t so sweaty,” he said with a smile.

    “Oh, so I can only be loved if I’m clean now?” I asked sarcastically.

    “Oh, fuck it,” he said and took off his t-shirt pressing his body tightly against mine with a powerful hug. I made sure to rub my sweaty chest all over his clean chest while squeezing his tight buns. He giggled the entire time. “Feel better?” he chided. “You almost gave me a boner.”

    “I could feel even better with something else,” I said sheepishly. He kissed me then and asked if that’s what I needed. I rubbed my crotch making him shudder. “Let’s not get carried away,” he said as he quickly kissed me again. “Don’t want Jake getting jealous. He’s a great guy too,” he added.

    “Okay, but he could love you also, you know,” I exclaimed. Thad actually thought about that.

    “Probably the best offer I’ll ever have,” he admitted. I slapped his back and told him he was loved already. That made him smile.

    I told Thad to order some sandwiches for the crew for lunch and see what Chad and Todd wanted also. I headed back out but saw Todd and Chad at the contractor’s desk. “Hey, Jake and I need to talk to you guys about an idea we were kicking around that could make us all a lot of money,” I said getting their undivided attention.

    “Hell, we’ll stop what we’re doing right now to hear what this is all about,” Chad said excitedly. I laughed.

    “Not here, guys. One night this week, we could come to the house and talk about it. We need your expertise and involvement in a much larger project than you’ve ever done, but it has merit and I have the capital to put it together now. Interested?” I asked.

    “Fuck, we’re all in,” Todd said almost not able to contain himself. “You name the day and we’ll get some steaks and cook out like we did before. Can we discuss it naked?” Todd asked getting more excited about the meeting than the subject matter.

    “I suppose we could do that if you promise to contain yourself until after we talk, then we’ll attend to other matters,” I said winking at him. They both were all in on this one. I pinched Todd’s ass as I left making him smile.

    “Hey, hold up there, Josh,” Todd hollered after me. “I have to tell you something I didn’t want to say in front of all the others,” he said somewhat excited. I was all ears. “Those friends of yours, Ken and James. Well we had one hell of a weekend with those two. Those boys were hot and ready to play. Damn near wore Chad and me out. That James is a total bottom, it seems. Ken now, he can go both ways, but seemed to love some anal attention also. Seems as if he has to top James most of the time. They both blame you for their horniness. Just in case you were wondering,” Todd exclaimed.

    “I never wonder, Todd. I trained them both so I know what those boys like. No doubt about it. Wore you out, huh? Those guys are picking up speed. Damn horndogs. Great guys though. Couldn’t ask for better friends. Love them both,” I told them.

    “Great is right. Spend the night and everything. Shit, we hated to see them go. I tell you, since we hooked up with you guys we’ve had more sex in a few weeks than we’ve had the entire time we’ve been together,” Todd expressed.

    “And that’s not a good thing?” I had to ask.

    “Hell, it’s a great thing. Chad and I couldn’t be more grateful. Just thought I’d let you know you did us a huge favor by getting us all together. We love you, man. What can we say,” Todd said getting a little sentimental. I hugged them both and copped a feel as I did making Todd giggle. “I love it when you fondle my junk,” Todd went on to say. I just smiled and headed out.

    I no sooner got back outside when I got a phone call from Greer on my cell. He wanted to know if I was available this afternoon for Jordan to stop by to get some paperwork signed. He said Jake would need to sign also. They were getting close to putting the Trust together and Jordan needed to file some paperwork with the financial institutions Stoney worked with to set up the accounts. He said we still had more paperwork to file and work through so this would not be the last we saw of Jordan. I told him I’d love to see more of Jordan actually. Greer laughed. ‘Wouldn’t we all’ he commented. I asked him if he’d spent any more time with him. He said he’d been over a couple of times, but it was all work. Greer said they did seem to hit it off extremely well and he enjoyed working with him and joking around as they did. I asked if he got any indication at all if Jordan was on our team. Greer said there might have been a couple of things Jordan said that might suggest that, but then there were just as many other things he said that wouldn’t. Greer did say it was interesting that as hot as he looked he didn’t have a girlfriend and didn’t date that he knew of. He said Jordan did mention that it was interesting the two of them were so devoted to their work they didn’t have a social life or family. Greer chucked when he thought about that comment as Jordan didn’t know how close Greer and Stoney were with Sven in the middle. I had to laugh and suggested maybe he show him. Greer said that was not advisable at this point. I asked him how Stoney was. Greer said he’d seemed happier lately and the sex was getting better. He said he was still demanding about deadlines being met to set up this trust for the new venture capital company. Greer said Stoney was obsessed with getting this up and running and he wasn’t letting up at all. He said that was the only bone of contention between the two. Stoney thought Greer wasn’t working fast enough to get this going, and would get miffed from time to time. But then he’d apologize and they’d have makeup sex together. Greer said he didn’t understand him at times, but couldn’t help but love him. I told him to hang in there and if Jake and I could do anything to let us know. He said he appreciated that and loved us both.

    We broke for lunch, Thad joining us under a big shade tree at the end of the parking lot close to the building. Dustin had to tell Thad about Trevor pissing off the ladder and almost hitting Erin. Erin shook his head in disbelief in Trevor’s misbehavior, as did Thad.

    “You guys are all crazy, but fun, I guess,” Thad remarked.

    Shortly after lunch, I got the call from Jordan asking if it was okay if he came by to get some paperwork signed. I told him of course, and that Greer had already called and told me he was coming. Jordan laughed and said how thorough Greer was. Fifteen minutes later he showed up in the parking lot wearing dress slacks, a dress shirt and tie. He left his suit coat in the car, thank goodness. Jake and I went to meet him.

    “Ah, we’re a little sweaty and dirty from working so don’t get too close. I’m sure we’re somewhat fragrant also so you might want to keep your distance,” I advised him. Jordan smiled.

    “Greer told me you were working outside and not in the office today. No problem with me at all in that regard. Nothing like the scent of male sweat from hard working men doing a job. I just ran over from the firm which is only a few blocks away. If my boss knew what all I was working on, I’d probably get fired, but then, this is going to be a whole lot better for all of us than me working at the firm. I’m sure he’d want in on it if he knew what all we were up to. I have to do a lot of the work at night though, as it is very time consuming, but well worth it,” Jordan said as we escorted him upstairs to the airconditioned apartment where we could talk privately and cool off. I poured us all some ice tea we had in the fridge.

    Jordan took what looked to be a ream of paper out of his satchel and laid it out on the island in the kitchen. “I have to have both you sign a few signature pages here setting up the financial accounts we’ll use. Most of the capital will be located in Stoney’s bank in the City. That’s the consolidating bank as the funds will be located all over for insurance purposes. However, Stoney wanted some of it here in town. I suppose you might want to use the bank here you’re using for the bar since you already have a banking relationship with these guys. Greer said we’d put a million in this bank in various accounts. We’ll set up a centralized sweep account to invest the money in Treasury bonds most of the time, but money will then sweep into your distribution accounts as needed or drawn upon by check or wire, whatever. You’ll need to get your representative from the bank involved. I assume that would be a vice-president you met when you set up the accounts or his assistant, whatever, to present this material and set up the accounts for us. If you have any questions, call me and I can go with you to the bank and explain the process. They know what this is and how to set it up, so it shouldn’t be difficult,” Jordan explained. I looked at him and shook my head. “What?” he asked.

    “Just glad you went to school for this and know your way through it all. It’s all Greek to me,” I told him. Jordan smiled.

    “Josh, it’s what I do, just like this is what you guys do. It’s all in what you like doing. Leave the legal crap to Greer and me and you guys go out and make the money. That’s what Stoney wants to happen and he’s given you guys, well actually all of us one hell of an opportunity.

    “Amen to that statement. Don’t know what’s driving him, but he’s got a hell of a lot of faith in all of us to pull this off. I don’t know that I would’ve done anything like this if I had all his money at his age. I think I would have waited until we were all out of college and established before diversifying my fortune into the hands of novices like us,” I said expressing my opinion.

    “It is extremely unusual, but Greer says Stoney has the upmost faith in the three of you, and is determined to get this setup and quickly. Greer said the man is definitely driven. It may be because he doesn’t have any other family and he looks at you guys as his family. Don’t know what you all did to become so close to the man, but he loves you guys dearly. I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this before where a guy virtually signs away his fortune to others and asks nothing in return other than to perpetuate the business. How did you guys get so close to him, if you don’t mind my asking?” Jordan asked.

    I had to stop for a second and think about what to say. Even Jake gulped at that question. “He was a frequent visitor of our pub in the City. Greer was one of the attorney’s we met when we set up the pub over there and was great to work with. We all became great friends with Greer having gone through the hell you lawyers put us through putting a business together. Greer used to stop in every Friday and Saturday night just to hang out with us and see how we were doing, and we eventually became close friends. Stoney used to come in and have a few drinks and eat also. He said he was always in awe at what we had done with the place and the customer base we built. He said he wished he would have had guys on his team with the imagination and creativity to build his businesses. He said he was looking for additional talent to help him. We got to know each other very well over time. He even invited us out to his ranch to see his empire he built. He wanted us involved saying he wanted to build something better than what he had. He was bored with his current setup and said he needed to expand. We told him we were still in college, but Greer was instrumental in helping us put our success together and would be a great guy to help him with his business matters. Stoney and Greer hit it off right off the bat to the point the partners at the firm Greer was involved with were jealous. Stoney made them make Greer a partner in order to keep Stoney’s business. That kind of pissed them off, but what could they do. Stoney and Greer are the closest friends you could imagine having. Hell, he had Greer move to the ranch to work out of there most of the time except when he had to do things for the firm, but most all the work he does is for Stoney exclusively,” I explained.

    “Yeh, that’s the weirdest thing, working mainly for one guy like that. He doesn’t have much of a life outside of his job, but he sure enjoys what he does. It’s kind of amazing actually. Stoney is a great guy. He gave me the once over when I met him. Said if I was going to be in the inner circle he had to approve of me. I’m sure he did a background check and everything. Guess I passed since I’m still here. He said the greatest recommendation he got for me was from Greer. He told me Greer was certain I was the one to help him put all this together. Greer is a great guy, but then you guys know that already. You guys are great to work with also. I still can’t believe this opportunity is happening, but this pile of paperwork is a lot to prove it is,” Jordan said looking at the paperwork he brought. “It’s like we created not only a company but a small tight family to go with it, which is extra special in my mind, not having anyone close to me like this,” Jordan remarked.

    “So what’s your story, Jordan? Who are you really, and what makes you tick?” I asked.

    “Just enamored with business and law, guys. Greer and I are so much alike, it’s uncanny. We’re both career and success focused. We don’t have much time for a private life. At my age, that’s okay for right now. I think Greer feels the same way. I admire him so much for what he’s been able to accomplish working with Stoney and all. Not only that, but he’s a great guy, very caring and considerate. He’s got a neat sense of humor also. He’s a great lawyer, businessman, and becoming a close friend. What more could you ask for.” Jordan said making Jake and I wonder.

    “You said it all, Jordan. We love him like a brother. I suppose we’ll be adopting you as a brother one of these days also before we get through all this, and since we’ll be working with you for years to come,” I told him. Jake echoed my sentiments.

    “I hope we all become very close. It’s nice to have business associates that work so hard together to accomplish as much as possible, but to be friends and care about each other through the working process. Makes it that more special. It’s just doesn’t happen much in this world, unfortunately. We just have to keep Stoney happy in the process. I’m sure you guys will do that,” Jordan added.

    “How’s that, Jordan?” I asked somewhat concerned what he was getting at.

    “With the successes you bring him and the companies you develop. That’s what Stoney’s looking for, isn’t it?” he asked not sure what I was talking about.

    “Absolutely,” I said affirmatively. “We’re all going to make him extremely happy in that regard.

    We spent the next half hour reviewing paperwork and signing where Jordan told us to sign. In the end he had a separate packet of forms to file with the bank to set up the accounts he needed set up here in town. I knew I had to get ahold of Cliff. I was sure his boss, the vice-president, would be miffed if I gave all the paperwork to Cliff to handle, but then what could he say.

    “I think that pretty well wraps everything up, guys. Anything else you need from me?” Jordan asked looking to us for an answer with his beautiful blue eyes. I wanted to grab his face and kiss him passionately.

    “Probably, but not sure what that would be at the moment,” I told him. Jake smiled, knowing what I might be referring to.

    “Anything, anytime, Josh. Just call me. I’m here for you guys and Greer too. I have to meet him in the City in a couple of days. Maybe I can get him to take me to your pub over there and let me check it out,” he added. I got a little skittish over that one.

    “I’m sure there’s better places he’d like to take you, Jordan. Ours isn’t that exciting for a guy like you,” I told him.

    “Nonsense. If all you guys met there, or it was involved in you getting to know each other, it has to be special in many ways. I haven’t been there yet, and I feel I need to get there to sense more about you guys. I would love to know more about all of you,” Jordan added.

    “You will in due time. We promise you that. Maybe you need to get to know us more from the business sense before we get too deep in the personal sense,” I suggested. “It might be easier that way for all of us.”

    “I feel like I know you so well already and share the same goals and aspirations as all of you. But I have this hunger to know you better for some reason. There is a connection there, I can’t put my finger on, but it gnaws at me to get to know you more closely. I know that sounds weird, like I want to stalk you or something and that’s not the case, believe me. It’s just that I feel there were strange circumstances that brought us together in the first place, and it had to be for a reason. My whole life is exciting now, and has turned around, from dull and somewhat boring, to exciting again. There is new purpose and new friends that I want to care about. That might sound weird to you guys, but I needed something in my life, a relationship, business or personal of some type, even if it is close wonderful friends to value and to share with. I should probably shut up as this may not make any sense to you, but I feel a close connection to Greer and then the two of you. I’m happy this is coming together the way it is,” Jordan tried to explain.

    “Jordan, we’re happy you joined us in this quest. You’re honest and sincere, not to mention one hell of a lawyer. Greer needs a good friend as well as a great mind to help him. I hope the two of you can be great friends also, as well as business associates. This isn’t going to be any picnic making this thing Stoney wants work. I have some great concerns about losing his money if we don’t do things right. He gave us one awesome responsibility, almost overwhelming if you ask me. We need all the help we can get and the mental fortitude to make it all work,” I exclaimed.

    “You’ll get everything I have, Josh, Greer also. I just wanted to make sure you guys are on board with me as well as him. I have to care about all of you,” Jordan replied.

    “You will, I’m sure, Jordan. Give Greer a hug for us when you see him. He’s our brother in a sense and we love him dearly, don’t we, Jake?” Jake seconded that.

    “I think that’s wonderful you all think that much about each other. I hope I can earn that love also in the future,” Jordan replied.

    “You’re getting there, Jordan. If we wern’t so sweaty, we’d give you a hug, but you might be a little smelly going back to your law firms after hugging us,” I commented. Jordan laughed. He did shake our hands and said we looked good all sweaty and all. I took that as a compliment, and we chuckled as if he made a joke. I liked the way he was thinking. We said our goodbyes finally and he took off promising to keep in touch and drop by soon.

    “Want to fuck a hot looking banker?” I asked Jake.

    “Just how are we going to do that?” Jake asked. I had to explain to him about Cliff our banking representative, my first meeting with him alone, and that he was definitely interested. “Get him over here and let’s check him out,” Jake suggested.

    I gave Cliff a call on his cell and asked him if he could come over. He said he really couldn’t drop by this afternoon as the VP made him do teller duty this afternoon because a couple of the tellers called off. I told him there were a couple of hot horny dicks waiting for his sweet asshole if he could get that ass of his over here and soon. He told me not to tease him that way. Then I told him to tell his boss it was important that he come right away as I had important business to discuss with him and to walk off if he had to as this was more important than him being a teller this afternoon. Cliff said he’d try and would try to get here quickly.

    Twenty minutes later he showed up all hot and sweaty. He ran the entire distance form the bank to the apartment. Thad brought him up to the apartment. Thad looked like he might need to stay to hear what we needed him for. I told Thad this involved another business we had going and not ours and I would explain it to him later. Thad looked disappointed, but left us and went back down to the office.

    “You guys look hot and sweaty like me now,” Cliff said looking us over. “Sorry, but I ran over here and it’s hot outside. My boss said this better be important. I told him it was very important. Then he wanted to come along, and I told him you told me to come alone. That got him concerned. I told him I’d explain it to him when I got back, if I made it back tonight. So, what gives?” he asked.

    “Get your clothes off and join us in the shower. Jake, grab some condoms and let’s break Cliffy into our little family.

    “I like the sound of that. You don’t need any condoms though as I haven’t had sex in over a year and I just had a check up and all checked out the way it should. Feel free to fuck me raw, the way I like it,” Cliff said excitedly.

    We all headed for the shower. Jake and I only had briefs and shorts to take off. We helped Cliff take off his tie, dress shirt, t-shirt, dress slacks, briefs, socks and shoes. I thought we’d never get him naked. The wait was worth it though. He looked very studly when we finally got his clothes off. I was in awe at his hot muscle structure. He was fully erect in anticipation of what was to come. Jake and I had him stand in front of us and checked him out. He had a 6 and a half inch cut cock, nice full set of balls, nice legs, as if he was a runner at one time. I had to spread his lightly haired ass checks apart to see a nice asshole surrounded by light hair making my cock throb as I gazed upon his man portal. Jake was in agreement that Cliff was definitely fuckable. Cliff said he was glad to hear that, as he had waited for this moment for some time.

    “Before we get too carried away and you take me to another planet and back, I have to do one thing,” he said looking at us longingly. “I want to lick the sweat off both your balls. I love the taste of sweat on a man. My boyfriend and I used to run together and I made him let me lick his sweaty balls before we fucked when we got back from running and before showering. I like it dirty, guys,” Cliff said excitedly. Jake and I pulled up our cocks and Cliff went to town with his tongue on our balls. Jake kissed me passionately as we had our balls serviced. When Cliff finally rose up to kiss us passionately, Jake dropped down to take his hard cock in his mouth and I sucked on Cliff’s half sweaty balls. He tasted exquisite. I loved the taste of man with a little sweat on his bod. I would have loved Jake’s more, I thought, but Cliff had licked most of the essence of Jake’s balls before I could get to them. Cliff had a smile on his face as Jake and I rose up to kiss him again. I licked his nipples and Jake kissed his lips. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum if you guys aren’t careful. This is the most intense passion I’ve had in over a year. My senses are on overload. Turn on the shower, clean me off and fuck me silly,” Cliff begged.

    I turned on the shower full force and we all enjoyed the sensations of all the nozzles hitting us everywhere. Cliff was amazed at the shower and how wonderful it felt. Jake and I soaped him and ourselves up everywhere. I inserted a soapy finger in his asshole forcing pre-cum from his piss slit. I thought he was going to pass out at one point, the sensations were so overwhelming. With our bodies cleaned, we moved to the built in bench and bent him over with his hands on the wall of the shower. Jake went for his ass, rimming him good and I went for that perfect penis he had. I deep throated his cock while Jake drove his tongue deep in Cliff’s ass. I got a mouthful of pre-cum for my efforts, caused undoubtedly by Jake’s action on his ass. The next thing I knew, Jake had his cock lined up with Cliff’s asshole and gently slid into him.

    “It’s tight, Josh. Hasn’t been used for awhile, I can tell,” Jake uttered over the noise of the shower.

    “Take your time and loosen him up a little,” I hollered back. Cliff seemed relieved we were being considerate of his condition. He did let out a loud sigh as Jake’s cock filled him up. A look of blissfulness filled his face, as his ass accepted the full girth and length of Jake’s penis. I sat on the bench then and let Cliff suck my cock while I played with his nipples. Cliff stiffened up and I thought he was about to cum. Jake backed out of him.

    “You want some of this?” Jake asked me as he moved to the side of a disappointed Cliff. I smiled.

    “Of course. Don’t want to pass up a hot ass like this one,” I said making Cliff smile once more as he edged. I took my time lining up with his hole, giving him a little relief by rimming him for a few minutes, letting my tongue explore what my dick would conquer. Jake began face fucking Cliff to Cliff’s delight. Jake had his hands on Cliffs head and moved his cock in and out of Cliff’s mouth. I finally extracted my tongue from Cliff’s man hole, stood up and guided my cock towards his hot man portal. I inched the head of my penis just inside him and stopped. Cliff couldn’t stand the teasing and thrust his ass back against my pelvis sucking my cock deep in his ass. Jake was right. He was very tight. I started off slow with the boy, but he wanted it hard. He begged for me to pound him hard. Jake face fucked him hard while I pounded his ass. He felt so good on my cock, his ass begging for my seed. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, and I could feel he was ready to blow. “Where do you want our loads?” I asked him anxiously as I knew we were about to spew.

    “Dump your loads in my mouth. I want it all,” he begged. I came out of him and jacked my cock only a few short strokes and blasted his mouth full with my load. Some hit in his mouth and some hit him square in the face. As soon as I emptied my balls Jake stepped in and emptied his. I dropped to my knees and sucked him to completion causing him to collapse to the floor and in my arms. I kissed him passionately with Jake joining in. “Fuck! That was awesome, guys,” Cliff said trying to get his breath as he still held me on the floor, water pounding us from all directions. “It felt so good it hurt,” he gasped. “Damn, that was hot.”

    “You okay?” I asked as I held him in my arms.

    “Fuck yes!” he hollered. “I’m absolutely wonderful.”

    Jake and I pulled him up to his feet finally and began washing him off one more time. We took great care to clean his penis, sucking the remaining seed from his appendage as we did. I fingered his asshole one more time, cleaning it really, but giving him another boner as I did. We battled our tongues between our mouths as we finally finished up. I turned off the water, and for a few moments, we enjoyed the peace and quiet that fell upon us.

    “I’m so spent, I’m limp,” Cliff said as he leaned up against Jake and me.

    “You like that?” I asked.

    “I loved that. Can I stay with you guys forever?” he asked. Jake and I chuckled. We grabbed towels and dried him off, plus ourselves. We made our way naked to the kitchen and sat down at the island. “Dudes, you guys are fucking hotter than hot. I can’t believe we just did that. I’ve never cum so hard in all my life, not even with my boyfriend that deserted me. Fuck that was hot/”

    “Hey, you had a part in that also. Nice hot ass there, Clifford,” I said appreciatively. “Sure liked my cock, that’s all I can say.”

    “Mine too,” Jake added. “Nice tight hot ass.” Cliff smiled.

    “I can’t wait to do that again. Did you guys really need me for something of did you just invite me over here to fuck me. I’m okay either way. I’ll make up some story if I have to. Fuck my boss anyway. I would have given up my job to do what we just did. Damn, that was hot,” Cliff said over and over, still overwhelmed by the sex Jake and I just had with him.

    “Actually, we need you to take this portfolio back for a trust account we’re setting up. When fully funded, we will be using your bank for a minimum of a million dollar deposit for future business endeavors. Our attorney, Jordan, said you’d be familiar with this type of arrangement. This is for you to take back to the bank to get the process started,” I explained.

    “Damn, Josh. A million dollar deposit in our bank? Did you say a million dollars?” Cliff gasped. “Shit for that, I’d fuck my crotchety old boss and everyone in the bank. I’m going to be a fucking hero when I get this back to the bank. I love you guys. Fuck my ass anytime you want. My ass is yours forever and use it often, please,” Cliff begged. We were sitting naked at the island and Cliff had a boner once more as he sifted through the portfolio I presented him. “I need to get this back to the bank right away. Fuck that, I need you to fuck me once more before I go back. Shit, I’m not sure what I need to do first,” Cliff said almost hysterical.

    Jake and I picked him up and threw him on the couch with his ass to the edge. I bent down to take his ass one more time. Jake sucked me off getting me nice and slicked up, then sucked Cliff’s ridged cock one more time as I gently, once again, penetrated his ass with my cockhead. His cock was drooling pre-cum as I thrust my dick deep into his ass making him writhe all over the coach. Jake knelt over him thrusting his cock into Cliff’s mouth. I slapped Jake’s ass and motioned to change places with me. Jake came off the couch and traded places with me, once again pounding Cliff’s hot ass. Cliff was almost beside himself. I made him eat my ass as I jacked his cock while Jake fed him his dick deep in his ass. I finally unloaded on his face as his cock unloaded on both him and me. Jake pulled out of his ass and shot his second load all over his chest and pubes. We all kind of fell limp on the couch momentarily.

    “Fuck, you guys wore me out. But in a good way. Shit that was intense,” Cliff said scooping up some of my cum and stuffing it in his mouth. “You guys are so fucking awesome!”

    We pulled him up to his feet one more time and hauled his ass into the shower again. We used the pole shower this time and cleaned all the cum off his tight body. There was much kissing and gentle genital playing as we washed him, then dried and dressed him. Jake and I only had underwear and shorts to put on, but Cliff took a lot more dressing to get him back to executive status again. Cliff hugged and kissed us passionately before he left all excited on his way back to the bank.

    “Well wasn’t that refreshing,” Jake said after Cliff was finally gone. “Gotta say, that’s a whole new way to do banking. Talk about exceptional banking service. That has to hit the top of the list. Nothing like your own personal banker to take care of your needs. I wonder if we’ll get an e-mail survey for his visit. Kind of wonder how to answer that one,” Jake pondered. I laughed.

    Minutes later I got a text from Cliff. ‘Boss about had an orgasm when he saw what I brought back. Asked me what I did to obtain this. I told him things he could not even imagine when it came to personal banking service. He said never mind, he didn’t want to know, but he was putting me in for a raise and I could come to you guys anytime I thought I needed to. Love you guys’. Jake and I laughed.

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