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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    I'm back guys and anxious to get back to the keyboard. Hope everyone had a great holiday and things were great for you in many ways during the brief timeout we all had. I had a great time spending some time with family located a great distance away from me, some of them I had not seen in a very long time. Didn't run into any old flames out there, but studied people at airports and other public areas getting more and more ideas for Josh and his friends. Don't think I'll run out of material for some time, although maybe I should. Sometimes I feel a little guilty spending so much time in the fantasy world with my friend Josh and think I could put my bent mind to better use. But then there is the entertainment value to think about and you guys seem to enjoy this so much. I hate disappointing people. I'll keep typing as long as you guys keep reading I guess. Josh's best to all of you. FT

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chapter 162 – A Morning With The Contractors. Could Things Get Crazier?

    After Trent left, the three of us sat there naked together and tried to figure out what motivation Trent had for caring so much for an older married guy when he was hot enough and savvy enough at picking up guys to have sex with and a real possibility of a relationship with a single caring loving guy. None of us could figure that one out. Trent had rocked our world with the sex we had with him and then blown our minds as he was leaving. We really didn’t know what to think. Everything he said about his relationship with his boyfriend was totally wrong in our minds. Trent was truly a boytoy, a fuckbuddy for this guy whom we thought of as a real asshole, using the poor boy to get his rocks off then hurrying back to his wife and fuck her her brains out excited and horny after fucking a boy’s ass. It just didn’t seem right. Trent seemed to really love this guy, as abusive as we thought he must be. Erin suggested the guy might have a huge cock that poor Trent couldn’t live without.

    “I don’t think that’s the case, Erin,” Jake said as he thought about it. “He wasn’t all that loose. I would imagine an ass that was pounded continually and often by a large cock would have been a lot looser than his was tonight. What do you think, Josh? We both penetrated him.”

    “Jake has a point. He was fairly tight, Erin. I mean, we didn’t have any problem penetrating him, but we weren’t bouncing off walls inside him either. If he’d been riding an extra-large cock regularly, I think he would have been looser than he was. He was as tight as you are if I had to make a comparison. I know you’ve had sex with guys you didn’t even know, but did you ever have a really large cock up your tight little hole?” I asked as I quickly fingered his hole making him jump and laugh.

    “Nothing that brought tears to my eyes, Josh. If I had my druthers, you and Jake are the largest I care to have. I love your two members and would worship them forever. Don’t need anything larger ever,” Erin said smiling. I patted him on the back.

    “Don’t you want to try a larger one sometime, just to see what if feels like?” I had to ask.

    “Don’t need that. I have all the love I can get, packed into the two you guys have between you. That’s all I need. Well, I would love to try Zach out and then there is Jason in Florida. He was a little smaller than you guys, but he felt just great there. He said I felt perfect to him also, but he did kind of liked the two of you two also. I told him he had to love your cocks as if we got together we weren’t giving up you two. He definitely agreed with me,” Erin said smiling. Jake and I kissed him for that one.

    It was late and we were bushed. Remembering we had a meeting in the morning with the contractors, we decided to hit the rack. The three of us cuddled together under a sheet on the mattresses on the floor, where we slept soundly and peacefully.

    Waking up was another matter. We were so boned up we couldn’t keep our hands off of one another and our dicks out of one another. We topped and bottomed each other until draining our balls to the point we had to quit. That, and time caught up with us. We hit the shower and cleaned up, then got dressed and headed out to breakfast before we began our long walk to the bowling alley. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful warm day, so the walk was very enjoyable, much better than the night before when we were kind of plastered.

    I was anxious to hear what Todd and Chad came up with as far as renovation costs. This number was crucial to making everything work financially. We could skimp on a few things if it was necessary to keep the costs in line, and we could help with the work, since most of us would be here for the summer. We just had to see what the boys arrived at for a price based on what our wish list was.

    Todd’s big Ford F-150 pickup truck was sitting in the parking lot when we got there. There was no one in it and the door was locked. I used my key Mel had given me and opened up the door. No one was in the building so we started looking for them outside and found them on the back side of the building. They seemed happy to see us.

    “Sorry about that. We got here a little early and remembered we hadn’t inspected the back side of the building so we thought we needed to take a look. It’s a masonry building and all looks in good shape back here. We could paint it. It was originally painted and hasn’t been in many years. It does look a little shabby although everything behind it is pretty much grown up. There are a few businesses, as you can see, behind it and a small creek between you and the other businesses. Doesn’t look like there is any evidence of flooding so you should be in good shape,” Todd rattled off.

    “How much do you think it would cost to paint the whole outside of the building. I know the front has a brick façade but the rest is painted concrete block as you said,” I asked.

    “Ah the paint will run you about a thousand bucks, but the real cost is the labor to paint it. Hell, you guys could paint it if you’d be inclined to do so. Not much skill in painting the outside of a building with concrete walls. Get you some big rollers and have at it,”
    Todd replied. Made sense to me that we could paint the thing. Might be kind of fun in a way.

    “How do you get to the top? It must be 25 plus feet to the roof up there,” I remarked looking at the height.

    “Josh, we have all kinds of ladders. I have several different 20 and 30 foot ladders you can use. You might even want to use a sprayer to make it go faster. You can rent those at the local paint stores. The pros do it all the time. I think I even have one at the shop, but not sure it works anymore. Cleaning the damn things out is a bitch for small jobs, but for a big one it’d be worth doing something like this,” Chad mentioned as he looked at all the painting to be done.

    “How do you paint the walls with a sprayer since they are so high? With one ladder you can only spray over so far.” Jake asked trying to figure out how to manage the painting.

    “Hell, Jake. It’s kind of fun actually. You set up two ladders the distance of your spray span apart. Then when you spray over as far as you can to the ladder beside you, you throw the sprayer nozzle over to the other guy on the ladder beside you. Then you move your ladder to the other side of him, and you keep on going down the side of the building, leapfrogging each other. Pretty cool the way that works, actually. Chad and I can show you how to do it, and then you guys can take it from there. We’re used to leapfrogging each other in other ways, I should say. You’ll have fun actually. We always do,” Todd responded smiling at Chad. Okay was that another signal he was sending out. I could only imagine what leapfrogging involved and it wasn’t painting, I was pretty sure of that. I smiled anyway.

    “If you’ll show us how to leapfrog, I think we might just be able to handle it,” I said leaving my own signal for him to pick up.

    “It would be a pleasure,” Todd said happily to my delight.

    We finally moved inside as the sun was starting to get hot glaring down on us. “Did you guys check out the HVAC to see if everything worked okay there and what kind of condition it was in?” I asked fearful of what a new one might cost.

    “Checked all the units out, Josh. Some of the heating parts might need a new heat exchanger, but those are not that expensive. Then you have a few different AC compressors around on the roof of the building. We can go up there if you want to take a look around. That way you can see the condition of the roof. It’s a rubber membrane roof and looks in pretty good shape to me. Mel told us it wasn’t that old and he was right,” Todd responded.

    “How do you get to the roof? You bring some of those ladders with you?” I asked.

    “No, Josh. You have a built-in ladder in the back room that leads to a hatch in the roof. You just climb up the metal rungs, unlatch the hatch, climb outside and you get a panoramic view of the town and the university from up there. It’s actually pretty neat standing up there and looking all over. Come on, I’ll show you,” Todd said as we started to make our way to the back room. Todd switched on the lights and there, in a corner of the room, was a vertical metal ladder of sorts up against the back wall leading straight up to the roof. I could see the hatch up above. “I’ll go up first and open up the hatch. It kind of sticks, but that’s a good thing. It’s water tight. You guys can follow me up, as this ladder would hold all of us together, it’s built so well and so sturdy. Chad you bring up the rear like you always do,” Todd said chuckling. Chad didn’t think Todd’s remark was that funny. Todd started up the ladder and I followed directly below him looking at his tight ass as we ascended the ladder. “Josh, no butt fucking me while I’m on the ladder now,” Todd warned. We all laughed.

    “Not unless you want it that way, Todd. I could probably manage if you like to take it that way,” I said teasingly sticking my neck out there.

    “Oh shit, we have another comedian here, Chad,” Todd said jokingly.

    “I think you may have met your match, Todd,” Chad said assertively.

    Todd opened the roof hatch and climbed outside. You could feel the cooler air rush in through the hatch as it was opened. Todd gave me a hand and pulled me up when I came through the hatch. I patted him on the back. Then he helped Erin, Jake and finally Chad through the hatch. Todd was right. It was a great view up there. You could see all around the place. We were one of the smaller buildings in the area, but nothing of comparison was that close to us, so we could see a great distance up there.

    “Hey this would be a great place to do some nude sunbathing. That sun is hot bearing down on us like it is today. Imagine what July would be like,” Todd said as he ushered us around the roof to look at the various roof top AC units.

    “You do much nude sunbathing, Todd,” I asked teasingly again.

    “Every chance I get, Josh. We get to do it a lot in the summer time when we skinny dip in the pool on the weekends. We’re out in the country a little and we have a privacy fence around the pool area, so who needs clothes for that. Plus, I love letting my willie hang out nice and free. It’s a great feeling and you don’t have tan lines. Go figure,” Todd replied smiling. “You guys come over some time and we’ll hang out naked and free at the pool,” he said invitingly. “Unless you guys are modest or something. We’ll allow you to wear swimsuits if you must,” he added trying to walk back his bold statements about nudity and letting his willie freely hang out. I had to laugh.

    “Todd, we’re athletes. We shower with naked guys every day. No big deal being naked with others. Sounds like fun, and kind of crazy actually. We like crazy,” I said continuing the tease.

    “Good deal. You just never know. Sometimes guys can be real prudes. Chad and I like it to let it all hang out when we can,” Todd added. Chad looked like he was a little uneasy with that statement.

    “Don’t get too carried away there, Todd,” Chad said as kind of a half-hearted warning. I loved the vibes I was picking up.

    Todd marched us all around the roof looking at all the different HVAC units. “Josh, you have several units up here. Each one is independent of each other. Therefore, you can lose one and the others can pick up the slack while you repair the one you lost. It’s actually better than having one whole unit heating and cooling everything. It’s a little less cost efficient, but these units have been well maintained and should be good for a few years. I say that, and one of these could go tits up tomorrow, but from what Chad and I’ve inspected, they look to be in good shape,” Todd said reassuringly.

    “That’s good to know as they can be a major expense. So, we don’t seem to have any issues there, at the moment anyway. I can eliminate an immediate concern for now anyway,” I remarked with Todd agreeing.

    “The building inspector, that will inspect the building before the sale, will probably do some Freon tests with the units which is good, and we’ll have a much better report on each one before you buy the place. He’ll look at all the electrical also and plumbing as well. He’ll also inspect all the kitchen equipment to make sure all the appliances are working properly, especially the deep fryer and the fire suppression hood, which is the cause of many restaurant fires. I can set that up for you anytime you’re ready. Chad and I checked out the structure which is rock solid from what we saw. Dad did a great job of building this many years ago and it shows. It will last a hundred more years or so, long after you and I are gone,” Todd remarked.

    “Todd, I will probably need a building inspection late next week sometime after I get a purchase agreement between Mel and us approved. Can you get one scheduled that quick?” I asked him.

    “Sure. In fact, I’ll do it today as a tentative appointment pending an approved purchase agreement. No problem. We work with these guys all the time and a few of them owe me some favors,” Todd added. Chad acted like he was going to dispute something Todd said, but held back making me wonder if he was going to chide Todd or say something serious. These two guys, Chad and Todd, were becoming a very interesting couple, if that’s what they really were, or possibly just really close friends and working partners. Still, it made me wonder and want to know more. I was sure we’d get to know them very well as we progressed with this project, making me think this could be a very fun summer.

    Todd showed us one more unit which he said was the unit for the apartment for heating and cooling. He said it was a lot newer than the rest of them as Mel added the apartment to the building many years after the original building was constructed. Todd said he remembered working on the apartment project with his father in his teens. He said it was hotter than hell when they built it. He was up on the roof many times during that project. He seemed to be looking around the roof as if to remember something he hadn’t thought about in a long time and smiled. We finally made our way back to the hatch to descend the ladder back to the ground floor. Chad said he’d start down first and then catch anyone that fell off. We had to laugh at that one. Todd said he’d go last and help each of us onto the ladder to descend, then close and lock the hatch on his way down. As he helped me onto the ladder, I told him not to descend too fast as I didn’t want his ass in my face. He told me that came later, making us all laugh. Chad yelled at him not to be too crass as if he had to warn Todd of many things he might have been overboard with. All in all, we got along great with each other and we all trusted both of them.

    Sitting down at the table in the office, Todd took out his notes and a proposal from his construction company on the work he thought needed to be done and the pricing associated with it. Chad rolled out some drawings he had been working on. Chad explained the drawings in detail as to where the bar was going to be relocated and a rendering of the layout, the kitchen staying the same but the dining area changing with the tables and booths drawn in, the dance floor, stage, and dressing room drawn in with the walls in place on the drawing and the shower we wanted to add. Then he showed us the expansion of the restrooms, with the request that the men’s restroom be much larger than the women’s. Chad said he didn’t understand why, but that was our call. I didn’t say anything other than his drawing of the restrooms looked good so far. Then he showed the foyer area with double two sets of double doors similar to what it was now, only more modern looking. After reviewing the main floor, Chad dug out another set of plans for the apartment upstairs. He said we’d give the current rooms a fresh coat of paint, rip out and replace the carpeting with hardwoods or new carpeting, enlarge the bathroom and put in the four-headed shower and modernize the kitchen.

    “On that shower you asked for, guys. I can get a four-headed post that would sit in the center of the shower so we wouldn’t have to mount four individual shower heads on the wall in a line. You’ve seen these in athletic facilities before, I’m sure. They help minimize the space needed when you go adding the shower heads to the wall. Now, you might be a little close at times to one another, but then you’ll just have to enjoy the intimacy of showering together. I’m told it can be kind of fun,” he said jokingly. “I’m sure you guys are used to that in the gym and all,” Todd said smiling. We all chuckled as if to make him feel good about making a joke.

    “Guess we’ll have to take matters into our own hands,” I said being a smartass.

    “That’s the spirit, Josh. You guys are close buddies anyway. Friends that shower together, stay together is what I always say. That’s why Chad and I shower together every day. Saves water and it’s one hell of a lot of fun,” Todd said almost laughing. Chad threw his pen at him.

    “You are so full of shit. Why do you lie to these guys like that,” Chad said somewhat chiding. I took it as another little hint he dropped.

    “Glad to know you guys are as close as we are. We’re going to be good friends. I can see that now,” I said once again being a smartass, but it made Chad a little nervous. Todd just laughed as did Erin and Jake, thankfully. “I think you’re right in using the four spicket post, Todd. It would minimize the space the whole shower room would have to be. I think it’d work great. We can put up a sign saying keep your hands and cocks to yourself, or not,” I said once again joking.

    “Hell, I think I’ll come over and shower with you guys. You seem like you have more fun than Chad and I,” Todd said eagerly.

    “Todd, you crazy bastard. Behave yourself. Be professional now. You know how to be professional so practice being professional. Forgive him, guys. He’s such a character when you get to know him, only he seems to want you to know him faster than you might be comfortable knowing him,” Chad warned.

    “He’s fine, Chad. We’re all friends here. We can forgive him for just being him, as long as we can get this project handled and be open for the fall semester. How does the schedule look based on what you’ve presented here today?” I asked, eagerly wanting to know.

    “We can do it, guys. You told me you guys were willing to work on this with Chad and I and our different trades when we need them. I figured that into the proposal and the difference if you couldn’t do any of the work,” he said handing out three sets of the outline of work, the stages of completion and payment schedules and the total price at the end. The work came in at $300,000, almost as much as the building cost. Actually, I figured if you doubled the cost of the building, that would pretty much be the number it took to put it altogether, so the number didn’t scare me. He was actually under what I thought it would be.

    “Not bad, Todd. You guys put a lot of effort into this in a week. I can tell that by what you’ve presented today. Just out of curiosity, what do you think we’re saving by doing some of the work?” I asked, curious to know.

    “I would say somewhere in the neighborhood of $50,000 to $75,000 depending on what all you guys think you can do. There may be some savings off of this number if you do more than what Chad and I projected,” he explained being dead serious at this point. I guess he was sweating whether we’d go ahead with the project or if it came in too expensive.

    “What did you project us to do here, Todd?” I asked needing to know what we’d be dedicated to doing and whether we thought we could handle it or not.

    “Painting, mostly. There is a lot of painting to do after we demo some of the walls and get a few constructed. I think you guys can handle that. I have some equipment that can make that go faster than what you’re used to. You guys done any painting at your homes?” Todd asked. We all raised our hands. “Great, this will be easy, but to pay professional painters to do this is expensive and this is a big project. We could use some help demoing walls also,” he said swinging his arms like he was swinging a sledgehammer. We laughed.

    “I think between the entire group we can handle all that and possibly more, Todd. I think we’re good to go,” I said reviewing the figures. “You did give us the friends and relatives discount, didn’t you?” I asked smiling at him.

    “Hell yes, buddy. We’re tight now, almost asshole buddies you might say,” he said getting weird look from Chad.

    “Working on it at least,” I threw in there, getting me a weird look from Jake, Erin and Chad.

    “I swear you and Todd are almost alike, Josh,” Chad said shaking his head.

    “We might be,” I replied, making Chad shake his head further.

    “You know it’s crazy enough having to work with Todd, but to have two of you on this project I have to deal with, I think I need hazard pay, Todd,” Chad replied.

    “You know you love me and you’ll love Josh and his crew just as much. It’ll be fun. Josh and I’ll try not to drive you crazy, Chad. Maybe just a little crazy because we can’t help ourselves,” Todd taunted him. Chad shook his head again. “One thing I might be a little short on, Josh,” Todd started to say.

    “Please tell me it isn’t a physical problem as that would greatly disappoint me,” I chimed in before he could finish. I thought he was going to pass out laughing. Chad turned red.

    “Trust me, that isn’t anywhere close to being a problem, Josh,” Chad said before he had a chance to think about what he was saying or who he was with. He did turn beet red. Todd was still laughing.

    “We are going to be very close friends. I can see that now, Josh,” Todd continued. “What I started to say was I figured a budget of $1,000 for beer to get us through all of this. I figured my company and your company would split the cost at $500 each. Do you think we have enough in the budget for beer at the end of each day to chill out with?” Todd asked for my opinion.

    “We have a liquor license, Todd. We get to buy it wholesale. I think you may have it right on the money since we’re buying it wholesale, otherwise I’d say you were short. You know we like the good stuff too, not the cheap shit. If we come up short, we can certainly subsidize it with other funds if we have to, because we cannot go without it. Beer is crucial to this project and we can’t get through it without it. I approve your beer budget and we do have a contingency fund I see you put in here at 10% which is a little high, I think, but then we don’t know what we might run into working through this thing. Besides if you’re too high for that budget, we just end up saving money on the whole project in the end. I like the way you put this together. Very professional and I think highly accurate. I like the whole thing, Todd and Chad. You guys are to be commended for your work. Mel says you guys are top notch in craftsmanship and work ethic also. You might kid around a lot, but you know your stuff, which is important to all of us. I think we have this well on the way,” I said sticking out my hand to shake Todd’s and Chad’s hand. Erin and Jake shook also.

    “So, what’s the next steps, guys. What is the time frame so I can order materials, get permits and get this bitch on the way to being done on time for you?” Todd asked. “Chad has to put together formal drawings for the city to use for the permitting process, but he can get started on those right away. We don’t have to have those done until we get ready for construction. We can start demoing before then if we need to, while we wait on the permits,” Todd said describing the process.

    “Erin, Jake and I are in the city tonight where our attorney is. I will have him draft the purchase agreement. Based on Mel’s asking price for the building and your renovation cost proposal, this thing works in our grand scheme of things, namely the pro-forma I put together based on operating cost and sales. This thing came in just where I hoped it would, guys, maybe a little under. I thought Mel was a little low on his asking price for the building based on the way it was constructed and the comps in the area. I know it was older than most of the comps I looked at and had my accounting TA look at also, but it is so well built compared to some of the ones recently sold. Yeh, it’s a little off the beaten path, but our customers will certainly find it, and it won’t be beside all the other pubs up on the main streets so our customers won’t be walking from pub to pub on those pub crawls or anything like that. They’ll come and stay for the evening,” I said thinking out loud.

    “The building is a deal, Josh. It is undervalued, so you’re starting off with some built in equity appreciation right up front. Good news for you. Mel is tired and wants to unload it. He said he really liked you guys and thought you’d do a great job here. He paid off the building years ago. He doesn’t owe anyone anything so it’s all gravy to him. He told me he might have been able to hold out for more, but he’s tired of waiting and when you guys came along, he liked you instantly. He’s just as excited selling the building to you guys are you guys are buying it. It’s a win win situation in his mind. He’ll be proud of what you put together here, I’m sure of it,” Todd said totally assured of what he was saying.

    “I hope so, because he’s a great guy. He said you and his son, Sonny, used to be good friends,” I said in conversation. Todd got real serious all of a sudden then relaxed a little.

    “Yeh, we were at one time. That was a long time ago. He pursued another life out West and all, and I stayed here to take over Dad’s business along with Chad. Chad knew him also, but they weren’t as close as ole Sonny and I were. You know, it’s just one of those things, some are meant to stay in town and some are meant to pursue other shores. You grow up and you change, I guess. He went his way and I went mine. I hear from him occasionally, but rarely. He mostly wants to know how Mel is doing. They don’t talk much. They don’t have much in common, I guess you could say,” Todd tried to explain. Chad was nervous.

    “He said he might fly out to see him once this deal was done. He said it was time he made amends and caught up with his son. That’s what he told us anyway. In fact, when we left him yesterday, he said he was going to go home and call him. I hope that happened. We encouraged him to do it, the sooner the better,” I explained. Todd looked a little moved, maybe even a little emotional.

    “Did he say what their falling out was over?” Todd asked making Chad very uncomfortable.

    “Said it was because his son was gay and he didn’t understand any of that. We told him it wasn’t his fault and it was no big deal, that gay people were just as wonderful as straight people. Their hearts were the same and they were just as loving as anyone else if not more so. We told him we were sure Sonny loved him just as much as he ever did, and not to make it difficult for him to do so. We also told him he needed to make up for lost time, since his wife had passed away and he was the only parent Sonny had left,” I explained. I swear I thought Todd was going to cry.

    “Good for you, Josh. Good for you,” he said appreciatively. “What about the schedule?” he said, abruptly changing the subject to the relief of almost everyone in the room. I wasn’t sure if I was going to hear a confession or not, but it was not forthcoming so I opted to leave the subject alone.

    “Lawyer tonight for a review,” I started to explain. “Then purchase agreement early next week. I hope to have a closing maybe at the end of next week. You’ll have to work an inspection in there somewhere before we have a closing. If there isn’t any deal breakers in the inspection, we’ll take care of the minor things in the renovation process. After closing we’ll have the building full time for anything we need to do. We should probably change the locks at that time since every teenage guy that’s ever worked here behind the counter or as a short order cook probably has a key and fucks his girlfriend in the apartment upstairs on Saturday nights,” I said thinking about it.

    “You’re probably right. I might have done something like that myself back in the day,” Todd said thinking about it, only my guess was it was Sonny he was boinking, and not a girl. “I’ll get a new set of locks set up for the closing and get you and myself keys, guys. Just let me know how many sets you’re going to need and I’ll get that handled this week.”

    “Once we get the building closed, it’s a blank slate and you guys can start on the project. How much time do you need to get us on your schedule and organized to start?” I asked for our scheduling purposes. “School is out at the end of the following week so we can be good to go. A few of us might have to go home for a couple of days to unload all our dorm stuff, but then we can figure out some sort of living arrangement possibly upstairs even during the construction. You might want to work on that area first so we have living quarters while we help out with the project,” I suggested.

    “Actually, everything works up there now. You could use it. If there aren’t too many of you at the onset of the project, Chad and I have an extra bedroom at the house you’re welcome to use, but it might be a little tight depending on how many guys you have helping. You three could probably fit fine, but then it’s sleeping bags on the living room floor after that,” Todd offered. We laughed.

    “If you could get us some sort of cleanup upstairs, we can work with that, I think, Todd. Wouldn’t want to impose on you and Chad,” I said gratefully.

    “No imposition at all, Josh. It’d be fun, I’m sure. We could even get in some skinny dipping while you’re there,” he said chuckling. I had to chuckle also. Chad was shaking his head again. Todd was definitely into skinny dipping. I was totally interested in seeing this dude naked also. We’d just have to play that one by ear.

    “Okay, then. Do we have a plan and a schedule?” I asked most importantly.

    “I’ll put the schedule together based on a closing say next Friday. If we miss it by a couple of days and the closing goes into the following week, it won’t set us back any as there’s plenty to do before we start swinging sledgehammers and ripping up floors with jackhammers. Oh, and I forget to mention, the project plan includes the demo of the bowling alleys and removal of the equipment. Whatever you get for that stuff mitigates the total project cost or just keep it as money in the company’s pocket. We could even establish a separate contingency fund for beer should it become necessary,” Todd said excitedly. He had a point.

    “You know, I almost didn’t think of that, but you’re right. So whatever value we get for the alleys and equipment, we can reduce our overall cost. This gets better all the time, guys,” I said. “Oh, Todd, what about your other work. I assume you have other projects other than this one you’re working on. Does that cut into our start time or schedule in any way?” I asked all of a sudden concerned.

    “I knew this was a winner and cleared all that. I have a couple of guys that can handle the smaller projects we do for other clients, none as exciting as you guys. We have Chuck and he has a truck. We send Chunk in a truck to do the small projects. He’s a little homely, but loveable. He can handle all the odd and small projects that come at us while Chad and I devote most of our attention to this project. That won’t slow us down,” he emphasized.

    “Chuck in a truck,” I said thinking about it rhyming. “You just make that up?” I had to ask.

    “No, we’ve called him that for years. It’s true. What can I say?” Todd responded. I smiled as did Erin and Jake. These guys were priceless. We would become good friends, for that I was sure, regardless if they were straight or not. The pendulum was swinging more towards the gay or bi side in my mind though. Time would tell and I was sure at the rate we went at it today, it wasn’t going to take long.

    “I guess we have everything settled then. It’s a go. I’ll be back in contact with you the first of the week and get you a closing schedule to keep you informed. We have each other’s contact info in our phones so don’t be afraid to text or phone with any questions, suggestions, ideas or something we need to know. You can reach me anytime day or night as important as everything is right now,” I said making sure we all stayed closely in contact with one another.

    “Same here, guys. Chad or I, day or night. You got us now. We’re going to be joined at the hip for several months now,” Todd said excitedly.

    “You sure it’s the hip and not somewhere else?” I asked getting puzzled face from Todd, then he broke out laughing again. Chad was nervous again.

    “You are one hell of a character. This is going to be a tough competition between the two of us to see which is the greater character. I might get beat in this competition,” Todd said still amused at my statement.

    We finally got up to go. After locking the door with the key Mel had entrusted me, hands were extended to shake once more. Only this time I got a bro-hug with the handshake.

    “Oh, that felt kind of good,” I said raising my eyebrows as I was bro-hugged.

    “Well get used to it. You guys are practically family now,” Todd said enthusiastically.

    “Probably in more ways than one,” I said half under my breath.

    “What?” Todd asked.

    “Nothing. It feels good, Todd. We’re all ready for this. It’s going to be good for all of us. I can see that. I hope you guys can too,” I said reassuringly.

    “You bet. One of the bigger projects Chad and I have landed on our own. You guys will not be sorry. We’ll make you proud,” he re-emphasized. With that they got in their pickup truck and were on their way. They stopped abruptly at the street. “Hey, you guys need a ride back to the dorm?” Todd hollered out the window. I hadn’t even thought about it, but it was later than we thought we’d be out of there so it was probably a good idea to hitch a ride. We ran and climbed into his crew cab and off we went. I had him drop us off at Jake’s dorm so we could pick up the Lincoln Town Car. Jake had Todd park beside it, telling him all about it. Todd thought the car was an absolute classic, saying his father had one just like it years ago, the same color and everything. Todd got super excited looking at the big Lincoln. Jake was beaming.

    “Oh, man, Jake, this is sheer beauty. Did we ever have fun in this car. That back seat was built for fucking if I do say so myself,” Todd said almost drooling over the car as he looked and touched, more like fondled, it all over. “You could stretch out in that thing and the leather seats were just wonderful and easy to clean up if you got cum on the seats pulling out in a hurry,” Todd said somewhat embarrassing himself when he did. I thought Chad was going to die. He was definitely right about the easy clean up with the leather seats. We had to clean up the seats a couple of times ourselves. “The car just sailed over the road, and the spaciousness was unmatched by any other automobile. You wouldn’t be interested in selling it would you?” Todd asked Jake.

    “Not on your life. It’s our official car for the business, hauling our asses back and forth to the city every weekend. We couldn’t get along without it,” Jake said protectively.

    “Shit, would I love to have this beauty. I think they only made it in the color silver. Everyone I’ve ever seen was silver. It’s such a beauty. You guys have taken great care of it. Damn, you’re going to have to let me drive that beauty sometime, Jake. That would bring back so many memories. Shit this is amazing. I haven’t seen one up close for years. They’re still out there though, usually driven by little old ladies that should be driving something small. You usually see them banged up a little because they’re so much larger than anything on the road out there today. Damn, they ride nice though,” Todd said going on and on about the car. Jake was so proud.

    “I’ll let you drive it sometime this summer when it’s parked at the bowling alley, Todd. You can make a beer run in it if you need to. You have to promise not to cum on the seats though, although it might just condition the leather, when you think about it,” Jake added. We all went ‘OOOO!’

    “Could I sit in it just for a couple of seconds to kind or bring back some great memories?” Todd asked still excited. Jake went to open the driver’s door.

    “Not the front seat, Jake. I want to sit in the back seat. That’s where all the action was,” Todd said holding onto the backdoor handle until Jake could unlock the Lincoln. Todd slid in on the back seat and acted totally mesmerized by the sensation of being in the back seat of the big Town Car. Then he got animated.

    “Don’t do it, Todd! Please don’t do it! Todd, damnit! He’d gonna do it!. Todd, you idiot! This is too embarrassing!” Chad yelled at Todd as Todd began unbuckling his belt and quickly slid his jeans down and underwear down so his bare ass could feel the soft leather of the seats. We were almost in shock. “I knew it! I just knew what he was going to do!” Chad said disgustedly. “Please forgive him guys, he’s not right in the head as you’ve probably noticed since you’ve been acquainted with him. He’s a great contractor, but he’s totally bent personally. I’ve lived and worked with him long enough to know him only too well, I’m sorry to admit,” Chad professed pleading for forgiveness for Todd.

    “Chad, I just had to feel the soft leather on my bare ass one more time for old time’s sake. Damn, if this doesn’t feel heavenly. I’m telling you guys, this car was a lifesaver for my sex life back in the day living at home. I was like your own private small apartment where you actually got to act out your fantasies. Damn, this feels fantastic, Jake. Thank you so much buddy,” Chad said excitedly. We were all laughing but Chad. The bad thing was his shirt tail covered up his junk when his bare ass hit the seats so we didn’t get to see the naked package at all. We got damned close, but didn’t see a thing. Todd quickly pulled up his jeans while he was still sitting never exposing anything but a side view of his outer somewhat hairy thighs which almost gave me a boner. As he excited the back seat, he tucked his shirt tail in and buckled his belt in front of us.

    “I don’t believe you did that,” Chad said shaking his head.

    “Oh, Chad, it was wonderful. You ought to try it. Go ahead. It’ll bring back some great memories, buddy. I promise you that,” Todd said still excited about the experience.

    “For you maybe,” he said and let it drop at that.

    “You know I have to sit back there for three hours over your bare ass print on those clean leather seats,” Erin said jokingly. We were all still chuckling at Todd’s craziness.

    “Look at it this way, Erin. You don’t have to clean up any spooge on the seats this time anyway,” Todd said grinning.

    “Point well taken,” Erin replied.

    “I certainly never figured this car would ever get anyone that excited, Todd. Glad to know you really enjoyed it though in a way I don’t think any of us ever imagined. Whatever trips your trigger, I guess,” Jake uttered. Todd was all smiles.

    We finally had to say goodbye again as we needed to head over in the Lincoln to my room to collect our things then get on the road. We got handshakes again from these two, only this time the bro-hug was more of a regular hug as excited as Todd was at everything, including the Lincoln.

    “Your hugs are starting to feel really good there, Todd,” I said kind of sexy.

    “Oh, this is just the beginning,” Todd said back rather sexy also.

    “For heaven’s sake, don’t encourage him, Josh. You may have created a monster. He’s crazy enough right now and won’t be right until he takes that Lincoln cruising sometime and probably naked when he does it. I wouldn’t put anything past him. You may never see either again if that happens,” Chad chimed in.

    I swatted Todd on his ass and told him to get out of there, we had to go. He turned around and blew me a kiss. Chad yelled something at him. Off they finally went.

    With the three of us by ourselves, the gossip began. “Oh, yeh. They’re players,” Jake said excitedly. “I’m almost sure of it.”

    “I’m not so sure. You know those crazy macho types that like to joke around and almost go all the way, but finally you find their stopping point and then it gets embarrassing. He could very well be one of those. Let’s not let our guard down too quickly here. We have a lot to accomplish and we need them to get through it all,” I cautioned the boys.

    “Josh, you let down all the guards today. I thought you were really going to seduce him right there and for a moment, I thought he was game for it,” Erin jumped in. “I’m saying if he is really straight, he’s doing a marvelous acting job of not being straight. I hear what you’re saying about the project and all, and we can’t let things get too personal, but if I was a betting man, Todd wants to play. I think Chad does too, but he’s not giving up his straight side just yet anyway. He’s doing what we’re doing, being very cautious right now. Todd’s the wild one Chad tries to keep in check. It has to be. And don’t forget, they’re ten years older than us and probably think we don’t want to have anything to do sexually with that big an age difference. They don’t realize that both of them have the hotness about them from their maturity,” Erin added.

    “Humm, you may be right. In fact, I think you probably are right, but as I said, we need to keep this professional, but light-hearted until we’re dead certain we really know these guys or we could fuck up this whole project,” I warned again.

    “Totally understand and agree,” Erin said as did Jake.

    We quickly ran into Jake’s room to grab his bag. Sean was sitting there in his underwear studying, but was excited to see the three of us. “Thought you guys went to the city this morning,” he said surprised to see us.

    “No, we had a meeting with the contractors on the project we’re working on this morning. We’re taking off now,” Jake explained, although he was sure he told him what we were doing beforehand.

    “Sometime, I’d like to go with you guys and see what the pub is like over there. I know you guys must chase pussy at night and I bet you get a lot of it too, being hot macho college guys and all and owning your own business. Fuck, I bet the girls are dripping all over you guys. I need to go with you. I could probably go with you guys today. Don’t know what the bitch girlfriend is doing. She never tells me until the last minute. Sometimes she never even tells me, and I end up here having to jack off to porn. Fuck her anyway. You got room? I’ll just go with you guys,” he said starting to get up and put his jeans on.

    “Sean, it really doesn’t work this weekend,” Jake said cutting him off. “We have to pick up more of our partners along the way. We have four guys in the back seat and three in the front. You’d make eight people. I can’t take eight,” Jake said trying to dissuade any interest he might have had.

    “Fuck. Bummer, dude. I would’ve loved to have chased pussy with you in the city tonight. I could sit on Josh’s lap. It’s not like we haven’t been really close to each other before. Wouldn’t bother me,” Sean said smiling.

    “Might give me a boner and then I’d have to fuck you, Sean,” I said teasing, making him laugh.

    “Well, we certainly haven’t tried that yet, thankfully. I think that might hurt, Josh. The other seemed to work out okay,” he said tongue in cheek. Jake rolled his eyes wanting to say something about what he just learned about last night when he was drunk, but he held his tongue acting oblivious to what Sean said.

    “Another time, buddy. Only we really don’t have time to chase pussy as busy as we are working at the pub. Josh, Erin and I draw beer and mixed drinks sometimes until 2:00 in the morning. Then we have a beer ourselves and crash. Then it’s a three-hour drive back on Sunday. Believe me, it’s no picnic. But the business is doing well and we need to be there for it,” Jake explained.

    “Bummer,” Sean said shaking his head. “But I want to go sometime. I’ll help you work so maybe you can get done earlier and then we can chase some pussy or meet some at the bar. I could borrow your apartment there for an hour or two and entertain the ladies. I could even entertain them until you guys get off, then you don’t have to go out and chase any,” he said totally assured of himself. We were not impressed to put it mildly.

    “Good idea, Sean. You work on that idea,” Jake said as he picked up his bag and we were out of there. Sean gave us each a bro-hug as we left, even Erin and Jake. I groped him as I was the last to leave. He laughed.

    “Got me good there, Josh. I still remember that night with great fondness. Looking forward to a repeat performance. Hope you still love me,” he said smiling from ear to ear. I blew him a kiss. He laughed.

    “You have to quit encouraging that boy, Josh. I tell you, you’re just making it worse, especially now that I know what really happened that night. It’s only a matter of time, and he’s going to tell me, then want us to do it again. We need to downplay the gay funning around with him. He takes it to heart only there isn’t a gay bone in that muscled body of his. His mind is warped but not for the right reasons. You’re going to freak him out one day and it might traumatize him for life. Just saying,” Jake warned. Erin said I was playing with fire. I just laughed.

    We spent the three hours on the freeway discussing all the things we needed to do in preparing for this project, now that it was official, on budget and a schedule was being prepared. It was real at this point, not some distant thing we were hoping for or dreaming about. It was very real and expensive, but within budget. There was a lot of money at stake and our futures were now tied to this bigger than life thing. There were times when I thought I had lost my mind to think we could do deals like this and run a real business. Yet, we had proved ourselves with the CNB in the city and it was making us a mint. I kept telling myself, as much as this thing was consuming our lives now, we’d pay a fortune in taxes if we didn’t expand. We were far better off with two of them, with one marginal and the other very profitable, then just paying taxes on the one. Ken and I had actually run an analysis proving it. So, we were now committed and going to be in major hock way past our gonads, in fact, having to pledge our precious gonads to make it all work. Our families would shit if they knew what we were committed to. I was very sure of that. We spent almost a half hour freaking out over what we committed ourselves to, scaring the shit out of each other. Then we all settled down and started to work out the details, feeling much better working on the project than thinking about it.

    “Glad we got that out of the way, Josh,” Jake said. “We were all freaking out over this thing and it was supposed to be fun and profitable. I have no doubt it will be, but damn, when you think about it the way we just did, it scares the shit out of you. Better to work on the details like you suggested then to worry about it. It works. We know it does and we’ve proved it over and over, yet, it still scares us for some reason,” Jake said trying to settle himself down as I suggested we do.

    “Jake, we were just as scared with the last one and look what it did for us. This one will just make us richer in the long run and pay for our education at the same time. Hell, if this one works, we’ll start another one and then another one. Or, we could branch out and start a different kind of business like construction or painting. Hell, by the time we get done painting this thing we should be pretty damned good at it. The sky’s the limit and we’ve got the plane. Our parents, with the exception of Allen’s, never achieved what we have achieved monetarily their whole lives. We’re not even twenty yet and look at us. We need to embrace our success sometime, because we have earned it through hard work and good decisions. Look at the friends we’ve made in the process. We need to be thankful and reflect on our accomplishments once in a while. We put all our energy into our business and forget how we got here. I won the damned state championship this week and had forgotten all about it minutes afterwards working on this project. You basically won the gymnastics state championship for the team and have forgotten all about it because we are so immersed in this project. Erin, here, came in third place in the state swimming championship right behind me. Allen and OBB won the state diving championship and have forgotten all about it because of what we’re doing. And, they think about fucking all the time and the great times they have in the city. I played a small role in winning the national championship for our basketball team. That’s all past history and we’ve nearly forgotten our athletic accomplishments turning all our attention and energy to opening up a gay bar of all things. Sometimes I have to hit myself to really think about what we’re doing. Look at it this way. We are winners in many ways. If it’s not athletics, it’s business. If it’s not business, it’s the great friends we surround ourselves with who help encourage winning. Although somewhat scary, as you said, Jake, we have a pretty good winning track record going for us so far. We just have to keep pushing to keep it that way. If we lose everything else, we still have our friends, which is a great accomplishment in itself if you ask me. There, I’m done with my soliloquy and preaching,” I said and stopped. Erin leaned over the back seat and kissed me.

    “Love you, Josh,” he said then kissed me again.

    Jake leaned over and kissed me quickly then put his eyes back on the road. “Love you also, Josh. We are very fortunate to love each other the way we do. I don’t want that to ever change,” he said getting emotional on me.

    “I think you need to fuck Sean, Jake. I think he needs your cock up his ass in the worst way,” I said breaking his emotional state and making him laugh.

    “You, asshole. That’s never going to happen and you know it,” he said as if I just blew him away.

    “You never know until you try,” I added, getting him more irritated. He just shook his head at me in minor disgust. Then we all smiled at one another, knowing we loved each other so much regardless of everything else.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Love that chapter, but it was a huge tease!

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Wonderful chapter!

    Todd sounds like Josh, and Chad sounds like me. HA!

    Enjoyed the bit about the Lincoln. It certainly had a strong effect on Todd. However, I'm not sure what I would do if someone I hardly knew jumped into my backseat to feel it with his bare butt. Jake didn't seem to mind too much, and Erin made the best of it. No one sniffed the leather afterward, though.

    Definitely looking forward to more adventures with our "bent" boys, and who they might interact with.

    Loving this!
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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chapter 163 – Josh Becomes CEO and Fun With Stan and Gentry

    The long trip finally ended as we arrived at the CNB, the foundation of our future it seemed. All the guys were happy to see us as we joined the group after unloading our stuff in the apartment.

    I grabbed Allen. “We need a partners’ meeting right away. Can you collect the guys and meet us in the office?” I asked him. He seemed excited to help and hurried off to find everyone. Finally, all of us that were there gathered in the small office standing around as I began to tell them where we were. There was Andy, Ashton, OBB, Allen, Erin, Jake, Tony, Ollie and me. Trevor still wasn’t officially involved at this point although pledged some money to buy in when we were ready. I took about twenty minutes bringing the group up to speed on where we were with the CNB2.

    “It all works, guys. If you want to see everything in detail, I brought the spreadsheets with me on my laptop and you can review them to your heart’s content. But it all works at this point. We met with the owner of the building, Mel, last evening and he’s agreed to sell us the building at $350K. We met with the contractors this morning and they project the renovation costs to be $300K. We have a commitment for that if we, meaning all of us, except for Tony and Ollie, agree to do some of the work, mainly painting. If we can do more of something we’re capable of doing, then we can bring this project in for less. Obviously, we are going to have to have some skilled trades to do some of the permitted work, such as electrical and plumbing. But we can certainly paint,” I said rather emphatically.

    “Speak for yourself, Josh. I don’t think I could. I’d fuck it up so bad, you guys would throw me the hell out,” Allen said somewhat seriously concerned he couldn’t measure up. OBB said he’d show him how, but they’d probably get paint all over themselves. We all had a laugh.

    “Well, we can do what we are capable of doing. There is always cleanup. We have a lot of weeds around the building that need removed and prep work that has to be done to paint. Then there are beer runs to make,” I said stopping to see who volunteered for that job. Ashton raised his hand and said that was one job he thought he might be able to handle.

    “You can paint, Ashton. Hell, you’re a damned artist for heaven’s sake,” Andy chirped at him.

    “I can’t paint a building with an artist’s brush, Andy. Those big brushes hurt my hands,” Ashton confessed.

    “I wish those big dicks hurt your ass like those big brushes hurt your hands, then maybe you’d swear off of those,” Andy came back at him, making Ashton frown.

    “Oh, sweetheart, those big dicks do hurt my ass, but then, they turn to pure joy, and all is wonderful,” he said batting his eye lids at Andy who shook his head.

    “Trust me, we can find work for everyone that’s capable of working. Anyway, our contributions in helping could save us as much as $75K. So it’s important that we devote as much of our time this summer as we possibly can. I know some of you have vacations planned, weddings to attend, like the one I have to be a best man at in a few weeks, and other activities with your families this summer. We will have to put a calendar together to see who can be here and when. If that isn’t enough, don’t forget, we have to help out here as much as we can also. Tony and Ollie can hold down the fort, but they have full time jobs also. Parker is great, but he needs help.” I told the group we probably needed to give him a raise since we would be asking him to do more for us in our absence. There was some discussion about some of us possibly coming to the city on Saturday nights to help. I wondered how many of us would make that long trip, given the fact we’d be doing manual labor all week long and maybe weekends also. We decided to see what we could get by with as far as help coming to the city. “Allen, see if you and OBB can put together a work schedule calendar for who can be at the CNB2 for all the summer weeks. I know it can’t be cut in stone and has to be flexible because you never know what will come up this summer with our families and all, but at least it’s a starting point for how much help we will have and when.” Allen said he’d get with everyone tonight sometime and see who had commitments.

    I told them I thought we could use the apartment for living quarters and the contractors were going to try to get that in shape the week of finals before school was out so we’d have a place to stay. Then I got down to the closing schedule for the building asking Allen if he gave my message to Greer, our attorney. Allen said Greer would be here early this evening to meet with me. I told them if all went well with Greer and the Purchase Agreement was okayed by Allen’s father, the inspection didn’t find any deal breakers, we could have ownership of the building by the end of next week. They all cheered.

    “One more thing,” I started to say seriously. “If any of you are scared of being involved in this new venture which includes the one we currently have, I think it only fair to let you out of the whole thing at whatever value our shares are worth at this time. You’ve earned the appreciation for your hard work so far, so I think it would be fair. Believe me, Erin, Jake and I have scared each other to death many times discussing all of this, but we’re committed. That doesn’t have to be that way for any of you that are uncomfortable going forward with a possibly riskier deal here. We’re all friends and we care about one another immensely. We cannot let a business venture hurt our friendship no matter what. So, tell me if you aren’t comfortable going forward,” I said looking around the room for any faces that said they wanted to give it up. Everyone said they were committed and in. I was somewhat relieved.

    “Guys, I know I’ve done a lot of the legwork on this project, but I don’t mean to monopolize taking the lead on all this stuff if one of you feel like you would be better suited doing all of this. You never appointed me any type of manager, but always just told me to do what I needed to do to accomplish the goals of the group. I don’t mean to monopolize any of this, and sometimes I feel uncomfortable making decisions without you guys, even though you’ve given me your full support. Does anyone else want to help manage this overall company and the projects we have to do? Tell me now if you do,” I asked.

    “I move that we elect Josh as the CEO of our company. He’s the only one that brought us all this far from the beginning. He arranged for most of the starting capital, secured the lease on this building, put the LLC together and God knows what all else he had to do to make us all rich. Now look what he’s gone and done. It has to be Josh or we’re all doomed in my opinion,” Andy said with great enthusiasm. “And that’s not because I love him. I know in our hearts, we all love him. The real reason is that we need a formal leader that can negotiate on our behalf and have the power to hire and fire, make deals on our behalf, sign a loan agreement on our behalf, and sell his nads if he has to just to save ours,” Andy said making me grimace and the rest of them laugh. “It’s because he led us all to this point and the future looks damned exciting to me,” he continued. There was applause from all of them. Allen chirped up and said he thought that motion and vote was unanimous and Greer could formalize the motion this evening. No one objected and all were happy the whole mess was on my shoulders. I got hugs from every one of them.

    I told them the meeting was adjourned and to get the hell back to work, we had money to make. They all cheered and took off. I caught Andy before he got out the door.

    “Thanks, Andy, but you didn’t have to do that,” I told him.

    “Josh, you know better than that. We need to have approved leadership to move a company forward. We can’t all get together and vote on every decision all the time. Look at the time and effort you put into this for all of us. None of us has done a tenth of what you’ve done. Jake and Erin have helped you out, but the rest of us have just picked up the direction from you and run with it, settling into what we enjoy doing here. This new project is way out of our league and you seem to have embraced it on our behalf. There is no other leader capable of doing what we need done. It’s time we make it official so you can get us all through this. If not you, then we all need to stop what we’re doing right now and stay put here. Even then we need you in charge to make this work, Josh. I think you should even be more compensated than the rest of us, hold more shares or something because you’ve worked you tail off way beyond our efforts or even means to do any of this. Think about that,” Andy said holding onto me. He hugged me. “I owe so much to you already, Josh. Sorry, Josh, but I can’t love you enough,” he said as he hugged me tightly, then looked me in the eyes and kissed me. I ran my fingers through his hair.

    “I love you so much also, Andy. This group is an anomaly when you look at it. We all care so much about one another and look what all of us have done together. I could never let you guys down. Never,” I swore to him.

    “We all know that in our hearts and minds, Josh. Tell us what all you need us to do and we’re all there for you,” Andy said, then pinched my ass and smiled at me as he took off to get to work. I was left by myself for a couple of seconds putting my thoughts together. Then I couldn’t stand it any longer and charged to the bar to start drawing beer with Erin and Jake. Parker was busy somewhere else at the moment. I got another hug from Erin and Jake who were proud the rest of the guys recognized my contributions to making them a part of something fantastic in their eyes.

    Allen came by and groped me making me jump a little. “I got the money anytime you need it, boss,” he said smiling. I hugged him tightly.

    “I think you need to be the treasurer of the company. You’re the money man. I just manage to spend it to make more,” I told him as I held him in my arms. He was smiling from ear to ear.

    “I will be whatever you need me to be, Josh. You know that. I love you so damned much. You know ironically, you’ve brought me closer to my father than I’ve ever been in my life. I think he even likes me now,” Allen said as if he was somewhat surprised.

    “He loves you Allen and he always has, crazy guy,” I said still holding him.

    “Not like you have,” he said smiling and kissed me again.

    “Let’s hope not,” I said nubbing his moppy hair.

    Parker finally emerged from the depths of the bar. “Congratulations, Mr. CEO. I heard the good news already. We always knew you were anyway. Now it’s official. Lucky for all of us and I say that sincerely,” Parker said, and I took it that way.

    “We’re all going to need your help in more ways in the future, Parker. You up to the challenge? You may have to promote some guys here to help with managing the place in our absence this summer and more as we evolve wherever we’re evolving to. Seth might be a prospect for you. His little sidekick, Luke, might fit in there somewhere if he doesn’t sue us for sexual harassment from Seth’s attentions first,” I said somewhat concerned.

    “Luke’s calmed down a lot since that discussion you had with him, and Seth has been behaving since then also. They’re stepping up and being responsible. I think by the time you guys aren’t able to help as much they might be ready for more challenge. You might mention to them what you have in mind and see if they earn your trust in the next few weeks, Josh,” Parker suggested.

    “I’ll speak to them, but they have to earn your trust. They work for you first and foremost. I just give you my opinion from time to time, but they are directly responsible to you, big guy,” I said patting him on the back.

    “I’m not the big guy, Josh. I’ve enjoyed you ever since that session we had with you and Andy with your cock up my ass before you guys took over the place,” he said smiling.

    “Yeh, well that was probably a mistake from a management standpoint, but it was kind of hot,” I said smiling back at him. He rolled his eyes. Someone yelled they needed a beer and I sprung into action. Jake and Erin were just standing there making me grab the beer. “Why didn’t you guys grab the beer from the guy?” I asked.

    “We wanted to see if you were still with us or if you were being CEO’ish,” Jake said smiling.

    “You guys are fucked up,” I said then kissed them both to the cheers of the growing bar crowd.

    We finally decided we needed something to eat before the big crowd showed up and found a table for the three of us. Seth said he knew what we wanted and just brought it to us. “Understand you are now the man with the big balls,” Seth said smiling when he brought out the food. Then he groped me.

    “Hey. That was a cheap shot,” I exclaimed, Seth catching me off guard.

    “I had to see if they grew any since the last time I had them in my mouth,” Seth said smiling.

    “That was one time and you’ve had tons of balls in your mouth since then so how would you even remember?” I asked.

    “Darling, I never forget a pair of balls I love sucking on and yours are very special. That cock of yours is even more special. This boy here, I don’t know. I need to try out his rod sometime,” Seth said referring to Erin.

    “Hey, I’m mostly a bottom. Now if you have anything interesting to stick in my bottom, then we do need to get together,” Erin said giving Seth some of his own shit.

    “I guess we could get a double dildo and connect that way, but these two have some magnificent cocks to stuff up a hot hole, and the real thing. Well, let’s just say, there’s no substitute for a real man in your ass,” Seth said referring to Jake and I. We just shook our heads.

    “Still excited about Sven and Liam last week are you, Seth?” I asked.

    “Now there were some REAL men, Josh. WOW! He could have fucked my hole all night long. That was some sizzling meat there. My hole is still excited over that fuck. You need to get them back as soon as you can for an encore performance. I guess maybe Liam went back to Sweden, but you know that Sven is still here. Get him back and do it soon. I need another good fucking from that hot cock,” Seth said then took off.

    “That boy is way oversexed,” I said to Jake and Erin who agreed. I got hugged from behind and kissed on the cheek by someone. Turning around it was Greer. He pulled up a stool beside us.

    “Gonna really do it, are you?” he asked referring of course to the purchase of the building.

    “Good to see you too, by the way. Yes, I need you to put together the Purchase Agreement and get us to a closing by the end of next week. You think you can do that?” I asked with a sense of urgency.

    “Wow, you’re wanting this to happen faster than a virgin with his cock in a guy’s hole for the first time. Slow down a little and enjoy the process,” Greer said not understanding the urgency like we all did.

    “Greer, the timing is important on this to get it open in time. All the partners are going to help out over the summer putting this together. I have all the numbers now and they all work. What do you need from me to get this together? I need the Purchase Agreement so I can send it to the lender. The lender said if you didn’t get too carried away with the language and put anything in the agreement he couldn’t live with, he could fund the sale in a day. But I need to get the PA to him to review so he can fund it by the end of next week. Now, what do we need to do to get him a PA to review?” I asked trying to push the process along.

    “You know you have to have a building inspection also before the sale and time to remedy any discrepancies if there are any before the closing?” Greer asked trying to say in a nice way, we needed to slow this down.

    “Yes, the inspection has been scheduled by our contractors based on you getting us a Purchase Agreement. It all comes back to you, buddy,” I threw at him. He smiled.

    “Okay if I come over there on Monday and we walk through all the legal description for the PA?” Greer asked not overly excited about making the trip.

    “Done. You get everything you need from the courthouse and put it together. I’ll get with you after classes and review it. Then, hopefully, by that night we can e-mail it to the lender.”

    “Who’s the lender, by the way?” Greer asked. I had to explain to him about Allen’s father’s investment company. Greer about fell out of his chair. “He’s like one of the biggest real estate investors in the state and one of the largest in the country. This should be easy if he’s funding it. I’m sure his bank of lawyers will knock this out for you in a jiffy. Shit, that means my PA needs to really be professional. Wouldn’t want to look bad in front of those guys. This could really help my career working with the likes of Allen’s dad. Now you have me nervous,” Greer expressed concern. I laughed. He didn’t think it was funny.

    “Hey, if you’re going to fuck with the big guys you have to have a big dick and a sweet hole,” I told him jokingly.

    “Yeh, well, I’m just average, as you and Jake already know. But I want to look good for these guys. I’ll get it done though. Oh, I will need a resolution from all your partners allowing you to sign all the documentation for the purchase of this real estate and the note paying for it,” Greer added.

    “Bring it to me tonight and I’ll get it signed. Can you do that?” I asked him.

    “Gotta printer in that office of yours? I’ll go knock it out on my laptop I have with me in the car, and print it off for you in the office. You could come in there and give me a little encouragement while I put this together,” he said suggestively. We all shook our heads at him.

    “I certainly don’t want to be a distraction for you when you’re putting the resolution together,” I remarked to his disappointment. “You wouldn’t want to disappoint the real estate investment group with a shitty resolution now, would you?”

    Greer looked really frustrated with that remark. “Someday, you and I need to spend some alone time with nothing but distractions,” Greer said hoping beyond all hope. I patted his hand. He got up to go retrieve his laptop from his car. The three of us headed back to the bar as Parker was getting a bit overwhelmed all of a sudden. Greer came back in from outside and headed into the office to work. We left him alone hoping he’d get something accomplished. I decided to check on him a half hour later.

    “Everything going okay?” I peeked my head in the office and asked a busily working attorney sitting at the table working on his laptop.

    “Coming along nicely, Josh. I almost have the resolutions completed that we need, then I’ll work on the framework for the Purchase Agreement. That way all I have to do is to insert the legal description of the property once I get all that from the courthouse in your town. I can get most of that online I think also. But I will need to see the property on Monday and visit your seller’s attorney to make sure they’re happy with everything so we don’t have to go back and forth. Better to get it all done face to face rather than e-mailing revisions back and forth. I’d rather deal with them up close and personal, the way I deal with you. When are you going to fuck me again, by the way? I still haven’t recovered from our first and only time. That meant so much to me, Josh,” Greer said rather seriously as he looked up from his laptop. I decided rather than peering in the half-opened door, I had better get inside and close the door for this conversation.

    “Greer, we’re good friends. We had a little recreational sex out at the ranch with you and Stoney, but it wasn’t anything serious. I liked it and it was fun at the time, but there’s nothing but pure friendship between us. Do you perceive there to be anything more, because I certainly didn’t mean to lead you on. We’ve always just been friends, I thought anyway,” I said trying somewhat to console him if he believed we were closer than just friends.

    “You’re right. I just secretly had the hots for you and you’ve always treated me great with your friendship. I have no right to think you were anything other than a great friend. I’m sorry I even brought it up,” he said lowering his head and starting to type once more. I moved over closer to him.

    “What’s going on, Greer? You were never this pensive before. Anything wrong with you and Stoney?” I asked concerned. Greer just stared into space, thinking but not talking. “Hey. Josh to Greer. Tell me what’s wrong. I’m your friend and I’m here for you, Greer.” Greer looked up and into my eyes.

    “Josh, you’re so wonderful. You’re smart, you’re witty, you’re clever, you’ve got one winning business mind, a wonderful personality and a body to die for. Who wouldn’t be in love with you. I always secretly wanted to be with you or share a more intimate part of your life. I know Jake loves you and, hell, half your partners love you also, but you seemed more sophisticated, more mature than the rest of them. Thank goodness, they recognized your leadership and finally named you the head of the company. They would be shit without you on any of this. I’m sorry I said any of this, but I do care deeply about you, but none of that is your concern and I’m out of line for saying any of it,” Greer said then looked down at his PC.

    “Greer, I’m totally flattered. You blow me away. I do care about you as a close friend, but that’s all I can do. What happened to you and Stoney. I thought the two of you were really getting along great. You seemed so happy together. You thanked me over and over for introducing you to him. I know for a fact he deeply cares about you, Greer. What changed things, if anything?” I asked still concerned. Greer sighed.

    “I don’t need to burden you with my problems, Josh. You’ve got enough on your mind,” Greer said trying to blow off whatever was bothering him. I came over to him and sat on the edge of the table, leaned over and hugged his neck.

    “Tell me, Greer. That’s what friends are for,” I said giving him an invitation to share. He still looked troubled.

    “Well, it’s not an exclusive relationship by any means. I told you he interviews all the new hired hands, and we have several that come for the summer months. At one point we used to have a couple of nights a week we’d play with a couple that were inclined to play, if you know what I mean. Not all the guys are that way and we hire the straight good ones also. Lord knows what it would be like if all our hands were gay. Damn, we’d never get anything done. Still we have many macho guys that like a blow job or dick up their ass once in a while. Once a week, we’d invite Sven to spend a night with us and take care of both of us. Sven is a very caring person, although he expresses very little emotion. Still, he’s kind of special and I’ve grown to really care about him. Anyway, Stoney has been shacking up with this hot macho dude that’s my age. This guy is cut out of granite. It’s not the three of us playing together anymore, it’s just the two of them. Now, he’s really caring and thoughtful towards me in every other way and Sven also, but he suggests that I spend the night, most nights, in one of the guest bedrooms. Actually, I just stay with Sven. You can hear Stoney cavorting with this new hired hand half the night. Sven and I just shake our heads and try to imagine it isn’t happening. The rest of the day it’s as if nothing happened at night and like he and I spent the night together every night, although we don’t. He kisses me goodbye in the mornings when I head off to the law firm and he kisses me at night when I get home. But we head off to bed and he says we can get better rest if I sleep in the guestroom. Then a half-hour later, the cowboy shows up and the hot torrid sex begins. Sven and I hold each other while it goes on. Don’t get me wrong, Sven and I’ve had some really hot sex ourselves since this started about a month ago, but we both feel slighted in a way, losing Stoney to someone we don’t even know,” Greer said in a funk mood.

    “Have you talked to Stoney about this? Have you told him how much you love him?” I asked.

    “Like I said other than the sex, nothing has changed with the man. It’s like he’s cut Sven and I out of his sex life for the time being or who knows, maybe even permanently,” Greer said somewhat exasperated.

    “Damn, Greer. That’s crazier than hell. Doesn’t make any sense. Is Stoney still coming here on the weekends?” I asked.

    “Nope. Spends all his time at the ranch. I come in here like the two of us used to do. I think Sven is going to come with me more often so if you need him to dance or anything, he says he’d be happy to help out just to get out of the ranch for a few hours and away from Stoney and his craziness,” Greer said causing me to shake my head in disbelief.

    “I don’t know what to tell you. Having Sven as a consolation prize is no bummer though. He’s a lot hotter than Stoney, that’s for sure,” I said making a comparison.

    “Can’t argue with that, but I really love Stoney, Josh. This is just killing me that he doesn’t see that and all he thinks about is this hot cowboy anymore. He hardly talks to the guy during the day. They don’t do anything together except fuck, but they certainly do that frequently and hard. It’s killing me and Sven,” Greer continued.

    “I don’t know what to do for you, Greer,” I said clueless as to what to say or do.

    “Marry me, Josh. That’s what you can do,” he said with a half-smile catching me totally off guard.

    “If I married every guy that I felt I loved as a friend, I’d have 40 husbands, Greer. I care about you, buddy, but I have a spiritual relationship with Jake. Jake and I kind of share sex with others, but we truly love one another and that would never end, at least I don’t ever see it ending. He may have a different idea, but I doubt it,” I said thinking about what I was saying.

    “I know, Josh. I was kidding, although the offer is still there should you ever change your mind. That’d be heaven, sharing my life with someone as special as you,” he said looking up at me. I bent over and pulled him to me and kissed him passionately to the point of giving him a boner. He had to point it out to me or I wouldn’t have noticed. But since he pointed it out, I had to feel it through his jeans and smile at him while I rubbed his rod through the fabric. He had to stop me abruptly saying that was enough. I didn’t realize I’d excited him that much. I kissed him again.

    “Gotta get to work, Greer. Sorry about what’s going on. I hope it all gets resolved soon, but thanks for sharing as a friend. I promise you I am always available to listen,” I pledged.

    “Now, if you were just available to play,” he offered. I smiled at him and blew him a kiss as I exited the office and re-joined Erin and Jake at the bar. It was time to get the dancers organized and ready. Jake and I headed for the dressing room. I filled him in on the Greer conversation which blew his mind.

    “I thought Greer and Stoney were really thick. Damn, that’s crazy he gave up Greer for this cowboy. That guy must be something else. I wonder who’s the top in that couple,” Jake said confused. I just shrugged my shoulders.

    The dancers and support staff were all there and in various stages of preparation. There were a few loose cocks wagging about. Ralph was naked, but nothing was wagging there. Still, I guess he liked the fact he was naked and among some large swinging dicks. Stan and Gentry cornered me wearing only their thongs at the moment. Francis was talking to Jake about a new act he and Ralph wanted to do.

    “Josh, tell us about Max and the bet. We’ve been dying to know ever since Thursday as to what happened,” Stan said excitedly.

    “It happened. The bet has been fulfilled. He wasn’t as sore a loser as I thought he was,” I told them.

    “We saw him yesterday, and he just shot us the finger then smiled. We did grab Cody for a few minutes who told us you had the hottest cock on the planet. I think that boy is in love with you and he really likes Erin also. Cody said Erin’s ass was so hot it damn near melted his cock. We’ve played with Cody before and he’s hot. Damn hot looking also. You’d swear he was a model for GQ or Abercrombie and Fitch. Makes my cock hard just thinking about him,” Stan said letting his ridged cock out of his thong to give it more space to expand. Lars came by and saw Stan didn’t need any fluffing.

    “Damn, Josh, you can’t take my job away from me,” he said disappointed.

    “I didn’t do it, Lars. Stan got hard all on his own, I swear,” I told him, but he still seemed disappointed. Gentry let him suck on his cock for a few moments.

    “So, you guys have played with Cody, huh?” I asked surprised they even knew the guy.

    “Hey, he’s been playing with the best of us on campus this whole year. What we didn’t know was that Max was tapping him also. He’ll never admit it, but hell, you can tell he does. Cody obeys his every word. He’s like his slave or something. Now Max is pretty popular with the girls and all, but he definitely likes Cody’s hot little ass. But then who wouldn’t, but I guess you already know that now also,” Gentry said continuing on for Stan.

    “I had a feeling Max was tapping that. But who’s tapping Max?” I asked curious as to whether they knew anything about Max.

    “No one that we know, Josh. I just assumed Max was fucking Cody when his bitches weren’t putting out. What makes you think Max is a receiver?” Stan asked puzzled at my statement.

    “Hey, I expected a really tight asshole, and him in a lot of pain when I penetrated him. I slid right in, and there was no indication of pain. He grunted a little, but he didn’t respond the way a virgin getting his asshole penetrated for the first time does. No way,” I stated emphatically. They both gave me a quizzing look.

    “Beats us. Cody’s nicely hung, but I doubt if he’s fucking Max. I don’t see that happening the way Cody is subservient to Max all the time. Just doesn’t make sense. Plus, I think you’re larger than Cody, Josh. So, if you slid right into Max, that boy has to be getting a much larger cock, and may I say on a fairly regular basis, than Cody can supply,” Gentry offered applying reason. We were all three baffled.

    “By the way, we want a session tonight before heading back to campus with you, Jake and Erin. It’s about time we got acquainted in the biblical sense. After all, we’re closer friends with you than Cody or Max and look what you and Erin did for them. We call foul and want equal time with you guys,” Stan insisted. I rolled my eyes.

    “Seriously?” I asked somewhat surprised to hear him say what he did.

    “Equal time, Josh. You owe us that much,” Stan said, as he hugged me, kissed my neck and rubbed his naked cock up against me as he hugged me.

    “I’ll talk to Erin and Jake and see what they say,” I said trying to buy me some space.

    “Stan and I already did,” Gentry replied to my surprise. “We talked to them on the way in while you were in the office making nice with the lawyer. Not bad if you like them a little older. Can’t blame you Josh. He is kind of hot,” Gentry laid it on. I started to say something but he cut me off. “Don’t worry, we didn’t tell Jake about your special time with Cody and Max. We just told them it was high time you three gave us a little loving. You know you want to. Allen and OBB loved the time we got to spend with them. Now we want you guys, the big bosses, and the hottest guys here. Fuck, makes my cock hard and dripping just thinking about that rod of yours, Josh. I want that in my ass so bad, and have ever since the first time I met you. I saw Sven sucking you off last Saturday night and I wanted to go down on you myself in the worst fucking way. Fuck this is going to be so hot,” Gentry added. I rolled my eyes.

    “You guys are probably going to be disappointed, with me, anyway,” I responded. Gentry had his hand down the front of my jeans, feeling my bare junk and making me hard. He was such a hot looking guy, he and Stan generating sexual heat like it was no tomorrow when they performed. “Okay, guys. Enough. We’ll play later, I guess since you already cleared it with Erin and Jake. I was kind of looking forward to this someday and I guess that day has come,” I added.

    Ashton took the stage shirtless to introduce Dudley to sing his songs, naked, covered only by his guitar. The crowd cheered and the hot suggestive dancing began shortly after that. The boys put on one heck of a show in their two sets they did entertaining all the guys that wanted to dream about their hot hung bodies. Sweat and testosterone abounded as the guys put on one sensuous act after another, climaxing in an almost coital act by Francis and Ralph. Even gave me a hardon watching the two of them on stage. I had to fan myself as Jake held onto me to steady me.

    “If I didn’t believe the physical connection between the two of them was almost impossible, I’d swear Francis is fucking Ralph. Ralph is so small and Francis has one of the largest cocks out there. I just don’t see how that’s possible. You can tell Francis adores Ralph, but how does that work physically?” I asked Jake rhetorically. Jake had the same questions.

    The boys all piled back into the dressing room and had fun getting each other off sending their cum all over their thongs so Allen could collect them and sell them to the crowd of horny guys out there in the bar area. Stan and Gentry didn’t ejaculate, but rather borrowed some of Francis’ gallon of cum he supplied and marked their thongs with his DNA. I had to laugh.

    “Don’t want to waste any of this good stuff for later. Want to make sure we have plenty left for you guys,” Gentry said grabbing his balls and cock as he kissed me passing by. I guess he was serious about a good time with Erin, Jake and I. I had to admit, Stan and Gentry were both hot and sexy. Their cute sexy personalities added to their hotness and made them super desirable. Their almost hairless ripped bodies, except for their nicely trimmed pubes and asscrack hair almost gave you a boner looking at them even with a thong on. They were the biggest money producers we had on stage. Their sexy antics with one another had you dripping pre-cum as you watched them perform.

    Jake and I headed back to the bar. Erin and Parker were extremely busy and needed some relief.

    “Greer said he had something for you,” Erin told me as I arrived with Jake.

    “I’m sure he does, but the question is, do I want it,” I said smiling to Erin. Erin shook his head.

    “I think it has something to do with the paperwork he was working on, Josh, although it could be something else, which might even be better,” Erin said as he grinned ear to ear. I waved him off and went to the office. Greer was finishing up something on his laptop.

    “You’re back. Good, now we can go over this,” he said as he finished printing some of what he’d been working on. “This is the outline of the Purchase Agreement. I know it’s several pages and it’s going to be a few more, once I get all the information I’m coming over there to get on Monday, but all the rest of the framework for the agreement is here. I just have to add the legal description of the property and a few more things I need to discuss with Mel and his attorney, and get from the courthouse. Look this over and see if you find anything you don’t like. I also have the shareholder’s resolution making you the CEO of the corporation and the resolution giving you authority to sign the loan agreement on behalf of the corporation. I need your signature and Allen’s on this. Where is Allen, by the way?” Greer asked.

    “Allen? He’s out by the bar selling cum drenched and stained thongs the dancers wore tonight. He should be done by now, so he’s probably talking to customers. You can go have a look or get Seth to find him,” I said as I sat down at the table to start mulling through the agreements. “Oh, you probably should have him wash his hands. No telling how much cum he got on them when he was putting the packaging together for the thongs to sell,” I added giving Greer a confused face.

    “I think I’ll ask him to wash his hands before he signs anything. Don’t need anyone’s private DNA on these legal documents,” Greer said as he went to look for Allen. Moments later he returned with Allen. The resolutions were short and sweet. We both signed it rather quickly, then Allen said he’d get the rest of the partners signatures on it for Greer.

    “Greer’s kind of hot, Josh. Does he play?” Allen asked sizing up Greer. Greer got a big smile on his face.

    “I’m sure he would if you asked him nicely, Allen,” I said glancing up from the PA to see Allen smiling at Greer. Allen was writing something quickly on a piece of paper.

    “Come by the hotel suite around 12:30, Greer. They’ll be several guys there that I think you’d enjoy meeting and I can definitely guarantee you’ll get off and have a great time doing it,” Allen said as he patted Greer’s crotch then took off. Greer just smiled.

    “Is he serious or does he just kid around like that?” Greer asked me.

    “Oh, when it comes to sex, Allen never kids, Greer. You’ll have a good time. No doubt about it. It may not be with Allen, but there’ll be plenty of guys there to have fun with, all probably younger than you, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy it if you can keep up with them,” I assured him. That seemed to excite the guy.

    “I looked over all this legal mumbo jumbo, but I have to trust you as my attorney that everything is properly laid out. All you have to do is add the stuff on Monday you need and then we can get this to Allen’s father’s team then get it signed by Mel and I guess we are good to go after we have a building inspection. So, by the end of next week, we should be able to fund this and take possession of the building, I guess,” I said thinking out loud.

    “That’s what you wanted, and I don’t see any reason we can’t get there, unless there is some unforeseen craziness we don’t know about like a lien on the property or back taxes owed or something else crazy. Mel sounds like a straight up guy, so I doubt there are any entanglements, but you never know until you look, and that’s what I will look for on Monday,” he said switching back to his legal mind after thinking about Allen’s goodtime offer. I stood up, gave him a hug and kissed him. Greer was ecstatic. “Wow, I need to produce legal documents for you more often,” he said excited to have been shown such affection.

    “Don’t get carried away. That was your compensation for all your work. Now you can’t send me a bill,” I said as if I had just duped him. He gave me a confused look. “Relax, you’re still going to get paid. That was just a small gratuity. Allen will give you a bigger one later, I hope.”

    Greer, now relieved he had done his duty, walked out to the bar with me. I had Jake draw him a beer on the house, as he found an empty spot at the bar. I whipped off my shirt to join the boys in bartending once again. Erin grabbed me and licked my nipples sending an intense tingling through my entire body. I gave him an intense look as he almost gave me a hardon. The bar crowd went wild. We were entertaining and selling drinks once again. All was good.

    Things were finally winding down late at night. Greer had left some time ago, so I was unsure if he was going to stop by Allen’s suite at the hotel. Andy came and found me. He told me he and Ashton were going to Allen’s suite. Allen had supposedly found a big dicked stud and asked Ashton if he was interested. Of course, Ashton was interested in any big cock he could stuff up his hot asshole. I asked Andy how he felt about it. Andy said he was okay with it as they’d never see the guy again. He said if he got lucky maybe he could get the big one also. He said he kind of liked Sven’s cock up his ass the week before. Never thinking he would ever like something like that, he said it was surprisingly hot. I wished him well. I told him I thought Jake, Erin and I were entertaining Stan and Gentry since they were so intent on making this happen. Andy wished me good luck.

    I hadn’t seen Stan or Gentry for some time and wasn’t sure where they were. I was kind of hoping maybe they got tired of waiting and drove back to State. After we closed the bar, Jake, Erin and I made our way to the apartment. Opening the door, we found Stan and Gentry buck naked and ready for action with stiff cocks and everything. I was a little shocked but the sight gave me an intense feeling in my cock. They were kissing and rubbing their hard cocks together. They told us to jump in the shower as they were hot for some action and wanted it quickly. They practically ripped our clothes off us getting us naked in no time. I had Gentry’s lips wrapped around my now throbbing cock as he stroked Jake’s then moved his lips over to Jake’s cock and stroked mine. Stan was sucking on Erin to Erin’s delight. They finally let us go to jump in the shower. The three of us enjoyed washing each other. I could have just as well played with the two guys I loved and not bothered with Stan and Gentry, but they were so hot and sensuous looking, and wanted fucked in the worst way.

    We hurried with the shower, although we took some time to bone each other up as we washed. Showers feel so much better with hardons for some reason, especially when you got someone else’s slippery hand on your meat, stroking you ever so wonderfully. Gentry finally yelled into us not to be selfish and hurry up and get out there. They had some hungry asses that needed filled. We rinsed off, shut off the water and then dried each other off still teasing each other sexually as we did.

    Emerging into the bedroom, Gentry and Stan were on their backs, their legs in the air and their assholes exposed with their fingers, giving us full access to their love portal. I had to kind of laugh. They were such teases.

    “I’m not fucking anything until someone’s lips get me good and hard,” I said as I stood over Gentry stroking my cock. Jake and Erin agreed with me. The boys were quick to their knees to suck our cocks and balls. I turned around and let Gentry lick my asshole and taint also. Erin was sucking Gentry while he was working my ass. Erin looked up at me and smiled with Gentry’s beautiful cock half in his mouth as he teased Gentry’s piss slit with his tongue before he deep throated him, making Gentry gasp for air as his tongue probed my asshole. I had to admit, Erin was one hell of a cocksucker. Stan was doing a number on Jake’s cock then switched to his ass. Jake and I were kissing passionately as our cocks were simultaneously being serviced. This all felt so damned great. After getting close to cumming, I called a truce. I had the boys get on their hands and knees, and Jake, Erin and I started to rim them as we stroked their beautiful cocks below as if milking them. Gentry had a small brown mole to the side of his pubes on his right side that looked rather cute, I thought. His balls were smooth, but his asscrack had fine blonde hairs in his crease that I loved getting wet with my probing tongue. I teased, probed and plunged his asshole with my slick tongue making him beg to get fucked. Meanwhile, Erin, not having an asshole to tease, was doing to me what I was doing to Gentry. Jake was servicing Stan’s asshole the way I was servicing Gentry’s with Erin still servicing mine. The scene was pretty damned hot and the pressure was building in my loins.

    “Okay we’ve gotta stop for a minute,” Gentry pleaded pulling his asshole away from my tongue. “I’m close to cumming and I want fucked before I do that,” he added. Stan admitted he was close also. Erin came off my asshole and cock and sat upright.

    “How we going to do this?” I asked curiously.

    “Both of us want fucked by all three of you,” Stan said emphatically. “Jake can fuck me, and you can fuck Gentry, Josh, then move over to fuck me and Erin you move in to fuck Gentry. We’ll keep rotating like that until we cum,” Stan informed us. “No condoms either as we’re certifiably clean and I know you guys are. I want the skin of your cocks probing my asshole like it should,” Stan continued. “We don’t fuck anyone without condoms, but we want you guys bareback. We want some true intimacy with you guys.”

    “Who’s going to fuck me?” Erin asked. “I really want one of you to fuck me,” he continued.

    “I guess I could fuck you while Jake or Josh is fucking me,” Stan said. “Gentry makes me top him, but once in a while he returns the favor. Usually we can find others to play, and we both can bottom then. But if you want a cock in your ass, Erin, I can certainly oblige. You have one hot asshole there, buddy,” Stan said willing to take him. Erin seemed pleased to hear that.

    Gentry slicked up my cock with his saliva, deep throating me a couple of times, then fell on his back and lifted his legs. I pushed my cock up against his beautiful asshole while I held his legs in the air. I was teasing his hole with the end of my cock. He kept trying to push himself against me for penetration, but I was playing hard to get until he got frustrated, then I penetrated him almost balls deep, but decided to see if he was okay first. He was gleaming. “Fuck me hard, Josh. Give me everything you’ve got,” he begged. My thighs slapped his asscheeks as I drove me cock deep into his hole. Gentry was slinging pre-cum everywhere with the intense action my cock was giving his asshole. “Lick my nipples, Josh. I want to feel your hot tongue on my nipples and chew on them with your teeth,” Gentry instructed me. I obliged.

    “Damn, you’re kind of needy aren’t you?” I asked between nipples, my cock deep in his ass.

    “I want to experience all of you. Now lick my pits. Chew on my pit hair. Lick those babies clean, Josh. Yeh, that’s the stuff I’m talking about,” he said as I moved from his nipples to his pits running my tongue over his armpit hair getting him nice and wet there.

    “Not only needy, but kind of kinky also. Gentry you surprise me,” I said as I explored both his armpits, getting his pit hair wet and running my nose through his pit hair, as I pumped his ass with my swollen cock. His scent was almost intoxicating, a mixture of sweat and musk, making my cock ridged and excited to no end.

    Stan was getting his ass worked over rather well by Jake and Stan had Erin face fucking him, Erin’s balls slapping Stan’s chin as Stan attempted to finger fuck Erin. Erin had to stop him at one point, threatening Stan with a mouth full of cum if he didn’t, he had Erin so worked up.

    “Fuck, Josh, this is so fucking fantastic. I hate to stop, but I want Jake in my ass too and I can’t last much longer. Fuck Stan. He needs your cock in the worst way also,” Gentry managed to get out between breaths. I backed out of Gentry, doing as I was told and moved over to Jake who was still pounding Stan. I fingered Jake’s asshole teasingly to give him a thrill until he warned me it was going to make him cum and cum hard. I stopped immediately as Gentry was needing Jake’s cock in his ass and I didn’t want Jake to cum just yet. Erin asked Stan if he wanted him to move over to Gentry, but Stan said he loved Erin’s cock too much to give him up just yet. Erin said he was going to have to stop one way or another as he was close to cumming. Stan gave Erin’s cock a rest as I penetrated Stan’s ass. Stan sighed greatly as my cock moved deeper into his ass. Erin leaned over and kissed me passionately. I loved his kisses. Meanwhile I got a finger up my ass from Jake who looked over and smiled at me until he had to lick Gentry’s armpits. Gentry and Stan were side by side so I took the liberty of sucking on Gentry’s big toe that was closest to me. He told me he loved it but it would make him cum if I didn’t stop.

    “How can you be kinky if you can’t keep from cumming?” I asked.

    “You guys are just too much. Jake has that gymnast build that makes my cock wanna cum just looking at him. And his cock is to die for. You, Josh, fuck you’re just so beautiful and have that swimmers build on you that makes me want to cum. That fucking cock of yours set my ass on fire and made my cock want to explode. Guys I can’t hold on much longer,” Gentry said rather urgently.

    “I thought Stan was going to fuck me,” Erin said rather urgently, not wanting to see these two explode before he had a turn at Stan’s cock. Just then Stan sprayed Erin all over as he tensed up and shot an unbelievable load hitting Erin, who was still straddled over him sideways, in the hip, his hot juice flowing down Erin’s side and onto Stan’s own chest. “Fuck, there goes my fuck,” Erin said disappointedly.

    “Hey, I’ve got another round in me, Erin. You’ll get yours,” Stan promised. I couldn’t take any more of these hotties either and pulled out and shot my load all over Stan who encouraged me as I shot him with man spunk. He scooped up my load and drank as much of it as he could. Erin also helped himself to some smiling at me. I collapsed on top of Stan. He grabbed my head and kissed me passionately. Just then Gentry sent his load flying over his head hitting the wall behind him, his hips heaving from the release of the pressure. Jake pulled out and fired his load all over Gentry who loved Jake’s cum shower. Jake then collapsed on top of Gentry who kissed him passionately.

    “Two more plunges in your ass and you’d have my babies,” Jake managed to say, as he was attempting to get his breath back. “I’d have filled your ass with all that goo you’re wearing and eating.

    “Can’t say I would have minded that at all, Jake. Might have been kind of fun. I could have let it fall out of my ass into Stan’s mouth,” Gentry said as if he was serious.

    “Oooo, you’d do something like that?” Jake asked.

    “Haven’t before, but now that you mention it, it sounds kind of kinky and hot,” Gentry followed up with. We gave him a disapproving look, but he still smiled.

    We all fell on the mattress beside one another, Erin, the only one that hadn’t cum. He was still hard as a rock and playing with Jake’s and my cum sticky cocks and balls. I fingered his ass while he played with us. Then Erin got up and started cleaning up Gentry’s cock sucking him good and clean. Then he did Stan, who with that action came back to life. It didn’t take him very long to get hard again.

    “See, Erin. I told you I had another round in me. I think we all do and I’m not leaving until I get someone’s cum up my ass, either Josh or Jake. I don’t care, but I want a load in my ass the next time,” Stan proclaimed.

    “Me too,” Gentry followed with. Jake and I looked at each other and shook our heads. Erin was chewing on Stan’s nipples and licked his armpits. Then he sucked on his balls and cock again, getting him good and hard. Without waiting for an invitation, Erin lowered himself on Stan’s hot ridged cock and started riding him. Stan seemed to really like what Erin’s ass was doing to his cock.

    “I’m ready again, Josh. Fuck me. Fuck me hard,” Gentry asked. I looked at Jake, who nodded for me to go ahead and fuck the boy. Gentry got up on all fours and wanted it doggy style this time. I was happy to oblige as that kept my mouth out of his armpits, not that I didn’t care for that. His smell there was actually kind of an aphrodisiac, that made my cock extremely hard and my balls want to explode, but I needed to make the second round last a little longer and make it more sensuous, in my mind anyway. Jake was left without and action, but seemed pleased to wait.

    “Erin, let me up and roll over on your back. I’m going to fuck you missionary style and let Jake fuck me from behind. I’m in the middle of the sandwich. We can both enjoy what we like the best that way,” Stan instructed. Erin lifted himself off of Stan, his ass letting loose of Stan’s beautiful cock, momentarily that was. Erin rolled over on his back and lifted his legs in the air. Stan mounted Erin once more to Erin’s satisfaction and began pounding him. Jake worked his hard cock between Stan’s asscheeks and found his target, then let Stan do the work between the two. Jake leaned over and kissed me as he let Stan ride his cock and fuck Erin’s ass. I was watching the sphincter membrane on Stan’s ass follow Jake’s cock as his ass moved outwards from Jake’s body and then disappear into Stan’s asshole as he rode Jake back to his pelvic bone. It was fucking hot seeing Jake’s cock move in and out of Stan’s tight asshole. Jake seemed to really enjoy this relaxing fuck as all he had to do was stand still and let Stan do all the work. Jake had his hands up in the air like guys do at the top of a roller coaster ride. I had to chuckle. I could see Stan was getting tired as I pumped Gentry’s ass and stroked his cock beneath him, fondling his balls and running my fingers through his pubic hair. Gentry was loving this action. He told me he was close so to slow it down a little.

    “Hey, guys, let’s try something else,” Stan said somewhat short of breath. “Let’s try standing up and doing it that way. I think it’ll be easier.” I looked at Jake who didn’t seem to care. Jake came out of Stan’s ass and Stan out of Erin’s. Stan helped Erin to his feet who proceeded to bend over in front of Stan, and then Jake re-entered Stan. Stan still had to do all the work, but at least he was letting his legs support most of the weight now. Gentry suggested we move over in front of Erin and have Erin fuck me while I fucked him then we’d all be connected. Erin said it was fine with him as he always enjoyed my ass. I had to admit, I always enjoyed Erin’s cock also. We tried it. It was kind of awkward at first, but we finally got the hang of it. I had to admit it was kind of hot doing what we were doing. Erin seemed to like it. He was holding his arms around me, making a “V” with his fingers as he stuck them through my pubes, his fingers rubbing my cock as it ran in and out of Gentry’s ass. That was kind of hot, I thought. I leaned around and kissed him passionately, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths as our cocks occupied some intensely hot assholes that were begging for our seed.

    “Josh, can you finish me off missionary style? I wanna look in your eyes when you breed my ass,” Gentry whispered. I looked at Erin who whispered ‘go for it’. Gentry fell off my cock and rolled over on his back lifting his legs. I came off of Erin’s cock and fell down to Gentry penetrating him once more. He seemed almost ecstatic at the re-entry of my cock into his body. He looked so fucking hot, naked and covered with sweat, smelling of cum and sweat. Fuck this wasn’t going to take long, I told myself. I pounded him hard at his pleading, burying my cock deep in his asshole.

    “I’m fucking going to cum, Gentry. You really want my load up your ass?” I asked one more time. Before he could get ‘yes’ out of his mouth I made two long plunges holding him tightly as I emptied my balls sending my juice deep into his bowels, causing his cock to unload his second load all over his abs. I collapsed on top of him, holding him tightly and kissing him passionately, his man seed squished between us. I felt the unmistakable hot liquid of man hit my back with several splats as Erin must have unloaded on me as his ass was pummeled by Stan.

    “Sorry Josh,” Erin said trying to get his breath back. “Didn’t mean to spray you, but I couldn’t hold it any longer.” I chuckled. I loved his cum and was proud to have that hot sticky liquid of his on my back. I reached back and patted his leg.

    Suddenly, Stan came out of Erin and shot Erin on his back. That was Jake’s signal to unload in Stan’s ass, which he did with a mighty fervor, grunting like crazy as he did. “Fuck, I love that,” Stan said as Jake’s seed flooded his bowels. Jake collapsed on top of Stan’s back and Stan on Erin’s, who was mostly on me with Gentry on the bottom. Still, it felt great being together like that.

    “Okay, that was fucking hot,” I managed to say recovering somewhat.

    “Amen to that,” Gentry said, hugging me tightly and kissing my neck as we both tried to regain our breath. “It was even more awesome than I expected. Stan and I’ve wanted you guys to fuck us from practically the first day we met you and Jake. Erin came along and that was icing on the cake. Damn, you guys took forever to take our asses,” he continued.

    “Well, it’s kind of awkward you being employees of ours and everything. Although I realize this is after work, but we can’t fuck all the help,” I managed to say.

    “We don’t care if you fuck the rest of the help as long as you fuck Gentry and I,” Stan piped in. We all kind of chuckled. “Well, at least once in awhile anyway,” he added. Jake slapped his ass. “Careful there, Jake. I might lose some of your seed, buddy.”
    Jake stuck his thumb up Stan’s asshole opening him up a little and let some of his cum flow out. Stan looked disappointed.

    “Hey, it was coming out anyway when you take a shit,” Jake reminded him, giving him a sad face. I probed Gentry’s asshole a little with my thumb making him leak some of my cum.

    “Shit that was nice and thick cum the second round unless you baked it up in there,” I said jokingly.

    “Never mind, it’s mine to keep,” Gentry stated seriously. “It’s a token of our intimacy and I want to keep it as long as I can.”

    “Hey, there’s always more where that came from,” I reminded him to his delight.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Whoa! Now I need a shower, and a nap, after reading that!

    Now that Josh is CEO of CNB,LLC, I can only imagine what future company parties are going to be like.

    Then again, "our boys" seem to be partying all the time, while making serious decisions, and raking in the dough.

    This is about far more than just sex, and I'm impressed with all the aspects of life, and business, that you have, and continue to cover.

    Thank You, FT!
    WISDOM is the Knowledge you've gained ... After you could have used it! _Me

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Yeh, what Chaz said and more, FT. Poor Greer. Can't imagine what's going on between Stoney and this new guy that he still loves Greer, but sends him to Sven for sex? I assume we may find out in the future. It may be another one of your cliffhangers or teases you are becoming famous for. Josh certainly seems capable of the leadership position and is well deserving. Stan and Gentry are really sex maniacs, but seem like a lot of fun. Wish I had a couple like that to play with. Like Chaz, I feel the same way. This story encompasses a lot more than just sex. There is the true meaning of friendship and caring incorporated into the story. I am so loving this, FT. Please keep it up. I so look forward to this. Makes me thing about a lot of things in my own life. We love you man. BC

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Warms my heart, Chaz and BC, to hear your say you think there are some socially redeeming values implanted in this story. I didn't intend for it to be all porn, although there is a lot of that. Josh is such a naughty boy, but he's a great kid and friend also. We hope anyway. Thanks for contributing. FT

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chapter 164 – New Staffing At the IHOP and Tuck Is Depressed

    Erin, Jake and I woke up in each other’s arms, having slept in after our torrid sexcapade with Stan and Gentry the night before. They had left to go back to State soon after the five of us showered together and, well, fooled around a little more. Erin had only cum once in the group sex scene and was still horny in the shower. Gentry more than volunteered to pleasure Erin’s ass one more time with his renewed prowess. It seems the boy’s cock spent more time hard than it did flaccid in his daily routines. Both Stan and Gentry were oversexed to the max, which showed most of the time. Erin enjoyed Gentry’s attentions to his anal desires as Stan sucked on Erin’s raging hard cock. Jake and I just played with each other’s junk as we watched Stan and Gentry fiercely pleasure Erin. Erin was bent over and really into it. I literally thought he was going to pass out before he came hard and fast into Stan’s welcoming mouth. Gentry never came, having recently experienced two orgasms he had earlier with all of us, but later as he was leaving, said he wished he had of and if we had a little more time for his balls to churn up more seed, he would have drowned Erin’s bowels. We all thought what he said was cute. Stan said he could have, but Gentry told him he was full of shit. Anyway, the two left shortly after that. The three of us thought about another session with just ourselves, but after a couple of beers and a lengthy discussion of how hot our session was with our two State students, we literally fell asleep naked in each other’s arms.

    Waking up, I felt Jake nibbling at one of my nipples, and my hard cock pressed up against Erin’s sweet asshole. Jake’s morning wood was pressed against my now hungry asshole, hungry for his cock that is. “Guys what we had last night was some of the hottest sex we’ve ever had outside of the three of us. What we need right now is some of the hottest love we’ve ever shared between the three of us. Don’t get me wrong, Stan and Gentry were fantastic last night and all of us came hard, but what we have between the three of us could never be dissipated by anyone, no matter how hot they are,” Jake said kissing the back of my neck as his cock begged my body to enter. I sighed and rolled over and kissed him. Erin kind of laid over Jake and I kissing us. At one point we all three were able to kiss each other together. With pre-cum flowing we found ourselves in another torrid sexual encounter that lasted a good hour and a half, only finishing when we heard Andy and Ashton return.

    “Damn, Ashton, I told you we should have stayed here last night instead of Allen’s suite. Sex never gets any better than with the three friends we love the most right here in the apartment. You guys are covered in cum by the way. Not that it matters as I kind of like that picture and don’t mind sampling some of it,” Andy said as he scooped some of the last batch off my chest and tasted it. “This has to be Erin, if I remember my tastes right. His is a little sweeter than Jake’s and Josh’s,” Andy commented. Then Ashton had to sample some of it and swore it was Jake’s. A small argument ensued. To settle the argument the two of them had to suck each of our cocks for remaining sperm to compare the tastes. I don’t think a conclusion was ever reached, but the experiment was kind of fun and gave me another hardon when I really didn’t need one. The two of them pulled us to our feet and told us to get dressed as Allen was buying breakfast at the IHOP and wanted us down there soon. Of course, the shower took a little time as it was hard keeping our hands off the sensitive parts of our bodies, and soap felt so good running over every inch of our glorious naked bodies.

    Allen and OBB were happy to see us, as well as Pooky and Stephen, who joined us. I was somewhat shocked to see Greer there. He looked somewhat worn out.

    “So, did you guys work Greer over or what last night? He looks rather ragged this morning,” I commented. Greer gave me a guilty smile.

    “If you must know, I think Greer here worked Pooky and Stephen over last night. I don’t think the two of them got enough of Greer. That boy can poke a good hole, Josh,” Allen explained. “Have to say, he’s got a nice cock on him also. Nothing any of us wouldn’t like to have,” Allen continued, I swear making Greer blush.

    “Glad to know you were well entertained, Greer. See, Allen took care of your after all. At least you had some fun,” I said looking at Pooky and Stephen, who were smiling from ear to ear.

    “Stephen said he could get me an audience with Allen’s old man, you know, introduce me as an up and coming attorney who is handling your company and the legal work involved in the purchase of the building he’s financing. That would really be nice of him, to help me get introduced,” Greer said making me think he was fucking Stephan and his boyfriend, just to get an introduction to Allen’s father. I however let it slide, but Allen didn’t.

    “Hell, Greer, if that’s all you needed, I could have gotten you dinner with the family and not just an introduction. Don’t worry, Dad will get to know you. I’m sure he’ll like you too. And you didn’t have to fuck me to get an introduction to my dad, but we may take a raincheck on that,” Allen responded. Greer was somewhat speechless. I swear Stephan blushed.

    “Where the hell is that fag waiter we always have every Sunday?” Allen asked noting no one had waited on us yet. Finally, a waitress came over and said she could take our order when we were ready. Allen made mention they sent a woman to do a man’s job and asked where his favorite waiter was. The waitress told him that the guy had quit running off with some guy they never met, but seemed happy and said he had saved a ton of money with all the tips we gave him. She said she would be glad to take his place. Allen looked shocked. “Find us another gay guy, if you have any here, and I’m sure you do. We need someone with a ‘hangy down’ to take our order and to put up with us. It’s more fun that way,” Allen said to the waitress who marched off in a huff. Minutes later, a waiter appeared. He wasn’t just a waiter, but one of the managers and a hot looking guy at that. He was a tall, athletic looking guy, about 6’-2” with strong arms, sporting nice pecs through his tight polo shirt, nice lightly haired forearms, muscled biceps, with beautiful blue eyes that wanted to suck you right in. His tight pants revealed nice muscled thighs, tight ass and a nice bulge just where a nice bulge should be located. His lips looked perfect for sucking cock, which is probably what all of us were thinking. On top of all that he couldn’t be more than a couple of years older than we were. He was totally intriguing and fascinating at the same time.

    “Hey, guys. My name is Lloyd. I can help you guys. Do I have to show you my, what did you call it, my ‘hangy down’ right here and now?” Lloyd asked. I thought Allen was going to choke.

    “No, not at the moment, but maybe sometime you might honor us with that request. I’m sure we could make it worth your while,” Allen replied trying to recover from a mild state of shock.

    “I’m sure all of you here could,” he said smiling. “Not sure what my wife would think about that, but hell, who’s going to ask her?” he asked jokingly. ‘Wife’, now that was a bummer to hear. We all kind of stared at him curiously. Could this beautiful specimen of a man really be straight? That would be a damn shame, but definitely quite possible. “You guys own the gay bar here in town, right? What is it the ‘Cock N Balls’, I believe?’’ he asked. Allen shook his head in the affirmative, speechless at the moment. Greer couldn’t take his eyes off of Lloyd, spellbound, wanting to breed the man, I was sure of it. “Been there a couple of times with a couple of my really good buddies. You guys really have some hot entertainment there, I have to say. Not someplace I’d take my wife, but a great place to get a good beer and enjoy the eye candy somewhat,” Lloyd added. So, what was he telling us. Was he Bi? Could that be it. He and his buddies had a guys’ night out to go gay clubbing, but there was really only one gay bar/club, whatever. This was fascinating. I was trying to process it all in my head, but I was too sexually worn out and hungry to spend any time in meaningful thought at the moment. Hell, I just wanted to see him naked, like everyone else at the table.

    “I, well, I am the boy’s attorney, not a partner in the CNB. I’m Greer, by the way and am pleased to meet your acquaintance. And these two gentlemen, Stephen and Pooky” he said pointing them out, “well, Stephen works for the father of the one that requested you, Allen there, and the other is a friend of his. These guys here, Josh, Erin, Jake, Allen, Ashton and Andy are all part of the owners of the bar,” Greer said introducing all of us in order. To our amazement, Lloyd repeated each of our names and shook each of our hands, saying he was pleased to meet all of us. He was the assistant manager of IHOP and would be happy to serve us anytime he was there which was most always Sunday mornings. Introductions out of the way, Lloyd took our order, and then brought us much needed coffee, saying each of our names as he placed the coffee in front of each of us. We were actually kind of impressed, in many ways, with this Lloyd character.

    Lloyd, having left us to our coffee, the table was abuzz with ‘was he or wasn’t he Bi’ gossip. Allen said it just killed him when Lloyd mentioned the word ‘wife’. Greer said that was a knife in the gut also, but one never knew what Lloyd was capable of. Seeing Lloyd return with a couple of waitresses to bring all our food at the same time, we had to suspend our discussion of this new interesting person that we all lusted after.

    “I hope you don’t mind our sweet waitresses helping to bring the food. They don’t have ‘hangy downs’, but they are quite capable of helping bring out food and we wanted all the food to be hot and perfect for you gentlemen. The only ‘hangy downs’ today other than me, are in the kitchen preparing food, and you really don’t want to see them right now. I’m pretty sure of that,” Lloyd said not indicating if he was joking or serious. We all kind of chuckled. The waitresses gave us a strange look as they placed our food in front of us. Then Lloyd asked if anyone needed more coffee or was there anything else he could get us. Although our first inclinations were to say something cute, which I was waiting for Allen to do, we all, amazingly, didn’t say anything. “Well, then, enjoy your food. I’ll check on you in a few,” he said then turned and walked away giving us a nice view of his tight ass cheeks beneath his tight dark jeans.

    “Fuck what is this guy all about?” Allen said in pure amazement. “This is really crazy. What a hunk though. Fuck, give me an hour naked with that guy and I swear he’d come over to our side,” Allen said seriously. Greer told him not to jump to any conclusions.

    “I will say breakfast with you guys is just as amazing as drinking beer with you guys. I really enjoy your company anywhere at any time. You just never know what’s going to happen at any moment in time,” Greer said chuckling, but there was a lot of truth to what he said.

    We spent the rest of the conversation over breakfast on the purchase, possible obstacles to the sale and even some forethought on who we could hire to help with the CNB here in the City. Allen said he was all for hiring Lloyd.

    “You don’t even know if he’s gay or not, or Bi or whatever, Allen,” Andy commented.

    “Who cares. He’s there at the bar at times with his buddies for drinks and eye candy. He must have some interest. Besides, Eric isn’t gay and soon to be married and he’s going to manage the CNB2. Hell, who cares if he’s gay or not as long as we can play with him from time to time.” We all gave Allen a strange look, but I’m sure many of us were thinking the same thing.

    Lloyd kept checking on us periodically. He was quite punctual with the coffee. He never let a cup run out. Finally, we were all finished and Allen asked for one check which impressed the hell out of Lloyd, but not as much as the tip did when Allen finished signing the credit card slip.

    “Good grief, Allen. There must be some mistake. I thought you could add better than this. The bill is only $110.00 and the total you signed for is almost $300. There is a mistake here somewhere,” Lloyd said looking over the signed copy. “Gees, Allen you left almost a $200 tip here. I’m sure you meant to make that $20 which is about the 20% maximum without the tax. Here, I can run get you a new copy and you can correct it,” Lloyd said as he started to move away.

    “Wait, Lloyd. I gave you almost a $200 tip. That card belongs to a major corporation that drips with money so take advantage of it and just enjoy it, something I hope you do with all of us sometime,” Allen said chuckling.

    “I don’t know what to say. For that kind of a tip, I’d think I’d have to sleep with you,” he said stunning us one more time.

    “You’re more than welcome to anytime,” Allen replied. “Bring your buddies too. I’m sure we would all have a hot time together” he added. Lloyd stood there almost in shock as he stared at the bill.

    “You sure you want to do this?” Lloyd asked one more time.

    “I’d rather do you, but in light of that, yes, we tip well for great service and I think we are really going to enjoy future service by you, so you’re more than welcome. We tip big so we’re not forgotten,” Allen told him.

    “Who could ever forget you guys. This is truly amazing. I may have to take my wife out to dinner after this,” Lloyd said, breaking our hopeful mood at the moment.

    “How about you bring your buddies and stop by the CNB and we’ll comp you some beers also,” I added in hopes we’d get to spend more time with this guy, and possibly check him out for some future employment once we determined where his sexual preferences were. Could his preferences possibly be split between genders?

    “Hey, we can do that,” Lloyd said somewhat excitedly. That was all it took to excite us. Lloyd hugged each one of us before we left. It was kind of a thrill actually. “Hey, come back anytime I’m working. Would love to see you guys and take care of you,” he said as we were leaving. Just what did he mean by ‘take care of us’? That would be a perplexing question that would haunt us until we knew the answer to it.

    On the road home, we discussed, adnausium, the possibilities for Lloyd. Was he kidding about being married? Was he kidding about sleeping with us? What did he mean by taking care of us? Was he kidding about him and his buddies being at the CNB? No one could remember seeing him there, but there were so many guys there each weekend and with the special events, one would never remember unless he stood out in some way. Obviously, he didn’t or we would have remembered him. Lloyd was totally a mystery to all of us. His whole conversation just didn’t add up, yet he acted like everything he said was perfectly normal. Go figure.

    From Lloyd we switched to Stan and Gentry, their affiliation with Coby, Coby being a cousin of Riley. Who was fucking Max if not for Coby? Something wasn’t adding up there either. Riley had never admitted he was of our persuasion, however, his flirting seemed to signal otherwise, much like his cousin Coby, although Coby fully admitted who he was. Damn, the two were so hot, both in their own right. They must have had beautiful parents to be so damned hot looking, and that ass of Coby’s, well that would make any cock cream as it shared Coby’s hot body and great looks. That made me somewhat lust, in my mind, after Riley. I imagined penetrating his hot little ass and making him cum. Shit, I really didn’t want to think about it. My cock was busy enough as it was. But there was always one more asshole to lust after. Shame on me, I thought.

    “Ashton, what was the big dicked guy like last night?” Erin asked. Ashton cleared his throat.

    “It was okay,” Ashton said with little excitement.

    “Just okay?” Erin questioned.

    “He had nice cock, but the bastard couldn’t keep it up. I mean there were plenty of guys to give him head to get him hard, but a few strokes in my ass and he was limp again. I thought he was probably drunk, as who couldn’t get hard fucking this ass?” Ashton exclaimed, swatting his own ass. “He was kind of hot, but, like I said, he couldn’t keep it up. Not sure if the guy was even gay. He seemed to want to be there, but when it came to performing, his dick didn’t show up. Did you ever see a limp dick in a condom get anything done? It was rather embarrassing. He and the friend he was there with ended up leaving early which was probably a good thing as his performance was rather embarrassing. We all felt sorry for him and that didn’t help the situation. I finally gave up on him and tried to get Francis interested, but he only seemed interested in Ralph for some reason. I swear those two are fucking,” Ashton said pretty sure of himself. “Don’t know how they do it as Ralph is pretty small in the rear end, but he sure does love a cock up there,” Ashton proclaimed.

    “You should have had Ralph show the big dicked guy how to do it. His cock is always hard. You have trouble finding it sometimes, but it’s always hard,” Jake commented.

    “Yeh, the guys call him ‘stubby’. Not very complimentary, but it is rather short, looks like a stub sticking out of his groin. If is pubes get any longer, you’d have to sift through them to find his dick,” Ashton said chuckling. Ashton wasn’t being very complimentary, but he was fairly accurate.

    “You should have tried that one on for size, Ashton. You know, just for comparison’s sake. Who knows it might have felt just different enough to give you a hard orgasm,” Andy suggested. Ashton gave him a dirty look.

    “I thought yours felt pretty good there last night, Andy. I never get tired of yours anyway,” Ashton said.

    “Thank you, my love. And yours felt pretty good in me last night also,” Andy complimented Ashton. We all took note of that. The two flip-fucked for once, which seemed rather nice. We were all glad to hear it.

    With all we had to talk about, Lloyd, the weekend at the CNB, the purchase of the building, the staffing of the CNB2, the renovation project that would take most of the summer, the school year coming to an end, finals only a week off, the three-hour travel time from the City back to Uni went by in a hurry. Nevertheless, it was late afternoon before we arrived. We pulled up to the dorm parking lot in the Lincoln and unloaded our stuff after dropping off Ashton and Andy. We all made plans to meet later at our favorite pizza place for a bite to eat and a beer.

    Realizing we had left the mattresses on the floor when we left, Erin, Jake and I stripped down to our CK’s and collapsed on the mattresses. Allen and OBB had not returned yet so we had some time for a nap. I was awakened by a pair of hot lips on my nap boner. It felt great and I was sure Jake was playing around. Opening my eyes and yawning, it was Allen and OBB taking turns sucking on our hard cocks. That woke us up.

    “What are you doing, you little tease?” I asked with my hard wet cock sticking out of the top of my underwear.

    “Just trying to get a rise out of you,” Allen said teasing. OBB was smiling from ear to ear.

    “Well, you certainly succeeded in that. You can continue on. I’m sure we don’t care,” I replied. But they stopped and asked what he hell happened to the room, as they proceeded to undress and get comfortable in their briefs. Erin, Jake and I finally sat up, our willies wilting back inside our briefs, after being totally excited for such a short time.

    “Would love to play, but OBB and I had to service Stephen and Pooky on the way home. I tell you, that’s why they bring the Excursion with them each week so we can fuck in the back if they’re in the mood. I know they’re a little older, but they love this young cock up their asses,” Allen said rubbing his junk.

    “I thought Greer wore them out last night.” I said, surprised they had any stamina left this afternoon.

    “He certainly tried to, but I think that’s a lost cause when it comes to those two,” OBB commented. “That Greer guy is pretty hot, Josh. The three of you could have some fun with him and I know he’d kill for that opportunity. Even Allen and I thought about tapping that as I really think he wanted to bottom, but you know Stephen and Pooky. They’re such selfish bottoms. I swear the only thing they can do together is blow each other during the week as neither one of them will top the other. I’m pretty sure about that, although we’ve never really asked them.” I rolled my eyes.

    “Guys, we’ve got to get dressed and meet Andy and Ashton at the pizza joint. I didn’t realize it’s as late as it is. We slept for a couple of hours it looks like. Damn, and I had some studying to do,” I said with a sense of urgency looking at the time. We hustled to get dressed and head off to the meet the two A’s. I texted them we’d be a few minutes late.

    Being, the thoughtful guys they were, our beers were already sitting on the table in the large corner booth we always occupied on Sunday nights. I had to admit, the beer tasted pretty good tonight. We must have sat there for a couple of hours and had a few beers. I was feeling no pain as we got up to leave.

    On our way back to the dorm, I got a phone call from Taylor. He sounded very concerned on the phone and said he desperately needed my help. That got me very concerned. Asking him what was wrong he told me it was Tuck. He was drunk and extremely depressed and thought maybe I was the only one that could bring him out of his funk and straighten him out. Taylor said he needed him in good shape by Monday morning as Tuck had interviews scheduled at the Arena with him and the team, but mostly involving Tuck. I knew how important that was to Tuck, plus we hadn’t seen each other since he left for the tournaments. I told Taylor I would be there as quick as I could get there. Taylor thanked me profusely. Telling the boys Tuck was in trouble and I was heading over to the frat to see what I could do, they were concerned and told me to call if I needed any help. Jake grabbed me and kissed me before I left. I told them I’d be back as soon as I knew he was alright. I was sure I could talk to Tuck and raise his spirits, teasing him and getting him to laugh. I could always do that with him. Still, I was concerned as this was so unlike him. A million thoughts went through my head. Had his dad put a guilt trip on him? Had Julie intervened again and tried to fuck up his mind? Was he depressed all the sports were over with for the season and now everything was boring? It could have been any one of those things, a combination of things, or something I was not even aware of.

    Taylor met me in the vestibule. “Josh, thank God you’re here. We’ve never seen him like this. He’s drunk, he’s depressed and he’s cussing like a sailor telling us all to stay the hell away from him as he’s no good and will spoil all of us. I have no idea what brought all this on, but we’re concerned he might hurt himself as depressed as he is. You’re our best hope other than to get a doctor in here to give him a sedative or something. I wanted to see if you could do something first. We’ll leave the two of you alone to see if you can sort this out and calm him down. You know he loves you like a brother, more than he ever cared for any of us who’ve been his frat brothers for four years. See what you can do, but if you think you’re in danger, yell for help, and we’ll be there for you,” Taylor said, extremely concerned. I looked at him totally perplexed and concerned.

    “It’s Tuck, guys. He’s a loveable, fun loving guy. I’m in no danger. Did you try hugging him and asking him what was wrong? He loves to be hugged,” I said trying to see if they tried to console him at all. They all looked at me with blank looks. “Seriously? Where’s the love here?” I asked again. Still no response. I waved my hand at them and ran up the stairs to find my buddy.

    Tuck’s door was locked which was very unusual for him. His door was always usually open when I wasn’t there. We’d shut it to study or for the few times I gave him some manscaping or massages. I knocked on his door and got a, “Stay the fuck out and leave me the hell alone,” from a very contemptable voice.

    “Tuck, it’s me. Josh. Listen, big dick, let me in or there’ll be hell to pay. You don’t want to piss me off,” I said to the very concerned eyes that were watching me to see if he’d let me in. The door opened, Tuck pulled me in and slammed the door behind me. “Well, I’m glad to see you also there, big brother,” I said cheerfully. He was clothed only in his boxers and grabbed and hugged me.

    “Josh, I missed you so much. You’re the only one in this world that loves me. Fuck, I needed you,” he said almost crushing me with his hugs. “I’m fucked up,” he said slurring his words. “I’m in bad shape. Worse than that, I don’t really give a fuck,” he continued as he let go of me and almost fell over onto the bed. I steadied him and guided him to his bed where we sat beside each other.

    “Tuck, what the hell’s the matter? You’re surrounded by people who love you. You are the star of the university right now. You are a celebrity nationwide at the moment. You are at your peak athletically and your career is ready to explode with all kind of wonderful opportunities for you. You should be happy, not sad and depressed. What the hell came over you?” He had his head on my shoulder now and an arm around me.

    “I know all that star bullshit and all. That’s a lot of fucking shit, Josh. They all make nice over you, make you think you’re something else. Cameras are everywhere. You’re in the limelight. Then everyone goes home and you realize you’re all alone and no one in this world really gives a fuck about you. What the fuck is that all about?” he said getting excited again and slurring everything he said. “You come back home and there’s nothing. I sit here in an empty room and realize no one loves me. I’m all alone in a time when I should be super happy with my life. But I have no one to share it with. I’m not going to run to that pig gold digger Julie. Not going to happen, Josh. Although, I really would love to fuck her right now, if I didn’t have to talk to her and listen to her bullshit and her tell me how to do it. You know, just a straight up fuck with no words. Drive my cock deep in her pussy, chew on her tits, hell, I’d even go down on her, lick her clit with my tongue, and make her beg to get fucked. She could use words for that,” he said describing what he’d like to do to her without dealing with any of her personality. I noticed Hector got very aroused as he was describing what he’d like to do to Julie. He was definitely tenting his boxers. Normally, that would have turned me on something fierce, but I was too disturbed at his disposition at the moment. “I haven’t had sex in months. Did you know that?” he said looking at me directly in the eyes. “Don’t get too close to me. I’m not responsible for my actions right now. Wouldn’t want to do anything out of line or I might regret,” he said still slurring.

    “Get out of here, you big dummy,” I said punching him in the shoulder and chuckling as if he made a joke.

    “I’m so fucking depressed, and a little drunk too. What am I going to do, Josh? What am I going to do?” he asked, his words dropping off at the end. He looked and sounded so pathetic, my heart went out to him. I looked around and found a bottle of bourbon on his desk.

    “Tuck, how much did you drink?” I asked looking the half empty bottle of bourbon.

    “I don’t know. There is a bottle on my desk and I know it was full when I started, but I’ve been drinking for several hours,” he kind of mumbled.

    “Why don’t we go take a shower together like we used to and see if we can sober you up some before you get some sleep. I’ll help you because you can’t do it on your own. No way is that possible. I just hope I can handle you with the shape you’re in,” I told him. He seemed to be agreeable with anything I wanted to do at this point. I lifted him up from his bed to see if he could stand up on his own. He seemed to be doing a little better in that regard. I quickly stripped off my clothes, dropped his boxers and found the towels we needed for the shower. “Can you walk down the hall with me to the showers?” I asked as I wrapped a towel around his naked torso. Luckily Hector had relaxed somewhat while we were talking.

    “I think so,” Tuck responded. I wrapped his arm around my shoulder and held onto it with my hand to hold him tightly up against me. I opened the door and we started down the hall. Taylor was down the hall waiting to see if things were going okay. I gave him a thumbs up.

    “I’m putting him in the shower to get him sobered up a little. I think we’re good. Crisis averted,” I told him as we walked by. He patted Tuck on the back and told him to hang in there. He had his best friend taking care of him. Taylor said to call or text if I needed any further help. He said he’d be in his room if we needed him. Our audience gone, I moved Tuck into the common bath and shower room. Tuck said he had to piss, so I held onto him while he pissed in the urinal. He put his hands up against the wall to brace himself. At first his piss stream missed the urinal on the wall and I had to grab his cock and aim it in the right direction. Tuck thanked me for doing that. Holding his cock was always a pleasure for me anyway, but this time, I only felt concerned about him. With that handled I moved him into the group shower and turned on the water to get it warm, leaning him up against the wall as I did. With the shower at the right temperature, I wrapped one of his arms around my neck again and guided him into the shower stream. I used the shower closest to a wall where I had somewhere to lean him to support him and could direct the shower on him. Then I began soaping him up, his broad shoulders, his muscular arms, his hard pecs and perky nipples, his hairy chest, down over his abs and into his pubes. Then I took my time washing his cock and balls, for which he jokingly commented it felt good. Then I started down his muscular thighs and calves then finally to his feet. I was staring at his big cock as I washed his calves and feet. My mouth was a mere two inches from that beautiful cock of his. Tuck wasn’t paying much attention, still kind of half out of it. I got back to my feet and had him turn around. I soaped up his back, my cock up against his ass crack as I reached up to wash the back of his neck and shoulders.

    “Don’t you be fucking me now, Josh. I know how you love that hot ass of mine,” he said jokingly in a drunken stupor. Just for that I stuck a soapy finger up his ass making him jump. “What the fuck, man?” he said somewhat shocked then half laughed. At least he was starting to get his sense of humor back a little anyway.

    “That was my finger, Tuck. Imagine what I could do with my cock,” I told him as I swatted his ass leaving my finger prints on his pale cheeks. Tuck wiggled his ass at me. My real pleasure came when I soaped up his hairy ass crack, then down over his taint and grabbed the back of his big low hanging balls. He chuckled again. After I did his legs, I turned him back around and saw he was sporting a semi. “Nice one, Tuck. Glad to know I can get you excited like that,” I said as I playfully stroked his cock a few times making him a little harder. Tuck leaned in and kissed me.

    “I don’t deserve you, Josh. You are so wonderful to me. You shouldn’t have to take care of me like this. I’m sorry I put you through this. I can’t seem to get anything right lately,” he said as if he was going to cry. I grabbed him and held him tightly, our cocks pressed up against each other. I never thought anything about it. His naked body felt so good in my arms.

    “I love you, Tuck, and would do almost anything for you to help you. You know that. Brothers helping brothers. Remember?” I replied. Tuck kissed me again as we held each other under the shower. “Let’s get you dried off and I’ll give you a massage when we get back to the room. We’ll see if we can get rid of some of that tension you’re harboring.”

    “Oh, I love your massages, Josh. That would be wonderful. Do I get a happy ending?” he asked jokingly.

    “Maybe if you’re really good and tip well, I’ll think about that one,” I said joking with him. Tuck smiled and hugged me again. I finally got him dried off, having him lean up against the shower wall and spread his legs to get everything dry. “You know you’ve been falling behind in your manscaping, big guy. You really need a trim and a shave down there,” I mentioned running my fingers through his bushy pubes and hairy balls.

    “That’s your job. You’ve been neglecting me,” Tuck replied. I rolled my eyes.

    “Can you wait here without me for a couple of seconds while I run back to the room and get what I need to clean you up?” I asked thinking the shower would be a great place to groom him there and we were the only ones in the shower with the probability of no one else joining us. He told me he’d be fine. I propped him up against the wall and wrapped my towel around me and headed to the room. I was only gone less than a minute, but when I returned he was sitting on the shower room floor leaning up against the wall.

    “It felt better to sit down,” he said as I grabbed his arm and helped pull him to his feet. I leaned him up against the wall again and went to work on his pubes, trimming them. Then I took his razor, soaped up his balls, then shaved those beautiful large orbs. I shaved the pubic hairs that had adorned a full quarter of his penis. I stretched it out straight and shaved the shaft encroaching hairs, making his shaft hairless and smooth finally. Tuck was almost hard again before I finished. I loved looking at his semi-erect penis, wishing beyond all wishes, that I could suck that rod of his and relieve him of some of his sexual tension. That would be crossing the line, and I definitely did not want to go there, fearing the possible end to a beautiful loving relationship with this guy I loved so much. “You’re getting me excited again. If Hector spits at you, it’s not my fault. You made him do it,” Tuck said chuckling. I stroked his cock a couple of times just for that. He seemed to like that. Tuck was this really hot athletic jock, and I was playing with his junk while he could have cared less. I tarried a little on his asscrack risking an erection of my own at this beautiful cavern or dark hair and that rosebud of an asshole of his that begged to be teased with my tongue. I could feel my cock growing and had to back off my sordid thoughts long enough to groom that crevice of his. I did get my finger across his hole a few times making him moan.

    “Stop that,” I said giving him an order. “I’m beginning to think you’re enjoying this too much.

    “Oh, fuck. I am enjoying it for some stupid reason, Josh. Fuck, you do some hot manscaping. Remember, I haven’t had sex in ages so any titillation could cause a major eruption. Just be careful down there. I can’t guarantee you’ll come out of this without incident,” he said breathing a little heavily. I pulled down his balls from behind, stretching that big sack of his to get the skin taunt enough to shave it, as my face was inches from his asscrack. I wanted to dive into that hole with all my being and rim him senseless. I was getting an erection again just thinking about it. My cock was pointing towards my head, at full mast now. I flipped it a few times rather hard with my hand hoping the quick pain would make it subside. Luckily Tuck had his back to me, leaning his hands and head against the wall to steady himself while I worked on him. Finally, I rose up and soaped up his asshole and buns. My cock was starting to relax a little as I concentrated on his well being again. He was still kind of out of it, and I was starting to get a little concerned. I held my breath and finally turned him around. While I still showed a little growth, I was no longer hard, but rather in a semi state. I was hoping he didn’t notice as I moved around him washing his front side also, which required me to fondle his balls and cock once more. Tuck was a little more than semi at this point, but he didn’t seem to notice or care. He just let me do what I needed to do. I moved him back into the water stream to rise everything off, his hairy pits, which I trimmed also, his balls, penis and ass crack. Tuck was finally clean and his man parts groomed. Any gay guy would have been proud to look the way he did. He looked hot, gay or straight, I thought anyway. “Josh, you have to love me way more than I could ever dream to take care of me like this. You’re the only one in this world that really loves. Me. I don’t deserve you, but I love you, bro. I truly love you,” he kept saying having said this several times tonight already, hugging me tightly, his semi-erect penis pressed hard against my abs and rubbing my growing cock.

    “Tuck, I do love you, man. I will always love you no matter what. You’ve earned that spot in my heart and I’ll never let you out,” I whispered in his ear, our naked bodies pressed tightly together. Tuck began running his large basketball palming hands over my naked back, his head up against mine. I could feel my cock stiffening and I was getting embarrassed. “We better get you dried off and back to the room,” I said moving back from him, but not before he actually noticed my hardening cock.

    “Someone got a little excited,” he said looking down at my cock and actually feeling its stiffness.

    “Well, you caused it, and you’re kind of excited yourself, big guy.” I gave his shit back to him and felt his.

    “Hey, we seem to have that effect on one another for some reason, but then you’ve been messing with my cock all evening, and I just barely touched yours. Nice one,” he said then let me alone. I dried Tuck’s front and had a little fun with his semi-hard cock and his big balls, then turned him around to dry his back, getting one last look at his beautifully haired ass crack, which didn’t help the lessening of my stiffness. I quickly dried off and then wrapped a towel around my waist and then one around Tuck’s. “What the hell, we could just flash everyone on the way back to the room,” he said jokingly, still in some sort of stupor.

    “I think we’ll avoid that if we can,” I told him, hoping he’d behave himself on the way to the room.

    Once in the room I dropped my towel and looked for my briefs. “Josh, you going to give me a massage like we used to do?” Tuck asked as I sat him down in his chair.

    “Just trying to find my briefs and then I’ll give you a massage,” I told him as I fished them out of the rest of my clothes I had thrown on the bed.

    “Don’t bother if you’re going to give me a massage. I like it better when we’re both naked,” Tuck replied sluggishly. I rolled my eyes, but picked him up, dropped his towel and helped him to his bed and had him lay on his stomach. I then sat naked on his bare ass and started working on his neck, shoulders and arms. He moaned with delight. “Are you finally going to lick my asshole tonight?” he asked catching me completely off guard.

    “Why would I ever do a thing like that?” I asked concerned where this was going.

    “You always told me how great it was and we almost did it one time, but you chickened out. No one will ever know. I always wondered what that’d feel like. Come on, you can do it,” he said half pleading. Now I was confused. Was he serious, just kidding or still drunk enough he didn’t know what he was really asking for? Lord knows I would love to stick my tongue in that hair lined ass crack of his and rim that pink rose bud while he screamed for mercy, but I was playing it safe.

    “That might be crossing the line, big guy,” I responded, not really knowing how to address anything he was saying at this point in time.

    “I think we pretty well shot the hell out of any line between us, Josh. You’re the only one in this world that really loves me. You can do anything to me you want to at this point. I would never think anything less of you. At least I don’t think I would,” he said almost half asleep still on his voyage to sober up. I slapped his ass for that comment. “Ouch!” he yelped. Well maybe stay away from that bondage stuff,” he managed to say. Then I gently slapped his ass cheek. “Much better. Just get the blood flowing.”

    I moved my ass down farther on his thighs so I could work on his lower back and my favorite place, his ass. He moaned a lot as I worked on him, moans of delight and satisfaction with my work. “Why did you get so depressed, Tuck. What triggered all of that?” I asked hoping to get something from him to work on trying to improve his demeanor. I heard him sigh.

    “Josh, everything was really exciting all through the basketball season. I concentrated on winning a national championship and motivating the team to get there. I did it. Or, I should say we did it. You helped more than you’ll ever know. I miss the intimacy I had with Julie when she turned into a bitch. There wasn’t any time to meet someone new and find someone to share the excitement I was experiencing other than with you and my teammates. My parents have abandoned me. Hell, they never showed up for a game this year. All that excitement and winning and no one in my family even cared. When all this was over, life became a major let down. I’m all alone now with no one to share anything with. I just feel so alone in the world right now, and I guess I got depressed, really depressed. You don’t know how much this time you’re spending with me tonight means to me. I finally have my deepest friend in the world back with me and we’re naked together, uninhibited, and I’m about to get my ass licked for the first time,” he said kind of chucking after he had been so serious.

    “Tuck, you’re never alone. You have fans all over the place on this campus and now the whole nation. You’re a celebrity. I keep telling you that and you need to believe it. I know you won’t let that go to your head. You’re a wonderful decent guy. We all care about you and love you. You should feel like you’re king of the hill right now. Life couldn’t be anymore exciting for you. So, get out of your funk, and enjoy it a little at least. I’ll always be there for you. The whole frat will be and then there’s the team who honor you and admire you. You have to keep up the leadership you built this team with, Tuck,” I replied giving him a pep talk as I dug my fingers deep into his ass cheeks kneading them like bread, making him sigh and moan some more.

    “Can I still get my ass licked?” he asked chuckling.

    “Are you serious or just pulling my dick?” I asked keeping the joke going relieved he was lightening up.

    “Hell, I’m serious and I would pull your dick if you’d lick my ass,” he said half serious.

    “Would you put your lips around my cock and blow me if I licked your ass?” I asked joking with him more.

    “WO now! Let’s not get carried away. Not sure I could handle that or not,” he replied somewhat nervous.

    “If I have to lick your asshole, it only seems fair you should have to suck my cock. I think you’re getting the better end of the deal on that one,” I pleaded my case.

    “You’re probably right. I guess we shouldn’t be doing any of that stuff anyway. Not very manly. I’m so fucking horny it’s almost worth a try,” he said as he raised his hips up a little to adjust himself underneath, as if he had to move his hardon around. I could tell by the tightness of the back of his ball sac he was sporting wood beneath him. I decided to have a little fun anyway. I ran my fingers over the back of his ball sac ever so teasingly. “Fuck, Josh. You’re making me hard. Remember, I haven’t had this much gentle bodily contact with anyone in many months. I’m going to forget your gender pretty damn soon and fuck the hell out of you if you aren’t careful. Why couldn’t you have been a girl so we could be having sex right now? What a shame that is. I love you more than anyone else in the world and would love to prove it to you with the ultimate intimacy. We kind of got shafted on that effort when you grew a dick,” he said making us both laugh. I swatted his ass one more time, making him wince.

    I moved down his legs and started massaging his thighs moving my hands up his inner thighs brushing his ball sac as I did. I could tell it was turning him on more and more. I stopped that for the time being and went down to his calves and then his feet. I thought he was going to have an orgasm as I worked on his feet. He swore we were definitely going to have sex tonight as great as that action felt running through his whole body. I mocked what he said saying ‘promises, promises’. I had him in a good state at the moment and moved back to his ass. I spread his legs apart to give me better access to his taint and ass crack. I teasingly let my fingers pass from the back of his ball sac, up his taint and through his ass crack. That got a good sigh out of him. I toyed with the little hairs in his ass crack twirling them around between my fingers. Then I let my middle finger go deeper gently brushing against his rosebud pucker hole.

    “Was that your tongue?” he asked excitedly raising his head up from the pillow and looking back at me. I sat there smiling.

    “No, silly, it was my probing finger. You want me to probe deeper. I guess I could use my dick for that,” I said smiling back at him. He dropped his head back on the bed, going limp on me. “Still never got my ass licked. What a disappointment,” he said feeling let down. “That cock of yours cannot fit in my ass, so don’t even think about that one. It only works with pussy, Josh. Cocks do not fit in assholes. Might be nice if they could. Would solve a lot of sexual tension if they did. We wouldn’t have to put up with all the feminine bullshit then. But, I guess that’s why women have pussies and men have dicks so we have to put up with their bullshit. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any offspring,” he said philosophizing. I just shook my head behind him and let that comment go as I continued to play with his ass crack hair, his buns and the back of his balls. Then I got a little braver and bent over and teasingly bit his ass cheeks.

    “What the fuck. Did you bite me?” he asked concerned. “A little more tongue, and a lot less teeth, please, if you don’t mind,” he said as if he was instructing me on how to give him head or something. I chuckled. But then I got brave and thought what the hell. I stretched out between his legs and positioned myself as if I was going to rim his ass. At first, I just massaged the meat of his ass cheeks spreading his cheeks apart and looking at his hair lined pink asshole as I pinched his ass cheeks with my thumb near his asshole and my forefinger and middle finger on a couple of inches of bordering flesh. I was rock hard in this position, my ridged cock pinned underneath me, pointing at my head. I held my breath and darted my tongue straight into his asshole. His whole body heaved up off the bed and fell back down. “Fuck, that was awesome, whatever you did,” he exclaimed, almost losing his breath. “Do that again, Josh.” I hadn’t figured out if he knew what I had done or not. I spread his cheeks again and darted my tongue straight for his asshole. He let out a huge moan, tensing up. Then I started rimming the poor guy. I began to give him the full treatment, running my tongue down over his taint and sucking on the back of his ball sac, then back up over his taint and darting deep in his asshole. I even sucked on his asshole. I sucked and thrust sending him into orbit and back. I had him writhing all over the bed. Finally, he begged me to stop, saying he couldn’t take it anymore and he was about to cum. He said that wouldn’t be good as he hadn’t cum in weeks and it would be one hell of a mess. Luckily, he asked me to stop as my cock was wanting to release also and I wasn’t sure how to explain that one to him.

    “There, are you satisfied? Now you owe me a blowjob,” I said trying to make good on the request I gave him.

    “I never said I would do it,” he said somewhat shocked and scared he might have to actually do it.

    “What the hell. I did my part. At least you can do yours,” I said as I rose up to my feet beside the bed, my ridged throbbing cock at full mast. Tuck rolled over and looked up at me. He pulled me down on top of him, our hard cocks meeting once more. He hugged me tightly and kissed me on the lips, innocently at first, then we got a little tongue action going, his hands on the back of my head holding my lips to his. For a straight guy, he was making out rather nicely. His inhibitions seemingly to have disappeared, for the moment anyway.

    Then there was a knock at the door. “Go the fuck away!” Tuck yelled.

    Then we heard the voice of Taylor ask to see me. I told Tuck, I had better see what he wanted so he’d leave and not worry about us. Tuck looked disappointed, but didn’t try to talk me out of it. I quickly grabbed my Tuck shorts out of Tuck’s chest of drawers and stumbled into them as I headed for the door. Tuck pulled his sheets up over his naked aroused body. I cracked opened the door enough for Taylor to see me and that I had shorts on. “You okay?” he whispered.

    “Fine,” I replied. I got him a cool shower and cleaned up. I have him in bed right now resting and we’re just talking. He’s much better. I’m going to stay with him for a while until I know he’s in a good place and then I’ll head out. Nothing to worry about anymore. He’ll be okay. He just got a little melancholy with all the excitement he’s had lately going away. He actually felt lonely, Taylor. He was depressed, I guess you could say,” I told Taylor, trying to put his mind at ease. Taylor stuck his arm in the door and patted me on my bare shoulder.

    “You’re a hell of a friend, Josh. I was just worried he’d reverted back to his old selfish narcissistic self and was giving you shit. We were all worried more about you than Tuck,” Taylor whispered. “You do have your way with him. He’s so damned lucky to have you as a little brother and friend. I just hope he appreciates it like he should.”

    “He does, Taylor. Tuck has a great heart. He cares about all of us. He really does. Sometimes he needs a little caring for also. We’re just doing a little sharing tonight, brining him back down to a nice place. He’s much better. He’ll fall asleep pretty soon, I’m sure. Then he’ll be fine in the morning. Well, he might have a headache, but the world will be a much better place for him tomorrow,” I added. Taylor smiled at me and patted me on my bare shoulder once more, then left knowing Tuck was okay.

    Taylor finally gone and his fears eased, I closed and locked the door once more. I dropped my Tuck shorts and threw them at the chest of drawers releasing my semi-hard cock as I approached Tuck in bed. I pulled back his sheet revealing his hot body and that massive hard cock. “Now, where were we? You going to suck my hard cock or not?” I asked excitedly.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    What a cliffhanger

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    What a freaking chapter, FT. I think I like this Lloyd and what the boys might do to him. Look out Lloyd, you have never come across characters like these guys. They pay good it seems. OMG on the Tuck situation. Talk about leaving us on the edge of the cliff. Good grief. You need to hurry up and publish the next chapter. This is a case of severe edging, FT. You're killing us. Hurrry! BC

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Aw, poor Tuck. The way you wrote what he was thinking/feeling was spot on as far as I can tell. Yes, it is possible to be lonely in the middle of a crowd. Our minds are quite capable of taking us "places" we'd rather not be, even when we haven't physically moved at all.

    Depression is often a dark, solitary, cell.

    Josh was exactly what Tuck needed, and carried it all off masterfully. A bright ray of sunshine has been cast, as only Josh could do.

    Of course we're all bent on finding out what happens next. I'm fairly confident that whatever that might be, all will be good.

    Thank You, FT!
    WISDOM is the Knowledge you've gained ... After you could have used it! _Me

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Sorry about leaving everyone in suspense. Chaz is so right in that depression can be a horrible thing. We are very fortunate to have friends around us that can understand what it is and try to break the cycle. That doesn't always work, but many times it is a major help. Josh moves on to some difficult territory with Tuck in this next chapter. Still, he has Tuck's well being at heart so we will see what happens in later chapters. Stay tuned and thanks for the feedback.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chapter 165 – Would Tuck Hate Me For Life?

    I was standing beside Tuck’s bed with a raging hardon asking him to give me a blow job. Had I lost my mind? Tuck on the other hand had just received a rim job from me which blew his mind and almost made him cum. We were at an impasse now, and I wasn’t sure how sober he was. I knew he was definitely horny and I could manage to get away with almost anything I wanted to try, but I didn’t want to play my gay card with him just yet anyway. Tuck’s cock was rock hard as he looked up at me for a signal as to what was to come next or something to end this strangeness, reaching a road block as we had a few times before.

    “Josh, I wouldn’t know how to give a blow job anyway. Not that I wouldn’t want to help you out or anything as you certainly did something wonderful for me. I don’t know, though. How can a guy put his lips on another guy’s dick?” he asked concerned, still not cold sober but getting better as the time passed.

    “You just open your mouth and put your lips around the penis, Tuck. It’s quite simple actually. Watch the teeth. Keep the cock slick with your saliva. Do to the cock what you would want done to yours. I guess that’s the best way to describe it. You can practice on mine. I’m game. No one will ever know,” I advised him. He gave me a strange look as I was standing over him, my cock ridged in anticipation.

    “I don’t know if I’m still drunk enough to do it or not. Besides, I might hurt you and I don’t want to hurt you. I could give you a handjob, or you could give me one. I just need to get off, it’s been so long and I know I’m backed up which is why I’m so fucked up. I think anyway,” Tuck said not sure of himself or what he was saying at the moment. Not getting anywhere with the blowjob request, I straddled his legs and put our two cocks together. His was much larger than mine, needless to say. Our two hardons up against each other, I started jacking them. I told him to take over, and to my surprise he did. My balls laying on his balls, Tuck jacked our two cocks together. I decided to play with his nipples with my free hands. I could feel the warmth of his pre-cum running down the side of my cock and his joining the warm liquid I was contributing to this affair. That slickened our cocks and made the stroking Tuck was doing easier and more sensual. I ran my finger tip over his piss slit wiping some of his pre-cum off. I wanted to taste it, but didn’t want to gross him out. We looked deeply into each other’s eyes. “How about I do a quick lick of your cock and you do one of mine?” he suggested. “Just the tongue across the skin, quickly though so it’s not gay. Would you agree to that?” he asked.

    “Okay, I guess,” I said rather reluctantly although I was extremely excited he came up with the suggestion. I quickly swung my body around and straddled his in a 69 position. That surprised him.

    “Wo, wait. What is this?” he asked curiously.

    “Lick my cock and then I’ll lick yours, Tuck. You wanted to do this so have at it,” I said giving him the go ahead. Reluctantly, he took my cock in his hand and bent it down to his face and quickly ran his tongue down the underside of my cock. Normally, this would have been some interesting foreplay for me, but having it done by Tuck almost made me cum. “Your turn,” he proudly said.

    “Not bad there, Tuck. Next time get more of my cock between your lips,” I advised him. He seemed to be satisfied that his job was over and now he was looking forward to my reciprocation. I pushed his hard penis up against his abs and then teased the underside of his cock head with the tip of my tongue. I could see the pre-cum almost flow from his piss slit with that action. Then I flattened out my tongue and ran it all the way down his hard shaft and over his balls, sucking on his big balls after leaving his cock.

    “Fuck, Josh. That was fucking hot. You almost made me cum. Fuck that felt good,” he said excitedly.

    “Can you do that to me?” I asked hoping beyond all hope he’d reciprocate. He started to say something, but it sounded like he was stuttering, and very hesitant to go any further. “Suck on my balls at least. I want to feel them in your mouth, Make them nice and wet and pull on them with your lips letting them pop out of your mouth,” I instructed him. He had a blank look on his face as I looked around to see his expression. “You can do it, Tuck,” I said trying to coach him. His blank look transitioned into a look of horror on his face. I did manage to get a hand on my cock and get stroked a few times as I was spread eagle over his body with that giant cock of his in my hand. Fuck, I was already there, and with Tuck’s cock in hand, I wrapped my lips around it and started sucking on his cock. I slicked that baby up with my saliva and ran it as deeply down my throat as I could possibly get it. I choked on it a few times, he was so large. I ran my tongue over everything he had down there. His pelvis was shaking. The only feeling I had, other than with my mouth and hands pleasuring him, was his fingers wrapped around my cock jacking it ever so lightly. I jacked and sucked his cock like crazy, but only for a few seconds when he yelled he was going to cum I backed my lips off his cock and watched him shoot his load several feet in the air above his body. Damn, it was a hot sight to see. I managed to scoop up some cum and suck it down without him seeing me do it. Tuck was like a limp noodle underneath me, his once ridged cock, sticking straight up perpendicular to his body, was now bent over with sticky cum still oozing from his piss slit. “So, where’s my action?” I asked trying to make him feel guilty about not reciprocating, to the point I squelched any thought about us doing a gay thing. Now, I was perfectly content having blown Tuck to a hot conclusion. Making him cum satisfied me terrifically, however, I needed him to think this was a mutual sharing of intimacy and not an outright sexual attack by a gay boy.

    “I am blown away,” he finally exclaimed like he just came back from the twilight zone. “Literally blown away,” he continued.

    “You’re right about that, but how about you blowing me away now?” I asked making him think I was expecting something in return having done such a wonderful thing for him. Tuck pulled me around to lay beside him. He had one arm wrapped around me and held me tightly up against him.

    “You are so fucking wonderful, Josh. That was amazing. It took a lot of courage to do what you did for me. It was truly an act of love, I will say that,” he said as we laid beside each other with him holding me up against him. Then he leaned in and kissed me on the lips, not once but several times.

    The kisses are great, Tuck, but I’d love them better if they were on my dick,” I said somewhat teasing.

    “I could never do what you did, Josh. I wouldn’t know how to begin. I’m sure I’d end up injuring you somehow. If it’s any consolation though, I’ve never felt closer to anyone than you right now. I know it’s odd and awkward, but what we shared was wonderful,” he said almost half asleep, so relaxed from the intense orgasm he just experienced. I reached over and gently squeezed his balls. Then I took my left hand and wrapped my forefinger and thumb around the base of his wilted cock and gradually drew my hand up to the top of his cock forcing the remaining semen from his cock which flowed out in a glob and dropped over the side of his cock onto his hairy thigh. He never even looked down to see what I did. He just sighed.

    “So, I guess that’s a ‘no’ on me getting a blow job from you tonight. Am I correct in that assumption?” I asked. Tuck pulled me over to him again tightly and gave me another kiss, relishing the bliss he was experiencing at the moment. Just to tease him more, I started stroking his cock and making him hard. It didn’t take long to bone him up again. I felt his pre-cum mixing with his semen, which was an interesting combination of man secretions together. I played with his balls as we laid on the bed together, Tuck still holding onto me. I teasingly ran my fingers through his pubes to the base of his cock, following his treasure trail up to his naval, then up the center of his hard abs and played with his perky nipples which were hard and standing tall. They were sensitive enough to get his cock back to full mast one more time.

    “Fuck, you’re going to make me want to cum again, Josh. You seem to know all the right trigger points, points I didn’t even know I had. Damn, you’re talented,” he said enjoying all my attention to his sensuous body parts. I got tired of playing with him with one hand so I rolled over on top of him and began humping our cocks and balls together, grinding our junk up against each other. It was having a sensuous effect on him. I moved up more towards his chest as I straddled him, pushing my cock down onto his chin. Still he didn’t go for it with his mouth, which is what I was hoping for. I pinched his nipples some, getting his juices flowing even more as I sat on his chest, my legs folded underneath me. Tuck rubbed the outside of my legs. “Your legs are hairy. I don’t remember them being hairy before,” Tuck mentioned.

    “That’s because I had to shave them all the time for swimming. Now that swimming’s over for the year, I don’t have to shave anymore and I can be a real man for the summer. Tuck put his hands up on my chest and felt my pecs and my nipples. “Careful with the nipples or I’ll be feeding your mouth with some of my spunk there, dude,” I cautioned. Tuck stopped pinching my nipples.

    “They do have some connection with the lower plumbing,” he said, realizing the stimulation of his nipples did effect the hardness of his cock. I nodded.

    “Definitely. Your asshole is extremely sensitive as well. But, I guess you found that out, thanks to me,” I told him. Tuck smiled. “A pair of hot lips on a slickened cock is a great feeling also. But I guess you found that out too,” I said laying it all on him. Tuck pulled my head down and kissed me.

    “I don’t deserve you, Josh. You take care of me in so many ways. You put up with a lot also. I can’t imagine life without you around somewhere to keep me motivated and happy. I’m really going to miss you in a couple of weeks when school’s out,” he said with a sad look.

    “I’ll be around all summer. We’re still working on a second pub, one for here in town and some of my partners and I will be working here all summer trying to get it open before school starts in the fall,” I told him. He asked me several questions about our plans for the second club. Never once did he ask what kind. He just assumed it was a normal pub. I didn’t volunteer anything else either. He told me he was going to be working with the athletic department coaching staff this summer so he’d be here also. He told me I was welcome to room with him here in the frat as he wouldn’t have to move out until the fall when school started up again. I thanked him for that, but told him we had an apartment in the building we were renovating and we were all going to camp out there. He thought that was kind of neat. We chatted for some time about what we were looking forward to. I was still sitting on his chest, massaging his pecs, neck, arms, and occasionally stimulating his nipples. I could still feel his hard cock up against the small of my back. I would occasionally put my hand back there to see if it was still hard and fondle his balls a little just to keep him stimulated. He would smile when I played with him there.

    “This is so neat hanging out like this, Josh. I truly love you,” he said from time to time as I massaged him and we talked. Then he’d kiss me and we’d talk some more. It was getting late and I knew I’d have to leave him soon. As I thought about segueing to my departure and how things might be left, I stroked his hard cock behind me and fondled his balls one last time giving him a big smile.

    “Fuck, Tuck. You’re still hard. I got you off. You should be limp by now,” I said wondering why he was still hard.

    “Hey, I have to admit, whatever you did to me stoked the fires in my cock and Hector is raring to go even now. I don’t suppose you could possibly do that again,” he suggested. I rolled my eyes and pushed myself down his legs and bent over and took his hardened cock into my mouth once again. Tuck about lost it, his hands pounding the bed he was so excited. I took it easy on him this time, wanting to prolong the action more the second time. I often came off his cock to give his balls and taint some stimulation. I got his cock so slick with my saliva, it felt like it was covered in lube. Then I shimmied back up to his chest where he pulled me to him and kissed me. “Damn, Josh, if you just had a pussy, I’d fuck the hell out of you right now. It would be an intense connection of the love between us. Fuck, if you just had a pussy,” he said all hot to go wanting to fuck like crazy, horned up, but no hole to put that huge cock of his in. I rolled my eyes and slid back to his cock. Spreading my ass cheeks apart, I raised up enough to catch his cock head with my asshole. I gently lowered myself onto his big cock, grimacing from the pain as I slid down that large pole. I was finally there, a place I had longed to be ever since I became friends with the guy. I thought Tuck was going to lose it as my tight ass slid down his pole. He started fucking me, moving his big dick in and out of my hole, just like he would a woman’s vagina. We locked eyes. He pulled me to him and kissed me over and over again as his hips shoved that big cock of his deep in my ass.

    “You better fuck me like you love me, Tuck, because that big cock of yours hurts like a mother fucker in my ass,” I said somewhat smiling, but there was a lot of truth to that statement. I rode him and rode him hard. We were so intense at what we were doing like we had a determination to breed one another and our lives depended on it. My hard cock was bouncing off his belly as my ass moved up and down his big pole. I was slinging pre-cum everywhere. The pain had subsided and the action was pure bliss at the moment. Tuck did fuck me like he truly loved me. We were all over his bed. He couldn’t seem to drive his cock into me as deep as he needed it, which was driving me over the edge. My balls ached wanting to expel my seed. I tried to keep that from happening as long as I could prolong it. Damn, he felt good in my ass, I thought to myself. I was kissing him all over now as I rode his magic pole. Finally, the dam broke and cum came flying out of my cock like a geyser going off in Yellowstone Park. I hadn’t touched my cock at all when it finally exploded all over Tuck’s face, neck and chest. I covered the guy. Then he was trying to push me off, presumably, to keep from cumming inside me, but I bored down on his thick cock and ground my ass hard against his pelvis as I squeezed my sphincter clinching his hard cock mercilessly. He tensed up and almost screamed as his cock unloaded his precious seed into my bowels. His body literally convulsed several times as he emptied his load inside me. Then, he went limp, as if I had drained all the life right out of him. He seemed to want to roll over towards the wall. I had to lift up and let his cock fall out of me for him to do that. I stood beside the bed as he rolled over towards the wall. It was like he didn’t want to see me right now, embarrassed perhaps, ashamed maybe. It actually kind of hurt me that he wasn’t all huggy and kissy any more like he had been the first time. I finally grabbed my Tuck shorts and told him I was going to the bathroom to clean up a little. He never said a word as he stared at the wall and covered himself up with a sheet. Now I was scared. Had I just ruined his friendship by doing something stupid that I thought would please him. I would have a hard time living with myself, if I thought that was the case. My mind was going crazy as I grabbed a towel and headed for the bathroom down the hall.

    Tears welled up in my eyes as I soaped myself up in the shower all alone. Why was Tuck acting like this? We were having a meaningful, loving experience up until I decided to fuck him. I must have gone over the line, way over the line and he snapped, unable to handle what happened. Would he hate me now? It would break my heart to think I fucked up a wonderful loving relationship with this man. I was scared and concerned. Really concerned. My heart was pounding as I re-entered the room. Tuck hadn’t moved from the spot I left him. He wasn’t asleep, but he was definitely deep in thought. I went over to him and sat on the bed.

    “Tuck, I’m sorry. That was a horrible thing to do to you. I wish I could take it all back and we could go back to the friendship we had before I did something so stupid. I am terribly sorry. I’ll leave, and if you never want to see me again, I’ll understand. It’ll break my heart if you decide not to ever see me again, but you have to know, I’ll still love you and will forever,” I said as I got up to get dressed. Tuck rolled over and grabbed my arm.

    “Stay with me tonight, Josh. Please stay with me. I need you more than ever right now,” he said lifting the sheet and pulling me into bed with him. He did spoon me, but fell asleep rather quickly without sharing any thoughts on what happened between the two of us. I got out of bed long enough to text Erin, Jake and Allen I was staying with Tuck tonight, as he was still having problems, but would see them in the morning. They all answered ‘OK’. Then I slipped back into bed with Tuck who never moved the entire time. Actually, it felt kind of good having him spoon me, his hard cock once more up against my backside, which felt so good there, but I couldn’t sleep, my mind going crazy trying to make sense out of what was happening between us. I woke up rather early to Hectors attention at my asshole. Tuck was still in the twilight zone there somewhere. I slipped out of bed, grabbed my shorts and ran down to the bathroom to piss. I ran into Taylor in the bathroom looking rather hot in his contoured pouch briefs. He looked surprised to see me.

    “Wow, what happened?” he asked not expecting to see me.

    “Took a little longer than I expected,” I told him. “We talked half the night and I just fell asleep over here. I think he’ll be okay today. I’m hoping so anyway. We never really resolved the mystery as to why he was so strange last night, but he seemed like his old self before we fell asleep so keep your fingers crossed,” I said filling Taylor in on Tuck’s well being.

    “He’s so fucking lucky to have you, Josh. You’ve done wonders for him. You know we actually thought abut impeaching him as the frat president at one time, he was so awful. You came along and changed all that. Now we love the guy. You deserve a medal,” Taylor said looking straight into my eyes.

    “Tuck may think otherwise after last night. I was a little hard on him, you could say,” I told Taylor. “Not sure how he’ll like me after that. But one can only hope for the best,” I said as I turned to go back to the room. Taylor grabbed me and hugged me. It felt rather nice, our bare chests touching each other as our cocks met separated only by two pieces of thin fabric, but definitely feeling each other. I smiled rather wickedly.

    “Thanks for being the great guy you are, Josh. I can’t thank you enough for all of us here at the frat and as Tuck’s friend. You rescued Jake and now you rescued Tuck. You really care about your friends and we can all see that,” he said as he held onto me. He finally let me loose and I squeezed his butt cheek a little as he did. “I forgot to say you’re one hell of a character also. But then, you just reminded me. You’re crazy but fun. That’s what we all love about you.” I gave him a half wave and headed back down the hall.

    Tuck was still asleep when I got dressed. I leaned over and kissed him on the forehead. He stirred a little. I told him I’d see him tonight. He moaned something I didn’t quite understand and then I took off, still uneasy about the way Tuck was feeling. I felt like we didn’t have any closure on anything. I thought he was fine with everything. He fucked me like there was no tomorrow and he wanted me to feel the love between us. That’s the way I took it at the time which made the orgasm I had so intense. He came hard also, but then retreated from the world and me, leaving me feeling guilty and empty. I couldn’t remember ever having sex with anyone before that we both didn’t enjoy it afterwards. Not a word about anything from Tuck afterwards. He did pull me into bed with him asking me to stay. I guess, if he really didn’t want to see may again, he wouldn’t have done that. I had to think about that kind gesture and dismiss the rest of his strange behavior, although it was hard to ignore the facts of how he reacted. With all I had to do today, I had to quit thinking about it for now.

    Erin and Allen were just waking up when I got back to the room. I jumped into bed with Allen first and sucked on his morning wood, then I switched to Erin and sucked on his.

    “Not fair. You’re dressed and we’re naked,” Allen complained, seconded by Erin. I just laughed and told them their cocks still tasted great. I stripped off my clothes and let my flaccid cock free, marching to the pisser and shower with the only flaccid cock in the group standing between two hot guys with morning wood as we pissed. I stroked them a couple of times making them giggle.

    Allen and Erin had all kinds of questions about Tuck and what the problem was with him. I just told them that Tuck was drunk, lonely and felt unloved, very depressed and I got him sobered up and made him feel loved again. I didn’t go into details as to what all happened between us. Like my other straight friend, Eric, I didn’t think anyone else in the world needed to know about our special time together. Somehow though, I felt guilty about not telling Jake. I would have to think about that one. I was sure he’d understand.

    Although somewhat tired from the emotional train I had been on the night before and the amount of business I had to accomplish today, Brady’s face in my first class of the day cheered me up. He gave me a bro-hug which felt great, although we both wanted more.

    “Tell me about your weekend and what all you got accomplished with the purchase of the building,” he begged. I gave him a generalized summary of where we were in the process and what I had to do tonight with Greer when he finished his Purchase Agreement language after his research and interview with Mel and his counsel today. I told him also that the partners had appointed me the CEO of the corporation and gave me the authority to borrow money on behalf of the corporation to purchase the building here in town. “Damn, Josh. You have one busy day lined up. Doesn’t sound like I’ll get to spend any intimate time with you this evening at the frat. I was hoping we could work out together, kind of like our last session,” he said disappointedly.

    I shrugged my shoulders and told him that would be wonderful if I had time, but I wasn’t sure when that was going to happen again, much to his disappointment. I promised him I would try to work something out this week, which seemed to cheer him up. I could tell it made him happy as he had a bulge in his jeans that I just happened to run my hand over making him smile.

    On my way to Psych lecture, I got a text from Greer saying he was here and at the court house doing his research. He had called Mel and was going to meet with him this afternoon. He wanted to know if he could meet me for lunch and review a couple of things before talking to Mel and his lawyer. I agreed to meet him at the pizza joint for lunch after Psych lecture.

    I met Jake outside our Psych lecture hall. Trevor hadn’t shown up yet. I got a quick bro-hug. For some reason Jake didn’t look his chipper self. He asked me what all happened with Tuck last night. I told him how drunk and depressed he was and the time it took to turn him around. Jake was as shocked, as I had been, that this celebrity jock was depressed after all the great things he had just accomplished. I rolled my eyes saying ‘go figure’. Then I told him I needed to tell him something else. He told me he needed to tell me something also. Just then Trevor rolled up and Jake and I agreed to talk later.

    “Hey, guys. Guess what, Josh?” Trevor asked rhetorically. “Drew ran into Dawson who is mighty worried about running into you today. Drew said he broke out in a cold sweat thinking about swim practice today,” Trevor said chuckling. “Drew told me he told Dawson that he deserved every bit of it.” That made me smile.

    “Are you really going to go through with it?” Jake asked knowing about the bet.

    “No, I just wanted to scare him into thinking I would. Frankly, I have no interest in making him pay off that bet. I will hold him to treating Drew better though. It’s terrible what he’s done to him,” I remarked.

    “What?” Trevor asked surprised. “I’m happy he did what he did as that sent Drew into my arms. Hell, that’s the best thing he could have done for me. Hell, if he really wants fucked, I think Drew and I should be the ones to do it,” Trevor said gleefully. I had to laugh as did Jake.

    “That’s the least of our worries right now. Jake, you and I can meet Greer for lunch at the pizza joint and go over his findings so far. Greer’s meeting with Mel this afternoon and then I’ll meet him this evening at Ken’s apartment to have Ken review the numbers so Greer can put the final touches on the Purchase Agreement,” I said trying to schedule out the rest of the day and get this PA done finally. Jake agreed to go with me.

    After Psych, we told Trevor goodbye as we were leaving the building and getting ready to head to the pizza place. I got pinched in the ass as we were walking out of the building. Turning around it was Riley who was smiling. I smiled and waved back at him. This boy was really getting handsy. I knew someday I was going to have to fuck him, but I sure didn’t have any time to think about it today.

    Greer was sitting at a table when we got the pizza joint. He had ordered a couple of pizzas to speed up the process knowing we didn’t have much time. He showed me the legal description of the property from the courthouse records. Then he showed me how he incorporated that as an exhibit in the PA. I was impressed at how fast he worked. Then he reviewed the documents he was going to review with Mel and his attorney. That all completed, we ate and talked.

    “Did Stoney give you any shit about not coming back to the ranch on Saturday night?” I asked curiously.

    “No, not really. I told him I was with you and some friends. He said that sounded like fun, and that’s about all he said about it. Sven said I should take him next time as he’d like to have some fun with your guys, as if he hadn’t already,” Greer said rolling his eyes. I had to laugh thinking about the dressing room orgy we all had together. At least Sven made Andy happy that night after Liam satisfied Ashton. “You know, Pooky and Stephen were pretty hot also. I wouldn’t mind doing them again. Just might bring Sven to join in the fun. He said he’d dance for you next weekend if you wanted him to. He could headline for you. Give him a few days of advertising his appearance ahead of time and it might bring in a larger crowd,” Greer suggested. I told Jake to text Ashton and set it up on our website and use our other social media portals. Jake’s fingers were typing away.

    “Things any better with you and Stoney?” I asked.

    “About the same. He’s different these days. I sense something is bothering him, but I don’t know what and how to help him. He doesn’t want to talk about it saying everything is fine. He keeps telling me how much he loves me, but yet, he’s almost cut me out of his life. I just don’t get it, Josh. It just doesn’t make sense to either Sven or me. Sven’s known him a lot longer than I have and he’s never seen him this way before. I just don’t know. I keep hoping we’ll get a breakthrough of understanding at some point, but nothing seems to change. Who knows?” he added. I patted him on the shoulder and suggested he hang in there as I knew how fond Stoney was of him. “In the meantime, we have a building to purchase,” Greer said rather excitedly. “I need to get going and meet with Mel and his attorney at his legal firm. It’s downtown so it’s close. Let me know where to meet you this evening and I’ll bring everything.

    “Will do. I have to go by the frat house first and see my big brother and find out if everything is alright with him. He had kind of a breakdown last night. I got him under control, but I’m not sure he’s out of the woods just yet,” I told Greer much to Jake’s concerned face also. Greer stood up and shook our hands, then headed out to meet Mel. Jake looked at me concerned.

    “Tuck’s okay, isn’t he?” Jake asked more concerned now.

    “I think, Jake. I’m not totally sure. I may have screwed up my entire relationship with him last night trying to make him feel better. I was desperate to get him under control and things got a little out of hand,” I said somewhat remorseful.

    “Josh, you’ve been great for Tuck. Tuck loves you so much. The two of you are great friends. I don’t think anything could ever change that relationship. Tuck would never let anything come between the two of you,” Jake said trying to reassure me.

    “Not so sure this time, Jake. That’s part of what I wanted to tell you. Let’s get out of here. It’s too nice a day to stay inside. Let’s get some sun,” I said as I got up and paid the bill and we went outside to a place we were alone and could talk. The sun felt great as we sat on a bench in a little park.

    “What happened, Josh. Tell me everything. I will support you, you know that,” Jake begged.

    “Jake he was so depressed saying I was the only one in the world that really loved him. I told him that wasn’t true that half the nation loved him now. He told me that wasn’t for the right reasons and I knew that. I was just trying to make him feel better. He reeked of alcohol and I took him to the showers and got him cleaned up and all. Then I got him back to the room and gave him a massage. I had done that a few times before, nothing sexual before, but it always make him feel better. Well last night he was not only depressed but horny also. Things got a little carried away and I may have taken advantage of him, not sure who initiated it. He had some special requests and it was like we were daring each other to do something. Long story short, we ended up making love, full all out love, Jake. That’s what I wanted to confess to you. I didn’t want to keep that from you. I knew it was a one-time thing for him, and thought it would alleviate some of his sexual frustrations,” I said to a Jake that was holding onto me and seemed totally sympathetic so far. “Anyway, he came hard and it was so blissful and wonderful, not what you and I have, but for him it was a totally different experience, you know fireworks and the whole thing, kind of like your first time for everything. If you could have seen the look of pure bliss on his face when he came, you’d have thought this guy had just landed on the moon,” I said excitedly.

    “So why are you worried about him today then. Sounds like you made a new man out of him,” Jake suggested. I looked at him rather funny.

    “After it was over he rolled over and wouldn’t speak to me. It was like he was lost in a trance of guilt or something. Jake, I’ve never felt so bad after having such spectacular sexual experience. I went to the shower afterwards and cried my eyes out, I felt so rejected and didn’t know why. When I got back to the room, I started to get dressed and apologized to him, told him I loved him and understood if he never wanted to see me again.” At this point Jake hugged me tightly. “I told him I would always love him as my friend, but I’d understand if he didn’t want to ever see me again. Jake, he pulled me into bed and told me to stay, that he needed me more than ever right now. But then he never said another word to me. I got up this morning and got dressed to go back to the dorm. I kissed him on the forehead and told him I loved him. He just mumbled something, never looked up, so I took off. I don’t know what he’s thinking right now. He probably hates me or something,” I said totally perplexed.

    “Josh, he wouldn’t have told you to stay with him last night and that he needed you more than ever if he hated you. I’m sure you blew his mind. The first sexual experience for a gay guy is mind blowing. I know it was when you and I first made love. I can only imagine what a straight guy thought never having any kind of gay experience before, and then all of a sudden, mind blowing sex with someone that such a thing just wasn’t possible with. Think about it. His brain and body were on overload. You probably popped a circuit breaker and it hasn’t reset yet. I think the two of you’ll be fine. When are you going to see him again?” Jake asked. I shrugged my shoulders.

    “I need to go see him this evening before meeting Greer at Ken’s apartment. I’m not going to have much time, but I just need to know he’s alright, and he and I are alright. Jake, for the first time in a long while, I’m scared I fucked up a perfectly wonderful friendship. I’m just sick about it,” I said shaking my head and feeling like shit. Jake hugged me tightly.

    “Makes what I have to tell you kind of pale in comparison,” Jake admitted.

    “Oh, yeh, tell me what you needed to tell me. Here I’ve been selfish talking about my problems and you have some of your own to share. We might as well be miserable together. What’s so terrible you have to tell me?” I asked concerned looking him in the eyes.

    “Sean and I gave each other blowjobs last night, Josh,” Jake admitted then dropped his head as if he was ashamed. I couldn’t help it, but I had to laugh.

    “That’s wonderful, Jake. It’s about time. That boy had it coming and to think he had to suck your dick to get there,” I said still chuckling. “I’m proud of you. You did that all on your own, made a straight boy give you a blowjob. Now that took courage and wit to make that happen. Fantastic, Jake,” I said still excited.

    “Josh? What is so fucking great about that?” Jake asked perplexed.

    “I just think it’s great that you were able to maneuver him into something like that,” I said rather proud of my Jake.

    “It was more of him maneuvering me into that. You know I wouldn’t initiate something like that, especially not with Sean. Good grief. Give me more credit than that,” he said somewhat exasperated.

    “Come on, Jake. You know he has a hot body and a great cock. You said yourself one time, if it wasn’t for his personality, he’d be a hot lay. Tell me what happened. This is exciting. I want details,” I said excitedly to a perplexed Jake. He rolled his eyes.

    “Sean was horny. Hell, Sean is always horny. He didn’t get any sex from his girlfriend, the ‘bitch’ as he calls her. Anyway he was frustrated as hell pacing the room in his briefs, then pulled them off and stroked himself in front of me. I told him to put the damned thing away. He told me he needed to get off in the worst way and he wasn’t going to stop until he got off. I told him to spare me the embarrassment of having to watch him jack off. Then he said why don’t we just suck each other off, quoting you with the ‘friends helping friends’ shit you give him all the time. I told him I don’t do that kind of thing. Then he said, he knew better and that I not only liked getting my cock sucked, but that I enjoyed sucking cock as well. I gave him a disturbed look. Then he told me he had sucked my cock before and I liked it. I looked at him extremely disturbed at that point, but felt a little guilty at the same time and he knew it. Then he said you were supposed to have told me by now that when I was under that pain medicine influence, I wanted to suck Sean’s cock, but you wouldn’t let me because I didn’t know what I was saying or doing. But, he said I sucked your cock, Josh, and he sucked mine daisy chain style. He said he told me not to cum in his mouth, but I did anyway. That almost made me laugh when he told me that. He said it wasn’t all that bad, in his mind, and he’d like to do it again, just get each other off. He was stroking that hot cock right in my face. I finally gave in, but told him just this one time as I was not a cocksucker. He said he wasn’t either, but he didn’t see any harm with bros helping bros through some sexual tension. He said you were much open with your sexuality, Josh, and he really admired that. You knew who you were sexually, but you didn’t mind experimenting. Go figure. Wait until we have to tell him we’re really gay. That will blow his damned mind,” Jake said emphatically.

    “Did you swallow?” I asked then broke out laughing. Jake shook his head at me.

    “Not me, but I did cum in his mouth again. He doesn’t have a clue when another guy is ready to cum. I timed his just right and let it fly in the air. I just came hard in his mouth. Thought he was going to choke or throw up or something. He managed to get himself under control. I apologized, saying I couldn’t hold it any longer and kind of got lost in the moment, something a novice to that type of sex would say,” Jake admitted. I just laughed. I hugged him. “At least he wasn’t angry or anything. I think he thought it was kind of funny after all. Maybe he won’t be so anxious to do that again for a long time, until the next time the bitch cuts him off.

    “We are such a strange couple with such strange friends, Jake. Ain’t life wonderful?” I asked rhetorically. Jake smiled and hugged me again.

    “You’re fine with Tuck, Josh. Tuck could never stop caring about you as much as he needs you in this world right now. He’s just probably overwhelmed at the length you went just to make him happy. I’ll bet he’s going to thank you tonight for the sacrifices you made with your body to please him,” Jake said trying to cheer me up.

    “I hope beyond all hope, you’re right, Jake. I just don’t sense it though, and I’m usually very good in that department,” I told him. “I guess I’ll face the music tonight and see where his heart and mind really are.” Jake hugged me again.

    We kissed and finally parted to go to our afternoon classes. I chuckled at the thought of Sean getting a mouth full of Jake’s cum for the second time. When would that boy ever learn? It brightened my day thinking about it.

    I stopped by KS’s office who seemed excited to see me. The door got shut and locked and I got kissed and groped. “Easy, big guy. Hey, I have favor to ask of you,” I started to say.

    “Drop your jeans and I’ll suck you off right now,” KS said before I could finish.

    “Easy, that’s not the favor, although that kind of attention is always welcomed,” I said smiling at him as he went for my belt, before I had to stop him. “I need to have a meeting at your apartment tonight if that’s possible. I have this hot attorney from the City that I need to meet with to review the Purchase Agreement for the CNB2. I thought if you were going to be home and have time, you and James might like to meet him also. I’m bringing Thad with me, so we have to be respectable for the meeting then when we leave, you can do whatever you want to do. He would definitely enjoy meeting you and James and I’m positive you can have some great fun together. Is that okay with you?” Ken kissed me and hugged me all over.

    “Man, when you put a meeting together, you think of everything. It’s business before pleasure, but you put the two together which is wickedly exciting. I love it, Josh,” Ken replied enthusiastically. “You and Thad don’t want to stick around and enjoy the fun?” he asked mischievously.

    “Thad’s not really into that stuff, yet anyway. The jury is still out on that kid. I do need him for a business manager for the bar though, so he knows he’s going to be exposed to it all, just not have to participate if he doesn’t want to,” I replied.

    “You can always send him home after our meeting tonight and stay and play,” Ken suggested.

    “Could, but I have some studying to do and finals to prepare for, like an accounting final you may have put together for next week,” I mentioned.

    “You already got an ‘A’ on the final and an ‘A’ in the class, Josh. All you have to do is show up. You have done more than anyone else in the class. You aced it the day you set foot in the first day of class. I would challenge anyone to dispute what you have accomplished this year. No one could contest your accomplishments,” he reassured me. I hugged him again and kissed him passionately giving him a nice boner.

    “Thanks, KS. I owe you one. That’s one test I don’t have to study for, not that I don’t know all of it anyway,” I said as I held him and squeezed his ass.

    “Don’t thank me, you earned it. On top of that you gave me a whole new wonderful life this year. For that, I owe you. I’m looking forward to meeting this Greer guy. Maybe we can talk him into moving over here with us and get out of the city,” Ken suggested.

    “He’s got it pretty cushy over there staying with a rich rancher who is hot also. Plus, you need to see the spread he has over there. I swear it’s a gay man’s paradise. Maybe he’ll invite you and James over for a weekend. I know you’d love it. Shouldn’t we be getting to class? I think the bell rings in one minute,” I said startling Ken.

    “Oh shit. Grab your stuff and let’s go. Damn, I still have a hardon. You’re so bad, Josh,” he said rattled as he quickly grabbed his briefcase and we ran out the door. We just made it in time.

    Thad was looking at me kind of weird with Ken and I running in the door at the same time. I plopped down beside him. “It’s not what you think, Thad,” I said quickly. “I had to arrange for a meeting tonight at Ken’s that you and I need to go to. We’re putting together the Purchase Agreement numbers with our attorney. You’re welcome to contribute,” I whispered as Ken was starting to get the class going. Thad just looked at me a little funny, but didn’t say anything, not wanting to be rude and talk while Ken was talking.

    Class finally over, Ken said he’d see me tonight and headed out rather quickly. “So, what am I expected to contribute, Josh. It wouldn’t be male sperm would it?” Thad asked concerned. I had to laugh.

    “No, Thad. We’re talking numbers tonight. No sex. Well, at least no sex while you and I are there anyway. What happens after we leave is up to the ones that stay. Everyone there tonight is gay, except for you. Not to worry though, as no one is going to hit on you. You are the business manager and need to be there and take notes. Plus, we will use the final numbers to set up the asset list, with the largest and most important asset, being the building. The next most important assets are our cocks, but we won’t take inventory of those tonight,” I said joking. Still, he looked at me rather funny. “You know, I think we had more fun when we were naked together,” I said still teasing him trying to get him to lighten up. He smiled.

    “Maybe you did,” he said in jest. At least I hope he did. I thought he was trying to joke. “What do I need to bring? Anything?” he asked.

    “Just you and a pad to take notes. Ken and I will need to make a list of items we will need at closing. I suspect Greer, our attorney, will have everything noted we need to do also.

    “The attorney is gay? Really?” Thad asked surprised.

    “Yep, sure is. You’d never know it, but he’s hot too,” I replied.

    “Have you ever had sex with him?” Thad asked.

    “That’s rather personal, but I have. We were kind of at a party and he and his boyfriend and me and my boyfriend, Jake, well we kind of had some fun together you might say,” I said without going into detail.

    “You guys have boyfriend swapping parties?” Thad asked still somewhat confused.

    “Not exactly. It doesn’t sound good when you put it that way. Sometimes there are several of us that are close friends, and it gets to be somewhat of a free for all. We all care about each other so it’s all good,” I tried to explain. Thad shook his head like he really didn’t understand our relationships. “I’ll meet you out front of the athletic frat house tonight around 7:30. I have to meet with my big brother, Tuck, before then and straighten some things out with him. Plus, I have to get his permission to miss studying with him tonight. I think he’ll be rather happy I’ll be gone,” I said kind of thinking out loud not realizing what I was really saying.

    “What’s wrong with you and Tuck? You guys were the best of friends. He’s famous now and he mentioned you on national television. What did you do?” Thad asked concerned.

    “I loved him too much, Thad. No worries. We just need to talk. He was depressed last night and in a funk. I spent most of the night trying to get him out of his funk. I thought I really did, but then I’m not sure. I just need to see how he is and then we can go. It’ll be fine. I hope anyway,” I said still thinking out loud. Thad just shook his head.

    “You have way too much going on to keep everything straight. Tuck’s not gay is he?” Thad asked out of the blue.

    “No, Thad. He’s extremely straight. Why would you even think that?” I asked, surprised he asked that question.

    “He seems to adore you, and you do have your ways with us guys,” Thad said thinking about our relationship. “You didn’t give him a limits test, did you?” I gave him a distressed look. Thinking back at all the teasing and massages I gave Tuck I guess I really did kind of test his limits when you thought about it. I wasn’t going to share that with Thad though.

    “No limits test for Tuck. He’s too macho. We’re just very close in a non-sexual kind of way. I love him as my friend, and I would do anything for him,” I said emphatically.

    “Would you have sex with him if he asked you?” Thad asked somewhat puzzling me.

    “Absolutely. I love him enough to do that. Plus, he has this big cock and these low hanging big balls that are wonderful to touch and play with,” I said not thinking.

    “So you have had sex with him then,” Thad said trying to trick me.

    “Yes, I mean no, Thad. No. No sex,” I said, but unconvincingly which he picked up on. “I just helped manscape him one time to get him straightened out for his girlfriend, Julie. She was complaining how hairy he was downstairs, and I trimmed him up at his request, mind you. I kind of had to shave his balls and his dick. That’s way more information than I need to share. Tuck and I are great friends and that’s all. No sex. He’s very straight. No doubt about it.

    “Does he know you’re gay?” Thad asked.

    “Why all these personal questions today? Gees, Thad. No, he doesn’t know I’m gay. I have to tell him sometime. I just don’t know when the right time will be, but I will be honest with him, I can assure you. Tuck and I have always been honest with each other, except for me telling him I’m gay. Who knows, tonight might be the night if I thought it would help him. I’d do anything to help him and tried last night, but I’m not sure it worked. Why am I telling you all this stuff anyway? This is freaking me out,” I said as we finally emerged from the business building and started down the sidewalk.

    “Josh, you care about your friends. That’s what I admire about you the most. You do really care. Just don’t let all our problems drag you down. You have your own life to lead and happiness to pursue. You are a light in the darkness to several of us. You need to know that. I ask these questions because I really want to know you better. All the honest answers you give me to all my probing questions, tell me you are one hell of a caring friend that I need to know better and learn from. I really didn’t mean to pry, but I have learned so much from you by prying. Don’t let me get you down, but I so do want to get to know you better, which will only make me a better person,” Thad said seriously. I wanted to hug and kiss him right now.

    “Thanks, Thad. Thanks for telling me that. I needed to hear that right now. You made my day,” I said, putting my arm around his shoulders as we walked. “I may fall in love with you yet,” I said chuckling.

    “I sincerely hope so, since we’ve already had sex together. In fact, you were my first,” Thad said thinking about it. I smiled.

    “I’m not sorry about that, Thad. It was nice, and it brought us closer together. And, I haven’t shown you half the things that will blow you away in the male sex department. I’m eager to expand your education there anytime, buddy,” I said reassuring him. He just laughed.

    I saw Kevin back at the dorm before Allen and Erin returned to go to swim practice. “Heard you had some problem with Tuck last night. Is he okay?” Kevin asked. “Eric said if anyone could help him you could,” Kevin added.

    “He was a little depressed and drank a little too much. You know, all of the spotlights over and now he’s back to reality. I guess you might call it the post celebrity blues. I had to cheer him up a little, that’s all,” I said giving him a really small synopsis of what took place.

    “Know what you’re saying. I’m trying to figure out what to do for this summer without Calvin and Sam around to keep my ass occupied. I don’t really have anyone at home to fuck around with. Eric used to oblige me from time to time, but his getting married put an end to that. Actually, he put an end to most of that a few years ago. There was a long hot dry spell there before college. I have to say this year has been great for me in the sex department. First you, then Allen and OBB, Jason, for what he was worth, then Calvin with an added Sam. Yep, it’s been great. I need to find some new dick around home if I can. Maybe I’ll look on some M for M social media and see what kind of creepos I can find. Might be kind of interesting. Maybe something kinky perhaps,” Kevin said thinking about his prospects.

    “Might be something dangerous also, Kev. Just be careful. Everyone on those sites lie about everything. Find some genuine friends with the same interests. You know enough to know how to find them now. I taught you to fish, so go fishing,” I said giving him some good advice.

    “I’ll never find as good a friends as I have right here, Josh. You, Allen, OBB and Erin, even Jake have been great. We even have fun with Eric from time to time. Secretly, I think he loves the attention. He’ll never admit it, but I think he does,” Kevin said sure of himself. I chuckled because I knew he was right, but I would never admit it to him.

    “Eric’s life with Maddy is really going to change. Managing a gay bar and managing a straight household will have its challenges for Eric, but you know, he’s a strong enough guy to handle it all. I have no doubts about that. Don’t forget, I’ll need your help with the bachelor party. We may actually have to hire some female strippers which I know nothing about. Maybe some of my guys in the City might have some connections. Your home town isn’t that far from the city, so I guess we could have the bachelor party at the CNB. We might have to close it for a night for the party. Gees, there’d be straight and gays there. I wonder what the straight guys would think about that.” I was thinking out loud again. Kevin told me he was sure we could figure it all out in time. I gave him a hug as Allen and Erin returned, ready to go to the natatorium.

    Swim practice would not actually be swim practice for the rest of the year. We were basically done for the year at this point, but we still had it as a class. Most of it would be free time to show up or not show up. We had to chose captains for next year and look at who we wanted to recruit for the team, so our work was not entirely over. This year, I was sure to be able to voice my opinions in those areas of who to bring on board. Zach was a definite. I had to work towards getting him a scholarship offer similar to the one I received. He won state for high school so he had a great chance of getting in and getting a scholarship. I was definitely going to push hard for him. I was sure I’d be asked to help evaluate other candidates for the relay team and the other swim events. OBB and Allen were sure to be on the selection committee for divers, having won state this year also in that category. There would also be walk-ins we’d have to evaluate. Coach had told us these guys would be showing up over the course of the next two weeks in hopes of getting a spot on our squads next year. So, there was some serious work left to do and a short period of time to do it in. Still it was all exciting.

    Arriving at the natatorium, we weren’t sure if we were to suit up or not, or just show up in our street clothes. It felt extremely odd not to get naked together at the lockers and don our tight-fitting trunks that displayed and held our junk so well. I saw Drew and asked him if we needed to suit up, seeing he was still in his jeans. He told me to forget if for today, but we might later in the week when the candidates started showing up for try outs. Drew told us to follow him. There were some benches set up in the locker room where we all sat and listened to Coach, Dawson and Drew outline what we’d be doing the next couple of weeks.

    The meeting started off with congratulations for the winners this year. Erin and I had to stand up for the 400 meter. Andy, Les and the two other guys on the relay team had to stand up and be recognized. Then there were the rest of the competitors that were recognized for their events. Divers had their own meeting near the dive pool. Coach then outlined what we’d be doing the next two weeks in preparation for the next season. Actually, most of it would be done this week as the following week would be final exams. Still there were a couple of trials that would be held during the week of finals because they couldn’t be held this week. He said we could help with those on a voluntary basis. Dawson took over and thanked us all for the great effort we put forward this year and for all the medals we brought back to Uni. He said this was an exceptional year for the swim team. Dawson seemed genuinely proud of our efforts. With that completed we were dismissed.

    Many of us stood around and talked afterwards, not really knowing what to do with ourselves, as for the entire school year, we had devoted ourselves to his time slot and practicing. It seemed almost sad that it was all over. Guys came up and congratulated Erin and I and talked about next year. As we were getting ready to leave, Dawson summoned me over to talk to him.

    “So I guess we have the matter of the bet left to complete,” he said rather nervously. “So how do you want to do this?” he asked.

    “Dawson, we don’t have to do this. We can say we did and not do it. I would never ask you to do something that would make you uncomfortable. We can just forget it as a big joke,” I said trying to put his mind to rest.

    “Josh, a bet is a bet. I’m no coward when it comes to paying off a bet. I expect to follow through with it. I will honor the bet,” he said with determination. I shook my head at him.

    “That’s just it, Dawson. I won’t think any less of you, and I’ll certainly always respect you if we don’t do this. I really don’t want to do this. I’m serious when I say that. I’m reneging on the bet. Not that your ass isn’t tempting, mind you, you’re just not my type, that’s all.

    “That’s fucked up, Josh and you know it. Think about it some more. We don’t have to do it today, but sometime this week, I want it over with. You can’t torture me thinking about it and when it might happen. I want a definite time so it can come, happen and be over with. That’s the only humane way to do it,” he said rather emphatically. I looked at him strangely.

    “Dawson, you don’t have to think about it and worry about it, because I said we’re not doing it. You’re off the hook. Be glad about that and forget it,” I said rather emphatically.

    “So, you plan to dishonor me by not following through? That’s not right, Josh,” he said somewhat disgusted.

    “Dude, what’s wrong with you. I just spared you from some misery and mental agony. You should be happy,” I advised him.

    “A bet’s a bet. Make it happen,” he insisted.

    “I’m sure we’ll work it out,” I said then left him for Erin who was waiting for me. Les got to me before I got to Erin, who was talking to some other guys and Andy. “Josh, my ass is in terrible need of your dick. It’s painful, Josh. Brandon is suffering terribly also. You’ve taken care of me a couple of times he wasn’t involved, and now he hates me because he didn’t get any. Seriously, dude, we need your services,” Les begged.

    “What am I a Giglio? Do I have whore written on my forehead?” I asked somewhat disturbed.

    “No, I have that on my forehead. You are the kindest friend, with the greatest benefits another friend could ever dream of. You’re very kind and sharing for those of your friends that need your help. We’re desperate, Josh. I mean really desperate,” Les said pouring his heart out. I shook my head at him.

    “I have to find you guys some more dick. It’s out there, believe me. With a dick like yours, you should be able to attract a lot of cock to your bed, buddy. You just have to flaunt it in the right places. I’m surprised no one around here picked up on it,” I said somewhat confused by what he showed with no one hitting on him.

    “You’re buddy Jack hit on me one time, but I told him to get lost, I was straight and not a faggot like him,” Les replied.

    “Les, you can’t be calling the kettle black. Don’t be nasty to those that want to help you. Now Jack only wants to take advantage of you, then drop you. He likes to chase, conquer then dispose. That’s not the type of guy you and Brandon are looking for. Plus, the guy despises you anyway. That’s not one you want. Trust me on that one. Give me some time to think about this a little. Next year, I’ll be able to interview them for you when we open our new bar here in town. We’ll all know who’s who then. In the meantime, make nice to your dildo and don’t get the sheets too sticky.” Les gave me a bro hug and said he fantasized about me with my cock up his ass when he used his dildo because it made him cum harder. I thanked him for that information, then left.

    My thoughts had turned to Tuck once more. I was thinking about what to expect when I went to the frat tonight. I had no idea where our friendship status was at this point. I was worried, truly worried, almost to the point of being sick. The walk to the frat was almost like a guy being marched down death row to the electric chair. The closer we got, the more nervous I got. Eric asked me what in the world was bothering me. He was sure Tuck was going to be excited to see me again, especially with all the attention I had given him the night before. That attention was what was bothering me. I just didn’t have an idea how it settled in Tuck’s mind. I tried in vain to think about my meeting tonight with Greer and finalizing the PA, then the next steps to putting the project together and starting it, but no matter how hard I tried to concentrate on the good things in my life, I feared what might happen in the next few minutes more than anything in life at the moment. I was almost shaking to the point Eric had to stop me and hug me.

    “You okay, Josh?” he asked very concerned.

    “I don’t know. I’ll let you know later,” I replied nervously. Eric became very concerned.

    “Something you need to talk to me about? You know I love you and I’m always here for you. Talk to me, Josh,” he begged.

    “I can’t right now, Eric. I just can’t. Maybe later,” I said and we walked on.

    Once at the frat I left Eric and walked to Tuck’s room. The door was closed. I stood there at the door and literally froze. Finally, I mustered up enough courage to lift my hand to knock on the door. My hand was in the air, but I couldn’t make it knock.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Quote Originally Posted by viktorredd View Post
    What a cliffhanger
    And now another one..
    Unlickily I read the last lines before starting the 165th chapter, so I was kinda expecting the worst. It didn't happen, but we don't know how it will resolve.
    Now I'm fingercrossed until the next chapter

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    WOW! I really didn't expect things to go so far with Tuck, and it sounds like Josh didn't either. It just happened in the heat of the moment. Now what?

    And, you covered so much more!

    I envy you talent, FT!

    Thank You, so much, for this story!
    WISDOM is the Knowledge you've gained ... After you could have used it! _Me

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Oh how you like to leave us hanging, FT. Good grief. Surely Tuck still loves Josh. Josh did what he did out of love, well, with maybe a little lust thrown in there. He always wanted Hector ever since he got to manscape that region down there. He certainly got the whole thing this time. The Dawson thing is still hanging out there. Would you please get that boy taken care of once and for all. He needs some of his own medicine he's been dishing out to Drew. Good for Jake, taking some initiative in nailing his straight roommate. Josh got a kick out of that. Jake gave poor Sean a little protein to remember him by. He's a character also it seems. I guess he's been hanging around Josh too long. Great chapter, FT except when you keep leaving those darn cliffhangers. Makes us want the next chapter right away. Hang in there, buddy, and keep those chapters coming. BC

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Glad to know you you guys are enjoying the cliff hangers. I guess I should be sorry about that, but it's kind of fun. So much to unravel and school is almost out. My fingers are just typing away. Thanks for hanging in there with these guys. They are truly characters, but fun guys also. FT.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chapter 166 – Facing The Music With Tuck and Taking Care of Les

    I was standing there at Tuck’s door helpless to make my hand knock on the closed door. This was so stupid, I told myself. Tuck loved me and I loved him. Why was I so afraid to face him right now? A million questions rushed through my mind. Would he hate me for what happened? Would he be disappointed. Would he feel like I sexually molested him? Would he call me a faggot and degrade me? Oddly enough I was only thinking about the negative things that might happen between us and nothing positive. Why was that, I asked myself. Maybe he’d love me more for what I did. I was so confused, and more unsure about what the outcome of this reunion between the two of us might bring, than I had been about anything else in my life. I always had a plan and a way to accomplish something with predictable outcomes. I was totally clueless here. I was in agony over something I felt had been an act of pure and shameless love. I thought I was going to be sick. Then I heard my name called from down the hall.

    “Josh. Come here,” the voice said. I looked down the hall and it was Taylor. “Anything wrong?” Taylor asked as he summoned me.

    “Uh, do you know if Tuck’s in tonight?” I asked nervously.

    “I’m sure he’s there. He’s pretty much kept to himself most of the day, hardly saying a word to anyone in the frat. I think it’s because he’s embarrassed about last night and what all happened,” Taylor said.

    “Anything happen after I left?” I asked curiously still nervous.

    “Not that I know of. You know what happened last night. You were in the center of it and helped calm him down. He’s pretty stoic today, but that’s probably from a bad hangover he has from all the booze he swallowed last night. He’ll be okay in a couple of days,” Taylor assured me.

    “How did his interviews go this morning?” I asked. Taylor hung his head.

    “They had to cancel them. Dufus called in sick and said he couldn’t make them. I don’t know if he was hung over, still depressed or whatever, but he couldn’t do them. They rescheduled them for later in the week. Tuck told them to cancel them altogether, he really didn’t want to do them,” Taylor replied. “Damn, I thought he was doing better when you showed up last night. You seemed to put some life into him again, and then today, he’s still not with it. Maybe your being here tonight will jump start our told Tuck again. You seem to work magic on the guy. Good luck tonight,” Taylor said then patted me on my shoulder.

    Now I was even more depressed. If Taylor had told me he saw a new revived Tuck today who was happy and excited again and had some great interviews, all would have been great. What Taylor succeeded in doing was making my worst nightmares seem real. My little conversation with him didn’t help me at all, other than to make me more fearful. I had to stop and get my wits about me. Knowing I was stretched for time tonight, I knew I couldn’t wait any longer to face the man. I would just fall to my knees, beg for his forgiveness and tell him how much I loved him. Surely, he would forgive me. We had a strong bond between us. Surely, he wouldn’t let a little sexual indiscretion ruin a loving friendship. I had to be right about that.

    Deep down I gathered my courage, and not thinking any more thoughts about it, I marched down the hall and knocked on the door. The door opened, and there stood Tuck looking miserable dressed in his boxers. He didn’t say a word. I walked into the room and he shut the door behind me. He just stared at me and neither one of us could say anything. Then he raised his arms out and hugged me. I almost melted in his arms. I started to cry. Then he started to cry. We stood there hugging each other, with both of us balling like babies.

    “Are you okay?” he asked sobbing.

    “I love you, Tuck. I just love you. Are you okay?” I asked sobbing also.

    “We need to talk, Josh,” he said as we made our way to the bed and sat beside each other.

    “I’m sorry, Tuck. I just love you so much and things just kind of spiraled out of control last night. I’m so sorry. Please don’t hate me. I couldn’t live knowing you hated me, Tuck. I just couldn’t,” I said still weeping, trying to get myself back together. Tuck wiped the tears from my eyes and I wiped them from his.

    “Look at us. We’re like two overly sentimental old women. What a site we are,” he said giving our conversation a little comic relief. I could finally breathe for the first time.

    “So, do you hate me? I worried about that all day, Tuck,” I said waiting fearfully for what he was about to say.

    “No, I don’t hate you, Josh. I love you and always will,” he said trying to comfort me. “I was more worried that I might have hurt you. I was concerned all day long as to how you were. I was still kind of hung over this morning when you left. I tried to tell you we’d talk later, but I’m not sure what I grunted this morning. It was all kind of a blur,” he said making me grab him and hug him tightly. He kissed me on the forehead. I felt a sudden breath of fresh air. I finally felt alive again, anxious to hear more of what he had to say.

    “I’m fine, Tuck. Last night was extremely special for me. I was so concerned you didn’t like any of it at all and hated me for it. I was merely trying to help you get over some of your tension and thought I inadvertently destroyed our friendship. I’m so happy to know you’re okay,” I said hugging him tightly.

    “Josh, you sacrificed yourself trying to make me happy. How could I ever hate you for something so selfless as what you did for me. I told you before, and I sincerely mean it. You’re the only one in this world that loves me for me alone. You do it selflessly and endlessly. I couldn’t have a better friend in this world to care about me, Josh. I love you so much, little bro,” he said breaking down again. “I was so depressed and you came along and rescued me. I will say, what happened after that was rather a whirlwind experience I’ve never had before, and I’m still not clear on what all happened or how it possibly could happen, but it was life changing to a certain extent. Something maybe we need to talk about someday as I have a lot of questions about much of what took place, but my mind can’t comprehend or even pretend to understand it right now. I was just worried that I might have physically hurt you, which was worrying me all day long. I’m so glad to know you’re okay physically. How are you mentally?” he asked.

    “With you holding me here and telling me you still love me, I am the luckiest guy in the world right now, because I have the most wonderful loving friend who just told me how much he loved me. I couldn’t be happier than I am right now,” I replied. Tuck kissed me on the forehead.

    “Whew, I’m glad we both got through all of that. I can’t tell you how relieved I am,” Tuck confessed.

    “You’re relieved. I can’t tell you how relieved I really am. I’ve been sick all day thinking you probably hated me and I fucked up the greatest friendship a guy could ever have in his life. I am so relieved right now, Tuck. I’m so excited, I could do what we did last night again and more,” I said excitedly.

    “About that, Josh. We probably need to talk about that. I know things got out of hand a little, well maybe a lot, and we’re both to blame for that, I think. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it at the time, but when I think back about it, it kind of creeps me out a little. I can tell we did have fun, and I can’t remember ever having as intense orgasms as I had last night, but the fact remains, it was very strange. I’m not sure I remember all the details anyway. We can talk more about it when I can rationalize or understand it more. You’ll need to help me with that, I’m sure. But the most important thing to know is we both still love each other as friends and neither one of us is damaged over anything that wonderfully happened between us. Can we agree on that?” he asked holding me.

    “Yes, Tuck. We can definitely agree on that. I love you too much not to,” I said sincerely looking into his eyes. He kissed my forehead. “And, by the way, you don’t have any kind of weird crush on me or anything like that, do you?” he asked somewhat serious.

    “I swear it’s altruistic. I just love you for you, Tuck. The rest of my actions got swept up in all of that. I swear. But then, Hector does have a strange effect on my cock that I can’t explain,” I added. He looked at me strangely. “I’m kidding!” I yelled. “It’s a joke, Tuck,” I said and, luckily, we both started laughing.

    “Get your clothes off and let’s get some studying done,” he told me, releasing me from his hug.

    “Tuck, if I can ask your permission, I have an important meeting tonight at my accounting TA’s apartment regarding the Purchase Agreement for the building my partners and I are buying to open a new pub here in town for the fall semester. I have a closing at the end of this week I need to try to make happen, but it all hinges on tonight. Would you mind terribly if I went there this evening and took care of that little matter?” I asked quickly and excitedly.

    “What, you seduce me, make love to me and then abandon me just like that. You’re nothing but another Julie, and I really thought I found someone that really loved me this time,” Tuck said stunning me, stopping me right in my tracks making me speechless. I held my breath. Seeing I was in shock he said, “I’m kidding, Josh. Gotcha didn’t I? Sure, go do what you have to do and build your empire. I support you all the way,” he said excited for my venture.

    “Tuck, I love you so much. I don’t deserve you, but I truly love you.” I kissed him on the lips quickly.

    “Maybe we better try kissing each other on the forehead instead of the lips,” he said, as if he wasn’t comfortable with the lips. “The last time we got that familiar with each other I damn near impregnated you. We wouldn’t want that to happen,” he said smiling. I just laughed and then he quickly kissed me on the lips to prove to me he was kidding around. I hugged him tightly.

    “You are the greatest friend a guy could ever have in this world, Tuck. I can’t love you enough, big brother.” With that, I grabbed my stuff and headed for the door. “You going to be okay with me gone?” I quickly asked before bolting out the door to meet Thad.

    “I’m fine now that we talked and we’re both okay. You made my day, Josh. Hell, you make my life right now. I’m back to normal now, I think anyway. We’ll talk more later when we have more time and maybe get alcohol involved, but I’m not ready for any alcohol anytime soon. Trust me on that,” he said as he waved goodbye.

    The weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt re-born, renewed, vibrant excited, exhilarated, giddy, all at the same time. Thad was waiting outside the frat for me. I grabbed him and hugged him, then quickly kissed him on the lips and hugged him some more before he even knew what happened to him.

    “I thought you said there wasn’t going to be any sex tonight. Here you are kissing me already,” he somewhat complained.

    “Be happy it wasn’t something else as excited as I am right now, Thad,” I said as we headed out to Ken’s apartment. I had texted Greer the address earlier.

    “What made you so damned excited?” he asked noticing I was practically skipping instead of walking.

    “My best friend in this whole world loves me and doesn’t hate me,” I said still excited.

    “Why would your best friend ever dream of hating you, Josh? That just couldn’t be possible,” Thad said confused.

    “It’s a long story, but everything came out wonderfully. Let’s just leave it at that. We have a lot to digest this evening and I need to get my business self together to handle it all,” I told him trying to settle myself down.

    “Probably more than I want to hear anyway, so we’ll leave it at that,” Thad replied. I spent the next few minutes briefing him on where we were and what we needed to do tonight. Thad said he was excited to be a part of this and was looking forward to his contributions to making this a success.

    Ken buzzed us in at his apartment building. We ran up the stairs. The door opened and we were welcomed by Ken and James. I got hugs and kisses, which I’m sure freaked out Thad, but he was playing it cool. Ken went to hug, Thad, but Thad stuck out his hand.

    “I’m more of a handshake kind of guy, if you don’t mind,” Thad replied right before he got hugged by Ken. “Okay, I guess I can handle a hug,” Thad said as Ken hugged him and missed his handshake. James, on the other hand, shook his hand and patted his shoulder, as Ken introduced the two. Introductions over we sat down at his table and awaited Greer’s arrival.

    “Heard you had an interesting evening last night with the Pres,” James said to me making conversation. I looked at him somewhat confused. “Tuck. I heard he was out of control again until you got there last night to calm him down. You must have worked some real magic on him last night as he was pretty calm today, almost comatose, from what some of the guys were saying. I never saw him today, so I didn’t know. Glad you were there to take care of him last night,” James said thanking me.

    “It was an interesting evening to say the least. Tuck’s an interesting person, somewhat complex, but loveable. You can’t help but love the guy, he’s the greatest in my eyes,” I said bragging about him.

    “Glad to know he’s great for you, but a lot of the brothers are afraid of him, Josh. Took me a long time to get used to him. I will say, you’ve done wonders with him this year, and we all respect him these days. I give you most of the credit for that,” James said applauding my efforts. Thad was taking that all in. I filled Ken and James in on Tuck’s post celebrity blues or depression. I told them both, Tuck needed some friends to keep him happy and to say a kind word to him when they saw him. James said Tuck was one of the first ones in the frat to recognize the work James was doing with athletes, helping to strengthen them and condition them to compete. We talked about the success he had with me and my state championship. I gave James most of the credit for my success in the conditioning process. James said he may have helped condition me, but no one could help me with the determination I had to win. James said he knew I was a winner from the first time we met. I casually mentioned we both won that night. James blushed and said, “and how.” That made me blush. Ken knew what we were talking about and smiled. Thad was clueless as he should be.

    We heard the buzzer and Ken quickly buzzed Greer in. I opened the door and hugged Greer, then introduced him to Ken, James and Thad. James and Ken quickly hugged this handsome lawyer, but Thad shook his hand.

    “Wow, you were right about your friends, Josh. They’re a couple of cuties. Glad for the opportunity to meet friends of Josh’s. He really knows how to pick them,” Greer said smiling.

    “He certainly knows how to pick lawyers also,” Ken said as he looked Greer over from head to toe. I could tell where James’ eyes were also.

    “Okay, guys, we have some serious business to discuss and we don’t have a lot of time,” I mentioned in hopes we could get started. We ushered Greer to the table where he plopped out his laptop and booted it up. He also had a couple of hard copies of what he was proposing for us to review.

    “If you see anything you can’t live with there, Josh, I can make changes while we’re here and e-mail it over to Mel’s attorney. By the way, Mel was extremely complimentary of you and your team, Erin and Jake, I think. But who wouldn’t be as hot and lovable as those two are,” Greer mentioned as I was perusing the PA. I smiled. Thad had a strange look on his face, but said nothing.

    “Careful, those are my two best and most intimate friends you’re talking about there,” I told Greer, who knew them only too well.

    “We need to meet these guys, Josh. We haven’t met either one of them. You’ve been sheltering them from us. We’ve seen them at some sporting events and your swim match, but we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting them yet,” James said. I smiled at them.

    “You just want to seduce them, if I know you guys,” I said being sarcastic. They chuckled.

    “That might be heaven, but we’d like to meet them sometime since they are such good friends of yours,” KS said. “We do like social interaction also, not just hot male sex,” he added.

    “TMI,” Thad uttered. Ken laughed.

    “What do you think about the PA, Ken. Is this sufficient?” I asked noting he had read it faster than I did.

    “Looks good from what I can tell. What do you think, Greer? It looks like it protects you in case there are certain deficiencies in the building found during the building inspection. Greer seems to have addressed that area. Transfer of funds is standard in this case. I’m okay with it all if Greer thinks everything is good,” Ken answered.

    “I’m happy with it. Mel’s attorney is happy with it. Mel seems happy with it. Now if Josh is happy with it all, I think we have a start. Things can change during the week, but I see no reason not to sign it and deliver it to Mel tomorrow. From what you told me, Josh, the building inspection is already ordered and is to take place this week once the PA is signed. The next big step is the inspection. Once that report is written up and studied we have a go, no go, or hold situation for any remediation that you demand takes place before the transfer of ownership. Then we go from there. If nothing turns up in the inspection that puts a hold on the transfer of ownership, we could have a closing by the end of the week or the first of next week, depending on the parties. I’m available anytime for a closing. I will make that a priority,” Greer informed us.

    “I say it’s a go based on what you have here,” I replied. “This is damned exciting, guys. We’re off to a great start. Greer, you did a great job on this. I’m proud of you as always,” I congratulated him. Greer smiled.

    “Ken, you have a printer I can print a few copies of this for execution tomorrow?” Greer asked. “I’ll need Josh to sign a few copies, then I’ll have Mel sign the ones that Josh signs so each party and their attorneys will have a fully executed signed copy of the PA.” Ken showed Greer the printer and the two started making copies.

    “Thad, you’ll need to start some files. I’ll get you some supplies this week, a file cabinet, a lock box for important papers such as the ones I’m signing tonight, files, stapler, whatever you think you’ll need to set up an office. Start making a list, as stuff is going to come at us quickly here and we need to be prepared,” I instructed Thad. He agreed and started to make a list as we spoke.

    Greer returned with the copies of the PA I needed to sign. I signed four copies and Greer signed beside me as a witness and notary. “One other thing,” Greer started to say. “Can you guys recommend a decent motel to spend the night since I need to stay over and get this PA signed by Mel and his attorney in the morning? Something not too far away or too pricey if there is such a thing.”

    “Sure, Greer. You can stay with James and I. No problem. We have a bed for you. I’m sure you’ll be comfortable,” Ken was too happy to offer. Greer lit up almost excited.

    “Ken, you only have one bed. When did you get another?” I asked.

    “That’s right we only have one bed, but I’m sure Greer will be comfortable in it with James and me. It’ll sleep three very comfortably.” Ken responded. Thad rolled his eyes, but kept his mouth shut. “But if you think you’d rather sleep on the couch, I’m sure you’d be comfortable there as well. James and I would love to have you stay with us, Greer. You’re more than welcome,” Ken added.

    “If it’s not putting you guys out any, I’d love to take you up on your invitation. I’d even take you guys out for a round of drinks, if you like, for letting me stay with you. It would be my pleasure,” Greer offered.

    “Oh, I’m sure the pleasure will be James’ and mine, believe me,” Ken said smiling looking Greer over once again. In my mind, I was sure it was.

    “Well, Thad and I have to get going. You guys have fun, which I have no doubt you will. Greer, go easy on them. Ken here is rather new at this, but I’d say he’s no novice anymore. James is needy and will wear you out eventually. Take your vitamins is all I’m saying. Call me if you can’t handle both of them. Call me tomorrow and let me know the deal is done so I can release the building inspection,” I told Greer as I hugged and kissed him for his work. “Come on, Thad. I think you and I are in the way at this point.”

    “You don’t have to be in the way, Josh. You and Thad are more than welcome to stay also,” James piped in. Thad had a look of horror on his face.

    “Got things to do, so we’re out of here,” I said as I hugged and kissed James and Ken, pinching their asscheeks as I did. Poor Thad tried to shake hands, and was able with Greer, but the other two had to hug him. He was spared the kisses, however.

    “Well that was awkward,” Thad said as we left the apartment building and started walking back to campus. “I saw Ken in a totally different light tonight. I would have never thought.”

    “Thought what?” I asked curiously.

    “You know, that the guy would actually do funny stuff with guys. He just didn’t seem like the type,” Thad followed up.

    “So, what’s the type, Thad. Like me?” I asked.

    “No, you don’t seem the type either, but you’ve explained a lot to me about, well, you know, sex with guys. Are the three of them going to do sexual things tonight with each other?” Thad asked curiously.

    “Most definitely. I’d be right there with them if I didn’t have so much stuff to do,” I told him. Thad made a face.

    “Do they actually stick their dicks up assholes and things like that?” Thad asked with a contorted face.

    “Absolutely, Thad. That’s the best part. You should try it sometime,” I said smiling to myself. There was silence.

    “I just don’t understand how one guy can do that to another guy. It just seems wrong. They all seem like really nice, normal guys. I just can’t picture them naked with their cocks up each other’s asses.” Thad said somewhat frustrated at the thought.

    “Don’t knock it until you try it, Thad. I’d be more than happy to help you through that experience, and I promise I will be gentle. You’d love it, I can almost assure you,” I said smiling.

    “I never know when to take you seriously, Josh. I think I’ll take a raincheck on that training if you don’t mind,” he said shaking his head.

    “Okay, but you’re missing one heck of a lot of fun and intimacy. I’m here if you ever want to try it, but that has to be your decision,” I offered. The rest of the walk was confined to business and the next steps. Thad was still excited to be a part of this enterprise and anxious to get started full time on it when school was finally out. I told him not to let the gay stuff get to him and to talk to me about it if it did. I also told him that our contractors and their subs had no idea what we were building and we needed to keep it that way. I assured him there wouldn’t be any gay actions or talk anywhere the partners and I were not in private. All our vendors, contractors, subs and anyone else outside the partners associated with the project were to be treated professionally without any gay connotations to anything. Thad said it would make it easier on him if it were that way. I thought it probably would.

    We stopped to finish talking at his dorm before I left him for mine. When we finished I hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. “Josh, the kissing thing. Really?” he asked.

    “What, you said you liked hugs and you didn’t mind the kissing thing that much. I could squeeze your ass or stick my finger up your asshole. Which do you prefer?” I asked.

    “Well, when you put it that way, I guess a hug will suffice. I didn’t mind the kissing thing and you just kissed me on the cheek this time which was probably better. I guess it’s alright,” he said reluctantly. For that I slapped his ass and got a good grip on his bun making him jump a little. “Okay, I guess I deserved that,” he said smiling. I quickly kissed him on the lips, making him smile again.

    “Good night, business manager,” I said as I walked away. “I’ll miss you till tomorrow,” I added.

    “Miss you too,” he hollered back at me to my surprise. Maybe he was coming around.

    Looking at my watch, I still had some time left. I was feeling rather horny and would have liked to have stayed to play with James, Ken and Greer. I had to believe they were already naked with cocks planted deeply in assholes about now, if I knew my friends. Then I wondered what Les and Brandon were up to, since Les had told me he was deeply hurting. I guess I had time to knock off a couple of semi-virgin assholes before going back to the room. My business sense said I needed to get to work, but my cock screamed at me to go play somewhere. Jake had told me he had some meeting tonight at the Arena with Taylor so he was tied up. I guessed it had to be Les. I couldn’t complain about his little tight ass and that big cock of his. Brandon was a sweet lay also. I texted Les to see if he was around. Luck would have it he was at Brandon’s apartment. He was ecstatic about the possibility of me coming over. Ten minutes and I was there.

    I knocked on his door. It opened. I was pulled in and stripped naked in seconds by two naked, rock hard, hot guys that wanted fucked in the worst way. “Easy, guys. You have a beer or something before we get you taken care of?” I asked, not wanting to dive right in. In seconds, I had a beer in my hand and lips on my cock. They both took turns sucking me off while I drank my beer. I traded sloppy kisses with each of them between sips of beer, while the other sucked on my cock and balls. “Lick my asshole too, guys,” I instructed, as I leaned back and spread my legs giving them full access. I was really enjoying this action. “Les, I need you to face fuck me with that huge cock of yours while Brandon eats my ass. Come on, guys. Get with the program here. We don’t have all night,” I commanded as they totally obliged. Fuck, this action felt so good, a pair of brothers having some hot fun with me. “Fuck that mouth,” I demanded of Les as he face fucked me. I could only take a small amount of his length, the kid had an elephant trunk between his legs for shit’s sake. I was enjoying every inch I could get in my mouth and he was loving it as Brandon sucked my cock, sucked on my balls and licked my ass. “Finger my ass as you lick it Brandon. Come on. Get into it now,” I commanded keeping them both ridiculously busy pleasuring me. I had to eventually stop or I was going to cum. “Okay, who wants it first?” I asked rock hard and needing to fuck something quickly.

    “Me, Josh. Please me,” Brandon begged. Les seemed to agree to let that happen, although he said his ass was extremely needy also, but deferred to Brandon since I had fucked him twice without Brandon present. What a sport, I thought. I flipped Brandon onto the bed and told his brother to stand over him and hold his legs. I got down on my knees and rimmed out his ass with tongue and lips. I ate him out good, making him squirm all over the bed as I did, Les’ big cock swinging all over as he stood above his brother holding his hairy legs. I stood up and lined my cockhead up against his asshole. Brandon let out a big sigh. I swear Les’ cock grew an additional inch as he watched me penetrate his brother’s asshole. I slowly moved my cock inside Brandon. Les’ cock was at my face and I sucked it into my mouth as I pummeled his brother’s ass with my cock, jamming it balls deep into his body. Brandon was writhing all over, overly aroused by the sensation of being fucked once again. Pre-cum was flowing from his beautiful cock onto his belly. I came off of Les’ cock to get my breath before devouring it again and pre-cum mixed with saliva fell from Les’ cock to his brother’s chest making quite a mess. I kept thrusting my ridged cock, balls deep, into Brandon’s body. Just as I was about to cum, I pulled out, much to the extreme disappointment of Brandon.

    “Rotate, boys. Les, get on the end of my cock. Brandon, you hold Les’ legs like he held yours. Come on boys, move it before I blow and the show’s over,” I commanded, making them hustle to change places. There was a look of sheer delight as my cock penetrated Les’ asshole. You’d have thought the boy died and went to heaven with the blissful look on his face, experiencing my cock inside his body one more time, his asshole eager to devour my appendage of love. I thrust my cock hard and fast, feeding his asshole the instrument of my love. The boy was shaking all over, his big cock slinging more pre-cum everywhere as I pummeled his asshole.

    “Fuck me, Josh. Fuck me hard,” he yelled. “Yeh, that’s it, destroy that hole. Bang it out. Feed me that cock. Choke me on it, Josh. Fire that jizz in me and make me choke,” he yelled over and over again as I sucked on Brandon’s very respectable cock, somewhat smaller than his brothers, but no slouch either. What an interesting family. I was dying to see the dad and what he had.

    “Pull your cock up, Brandon and feed me those balls,” I demanded. Brandon mashed his balls on my lips and I pulled on them sucking them in and out of my mouth. The next thing I knew, Brandon was firing cum everywhere. Cum was rolling off my face and down onto Les. Les couldn’t take it anymore with Brandon’s cum flowing off of me onto him, and fired his own hot load all over his chest. I pulled out finally, after jamming my cock as hard as I could into the boy’s ass, and fired my load all over both of them, what seemed like stream after stream of hot viscous cum flying all over the boys. I fell over and collapsed on the bed. Les kissed me passionately over and over, then Brandon got in on the act. I got tongues from all directions. “That was a crazy ass hot fuck!” Les hollered. I had to agree with him on that, but I was still catching my breath. “Fucking drained my balls, Josh. Damn, you always drain my balls. You are the best fuck ever!” I gave him a weird look.

    “I’m your only fuck ever, you mean, Les,” I had to say. Les half smiled, then bent over and kissed me. “I don’t see how anyone could be any better than you. You know how to use a dick, buddy,” Les said, I took a wad of someone’s cum and smeared it in his pubes. There ensued a cum fight after that, the three of us slinging cum at each other until we ran out. “Time to make some more cum,” Les announced. Brandon and I looked at him.

    “Give us a minute for our balls to recharge, Les,” I asked.

    “Mine’s ready to go, Josh,” he said waving his hard rod at me and slapping my lips with it. I sucked him down, cum drenched and all. His seed tasted so good in my mouth as I sucked on that hardening, spent big cock of his. Brandon went down on me, cleaning me up, and stiffening me up at the same time. I was hard once more, but not in any hurry to plow any ass at the moment.

    “I want to cum with your cock in my ass this time,” Brandon announced.

    “Yeh, well I want you to cum in my ass, Josh. I want your hot seed inside my ass. I want your big streams of cum all up inside me. I need that seed of yours, so breed me hard,” Les demanded. Damn, he was needy and bossy all of a sudden.

    “You guys have got to find more cocks out there to service you. You’ve turned into male nymphos all of a sudden. We absolutely have to find some new cock for you two,” I said shaking my head. “What the hell are your guys going to do this summer?” I asked as I was getting my cock and balls sucked and played with by Brandon, while I sucked on Les’ hard rod.

    “We have summer jobs, if that’s what you mean,” Les replied, as he was the only one without a cock in his mouth.

    “Any gay guys you know of at home?” I asked curiously.

    “Not that we know of,” Brandon mumbled out of the side of his mouth as he sucked on my cock.

    “Any other siblings at home?” I asked.

    “We have an older brother but he lives on his own in another town close by. He has a great job there in sales,” Les offered.

    “Is he gay too?” I had to ask.

    “Not that we know of, but come to think of it, he does have a male roommate and they’re always doing things together. Shit, I never really thought about it, but he could be,” Les said, giving it some thought.

    “You might want to check that out. If he and his roommate are getting it on, surely they know other guys that might like to fuck younger guys like you two. That’s a start anyway. Just a wild guess, but with the two of you being gay, chances are he might be also. Just speculation mind you, but he could be a resource if it’s a possibility,” I suggested.

    “Fuck, I never thought about it. We don’t see him that often and he really doesn’t like to have company much. When our family goes to see him we always meet at a restaurant somewhere for a meal and then he’s always gotta leave early for his job. It’s like he carves out just enough time to satisfy a visit, but it’s never at his condo. I’ve only seen pictures of his roommate, and he is rather hot. I’d let him fuck me,” Les said.

    “Me too,” Brandon added.

    “Check your brother and this guy out, guys. Could be you may have found a bonanza there. They may know all kinds of guys that can keep the two of you satisfied.

    “Yeh, well that’s a possibility for the future, but right now it’s your cock we need buried in our asses,” Les said eager to get my cock back in his ass. He pushed his brother out of the way and lifted his legs in the air. “Breed me, Josh. Breed me hard. Ah shit, just fuck the hell out of this ass,” he said, demanding satisfaction. I spit on my cock and shoved it in his hole. “Fuck, that feels so fucking great!” he yelled. Brandon told him to hold it down as you could hear other people in other apartments. The walls weren’t that thick and sound traveled. “Fuck, I don’t care. I’m getting the ass fuck of a lifetime here and I don’t care who hears it,” Les said loudly. Brandon shook is head. Once again Brandon stood over his brother and let me suck his cock as I pummeled Les’ ass. I stopped suddenly and pushed Les’ ass up in the air and jumped on the bed to power drive that hole of his, since he didn’t seem to get enough of my cock. I let his ass lean against my thighs as I put both hands on my thighs and pushed down on my cock with my thumbs. This was not the easiest position for me to fuck ass with, because my cock tilted up when it was hard, but it seemed to penetrate a partner’s ass rather deeply, which is what Les needed in the worst way at the moment. Les was wailing about how fucking hot power driving was. The fucker came hard all over his face, some of which he had to swallow, his cock convulsing his hot seed downward onto his face. “Fuck, this is awesome! Breed me, Josh. Breed my ass,” he demanded as I kept power driving my cock as deep in his ass as I could get it. I had to stop as Brandon needed servicing too, and I didn’t have two more rounds in me tonight because of time. I already wanted to cum, but didn’t want to shortchange Brandon. I finally pushed Les over on his side to his major disappointment. “I want your load, Josh. I need your load and that hot seed of yours in my ass. Please, Josh,” he begged.

    “Let me service Brandon first and I’ll save my load for your ass you dirty slut,” I said, giving him his dirty shit back. He loved that. Brandon wanted power driven also, seeing how it affected his brother. I got him set up, then jammed my cock deep in his ass, my thumbs over my cock as I jammed my dick deep into his ass. The boy was going crazy with all this anal attention. I jacked his cock and pulled on his balls as I drove my cock deeper and deeper in his semi-virgin asshole. Sweat was rolling off the kid. His pubes were wet with sweat and residual cum from our last round. The smell of cum and man musk was almost intoxicating and I was having trouble holding back the flood my penis wanted to release. I had to slow my actions or Les was not getting my load, but instead his brother. I didn’t want to create any animosity between the siblings, but Brandon’s ass really felt great on my naked cock. I dropped a lob of spit on Brandon’s hole and watched it disappear when my cock drove it into his ass, lubricating the action down there. It felt so good. I could hardly hold him still as he was writhing all over at the feel of my dick penetrating him over and over, pre-cum leaking from his cock and being slung all over and dripping on his face where he lapped it all up. Les was stroking his big cock and then holding it. I couldn’t imagine him having another load, but it sure looked like he was having trouble holding one back. Finally, Brandon stiffened up, shook wildly and shot another forceful load all over his face. I dropped his ass on the bed and lowered myself with him, my cock still buried deep in his ass. I licked some of his sweet seed off his face as he kissed me wildly. We shared his essence with our tongues.

    “Fuck, that was fucking hot,” Brandon wildly exclaimed.

    “Fucking ‘A’,” Les replied. “Now stick that fucking cock in me and give me your hot load, Josh. I need that fucking load in my ass,” Les demanded, as he rolled over and raised his legs for me to penetrate him once more. I came out of Brandon’s ass, much to his disappointment and shoved my cock back into Les. His eyes rolled to the back of his head as I started fucking the boy once more. He was still rock hard. I jacked that big cock of his as I pounded his ass once more. I pulled on his balls to the point of being painful, I was sure, but he loved it. “Fucking pound my fucking ass, you cum slut,” he shouted almost making me laugh.

    “You have such a dirty mouth when you make love, Les. Unbelievable,” I remarked making him smile.

    “I like it dirty,” he said with a little smile.

    “Alright, you cock whore, you ready for my load because I can’t hold it any longer. I’m gonna fill that fucking hole of yours with my seed and drown your bowels,” I warned as I pounded him hard. I no more than got the words out of my mouth, and he shot load number three. Not as much man juice this time from him, but the convulsions almost looked painful as he orgasmed. That did it for me and with a few slow hard thrusts, I pumped my man seed deep into his bowels almost taking his breath away. That was it. I collapsed on top of him smearing his last load between our naked bodies. Les rolled me over getting himself on top of me and riding my wilting cock even more. This boy didn’t quit. He wanted everything he could get. Finally, he stopped and bent over and kissed me passionately.

    “Fuck, I can never get enough of your cock, Josh. This is too fucking hot and intense. I could ride this baby all night long,” he said as he drove his ass hard up against my pelvic bone trying to get as much of my dick in him as he could possibly get. He finally stopped as my wilted cock slipped out of his ass along with some of my spunk. I could feel the warm liquid flow down over my balls.

    “Lick my balls and clean me up,” I ordered Les. He looked at me a little funny, but he did as I ordered. That little sensation of his tongue on my cum drenched balls felt kind of nice. I pulled him back up to me and kissed him again. The three of us finally laid there beside one another trying to regain any energy we once had. My sticky cock and balls were being fondled by Les and Brandon. I played with theirs some also, running my now cum sticky fingers through their pubes knowing it would be a difficult nuisance to wash it out. Felt great to do it though.

    “Shit, Josh. We could do this every night and all day long. I can’t get enough of this,” Les said disappointed we were done.

    “Find you some new cock. Check out your brother. May be a long shot, but it’s worth a try,” I suggested.

    “It’s a long shot alright. He’s several years older than Brandon and I. We weren’t very close growing up and we don’t communicate all that often, but maybe we should more. I think we’ll have to drop in and see him and his roommate sometime unannounced and see what we find,” Les said thinking about how to approach the subject. Brandon agreed.

    “Shower time boys,” I said as I got myself to my feet. I pulled each one of them up and we headed for the showers, our cocks dripping residual cum along the way leaving a small trail. Les told me not to worry as Brandon would lick that up later. We all laughed.

    Brandon got the water warm and we all jumped in the tub shower to wash all the cum and sweat off of us. It had been a hell of a workout when you thought about it. Brandon and Les were still hard as I soaped up their beautiful cocks and washed them and their balls. I got the same treatment.

    “You’ve never topped a guy before, have you, Les?” I asked.

    “Fuck no. I like a cock in my ass, not mine in someone else’s ass,” he replied. “I fucked enough pussy out there. Feels good, but a dick in the ass feels one hell of a lot better.”

    “Stick your cock in my ass just to see what it feels like,” I offered.

    “Seriously? You want me to fuck you?” he asked somewhat shocked I asked.

    “You don’t have to cum. Just stick your cock in my ass to see what it feels like. Brandon can too if he wants. I just want you to get a sense of what it feels like. Hell, who knows, you might be versatile. That will get you a lot more partners out there if you can go both ways,” I suggested.

    “That sounds too much like fucking pussy to me,” Les replied. But when Brandon said he’d try it, Les stepped right up wanting to try it first. I guess he wanted first crack at my ass before his brother did. I bent over in front of him and had him slowly enter me. “Fuck you have a tight ass, Josh. Damn, this does feel good though. Fuck, I might get used to this, he said as he was about three-fourths of the way in, which was about all I could take with his long cock. I had him get a rhythm going and in no time, he was really into it, slapping my asscheeks and everything. I rolled my eyes, but his large cock felt really good to me. He was panting something fierce and finally pulled out and shot a small load up against the shower surround. I had to steady him to keep him from falling.
    “Fuck, that was awesome, Josh. Thanks, man. That fucking felt great. Shit, who ever thought I could fuck boy ass. Wow!” he said trying to regain his composure.

    “Okay, Brandon, step up,” I offered. Brandon approached rather shyly, but then, with my help guiding him in, he slipped the head of his cock into my waiting hole. I felt his entire length enter me. He felt amazing there. He too got his rhythm going and soon we fucking like crazy. He definitely was not as vocal as his brother, but he was enjoying it immensely. He even gave me a reach around, and stroked my hard cock as he fucked my ass. He quickly pulled out and shot another load up against the shower wall. We watched it slide down the wall into the tub and then the drain. I knelt down and sucked the rest from that hot cock of his. Then I held him in my arms. He kissed me over and over.

    “That was awesome, Josh. Thanks. That’s the first time I ever had my dick in another person. Unlike Les, who’s fucked a hundred girls, I never got the chance. I have a feeling this was far hotter than fucking a girl,” Brandon surmised.

    “Oh, believe it, bro. It is. No doubt about it. Girl’s pussies stink also. This is so much hotter. Damn, now I can’t wait to get fucked by a guy and fuck him too. Wow, this is all so great,” Les exclaimed. “Josh, we want to get together every night. Please?” he begged.

    “I have my own life with plenty of needy friends to take care of. You guys have to find your own. Next year won’t be any problem once we get the bar opened, because all of the guys with our same interests will be there. You’ll have a chance to meet many and have your pick. This summer, you’re on your own, so learn how to find them. They’re there. You just have to look for them. They’re as anxious to meet you guys as you are to meet them.

    “Shit, I’m starting to hate summer and can’t wait for school to start again when the bar opens. Get that thing done, Josh. We need a good supply of dicks,” Les urged. I just shook my head.

    Done washing and fucking we got out of the shower and dried off. I got my cock played with until it was finally buried in my briefs and I pulled up my jeans finally. “You walking back to your dorm or staying here tonight?” I asked Les.

    “I think I’ll hang around a while longer. Brandon and I might break out the dildos and jack off one more time,” Les said with a big smile.

    “You’ve got to be kidding,” I said totally blown away. “How many times can you possibly cum in a night?”

    “I’m kidding, Josh. It’s just that after a hot session with you, I get so fucking horny my cock wants to spit cum constantly. I may actually be a male nympho when I think about it,” Les said, causing me to nod my head agreeing with him. He quickly kissed me.

    I finally left the two, happy to get out of there without having to cum again. I texted Jake, on my walk home, the PA looked good and we should hear something in the morning from Greer, if he wasn’t molested by James and Ken tonight, that he was staying with them. Jake sent back a happy face imogee. I chuckled. Allen, OBB and Erin were happy to hear the outcome from the meeting. Allen asked if we could dump all our stuff from our rooms in the bowling alley apartment and not have to drag it all home for the summer since we’d be here most of the summer anyway. I didn’t see why not. It only made since.

    I stripped off to my briefs and drug out the books. I didn’t need to worry about accounting, as it was taken care of. I did need to work on English and Psych. I figured English would be some kind of paper with a few multiple choice questions, but Psych might be a harder test than I was planning on. Luckily, I seemed to understand all of it. I could always study with Jake and Trevor if need be. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to study at Trevor’s apartment or we might end up with a night like tonight with Brandon and Les. We were horny bastards for our age, there was no doubt about that.

    Kevin came waltzing into the room taking a study break. “What, no one fucking tonight?” he asked, acting somewhat surprised.

    “Studying for finals next week and finishing up this semester’s work, Kev. What happened to Calvin and Sam?” I asked.

    “I had to take a break from that and get some work done. They’re probably fucking each other, but I needed to study. Gotta keep my grades up to stay in school. They kind of slipped a little with all the action going on this semester. Gotta get some good grades on my finals if I’m coming back next year,” he said somewhat concerned.

    “How’d you guys come out with your regionals in wrestling?” I asked, having not had the sense to ask him before now for which I was somewhat embarrassed.

    “We came in second overall. I lost my match, but it was to a hot looking guy, so it was worth it just for the body contact. Eric won his match. He had a hot guy also, but it didn’t mean anything to Eric as you very well know. Damn, he could be having so much fun, but it doesn’t mean anything to him. He’s a total breeder. Go figure,” Kevin said disappointed.

    “To each his own, Kev,” Allen said jumping in. “Eric’s still pretty cool with all of us. Most guys would hate us, but he loves us anyway. That, you have to appreciate and cherish his friendship.”

    “I do. Hell, I liked nothing better than having him fuck me once in a while. I know I got too needy as I fell in love with him. It just wasn’t the same for him, and I know that now. For a while, it had me all messed up thinking I could change him and he’d really love me. He does really love me, but as a friend and not in a sexual way. He’s the greatest. I can’t deny that. That’s why we have to give him an extra special wedding and bachelor party. I talked to him, Josh. He’s open for whatever you want to do, but told me that we weren’t to go to any trouble or expense for this. It could be a small one with just beer and chips if we wanted,” Kevin told us.

    “We have to do more than that. The guy only gets married once, we hope anyway. I’ll see about having it at the club, but we only have a few weeks to get this together. You need to get a list of all his straight friends to see who we have to invite. Hopefully, none of them are prejudice about gay guys. We’ll try to keep it simple and fairly straight, if that’s possible. Allen, see if you can hire some female hookers somewhere to do lap dances for the straight guys,” I said, knowing Allen had resources even though he gave me a blank stare when I mentioned female hookers.

    “Females?” he asked disgustedly. “Really, you want to go there?” I gave him a stare.

    “Remember who the guest of honor is and his straight friends,” I reminded him. He rolled his eyes.

    “Does he have any cute straight friends we could seduce?” Allen asked Kevin.

    “I’m his friend and you can fuck me anytime you so desire,” Kevin responded.

    “I think straight was the operative word, Kev. That certainly doesn’t apply to you,” Allen said. Kevin looked hurt, but he was kidding around.

    “The only thing I like straight is a dick in my ass,” Kevin responded.

    “Now, that I can believe,” Allen replied with all of us agreeing.

    As I curled up in bed with Erin, he noticed my cock wasn’t as hard as I usually was teasing his asshole. “Get any action tonight?” he asked.

    “Worn out, Erin. Totally worn out. Gotta get this project up and running. So much to do and so little time to do it in,” I replied. He turned over and kissed me.

    “Tell me what to do and I will help you any way I can. You should know that, Josh,” Erin said gently stroking my worn out cock.

    “That seems to help, but sleep would be better though, just tonight. Any other time, I’d love that,” I said giving him another kiss. Erin hugged me and rolled over again letting me go to sleep.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    I need Josh's address. I've got a tanker truck full of Gator Aide to send him.

    Damn! "Our Boy" gets around, and then some!

    And, everyone is accomplishing so much more.

    Not only is this story a "bit bent", butt also motivational on so many levels.

    You're Awesome, FT!
    WISDOM is the Knowledge you've gained ... After you could have used it! _Me

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Wow. Josh dodged a major bullet with Tuck. I was holding my breath and greatly relieved to know their friendship is still in tact. That was a little concerning, Ft. The meeting at Ken's went okay and sounds like Greer might get lucky tonight. Thad is still walking around in a daze it seems. Josh no more gets done with his major meeting and takes on Les and his brother, as if he was horny or something. Where does Josh get all his energy? Damn, that boy has stamina and an unlimited supply of male semen it seems. Gees, I'd have a hard time keeping up with that boy. Chaz is right. Josh needs a major supply of Gatorade. So much unfolding and building. Can't wait for the next chapter. You need to hurry that along, FT. Love it though. BC

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chapter 167 – Josh Fulfills An Obligation

    It was Tuesday morning and Allen had drug Erin and I from our bed, hard dicks a bobbing as we made our way to the pisser. Kevin was already there in the shower, with a hardon.

    “Anxious this morning or just excited to see us?” I asked Kevin.

    “Just horny. Hoping one of you would take pity on me and relieve me of a little pressure,” he said smiling. Allen sunk to his knees and took Kevin’s big cock in his mouth. “I was hoping for a little anal action,” Kevin added. Allen looked at Erin and I. I shook my head as did Erin. Allen got up and mounted Kevin from behind. “I can always count on you, Allen. Bless you, my friend,” he said as Allen penetrated his ass giving him a great sigh. Kevin loved his ass fucked more than anything in life, actually. Although Allen’s cock wasn’t as fulfilling as Erin’s or mine, it was definitely a stress reliever. We called it ‘fuck light’. Erin’s and my cock Kevin referred to as regular duty and then there were the twins which were ‘heavy duty’. Kevin really liked the ‘heavy duty’ stuff, but that was far and few between.

    “Need some ‘heavy duty’ attention, Kev?” I asked making his face light up.

    “Who? Where? When? I’m in,” he said excitedly.

    “The twins need an ass to play with, and I think yours suits the purpose. I kind of promised them some action if they won the game. Hell, I even promised it to them through Tuck who relayed the message sending them into high gear to win. I’m sure they’d love to have you to play with this evening if you have an hour or so,” I explained. Kevin got all excited and came off of Allen’s cock just to hug and kiss me.

    “So sorry, Allen, but I probably better save my ass for tonight and some heavy duty action. One of the twins can wear you out something fierce, but two, hell, after that your ass is in tatters. Nothing better though than those beautiful big thick cocks. Damn, they’re great. Fuck, gotta run, guys. Have fun today. Josh, text me the time you need me there,” Kevin said as he bolted from the shower and quickly dried off to get dressed.
    Allen looked like he was seduced and abandoned.

    “Fuck him,” Allen said rather disappointed. “Now I have a case of the blue balls. What a friend,” he said shaking his head.

    “Lean up against the wall, Allen. Erin and I’ll finish you off,” I told him making him smile. Erin sucked his cock while I fucked his sweet tight asshole. I didn’t cum, but soon traded places with Erin who continued Allen’s anal intrusion, while I sucked on Allen’s dangly balls and his cute cock. I soon got a mouthful of Allen’s sweet cum as Erin shot a couple of streams of Erin cum on Allen’s back. Their balls relieved, we cleaned up and got dressed for breakfast. I was happy not to cum this morning. My balls needed to regenerate after the wild session with Les and Brandon.
    Brady was excited to see me in English class. He looked cute as ever. “Got any time for us at the frat tonight for a hot workout?” he asked hopefully. I looked at him rather disappointed.

    “I wish I had. This is probably one of the only nights I get to actually talk to Tuck, and he and I need a good talk. He’s been so depressed lately and he needs me. I can’t abandon him in a time of need,” I said trying to explain that I needed to spend time with Tuck.

    “So many people need you, Josh. I’m sorry to seem to need you also. That’s not what you need right now,” Brady said apologetically. I frowned.

    “Brady, I love spending time with you. You and I have a wonderful relationship, and I would give anything to have more time to spend with you. It’s just the business, school, swimming, the frat and now finals coming up and the end of the year, everything is coming together at once. I hate it, but there’s not much I can do about it, unfortunately. I’m sorry. I sincerely wish we had more time together,” I said somewhat apologizing for our inability to connect.

    “Can we be together at least one more time before schools out. I can’t leave school without spending at least one more time with you, Josh. I need that in the worst way just so I know in my heart it wasn’t a one-time thing. I know that sounds juvenile, but it’s just the way I feel. I need to be with you in an intimate way to know I’m cared about as a friend. I’m sorry, I’m such a pain,” he said, again apologizing.

    “Brady you’re nowhere near a pain. You are a bright star in my life. You are so refreshing, and I really loved the time we’ve been together whether it was the intimacy or just spending time talking like we are now. You’re a wonderful friend. On top of that you have a hot ass that’s making my cock hard right now,” I said rubbing my jeans in my crotch. That got his interest.

    “Really?” he asked excitedly.

    “Hell, yes. I could just strip you naked right now and pound you out. I have to stop thinking about it or I’m going to embarrass myself in front of the rest of the class,” I said as we sat down beside one another in our normal places. He reached over and nonchalantly felt my crotch, somewhat surprised to feel my semi. He was so fucking cute, I couldn’t help it. Remembering the first time I penetrated him made my cock hard every time I thought about our first time together.

    “Damn, Josh. I’m hard too,” he said grabbing my hand and putting it on his crotch. I raised my eyebrows making him giggle.

    “Okay, so we’ve mentally had sex with each other this morning. Now if we could just have some real knock down drag out sex with each other and relieve our balls, that would be wonderful. Let me work on that for sometime this week if it could ever be possible. You’re just too hot and too wonderful to pass up,” I said patting him on the back. I wanted to kiss him, but there was no privacy for that.

    Class finally started and the images in my mind of my penis penetrating his ass soon faded into what we needed to know for our final exam. What a horrible exchange of mental thought, but it happens in school. We walked out together after class and I found a secluded spot behind some tall shrubs up against the Liberal Arts building. There I passionately kissed Brady. We were able to get our hands down each other’s jeans and play with the good stuff. That certainly didn’t help our appearance any or our horn count, for which there was no quick relief. It did feel good, however, to share some quick intimacy, however short lived and minimalized it was. Still, I had my hand on his beautiful naked hard cock for a few short moments which gave me great joy, and, obviously, Brady also. Grinding our groins up against each other as we made out behind the bushes felt great at the moment until we had to stop. I kissed him hard one more time and told him I would see him later. I pinched his ass as I headed off to meet Jake and Trevor for Psych.

    Trevor and Jake were waiting for me outside the building. I got to them just as I got a call from Greer. The two waited for me while I took the call. Greer told me that we had the PA signed and a closing date set up for the following Monday morning. I was disappointed it couldn’t be this weekend, but Monday was the earliest it could happen because of the court house being closed on the weekend and nothing could be recorded until Monday and the funds had to be transferred on a banking day also, two major reasons it had to be Monday at the earliest. I told him I guessed it would have to be then. He asked if there was any way I could run downtown this morning and sign the addendum to the closing date that changed to Monday. I told him I had a class, but he wondered if I could skip it and get this done. I asked Trevor and Jake if they could cover for me and they agreed. Jake said to forget Psych and go take care of our future. I guess he was right about that. I headed off for downtown.

    I think I ran more than I walked as I made my way to Mel’s attorney’s office. Mel was still there talking to Greer when I got there. I got a hug from Mel instead of a handshake, he was so excited we were getting this deal done. Greer shook my hand rather than kiss and hug me like he usually did.

    “Josh, I want you to know you have my permission to do anything you need to do to the building this weekend before the closing if you want to. I don’t want to hold you up, as I know you’re on a tight schedule. I know everything will be fine and you’ll have the building inspection report back and all before then. If there’s nothing major that has to be repaired before the transfer of ownership, then you might as well get started. If there is something they find, then that might hold up the sale and nothing should probably be done to the building before something has to be remediated. You okay with that?” he asked.

    “Mel, I’m fine either way. Your word is solid with me. We’ll make this work out okay. If there is anything Todd and Chad need to do this weekend, I will certainly let you know,” I replied to his smiling face. He patted me on the back.

    “I’m so glad the building is going to someone like you and your friends. You guys are class guys and I feel good about leaving it in your hands. I know you’ll make the building meaningful again, a great place for people to go and enjoy. Does my heart good to know you’ll take care of it and make it a great place again. I feel better about leaving it now,” he said getting a little emotional. I felt so guilty at the time, knowing full well, he probably wouldn’t approve his lifetime work being turned into a gay bar. Oh well, onward and upward. I kept telling myself it was a real estate transaction, not an inheritance that some relative entrusted me to preserve and take care of. It served its purpose for Mel and his family, and it would soon serve its purpose for a whole other family of sorts. So be it.

    I quickly met Mel’s attorney, an older gentleman like Mel, not young and cute like Greer. I got to thinking Greer and I would be their age someday and marvel at the younger guys then. I wasn’t looking forward to that time, wondering if I could still get my favorite appendage up at that stage in life. I shuddered to think about it. The paperwork signed and each of us with our copies, Greer and I said our goodbyes and said we’d see them Monday morning for the closing if all went well this week.

    It being lunchtime now, Greer offered to buy us a quick lunch, knowing I had afternoon classes. We caught lunch at a little diner around the corner from Mel’s attorney’s office. We grabbed a booth and ordered hamburgers. They smelled great when we entered the diner making us hungry for hamburgers.

    “Just to let you know, Josh. I got a call from Allen’s father of all people, not his assistants, but his father. I take it Allen passed on my information to him,” Greer said to my surprise.

    “Anything wrong?” I asked not sure why Allen’s father would have called Greer.

    “No, to the contrary. He wanted the banking routing and account information for the transfer of funds next Monday or whenever we schedule the closing. I’ll send him an update when I get back to the office this afternoon late. He was extremely cordial and very appreciative of you and your partners for the enterprise you are about to start. He couldn’t say enough about how excited he was for his son to finally get interested in financing and real estate. He said he’d been waiting his whole life to have some little shred of something in common with his son, but the only thing Allen ever seemed to be interested in was diving, which he said, between the two of us, he saw absolutely no sense in it,” Greer said making me laugh.

    “I already e-mailed him a copy of the PA after it was signed this morning while I was waiting for you to show up at the attorney’s office. Allen’s dad also said his firm would take care of the insurance and taxes and roll that into the monthly payment. That’s standard, and it saves you a whole lot of work. I told him I was sure you and the guys would be happy to hear that. Then he thanked me for taking good care of you guys in your last venture, which he said was a homerun in his opinion, after reviewing the P&L with Allen one time. He said he was in hopes we’d be able to do more business together in the future. He said your group had great promise and he was anxious to help new entrepreneurs in start up businesses. He mentioned Zukerburg and Facebook and Jobs and Apple. I don’t know what he expects out of you guys, as those are some lofty goals to create companies like they did, but you never know. I told him I was just as excited as he was to be a part of what you guys had going. Then he asked me what my rates were. I told him, and he told me he would double them for this transaction, that I was selling myself too cheap. I didn’t have the heart to tell him about all the fringe benefits I was receiving. That, I don’t think he would understand and maybe not appreciate,” Greer said smiling.

    “Speaking of fringe benefits, how’d you make out last night?” I had to ask.

    “Good grief, your friends are needy, Josh. Damn, they’re a couple of sex dynamos. I don’t know how many times I had to fuck their asses last night. Damn near wore my cock out. You should have stayed to help out with those two,” he said shaking his head. “It’s a wonder I can think straight today. I won’t be needing any sexual attention for a few days after that marathon,” he said shaking his head.

    “Oh, come on, Greer. They’re new to all this and just getting started. Well, Ken is anyway. James hasn’t had much experience other than with me and a dickhead boyfriend he once had that I kind of ran off for him. He was a real loser. I told James it was better to use his hand than to have to put up with the likes of that guy. I kind of had to pinch hit for him a little until I introduced him to Ken. I broke Ken in. He loves it and is so happy these days. I guess you could see that last night. Couldn’t ask for two greater friends than those two. I’m excited they’re happy together and got to meet you and have some fun,” I said smiling. “You’ve been neglected lately anyway, so it didn’t hurt you to be the star attraction last night.”

    “Oh, I was that and more. They couldn’t leave my dick alone. We were up half the night and then they needed a ‘morning delight’, as they called it. I swear my balls have dried up and I’m just waiting for them to fall off right now. I may be ballless by the next time you see me,” Greer said making me laugh. “What’s with that Thad kid anyway. He was kind of quiet last night. I assume you’ve tapped that at some point in time. Not a bad looking guy, kind of cute in his own way. Looks like he had a nice ass and all. Anything good in the dick department?” Greer asked making me smile again.

    “Thad’s straight as far as we know. I gave him a ‘limit’s test’ seeing how far he could go before he couldn’t go any further. It was a way to see if he could tolerate being around us gay folk. He got through most of it, mostly blow jobs and I rimmed him a little which made him cum hard which he seemed to enjoy. He wasn’t into anal at all. Anything like that scares the hell out of him. He’s sometimes uncomfortable talking about some of the stuff we do, but all in all he can tolerate it, and I need him as a business manager for the new club. I can trust him, which is what I need more than anything right now, to work with us in the money end. We’ll work on the gender preference over time. He hasn’t had sex with any women yet, so the only sex he’s ever had, other than with his hand, is me. He reminds me of that once in a while. I told him I was available for further training anytime he needed some. He said he’d be sure and let me know if that time ever came about.” Greer laughed.

    “Poor kid, having to put up with the likes of you. It’s a wonder you didn’t traumatize the kid,” Greer said shaking his head.

    “Deep down, they all want a part of me, Greer, just to see what the magic is all about,” I told him.

    “Wo! Aren’t we getting big in the head now, and not the one between your legs,” Greer chided.

    “Just kidding around with you. No, I respect all my friends, and would do anything in the world for them, including Thad. Can’t make it in this world without true friends, Greer. I know you know that. Hell, I liked you from the first time I met you. You’re genuine and I can trust you to the max, which is why you’re here today and taking care of this transaction. I know you know how much I care about you as my friend. I was glad when I introduced you to Stoney and knew right away he would like you like I did. That happened,” I reassured him.

    “Yes, you did. Stoney loves me and I love him. We had such a great thing going. Still says he loves me dearly, but somewhere along the line the sex disappeared. On the nights we do sleep together, he offers to stimulate me sexually, but doesn’t want any in return. I’m to the point now, if it’s not mutual, I’d rather just cuddle with him. Don’t know what’s wrong, but I still love him, and he seems to really love me also. Go figure. One of these days we’ll find out what’s wrong. I can’t imagine that one cowboy wears him out to the point he can’t have sex with me. But then, I’m not in the bedroom with them, so I don’t know. Sven and I do very well on our own together,” Greer said sounding troubled by his and Stoney’s relationship.

    “I’m sure it’s just a phase of some type, Greer. The important thing is he genuinely loves you. You have Sven for sex, and now, you have Ken and James over here. You have dick and ass in every port. Can’t beat that,” I remarked.

    “Speaking of Ken and James, they’ve invited me to stay with them Sunday night when I have to come back for the closing on Monday morning. I think I’ll need the balance of this week to regenerate my balls to handle another night with those two. You’re welcome to stay also. We could have a nice foursome, you know. Spell me a little with them and give me a little anal attention from you. That’d sure be nice if you could swing it,” Greer suggested. I smiled at him.

    “I know what those two are like. I love them both, and your ass is nothing to sneeze at, but I have finals next week, and I think I need to study more than my dick needs the exercise, if you know what I mean,” I replied to a disappointed looking Greer.

    “Someday, Josh, I’d like a little private time with just the two of us to really get acquainted. That would mean the world to me. I guess I want to see what the magic is all about,” he said making me laugh at my own words.

    “Just for you, Greer. We’ll work a little magic together sometime,” I promised him which seemed to make him happy.

    We finished our hamburgers and fries and headed out. Greer was parked near by and said he’d give me a lift back to campus, which was only a few blocks. That meant I could spend a few more minutes with him in the car. We got in and I leaned over and kissed him passionately. “There, will that keep you happy until we can do more?” I asked.

    “Made my cock happy. It’s stiff as a board,” he said chuckling. I put my hand on his crotch and felt that nice hard rod of his.

    “Damn, boy, you do have a nice one down there. I’m going to have to dream about this one,” I said excitedly. He pulled me back and kissed me again.

    “Okay, that’s enough or I’ll never be able to let you go,” Greer said concerned. “You do funny things to my body. I love you, but I can’t fall in love with you. I think we both know that,” he said seriously. I kissed him again, then hugged him tightly around the neck.

    “You’re a wonderful friend, Greer. One of my closest friends. I’m always here for you. Thanks for all the great help on this project. I couldn’t have done it without you. You know that,” I said as I hugged him tightly. “And don’t worry about Stoney. I know he really loves you and he’ll tell you what’s wrong sometime. I’m sure it’s nothing you’ve done. He’s probably wrestling with something he can’t share yet. Just hang in there. I’m sure everything will be fine,” I tried to reassure him.

    “Thanks, Josh. You’re truly a great friend. I’ll see you next Monday, but we’ll probably talk before then, I’m sure,” he said giving me one last hug. He dropped me off at one end of the campus. I told him to have a safe trip back to the city. I ran my left hand over his crotch just before exiting the car. He thanked me, saying he’d probably have a hardon for the three hours back to the city. I laughed and waved at him.

    I had a few minutes before accounting started and ran up to Ken’s office. Ken looked a little ragged also. “Damn, you guys tore up the sheets last night. I just left Greer and he looked as bad as you do. Got any dick left after last night?” I asked running my hand over his crotch making him flinch.

    “My dick’s fine, it’s my ass that might be a little sore. That Greer is one hell of a sensuous man, Josh. Damn, he’s hot. James and my balls are sore today from all the draining they got last night. I don’t think I could give you a pindrop of cum today if my life depended on it,” he said sighing. I laughed. Ken shook his head at me.

    “Greer told me he’s going to have to abstain from sex for the rest of the week in order to save up enough energy for you and James next Sunday night. I guess you guys made plans already?”

    “Oh, hell yes. James and I are really looking forward to it. We may have to go at it in a more moderate way this coming Sunday, as we damn near killed ourselves last night. You should see James. That boy can take a dick like no other and even he’s having trouble walking today. We need to get Greer to move over here. He’s just too hot to be that far away,” Ken exclaimed.

    “I appreciate you taking care of him last night. He’s a great friend and a great help to this project, just like you’ve been,” I said sincerely. Ken pulled me in and kissed me.

    “Couldn’t be for a better cause and for a greater friend than you, Josh. All the people you surround yourself with are just great people. There is some sort of magic about you with people,” Ken stated.

    “Don’t you go starting with that magic stuff too. You just care about people and they care back. Some care in more sensuous ways than others. There’s no magic to that,” I said staring him in the eyes.

    “Well, you are very special to all of us. I couldn’t ask for a better friend, and the benefits, shit, they drive me over the edge. Which we need to talk about that. It’s been awhile since James and I have experienced any benefits. You could join us on Sunday night. I know Greer is yearning for another intimate session with you also,” Ken suggested.

    “You guys are crazy. You proved to yourselves last night you could have just as much fun, if not more, without me. I just got you started. Now you can love the world if you want,” I offered.

    “There’s something very special about your first, you know. You’ll always be special to me, Josh. Always, after the life you exposed me to. I’m truly happy these days, and you made that possible,” Ken replied.

    “Just think. You taught me accounting and I taught you male sex. I guess we helped each other,” I said thinking about it.

    “I like your subject better. Just wish I could have learned this years ago,” Ken exclaimed. The bell rang and we jumped up and ran down the hall running into a waiting class. Thad gave me an evil eye.

    “You didn’t do anything to him today did you?” he asked concerned, whispering.

    “No. They did enough last night. By the way, the PA is signed and approved,” I said to an excited face. We fist bumped each other.

    “Sorry, class. I had a rough night last night and am running a little late today and dragging a lot. We’ll get to everything we need to get to today though, so no worries,” Ken said addressing the class. Thad rolled his eyes. I made a circle with my left forefinger and thumb and ran my right forefinger through it making a ‘screwing’ gesture. Thad shook his head.

    I wasn’t paying that much attention to Ken as he was going through what all we needed to know for the final exam next week. He said we’d spend the rest of the week reviewing everything we needed to know for the final starting today. Since he told me I didn’t need to take it, I felt free to let my mind wonder. I ran through a mental checklist of what I needed to do, now that the PA was signed. I had to call Todd right after class was over to let him know to get the building inspection going. That out of the way, I thought about Greer’s naked body and hot cock drilling James and Ken last night, something I remembered I enjoyed doing. That proceeded to give me a hardon. I pulled Thad’s hand over to feel my throbbing appendage causing him to withdraw his had rather radically. I just smiled. He shook his head at me in somewhat of a disgustful manner. I chuckled.

    Class was finally over and we got up to leave. I waved a parting wave to Ken as he had a couple of students approach him to ask questions, so Thad and I didn’t hang around.

    “What gave you a boner during class?” he asked concerned.

    “You. I was thinking about how hot it was to suck your cock and lick that virgin assshole of yours that one night during your limits test. Fuck, made me hard just thinking about it, Thad. I can’t help it. You’re hot, buddy,” I said making him think and lying through my ass.

    “You really think I’m hot, Josh?” he asked somewhat intrigued.

    “Hell, yes. Just kind of got my juices going daydreaming about it. Sorry if that bothers you,” I said apologetically.

    “It probably should, but, actually, it’s kind of flattering. Don’t know if I want to do it again, but it is flattering that you think about me,” he said.

    “Can you imagine the sex Ken, James and Greer had last night. Ken and Greer really looked haggard today. Ken said James is hurting also. I guess they really had a hot time,” I said admiringly.

    “Can’t imagine what that involved, nor do I want to try,” Thad said.

    “Gotta call Todd and get the building inspection started,” I said to Thad as we exited the Business building. Thad waited to hear what I told Todd. Todd was ecstatic when I talked to him. He said he and Chad would get right on it. He told me he’d call me back when he had a time and if I had time, we could accompany the inspector to see what he saw, so we’d know what was going to be in his report, giving us a head start on everything. I agreed. Todd was excited and said he’d get right on it. I hung up and Thad seemed excited also.

    “One step closer to making this happen?” he asked.

    “What, you agreeing to have sex with me or the purchase of the building?” I asked in return.

    “Always the smartass. You just can’t help yourself,” he said smiling. “I guess I know the answer to that question.”

    “Which question?” I asked giving him the look. He shook his head. I told him goodbye and pinched his ass as I did. He smiled and gave me a wave, telling me to call him if I needed anything other than his body for sex. I had to chuckle over that comment. He was coming along nicely.

    I stopped by the dorm before swim practice, or what was left of it. Kevin came waltzing into my room in his briefs. “So what time tonight for the Twin extravaganza in my ass?” he asked. I just shook my head, but ran my hand down the front of his briefs to fondle his naked junk. He seemed to like that.

    “I’ll call you once I get there. No need to wear any hot underwear as anything you have on will be ripped from your body the second you step foot in their room. You didn’t tell Eric what we’re doing did you?” I asked.

    “Hell no. He doesn’t want to know those things anyway. That just weirds him out. You should know that by now. Are we both taking them like we did before or do you have something else in mind?” Kevin asked.

    “I have to have a serious talk with Tuck tonight, I think anyway. I think you’re soloing if you don’t mind. I thought you’d like that better anyway, two cocks tonight vs. one. You seem to get your jollies off with odds like that lately anyway with Calvin and Sam. I think the two cocks you have tonight will more than make up for the usual two you have,” I said as a statement of fact. Kevin said, ’and then some.’ He was elated about his evening plans as I left with Erin and Allen for the natatorium.

    Allen said they had a couple of divers coming in this afternoon for try outs from some high schools down state. He said OBB was hoping they were hot and they’d get to shower with them. I told him to be careful. He frowned at me. I also told Allen about Greer’s conversation with his father. Allen said that worked out as he planned and was hopeful it helped Greer with future endeavors with his father. I told Allen I was proud of him.

    “Yeh, maybe Greer will take pity on my little ass and stuff it for me sometime. He’s a hot looking guy even if he’s a few years older,” Allen said smiling.

    We met Andy and OBB at the lockers and stripped naked and suited up in our trunks once more. We hadn’t had these on since the competition. I was thinking It might feel good to hit the water again and swim a few practice laps. Drew was waiting for us at the pool. Andy left us to go to his squads where they were going to review some of the stats of guys interested in joining the Uni relay swim squad next year. Andy said they had way too many candidates to look at and were in hopes of paring the large number down to a reasonable number to evaluate. I reminded him he was in that group at one time. He smiled.

    Drew told us Dawson had a bunch of stat sheets for us he wanted the three of us to review. I told him that Zach needed to be one of them. He said he was sure his was in the pile. Drew left us to go gather the sheets from Dawson. Erin and I jumped in the pool and automatically did our warm up exercises. It actually felt good feeling the water surging pass our practically naked bodies. We swam a couple of laps rather easily. Then we actually mounted the platforms and swam competition style only not going all out. We both agreed it felt good to repeat what had brought us to this point. Jack came by and jumped in the pool to talk to Erin and I.

    “I figured you’d be skipping today since you didn’t really have to be here,” I told him.

    “Not a chance. So, did you get to fuck your buddy Dawson yet, Josh? I wasn’t taking any chances on possibly getting a front row ticket to that match,” Jack said excitedly.

    “Not going to happen, Jack. I told you that before. I’d never make anyone do something they weren’t comfortable doing. Let’s face it, Dawson wouldn’t be comfortable with a cock up his ass. Let’s be realistic,” I advised him.

    “That’s the point. He would never be comfortable with it which is all the more reason to make him do it. The prick deserves it, Josh. We all know he does, that narcissistic asshole,” Jack said perturbed.

    “Give it a break, Jack. I already told him I let him out of the bet,” I said.

    “You what? Josh, that’s bullshit. You owe me a fuck for that one if you let that asshole out of something he promised to do if you won. You won fair and square, and he owes you a trip up his shit alley. Don’t be a fool. Fuck that fucker good and hard, and make him squeal like the pig he is,” Jack said getting pissed off.

    “Calm down there, orange bush. Not everyone likes that type of thing like some of us do. We’re all good. No one’s getting hurt over this. It’s all good and everyone is cool, so don’t get our panties in a wad over this. You’re not involved anyway,” I reminded him.

    “I want to be involved. Just tell him I’ll do it for you. Tell him you didn’t want his rank shit on your dick, but I don’t care,” Jack said still pissed. “Gees, Josh, just fuck the guy and fuck him hard. If you can fuck Erin here, you can surely fuck Dawson,” Jack said looking at Erin. Erin quickly got real defensive.

    “Now you’re pissing me off, Jack. Get your shit together or go away. You’re talking about one of my closest friends here,” I informed him sternly.

    “Sorry, I keep forgetting. I used to be in that category until I pissed off, let’s see, I guess it was the world?” he said sarcastically.

    “Pretty much, Jack. You let Marty mess you up pretty bad. You still fucking him?” I asked.

    “Not as much as we used to. He’s just too hot to ever totally give up, Josh. I’m like addicted to him. Not that I want to be. Hell, if I had my druthers, I’d be just like you. But I have more fun the way I am,” Jack confessed. I rolled my eyes.

    “Not going to have too many close friends with that attitude,” I warned him.

    “I’d give Marty up in a heartbeat for more of your cock in my ass,” Jack said as he started to run his hand over my shoulders. I stepped back.

    “I think those days are long gone, Jack. Long gone with the Jack I once cared for. You got carried away with Marty and that pretty much ended your friendships with a lot of great guys with the attitude you developed. I thought you were getting better, but I guess that didn’t happen,” I told him.

    “I was getting better. I would have been great had you kept up your end of the bet and butt fucked Dawson. That’s the one thing I dreamed about and prayed I’d live long enough to see happen. That big dickhead needs a raw bone up his ass and cum in his stomach. Fuck him, Josh,” Jack almost demanded.

    “Not your business, Jack. And to make things worse, I wouldn’t tell you if it did happen,” I told him.

    “You wouldn’t have to. I would be able to tell, just by the way he acts. Hey, it’s been nice talking to you guys. Remember to follow through, Josh. That’s what they always tell us anyway. Erin if you need a little change from Mr. Nice and want to get down and dirty with a hard fuck, give me a call. You might need a little of this orange bush here to really liven up your life,” Jack said pushing his trunks down to expose his orange pubes before parting.

    “I can’t imagine how the two of you could have ever been good friends,” Erin said wondering.

    “You know, he was arrogant when I first met him, intuitive that I might have been interested, mainly because of his orange bush. I admit, Jack’s orange pubes do get me rather excited for some stupid reason. He played hard to get, and then I mainly ignored him. Drew actually set us up at a party with one of the alumni at this guy’s apartment. I wasn’t too happy about him being there, but we seemed to get along fine that night and actually broke the ice and became decent friends. We’re both in the frat together and I actually got him and his big brother, Ted, together. Ted had some sort of condition where he needed to cum frequently or some of his glands could get inflamed. He found out his asshole was a major turn on and a cock up his ass could really help him with his condition. Jack could certainly take care of that. I showed him first. Ted is a real sweetheart and a track star that helped me with my training. Oddly enough, the two fell in love. I couldn’t believe that Jack was actually capable of loving someone, but he did and Ted was so happy. Then this Marty character came along and Jack fucked up his relationship with Ted. Ted banished him to the library at the frat to study rather than with him in his room. Jack knows he screwed up one heck of a relationship, but he’ll never change. He just likes to fuck, no strings attached,” I said noting a guilty look on Erin’s face.

    “Josh, I was there one time, only I wasn’t mean to anyone. It was just anonymous sex if you remember. Paid a hell of a price for that with probation and all. You saved me and taught me how to love, and for that, I’m eternally grateful. You and Jake are the two most important friends to me in the world and I love you both so much. At least you changed me. It’s a shame you couldn’t change Jack. I guess you can’t win them all,” Erin admitted.

    “You have to want to change. Jack doesn’t want to, which is a major difference between the two of you. Plus, you have a heart. We’re still looking for Jack’s,” I said making Erin laugh.

    Just then Drew returned with the stat sheets for us to peruse. “Dawson said he and Coach want to see you in Coach’s office. He said it had to do with this Zach guy you want to put on the squad next year,” Drew said as he laid out the sheets on the judges table for us to look at. I looked at Erin rather oddly, but headed off to Coach’s office. I knocked at the door. Dawson opened it and let me in.

    “Where’s coach?” I asked Dawson.

    “He had to step out for a minute,” Dawson said making an excuse.

    “You sure you didn’t send him away?” I asked a little curious as to what was up.

    “I think you and I have a bet to settle and Coach lent me his office to settle it. I have everything we need other than you, and now we can get this thing settled,” Drew said standing there in his trunks.

    “We’ve been through this, Dawson. The bet is settled. It’s over. We don’t need to take this any further. We’re done. Why are you insisting we do this when you clearly hate the idea of having to do it? I let you off the hook. Leave it at that,” I urged.

    “Maybe I don’t want to be left off the hook, Josh. Maybe I want this thing to happen. You told me at Coach’s swim party back at the beginning of school how much I’d really like it. You wanted to do it to me that night. You sucked me off a couple of times, and I have to admit, that was pretty hot. Made me cum hard. I got to thinking maybe taking your dick up my ass wasn’t such a bad deal after all. So here we are,’ he said dropping his trunks revealing his hard cock.

    “Dawson, let’s not do this. First of all, you’re not my type. I’m one of the few guys on the team that still considers you a friend. Let’s not do anything to damage that friendship. We don’t need to do this. If it will make you feel any better, I’ll suck your cock again and we can be done with all of this nonsense. It was a crazy bet in the first place,” I told him. He still looked like he was not going to let it go.

    “How bad do you want your friend Zach, I believe is his name, on the team next year?” Dawson asked.

    “You’re not making my fucking you a condition for securing Zach as a scholarship winner for next year, are you?” I asked now very concerned and getting irritated.

    “Just saying, it might make things easier for all of us if we could just get this over with and go on and put the right people in the right places and not have to argue about who we offer scholarships to. I think if you fulfilled the bet, I could certainly find my way to vote with you,” he said trying to bribe me now.

    “That’s blackmail, Dawson. That’s pretty low even for you. You’re a better man than that. I know that for a fact. You’ve always been pretty fair in almost everything, I thought anyway. Now, I’m not so sure. This is beneath you,” I said somewhat pissed off.

    “Josh, I’m just offering you the opportunity to make good on a bet you accepted. Do the honorable thing and accept the winning prize, my ass. Let’s do this and go on about our honorable way, getting next year’s selection handled. It can be very simple if you’d just do your part,” he said standing there stroking his cock.

    “Dawson, if that don’t beat all. Okay, I’ll fuck you and fuck you hard. Drop to your knees and suck my cock, bitch,” I said getting mad. Dawson looked at me a little leery of what he just asked for, but kicked off his trunks and sank to his knees after locking the door. He took my limp cock into his mouth and started to suck. “Suck that big cock,” I ordered. Suck it like a man and not the bitch you are,” I demanded sternly.

    “You don’t have to get crazy, Josh. Just a nice simple loveable fuck will suffice. We don’t have to make it dirty,” he suggested.

    “You made it dirty, Dawson. I’m giving you the same treatment you gave me. If you want it, it only comes this way,” I said trying to face fuck him some, as my cock started to stiffen. “Lay on the desk on your back and let your head hang over the end of the desk,” I ordered. Dawson did as I instructed. I needed him there so I could stick my cock halfway down his throat making him deep throat me. That worked, only he gagged rather profusely. Still I made him suffer. I only wished I could have flooded his tonsils with my cum and made him choke on it. I leaned over his body laying on the desk while I face fucked the boy and took his fat meaty cock in my mouth. Fuck, it was a nice cock that I had enjoyed sucking a few times before. Dawson’s cock was only about 6” well shorter than mine. Although it was thick, it was thinner at the head and got wider at the base, kind of like a wedge, only not that dramatic. Still it was interesting and had a great feel in one’s mouth, different from all the other cocks one usually sucked. I ran my tongue down over his large hairless balls and down his taint making him squirm underneath me. He had my cock all slick with his saliva, strings of it dripping on the floor off my cock. I wanted to get this over in a hurry, but I was starting to enjoy it which was bothering me. Dawson was a prime male specimen, big boned and solid muscle, pale skin and hairless except for some armpit hair and, of course, his pubic bush that seemed extremely well manicured. It was like it was not allowed to grow anywhere except in a small confined triangle above his cock. I swear he didn’t even have to shave his balls, as they were naturally hairless along with his legs even. That kind of pissed me off, because I always had to shave my legs and treasure trail during the entire swim season. He was naturally hairless. I rolled his balls, one a time around in my mouth, listening to him sigh as he sucked my cock. I took my middle finger on my right hand and found his asshole between his strong butt cheeks. I did some teasing with my finger, which I could tell really turned him on as I got a small glob of pre-cum in my mouth when I did that little action. I spit on my finger before engulfing his meaty cock again in my mouth. I inserted my finger in his ass up to my first knuckle, getting another glob of pre-cum. This action was definitely turning him on. Then I came off of him and turned around putting my ass over his face. “Lick my hole, you cum slut,” I demanded. I think he laughed at that one. It made me chuckle also. I guess I wasn’t getting too far with this domination thing, but I was having fun talking to him like that.

    Dawson took his tongue and tongued my asshole, then licked the underside of my balls and my taint. Fuck, he was doing a very decent job of turning me on. I wanted to fart just to piss him off, but it wasn’t coming, damnit anyway. After I enjoyed his tongue action on my ass, I turned around and face fucked him again and sucked on his meaty cock once more. After making him gag countless times, I decided it was time to penetrate the boy and get this over with.

    “Get on your feet and bend over the desk, asshole. I’m going to plug that ass of yours and make you squeal like a piggy,” I ordered.

    “Really, you’re really going to make this a Deliverance themed fuck?” he asked somewhat chuckling.

    “Do as I say, faggot, or I’ll cum in your ass,” I said as I slapped his hard ass cheek making him say, ‘yes sir’. I was having so much fun. If Les could only see this. He’d have cum already just from the way I was talking to Dawson.

    “The condoms and lube are on the desk beside me there, Josh,” Dawson said as he wiggled his ass in front of me.

    “You fuck anyone without a condom? And don’t lie to me bitch,” I scolded.

    “No sir, well, just Drew. I fucked Drew without a condom,” he admitted. I was satisfied with that answer.

    “You fuck any of your scag girlfriends raw?” I asked again.

    “No, sir. Never. Bitches get pregnant and you end up paying for that for life. Never any bitches, and for the record, they weren’t scags either. All of them were hot,” he said trying to correct the record.

    “Maybe to you they were, but not to the rest of us. You might as well have been gay, Dawson. In fact, some of them so called bitches we thought were guys,” I said tongue in cheek.

    “Asshole,” he replied.

    “Careful with that tongue, bitch. The more sarcastic you get, the more this is going to hurt,” I threatened him. He shut up immediately.

    I took my thumbs and split his tight muscled ass cheeks apart exposing his rose bud virgin hole. I could see he had done some work with his new dildo as he wasn’t as tight when I took a couple of fingers and worked on loosening up his hole. He winced a little with three fingers, but I finally loosened him up some. I spit on his asshole, then took my tongue and teased him there, driving the poor guy half crazy. I rimmed him pretty good making him shake all over.

    “Fuck me, Josh. Just fuck me,” he said all hot and bothered anxious for my cock, I guessed. His hand brushed my leg with a condom in it. I took the condom and threw it on the desk beside him, making him concerned. “Josh, the condom. You need the condom,” he said now concerned.

    “I’m fucking your ass raw, Dawson. You’re clean if you just fucked Drew without a condom and used one on everyone else. I’m clean, so it’s skin against skin, buddy, raw dick in your raw ass. Hope you like the ride,” I said as I pushed the head of my throbbing naked cock just inside his asshole. He tensed up, so I slapped his ass rather hard making a loud smack.

    “Oh, Lord. Fuck, be gentle,” he begged. I spit on the shaft of my cock as it was entering his asshole and gently thrust it further inside him. He was holding his breath. I made him arch his back a little more making the penetration process easier. I was finally all the way in and let him relax a little.

    “You okay?” I asked when I was almost in all the way.

    “Okay,” he said somewhat apprehensive. I took it easy on him at first and then I stepped it up. “Fuck this is crazy shit,” he said at one point, not indicating to me whether it was a positive or negative reaction. I kept up a steady rhythm. He soon began to moan like he was actually starting to enjoy this. I looked down at my cock going in and out of his asshole. There was a puddle of pre-cum on the floor, so I knew his cock seemed satisfied with the action I was giving his ass. “Josh, this kind of feels amazing. Can we try a different position?” he asked. I was happy to hear he wasn’t weirded out. I slowly withdrew my cock from his ass. Dawson quickly flipped over on his back, lifted his legs and spread his ass cheeks for my re-entry. He sighed as my penis slid back into his ass. The boy was rock hard through all of this attention his ass was receiving. Pre-cum continued to drool on his abs as I stepped up my thrusting. I reached down and massaged his cock, stroking it. He had to stop me saying he was very close and didn’t want it to end just yet. I ran my hands up and down his bare legs. I even fondled his large balls. “Can you play with my nipples?” Dawson asked out of the blue. “Drew always said that was a real turn on.” I reached for his nipples and gently squeezed them starting a major flow of pre-cum with that action. “Fuck, you feel amazing inside me, Josh. I never dreamed it could be like this. Now I know why Drew liked it so much. Shit, this is crazy shit, but it feels so fucking awesome.”

    I don’t know why, but for some reason, Dawson seemed so vulnerable for the first time since I’d met him. I leaned over and quickly kissed him. He pulled my head back to his and kissed me passionately, something I never expected or invited. At the moment, it felt right for some strange reason, like our differences disappeared and our souls melded. The sex had become more passionate at this moment. I felt and urge to breed the boy, not just shove my cock up his ass and get it over with like I had felt at the beginning of what seemed to be a chore. I actually had feelings for Dawson as a special friend which confused me. I thrust my cock deep into his ass, balls deep. Occasionally forcing my pelvic bone hard up against his taint for an added quarter inch penetration and holding it there making him moan like crazy. I was enjoying trying different techniques on Dawson, who seemed to be enjoying all of it.

    Dawson pulled me to him and held me tightly as I felt a surge of hot liquid flow between the two of us. His body quivered almost violently as his thick cock spewed his seed between our bodies. I swear he had a death grip on me as he let loose. His ass squeezing my cock for all it was worth. Now my balls were churning and needed a release. As he finally settled down and released his grip on me, his ass loosening its grip on my cock, I slowly came out of him and started jacking my cock. I was determined to give him a facial. I came around to him and shot him point blank in the face, my cum streaming down over his nose and lips, hot semi-thick viscous cum running all over his face. As my orgasm settled to dripping cum, I took my penis and used it to smear my semen all over his lips and cheeks. Dawson was making a face, but wasn’t resisting at this point, relegating himself to experiencing it all, I supposed. I even forced my cummy dripping cock in his mouth and told him to clean it up. He sucked all the cum off my cock head and licked down the shaft getting everything he could. I wiped the cum off his cheeks and lips with my fingers and ran them through his mouth, making sure he got most of what I had contributed. With his face semi cleaned up, I bent over and kissed him. He pulled me to him and kissed me over and over. I finally pulled him up off the desk where he hugged me, our bodies and junk tightly together.

    “Well, was it what you thought it might be?” I asked.

    “Fuck, it was all that and more. Still have trouble justifying two guys together, but that just beat any sex I’ve ever had in my life with any woman, Josh. You’re the greatest. Now I know why everyone loves you so much. Damn, you sure know how to take care of a guy. Whew, that was wonderful,” Dawson said trying to get his breath and sweating.

    I plopped down naked in one of Coach’s chairs slinging some cum off the end of my cock when I did. “So, here’s the deal. Zach goes to the top of the list and gets first consideration now that I took care of your needs, Dawson. I don’t want any fucking around with his scholarship. The guy is the best choice for next year. You know it and I know it. Coach should know it also. Let’s not be blackmailing each other to do what we all know is right in the first place,” I said emphatically.

    “Relax, Romeo,” Dawson said as he approached me and hugged my head, letting me smell his cum on his abs. “We already put it through. He’s been approved and all the paperwork is in admissions now. He’s in. Couldn’t stop it if any of us wanted to at this point. Coach signed off on it yesterday. It’s a done deal, so don’t worry your pretty head over it, Josh,” he said. For that I licked the remnants of his cum off his abs, tickling him in the process, making him giggle.

    “You tried to blackmail me when what I wanted was already a done deal? What the fuck, Dawson?”

    “I wanted to make sure you fulfilled your end of the bet. You tried to renig on me. Seemed like a good idea at the time to hold Zach over your head. It worked, didn’t it?”

    “Fuck, yeh, it worked. But that was evil if you ask me. I was only being thoughtful regarding you. I’ve had your words ingrained in my head all year long that, ‘guys don’t fuck guys’. You were always so macho straight. I was only being considerate of you. Then you try to coerce me into fucking you, using Zach as a weapon against me. What kind of a friend are you anyway? I try to help you and you try to screw me. You have me so confused right now. You are one confused straight guy if you’re even straight at all. Sometimes I have my doubts,” I said giving him some uneasiness.

    Just then there was a knock on the door. We quickly grabbed our trunks and pulled them up over our cum dripping cocks. “Just a minute,” Dawson hollered as we scrambled to look decently straight again.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    "Fuck Light", "Regular Duty' and "Heavy Duty"? You slay me, FT. I love it. Dawson was an asshole for holding Josh's friend Zach's scholarship over his head for a cheap fuck. That was pretty cool the way Josh handled it. Surprised Dawson enjoyed it like he did. Kind of a hot description as to how all that went down, FT. Stirred things up for me. I get the feeling from the failed relationships with the women Dawson has been dating, he just might be interested in the other team. I guess that is part of your mystery you keep us all at bay with. I know, stay tuned to see how Dawson develops. Gees, FT, you drive us crazy with suspense. And, what's with the 'knock on the door'? Another cliffhanger???? You're killing me. Okay, get back to the keyboard and drop more chapters on us and soon, please. Great stuff, FT. Can't wait for the next chapter now. BC

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    What a great chapter!

    Sounds like you've had a bit of experience with the legalities of property transfers, financial entanglements, building inspections, etc., etc. It's all in the way you write about such things.

    And, speaking of the way you write, I'm also assuming you're familiar with Dawsons, Jacks, Drews, Greers, Kens, Thads, Bradys, Erins, Jakes, Tucks, etc., etc., etc.

    Yeah, this is all fiction. But, in order to write about it, there has to be something behind all that, at least a seed.

    Awesome and Amazing!
    WISDOM is the Knowledge you've gained ... After you could have used it! _Me

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    You are so insightful, Thad. You never cease to amaze me. Obviously, you've been around the block a few times also. It is interesting using characters that are fictional in the sense of this story, but have some of the same characteristics of those you are very familiar with and know maybe too well. I guess in a way, this is a way of delving into some interesting personalities in a way you'd like to see them played out, instead of reality. But, hell, it's my fantasy. They have to play my way in my brain. Ha. Having fun amusing all you guys. There are some very interesting chapters coming. Thanks to you also, BC, for hanging in there and not enjoying the cliffhangers. FT.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chapter 168 – Another Big Surprise and Finally That Talk With Tuck

    We had just started to get into a serious conversation regarding Dawson’s true sexual preferences when we were suddenly interrupted with a knock on the door. We scrambled to get our trunks over our cum crusted cocks and look presentable. Dawson answered the door, but didn’t open it fully, trying to minimize the view of whoever was at the door.

    It was Jack. Of all the guys in the squad, it had to be Jack. I wasn’t sure if he knew I was in there or not. “Hey, we need you and Josh at the relay squad. We think we have a great idea for a couple of swimmers next year and Coach wanted you guys to sit in on what we came up with,” Jack said only seeing Dawson’s face through the cracked open door.

    “Why does he need Josh for the relay squad? Josh is a 400 meter guy,” Dawson asked.

    “Beats me. He just said you guys were in his office and to go and get you. You coming or not?” Jack asked.

    “We’ll be there in a minute. We’re just finishing up the recruitment of a 400 meter guy,” Dawson told Jack.

    “Sure you are,” Jack replied somewhat sarcastically. Jack took off.

    “That little fucker. It had to be him that came to get us,” I said shaking my head.

    “We better get over there. Do we look decent enough to go?” Dawson asked looking for some baby wipes to make sure we were clean and didn’t smell like man fluid. I wiped some now crusted cum off his side and looked him over good. He looked me over also. “Well, do we look okay?” he asked again.

    “We look like we just had some kind of intense hot sex, Dawson. Actually, we did. I don’t know, there’s a glow about you now. That never was there before, just a scowl type appearance,” I said kidding him. He frowned at me. “By the way, this conversation isn’t over. We’re going to continue delving into who you really are, buddy,” I said warning him he had more to explain. Dawson frowned, but didn’t refuse to talk later.

    Reaching Coach at the relay team pool, I noticed everyone was there sitting on the bleachers, including Erin and Drew and all the other squads which made sense now since Jack wasn’t a part of the relay team. As we approached all the guys stood up and started applauding us. Now I was really embarrassed not knowing what this was all about and being recognized for something while I had Dawson’s cum on my body, however inconspicuous it was. Coach stood up and shook our hands.

    “I guess you’re wondering what this is all about,” Coach said as he started to address Dawson and I, along with the entire group. I had Dawson keep you occupied for a few minutes while the rest of us got together and took a vote on who we wanted as a Co-Captain of the swim team for next year. Dawson did a great job with the team and his assistants, Drew being one of them, but he said we could do even more if he had help overall next year and he recommended you, Josh. We took a vote on it while Dawson kept you occupied, and it was unanimous. Congratulations, Josh. You are the new Co-Captain of the swim team for next year. We all know you’ll do a fantastic job working with Dawson to make this team even greater for next year,” Coach said shaking my hand. I was beet red with embarrassment. “Tell the team how great it’s going to be,” Coach said and sat down.

    “I appreciate the vote of confidence you all have given me, guys. I really don’t deserve this honor as Dawson and Drew did all the work concerning me. I just trained to swim faster and it paid off. I do have some ideas for more intensive training that helped me out immensely this year that we can apply to you guys for next year. I want to see more weight lifting and more running as part of our regimen for training,” I said searching my brain for a few quick ideas, mostly the main training factors that led to my win this year, which I thought was a great idea all of a sudden given a chance to show some leadership. “I worked with a frat brother this year who has come up with a very scientific way of analyzing each individual and then determining body mass, strength testing and other factors necessary to get you physically prepared for the sport you compete in. He put me through this analysis and determined the physical training necessary to achieve my goals. Miraculously, it worked. I guess I shouldn’t say ‘miraculously’ as my trainer said it was scientifically supposed to work and it did. I still think it was some kind of miracle, but he says it had to happen. Oh, well, the system works and with a little help from James, the one who designed the sports training system, we can implement some of this next year and then take all the ribbons at the state championships,” I said getting whoops and hollers and applause. Then I shrugged my shoulders, and sat down.

    “We have all the confidence in the world that with two of us and Josh’s new scientific methods of training, we can be an unbeatable force for next year and just maybe send some of our guys to the Olympics. We should be good enough,” Dawson said and got an applause for that.

    Coach stood up and dismissed the class. “Did you know about this, Dawson?” I asked him point blank.

    “Sort of,” he replied shaking my hand. “Yes, Coach and I talked about it yesterday when we took care of Zach’s application. We both thought it was a great idea because of the way all the guys seem to respect and look up to you, Josh. Like I said, everyone seems to love you. I’m starting to see why,” Dawson said smiling. “Be happy. This is a great honor and an opportunity for you. Looks great on a resume also down the road. I’ll be a senior next year and you’ll be a sophomore. We have a year together for a transition to your total leadership. Coach is counting on your leadership for the next three years, Josh. We just did a little succession planning, that’s all. You were the perfect choice,” he said slapping me on the back.

    “You didn’t even ask me about it ahead of time. I have so much going on in my life right now, I don’t know how I’m going to have time for this. You and Drew spend a lot of time on all this stuff. I don’t have that time with all the extra business ventures I’m into currently, and those seem to be getting larger by the day. I’m at the threshold of a major business venture that’s going to take all summer to accomplish. Then we have to run the business starting at the beginning of school. I just don’t know, Dawson,” I said, somewhat frustrated, as guys were coming by shaking my hand and saying congratulations.

    “You’ll figure it out, Josh. One thing we all recognize is that you have strong organizational skills. I’m sure you’ll put together a team of lieutenants to handle the grunt work, like I have with Drew. He’ll be a senior next year also, so you need to get Erin and Andy to maybe help you. By the way, as seniors, we’re not going to work all that hard next year, so you’ll need help,” he said giving me a heads-up as to how much effort he was going to give next year. “I know swimming is your passion. How could it not be with what you accomplished this year. I know you’ll figure it out, Josh. We all have faith in you.” I just shook my head with all that was spinning around inside. Most everyone had left for the showers or just got dressed. Andy and Erin were waiting for me as I finished up talking to Dawson and the rest of the guys congratulating me, one of them being Les, who inconspicuously pinched my ass.

    “Don’t forget, Dawson. We have more to talk about,” I warned him as I left to go shower with Andy and Erin.

    “Yeh, yeh, whatever,” Dawson replied. “Oh, and thanks for the help earlier. It was appreciated more than you know,” he added as he took off.

    “What kind of help did you give him?” Andy asked.

    “Don’t ask,” I said, as the conversation turned to them and what they were going to do to help out next year, giving them some excitement and concern as well.

    As we stood beside each other showering, Erin wiped his hand up against one of my inner thighs inside one of my butt cheeks. I looked at him and smiled. “Getting fresh are we, or just horny?” I asked.

    “No, you had a white glob of something there, and I got it off. I swear it looked like dried cum,” he said quietly. I thanked him for his help with a guilty smile.

    Back at the lockers we were one of the last guys in the locker room. As we were changing, I looked depressed. Andy asked me what was wrong.

    “How are we going to do this, guys? I asked concerned as I sat down naked on the locker room bench.

    “Josh, this is an exciting day for you. What’s to be concerned about?” Andy asked sympathetically, as if I shouldn’t have a care in the world.

    “Notoriety,” Erin chimed in. “I know he’s concerned to have such a high profile with everyone soon finding out we’re gay. Is that what’s bothering you, Josh?”

    “Yes, Erin. You hit the nail on the head. It’s one thing to be a member of the team and be gay, but co-captain, eventually being captain a year later and being out as a gay team member and also owning a gay bar? How well do you think that’s going over with the faculty here and the student body? I don’t know, guys. This is all so disturbing. Are we sure we’re doing the right thing opening up this bar here where we live and go to school? Everyone will know who we are and that we’re gay. I’m prepared to be ‘out’ once we tell our families and other friends that might not know. I can handle living in a straight world and that world knowing I’m gay. I’m preparing myself for that hour. But being made a co-captain of the swimming team and the world knowing I’m gay, and don’t forget my lieutenants being gay also, what’s that going to do to the morale of the rest of the team?” I asked searching for answers to questions I didn’t fully know the extent of.

    We all sat there naked a few minutes trying to think about what I just asked. “Josh, I look at it this way,” Andy started to say. “The guys voted for you to be co-captain. They all respect you for your accomplishments, hard work, dedication to the team and your thoughtfulness to your teammates, Josh. What does being gay have to do with any of what they admire you for now? I think you might even help our awareness, that we aren’t some abomination of mankind. We’re normal guys who like to genuinely make love to one another as compared to the fairer sex that’s so hard to get along with. I think the guys will understand especially if it’s you. If it was Jack, that’d be another story. They all care about you, Josh. I don’t think anything else matters. If it does, they weren’t our friends and teammates to begin with,” Andy said reassuringly, then hugged me. Erin hugged me also.

    “We’ll all be fine, Josh. None of us has harassed any of the straight guys on the team. They don’t know the difference as to who’s gay and who isn’t. When you look at it, there are a few of us on the team. Who knows, we may outnumber the straight guys if the truth were known,” Erin said thinking about it.

    “I guess we’ll see when the shit hits the fan, where it lands,” I said not wanting to think anymore about it at the moment. I got up and grabbed my briefs from my locker and started getting dressed. Erin and Andy patted me on the back.

    “So much is on your shoulders, Josh. We’re here to help, but if it gets to be too much, we need to change that. We can’t be afraid to change anything for the better if it becomes necessary or makes sense,” Erin offered.

    “I agree,” Andy seconded. “We’re not going to let you have a nervous breakdown over any of this. We may have to take a step back and re-evaluate what all we’re doing if necessary. Let’s not kill ourselves trying to make everything work, when it doesn’t.”

    “You guys are true friends. Damn, I love you both so much. I care about our whole team. We have so much talent, and can do wonders as a team. It’s just all these other outside factors that tend to cloud up our direction. We’ll make it all work somehow, I guess,” I said as we finished dressing and grabbed our athletic bags to leave. I hugged Andy goodbye at the door and told him I loved him. He told me he loved me too and not to worry. Erin, Jake and he would take care of me and get me through whatever I needed them for. I appreciated that.

    On our walk back to the dorm, Erin asked, “How’d you get the cum wad on your ass cheek today, Josh? Did you really have to fuck Dawson?”

    I told him what all transpired and the blackmail attempt Dawson made. Erin thought Dawson was a real prick after that. I had to explain to Erin there really wasn’t any threat as they had already accepted Zach’s scholarship bid and turned it into the admissions office. But, that it had pissed me off the way Dawson coerced me into the situation. I also told him that Dawson seemed to like what happened, which just conjured up more questions about what was going on in his mind. That, I explained, I never got to delve into because Jack came and got us for the surprise announcement ceremony. I told Erin, of all people, Jack was the wrong person for that time and I hoped he didn’t figure out what had just taken place in Coach’s office. Erin said Jack was a total jerk, and why did Coach send him to get Dawson and I.

    “Do you think Coach had any idea you were poking Dawson?” Erin asked.

    “Makes you wonder, but I think if he thought that might be going on, he wouldn’t have sent anyone to get us until he thought everything was all over. We didn’t have our dicks covered up when Jack knocked on the door,” I explained to him.

    “Wo, that was close,” Erin exclaimed.

    “No shit. We had to scramble. I sure wish I would have known about this ahead of time and I would have tried to look a little better than we did coming off a hot fuck like that,” I explained.

    “Yeh, it seemed like a spur of the moment thing unless Coach was trying to figure out what to do with us at the time. I guess he had his reasons for the timing. Dawson probably didn’t mention he was coercing you into screwing him,” Eric surmised. “I have a question though,” Erin said rather curiously. “How as Dawson’s ass?”

    I made a face like I really wasn’t sure. “I hate to say it, but it was kind of hot. A virgin asshole always is though. He was nice and tight. At first, I thought it was going to be mechanical, and I probably wouldn’t cum, or he wouldn’t cum. I was wrong on both counts. It was actually kind of hot. He has a thick cock, Erin. You might enjoy riding that sometime. I know Ashton would probably enjoy it. I guess Drew really did. Dawson’s basically hairless except where hair needs to be. His balls are nice and smooth, and nice sized also,” I said as I started thinking about Dawson and describing him to Erin.

    “Okay, now you sound like you enjoyed it too much,” Erin declared. I kind of chuckled.

    “All in all, it wasn’t bad and he really got into it for someone who swore it was a sin for guys to fuck guys. I can’t figure out why he was so determined to have me fuck him, Erin. That doesn’t make sense for a straight boy. I can see why he likes to tap Drew once I awhile, but why did he want me to tap his ass? I’d really like to know, but I don’t suppose I ever will, and just have to chalk up the experience to Dawson’s curiosity, which it may very well be,” I said thinking about it. “Now it wasn’t anything like making love to you or Jake or any of my close friends, but it was kind of hot in its own little way, I guess.”

    “You going to tell Jake?” Erin asked.

    “I will, just so he knows. He thought I should have fucked him anyway thinking he deserved it. He’ll definitely feel I did the right thing since Dawson threatened me with Zach. You should be happy now that Zach’s in. We may have a roomy for you after all,” I said smiling at Erin who was excited about having Zach with us.

    “You know how much I love you and Jake, Josh. But to have someone of my own, wow, that would be wonderful. What if Jason is able to get away and come up here? Then what do I do?” Erin asked.

    “Hey, the more the merrier. The three of us got along great, you, Jake and I. It could also work for you, Jason and Zach. Plus, don’t forget, Jake and I love you and Zach also. Gotta leave room in there for a little loving from us,” I reminded him.

    “Always,” he said and gave me a hug feeling excited about Zach. I decided to give Zach a call on our way back to the dorm, and tell him the good news about being accepted and to expect a letter from Uni in the near future about his scholarship. Zach was so excited to hear from me and to hear the great news. I let him talk to Erin for a couple of minutes. I swear you would have thought they were two sweethearts who hadn’t talked to each other in ages. Erin was beaming all over when he handed the phone back to me. “Zach has news for you also, Josh. You’re going to like this, I think anyway,” Erin said excited.

    “What have you gone and done now?” I asked Zach on the phone. Zach told me he had a summer job, one that would bring us closer together. That surprised me and made me wonder how. He told me my father offered him a job helping him on the farm this summer to make money for college. Dad said he could stay in my room and live with them while he was working, but he’d have to bunk with me if I ever made it home anytime during the summer. He told me that Dad told him he thought I had gone on to bigger and better things in business and was leaving the farm behind. He needed the help and Zach could fit the bill for the busy summer growing season, if he was interested. Zach said he jumped at the chance. I had to laugh. It couldn’t have worked out any better, I thought. Turns out we were both excited about each other’s news. I told Zach I couldn’t wait to see him. He said he’d be waiting in my bed, naked and ready for action. I had to laugh, but it made me horny. I told him I’d be home for a week after school was out and then back here for most of the summer. Zach said he couldn’t wait to see me. We finally told him goodbye as we got to the dorm.

    Walking to the frat for study night, I told Eric that I still needed to have a frank discussion with Tuck and I feared it might be tonight. Eric wondered why, as he knew that things were better with Tuck now. I told him I still had some unresolved issues with Tuck and sooner or later I’d have to tell him I was gay. I just wasn’t sure when the right time was. Eric told me to hold off as long as I could. I asked Eric if that was fair to Tuck not to tell him sooner than later. Eric said he trusted me to know when that time was and was sure Tuck would continue to love me as much as he did before he knew. I told Eric, I wasn’t so sure about that. Eric patted me on the shoulder and told me he was. He said he thought Taylor had an idea that I was, just from a couple of things he noticed and said. Eric thought Taylor knew Jake was, but that he loved him like a brother and thought I was the greatest friend Jake could ever have to find himself, which made Eric think Taylor knew, although he never came right out and said it. I thought to myself pinching his ass in the bathroom the other day probably didn’t help matters, even though Taylor thought it was funny. I did tell Eric what I did, which made him laugh and shake his head. Eric wished me luck with Tuck, if I had to get into that type of discussion, but he thought all would be well.

    Tuck was in a pair of wild boxer shorts when I got there. He gave me a hug and a kiss on the forehead. “You studying tonight or off to sign a multi-million dollar contract with some underworld figure?” he asked being cute.

    “I think I’m actually here tonight, Tuck. I need some of that Tuck experience I haven’t had in a long time,” I said smiling.

    “Seems to me we had a pretty good experience a couple of days ago if you ask me,” he said giving me a sly smile. I chuckled.

    “I guess you could call it that,” I said rolling my eyes, like I was surprised he brought it up. “I do have to see the twins tonight for a few minutes and then I’m all yours. I have to thank them for their intense dedication and commitment to you and the team for that winning shot and their tremendous effort to win that game for you,” I added.

    “I guess you did kind of promise them something. I hope it doesn’t involve anything like the two of us experienced or they may hurt you terribly,” he said. I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry about that statement.

    “It’s all innocent, but I do owe them an explanation and a major thank you,” I added.

    “Good luck with that,” Tuck said. “Some of the things you described on the phone you told me to tell them, you and I actually did. I’m not so sure they aren’t expecting the same. Don’t know if you’re prepared for that or not,” Tuck said somewhat concerned. I just wanted this discussion to go away.

    “That was all just teasing stuff, Tuck, gutter talk. It makes them crazy, and they go crazy, which is what I wanted them to do. They actually did. It won the game,” I reminded him. For that he agreed.

    I took my clothes off down to my briefs, then grabbed my Tuck shorts, and told him I’d see him in a few. I ran downstairs quickly and grabbed Kevin, then headed up to the top floor to the twins’ room. Of course, we were immediately extracted from the hall, and immediately stripped naked by two naked twins. My cock was in Larry’s mouth before I was halfway upright. I pulled him off and brought him up and kissed him. I told them both how proud I was of them for their tremendous efforts, as they stroked Kevin and I, while probing our assholes.

    “Guys, I can’t stay. I have to spend some time with Tuck tonight. He’s been depressed lately, and I need to cheer him up. I brought Kevin back again for your playtime. He’s desperate to have his ass plowed by you two, and I’m sure he’ll suck you off with more suction than a Dyson vacuum sweeper. I just wanted to say thank you, and that I really care about you guys. You guys are coming back next year, right?” I asked knowing they were juniors this year.

    “Hell, yes, Josh. We’ll be back. Tuck’s going to be part of the coaching staff next year so several of us are back again to create another winning season, hopefully another national title. But, we’re going to need our consultant to get us through another year. We’re counting on you being part of the team again. Can’t do it without you,” Gary said.

    “I’ll do my best to help when I can. I’ve got some other outside business interests planned for next year which are going to take a lot of my time, interests you two will really enjoy, I promise you,” I told them getting them all excited. “Can’t tell you about it yet, but you’re going to enjoy the hell out of it.” I got my cock sucked by both of them and ass probed, hugged and kissed, they were so damned excited. Kevin was totally amazed. I spread Kevin’s asscheeks apart, showing them his rosebud hole. “Take good care of this tonight boys. He’s so looking forward to it,” I said smiling at them. With that I had to find my briefs and shorts then dressed, hugged and kissed them both, getting groped to the point my cock was rock hard, then headed back to Tuck. I had to relax a little before I got back so I wasn’t tenting when I walked through the door.

    To my surprise, Brady was in the stairwell on his way down to the frat library. He got excited when he saw me. He grabbed onto me and hugged me and kissed me. We were the only ones in the stairwell at the time and were all over one another.

    “Damn, Josh, you sure you don’t have time for a workout? Seeing you half naked l like this makes my cock so damned hard. I swear I could almost cum right now,” he said between passionate kisses, our tongues battling each other as we sucked face. So much for my tenting. I was rock hard now, and as was Brady with his clothes on.

    “Fuck, I want you so bad, Brady. I gotta spend time with Tuck tonight. I’ll try for tomorrow night. Shit, you’re fucking hot,” I said kissing him. He had his hand down inside my briefs stroking my bare hard cock and fondling my balls. Gave him so pre-cum for his efforts, which he licked off his hand, then kissed me again and again. “We gotta stop. Somebody will be coming. Hang in there and we’ll get together tomorrow night if we can,” I said as I fondled his bare cock and balls as we kissed.

    “Fuck, this isn’t fair, Josh. I need you so badly,” Brady said all over me.

    “Tomorrow, Brady. Tomorrow,” I said as I finally broke off from him, my cock tenting like crazy as was his. We finally came back to earth a little and stood apart from one another keeping our hands to ourselves. “I gotta go, Brady. See you tomorrow morning,” I said and swatted his hot ass as I headed downstairs back to Tuck. I had to go to the bathroom to calm down. I should have jacked off, as I was so horned up from my encounter with Brady. I was finally able to get my cock under control thinking about what kind of conversation I was in for this evening with Tuck.

    “That didn’t take long,” Tuck said as I made my way back into the room,” he said looking me over as if he thought I might be damaged or something. “Still all in one piece?” he asked.

    “Absolutely. They were quite cordial. I thanked them profusely for the support they gave you to win the game. I got hugs from both of them. They’re great guys, Tuck. But you know that,” I told him as I took off my Tuck shorts and sat down in my briefs opening up my laptop and digging out some paperwork from my backpack. Tuck just kind of stared at me.

    “You’re here this summer, Josh?” Tuck asked me out of the blue.

    “Yep, going to be here most of the summer, Tuck. We’re buying an old bowling alley off of downtown that we’re going to renovate into a pub like the one we have in the City. Should be nice when we get it all done. My partners and I are doing part of the work, so we’ll be here to help. We’re using a local construction company for the heavy stuff, but we can do the painting and smaller stuff to help out and save on the costs. The guy that’s taking over the construction company from his father is a graduate of Uni also. His right-hand man is also. They seem like great guys to work with. I have a closing on the building next Monday. Sometime this week we have the building inspection I need to be present for just to make sure there aren’t any major problems with the building. The small cosmetic stuff we’ll take care of in the renovation,” I explained, trying to bring him up to speed. Tuck looked thoroughly interested.

    “So, you did this all yourself?” Tuck asked surprised.

    “Mostly. My accounting TA helped with the financial analysis. We hired a marketing guy from the university’s marketing department to do a site study/sales analysis. My roommate’s father is an investment banker, and based on the financial success of our pub in the City, he was more than willing to finance this project for us. We’re kicking in close to $200K for the project out of operating capital from our current business. Might be a little dicey the first year or two for this one, but all in all, we think it will grow and expand and become as profitable as the one in the city someday,” I explained.

    “Josh, that’s amazing. You’re amazing. Sounds like you have some great friends that are pretty amazing also,” Tuck exclaimed.

    “Thanks, Tuck. You actually started the whole thing when you gave me that Christmas present. That started the whole thing rolling, and it just got bigger and bigger. Now look where we are,” I said and got up and gave him a hug.

    “I should have given you more. That was the best investment in friendship I ever made,” he professed.

    “Are you okay, Tuck? Are you out of your depression?” I asked him as he was rather lethargic still, I thought. I really didn’t want a deep discussion on being gay, but so far, we were acting pretty normal towards one another. I wanted him to think nothing had changed between us.

    “Better, thanks to you, I’d say. Still trying to wrap my head around a few things, but I’m getting better,” he admitted.

    “Anything I can do to help?” I asked. His eyes got real big.

    “Nothing like you did the other night when I was really bad. I mean it was wonderful and all. Fuck, it was awesome, but I’m not sure it was right to do what we did. Josh, you could have been hurt doing something like that. That’s the last thing I’d ever want to happen is you getting hurt trying to make me happy. You don’t have to worry about me in that way. You sacrificed your body trying to make me happy. That’s the ultimate act of love. In fact, what you did for me WAS an act of love, and I took it that way. It blew my mind. Still, I worried about you. I’ve worried about you for days. Are you okay is the questions I should ask. It’s a wonder you weren’t traumatized by something like that. I know I was shocked, but it was so nice to be so intimate with the one person in this world that really loves me, and I feel the same for you,” he said with my arms still wrapped around his neck on his shoulders. I kissed him on the forehead.

    “Love you, Tuck. Can’t help but love the hell out of you. You’re causing me to do strange things, but I don’t regret any of them,” I told him as he held onto my arms.

    “I don’t deserve you, Josh. I really don’t. You’ve stuck by me all the way. You coach me, you challenge me, you inspire me, and you love me. You’re just an amazing friend. I guess you really are a true brother when it comes to the way you care about me and I care about you,” he said looking up at me.

    “I’ll be there for you whenever I can, Tuck. You can count on that,” I promised. He hugged me again.

    “Of course, if you were a true brother, then what we did the other night would be considered incest?” he asked rhetorically. “Maybe we’re better off as frat brothers being bad. I think that’s a better way to put it,” he said after thinking about it.

    “I can run with that,” I said chuckling. “It was kind of fun being bad. No harm no foul,” I added.

    “I have a question, maybe a stupid question, but, nonetheless, it’s been bothering me ever since that night,” he said making me gulp inside as to what was to come. So far, we were pretty much back to normal with each other, but I knew he had some concerns deep down inside. At least we both professed our unconditional love for each other, which I was glad to hear. I was in hopes, with the unconditional love established, we could get through anything else that was disturbing between us. “How did my penis fit in your anus? I mean, I just don’t see how that could happen,” he said curiously wondering.

    “Not that easy, if you really want to know. It stretched it pretty good, but it’s all good. The anus closes back up, and you’d never know it took anything that large,” I said trying to minimize this discussion.

    “Didn’t it really hurt?” he asked making a grimacing face.

    “Hurt like hell at first, Tuck, but then as you did what you did, using it like a vagina, the pain went away, and it felt amazing to me also,” I explained, not wanting him to think he tortured me with pain the entire time we made love. “You made me cum, if you remember,” I reminded him. “It must have been good to make that happen,” I reassured him. He kind of smiled.

    “If that doesn’t beat all. I did actually make you cum. Damn. Here I thought I was torturing you all the time we were doing it. What happened to all my semen when I came inside you?” he asked curiously. I had to think fast.

    “Uh, it all came out. I went to the bathroom after we were done and deposited it in the toilet,” I told him. I wanted to tell him he had one hell of a decent load there, but decided against getting too graphic. Tuck just shook his head.

    “Wow, I’ve never done anything like that before. Have you ever done that before, Josh?” he asked the question I was fearing the most.

    “A few times when I was around 13 or so, you know fooling around when you first get hair on your dick and you experiment a little. I didn’t like it much then, but I found out it did work in a pinch for lack of a pussy, and that’s what you were lacking the other night, wishing I had a pussy for you to fuck. It just came to me all of a sudden,” was the explanation I gave him. Tuck rolled his eyes thinking about what I said.

    “Damn, you’re resourceful. I guess that’s why you’re so loveable. “Promise me this, Josh. Don’t let me do that to you again, no matter how drunk I am. It’s just not right for me to treat you that way,” he said feeling a little guilty.

    “Tuck, I love you enough for you to do to me whatever makes you happy,” I told him and hugged him tighter.

    “But that’s not right for me to abuse you like that, Josh. I love you too much to abuse you, for Heaven’s sake.

    “We’ll find ways to make each other happy. At least it got rid of the blueballs for you, which you needed in the worst way,” I reminded him.

    “Yes, it certainly did that and more,” he admitted. “You licked my asshole, Josh. You actually licked my asshole. You did, didn’t you?” he asked thinking I did. “How could you lick my asshole? Really?”

    “I thought we were over this discussion. Yes, I licked your asshole for you like you’ve wanted me to do for months. I cleaned it good in the shower before that happened, or I promise you, it would never have happened. It’s just skin, Tuck. It was even very clean skin at that. Got you all excited didn’t it?” I threw in at the end.

    “It did that and more,” he admitted thinking about it and starting to tent a little. “Time to study,” he said rapidly changing the subject and opening up some books, not wanting to get hard in front of me with this discussion.

    With that, we started studying. I went and got us some Cokes later as we were seriously into studying. I did get to tell him I got elected Co-captain of the swim team for next year. He gave me a big hug and told me how proud he was of me. Then he took time to explain to me that he was being offered a coaching position on the basketball team for next year and they were in the process of selecting high school seniors to draft and offer scholarships. He explained the National Championship brought in a raft of applicants with those players seeking to be part of a winning program. I asked him what his father thought about his staying here and not going to Wharton Business School in Philadelphia. Tuck said his dad was beside himself, but he’d have to get over it. Tuck said he still had his trust fund so he wasn’t worried about money at all. The only thing his father could do that might hurt him was to hate him, which he said he figured he pretty much did already. I assured him that wasn’t the case, and in his father’s mind, he was just trying to steer him towards what he thought would be best for him. Tuck told me he thought otherwise, but he’d let it go at that. Tuck said I was right in saying one had to do what made one happy as it was a lifetime pursuit.

    We studied for a while, and then we’d talk for a while. It was a nice easy night just like the ones we used to have. Finally, it was time to go. I got dressed and then hugged him tightly before I left. He told me again how much he loved me, and what a great night we had together. I told him it meant the world in all to me too. I did pinch his ass as I hugged him before he let me go.

    “Careful, remember what happened the last time when you started that. Not sure your ass could take it a second time,” he said.

    “Maybe we’ll just have to see,” I said teasing him and chuckling. He did laugh. I thought finally, we might be over the hump. I was still going to be my normal smartass self, as that would be my normal operating self in his mind, hoping to alleviate any suspicion of other behavior.

    Eric was concerned about me when I joined him in the lobby to go home. I told him that Tuck and I had a great evening together, and I thought he was much better. Eric said that Taylor said he had improved but still seemed to be in a funk for some reason. I told Eric, I expected him to improve greatly after tonight. Eric gave me a suspicious look. I assured him it was nothing sexual, only therapeutic conversation this time. Eric wasn’t so sure whether to believe me, but I sounded convincing anyway.

    Allen, OBB and Erin were all studying when I got back to the room. I stripped down to my briefs and joined them. Kevin came wandering in a few minutes later looking a little haggard. I asked him how his evening was.

    “Fuck, Josh. Those boys know how to fuck, is all I have to say. Makes me want to dump Calvin and Sam and move in with those guys. Whew! It’s going to take a week before anyone can fuck me again. They really reamed me out, is all I have to say. I think my balls are half the size they used to be.” he said pulling out his balls and rolling them around in his hand for all of us to see and admire. “I drained these jewels so much tonight they actually hurt now. Go figure.”

    “Kev, I knew you’d have a good time, and I know the boys really appreciated the fresh meat and ass,” I assured him.

    “Yes, they did. Said they wished you could have stayed and played as they loved that cock of yours up their ass. I told them you were having Tuck problems and had to be there for him. Larry and Gary both said you were too good to Tuck, and he didn’t deserve you. I told them you were a loving caring person and a friend was the most important person to you in the world. The said they agreed with that, and only wished Tuck thought the same.”

    “We had a good talk tonight,” I told all of them. “He seemed more normal this evening. His motivation is coming back. I was glad for the time with him this evening,” I told them all. Erin looked relieved.

    “Well, I’m going to take a shower and let the hot water sooth my ass. If anyone cares to join in, we can play, but there’s no cumming and no ass fucking from this body,” Kevin announced.

    “Why bother then?” Allen said making us all laugh, but Kevin picked up Allen’s pillow and threw it at him, then he bared his ass and mooned us all as he left.

    After OBB left, Erin asked me if Tuck and I were good now. I told him and Allen some of the conversation Tuck and I had and the semi-pointed questions asked by Tuck along with my explanations. They were surprised he bought it all, but knew Tuck’s overwhelming love for me somehow overrode everything else that was involved. I had to tell him how blown away he was when he asked me if I licked his asshole. They both laughed. Allen said that was the best part. What didn’t Tuck understand about that. I laughed at Allen telling him if he only knew how straight Tuck really was. It was amazing I got out of there the way I did tonight without some terribly serious questions asked and my masculinity questioned. They both agreed with me.

    I called Jake for a few minutes to tell him the news about Zach being chosen for the team and a scholarship. I also told him Zach would be working for my dad this summer which Jake thought was great. Jake said Sean had been studying naked and hinting around about sucking dick. He said I should have come over and taken care of that for him. I told Jake he was well adept at sucking cock and didn’t need my help with Sean for that. Jake disagreed saying he didn’t need Sean period for that, just me. I laughed. He said Sean got so frustrated that he was going to see if he could get some pussy from his bitch tonight so he wasn’t there at the moment, otherwise he couldn’t have told me what he did. He said if he came back without getting off it could mean he had to help him out which he really didn’t want to do. I laughed and told him there were worse things, but he didn’t see the humor in that. He said he couldn’t wait for next year, and be done with the straight roommate situation once and for all.

    Getting ready for bed, Allen, Erin and I took a piss together playing with each other’s wee wees, as we called them at the moment, trying to get each other hard just to irritate the process of peeing. It was one of those nuisance games we liked to play. Actually, it was rather irritating, but who doesn’t enjoy playing with a friend’s cock when available. We finally climbed naked into bed. I kissed Erin on the back of the neck and told him he felt much better in my arms than I did in Tucks the other night. He asked me if his asshole felt better up against my cock than Dawson’s had earlier. I told him without a doubt. His and Jakes were my two favorites. Allen yelled over what about his, so I included his in my list of favorites making him happy.

    The next morning, we drug ourselves into the bathroom to relieve our bladders through our morning hardons. That was always a challenge at times. We did leave each other’s wee wees alone for this task. It was hard enough to pee through morning wood, much less if you were stimulating one’s penis at the time. Kevin came in and joined us with his hardon wagging back and forth. We all piled in the shower together. Allen stroked his big rod a couple of times.

    “Allen, I can’t cum this morning and won’t be able to for about a week, well maybe by this afternoon,” he said changing his mind. “Don’t waste your time on this one today as the balls are dry. I mean, death valley, dried up at the moment,” he added. Allen gave him a strange look. Just then Eric joined us pissing first then joining us in the shower. He actually had a semi going on down there. I gave it a couple of strokes and got no hesitation from Eric.

    “Is this one of those days you need a little help down there?” I asked. Eric smiled which is all he had to do. Allen was on his cock in a heartbeat. Erin sucked on his balls. I had him put his hands against the shower wall and lean forward. I soaped up his asshole, and then rinsed it off, and proceeded to rim him good and hard. Kevin, in the meantime, sucked and nipped at his nipples. In no time at all, he was quivering threatening to cum. Allen took his load then let it out in the drain. I had to hold him to keep him from collapsing onto the shower floor.

    “My God, you guys are good. I may need to seriously rethink this hetero preference. No female has ever made me cum so hard. You guys quadruple teamed me. Shit, that was fierce!” he said gasping for breath. “I was backed up. Baby getting too far along for that kind of hanky panky which is taking its toll on me. It’s been awhile since I last came. Hope that load wasn’t too stale, Allen,” Eric said smiling down at him watching Allen lick his lips.

    “Perfect,” Allen responded. “Aged to perfection,” he added. Eric rolled his eyes at him.

    “You guys are wonderful. I’m really going to miss this from time to time after I’m married. No one can do for me what you guys do for me. I swear they’re a lot of straight guys out there that would love some attention like this without others knowing about it. I don’t care if it’s gay or not, it feels so damned good. Fuck the stigma. It just feels great,” Eric professed. I gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “Even that feels good, Josh. Damn, I’m going to miss you guys,” he said once again sincerely. I patted his hot little ass making him grin.

    “Eric, you have one hell of a nice cock. It’s a shame to waste it on a female,” Allen told him. Eric smiled.

    “Glad you like it, Allen. I still like a pussy, but I have to say, you guys win hands down on the blow jobs. No woman can make a dick cum that hard with their blowjobs.”

    On my way to English class, Todd texted me and asked me what my afternoon looked like. He was proposing meeting the inspector at the time our swim practice usually started. I told him I could meet him at the building at the time he was proposing. He sent me a thumbs-up emogee, of all things. At least we had the process moving for the inspection. For that I was grateful. I told Brady, when I met him for English, he had to calm down as he was like a bitch in heat, after that session in the stairwell last night, on my way back from the twins. He laughed, but said it was hard to keep his hands off me.
    He wanted to know if we could find our shrubs again today and have a little fun. I told him I needed to get some things done, but I’d try to get with him tonight. We could meet in the library at the frat to review English exams for our upcoming exam and then sneak down to the workout room. I swear that gave him a boner. I watched him tent right in front of me. Of course, I had to rub it for good luck, making it worse. At least we were sitting down. I swear the damned thing was hard half the class. He must have been thinking about tonight and getting excited. I was thinking about the inspection this afternoon.

    I left Brady for Psych to meet Jake and Trevor, but not without getting a good grip on Brady’s ass which excited him all over again. Grabass is so much fun, especially when you know you’re getting it bare later and really having some fun with it.

    I told Jake about the inspection and time. He said he could go with me at that time. He’d let Taylor know he wouldn’t be at Gymnastics. He said they were doing the same thing we were in swimming, looking at candidates for next year. Jake said Taylor was mostly looking at all that, with just a little input from him. He was sure Taylor wouldn’t mind, especially after all the help I gave Tuck. Trevor said to let him know when he might be able to help with something. I told him we could use his help in the City sometime if he could give up a weekend to be there. He said once school was out, he could help out there. His home was only about an hour from the City, which made it more convenient once he moved back home for the summer, unless we wanted him here all summer helping out here. I told him we’d assess what we needed and let him know.

    “Josh, Jake, where’ve you been hiding?” a voice from behind us in the hallway asked. We turned around and it was Riley.

    “Been here all along. Where’ve you been?” I asked.

    “Working on next year and what I’m taking. Had a counseling session on that so I missed a couple of Psych classes. May have to borrow some notes on the last two classes, if that wouldn’t be a problem,” he said.

    “I missed the class yesterday, but Jake and Trevor have notes. One of them can send you the notes. Wait, isn’t your twin sister in this class also?” I asked.

    “Yeh, but who wants to ask their sister for notes? That’s not cool,” he said as if that was the last person he wanted to ask. “Guys, give me your phone numbers so we can text. Jake, text me the notes and I’ll look them over,” Riley asked.

    “It was mainly a review the last couple of days, Riley, but I’ll text you what the prof wanted us to pay attention to if that helps,” Jake offered. We all exchanged phone numbers and made sure we had connections, for what I wasn’t sure.

    “Heard from Coby you guys have a great place in the City, quite the unique pub. Might have to drop by and check it out,” he said with raised eyebrows.

    “We like it. It’s not for everyone, but we’re doing a great business there. So, are you into some of the things Coby’s into?” I asked.

    “What would that be?” Riley asked me in exchange.

    “Not sure myself. I guess if I see you there sometime, I might get the answer to my question,” I replied. He winked at me.

    “Gotta run. See you guys around,” he said as he started to take off, but not before he felt my ass rather sensuously, and gave me one hell of a ‘come-on’ smile. He had me all confused at this point.

    I explained to Andy, Ashton and Erin, at lunch at the SU, about the inspection this afternoon. All had a conflict except for Jake and I. Erin said he’d explain my absence to Drew who could relay it to Dawson if he really wanted to know why I wasn’t there, but he doubted he would. I thanked Erin for that one. Erin said that inspection stuff was above his paygrade, but he’d help with anything that needed doing.

    After a couple of kisses with Erin and Jake, I took off for accounting, stopping by Ken’s office on my way. After getting kissed a couple of times, I told him about the inspection. Ken was grateful we were doing it this early in the week, so there was time to adjust, in case there was anything we had to adjust to before closing. He said the greater time between the inspection and closing, the less stress there was on everyone involved. He said we had a short enough closing date as it was. I had to agree. Then he told me how excited he and James were at Greer coming back on Sunday night to spend another hot night with them. I told him to go easy on the boy, as I needed all his strength and wisdom on Monday for the closing. Ken promised he would make sure Greer was delivered in good shape. I had my doubts.

    “KS, I have to tell you I was elected Co-Captain of the swim team for next year.” Ken got all excited. “I’m going to use James for a full, all out, training program like the one he developed for me this year, which just happened to work like a charm. We’re going to have a team of superstars next year with James’ help. You can help James with the initial assessment examination. You’ll get to examine all the hot guys on the team, naked for the assessment. You better wear a steel jock to keep that big willie in line when you do the assessment, as I swear your cock is going to get so hard handling all those hot guys,” I said getting him all excited.

    “I may have to abstain from that and leave that one to James,” Ken said, thinking about it. “I don’t want to get thrown out of school for not being able to keep my hands off some of them. I wouldn’t have been able to help myself if I had helped James with your assessment,” Ken admitted. I laughed.

    “Well, James couldn’t either. We fucked up a storm that night he did mine,” I said chuckling.

    “I believe it, Josh. James told me about several of your sessions. I think he still dreams about you,” Ken exclaimed.

    “Nah, it’s you these days, KS. You’re the one he loves. But he still likes to play and so do you, thankfully. Just ask Greer,” I said chuckling. We headed off to class getting there just in time. I got the eye from Thad again for almost being late.

    “I swear you guys are messing around in Ken’s office. I don’t get to see you until the bell rings,” Thad said disappointed.

    “By the way, I have the inspection this afternoon after this class. You want to go or are you tied up?” I asked. Thad seemed elated that I asked. “Jake is going with me, but I thought you might like to meet him and see what this process is all about,” I added. Again, he showed great excitement. “You have to promise not to act gay, as these guys are perfectly straight, as far as we know. They are not to know what this pub is actually going to be. That’s top secret until the end. I don’t need them pulling off the job because they’re prejudice against gays or anything,” I wanted him to know.

    “No problem with me in that area, Josh,” he promised. I rolled my eyes. “What? I’m not gay, and as far as I know, this is a pure business operation for entertainment and libation,” he said rather proudly.

    “I like your style, Thad. Sounded good to me, just the way you said it,” I said patting him on the back. “By the way, the contractors, Todd and Chad, are real characters, especially Todd, who essentially owns the company. I think Chad has an interest in it somehow, but to what extent I don’t know. Anyway, Todd clowns around a lot, but he is straight, I think at least. We may find out different as we go through the process with them, but for now, everyone we deal with is straight. So, keep that in mind,” I instructed him. Thad shook his head, but seemed somewhat relieved.

    After class, I waved to Ken, then Thad and I headed out to meet Jake to walk to the bowling alley. It was a warm sunny day and it felt great to be outside. There were so many hot guys walking around campus in shorts today, sporting nice hairy, well sculptured, manly legs that made your cock hard. I made mention of a couple to Thad, but he failed to see the sensuousness and sexiness in the male legs that I saw. I told him he needed to develop a better gay eye so he could help hire the male strippers. He said he’d leave that up to the experts, as he didn’t have a clue as to what was and wasn’t hot to the gay eye. I told him he definitely needed further training which would help him in that area, as I pointed out the nice bulges to go with the nice legs. That suggestion seemed to scare him.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    The tightrope just keeps getting slicker. I'm wondering what's going to happen when CNB2 opens, and all the cats are let out of the bag.

    And, sure! Let's pile on another obligation as Co-Captain! Just what a CEO needs!

    I'm lovin' every second! Eric and Thad know the truth, and even after "all that" Tuck is still in the dusk? And, now Dawson knows for sure that, "Yeah! THAT can happen!", and he likes it! Kev survived The Twins, and will likely be going back for more, maybe in a month?

    And, poor Brady. Josh needs to bring that sweetheart fully into "the fold" so he'll have friends to play with, and get close to. He's almost like an adorable orphan just waiting to get adopted.

    Thank You, FT, for Josh's amazing world!
    WISDOM is the Knowledge you've gained ... After you could have used it! _Me

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chapter 169 – The Inspection

    It was interesting walking across campus with Thad on our way to meet Jake and walk to the bowling alley to meet Todd, Chad and the building inspector. The sights he noticed were totally different than the ones I noticed. Thad was more interested in the flora and fauna that was blooming on campus and some of the repair and maintenance that was going on. I, on the other hand, was looking at male bulges, crotch watching, to be precise. The naked male legs and bare arms with visible pit hair in wife beater t-shirts were wonderful to behold also. Thad was missing way too much in his observations. I felt sorry for him in a way. Spring and summer were my favorite times of the year for looking at hot guys. Even some of the not-so-hot guys had some nice bodies to peruse.

    We finally met up with Jake near the edge of campus. I introduced Thad to Jake. Jake looked him over fairly well for just meeting him as he shook Thad’s hand. Thad was friendly enough to Jake, knowing full well Jake was my boyfriend, and we were thick as thieves. There was some small talk on the walk to the bowling alley. Jake asked Thad some family questions, where he was from, what high school, did he play any sports, those kind of questions, all very vanilla. Every once so often I would see a hot guy and point him out to Jake. Jake downplayed it knowing Thad probably didn’t appreciate that kind of conversation. That was my Jake, always considering who we were with and trying to placate them. Me, I was just me, and if someone didn’t like it, well that was tough. I guess that was one of the reasons I loved Jake so much is that he was so considerate of others. I usually am, but then most of the guys we hung around with had pretty much the same interests as we did, Thad being the exception.

    We finally rounded the block to the bowling alley and saw Todd’s pickup in the parking lot. He and Chad already had the door unlocked and were just inside the door. We met them there. Jake and I got bro hugs from Todd and Chad and Thad got a handshake from the two. That was their first meeting, so all was good. The inspector had yet to show up.

    “So, you’re really going to buy this place, huh?” Todd asked. I got a little concerned.

    “You have any doubts about the place, Todd? If you do, tell me now,” I urged.

    “No, from what we’ve looked at before, Josh, it all looks to be in good shape. We’re going to fire up all the HVAC stuff today to see if that’s in working order. Need to check the air conditioning, as it’s starting to get hot outside. Had the AC on in the pickup on the way over. Chad said his balls were sweating,” Todd said laughing.

    “I did not either, Todd. You’re such a liar,” Chad said acting offended by that comment.

    “You’ll have to excuse them, Thad. These two are characters, but you’ll get used to them. Jake and I have already. They’re a little crazy, but good at what they do, and also kind of fun to be around,” I said for Thad’s information. Thad smiled, still somewhat timid around people he didn’t know that well.

    “Todd’s the crazy one, Thad. Don’t let anyone mislead you. I’m the sane one in the company. I’ll keep you straight,” Chad chimed in. There was that word ‘straight’ I hated to hear. I was sure he was using it in a difference context than I would have used it though. Thad looked confused, but didn’t say anything.

    “Guys, Thad is our business manager. He will be cutting checks for you guys and handling the paperwork involved in all this project. I thought it would be a good idea for you guys to meet him today and know who he was,” I told Todd and Chad.

    “Oh boy, we’d better be extra nice to this guy, Chad,” Todd said playing up to Thad. “We have to keep him happy so we get paid,” he added. Thad looked a little concerned as to what Todd meant by the word ‘happy’.

    “Everything will be strictly business, guys. I don’t need any special treatment, I can assure you,” Thad came back with.

    “The boy is serious too. We’ll lighten him up through this process. We’ll grow on you, Thad,” Todd replied.

    “Don’t pay any attention to Todd, Thad. I’ll take care of the billing from our end and we can work on the payments together. Todd will just mess them up anyway,” Chad explained. “He’s more the operations guy and I’m the engineer and the numbers guy.” Thad shook his head like he understood, but was still playing shy.

    The building inspector finally arrived and introduced himself to us as Henry. He was in his late 40’s. Todd and Chad seemed to know him, and reassured us Henry was very thorough. Actually, Henry was built rather well for his age, lean and mean, a full head of slightly greying dark hair, fairly muscular, tight lean ass stretching his jeans, lean legs, and I could detect a bulge. He had a wedding ring on though, which bummed me out. Well not really. I expected as much. Still, I thought, this inspection could be rather interesting.

    Henry said he divided his inspections into sections. He started with cosmetics, looking around the building for cracking walls, plaster, indicating foundation problems, peeling paint – indicating moisture problems behind walls, stained concrete – indicating continuous leaks from something. Then we’d look at electrical – looking at the wiring – was it up to code, circuit breaker boxes for heat and popped circuit breakers, frayed wiring, working lights and electrical outlets, any black carbon on outlet covers or light switches to indicate shorts. He’d be testing the voltage on the outlets, as sometimes you had 220 volts coming out of 110 volt receptacles. Todd said that wasn’t funny as you could fart fire out of your ass getting ahold of something like that. Chad gave him a concerned look, as did Thad for his crazy comment. Henry laughed, saying Todd was a little graphic in that description, but you certainly did not want to get hold of 220 in a regular outlet. Henry said he’d check the amps on each line to make sure there was enough amperage to power whatever was on each line. He said we had to turn everything on at the same time to see what the maximum draw was from the electrical service if the demand for that extreme power were to be there, and could the system handle it.

    “We don’t need all the pin setting machines and ball return equipment on if that is all going away, do we?” I asked Henry.

    “Great question, Josh. Are you replacing it with anything like it in additional equipment?” Henry asked.

    “No, nothing that I can think of,” I replied.

    “Then I would say you have more than adequate electrical service in the building to take care of all your needs without adding any additional amperage,” Henry replied. Todd agreed we had more than enough for whatever we needed to do as he and Chad had looked at all that.

    Henry went on to say after electrical, we’d look at the plumbing to make sure all the toilets worked, were well anchored, the water coming into the building had two services, one for the fire sprinkler system and a separate one for indoor plumbing use. After the plumbing we’d look at the fire suppression system, both in the main building and any special systems in the kitchen for the frying equipment. He said he would have to test the backflow prevention valves installed to make sure they worked and were to code. He said we had to test everything so it was a good thing we had this many guys available to help turn things on and off. When we got done with the plumbing, we’d test all the HVAC equipment to make sure we got heat when we turned on the heat and we had AC when we turned that on. Also, he had to check the building for any asbestos. Henry believed the building was built after they banned asbestos, but thought we needed to check anyway.

    “If you guys are getting rid of all the pin setting equipment and the ball returns, alleys and so on, we won’t need to test any of that equipment. I consider that to be equipment in place and not part of the building structure. I am only to determine the condition of the building and its mechanicals to be able to declare it as safe to occupy,” he stated forthright. We all had to agree.

    With Henry’s explanation of his scope of inspection explained, we set out to look at the cosmetics of the building. We pointed out certain cracks in the concrete blocks, and some stains on the walls and floors, but Henry said they were all regular settling issues and nothing structurally wrong. We looked all through the building. Henry pointed out certain things to us we didn’t know, regarding the structure and what to look for in the future if any issues were bothering us. I found it extremely educational. Occasionally, Todd or Chad would ask Henry questions, and he would stop to give them answers and explain certain things. At the end of the cosmetic section, which included the apartment, which Henry thought was very practical, there were no issues of concern. I was relieved. We explained to him the remodeling we planned on doing and he seemed to think we shouldn’t have any major issues with any of it.

    Henry wanted to see the electrical panels next. We located one in the office and one in the back room. The one in the back room controlled most of the pin setting equipment and ball return alleys, but there were a few lights on these panels also. Henry had us turn on all the circuit breakers which had probably been in the off position for years on end. A couple of the breakers tripped as a result. We could hear the equipment start up all around us and it was a little concerning not knowing what was running where. Some of the breakers were marked and some were not, leaving what those controlled a mystery. We did find some lights when turning some of the breakers on. We could also feel the AC churn up in certain areas. With the backroom breakers all turned on, the ones that would stay on, I should say, we made our way to the office and turned on all of those breakers. They all seemed to work, at least they stayed on. Henry said most of those controlled lights and the front end of the building, the office, reception payment area, the bar and the kitchen. There was one big breaker for the kitchen area. Henry thought that odd so we looked in the kitchen and found another breaker box which controlled most of the lights and equipment in the kitchen. Henry asked about the apartment. Todd and I ran upstairs to the apartment and found another breaker box up there which controlled everything in that area. It was nice it had its separate electrical panel. Everything seemed to work when turned on. The stove in the apartment kitchen was electric and all the burners seemed to work. The refrigerator, as old as it was seemed to come to life. The garbage disposal ran, and even the dishwasher lit up. There was a separate hot water heater for the apartment and it came to life. It was gas, but the ignition system was electric upon closer notice which got Todd and I almost cheek to cheek as we looked at the bottom panel on the water heater. Todd pointed out how old it was and said we should replace it with an on-demand type that gave us instant hot water without having to have a tank that had to constantly be heated. He said if that many of us were showering at the same time we would need something like that anyway. I asked him if there was room in the budget and he said he already took care of that part. He said he didn’t want any of us freezing our chippies taking a cold shower. I had to laugh. He said he hated that when that happened. He put an on-demand hot water heater in his small house because of running out of hot water all the time. The trip upstairs was educational at least, but the view of Todd’s tight ass as we climbed the stairs was remarkable.

    “With just the two of you, how do you run out of hot water in your house?” I asked curiously.

    “Hey, it’s that Chad. He likes to take long showers. Frankly, I think he beats off in the shower all the time. I keep telling him he’s going to go blind if he keeps that up and there are better ways to satisfy yourself,” Todd replied. I looked at him rather quizzically. “What?” he asked giving me a strange look back. “I guess I’ll have to show you sometime,” he said with a big grin. I gave him a shit eating grin.

    “Please do,” I said encouragingly. He laughed then.

    “You and I are going to get along just fine,” Todd said as we started turning things off and returned to Henry with the prognosis.

    Nothing in the box got hot which meant there were no loose connections and no breakers tripped. That would all be checked out by the electricians as they added and deleted things from the electrical system anyway during the renovations planned.

    Henry gave each of us devices to check the voltage from the electrical outlets. We paired up and checked out all the ones we could find. Jake went with Chad and I went with Todd again. Thad went with Henry. Everything we checked was adequate.

    “Be careful, Josh, sticking those probes in the electrical sockets. You do it the wrong way and you’ll be spiting fire out of your dick,” Todd said being funny.

    “Hell, I always spit fire out of my dick. Don’t you?” I asked, teasing him back.

    “Damn, boy. Must be something new you college boys have discovered since I was in school,” Todd replied. I laughed, but I loved the sexual innuendos Todd was making as he was kidding around. I could definitely hold my own with him. He was up against the master in that area, unbeknown to him.

    Finishing up all the electrical sockets, Henry did some final checks on the 220 volt service in the kitchen, noting the refrigeration equipment there seemed to be producing cold and everything in the kitchen currently worked and didn’t trip any breakers. Henry thought that was amazing given the length of time the equipment had been idle. Still, he said we might want to look at some newer equipment. Todd announced he had all new appliances in the budget currently. He said it was better to think about replacing everything there because of the age than to have equipment failing right and left as we opened. But, he said we could determine it piece by piece as we went through it all. Equipment we didn’t have to replace would be a savings to us. I liked the way he thought.

    With everything checked out, Henry declared the electrical system to be more than adequate and the current condition safe. For that I was grateful. He did say when we removed the ceiling panels, as we planned on doing, to check for frayed insultation on wires, but there was nothing to indicate anywhere there were any problems with anything at the moment. The two breakers in the back that continually tripped were for the bowling equipment, so that was a non-issue at the moment.

    We spent the next few hours working through the rest of Henry’s checklist. We were up on the roof, looking for tears in the rubber roof membrane, but didn’t see anything that looked like it was dried up and cracked or penetrated anywhere. I asked Todd some questions about the roof. “Is this one big membrane or is it several seamed in different places like it appears to be?” I asked.

    “It’s like a giant condom over the building, Josh. Only instead of being one big balloon like one would wear if they had a big dick like some of us do, it is seamed because of the size of the roof. You want to make sure, just like a large condom there aren’t any leaks or cracks in the membrane that might cause leaks. Roofs, like condoms, are not good if they leak. Bad results can happen from leaks. We don’t want leaks,” Todd said shaking his head no. I laughed at his explanation.

    “Is the roof membrane flexible enough with the expansion and contraction of the building and possible settling of the building with the different exposures to hot and cold that it won’t tear or rip with any changes in the environment and seasons as we have here?” I continued with my questioning.

    “Just like a condom, it has to take the stretches and contractions and not break. Not good if they break as they might leak and leaking is not good,” he said continuing his line of explanation, making me chuckle.

    “Well, then does it have a reservoir tip someplace to catch everything also?” I asked being a smartass. “If you have a lot of extra material that just happens to show up and needs to go somewhere, how do you account for that?” I asked.

    Todd looked perplexed. “I guess you have to have a system that swallows,” he said smiling. I smiled back at him as if I was pleased with the explanation he gave and thought it was funny. Todd was so much fun. I really wanted to find out just how much fun he really could be. We finally joined the others on another section of the roof. “Josh and I didn’t find any tears or ruptures in the condom, I mean the roof membrane,” Todd reported to Henry. All of us gave him a weird look. “My bad,” he said chuckling. Chad gave him a very weird look.

    With the roof being the last area of inspection, we made our way back to the office. Thad busied himself looking around at the couple of desks that were there and what all equipment we had available to us. There was a small safe under a bookshelf. The bookshelf held volumes of records and journals used in the bookkeeping we surmised. Todd said Mel would probably want to move those somewhere as none, of that applied to us and probably most of it could even be thrown away. Thad flipped through some of them just to see how things were accounted for years ago. These days, we did it all the accounting with Quickbooks, where we could. I planned on installing the same system for patron tabs as we had in the CNB in the City. It was rather state of the art and I could get Ollie and Tony over here to install it. The safe would come in handy for stowing any cash we had in the registers at night if we didn’t make a deposit, holding it until the next day. Most patron transactions we had at the CNB were plastic, however we needed a place to hold cash we paid the dancers and we needed dollars to change for big bills for the patrons to tip the dancers. We didn’t want to give up on that cash tradition. I noted we’d need a ATM in the bar as well, but we could keep extra cash in the safe to stock it. We would go through hundreds of dollars a night. Our dancers were extremely well paid with the tips they received, I thought to myself as I eyed the safe.

    Henry had his laptop out and was entering information. He had pictures to upload from his phone also. “Josh, Todd, I’m putting the raw information in my laptop, but I’ll go back to my office and type up an official professional looking report. I didn’t find anything that required immediate attention. If you were going to operate this as a bowling alley, I would recommend you have an electrician go through all the equipment, but you’re not doing that, so it’s irrelevant. The building is sound. The electrical system is safe and adequate. The HVAC system, comprised of several separate roof top units are all working at the moment. Some of them look a little old and may eventually be replaced, but as of the moment, everything works. The kitchen appliances all seem to be working, but for how long is anyone’s guess. There also was no evidence of asbestos anywhere that I could tell. You find it mostly in floor tile and insulation wrapped around heating ducts. Didn’t see anything like that, and we looked above the ceiling tiles. All in all, I don’t see any deal breakers here unless you all have any concerns about something I may not have addressed,” Henry said wrapping things up. We all looked at each other, but none of us had any questions at the moment. “Good, well then I’ll pack up and be on my way. I can have the report to you by Friday which will give you enough time to use it at your closing next Monday, I think it is?” he questioned. We told him that was the date. “Wow, you guys are in a hurry to get things done. Great, though. This ole gal will take on a different life beginning soon, it seems. Call me if you have any questions after you get my report,” Henry said as he packed up to leave. We thanked Henry for his in-depth inspection as he left.

    “Josh, I know you wanted us to attack the apartment first so you guys will have a place to bunk while we rip this bitch apart and put it back together again,” Todd started to say.

    “Todd, could you be a little more professional?” Chad asked him wanting to tone him down. Todd gave Chad a shit eating grin.

    “I guess I should say, while we renovate this new entertainment facility for the pleasure of your patrons,” Todd said very professionally. Chad rolled his eyes. “Anyway, before I was chastised for my language by my partner here, I wouldn’t mind taking a look at it again while you, Jake and Thad are here to make sure we have in the drawings exactly what you wanted done up there as we’re going to start on that next week. I have the material ordered and most of it on hand at the moment. I should have that shower pole we talked about in by the end of next week. If you guys are going home for a week, that gives me a couple of weeks to get everything done for you before you get back and we really get rocking on the rest of the place. Let’s go have a look see just to make sure I don’t short change you on anything you were looking for,” Todd said anxious to get started knocking walls out and rebuilding.

    “Fine with us,” I replied as we headed up to the apartment.

    “We’re taking part of the large living area here to add to the bathroom to accommodate the large shower you wanted, which is shown on the drawing right here,” he pointed out on the plans Chad had drawn up. “You still have plenty of room in the living area here as it was over sized anyway. You guys might study in this area, but the bedrooms look like they were set up with some study areas in them already, with some built-ins that we can fancy up a bit. So, the shower area will extend into this area, but the shower heads will be four on the pole in the middle. I think that’s better than having two on opposite walls as this way you’ll all be facing each other, and when someone drops the soap, you can see what’s coming at you before you pick it up. Less chances of getting butt fucked that way, is what I’m trying to say. And, if you’re in the mood, I guess you could pole dance naked on the pole after you drink too many beers. Hell, who knows, the shower room might turn into a party room if you drink enough beer. The drain will handle about anything so you don’t even have to leave to take a piss,” Todd said chuckling.

    “Honestly, Todd. You better not blow this project,” Chad said, notably upset with Todd for his language and sexual innuendos. I was laughing and so was Jake. Thad, on the other hand, was trying to keep up, not really sure what pole dancing was, but did seem to understand the term butt fucking, although he had been cautioned not to mention anything gay tonight. He just remained stoic.

    With the bathroom layout finally approved, as it was proposed on the plans Chad had drawn up, we looked at the kitchen. Todd showed us what he thought about an island and where the appliances should go. He was going to put in granite countertops and decent cabinets, really spiffing up the place. He said the granite countertops wouldn’t cost anything more than the laminate ones as he had a lot of granite left over from other projects and there wasn’t that much to use here anyway. I liked his idea there, and patted him on the back congratulating him. He told us he had to take care of his friends. I liked that idea in more ways than one. Todd said he had some decent hardwood flooring left over for the living area, he thought and maybe add some new carpeting to the bedrooms. I told him he was spot on.

    “So, you guys are going to be gone for a week starting the week after next, so that gives me a couple of weeks to knock out the apartment area and get that ready for you by the time you get back. That’s going to be tight, but I think we can manage. If we don’t get done right on time, you guys can bunk with us at the house if need be. Maybe we can get in some beer drinking and skinny dipping then,” Todd said kind of excited about the last part.

    “We wouldn’t want to impose. Hopefully, you’ll have the apartment ready enough for us to sleep in and shower by then. If not, we might have to move in with you two,” I replied. Todd smiled.

    “Worse things have happened,” Todd said.

    “I’d avoid that at all costs,” Chad chimed in. “He’s not the greatest roommate. He runs around naked half the time, and isn’t the best housekeeper. But then, he might make an exception for you guys.”

    “Hey, as long as we can sleep, drink beer and shower, we don’t care about anything else,” I replied. Jake agreed.

    “I think I’ll sit this one out,” Thad mentioned nonchalantly. Todd grinned at him.

    “Oh, come on, Thad. Live a little,” he said.

    “Leave him alone, Todd. He’s a decent guy, unlike you sometimes,” Chad said defending Thad. Thad smiled at Chad. “Oh, by the way, Thad, I have a schedule I’ve created of the various stages of completion and payment schedules. We can monitor these as we progress. Todd and Josh will have to sign off in agreement with the completion of each stage and then payment can be set up for the stage completed. I’ll work with you on these as we go along.”

    “Thanks, Chad. I look forward to that. This makes it easier to see where we are and our cash requirements for each stage. I like the way you put this together,” Thad said appreciatively.

    “Don’t mention it. It will all make sense once we do one. I’ll walk you through all this stuff when the time comes,” Chad explained.

    “Chad keeps everything straight. Don’t know what I’d do without him,” Todd said sincerely for once. “Well, we need to get back to the house and start ordering product and setting up some roll-off trash containers for the demo. I’ll also check with Mel this week as he said he thought he had someone interested in the pin setting equipment and ball returns. He thought you were set on selling them so he made a few phone calls. I’ll call you and let you know what we found out. You guys need a ride back to campus?” Todd asked at the end.

    “Sure, if you’re offering,” I replied. With that we turned off the lights, locked the doors and jumped in the crew seats of his Ford 150 XLT pickup truck. I sat in the middle between Thad and Jake.

    “You mind if I bare my ass and run it all over your crew seats back here?” Jake asked thinking about what Todd did in the Lincoln. I thought Todd was going to lose it, he was laughing so hard. Even Chad got a kick out of that.

    “Wo, hold on, I think I can walk back,” Thad said excitedly. We laughed that much harder.

    “Jake’s kidding, Thad. Todd did that to his Lincoln Town Car last Saturday, trying to remember his earlier dating days when he was bare ass in the back of his father’s Town Car on dates,” I said still chuckling. “He made us all laugh,” I told him. Thad relaxed a little. “You have to learn not to take everything we say and do too seriously, Thad,” I tried to tell him.

    “Yeh, well Jimmy Farnsworth still hasn’t gotten over that anal attack from back then,” Chad chimed in. I thought Todd was going to run off the road.

    “Dude! That’s fucked up!” Todd said referring to Chad’s statement about his childhood friend. “I told him I just wanted to see him ass, not fuck it,” Todd said, continuing the joke. We laughed that much harder. I was glad to hear they liked to banter around with sexual innuendos, especially gay ones. We were all laughing but Thad. “Thad, there were two girls with us at the time. I just got ahold of the wrong ass at a bad time,” Todd said continuing the joke. I was in tears as was Jake. “As bad as those bitches were at giving head, I told Jimmy we should have shown them how to do it between ourselves,” he said continuing the ruse. “Good thing we didn’t get hung up with those two. Hell they’ve been married a couple of times, have a mess of kids and put on at least another 150 pounds. They didn’t stay cute all that long, but back in those days, you just wanted to get off and it didn’t matter what hole it was back then,” Todd said noting he was on a role with Jake and I.

    Todd dropped us off at my dorm parking lot, just in time for dinner. We got bro hugs from Todd and Chad, except for Thad who preferred just a handshake, then they headed off. “Those guys are crazy,” Jake said as they pulled out of the parking lot. “It’s going to be a crazy summer.”

    “Are those guys gay too?” Thad asked.

    “That’s for them to know and us to find out, Thad. Could be fun trying to find out. They’re both hot in certain ways. I kind of doubt it, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like tripping over to the other side at times if the conversation that any hole was good back then, which I took to mean Jimmy, as well as any girl. But then who knows if he was just joking,” I said thinking about the conversation. “None the less, we have to maintain our cover until the project is done, unless we have proof they’re on the same team beforehand.”

    Jake said he’d eat dinner with Erin, Allen and I tonight, then head back to his room later when I had to go to the frat. I was actually surprised when Thad said he’d stay and eat with us in our cafeteria also, as he’d like to meet Erin and Allen and get to know more of the team he was going to be working with. When we got to the room, Erin and Allen were in their briefs. Thad looked a little embarrassed. I introduced him to Erin and Allen who shook hands with him.

    “Josh, you found another hot one for the group,” Allen said looking Thad over. Thad blushed.

    “Careful, he’s not signed onto our team yet. He’s still making up his mind,” I reminded Allen.

    “Well, let’s see if we can’t find a way to persuade him,” Allen said putting his arm around Thad’s shoulders. Thad flinched.

    “Allen, I told him he didn’t have to do anything he didn’t want to do, but he had to get used to the stuff we do and the way we talk to each other and treat each other in order to function around us. But don’t go teasing him. He can come around on his own if he’s so inclined. No pressure,” I told Allen who took his arm back. Thad grinned.

    “Thad, you have to get used to the teasing, but we promise not to butt fuck you,” Allen replied. “The important thing to know is that if we don’t tease you, we don’t like you. Teasing means we like you and you’re a true friend of ours. Trust me, it works. I’m living proof, because Josh put me through all kinds of hell teasing me before I figured out who I was. It’s so much easier on you if you enjoy the teasing. If we get to you and you take it the wrong way, then tell us, as that’s not our intention. We want to love you as a friend, but the love doesn’t have to get physical if you don’t like that,” Allen replied. I was proud of Allen.

    “Thanks, Allen. I really want to fit in. I’ve admired Josh for a long time, and am so grateful you guys accepted me to be a part of your enterprise. I promise to work hard and not let you guys down,” he replied sincerely.

    “Allen, he does like to kiss for some reason. But ask him first before you haul off and suck face with him,” I warned. Allen smiled and shook his head.

    “OBB’s on his way over to have dinner with us also so you can fill us all in on what you found out today,” Allen announced.

    “What is an OBB?” Thad asked.

    “That’s our friend’s nickname. We’ll let him explain what that means when he gets here,” Allen said setting Thad up for a unique surprise. I just shook my head at him. Just then OBB popped in the door.

    “Glad you dressed up for dinner, Allen. You too, Erin,” OBB said looking at the two who were starting to put on some clothes to go to dinner. “Who’s the new guy? Looks kind of cute,” OBB said sizing up Thad. I introduced the two. OBB gave him a handshake and an immediate hug. It startled Thad a bit, but he was starting to get used to our more affectionate ways of greetings. All the guys got a hug from OBB before he was done. I even got groped when I got hugged. He couldn’t help himself.

    “Allen said you had a unique nickname, and you’d explain the meaning to me,” Thad said making conversation with this new partner he just met.

    “Sure,” OBB said dropping trou and flipping out his one ball for Thad to see somewhat shocking him. “It’s One Ball Bobby, and you can certainly see I only have one ball. But everyone just calls me OBB, and you can too,” he said retrieving his ball back into his briefs and pulling up his jeans.

    “Okay,” Thad said slowing trying to get over what he just saw. “I guess I understand now. Might have been a little more information than I was looking for, but I certainly get it,” he said shaking his head a little. I had to explain to OBB that Thad was somewhat A-sexual so we had to take it easy on him. But we had explained to Thad that if we didn’t tease him, he’d know we didn’t like him. OBB patted him on the back.

    “We’ll keep you straight, or turn you, one or the other,” OBB announced smiling. Thad wasn’t sure what to think about that.

    The dinner conversation was confined mostly to what Thad, Jake and I had observed for the inspection. I had Thad explain the stages of billing we’d be agreeing to. Thad was rather excited about the whole conversation and our discussion of getting started and the things we needed to do.

    After dinner, Jake said he needed to get back to his dorm to study and Thad said the same. Jake and Thad were headed in the same general direction so they said they’d walk together. I gave Jake a passionate kiss right in front of Thad. “You want a kiss also, Thad? It’s okay if you do. We’re all used to it around here,” I offered.

    “How about just a hug tonight?” he asked. I hugged him tightly and kissed him quickly on the cheek. Thad blushed. “Thanks, Josh. Thanks also for the great day. All your friends seem really nice and it’ll be fun working with everyone,” he said. Jake and Thad took off and I went to find Eric for our trip to the frat.

    I filled Eric in on the inspection, telling him everything seemed to be in working order and nothing drastic came up to stall the closing date. Eric was excited to hear that. “How soon are you going to need me here, Josh? I hate not being here to help you when you need it the most, but with the wedding, baby and everything else, I guess I need to put something together to get here for you, and I’m not sure just how soon that will be,” Eric said thinking through things in his mind.

    “You just take care of Maddy. I will need you a few weeks before we open to help hire the staff, learn the register systems and get ready for the opening. I’ll steal some help from the CNB in the City to help us with the opening so it’s not overwhelming to us. In the meantime, you’ll need to find you an apartment for you and the family. Let me know when you need money, and I’ll put you on the payroll then, Eric,” I said covering a litany of areas I needed him for and the things necessary to get him here. Eric shook his head.

    “Josh, you’re really too good to me, you know that. I will be here to help before you have to put me on the payroll. I don’t want you to have to pay me before I can work for you. That wouldn’t be fair. Besides, a little away time from all this new life coming at me would probably be helpful. You know, kind of ease my way out of bachelorhood and into married life and life as a father. My life will change dramatically in an extremely short period of time. It might be nice to sling a sledge hammer a few hours a day to work off the anxiety that might accompany that change,” Eric said somewhat concerned.

    “It’s all going to be fine, Eric. You have all of your friends here that will support you. It’s not like you’re going out on your own. You have the guys that love you to work with and the wife and baby that love you to live with. What could be better?” I asked. Eric gave me a weird look.

    “What could have been better was that I could have worn a condom that one time and none of this would’ve been necessary,” Eric said regretfully. “Or even better, let you guys help change my gender preference and then I wouldn’t have to worry about having and raising offspring.”

    “Everything happens and works out for a reason, Eric. It was meant to be. Besides you’re a pussy man, a breeder. We wouldn’t have made you happy in the long run,” I replied.

    “I don’t know, Josh. The couple of times we did it, your ass felt pretty damned good to me. I came pretty hard, if you remember,” Eric said fondly.

    “Yes, you did and so did I. It was special, Eric. Very special. I’ll never forget it. But special moments were always meant to be. I’m sure you’ve had even more special moments with Maddy and you’re going to have plenty more. You have your whole life ahead of you remember. Besides this child of yours may turn out to be someone famous, maybe someone that discovers a cure for cancer. It was meant to be,” I said trying to encourage him.

    “It’ll be my luck he’ll be gay hanging around all my friends and where I work,” he said in jest.

    “That’s not all bad. At least we’ll have some succession planning for this enterprise we’re building. It’s not like any of us are going to have any offspring to hand the business down to,” I said chuckling. “You think it’s a boy?”

    “Don’t know yet. We opted not to know, but I think when we get closer to the time, we might want to know so we can be prepared for whichever.”

    I gave him a hug as we got to the frat. Tuck was in his boxers again and this time seemed much happier and hugged me tightly.

    “Glad to see you in much better spirits, Tuck,” I said as I got my forehead kissed by the master.

    “Feel much better today, Josh. Even Taylor said I looked and felt much better. Taylor told me he thought you did wonders for him. I told him he didn’t know how wonderful you had been to me,” Tuck said grinning from ear to ear making me a little uncomfortable.

    “Just being a good frat brother, taking care of some needs,” I said, as I pinched his ass.

    “Ouch!” he yelped. “Maybe you better kiss that to make it feel better,” Tuck suggested.

    “In your dreams, Tuck. You know what happened the last time we tried something like that. You were sulking for a couple of days. I don’t need that headache again,” I told him.

    “Don’t you mean butt ache?” he asked being cute.

    “Are we going there again? I’d just rather let that subject drop. We did what we did and we loved each other through it and after it. Can we leave it at that?” I asked rather sarcastically.

    “I don’t know. It felt pretty hot to me. We might have to have a repeat performance,” Tuck suggested.

    “Good grief, Tuck. Don’t be turning us into a gay couple now. I think we came pretty damn close that night,” I said trying to act as macho straight as I could.

    “Oh! I think we went there and back, Josh. No doubt in my mind,” he said and hugged me again. “But we’re all good. We still have our man cards as far as anyone else knows. And, no harm done. We’re all good and we still care about one another. That’s the most important thing,” Tuck said thoughtfully. I hugged him again. “Take your clothes off and get comfortable,” Tuck added, noting I was still dressed and he was in his boxers. I looked at him rather skeptical. “To study, Josh. Just to study,” he added thinking he was suggesting something else.

    “Hey, I have to study for my English and Psych exams. Do we have any of those tests down in the library?” I asked him.

    “Sure, we have everything down there. I told you before to grab whatever you need and go through it. If you have any questions, just ask me or I’ll find someone in the house that’s had the courses recently,” he offered.

    “Brady, the tennis pledge and I have English together so I’ll meet him in the library and we’ll find what we need. Can you get along without me for a while?” I asked batting my eyes at him teasingly.

    “I don’t know. That ass of yours has Hector all excited anymore. You might have to take care of him if you’re gone too long,” Tuck teased.

    “You’re such a tease,” I threw back at him.

    “Wasn’t much of a tease the other night, if I remember everything that really happened,” Tuck replied. I swatted his ass and headed out the door.

    Brady was sitting at one of the tables in the library by himself. I noticed the Lacrosse guys sitting at another table. They cheered as I walked into the room to my surprise. “Hey, it’s the guy that won the NCAA championship basketball game with Tuck,” one of them blurted out. Thanks, guy. You’re famous now and a brother of ours,” they said excitedly.

    “Just doing my part for the team. The team did all the work,” I advised them.

    “Come sit with us and tell us all about it,” one of them begged.

    “Sorry, Brady and I have some important studying to do together,” I replied. “I’ll be around though and we can catch up some time,” I told them. They seemed disappointed when I sat down in front of Brady at his lonely table. Brady gave me a big smile.

    “Thank goodness you’re here,” he said excitedly. “I was so scared you couldn’t come. That would have devastated me,” Brady said still smiling.

    “We have to get in a little studying and then we’ll delve into male anatomy a little later,” I said winking at him.

    “That’s a subject I need a lot of tutoring in, but I think I have the perfect tutor for the education I desperately need,” he said continuing to smile.

    Just then, Jack pulled out a chair and sat down beside me. “Aren’t you two such a cute couple,” he said somewhat teasing and somewhat serious. I rolled my eyes at him.

    “Have you ever made up with your big brother, Jack? You still banished to the library?” I asked.

    “Still banished as far as I know. We’ve texted each other a few times, and things were cordial, but he’s never invited me back to his room,” Jack replied.

    “Sorry to hear that. Ted’s such a good guy,” I remarked.

    “You and your big brother have a fight? What could possibly be so bad he won’t let you study in his room?” Brady curiously asked.

    “None of your business, tennis guy. My friend, Josh, here knows the whole story but that’s for him and I to know,” Jack snapped.

    “Be nice, Jack or Brady and I’ll banish you from this table also. We were having a nice conversation before you joined us,” I snapped at him. Jack decided to be a little nicer.

    “Sorry, Brady. It’s a long story and not worth the time going into it. Besides, I don’t think you’d understand anyway, unless you and Josh here have developed a more intimate relationship that I’m not aware of,” Jack replied.

    “We’ve become really good friends. Intimate? Not sure what you mean,” Brady said somewhat confused. I was grateful for his reply.

    “Well, Josh has a way of really caring about his friends in many ways most people don’t. Just saying. Not sure you two have made it to that level yet, but I’m almost certain, it’s coming,” Jack said smiling at me.

    “Did you need something, Jack. Or, did you just drop by to irritate Brady and I?” I asked him.

    “Yeh, I’d kind of like to know what you and Dawson were doing behind closed doors if you don’t mind talking about it in front of Brady here,” Jack said with a grin.

    “He was explaining to me about the re-structuring of the squads for next year and how we needed a co-captain. We were kicking around some ideas, ideas that I gave the whole squad about training for next year. He liked what I was thinking and wanted me to delve into them in more depth. I laid it all out for him and he took it all down. Then you came and got us, and we all know what happened next,” I replied.

    “I’ll just bet he took it all. Sure you weren’t making good on a bet and restructuring some of Dawson’s anatomy?” Jack asked tongue in cheek. I frowned at him.

    “I told you what we were discussing, Jack. I also told you the bet was null and void,” I said rather emphatically.

    “You tell me a lot of things that aren’t necessarily what they’re supposed to be. It just seemed a little funny that it took a few seconds for Dawson to answer the door and you both looked like you’d seen a ghost when you saw it was me,” Jack stated. I shook my head at him.

    “We were pretty engrossed in the subject at hand and he was hesitant to stop. But, he did, and you know the rest of the story. You can believe what you want, Jack. I really don’t care,” I said tiring of this conversation with him. Jack looked a little hurt.

    “There was a time when we shared a lot of things, Josh. Now, I get the feeling you really don’t care,” Jack said somewhat hurt.

    “Jack, I like you as a friend most of the time. But, you can be a real asshole at times. You’ve hurt people that really do care about you, and that should bother you more than the grief I give you. If I were you, I’d go up to Ted’s room and knock on the door and get down on your knees and apologize to him profusely and ask to at least be his friend again, no other strings attached. Can you be man enough to do that for Ted’s sake at least? I want to like you. I seriously do, but you make it really difficult at times. That bothers me terribly, because I’d like to care about you as my friend. Lately, all we’ve been doing is having these difficult conversations. I hate that, Jack. There was a time we really enjoyed being together. I’d like to have that Jack back before things get too far out of hand. I’d like to leave this year knowing Jack was a true friend and not some arrogant past friend. Do you think we can make it there?” I asked. I thought Jack was going to cry.

    “I’m sorry, Josh. I’ve been an ass. Sometimes I don’t know how not to be. I wish I was more like you. You care so much for your friends, and all I ever seem to do is alienate friends. I really care about Ted, but I hurt him bad. I really did. I can’t ever make that up to him no matter how hard I try,” he said rather emotionally.

    I put my hand on his shoulder and looked him in the eyes. “You can try by asking him for his forgiveness, Jack. Ask him if you guys can still be friends. We’re out of here in a little over a week and you guys need to make amends. Don’t leave here without burying the hatchet and making up. I know he misses you, and I know you miss him. At least come to an understanding with each other. Do that for Ted’s sake, if not for your own also,” I urged him. Jack dropped his head.

    “You’re right, Josh. I should. It’s the only right thing to do. You’re right. Shit, you’re always right. But I want things to be right with us also. Can we work on that too?” he somewhat begged.

    “Make things right with Ted and that will go along ways to making things right between us,” I told him. “And stop walking around with a chip on your shoulder like you did when you first came in the room tonight. You used to be fun loving and a fun guy to be around. Lately I don’t look forward to seeing you and hanging with you, Jack. I hate that, but you’ve made it that way,” I said sincerely, with my hand still on his shoulder. He grabbed my arm and held onto me.

    “I’m sorry, Josh. I am so sorry. I’ve disappointed so many people. You know my problem. Hell, you know all my problems. It’s a wonder you even talk to me anymore. I’ll go talk to Ted right now. I’ll grovel at his feet, hell, kiss them if I have to, and apologize out the ass and beg for forgiveness,” he said sincerely for once. “Sorry, Brady for being an ass around you. I love this guy and I’m sure you’ll love him too, if you don’t already. He’s the best,” Jack said as he got up and patted me on the back and took off to Ted’s room, I hoped anyway.

    “Jack’s been difficult ever since the first time I met him, right here in the library. I think I met you the same night. I always thought he had a chip on his shoulder, and I guess you kind of told him he did too. What the heck did he do to Ted?” Brady asked somewhat whispering. I rolled my eyes.

    I explained the whole story of Marty and how Marty’s hot sex with Jack kind of split up the intimate relationship with Ted. Jack cheated on Ted with Marty to the point Ted didn’t want to have anything to do with Jack. I told him how Jack had confessed to me that was the greatest mistake of his life, but he couldn’t seem to give up this Marty guy. That caught Brady by surprise.

    “Does he still see this Marty guy?” Brady asked.

    “As far as I know. We don’t talk that much anymore. Jack is an alley cat. He just likes to lure a guy in, fuck him, and then move on to the next target. It was different with Ted. He actually loved Ted, for a time anyway, until Marty broke up that relationship. Not sure how he and Marty have hung in there as long as they have. That’s extremely unusual for Jack. The only thing I can think of is they’re both the same way so there aren’t any strings attached, and neither one of them care about anyone else or each other. I guess for their type, that makes for a great relationship,” I said thinking about it.

    “Wow, how did all this get so complicated? I hope I never disappoint you, Josh. You are so loving and caring. I just want to love you and be loved. Slap me if I ever start acting like Jack,” Brady said sincerely.

    “Brady, you are one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met. You’re nothing like Jack. You’ll have your heart broken by several guys in your lifetime. I know that because you’re such a sweet loving guy and there are guys out there that just can’t help fucking guys over that are too nice. Keep your guard up, but don’t shut out what your heart wants,” I advised.

    “Did you and Jack, uh, you know, have sex together?” Brady asked rather cautiously.

    “Yes, we have. We haven’t for a long time now, but at the beginning of school, we played around a little. Nothing was ever serious. I got Jack and Ted together sexually, and was really proud of them both. Then what I told you happened to the two. It’s a shame really.”

    “Was Jack pretty intimate?” Brady asked shyly, not sure whether he should be asking that question or not. I smiled at him.

    “Hey, Jack can be a hot lover. He’s no slouch in that department. But, if he doesn’t have a heart, then the sex is really worthless as far as I’m concerned. You might as well have sex with a stranger and not want to see the guy again,” I told him.

    “Do redheads really have red pubes?” Brady asked curiously. I chuckled.

    “Bright orange, Brady. Jack’s are bright orange, thick and bushy. I like burying my nose in them, they smell and feel so hot,” I said letting myself get carried away. “That was what attracted me to him in the first place. That, and the teasing he was doing to me at the time. We were both on the swimming team and the same squad at the time,” I told him.

    “Amazing. I always wondered what color redheads pubes were. Never had a redhead on our squad to see in the showers, and, then, I had that problem anyway, so I couldn’t shower with the other guys even if we did have a redhead. By the way, Josh. Because of you, I can shower with the other guys now and not get excited. Having sex with you and breaking down that barrier made me able to contain myself now. I get to look, but don’t get excited. You really opened up a new life for me in so many ways,” Brady said excitedly.

    “Good for you, Brady. Why are we talking here when we could be downstairs manhandling each other? Just staring at you’s making my dick hard,” I confessed.

    “Josh, I’ve been hard ever since you walked into the library,” Brady admitted. We both laughed and got up to leave. I waved to the Lacrosse guys, wanting them to see me leave with Brady, the one they used to tease. Luckily, they didn’t see the nice bulge he had in his jeans at the moment, as he had his laptop and notebook in front of him. They smiled anyway.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    The stuff Josh has to know just to put together a bar. Kind of overwhelming. Looks like someone must have had some experience in this area before. Thad is hanging in there. His meeting OBB and getting an 'up close and personal' introduction to his one ball had to be interesting for this straight boy. He didn't run. Have to give him credit for that. I think he gets grossed out once in awhile, but he's not giving up on Josh, just yet. I'm sure Todd and Chad scare him a little also. He doesn't know when they're serious and when they are kidding. Oh, well, makes their lives interesting. Poor Brady got a different look at Jack. I think he has a thing for orange pubes. Just thinking. Why is Josh talking to Brady in the library when they can be screwing in the basement? Come on, FT. Let's get to the basement. We need more. Thank you. BC

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    I have to agree with everything BC said.

    FT, have I told you lately that you're Amazing?

    I wish I could actually live in the world you've written, and are still writing. You've taken me back to much earlier days when I was so naive. I went to college because I was expected to. However, I also made sure it was at least 500 miles away from home. Not because of my family, but rather their public. And, I was still "automatically" playing straight!

    I could tell you a story that 500 miles wasn't far enough. But, that's not for here.

    I identify with Chad.

    Of course, I ADORE Josh. Who doesn't? But, the one I'm most interested in now is Brady.

    All of your characters are fascinating in their own rights. And, each reacts to their own situations. How you manage to keep them so individual is phenomenal.

    WISDOM is the Knowledge you've gained ... After you could have used it! _Me

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chaz, we seem to have a lot in common actually. I too went to college 700 miles away from home. I was totally naive about being gay in college although I had those burning desires I could not explain at the time. I wish I would have had someone like Josh to help me through all of that. It would have made those days a lot more enjoyable and less stressful. Oh, well, today is another day and much has changed. Much more to come with the boys who are embarking on a new adventure with #2, finishing up their freshman year finally. Thanks to everyone for hanging in there. Enjoy. FT

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chapter 170 – Fun With Brady and Coming Out To Tuck

    With the smiles of the Lacrosse guys, as Brady and I left the library, in my mind, I couldn’t help but think what a nice orgy we could have with them should they be so inclined. I knew that was totally out of the picture, but I could dream a little anyway. Right now, I had Brady’s hot naked body on my mind and couldn’t wait to get to it.

    We descended the stairs rapidly as we headed to the work out room in the basement. We stopped there only momentarily to shed our clothes and get naked, except for our briefs which we wore to the deserted shower room down the hall. Our hard cocks were straining our briefs demanding freedom and ass, as we entered the shower room and closed the door. Our cocks finally free, we were all over each other with kisses, hugs, rubbing and stroking our ridged cocks together as I somehow managed to turn on the shower water still tightly connected to Brady as I did. I swear we tried to suck each other’s tongue out of each other’s mouth. Our cocks were leaking pre-cum profusely, and we hadn’t hardly touched them at the time. It was our naked bodies together, finally, that drove our horn count off the charts.

    “Slow down a little, Brady. We’re going to cum before we’ve had time to enjoy each other,” I warned.

    “Not so easy to do with you naked and hard in my arms, Josh. I almost came a couple of times already,” he confessed. I shook my head at him as the embracing began all over. Our wet naked bodies thrashed in the shower stream as we turned each other around, fell against the wall in hot embraces, and attacked each other’s body with our mouths and hands. Intense passion was flowing and flowing hard. I finally grabbed some soap and soaped up Brady’s back as our fronts were still melded together, our hard cocks rubbing up against each other begging us to let them cum. I reached my soapy hand down and jacked our rods together as we fucked my hand. Brady had to stop me. I took that opportunity to flip him around and soap up his back, his ass, reached my hand between his legs and grabbed his ball sac and cock, running my soapy hand all over his junk, then down his inner thighs, over his calves and to his feet. He turned around as I was down at his feet hitting me in the face with his hard cock. That was it, I couldn’t take it any more, and deep throated that hard cock, taking Brady’s breath away. He leaned back against the shower wall and let it all happen. I sucked his beautiful cock, slickening it up with my saliva, then ran my tongue and mouth all over his ball sac and sucked on his balls. From there I worked my tongue up through his nice patch of beautiful pubes and ran it around the base of his cock, up his treasure trail to his naval, then raised myself up the center of his breast bone, then sucked on each of his perky nipples that were hard and erect begging for attention. From there, I reconnected with his mouth, then held him tightly as I rubbed my cock up against his pubes and throbbing member. Fuck he felt fantastic to my touch, taste and smell. I sank to my knees again and flipped him around, spreading his asscheeks with my thumbs and attacked his beautiful pink asshole, the fine hairs adorning it, wet from the shower and vertical at the time. I could feel the heat of his body on my tongue as I probed deeply into his asshole teasing it ever so sensuously. Brady’s knees were shaking, his body trembling.

    “I can’t hold it, Josh. I’m gonna cum,” he threatened. I quickly turned him around and started jacking his cock at face level. With two strokes he fired hard, hitting me directly in the mouth, just exactly what I wanted. I pumped the rest of what seemed like a river of sperm, milking his body of all his manly fluid which ebbed out in a large flow as I pumped him. I had a mouth and handful of Brady sperm, and it tasted wonderful in my mouth, all warm with the delicious flavor of man. Brady literally slid down the shower wall to the floor, his wilting cock still in my hand, with a large pool of cum between my hand and his cockhead. I quickly sucked him clean of all his fluid, then gave him mouth to mouth assistance in getting his breath back. He was literally weak with the explosion from his loins. “Fuck, that wasn’t fair, Josh. It was too fast. Overwhelming, and hot as hell, but too soon. I didn’t get to do anything yet,” he complained.

    “You came,” I said, teasingly contradicting him. He gave me a disappointed look.

    “I didn’t want to cum yet, but you make it almost impossible not to cum when you play with me. Damn, that was intense, Josh. You almost wasted me,” he continued. I smiled. I still had some of his sperm on my cheek. Brady wiped it off for me and stuck it in my mouth. “Might as well get all of it, since you were so hungry for it tonight,” he said smiling and shaking his head. He finally rose up and pulled me up, then proceeded to wash me sensually as I had done him. I was leaking pre-cum rather freely, but had more stamina in holding back the volcano of cum he had failed to repress when I washed him. He tried his damndest to get me to cum with the sensuous massage, fondling and oral attention he gave my entire body and junk. I was still hanging in there, finding it extremely difficult at times. That was until I felt his penis enter my body from behind. He pushed me over in front of him as I felt the heat of his member penetrate my body, almost taking my breath away. I felt an inch, then two, then three, as he slowly entered me. Finally, I felt the full length of his ridged cock plunging into me, awaking all my senses in the most sensitive area of my body. There was a string of pre-cum hanging from my cock, as gravity lured it to the shower floor. To make matters worse, he was starting to stroke my throbbing cock which I had avoided at all costs. In only a matter of seconds, my body shook as the pressure from the molten cum below blew out of my cock like a volcano erupting, filling Brady’s hand full of my hot cum. He kept stroking and fucking me, pulling out at the last minute and giving me another shot of his hot sperm on my back. I rose up and turned around, his cock leaking cum as he hugged me with one hand, his other hand full of my cum, which was leaking through his fingers with the lake of cum he had in his hand. I was surprised at the amount of man seed he milked out of me. Then I watched him as he lapped it up in his mouth and swallowed it. ‘Good boy’ I thought. We collapsed against each other. Brady turned me around and soaped up my back cleaning off his seed tracks, but taking the liberty of running his teasing finger through my asscrack, down my taint and pulled on my ball sac. Fuck, he almost made me hard once more.

    “Behave,” I said lovingly. He kissed me over and over. We finally turned off the water and dried each other, sensually, of course. We still had semi boners as we snuck back to the workout room, slipped in and locked the door. There we laid naked on the wrestling mats, our legs overlapping one another.

    “Fuck, Josh. This is too wonderful. You’re too wonderful. I can’t get enough of this,” he said contemplating what just happened.

    “It is, Brady. It’s beautiful, intense and meaningful for two great friends who care about each other like we do,” I said contemplating what he was thinking about.

    “That’s just it, Josh. I feel like I truly and totally love you. I know you have a boyfriend and other friends you share with. I have no right to think of you as my own, my true love, but it’s hard not to when you’re the only one in this world I want to share my body with like we do. It’s so beautiful and intense, it hurts,” he admitted turning over on his side facing me, and pulling me tightly to him.

    “Brady, you are a beautiful person. I do love you dearly, but you’ll find others you’ll love as much as you think you love me. It’s all new to you right now, and it is intense,” I said as I ran my fingers through his beautiful hair and looked him in the eyes. “I will give you that much. My first times with guys I truly care about are always intense, just like they have been with you. You’re so sweet and innocent right now. You have a virgin excitement about you, which is beautiful. You yearn to be touched, cared for and made love to. It’s all so beautiful for you, and it hurts also. I’m not going to lie, it does hurt, not knowing if it will last or where you’ll find new love. I promise not to leave you out there by yourself. You’ll always have me as a loving friend who knows, understands and will be attentive to your needs. I’ll help you find others that I think you’re capable of loving and are capable of loving you,” I reassured and promised him. He pulled me tightly to him.

    “You’re such a loving caring person, Josh. I don’t deserve you, but I thank God every night that I have you in my life as a loving friend that truly cares about me. Life on campus this year hasn’t been easy for me until I met you. You changed my life completely. I was so frustrated and unhappy before I met you. I thought the frat would change things for me, my tennis teammates and other friends on campus, but it only frustrated me more as I felt like I never fit in. You opened so many doors for me and made me happy. I wasn’t planning on coming back next year until I met you. Now you couldn’t keep me away. I did well on the tennis team, so now my teammates tolerate me. You gave me immediate recognition in the frat just hanging out with me, allowing me to be a groupie to the celebrity you are. I get the respect of the rest of the frat brothers now that you’ve shown them your approval of me,” he said rather proudly.

    “Wait, Brady. You are who you are by yourself. I didn’t do all that for you,” I somewhat objected to what he said. He put his finger over my mouth as if to shush me. Then he kissed me rather passionately.

    “You didn’t know you did it, but you did, Josh. Everyone respects you here in the frat. There are some that say you won the national basketball championship for the university. Hell, I was with you when you told Tuck what you did and the team came alive and won the darn game. It was if you used some sort of magic to awaken the players and sent them to victory. You were like Winston Churchill in WWll, who rallied the British troops and sent them into war against unbelievable odds to achieve victory. I swear you have some sort of magic about you that awakens people you care about and helps them be successful. You changed my life and I’m so happy for it. I was miserable before, and now I’m so happy. But, I still need you to stay that way. I fear I’ll fall back into my gloom and regress without you,” Brady said concerned. I kissed him.

    “Brady, again, you’re stronger than you think. Keep up the positive image you have of yourself now, because you’ve earned it. I’ll introduce you to my friends and you can play with us. I promise you, they will make you feel just as loved as I do, and maybe more,” I reassured him. Brady hugged me, happy to know he wasn’t alone in this world. Even though he had me, he needed to know I was just the beginning for his new life, not the only friend he would ever have to love.

    “Josh, can I ask you a question?” Brady asked rather shyly.

    “Sure. Anything, Brady,” I responded.

    “What makes my asshole so sensitive when you rim me and, better yet, when you’re inside me? I get all tingly all over my body. I really get crazy excited when you touch me there or penetrate me making love. It’s unbelievable,” he said, as his cock started stiffening again thinking about it.

    “It’s amazing, isn’t it? The anus is one of the most sensitive parts of the male body. Licking it, teasing it with a finger, penetrating it with your tongue and then penetrating it with a penis will almost drive you crazy with lust. It’s great you like it both ways. I know you like bottoming as much as you like topping. That makes you versatile and able to please any partner with a preference. It’s great when you can share one another both ways,” I explained.

    “What do most guys prefer?” he asked curiously.

    “There are a lot of needy bottoms out there. I happen to know a few. But sex is sex in my book. You get an ass and penis together and you have the makings of a hot time,” I stated. Brady grinned.

    “I really believe that. I get hard every time I see you anymore. But it’s amazing, I can be around other naked guys now and not get hard like I used to. Hell, I’d bone up at the sight of a guy in his underwear before. Now I can handle the locker rooms without any problem, as long as I don’t fixate on someone, which I don’t have to now because I have you,” Brady exclaimed.

    “I think it’s because you’ve been there and done that. They mystery is gone. You’re still aroused by the naked male body, but in a different way now. You’ve solved the mystery, so to speak. You know what it’s like. Before you fantasized about something you didn’t understand. Now you understand it all, which makes a difference. Just my opinion anyway,” I offered.

    “There’s still so much I don’t understand, but I know I love it all. You need to teach me more,” Brady said excitedly.

    “Every time you make love it’s different from the last time, Brady. Even if you did the exact same things the exact same way. It’s how you feel and what you feel at the time. Emotions play a huge part in what you feel when you’re having sex. If you love the person you’re having sex with, the sex is much more powerful. It it’s just casual sex with someone you don’t really know that well or care about, it’s still good as long as your partner is trying to please you also, and not you just trying to please him. I’ve seen guys giving each other head and the receiver telling the guy sucking his cock explicit instructions as to what to do and when to do it. That’s not spontaneous enjoyable sex. I mean it’s still good, but not with someone that’s being difficult to please, if you catch my drift,” I explained.

    “I just love everything you do to me, Josh. I wouldn’t change a thing. I hope I measure up trying to satisfy you,” he replied.

    “Brady, just being here with you is enough to satisfy me,” I said as I started stroking his hard cock again, and kissing him lightly. I swear he melted in my arms.

    “Can I suck you, Josh? I swear I dream about your cock in my mouth and me making love to it,” Brady asked, as he gently stroked my hardening cock and fondled my balls.

    “Who am I to complain about getting my cock sucked?” I said encouraging him. Brady whipped around in a 69 position and went down on me. Damn, my cock felt great in his mouth. The warmth of his hot slick mouth, lubricating my now throbbing phallus. Although mostly guided by instinct, he had picked up some of my techniques and used them well. I pulled his basket of junk close to me and devoured his pre-cum leaking cock. I didn’t know how he had any juice left in him after the last two intense orgasms I gave him. He was rock hard and eager to play, so I guess he still had bullets somewhere deep in his balls. Brady’s cock over my head, I spread his legs lowering his junk closer to my face and inhaling his beautiful cock. I slobbered his shaft, then sucked on his balls, pulling at them with my lips. I pulled his ass closer into me causing him to arch his back to give me more access. I buried my tongue as far in his ass as I could.

    “Fuck, Josh. That’s so fucking hot. You kill me when you do that,” he uttered with heated excitement. I kept eating his ass. He hiked up my ass to give him access to me. I felt his hot slick tongue attack my anus sending chills through my entire body. As hard as I attacked his asshole, he attacked mine. We were literally eating each other’s asses out, neither one of us wanting to give in to the other. Sweat was running off his balls as I continued to rim him hard, stopping only to attack his balls and taint, then sliding my tongue back up to his beautiful portal of love, enjoying the feel of his fine asshairs on the tip of my tongue. I loved sliding my tongue all over the thin hairs on his taint and those that adorned his ball sac between his balls and thighs. I loved being exactly where I was, and I was taking advantage of every square inch of Brady junk I could get in my mouth. He was doing exactly the same thing to me. “We have to stop or I’m going to cum again, Josh,” Brady uttered almost breathless from what we were doing to each other.

    “Not before I fuck you,” I said, as I rolled out from under him. I flipped him over on his back and lifted his legs in the air giving me the target I was looking for, the one I had nice and slick and ready to receive my cock. The look on his face was intense. I guided my cock into his ass slowly, taking his breath away as I did. He started shaking as I began burying my cock deep in his ass, my thighs smacking the back of his ass cheeks as they sent my rod deep into his needy body. I could feel the muscles in his ass squeeze my cock wanting everything my balls could give to him. I definitely had another load for the boy as heated as we were from our ass eating exercises. I could feel the pressure build. I bent over and kissed him as I buried my cock as deep in him as I could drive it.

    “Fuck me, Josh. Fuck me until I cum and keep fucking me afterwards if you can,” he ordered. Sweat was running off his face and chest. His nipples glistened from our passion. I had to suck on those also. They were just too hot to look at. I needed them in my mouth with my cock deep in his ass. Pre-cum was hanging from his piss slit. I started to stroke him but he stopped me, indicating he was there already. I pumped him hard a few more times and cum oozed from his piss slit slowly falling on his abs. There wasn’t much but it was damned hot to watch it ooze from his cock like it did. “I want your cum, Josh,” he said as I kept pumping him like he asked, cum still hanging from the end of his penis down to his abs. I was there. The feeling was overwhelming. My balls ached for release. I pulled out of his ass and kneeled at his face. He took my cock in his mouth and pumped my shaft until I filled his mouth with all the sperm I had left to give. I collapsed onto all fours, my cock still in his mouth where he continued to suck on it, taking every last drop of my seed. I finally lifted my dick out of his mouth and collapsed beside him, hugging and kissing him, then finally cuddling with him.

    “That was awesome, Brady. You’re one hell of a lover,” I said between kisses.

    “You always blow my mind, Josh. I’ve never felt anything like this before. I can’t get enough of it. I miss it so much between the times we have together. I don’t know what I’m going to do this summer, a whole summer without you,” he said, getting emotional.

    “I’m going to be here all summer, Brady. You’re welcome to come and visit on weekends if you’re working,” I offered.

    “Would that be okay since you’re here with your friends?” he asked.

    “Hey, like I said, they’ll love you as much as I do. Maybe it’s time you had some experience with others,” I suggested.

    “That’d be kind of awkward, Josh. I’ve never been with anyone but you. I’m not sure I could do it with someone else,” Brady replied.

    “Sure you can. They’ll make you feel as comfortable and needed as I do. I can promise you that. So, if you don’t meet anyone at home to care about and have fun with, make a trip up here to see me some weekend, and I guarantee you’ll have the best weekend you’ve ever had in your life,” I promised. He kissed me over and over. “We better get cleaned up and get dressed before too many people miss us,” I said as we cuddled together.

    “I don’t want to let you go. I want to hold you forever,” Brady said pulling me tighter to him.

    “Unless you have more cum in those balls, I suggest we get cleaned up and dressed. You know what’s inevitable, if we hold onto each other naked much longer,” I reminded him.

    “I’d take a pair of aching balls for another round with you any day,” Brady boasted. I laughed and kissed him. I pulled him up and we headed for the shower room. There was much hugging and sensuous washing as we cleaned each other up, but we managed to keep our cocks in check. We did manage to get hard towards the end, but laughed about it and killed the effect. Once dressed, we headed upstairs. “We have to be together again before the end of the semester, Josh. I can’t go home without being with you again. I just couldn’t,” he said urgently. I kissed him on the forehead.

    “We’ll find a way somehow. I’ll always be your friend, Brady. I’m committed to that. I’ll always be there for you as long as you’ll have me,” I promised. That seemed to make him happy. I kissed him once again in the stairwell as I left him to go to Tuck’s room.

    “Find out everything you needed to know about the English exam?” Tuck asked as I walked back in the room.

    “Yep, did some serious in-depth studying for the English exam. Shouldn’t be too bad the way it looks. Looks like mainly a couple of essays for half of it, using all the grammatical properties we learned this year with the other half being multiple choice questions. I think I know most of those. I jotted down the ones I was having problems with, and will make sure I understand them before the exam. We still have until Wednesday next week to make sure I’m mastered it. You get anything done tonight?” I asked after explaining my evening leaving out the most important part of it.

    “Yes, as a matter of fact. Something I need to go over with you for part of it,” he said perking my curiosity.

    “Oh what could that be. How could I ever be of help to you in anything, oh, big brother?” I said being a smartass. Tuck laughed.

    I haven’t told you this yet, but our initiation ceremonies are this Sunday. So, you need to make sure you’re back from the City in time for the ceremony. It starts at 9:00 at night. I guess you should be back in plenty of time. It only lasts an hour, but you need to know our code and be able to recite it for the ceremony. You are graduating from pledge to member at that point. I conduct the ceremony, but I still have you as a little brother to sponsor, so I have a duel role. I’m having Taylor do part of it since I have you to bring over. Taylor’s good with his role in helping which I really appreciate. I could have had him step in for me as your big brother, but I love you too much not to be there for you myself for the ceremony. Anyone can conduct the meeting,” Tuck explained.

    “I am honored, Tuck. Is this where we have to get naked and perform sexual acts for our big brothers?” I asked somewhat sarcastically.

    “I think we past that part already if you recall,” Tuck said referring to last Sunday night. I cleared my throat, not wanting to bring that up again.

    “It’s nice, Josh. You’ll like it. We don’t get crazy like some of the frats do. Ours is pretty civil. All I’ll tell you ahead of time is to wear some clean respectable underwear. You always do anyway,” Tuck added.

    “Oh, so we are going to get a little crazy. What if I get a hardon?” I asked teasing.

    “I wouldn’t recommend it in front of the whole frat house. Probably might not go over so well,” he commented. I chuckled.

    “I’ll save that for you,” I again teased. Tuck gave me a weird look. “Did everyone make it in? Surely if they weren’t going to make it, you would have let them know by now,” I followed up my question with.

    “No, everyone here seemed to make it. There is one I have to ask you about. I thought this Jack guy might not make it as I heard Ted had some problems with him earlier in the year, but Ted said he’s good material for the frat so he made it,” Tuck responded.

    “Was he the one you wanted to ask me about? You know he’s on the swim team with me. We’ve had some ups and downs this year, but nothing to hold up a membership in the frat. We’re still friends although we don’t agree on everything. Ted handled him well, I thought anyway,” I said adding my two cents.

    “No, he was one of them, but Ted vouched for him and he’s good to go. There’s this Brady guy some of the Lacrosse guys were concerned about. Said they didn’t think he was the right stock to be in the frat with the rest of the guys. I guess he’s on the tennis team. Heard he did rather well this year also. They think he’s gay and they thought we were a sports fraternity and didn’t think we needed any fruits on our team,” Tuck said as he was going over his notes. You could have stuck a knife in me I hurt so bad. That statement almost brought me to my knees. I had to think fast.

    “Huh, I guess we all qualify in that area to some extent. Might as well get rid of all of us the way we behave sometime,” I said kind of chuckling, but dying on the inside.

    “What do you know about this Brady guy, Josh. Taylor told me you kind of took him under your wing and most of the guys seem to think he’s a lot better now than he was when he first pledged. If you had anything to do with it, I have to believe that’s true. I wanted to hear what you had to say about the kid before I cut him,” Tuck said, now looking straight at me. I gulped.

    “Brady is an outstanding young man, Tuck. One I’d be proud to have as a brother for the rest of my life. He was a little lost and very shy when he first started here at the university. He didn’t know anyone here and was too shy to make friends. The Lacrosse guys picked on him and kind of bullied him. If anyone wasn’t deserving of being in the frat, I think they have a lot to be ashamed of. Our mission, which you made very clear at the beginning of the year, was ‘Brother helping Brother’. The way they treated Brady, well, it wasn’t very brotherly picking on him the way they did. I think I pretty much put a stop to that. Looks like they’re still trying to pick on the guy,” I told him.

    “Ah, you know there’s always been a grudge between Lacrosse and tennis players. Each sport thinks it’s better than the other. I don’t give much of a rat’s ass about either one, to tell you the truth. There always was a small rivalry there. So, you think this Brady guy is gay?” Tuck asked me point blank. I thought we were out of this, but he came back to it.

    “What if he is? If he still represents the frat in an honorable way and lives up to the code we have, what do we care about the label someone wants to attach to him? I would say, I much prefer Brady to the Lacrosse players whether any of them are gay or not. I don’t like labeling people. I like evaluating them by their actions and character that I see, not what they do under the sheets at night,” I responded.

    “You’re right, but, Josh, in a macho sports environment, the gay folk don’t always fare well. We don’t need to create any major divisions within our own ranks, if you know what I mean,” Tuck said still contemplating.

    “Tuck, I told you I don’t like labels. Many of the guys said you were an asshole when I became your little brother and all wished me good luck with that one. What if I had dismissed you and said I’d find another fraternity to join as I didn’t want to be labeled as an asshole for associating with you. Can you imagine how our lives would have been different if that would have happened? You may not have won a national championship this year. You may have been making wedding plans with Julie and going to Wharton School of Business next year and joining your father’s firm, instead of pursuing a career you love. It’s the gut choices we make on character that defines who we are, Tuck,” I said starting to tear up.

    “Why are you so emotional about this, Josh? Good grief, it’s just one pledge,” he said confused at my emotional response. “Yes, my life would have been totally different without you in it. I thank my lucky stars every day that fate brought us together and I’m a much better man for it. You’re right, there were many of the brothers that liked to think I was a major asshole, and looking back, I rightly deserved that. I was like my father, totally without concern for others. I had my eye on my goals and would have walked over anyone to get there. Look who was influencing my life at the time. Hell, it was that bitch, Julie, and my father. Your concern and love for me changed my entire life, Josh. You taught me how to care about others and how important teamwork and being a part of a team were. I owe you my life. You saved me, Josh. I love you for that more than you’ll ever know. I get this label business you’re talking about. I guess we’ve all been there under one label or another. Does it matter? Hell, I don’t know. Maybe sometimes depending on what it is. I guess being an asshole is just as bad as being gay,” Tuck ended with. Now the tears were flowing.

    “There is nothing wrong with being gay, Tuck. What’s the big fucking deal? Brady is an outstanding young man who’ll represent this fraternity far better than those Lacrosse idiots will. I’d take ten gay guys over them and say we won with that deal,” I said emphatically. Tuck looked perplexed. “What? Why are you even thinking about dropping Brady? That would crush the boy, Tuck. You can’t even think about doing that,” I said getting upset now, not knowing what my next move was.

    “Josh, I don’t think it would work. You, in so many words, are admitting knowing Brady’s gay. I just don’t think we need to initiate anyone that might wear women’s clothing and makeup and act all swishy and everything. It’d give the frat a bad name. Surely there must be a gay fraternity where they can do all their gay stuff together and be a lot happier being together as brothers, sisters, whatever they do together that we don’t need to see,” Tuck said. I was now in tears.

    “FUCK YOU, TUCK! JUST FUCK YOU!” I said striking terror into the guy. “If you don’t want Brady, you don’t want me. If you’re that kind of person judging people by stereotypes that you have no understanding of whatsoever, then you’re one of the shallowest people on the face of the earth and not the guy I loved as my brother. Just fuck you. I’m out of here and you can take your frat and shove it up your hypocritical ass. Call me years from now when you think you might be a decent human being, should that ever happen,” I said balling and started quickly gathering my stuff to storm out of there once and for all.

    “WO, WO, THERE! WHAT THE FUCK, JOSH? You’re not going anywhere until you tell me what this is all about. If I hurt you in any way, I am so sorry. I love you too much to let you leave without telling me what I did wrong,” he said as he grabbed me and hugged me. I tried to wriggle my way out of his grip. I was steaming hot, and wanted nothing better than to leave his sorry ass for good, but he hugged me tightly. I finally just gave up and just balled in his arms. He just held me and hugged me, rocking me back and forth like a father would do to a hurt child. “Josh, I love you so much. You are my world. What’s wrong? What have I done? I swear I’ll make it up to you. You can’t leave me. You just can’t. I can’t make it in this world without your love and friendship. You made me a much better person. Without you, I am just an asshole. I don’t want to be that guy, Josh. I want to be loved and respected, the guy you made me. I love me now and I hated me before. Looks like I might have digressed some for you to hate me now,” he said starting to cry along with me. “Let’s take a minute and get ourselves together from this horrific meltdown. Sit on the bed with me. Tell me what I did wrong or what I can do to fix what I don’t know is broken. I swear there is nothing in this world worth losing you, Josh. Absolutely nothing. I’d give anything to be you. Out of everyone in the world, I admire you the most. I thought you knew that. Then this meltdown tonight. I fucked up somewhere, and I need to know where,” he said trying to get himself together.

    “You don’t want to be me, Tuck. You really don’t want to be me. I can see that now,” I said sobbing as he tried to console me.

    “Jesus, talk to me, Josh. Tell me what’s wrong. I swear I’ll fix anything I’ve done wrong,” he said still wiping tears from his eyes. I just kind of looked at the floor, not knowing exactly what to say or if I had it in me at the time to say, but I was feeling empowered at the moment. Tuck lifted my head and looked me in the eyes. “Tell me what’s wrong, Josh. Please. I love you too much not to know. There is nothing in this world that could ever change that. That bond is steel, iron, the strongest bond known to mankind. It can never be broken,” he said looking me in the eyes.

    “I’m not so sure, Tuck,” I said looking staring at his eyes.

    “What, did you murder someone or something. Hell, if you did, I’ll give you enough money to get out of the country and live a happy life somewhere they’ll never catch you. Because if you murdered someone, they absolutely had it coming, knowing you like I do. Like I said there is nothing that could ever break that bond of love and friendship between us, Josh. Absolutely nothing. Tell me what’s wrong,” he pleaded.

    I gulped real hard, but my mind was made up. “Tuck, I need you to know something,” I started to say, then paused. He was on pins and needles waiting for me to finish what I wanted to tell him. You could have heard a pin drop. I started to tremble. He held me tight again.

    “Get it out, Josh. Tell me what’s wrong. I can fix it,” he pleaded.

    “Tuck, you can’t fix this. You need to know and I’ve been trying to find a way to tell you, but I’m scared to death, as I’ve never had to reveal this to anyone I loved so much that didn’t already know. Tuck, I’m gay,” I said then dropped my head and started to cry again.

    “No fucking way, Josh. There’s no fucking way you’re gay. Nope, don’t believe it,” he said and hugged me tightly.

    “I am, Tuck. There’s no easy way for me to tell you, but I owe you that much. I want to be truthful with you about me and hide nothing. You know the good, bad and the ugly about me, everything now,” I said still sobbing.

    “Oh, my God. Now I see how I hurt you. Fuck, I just annihilated you in a few easy sentences. I am so sorry, Josh. I am so sorry. You poor thing. I am truly a horrible human being not living up to everything you taught me about respect and caring for others that made me a happy person in the first place. I fucked up royally, Josh. Can you ever forgive me?” he said hugging me tightly.

    “So, where does that leave us. Are you going to hate me too? You going to kick Brady and I out and disown us as brothers. Will that make you feel better?” I asked getting my ground back a little.

    “That’s never going to happen. Are you sure about this gay thing?” he asked still kind of confused as if he really heard that or not.

    “You want me to suck your cock to prove it?” I asked facetiously.

    “Now that makes sense. You are extremely talented in that area, now that you mention it,” he said starting to grin.

    “You, big dope,” I said punching him in the shoulder. He laughed. Then he looked me straight in the eyes and was totally serious.

    “Josh, I love you. I told you that would never change, and as God is my witness it will never change. If you are gay, and I have to believe as strongly as you feel about it, and as emotional as you are right now, it’s real. I totally misjudged what being gay was. I am an ignorant ass. If being gay is what you are, then I wish I was gay also. You are the most wonderful, the kindest, most caring, loving person on the face of the earth. You are a role model for us all. I am so sorry for hurting you like I did. You should never be afraid or concerned about confiding in me about anything. I will do the same for you, I love you that much. I don’t care if you’re gay. It will never change my love for you. If people think I’m gay too because I love you, let them bring it on. I will never be ashamed to love you and let the world know I do. I promise you and pledge to you that much. Are we good?” Tuck asked after committing to love me and support me for life.

    “I don’t deserve you, but I sure as hell love you more than anyone in the world right now,” I responded. “I was so afraid to tell you, Tuck. I feared the worst in a way, but yet, I felt there was this bond between us that would have a hard time being broken. I guess I just needed a little more faith. I’m sorry that I ever doubted our friendship, Tuck. I am truly sorry,” I apologized to him.

    “Josh, I could see how you were concerned. I just hate that you had to walk around thinking that I couldn’t love you if I knew you were gay. Again, that bond is unbreakable for life. If it took a gay person to make me a better person, then I thank God he sent you to me. I’m the better person for it,” he admitted.

    “Thanks, Tuck. You are going to let Brady in the frat aren’t you? If you have any reservations at all about it, I’m out of here, I swear,” I said firmly.

    “He’s in. Just your recommendation alone overrides all of the Lacrosse players, pledges and members together, buddy. He’s in, and we’ll love him as much as we all love our Josh. Josh, you have to forgive me for saying what I did about wearing dresses and makeup and all that crazy shit I said. I had no idea what being gay really was. I am such an ignorant idiot. I am ashamed,” Tuck said apologizing.

    “Did you really mean what you said about being gay too if that’s what I was all about?” I said teasingly, but half seriously.

    “Hey, I have to say the sex was pretty damned hot. I told you I’d never cum as hard as I did that night when you and I, well you know,” he said stopping short.

    “Yeh, you got halfway there, big guy,” I said smiling. He hugged me.

    “I’d do it again tomorrow if it’d make you happy, and not think anything about it,” he said and hugged me again. “I swear that was the best blowjob and the best intercourse I’ve ever had in my life. But let’s not tell anyone about it,” Tuck suggested.

    “You don’t have to worry. I don’t kiss and tell,” I promised him.

    “Whew, that’s a relief. Not sure how that’d go over with the team, not that I really give a fuck,” he said grinning. I hugged him.

    “Can I still hug you and kiss you or is that taboo now that you know my secret?” I asked.

    “You can do anything you want to me, Josh. I love you that much,” he said reassuringly. I hugged him again and thanked him. “Now that we have this unabated truth thing going on between us, Josh, are you and Brady the first gay guys to be in the frat or are there others I don’t know about?” he asked curiously.

    “Oh, you had quite a few before Brady or I ever arrived, I’m afraid. You see, there are many of us out there. We just don’t advertise,” I told him.

    “You got that right. Never in a million years would I have ever thought you were. Don’t get mad. You changed my whole perspective tonight on what that’s all about. I was the ignorant idiot. You guys are solid as far as I’m concerned and I’ll defend you to the death,” he said. I had to give him another hug. “Anyone I should know about?”

    “Is it really important that you know?” I asked.

    “Not really. I’m just curious as to how ignorant I really was. That’s all,” Tuck said smiling. “Is Taylor gay?” he asked curiously.

    “No, not that I’m aware of. I think he understands about what it is to be gay and certainly isn’t bothered by it. He got Jake and I together, you know,” I reminded him.

    “Oh, yeh. He said you were perfect for Jake and the two of you were great friends. He’s quite an athlete also. Won the gymnastics tournament for them with that spectacular dismount he did. Quite the stud. We should have him in the frat. He’d make a great member,” Tuck professed.

    “Jake is gay, Tuck. He’s my boyfriend. We are a couple, you might say,” I told him.

    “Damn, if that don’t beat all,” Tuck said. “Here again, I’m an ignorant fool,” he admitted.

    “I think Taylor sensed Jake was possibly gay and struggling with his uncertainty, but didn’t really know what that was all about. Eric, Taylor’s little brother, and a dear straight friend of mine, told him I might be able to help Jake if he could get the two of us together. Eric never told Taylor I was gay, but I think he sensed once the two of us hit it off so well together that both Jake and I were possibly gay. Taylor’s never said anything or asked me one way or the other about it. He’s only had great things to say about how wonderful it was what I did for Jake. But then he tells me how wonderful it is what I did for you as well,” I told him.

    “Fuck, he probably thinks I’m gay too then based on what you just told me about you and Jake. Oh well, let him think what he wants,” Tuck said smiling.

    “No, he knows how macho you are. He doesn’t think you’re gay at all,” I reassured him.

    “Oh my, God, Josh. Shit. I am a total insane asshole. No wonder Taylor didn’t like me for the longest time. I totally forgot. Fuck, I hate myself. I truly hate myself,” Tuck said totally distressed about something.

    “What now, Tuck. What did you do?” I asked alarmed.

    Tuck put his head down in his hands and almost started to cry. I held onto him. He had this horrible expression on his face. “I need to apologize to Taylor. I need to hold onto him and sincerely apologize and beg for his forgiveness, Josh. I am such a fucking asshole,” Tuck said over and over, red in the face as if he was about ready to explode. “Damn, I love you so much, Josh. You couldn’t have come any later than you did or I’d truly have been a lost soul,” he said angrily.

    “Tuck, what is it? What’s wrong? Now I’m asking the stupid question,” I said totally concerned he was about to have a heart attack.

    “God forgive me,” he said looking up at the ceiling as if he was talking to the Almightly.
    It took a couple of minutes for him to be able to speak. Then he looked at me. “You’re going to hate me for this and rightly so. I swear, thanks to you, I’ve changed, but this was back in the days I was a certified, bonified, genuine asshole, thanks to my father and family upbringing and encouraged on from there by Julie, the bitch. Taylor and I had quite an in-depth conversation one night talking about family life at home and our upbringing, sisters and brothers, that type of thing. Beer was involved and we were just being friendly sharing life stories. Taylor told me that night he had an older brother that had committed suicide. He was quite broken up about it. I asked him what could possibly have caused his brother to commit suicide coming from what seemed like the perfect family life he had, unlike the one I had. He told me that his brother was gay and couldn’t come to grips with it and telling his family and that led him to suicide. I was a total asshole, idiot, prick, fucking dipshit and casually mentioned, well, that was one less cocksucker we had in this world, like it was no big deal. Taylor got pissed and cried, and I swear we didn’t speak for some time. I really didn’t realize at the time how hurtful and cruel that really was. Fuck, Josh. Now I want to off myself for being so cruel and hurtful,” he said with tears in his eyes. “I have so much to do to redeem myself in this world, Josh. And, you, you made me see the light. God, I love you so much,” he said hugging me tightly again.

    “I’m sure Taylor has forgiven you by now, Tuck. He seems to really respect you these days. He was really worried about you last Sunday night and kept asking me how you were, and if you were getting any better. He was the one that called me and told me you were hurting and needed me,” I told him.

    “Hell, he was probably hoping I’d croak and be sent to the depths of hell,” Tuck said thinking about it.

    “Not Taylor. He’s a great guy, Tuck. He really cares about people. Eric loves him. Well, in the way straight guys love each other,” I added. Tuck smiled.

    “I was such an asshole, Josh. I truly was. I hate myself for that,” he said ashamed. I patted him on the back.

    “We all make mistakes. The proof of our character is to be able to admit them and set them right if we can. You need to apologize to Taylor and hug him when you do. I know that’s hard for straight guys to do, but you need to after saying what you did to him years ago. He’d appreciate that. You can tell him about me, as if he doesn’t already know. I’m pretty sure he does, but I guess because of his brother and the love he had for him, he understands me and he helped Jake fearing the worst might happen to him if he didn’t get him help. Hell, he helped him fall in love with me and made my life more complete. We’re both very happy together,” I confessed.

    “Is there anyone else I need to know about that I haven’t totally crucified in my stupid years? Trust me, their secret or closet thing, whatever you call it, will never leave my lips except to discuss with you. I just don’t want to murder anyone else with my words if I can help it. Trust me, you’ve changed me tremendously, but every now and then, I forget when I’m being nasty and shit just flow from my mouth without a filter. I usually hate myself for it later, but what I said to Taylor, I’m not sure even God can forgive me for that. I want to make sure I never do that again to anyone, Josh. Help me here if you would please. I beg you,” he pleaded.

    “Okay, here’s a biggie and very close to home to you,” I said pausing to see the expression on his face, as he listened in earnest. “The twins are gay, but you can’t say anything,” I warned.

    “NO SHIT? Surely not those guys. They halfway scare me sometimes. No wonder I used to give them so much shit at all the games until, there again, you made peace between us and got us working as a team. Shit, Josh, I’m much better working with gay guys than I am with straight guys. If that don’t beat all. You know I swore those guys were checking me out in the showers at times. I was always afraid they were thinking about jumping me and mugging me, not assaulting me sexually or anything like that. They just always scared me a little, like they really weren’t all there or something,” Tuck said astounded. “Those guys have big dicks too, Josh. Be careful of those things. Those could hurt if they’re of the persuasion and use them to do what you’re saying they might use them for,” Tuck warned me.

    “Like you don’t?” I asked. Tuck smiled.

    “You noticed that, did you?” Tuck asked.

    “How could any self-respecting gay guy not notice something as beautiful as Hector. I love Hector, Tuck. I could never deny that, but I won’t fixate on Hector. He belongs in the straight world in some cute girl’s pussy, helping you satisfy the hell out of them,” I admitted.

    “Well, Hector sure likes you, Josh. I don’t know. You might be winning him over. I might not have much to say about it,” he teased. I hugged him again.

    “Did you know how intelligent the twins are?” I asked.

    “Seriously? I thought they were bush league. I swear they were from deep in the Appalachians somewhere where they didn’t have indoor plumbing and most of the family was toothless. You know, where family trees don’t branch much. They’re intelligent?” he asked somewhat shocked.

    “Top of their class is something like nuclear physics of some sort. Stuff you and I will never understand. They are a class act when you get them under the sheets. Not bad on the eyes either. Pretty hot stuff actually,” I admitted.

    “You’ve had sex with them?” Tuck asked apprehensively.

    “I told you, I never kiss and tell, Tuck. I deeply care about them as friends though. You need to know that,” I assured him.

    “Oh, I know that from all the effort you put into helping us work out our differences and save the team, plus I credit you with getting us to the national championship finals and winning the national championship. Now what you told me to tell them at the championship game makes total sense. Damn, Josh. You’re always ahead of me, and I didn’t see any of it. Fuck, now I know what got them all excited. They thought they were getting some Josh ass when they got back if they won the game,” he said all excited. Then he got serious. “Did you take care of them?” he asked rather shyly.

    “Let’s just say it wasn’t my ass that made them happy, but it was someone I know that they really enjoyed. I made good on the promise. I just wasn’t physically involved,” I confessed. Tuck shook his head at me.

    “Fuck, if you aren’t the smartest guy in the world or what. Damn, buddy. You are something else. No wonder you have such an outstanding business enterprise going. Who’d have thought that would take off like it did,” he said admiringly.

    “About that, Tuck. Just so you know since this is true confession night and all and we’re laying our dicks out on the table, yours much longer than mine, of course, but the business I have in the City is not exactly the pub I led you to believe it was. It is that and much more,” I said to his curious face, as if I was going to drop another bomb on him tonight.

    “Ooookkkkkaaaay?” he started to say apprehensively. “It’s not a whorehouse is it? I know those are extremely profitable, not that I’ve ever been to one mind you,” he quickly added.

    “Truth night, Tuck,” I reminded him.

    “Okay, so I’ve been to a few. Then there was that girl we fucked at the beginning of the year downstairs. Remember? Hell you and I fucked her at the same time, even. I fucked her ass and you fucked her pussy, or vice versa, not really sure. I just remember we could feel each other’s cocks rubbing up against each other as we were fucking her. Felt pretty hot, I remember,” he said thinking about it.

    “See, that was the first time you had sex with a gayboy using a female surrogate. What do you think about that?” I asked. He rolled his eyes.

    “So tell me about the business before I’m totally convinced I am gay, would you,” he begged.

    “It’s a gay bar, and an extremely successful one at that. It’s packed every weekend and busy during the week. It’s a money printing machine, Tuck. You funded it. Without your help it never would have happened. The name of it, I told you, is the CNB, but I never really told you what that stood for. It stands for the Cock ‘N Balls,” I said causing him to laugh out loud, and then apologize, telling me he wasn’t making fun of it, he just thought the name was classic. “The one here will be the CNB2,” I told him. He grinned from ear to ear.

    “If you aren’t the most creative guy I’ve ever known, I don’t know what. Damn, Josh, I might as well join your team. I’ve had surrogate and real sex with a gay boy, funded a successful gay bar, been instrumental in bribing gay basketball players to win championship games guided by a gay consultant. Shit, I might as well be gay for as much as I interact with them.

    “You need to come and see the CNB sometime. We have male strippers and the whole works. The twins were in our wet underwear contest we had at the bar earlier this year, setting new records for attendance that night. You would have been proud of them, Tuck,” I said sending him almost into hysterics. He truly couldn’t believe it.

    “You never cease to amaze me, Joshua. You are incredible. My life is much richer because of you and what you’ve done for so many of us,” he said grabbing me and hugging me tightly.

    “Shit, Tuck. I should have met Eric 15 minutes ago to go back to the dorm. I need to scoot,” I said realizing what time it was. Tuck looked disappointed.

    “For what started out as a total catastrophic night, turned into the most wonderful night of my life, Josh. This night has brought us closer together, and I didn’t think we could ever get any closer. I love you with all my heart. Thank you so much for trusting me with your secret you were scared to share with me. I will love you with everything I have until the day I die. I swear that to you. Your life is your business, but feel free to share whatever you want to share of it with me. I promise to be interested and supportive and never berate you or your friends for anything. I swear to God, I will always support you, Josh. If you love your friends, then I have to love them also as wonderful a friend as you are. I have some work to do to make amends with a few guys I was wrong about. You may have to help me with that, but I know what I have to do now, and as God is my witness, I will follow through with making amends. I promise you that,” he said then grabbed me and hugged me tightly, both of us tearing up as we embraced. “I love you so much, Josh. I truly do. More than anyone else in this world. Let’s don’t ever let that change,” he said tearfully. Then he kissed me on the lips. “That felt good, Josh. And the right thing to do,” he said proud of himself for kissing me on the lips.

    “Careful. You’ll give me a boner,” I said then pinched his ass. His tears turned to a smile, as he hugged me one more time and then pushed me out the door. I felt the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders for the time being. I had taken one of the hardest first steps in my mind to setting my life right.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    The term that comes to mind, to describe that chapter, is "Poetry". Not the rhyming kind.

    You brought wonderful things, both physical and otherwise, together in a beautiful blend.

    WISDOM is the Knowledge you've gained ... After you could have used it! _Me

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    i ship josh and tuck

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Wow, FT. That was a powerful chapter. It was extremely difficult for Josh to admit to Tuck who he really was, but the respect and care he had for his friend blew away all his concern and he stood up for what was right. He put his friendship with Tuck, his membership in the frat and is whole reputation with a whole bunch of people on the line. He stood tall and strong for what and who he believed in. I am so glad Tuck's love and respect for Josh carried him through, and found more respect from Tuck in the end. Such a remarkable young man for such a young age. I love him more each chapter i read. Josh is certainly an inspiration as well as a crazy character. So much in your writing makes me stop and think about my interaction with others. There is considerably meaning in your writing. It's not just craziness and sex, which we all enjoy also, but some food for thought. Keep writing, FT. We're all hooked. Love it. BC

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Thanks, Chaz and BC for the kind words about chapter 170. That was a particularly emotional chapter for me to write. I got to myself somehow. Sometimes I get too close to these characters. I have been writing up a storm and am getting too far ahead so will be releasing a new chapter more often until we catch up again. Thanks again for all your support and expression of enjoyment of the ongoing exploits of Josh and his friends. They are a fun group. FT

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chapter 171 – Last Day of Classes and Helping Sean

    I was so relieved that one of the biggest hurdles in my life was behind me, and I was still happy and healthy. I had so dreaded the day I had to have the conversation with Tuck where I would tell him I was gay. It all happened before my eyes, totally unplanned, but necessary for it to happen tonight. I no longer had to think about it, worry and fret over it. It happened and it was finally behind me. It was not the horrible experience it could have been, which greatly relieved me. I played all the cards necessary, holding up for myself and others like me. The one thing that stuck in my mind was that love does conquer all. Tuck truly loved me for my character, friendship and love. He not only loved me, he admired me for who I really was and the intense love and caring I had for him. He literally showered me with accolades of gratefulness, far outweighing his archaic ideas of the gay culture. It was a rocky conversation at first, one I thought where I would lose Tuck forever, but turned into one of the most wonderful expressions of love and understanding between two friends that could possibly happen in a lifetime. I was excited. I wanted to scream with all my might, ‘I’m gay, but loved more than ever by my straight friends’.

    Eric could definitely tell I was excited about something as I came bolting up to him smiling from ear to ear and having a hard time containing myself.

    “What took you so long?” he asked concerned.

    “Let’s walk. I have something exciting to tell you,” I said as we bolted out the door to walk back to the dorm. Once we were outside I stopped, hugged Eric then kissed him on the lips.

    “Wow, this must be exciting news to get that kind of treatment. What did you do, win a million dollars or something?” he asked anxious to hear what I had to say.

    “Better than that. I came out to Tuck tonight,” I said excitedly which caused some immediate consternation.

    “You what? You didn’t tell him you were gay, did you? Please tell me you didn’t, Josh,” Eric said concerned. I nodded ‘yes’ as I smiled at him.

    “It’s okay, Eric. I feel free and liberated. You know how I was dreading that conversation. It was killing me to have to think about it. We got in this terrible argument over Brady, Tuck thinking because some of the guys thought he was gay we shouldn’t let him in the frat. I told him to go fuck himself and I was done with him and the frat if that’s the way he felt. He sat me down and asked me what in the hell was wrong with me. I flat out told him if Brady went, then I had to go to because I was definitely gay. The poor guy about had a heart attack, but then apologized profusely and told me he loved me more than anyone else in the world, and if I was gay, he was fine with that, because he would never stop loving me. It’s over, Eric. I got past it and it turned out okay. Not only did he say he’d never stop loving me, but he said he’d defend to the ends of the earth my decision to be who I was. He was so loving and supportive, Eric. It was wonderful. I feel so liberated,” I said excitedly.

    “Are we talking about the same Tuck you and I both know? I never would have dreamed that conversation would have gone the way you described it, Josh. Was he drunk or high on something?” Eric asked somewhat confused.

    “Nope, he was perfectly sober. I knocked his world out from underneath him when I got so pissed and told him to go fuck himself though. You should have seen the look on his face. He was so apologetic after that. Oh, then he thought about all the stupid things he said over his life regarding gays. He broke down and cried when he remembered what he said to Taylor one time regarding the gay brother that committed suicide. He said he could never forgive himself for telling Taylor that was one less cocksucker in the world. I couldn’t believe he said that. He really felt bad when he told me about it and promised to hug Taylor and beg for his forgiveness. That conversation took place a couple of years ago according to Tuck, and it just hit him between the eyes tonight. You might want to warn Taylor an epiphany is coming from Tuck,” I told Eric, still having a hard time containing my excitement.

    “Are you sure we’re talking about Tuck our frat president? Wow, what a different guy he is today than he was in the past,” Eric exclaimed.

    “He said he credited me with turning his life around, Eric. Can you believe that?” I asked.

    “You did, Josh. You totally transformed the man from what he used to be from all the stories Taylor told me about him. Taylor hated the guy at one point in time. Now, because of what you’ve done for Tuck, Taylor admires and respects him. You worked miracles on the guy. I’m sure you had fun doing it also along the way, but it worked beautifully. Look what you did for him last Sunday night, taking care of him and nursing him back out of his depression. It takes a real friend to put up with the grief he probably gave you, Josh. He should be extremely grateful,” Eric added.

    “Eric,” I started to say then stopped. “Eric, I made love to Tuck last Sunday night. I’m not proud of it, and the only person I told was Jake.”

    “Tell me you didn’t, Josh. Tuck let that happen and didn’t stop it? How could he do that to you?” Eric asked concerned.

    “It was what he needed at the time, Eric. He was so depressed and so sexually frustrated, I just had to help him relieve the frustration. The sex he loved, but the aftermath, I wasn’t sure about. He acted so funny afterwards. That’s why I was so concerned about him on Monday night when we went to the frat,” I explained.

    “You were deeply concerned about something that night, I remember. You wouldn’t tell me what it was,” Eric said remembering how upset I was.

    “I wasn’t sure where his mind was, Eric. He didn’t even talk to me afterwards, well after, well you know. He did tell me to stay with him that night as he needed me. The next morning, he didn’t hardly speak to me, just grumbled something. I was hurt, really hurt and didn’t know what I was running into Monday night, whether he’d hate me or we were still friends. It all worked out, but I was still concerned about him.

    “What kind of sex did you guys have, Josh? I know it’s not my business, but did you do what we did?” Eric asked concerned. I couldn’t lie to him.

    “I blew him and then we had anal sex later. He was ecstatic during it, and then afterwards, just got reclusive, turned towards the wall as if I wasn’t even there. I went to the bathroom down the hall and cried my eyes out in the shower. Then I went back to the room and got my things to leave, but he pulled me into bed with him and told me to stay, that he needed me. He spooned me for a while at least, and then the next morning just grunted at me. I was very hurt not knowing if he hated me or not,” I said getting a little emotional.

    “Josh, my poor, Josh. Isn’t Tuck rather large in the penis department?” Eric asked.

    “Larger than you, unfortunately,” I admitted.

    “Didn’t that hurt? I mean I was always afraid of hurting you, and then you go and take on something larger than me. Well, I guess I don’t count anymore,” Eric said thinking about the size difference.

    “Eric, you always count and my ass is yours anytime you need it. You know that. Yes, Tuck hurt at first, but then the pain subsided and it was actually quite enjoyable. I mean it was a hot fuck which he seemed to thoroughly enjoy. That is, until it was over, and then I lost him somewhere. It wasn’t like with you, who got all loveable afterwards. He was so distant. It was creepy actually. I don’t even want to think about it,” I said as it was creeping me out even talking about it. “But all is good now. He didn’t consider that gay for some reason, but the Brady thing brought things to a head tonight, and I had to let him have it. I’m so glad everything is okay with Tuck, Eric. I’m so relieved.”

    “Two timing me. Good grief, Josh. Here I thought I was the only straight guy you loved. Now there are two of us. I just don’t know if I can compete with that kind of competition. He’s actually bigger than me, and I guess size does count in this situation,” Eric said smiling. I stopped, then hugged and kissed him and ran my hand over his crotch.

    “I’ll take that cock of yours any day, Eric. You know how much I love you,” I chided him. Eric smiled and hugged me tightly.

    “I love you so much, Josh. I’m so happy everything worked out with you and Tuck and you leveled with him as to who you really are. That has to be a relief that he still loves you for the great guy you are,” Eric said still holding me.

    “Oh, by the way, I told him I didn’t care if Taylor knew. I figured he already knew anyway. I feel a special connection to him because of his brother, and the fact you and he decided I was the one needed to help Jake. You know how much I love Jake, Eric. My heart goes out to Taylor and I would consider it an honor if he knew about me,” I told Eric to relieve him of having to cover for me with Taylor.

    “I think he sensed it from the beginning. He knew Jake was struggling with something he recognized with his brother, Josh. He loves Jake, not the way you love Jake, but as a brother, very concerned about him with good reason after losing his brother. He’s so proud of you for helping Jake and extremely proud of you for turning Tuck around. You couldn’t find a bigger fan for yourself than Taylor, Josh. At least we don’t have to pretend we don’t know about you anymore. That’s a big relief, let me tell you,” Eric admitted.

    “I knew you would never betray me, even if it helped me unless I told you to. I don’t care if Taylor knows because Tuck knows. The rest of the guys don’t need to know yet. They’ll figure it out in due time, but now is not the time,” I told him. Eric smiled, knowing what I meant. “Hey, I need to run over to see Jake, Eric. I have to tell him everything now that I’m out with Tuck. He needs to know this tonight, so he knows how to deal with Taylor tomorrow if necessary,” I added.

    “I know. Run do what you have to do. Tell Jake ‘hi’ for me. I love you both. But you know that. Josh, I’m happy for you. You deserve only the best,” Eric said and hugged me one last time.

    I knocked on Jake’s door. Sean opened it of all things. “Dude, am I glad to see you. The ole horn count is up, and I could sure use a little bro attention, if you know what I mean,” Sean said giving me a bro hug.

    “Not tonight, beautiful. I need to talk business with Jake,” I told him. Jake stood up from his desk surprised to see me. I gave him a big hug and a quick kiss on the lips.

    “Dude, you kiss him, but you don’t want to suck dick tonight. What gives?” Sean asked confused. I just laughed at him.

    “That was for your benefit, Sean. I had to rile you somehow,” I responded. Sean smiled and shook his head.

    “Got one for me? Didn’t think so,” he said rolling his eyes. I walked over to him and kissed him square on the lips. “Dude, on the lips? Really?” he said concerned, as if I tore his mancard right out of his hands.

    “What the hell, Sean? It’s better you have your lips on mine than on my cock. Think about it,” I suggested. He did stop to think.

    “Yeh, but I liked your lips on my cock much better than on my lips,” he chided.

    “In your dreams, buddy,” I told him. He admitted he did have a dream about that. That’s when I grabbed Jake and told him to come with me. Once outside the dorm we could talk in the warm night air.

    “What’s going on? You seem excited about something,” he said surprised to see me.

    “Jake, I did it,” I told him looking into his eyes.

    “You did what?” he asked getting a little concerned. We spent the next half-hour talking about what happened tonight with Tuck. Jake was really concerned at first, until I got the whole explanation of the evening out. I told him how liberated I felt, but wanted him to know that Taylor knew about both of us. “Josh, Taylor doesn’t concern me at all. I swear he’s known about us since almost the first time we met. He knew I was struggling with my sexuality. He knew more than I did. Don’t know how he did, but he did, possibly because of his brother. I knew about his brother because he told me about it shortly after school started, one of those times we were sharing things about family and all. I know he saw the same signs from me he saw with his brother and was concerned about me. That’s when he and Eric decided you needed to meet me. What can I say after that. You helped me find myself that Christmas at your farm, and then I fell in love. I was a little frustrated at the beginning of our relationship because of you and Andy. I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself had I been the reason to split the two of you up. But you just showed so much concern and caring for me, I couldn’t give up on you either, and everything turned out the right way. It was fate, I think. Taylor loves us both, Josh. I can tell it in the way he talks about you and the two of us together. He would never do anything to harm us in any way. Taylor is a major supporter of both of us and will be for life. I have no doubts about that,” Jake said with conviction. I hugged him and kissed him passionately.

    “Tuck is now a supporter also. I thought I’d seen the last of him tonight as I tried to storm out of the room, but he held me and wouldn’t let me go. I swear he is a changed man and he loves me as much if not more because I told him everything tonight. I can’t tell you what a relief that is to come clean. I dreaded telling him more than I do my parents. I know my parents will still love me, but I wasn’t sure about Tuck. He really surprised me. I should have had more faith in him, I guess,” I said thinking about it again. Jake was still holding me. He raised my chin from against his chest and looked me in the eyes.

    “We all have faith in you, Josh. You are loved by everyone that knows you. Do you know what Thad told me last night on our walk back?” he asked looking at me so sweetly?

    “I can’t imagine, Jake. What did our business manager say about me?” I asked curiously.

    “He told me you were the greatest friend a guy could ever have. He said he wasn’t totally comfortable with the sex stuff, but he kind of understood it as a means of sharing intimacy with those you truly care about and love. He was going to work on that, but aside from that, he said he knew you were going to do great things, and it would almost be professional suicide not to hang in there and arrive at the greatness you were going to lead all of us to. He said he really liked all your friends, and knew they would be great to know, true friends to the end, friendship like he’d never had before. You had a way of picking true friends, and he was very fortunate you thought enough of him to pick him also,” Jake said being totally complementary.

    “Thad said all that?” I asked puzzled.

    “Yep, and he said it very sincerely, Josh. He’s a good kid and a keeper. I hope we don’t gross him out too much. He also said your teasing was the most fun he’d ever had in life up to this point. He said he hoped we kept it up, as he thought it was great fun.”

    “Damn, that boy has promise after all. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes him to get a dick up his virgin ass,” I said chuckling.

    “Let’s not push our luck with the boy. We have plenty to keep our dicks happy and balls drained these days, if you ask me,” Jake responded. “Sean’s about two days away from getting a dick up his ass if he keeps teasing me like he has been. I don’t know whether his bitch is taunting him or what. Maybe she’s ragging it these days. I swear his horn count is through the roof and he needs to get off. I told him to knock one off in the bathroom. He said it was more fun between two people. That’s when I suggested he call you, and then, surprisingly, you showed up. But you didn’t come by to get Sean off, only to tell me about Tuck. He’s disappointed I’m sure, but maybe he banged one out while we were gone,” Jake said smiling.

    “I love you so much, Jake. You are more wonderful than I deserve, if you didn’t know that,” I told him.

    “Maybe, but the feeling’s nothing less than mutual, Josh. I owe you so much. But you have my undying love until I’m gone from this earth,” Jake said, then hugged and kissed me so passionately, I thought I was going to cream my jeans.

    “Fuck, tomorrow’s Friday. Are we going to the City tomorrow night or staying over? Todd said something about stopping by their warehouse to pick out some of the things we need to decide on, such as the granite we want, carpeting, wood flooring and those types of things. I guess we could do that on Saturday morning or Friday evening,” I suggested.

    “Sounds good to me, then you and Erin and I can have some private time. I really want to see how many times and different ways we can make him cum,” Jake said with a naughty smile.

    “Jake, you’re getting as bad as me. Shameful, buddy. Actually, I have a better idea. There is another guy on our swim team that has just learned how to get fucked, and he loves it. He has a big dick also. His name is Les. He was quite the lady’s man, because of his big cock and all. I just always thought he was teasing me, and was totally straight. Anyway, after months of teasing me, and demanding I fuck him, I finally did him in his older brother’s apartment. His brother actually caught us in the act. His brother had never had sex before and wanted the dick also. Now they both are needy. I think the three of us ought to fuck the shit out of the brothers to keep them happy for a while anyway. They’ll have to find their own fun at home this summer if they can, but they are in desperate need of some dick before schools out. You want a little strange?” I asked him.

    “How many of these needy guys are there out there that you’ve converted, Josh? You never cease to amaze me,” he said shaking his head.

    “Just those two which happened rather recently and one other one at the frat that no one would befriend. That kind of happened by accident. He was like you, frustrated now knowing who he was. I guess I saw in him what I saw in you and, well, I helped him out. He’s totally happy now, Jake. His name is Brady and he’s such a sweetheart. You’re going to love him. Erin will love him also. Am I really that big a slut? Is that what you think?” I asked concerned maybe I was. Jake laughed.

    “No, Josh. Your biggest problem is you care too much. ‘A friend in need is a friend indeed’, I think was the quote you used to explain yourself to me one time. I just don’t want you to get hurt, but I trust your judgement completely. As long as you still love me, that’s all I care about,” Jake said kissing me again.

    “Jake, my love for you is permanent and undying also. You are number one on my list of people I love and probably 80+% of all the love I have to offer. You never have to worry about me loving you, Jake. The love between us is unshakable,” I said excitedly as I hugged him tightly.

    “Wow, we are just full of revelations tonight. There’s Tuck, Taylor, Les, Les’ brother, whoever he is, and now a Brady. But at least I’m number uno on the list, so I guess I can live with that,” he said kissing me again and again and tickling me somewhat as he did knowing how vulnerable I was to tickling.

    “Les’ brother’s name is Brandon, by the way. He’s a cool guy with a hot body also, but he doesn’t have as big a cock as Les. Les got the goods in that family for some reason. Don’t know what tripped him over to our side as, like I said, he had a whole harem of girls he fucked for some time,” I explained.

    “He just discovered better sex. That’s all. Plus, he probably really cares about you as a friend, which makes the sex more meaningful,” Jake surmised.

    “Ah, the jury’s out on that. His brother might look at it your way more than Les does. I still think Les is more excited about the sex than he is with any caring connection there. But I can’t say. You good with Taylor for tomorrow?” I asked knowing I needed to get back.

    “I’ll just see if he has anything to say to me about anything and take it from there, Josh. Not sure I’ll even get to see him tomorrow as it’s Friday and we don’t have anything set up for gymnastics for tomorrow. Not sure if Tuck will have talked to him by then or not anyway, so he may be none the wiser about any of this stuff right now,” Jake responded.

    “I’ll almost bet Tuck was down in his room right after I left as he was feeling extremely guilty about what he said about Taylor’s brother when he told me what he said. It was like a baseball bat hit him up side of the head. If I know Tuck, he made a beeline down there to apologize and beg for forgiveness. I don’t think he could have gone to sleep tonight with that still on his conscience. He has changed, Jake. He’s a beautiful man now, not just physically, but in his heart also. I’m really proud of him tonight, more than I thought I could ever be,” I said thoughtfully. I got hugged and kissed again.

    I hated to leave Jake’s arms, but we finally did have to part, and I made my way back to the dorm. I told Jake to fuck Sean if he hadn’t jacked off by the time he got back. Jake shook his head at me as he left. It was late enough, OBB had left already by the time I got back to the room. Erin and Allen were studying in their briefs. I couldn’t wait to get my jeans and t-shirt off to join them.

    “Gather round, guys. I have something important to tell you,” I told them breaking their intent interest in studying.

    “Erin said you had a rather traumatic evening and to make sure you were okay before you went to bed. He said to do whatever gay guys do to console other gay guys, himself not knowing just what that might be, but to handle it,” Allen said smiling. “Hell, we thought we might be in for a hot fuck tonight with you coming back all horny and all,” Allen added. I smiled at him like he was crazy.

    “I had to go tell Jake first,” I started to say and was cut off by Allen.

    “Oh, well, there goes the horniness. None left for us, Erin. He must have gotten off at least three or four times by now if he saw Jake first. Jake would draw all the cum out of his balls he made for a week in one night. Shit, we have Mr. Limpdick with us now. Might as well put your horny little asshole away,” Allen said facetiously. I laughed at Allen, shaking my head.

    “For the record, Jake and I did not have sex. It was a serious discussion, but I’m not fucking anyone tonight, also for the record. So listen up,” I said, finally getting their undivided attention. I spent the better part of an hour telling them what happened between Tuck and me tonight, even teared up on parts of the story. Erin was sitting beside me and consoled me, really empathizing with what I went through tonight. Allen cared, but wasn’t as emotionally moved as Erin was. “You know it’s coming guys. We aren’t going to be able to stay in the closet that much longer. Once we open the club, pretty much everyone’s going to know. So, we might as well get prepared for the fallout, which I hope will be limited, but then you never know. To me the hardest one I had to come out to was Tuck. I am so glad that’s over and all is well, I hope anyway. The parents will be the next hardest, but I have to believe they will always love me,” I explained.

    “Not sure about my parents,” Allen said briefly. “Although I have to believe, as long as we’re making money and doing deals, Dad could care less if I was gay, bi, straight or A- sexual, whatever that is. I’d still be Allen making deals. He could care less if I had a dick up my ass or my dick up someone else’s ass. Mom wouldn’t understand any of it and just tell me to have fun and be careful. Now, the cook, she would care, but love me nonetheless. She’s more of a mother to me than my own mom. I don’t see any problems in my future, Josh, on the home front, anyway. As far as the swim team, as long as we keep bringing in medals, I don’t see that being a problem either. OBB and I don’t hit on any of the other guys, so there’s no problem there. Our little helper/towel boy, Joey, loves getting his ass plugged, so he’s all for it. I think I’m good,” Allen surmised.

    “I think my parents might have some concerns, but all in all, I think they love me like your parents love you, Josh. The swim team might be a problem, but as long as we don’t advertise or make a big deal out of anything, people will find out what they find out. I don’t see that as too big a problem. They all know us now and nothing will have really changed. Hell, even Coach has those tendencies if the truth were known,” Erin said thinking about it.

    “I’m just glad Tuck and I are square. We have our initiation ceremony at the frat this Sunday night. Tuck told me to wear respectable clean underwear. Don’t know what that’s all about, but I guess it’s okay. He said they didn’t get carried away like some of the other frats do. I hope he’s right,” I said while wondering what it was we had to do. “Let’s get some sleep, guys. I’m exhausted.”

    The three of us stripped naked and pissed together while getting ready for bed. Allen held my dick for me, something he liked to do at times for whatever reason. I always just chuckled. “Sure you don’t want to play ‘hide the weenie’ in my ass tonight?” Allen asked. I gave him a weird look. “Just asking. Looks like it might have had some fun already tonight.” I gave him another weird look, but it made him smile.

    Erin and I climbed naked into bed and snuggled up together. He felt great in my arms. We fell asleep quickly.

    As exhausted as I had been mentally and physically the night before, I could have used a few extra winks in the morning, but Allen dragged Erin and I out of bed, boners raging, to get ready for class. Kevin had the shower going for us already. He said he, Calvin and Sam had quite a night and wore his ass out considerably. Gees, was that hard to imagine. He said he was going home with Eric this weekend as they were working on wedding plans and he was taking some of his stuff home so he didn’t have to do it all in one trip next weekend, since Eric had stuff he had to take home also. While we all thought that was a good idea, Kevin said he’d miss getting fucked this weekend as there was no one at home he knew of who enjoyed male to male sex. I told him they were there, he just hadn’t found them yet. He wasn’t so sure.

    Getting dressed the guys got out their jeans. “Guys, it’s hot outside now. We need to show off our sexy legs and wear shorts. Break out the shorts. The jeans need to disappear until the fall now. I saw hot legs, some wife beater shirts and some nice bulges all over campus yesterday. The sights are great these days. Might as well flaunt what we have,” I told them. They gave me an odd look, like they hadn’t thought about it, and found some shorts.

    “How do I look?” Allen asked modeling his shorts for me. I situated them on him a little better. He had them up too high. They were loose at the legs so I ran my hand up them and grabbed his junk making him giggle.

    “Perfect now, Allen. Who knows someone might do what I just did to you now that they have better access to the goods. You might want to consider free balling. It’s warm enough, and it’s much easier to get to the goodies that way,” I suggested. Allen laughed.

    “You crazy ass. You’d do something like that wouldn’t you,” he said chuckling. We finally headed off to breakfast.

    Brady was all aglow in English class. He was extremely happy after the hot sex we’d had the night before. I told him I had something important to tell him after class. Luckily, the prof just went over again what we needed to know for the exam and told us he’d see us next week at exam time. This was our last English class for the year until the exam. He gave us our exam schedule and then dismissed us. We got out a good half hour early so I had time to tell Brady what happened with Tuck last night. He was shocked the Lacrosse guys actually told their big brothers he was gay and didn’t need to be in the frat. Then I told him I defended him and told Tuck we were both out if Brady was out, which shocked the hell out of him. Brady started to cry. I hugged him and moved him to our secluded area behind the shrubs where we could talk privately. Then I told him the rest of the story and how I came out to Tuck, not caring anymore. After I got through the entire story, Brady said I was so brave and all because of him. I told him I would have defended any of my friends like I did and he was no exception.

    “I could have cost you your frat membership, Josh. That would have been horrible. I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if that would have happened,” he said greatly disturbed.

    “Brady, if they kicked you out, it wouldn’t be worth staying in for me. I wouldn’t want to belong to a fraternity that would eliminate a pledge because of what someone said about them. That’s total bullshit. I did tell Tuck to go fuck himself if that’s the way he was going to be. Anyway, it’s all over with now and you and I are fine. We just have to get through the initiation on Sunday which Tuck said was no big deal,” I explained.

    “Josh, thanks for sticking up for me. I don’t know what I’d do without you in my life. If you hadn’t interceded on my behalf with Tuck, I’d have wasted this entire year with a frat I didn’t have a chance of becoming a member. What a waste of time that would have been. But then, if they didn’t want me, I guess I really didn’t want them. Most of the guys have been great and I really like them. My big brother is nice. We’re not really close. He’s more on the macho side, probably believes what the Lacrosse guys think, who knows. You made it all worthwhile, Josh. That’s the one great thing about the frat, it brought us together. I’m so grateful for that,” Brady said, then looked around and didn’t see anyone so he kissed me.

    “You’re gonna get a boner if you keep kissing me,” I warned.

    “I already have one, crazy,” he said and pushed my hand down over his jeans.

    “Hey break out your shorts and wear them. I could have put my hand up your leg openings and played with your cock. You have everything too confined,” I told him. He got a glow about him, hugged me and assaulted my junk from up my shorts leg. I had to let him do it as it felt so good, and I had suggested it anyway. Okay, he got me hard way too quickly and I had to stop him.

    “When can we be together again?” Brady asked seriously.

    “Would you mind meeting Jake and possibly Erin sometime?” I asked. That question kind of caught him by surprise.

    “Do they know about me?” he asked shyly.

    “Jake does. I told him last night when I told him what happened with Tuck. He told me it was great that I stood up for you. I told him about us and how I helped you through your struggle to find yourself. Jake was in a very similar situation, and I helped him so he completely understands and was happy I helped you, Brady. He wants to meet you also. He said if I loved you, then he would also. Erin will love you also. He loves all my friends,” I advised him.

    “I guess it would be okay then. As long as you think it is. I don’t want to cause any problems with your friends or especially Jake,” Brady said concerned.

    “Trust me, he’ll love you also, with his heart and with his body. He’s one hot lover, let me tell you, just like you,” I confessed.

    “You think I’m hot that way, Josh?” Brady asked somewhat excited to hear me say it.

    “Hell, yes, Brady. You’re very hot to have sex with. Look at last night. Shit, how many times did you cum last night. I came a few times and you came more. It was hot, no doubt about it,” I reassured him. Brady smiled.

    “It was hot alright, but I’m never sure if I do the right things for you,” he said reluctantly.

    “Trust me, you do that and more. Hell, I’m hard right now just thinking about it.”

    Brady put his hand back up my shorts leg and felt my boner. “Kind of moist at the tip of your cock there, Josh. Leaking a little pre-cum, I suspect,” he said raising his eyebrows. I kissed him passionately.

    “We gotta go. I’ll see you Sunday night at the frat at 9:00 sharp if not before that. I’ll be there, actually around 8:30 in Tuck’s room just to make sure all is well. Love you, buddy,” I said as we parted. I got pinched on the ass as I took off. I turned around and smiled.

    I met Jake and Trevor for Psych class. They still had jeans on. “Hey, hot legs,” Jake said, admiring my shorts. I smiled.

    “Where’s yours? Too damned hot to wear jeans now. I want to see those sexy legs of yours, Jakey boy. Jake laughed. “And you, Trevor. Come on, if you’re going to be gay, you have to advertise a little and get those boys interested out there,” I advised. Trevor shook his head.

    “I already have my boy, Drew. He’s enough to take care of. I don’t need anymore. Besides I have all you guys also if we need a little variety sometime,” Trevor exclaimed.

    “Come on, Trev, show off those legs, buddy. It’s like women showing off a little cleavage. Stick a sock in your underwear also and give the boys a little bulge to drool over,” I said making him laugh then.

    “Someone has a little Spring fever, it looks like,” Trevor replied.

    Luckily, our Psych lecture was abbreviated just like English had been. We were given the finals schedule and a list of areas we were to be tested on. Then the lecture hall of about 200 of us was dismissed. We did see Betty from a distance not having run into her for sometime now which was a good thing. Trevor tried to avoid her at all costs, as well as Jake and I.

    “You miss that, Trev?” I asked him referring to Betty whose sighting caught his attention.

    “Fuck no, Josh. Like I miss having cancer. I heard she has a new boyfriend now. Too bad for him. Supposedly, and I heard this from a distant friend of hers, she made the guy swear he wasn’t gay or bi before she’d go out with him. But then I wasn’t gay when we first started going together either. All I can say is good luck to both of them. Her new boyfriend has a bitch for a girl. That would be enough to make a guy change gender preferences,” Trevor said hoping. “Maybe that’s what happened to me.” We laughed.

    With the mass exodus of 200 people leaving at once, I got behind Trevor and Jake. I stopped to get a drink at the water fountain in the hall with all kinds of people bumping into my ass as I leaned over to get a drink. Then I felt a hand slide up my inner thigh up my shorts leg. “Jake, you crazy ass,” I said turning around, water dripping from my mouth.

    “Nice legs, Josh. The last time I saw them at your swim meet, they weren’t that hairy. Kind of sexy that way. I like them the way they are now,” Riley said to my complete and utter surprise, with a shocked look on my face. He was standing there in navy blue shorts showing some nice blonde hairy legs also, very manly, which caught my eye immediately.

    “Riley, you crazy fool. That was good. Shocked me anyway. I thought it was one of my friends being funny. I like your hot legs also,” I said admiringly looking down at his legs and bulge in his shorts. “Nice bulge also, there,” I said and briefly passed the back of my hand over it feeling what seemed to be a boner underneath those preppy shorts. Riley smiled at the feel of the back of my hand on his bulge.

    “Didn’t mean to shock you, but you really looked good in those shorts,” he said.

    “Obviously, or you wouldn’t have that nice a bulge at this time. Are we going to keep teasing each other, or are we going to do something about this mutual attraction we seem to have?” I asked point blank. Riley smiled.

    “Gotta run, but we need to get together sometime,” he said running his hand over my ass as he departed. What a fucking tease, I thought to myself. Still, he was hot, a pretty boy, I guess you could say. I wasn’t sure what his deal was. All I could think about at the time was getting Riley and his cousin Cody together and fucking the hell out of both of them. Oh well, school would be out in another week and I wouldn’t see him until fall semester, I thought, so onto sure things.

    “What happened to you? We thought we lost you in the crowd, or worse yet, Betty mugged you on your way out,” Trevor said as they waited for me outside the building.

    “Nope, stopped to get a drink at the drinking fountain and ran into Riley who asked about you guys,” I said making them suspect something. I just smiled.

    We got to the SU a little early for lunch having had abbreviated classes today. We sat outside and waited for Andy and Ashton to show up. The sights were great. Even saw some shirtless guys in athletic shorts throwing a football around in the quadrangle. Some nice sweaty bodies glistening in the hot sun, nice sweaty arm pit hair under some muscled arms, perky nipples and bulges moving back and forth under their shorts as they ran and jumped throwing or catching the ball. I swear they were free balling as much as their junk was moving around underneath those nylon shorts and showing off. These were some pretty hot studs to salivate over.

    Ashton and Andy finally showed up. To my surprise they were wearing shorts also. Ashton was watching the sweaty guys throwing the football around. “Look at that one big guy catching the ball. He’s got a big dick and a set of balls,” Ashton said admiringly. “Look how much that bulge in those nylon shorts moves around. Tell me he doesn’t have a great package underneath those shorts,” Ashton said admiringly.

    “I’m sure he does, Ash, but I’ll bet he’s totally straight and not looking for your ass to fuck,” Andy remarked. We all chuckled.

    Shit, all these half naked guys playing around like this makes me hornier than hell. I’m going to have to start wearing blinders around campus or walk around with a perpetual hardon,” Ashton said enviously. “Better be some hot action over in the City this weekend. My butthole’s getting itchy for some big dick.”

    “Ash, your butthole’s always itchy for some big dick. That’s nothing new,” Andy replied. Ashton gave him a shit eating grin.

    We decided to grab an early lunch. Allen had already contacted Andy and told him, and Ashton, Stephen and Pooky were picking them up early afternoon. I told the two A’s we were staying over tonight and coming over tomorrow afternoon, as we had to pick out some material in the morning with the contractors. Ashton looked disappointed they weren’t going with Erin, Jake and I, but he said there’d be more room in the apartment at the CNB if they got lucky tonight. Andy gave him a dirty look. At lunch I asked the two if they were going home together or separately after finals were over. I reminded them that nothing would be available for us to stay in until at least two weeks from now. Erin, Jake, Allen, OBB and I were planning on being at our homes at least the first week after school and then we’d see how many guys we’d need soon after that. Ashton said he might be tied up for a couple of weeks. Andy said he thought he had to go somewhere with his family the second week out of school so he wasn’t sure when he’d be back. He told me he had the available schedules of the rest of the guys he’d go over with me tomorrow night at the CNB. I reminded them that Eric had a wedding coming up sometime in the near future, which would probably just involve a weekend, but we’d have to see.

    “You still planning on having the bachelor party at the CNB?” Andy asked.

    “I was thinking if Eric gets married on a Saturday, he would probably have the rehearsal dinner on a Friday night. I guess we could have the bachelor party on a Thursday night. It would be much easier to close the CNB for a few hours on a Thursday than on a Friday. I hate closing it at all, but I don’t know where else to have the damned thing,” I said, trying to think of somewhere else to have it. “Did anyone look into hiring any hookers for lap dances? Someone was going to look into that. Maybe that was Allen,” I said losing track of what all I had planned with too many other things going on in my mind. Andy recommended we have a meeting after I got there tomorrow and looked at everything we had coming up we needed to deal with and do some scheduling. I thought that was a good idea.

    Lunch over, I told Jake I’d meet him later after accounting class and we’d get Erin and maybe do some scheduling later this afternoon. He thought that might be a good idea, and told me to stop by his room after class and we’d walk back to my room together.

    An early lunch meant more time before accounting, so I stopped in to see KS and tell him about my incident with Tuck. He was excited to see me, as he always was. After a few hugs, kisses and some groping, he told me that I was in his Accounting 2 class for next year. I was all excited knowing he had pulled some strings to make sure I got into his secondary class for next year, continuing my accounting education. Then I sat him down and told him what happened with Tuck, the whole story. He was somewhat shocked but then asked me if I didn’t feel better having someone I cared that much about knowing the truth. I agreed with him and told him I felt totally liberated. Ken said he wasn’t going to flaunt his gender preference but he wasn’t going to lie about it or try to stay hidden either. He said he was comfortable with who he was and either people would like him or not. I told him I was on my way, but hadn’t totally arrived there yet. He kissed me and told me I would know when I needed to. I agreed. We finally made it to class where Thad was anxiously waiting.

    “You and Ken again?” he asked concerned as to what we were doing with each other.

    “Talking, Thad. Just talking. We had a good talk and it helped me a lot. I had some traumatic issues I worked through last night at my frat and I explained all those to Ken. It was a big help to talk to him about it. I really care about Ken as I do all my close friends. He cares about me also and was willing to listen,” I explained. Thad looked serious.

    “I care about you, Josh. Anything you want to discuss with me that I can help you with?” he asked wanting to help.

    “Not unless you have some great ideas as to how to announce to the world you’re gay,” I said surprising him. He looked shocked.

    “Uh, that’s a little out of my realm of understanding. Sorry. Can’t help you much with that one, but I’ll always listen to what you have to say and sympathize with you. You can bend my ear anytime,” he offered. I squeezed his thigh.

    “I’d rather bend something else, but that’s for another day,” I said, concerning him some. Then he smiled.

    “If it would make you happy and get you out of the doldrums, you can bend it. I guess I can handle it for a friend,” he said shyly. I gave him a great big smile.

    “You do have promise there, Thad. I’m so proud of you,” I said squeezing his thigh again, this time right beside his junk. He kind of giggled. Accounting was very short, just like my other classes had been. This was the last regular class I had for the year. It felt great to be done for some reason. Thad and I headed outside. He said he liked my shorts. I told him he should have worn his as warm as it was. He agreed saying it was hot today. He asked me when would be a good time to go to the city and see the workings of the CNB. I told him there would be plenty of time this summer. I asked him if he could join us back here a couple of weeks after school was out. I didn’t think there would be much for him to do until we got a couple of weeks into the renovation, but then we could use his help along with some of the others. He said this was going to be his summer job so he’d drive back whenever we needed him. I told him I’d let him know after Jake and I got back and into the project. I reminded him there were four bedrooms so he could mostly have his own all summer while we were working, as not all of us would be there at one time. There was always the couch if everyone was there, so he didn’t have to pay anything for housing this summer and he would be back in the dorms or get an apartment with someone when school started. He thought that would be great and save him some money.

    “Oh, and by the way, I really like Jake, Josh. He’s a great guy, and I can see why you two are so close. I look forward to being a friend of his also,” he said.

    “You’re not planning on stealing him away from me are you?” I asked concerned, but really teasing.

    “No. Not that way, Josh. You crazy fool. I’ll like him as a close friend and working associate. You can have him the other way,” he hurriedly explained.

    “I knew what you meant, Thad. Don’t take me so literally all the time. I have a bad reputation for being a smartass, if you haven’t figured that out already,” I said smiling. He shook his head at me.

    “I should know better. Sorry,” he apologized. I sideways bro hugged him. We were walking between two buildings. He looked both ways which puzzled me and seeing no one else around, hugged me and kissed me on the neck. “I’ll miss you until next week, Josh. Be careful this weekend traveling to the city and back. We have a lot to do this summer and I need you healthy,” he said being very considerate. I quickly kissed him on the lips, making him smile. Then I pinched his ass as we parted. He laughed. Damn, he was starting to really grow on me now.

    I dropped by Jake’s room. He was just finishing up some stuff so I plopped down on his bed while I waited for him. “Where’s your horned up roomie?” I asked curiously.

    “Taking a shower at the moment. I had to watch him get naked and walk into the bathroom. He flopped his big dick around at me and asked me if I wanted it,” Jake said smiling. I smiled a big smile. “What are you thinking, Josh. I know what you’re capable of doing when you get like this and it scares me,” he said concerned. I started taking off my shorts and t-shirt. “Josh, what are you doing?” he asked getting concerned now.

    “Take off your clothes. We’re gonna to join him. It’s not like he wouldn’t want us to, Jake. I mean really?” I said as I dropped my briefs and was totally naked ready to head into the bathroom.

    “You crazy ass. He’s gonna shit, Josh. You sure you want to do this?” he asked smiling from ear to ear. I thought he might give me some grief over it, but it seemed like he was game. He wasn’t getting undressed fast enough so I had to help him and helped myself to his goodies while I was at it. He giggled.

    “We can’t cum, but we need to make Sean cum as much as we can. We need to save our stuff for later,” I reminded him, thinking about taking care of Les and Brandon later tonight.

    We opened the door to the bathroom and charged in naked, dicks a wagging. “What the fuck, guys? What are you two up to? You’re both naked,” he exclaimed quite surprised.

    “We came join you in a little bro showering together. Thought you might need some help,” I said as we opened the door to the shower and squeezed in beside him. I grabbed the soap.

    “Fuck! Not sure what you guys have in mind, but if it involves getting off, I’m all for it,” he said as he felt my soapy finger run up his asscrack. “Shit, Josh. Getting a little familiar there, dude,” he said excitedly, then giggled. Jake had his soapy hand around Sean’s cock and was working it good. He was boned up in no time. We were kind of tight in their shower which made it more up close and personal. Jake worked his soapy hand around Sean’s cock and licked his balls while I teased his asshole with my soapy finger, gently penetrating it and sucked on his nipples. We had him wiggling and swerving all over. “Fuck, guys. This is insane, but fucking feels good,” he moaned, getting all his senses stimulated at one time. I started kissing his neck.

    “Kiss me, Sean. Get into this now. You gotta kiss me,” I said egging him on. To my surprise, he did, getting into it rather passionately. I put on a full passion kiss with him responding. Then he pulled Jake up off his cock and kissed him. The three of us traded kisses, tongue and all. I dropped down to his cock and sucked him for all it was worth. His legs shook like hell, he swayed, quivered, and damn near collapsed as he let loose one hell of a load, my mouth barely escaping his mess coming at it. I did take some in the face, but rather enjoyed that part. I got a taste of him, let’s just say. Both Jake and I had to stabilize him, until he partially recovered.

    “Fucking ‘A’. That was intense,” Sean said trying to catch his breath. “We’ve never done that before. That was fucking hot. We should have done that before. We missed so many opportunities. We could have been helping each other out all semester. Now schools almost out, and you guys will be gone for the summer,” he said disappointed. “What do I need to do for you guys?” he asked.

    “Just take it easy. We’ve got to get you cleaned up again. You’ve got cum on your leg and balls. Can’t have you porking the bitch with dried cum on you. She’d think you’ve been beating off or something, not waiting for her fine pussy to bury your cock in,” Jake replied.

    “You mean that nasty smelling snatch she has between her legs. I’m telling you guys, I almost have to hold my nose anymore going down on that fishy smelling gash of hers. If it didn’t feel so sweet on my dick, I think I’d rather suck a dick and get my sucked. Guys are so much better smelling than bitches,” Sean replied.

    Jake went down to wash Sean’s balls and sucked the last remnants of cum from his big dripping cock. That got his attention again. In no time at all, with the mouth cleaning of his low hanging loose ball sack and his boned up cock, we had him in breeding mode one more time. I worked his asshole and his nipples again, running my soapy fingers through his hairy asscrack and over his hairy taint, massaging all the right areas. Jake was driving him crazy again with oral. Jake was fist fucking his cock with his soapy hand, pummeling it while sucking on his balls. I was nibbling at his nipples and teasing his asshole. I gave Jake a nod as if to let me know when he thought Sean might be getting close again. He was shaking a little, like he was trying to hold it back. I kissed him hard one more time and practically ran my tongue down his throat. He was into this kissing thing, getting his hard cock jacked with a soapy hand. Jake had the head of Sean’s cock in his mouth and was furiously jacking his shaft.

    “Fuuuuccckkkk, guys. I’m gonna cum again. Shiiiiiitttt, this is so fucking intense,” he said grimacing with a contorted face, feeling the tremendous pressure of a second load so close to the first. His hips began to thrust. He was just about to burst and Jake gave me the eye. I had my middle finger gently teasing his asshole. On Jake’s signal, I thrust my soapy finger as far into his asshole as I could get it, hitting his prostate at the time he started to spew. He hips thrust hard in front of him causing him to lose his balance, just as I caught him and kept him from hitting the floor. Cum went everywhere in the shower, and I thought his body would never stop convulsing. At first, I thought he passed out and wasn’t breathing. Jake and I got concerned for a quick moment. Thoughts ran through my head as to how to explain what happened to the paramedics or even a coroner, if he had a heart attack with that orgasm. I mean, it was way more intense than I had ever seen one. I slapped his face around a little and he finally looked up at Jake and I. “Fuck, did I just die and go to heaven?” he asked smiling up at us.

    “No, idiot, but you did cum like a mother fucker. Shit, Sean where’d you get all that cum for second load?” Jake asked him.

    “What the fuck did you guys do to me? Fuck, that about killed me, but it felt so damned fucking good, bros. Fuck, I don’t think I can stand up after that one,” he said leaning back in my arms, his ass resting on one of my knees and Jake holding onto his legs, his back up against my chest. Jake flipped his limp cock around slinging some remnants of his cum. Then he sucked his cock one more time to get anything left of his seed. Sean shuddered at Jakes sucking actions. “Fuck, Jake. You killed the damn thing. My fucking dick is dead. ‘D’, ‘E’. ‘A’, ‘D’, dead,” he said spelling it out. “I feel so drained and limp right now. You guys are brutal. Fuck there’s nothing left for the bitch tonight. It might take days to get my balls churning again,” he said almost lethargically. Jake and I chuckled at him. We finally pulled him up to his feet.

    “Need us to clean you up again?” I asked, the shower stream still going.

    “Fuck no! You damn near killed me the last time you tried to help me. I think we’re done. I know I’m done. You two can do to each other whatever it is that you two do, but this dude is out of here while I can still walk,” Sean said notably spent at the moment. We opened the door for him then cleaned ourselves up quickly and joined him drying off. I tried to help him dry his ass, but he backed away from me fearing another round. After we were finished, he just stood there and looked at us.

    “What no kiss after all that great sex?” I asked teasing him. He did come over to me and kissed me with tongue. Then he kissed Jake the same way.

    “You know this kissing dudes isn’t all that bad guys. I guess it’s because we’re all good friends and trust each other so much, that it doesn’t bother us to show our affection. You guys kiss pretty damn good for guys. Oh, and that sex in the shower was almost better than fucking bitches, guys. I mean, I have never in all my life cum as hard as I did just now. Fuck that was awesome. No bitch ever made me cum that hard. Shit, I wonder if the gay guys can make each other cum that hard,” he pondered.

    “Beats me,” I said with Jake agreeing.

    “Shit, I bet us bro heteros are having more fun than the gay dudes. Shit, with what we do, if you didn’t know better, you’d swear we were gay,” he said and laughed as we laughed with him and slapped him on the back.

    “Just bros helping bros, Sean. Like I always say,” I replied and he acknowledged chuckling and yuking it up with Jake and I. Good ole Sean, I thought.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    So Josh had to explain to Eric how he took Tuck's large cock up his, well you know what. I'm sure that was interesting to Eric, not tht he hadn't been there before. How Eric survives all of this is a mystery, but his world is only going to get crazier managing the CNB2.
    Brady is so much fun. He needs more attention and from the rest of the gang too. What's up with this Riley? Is he in or just messing around. Seems interested in Josh for some reason, but doesn't pursue it much, not that Josh has time for another recruit anyway. And, Sean. OMG. I swear Josh and Jake are going to turn him yet. School is almost out so they need to get to it. I think Sean needs the high hard one up where he can really feel it. So much going on, FT. Can't wait for more. Keep typing. BC

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    ^ Great comments, BC!

    I have to fully agree with all that, and more.

    FT, if I haven't said it before, "You ROCK!"

    THANK YOU for this awesome story!
    WISDOM is the Knowledge you've gained ... After you could have used it! _Me

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Thanks again, guys. Going to leave you a couple of chapters this time. Am traveling again so wanted to make sure I left you with some reading material before I left. Enjoy. FT

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chapter 172 – Taking Care of Les and Brandon and A Surprise Visit

    After leaving Sean on a Friday afternoon, relieved of all his man juice before a big Friday night date with his ‘bitch’, he said he needed a nap after all that shower action. He said we needed to show him what the hell we did to him to make him cum that hard. He said he was just getting used to a little bro sucking action and then this thing hit him right between the eyes and he loved it. We told him we thought he had the oral down pretty good and it was time to step it up a notch. He asked us, before we left, if there were any more notches to step up to. We assured him there were more, which excited him even further. He said he couldn’t wait for another lesson, but probably not on a date night as he was concerned if he could even get it up with the bitch tonight. We asked him if he needed us to prime it a little for him, but he told us ‘hell no’, as he’d never survive the next one. We all laughed, then Jake and I headed out leaving his naked body laying limp on his bed.

    Jake and I laughed so hard after we left the dorm. “I have no idea if he gets any of this, Josh. I swear he’s oblivious to everything we’ve done with him. We’ve convinced him rather well, this is all stuff macho bros do to help one another out when they’re backed up. Honestly, it’s crazy what we’ve done to the poor boy, but what’s even crazier is he loves it. He really gets into it. Shit, he even kissed us with tongue. Won’t be long and we’ll be fucking the dude,” Jake said so amazed at Sean’s behavior with the two of us.

    “Well, you get first dibs on his ass. I admit, he has a hairy asscrack. Pretty thick in there, if you ask me, but enough to get my cock hard. Fuck, I wanted to fuck him with more than my finger in the shower. I swear my finger got hard penetrating his sweet virgin asshole,” I told Jake who laughed.

    “Hit that prostate square on, Josh. Damn, I thought we killed him there for a minute,” he said continuing to chuckle.

    We finally made it to my room and stripped down to our briefs. Allen and OBB were packing up and getting ready to leave. Erin was lounging in his briefs. Stephen and Pooky came into the room to ‘collect’ Allen and OBB.

    “Sure you guys don’t want to come with us to the city. We could have a lot of sex on the way over and back in that big Expedition. Put the seats in the back down and get bare ass to the world.” Stephen said excitedly. “Haven’t had the feel of that cock of yours in months, Josh, not since the first time I met you,” Stephen said rubbing my asscheeks with his hand. I smiled at him.

    “We have business to attend to tonight and in the morning. We’ll see you guys at the club tomorrow afternoon late,” I assured him. He still had his hand on my asscheek, not wanting to stop massaging me there. “Careful, you might get me excited, Stephen,” I teasingly warned.

    “I could only hope, Josh. I could only hope. You are so fucking hot. All you guys are fucking hot. I have to put up with limp dick over there,” he said referring to Pooky.

    “Hey watch it. You told me I sucked better cock than anyone you’d ever had,” Pooky told us proudly.

    “With the exception of almost everyone here in this room,” he made it a point to say disappointing Pooky. “Oh, Pooky my darling, you’re the best. I have to say that or he’ll cut me off. We need a permanent top though. Anyone you know of needs a summer job. I mean we can take care of the boy if he can take care of us,” Stephen said seriously.

    “If I run into someone I think can fit the bill, I’ll point him in your direction,” I promised him. Allen gave me a weird look, like don’t bother.

    “Come on Stephen, leave Josh’s ass alone, and let’s hit the road. We have to pick up Andy and Ashton on the way,” Allen said getting his backpack and then hugging and kissing Jake, Erin and me. Off they went finally.

    We chilled out and relaxed in our briefs. Jake and I filled in Erin on what we did to Sean. I thought Erin would never stop laughing.

    “I swear Sean is like a Neanderthal, so basic. I don’t know if he knows what gay is even. Listening to him talk about them, I don’t think he connects the term with sex, only effeminate actions of some sort. He just likes to get his rocks off any way he can and it doesn’t make any difference to him how he does it, with guys or with women. He kind of thinks of women as just a way to get your rocks off, so what difference would it make to him which gender got them off for him as long as he was satisfied. You guys seem to satisfy him more than his women do. I’d be careful if I were you. He’s going to start fixating on you guys as more pleasurable than his women if you aren’t careful there. I mean, you say he said you made him cum harder than any bitch ever had. Well, if that was me, and it kind of was, after getting my ass fucked a few times, I’d be concerned he might be coming over, heading to the path of least resistance and considerably more pleasure,” Erin said analyzing the situation.

    “Hum,” I said thinking it over. “Jake, Erin might have a point there. You better be prepared to move next week if he crawls in bed with you and wants fucked,” I suggested.

    “Hell, I’ll just fuck him if that happens,” Jake replied, but I knew he wouldn’t and would come running for help if that happened, which I was pretty sure would not.

    “Erin, you know Les from swimming. Well, we’re going over to his brother’s apartment after we go out to eat to fuck he and his brother. You up for that?” I asked to a surprised Erin.

    “What? You finally going to fuck Les?” he asked curiously.

    “You and Jake are going to fuck Les and his brother Brandon. I already fucked them both a couple of times as he kept bugging me. I thought it’d be a one-time thing and done, but he had the same problem as you did. He got hooked on it, and his brother kind of caught us the second time we did it, so I had to do him and now he’s hooked on it also. They’re too much and I’m tired of being asked day in and day out to come over and handle their asses, so tonight I thought we’d go over there and fuck the hell out of them, and then, just maybe, they’d leave us alone for the summer at least,” I said hoping.

    “That cock of Les’ looks pretty hot to me. I think the fucking ought to be him fucking me,” Erin said wishfully.

    “Let’s fuck them with the understanding that Les has to fuck you one time at least,” I suggested which made Erin smile from ear to ear. “Hey, his brother’s no slouch in the penis department either. Not quite a Les, and he’s much more humble and less dramatic personality wise. He’s more of a romantic type, I’d say. He has those beautiful bedroom eyes that say ‘fuck me and eat my cum’,” I told him losing myself when I said it.

    “Sounds like the makings of a good evening, I guess. A little drinking, a little exercise and we get our balls drained. Yep, sounds good to me,” Erin said all excited.

    “I told him I was coming over tonight and I wanted them showered, naked and hard when I got there. They don’t know I’m bringing reinforcements. I figured what the hell, this will get them used to multiple dicks and not just mine. They’re clean so you can dick them raw. No problem there,” I added. Erin got excited thinking about Les’ love appendage.

    I asked Erin about his plans when finals were over. He told me he was going home for a week, then his family was going on vacation for the following week. He said he knew I was going home for a week, but then coming back the week after which he’d be on vacation then. He was concerned he might be needed here at that time. I told him there probably wouldn’t be much going on that first week I was back so not to sweat it. He could come back as soon as he got back from vacation. Erin seemed relieved I was okay with that.

    “Josh, I’ve been thinking about taking you home instead of having your parents drive all that way to pick you up. We could take the Lincoln and drive to your house. I could spend a couple of days with you, then head home for a few days then meet you back here. I assume you’ll drive your pickup back when you come back. We could meet back here at the end of that week and get started on everything then. Plus, I wouldn’t have to spend as much time at home, since I really don’t have anything to do there other than hangout with the family,” Jake said thinking through the logistics.

    “You sure you want to drive all that way?” I asked my beloved Jake.

    “Hey, it’s more time to spend with you. Besides, I really liked your parents and being on the farm at Christmas time. Zach was a lot of fun also. We’d get to see him,” Jake replied.

    “Oh, maybe I should go with you two. I’d really love to see Zach myself,” Erin chimed in all excited.

    “Let your dick relax, Erin. He’ll be here with us for a whole school year. Do not fret. There will be plenty of Zach ass and dick for you, buddy,” I reassured him. Erin smiled.

    “I wish I didn’t have to go on vacation that one week and miss out on a week with you two,” Erin said disappointedly.

    “It’s one week, Erin. I’m sure you’ll survive it. Maybe you’ll have a chance to discuss your sexual preference with your parents while you’re on vacation,” I suggested.

    “Fuck no. I’m not taking that chance. They might leave me out in the middle of nowhere all alone. I think I have a much better chance of surviving back at home in case you guys have to come and rescue me,” Erin replied. Jake and I chuckled.

    Eric and Kevin had left for home, dropping by to say goodbye on their way out. We spent the next couple of hours studying since Sunday night would be a bust for me with the frat initiation, and we did have finals next week. Luckily, Monday and Tuesday we didn’t have classes. Finals started on Wednesday. Dawson had texted me and told me we had tryouts and reviews at the natatorium on Monday afternoon starting at 2:00. The closing on the bowling alley was in the morning, so I figured I could make the 2:00 meeting.

    “Anyone for an early dinner?” I asked reaching a stopping point on studying. Erin and Jake said they were game. “How about the place downtown again where we can see our fuckbuddy Trent?” I asked.

    “We can tease him through dinner, but our cocks are committed for tonight, so he might be disappointed,” Erin reminded us.

    “Yeh, but his boyfriend can take care of his ass later for him. We’ll just remind him what a great time he had with us as opposed to his married boyfriend,” I stated, with both Erin and Jake agreeing.

    We decided to shower before leaving for dinner so we could go straight to Les’ brother’s apartment afterwards. Dropping our briefs we headed into the bathroom, cocks a waggin. It took great restraint to keep from mauling each other, but we knew we had to save ourselves for later. Still, we emerged to dry off fully boned after some light cocksucking, ball fondling and anal licking. It all felt great, and I guess you could have considered it a warm up for later.

    “You guys want to go commando tonight?” I asked as we looked for our shorts. Erin already had his briefs on.

    “Doesn’t that irritate your junk when you do that?” Erin asked curiously.

    “Not really,” I replied. “Feels good freeballin.” Jake looked at me curiously, then threw his briefs aside and hiked up his shorts. Erin followed suit. We grabbed our t-shirts and were off.

    There were still plenty of hot looking guys in athletic shorts and no shirts throwing footballs and frisbees out in the quads as we made our way downtown. The hot looking chests and torsos were dripping with sweat as they ran and jumped. I loved the athletic nylon shorts as you could see the outline of penises and circumcised penis heads as jock’s appendages pressed against the fabric. There were some large full heads on some of those suckers. I had to remember, I didn’t have any underwear on to constrain an arousal. There was certainly enough viewing material to create one.

    After a very warm walk, we arrived at the restaurant. There was a young lady that said she’d seat us. She grabbed the menus and we headed off to a booth. We had only gone a few feet and the menus were grabbed from her hand. She was told he’d seat us, and for her not to bother as we were friends of his. Trent had snatched the menus from her hand rather rudely and sent the young lady packing. She gave him a dirty look, but relented.

    “You guys miss me?” Trent asked as he took us to our booth.

    “Well, the food was great last week so we decided to try it again, actually,” Jake replied.

    “I know what was good last week, and it wasn’t the food at the top of the list,” Trent said jokingly. We all smiled. “I know I really enjoyed what I had,” he added. “You guys sit right here and I’ll get you your beers. Take the load off, and, maybe later, we can get a load or two off.” He took off to get the beers.

    “He’s expecting another fuck session tonight, guys,” I exclaimed.

    “Is he ever in for a surprise,” Jake said. “We ought to get him nice and horny and then tell him we can’t make it tonight.”

    “That’s not very nice,” Erin exclaimed.

    “If he gives us a bunch of crap tonight, I’m going to lay it on him, Erin,” Jake replied. We all realized Trent could be a little sarcastic

    Trent arrived back with three cold drafts. I took a sip of mine and it was exactly the IPA that I liked. I gave him a smile of approval. “What, you thought I forgot what you liked?” Trent asked sarcastically. “I’ll never forget anything about you guys. I can see you naked in vivid detail right now,” he said looking all of us over. I almost wanted to cover myself, but hell I was fully dressed.

    “You don’t forget, do you?” Jake asked him.

    “Never sweetheart. As hot as you three guys are and the fucking you gave me last week, damn, I’ve cum so many times this week just thinking about it,” he exclaimed.

    “Good grief, Trent. What about your married lover? I thought he took care of your needs,” I asked trying to derail the conversation.

    “Oh, he does, baby. But I only get to see him a few times a week. This ass of mine is hungry every day and sometimes several times a day. I will say you guys fed it rather well last Friday night. I told him all about you guys. He was amazed I took on three of you,” Trent told us.

    “Trent, why would you tell him about us? Is that a smart thing to do?” I had to ask.

    “I did it to make him jealous. He needs to see me more often and the wife less often, if you know what I mean,” Trent replied. I rolled my eyes.

    “Trent, he is married. You need to find you a hot single guy. I don’t think this guy can ever make you happy. Not sure you can be happy knowing you might eventually split up a family,” I remarked.

    “That’s never going to happen, and I know it. Still, I want him to be jealous when I can make him that way,” Trent replied.

    “What, you like creating problems?” Jake asked really concerned.

    “No, I just want him to appreciate me more. I have to say we had a great session later that night after spending time with you. I guess he was trying to show me he was a better lover than guys several years younger than he was,” Trent remarked.

    “Well, was he?” Erin asked.

    “Hell, no, but I let him think he was,” Trent replied. “You guys ready to order or do you want to sip on those beers a little first? I have other tables I have to get to,” Trent advised. We told him we’d sip beer a while and to go do what he had to do.

    “You know, he reminds me a lot of Seth, guys. I think he’s a little arrogant, which is what Seth certainly is. He does seem to know his business in taking care of customers. As much as he wanted to yuk it up with what he considers to be a sure lay, he hasn’t forgotten his other customers. We might want to consider him for managing the wait staff at #2,” I threw out for discussion.

    “Good point, I guess,” Jake replied. “So, we calling it ‘number 2’ now, are we?” I had to smile.

    “It’s easier than saying CNB2. I mean seriously, guys,” I replied. Jake and Erin chuckled. We clinked our glasses toasting ‘#2’.

    Trent came back with more beers and slid them over to us. “Seriously, Trent. We haven’t finished our first ones yet,” Jake remarked.

    “Thought you guys could use another one. You looked like you were thirsty. I never want it said that I didn’t take care of you guys the right way,” he commented.

    “Well we certainly know you can do that, now, don’t we,” Erin remarked. Trent smiled.

    “So, you boys up for a little ‘hide the weenie in Trent’s ass tonight? I’d love a repeat performance of last Friday. I get hard just thinking about it,” Trent said as he slid in beside Jake, pushing him over in the booth, opposite me and Erin.

    “Uh, about that. We kind of have a previous engagement tonight. Nothing personal, but we have a couple of friends that are in dire need of some assistance in that area, and we kind of promised them, we’d take care of their needs. We’ll be happy to take a rain check on that though,” Jake told him. Jake had a funny look on his face all of a sudden.

    “You’re not wearing any underwear, Jake,” Trent said rather surprised. Erin and I looked at him funny.

    “He’s got his hand on my bare balls and dick,” Jake admitted. “And, by the way, you aren’t wearing any either, Trent,” Jake told him, obviously having his hand on Trent’s bare junk. “Well, this is certainly interesting for a dinner date,” Jake added.

    “Shit, I better quit before I get in trouble. What was this about two friends that are in need? Maybe I could help you with them, and we can all have some fun,” Trent suggested.

    “Hell, you don’t get off until 10:00. We’ll have their balls dry by then. Ours too probably,” Jake told him as he brought his hands back up on the table. Trent’s hand showed up also, preparing to take notes. “Besides, you have your boyfriend to take care of later, remember.”

    “Yeh, I don’t want to miss that, but I’d love to play with you guys more than anything. If those other friends of yours are half as hot as you guys are, I’d love to meet them also,” Trent said almost salivating. “What do you guys want to eat? I’ll take your order and then go outside and cry my eyes out thinking about this missed opportunity,” he said in what we were hoping was in jest. We chuckled anyway. “I’m serious. Jake here gave me one hell of a boner. Hell, he does that when I just look at him, but with his hand all over my bare cock, damn, I could almost cum,” he added.

    “Well just make sure none of that male fluid ends up in the food tonight as a secret sauce,” Erin warned. Trent thought that was great and said he might just have to do that sometime. “Like we wouldn’t know,” Erin added. We laughed again.

    “Okay, you guys. I’ll miss you though. Guess I’ll have to fuck the boyfriend extra hard tonight thinking about you guys. You guys staying here for the summer or going home?” Trent asked. We told him our plans, that we were working on a business here in town and getting it ready for the fall, but we’d be gone for a week or two and then be back for the full summer. He said he was staying in town also, partly because of the boyfriend and partly to work here at the restaurant and then another job at the university during the day. He made us promise to come in often to see him and maybe we could still have some fun during the summer. We told him we’d look him up when we got horny. He smiled at that comment. Trent got up to go place our order.

    “Wash your hands also before you bring us the food,” I told him as he left. He turned around and smiled. “Seriously, Jake, you had your hand on his bare junk?” I asked looking at Jake.

    “He did it to me first. We must have all decided to go commando tonight for some reason. Must be these shorts. The legs are open enough to get a hand up there to the promised land. My dick just happened to be hanging down one of the legs and met his hand up close and personal. Was kind of neat, actually,” Jake said smiling.

    “If you aren’t becoming a real slut lately,” I said shaking my head.

    “Hey, I had a great teacher. Remember that,” he said smiling. Touché, I thought. He was right about that.

    Dinner over and beer glasses dry, Trent brought the bill. I paid it with my credit card and put a decent tip on it for our boy. I told him we might be interested in talking to him about a new job for the fall semester. He was all excited to hear that interesting tidbit. I told him we’d talk later sometime this summer. I ran my hand up his shorts leg opening and got a touch of his dick and balls making him blush.

    “I’m off at 10:00 if you guys have any energy left,” he mentioned as he was walking away. We waved.

    We were feeling no pain after the hearty beers we had ingested. Off we went to Brandon’s apartment hoping Les and Brandon were there naked and ready for some intense male sex. Erin still couldn’t believe that Les could take a cock. He thought of him only as a Lady’s man, fucking as many girls as he could. I told Erin, Les was mighty hot at the end of a cock. Erin thought that to be so strange, but was looking forward to getting some Les cock up his sweet ass. I promised him that would happen. I told Jake and Erin to stand to the side of the door when they opened it to let me in. Once I was inside, they could jump in with me and surprise the shit out of Brandon and Les. The plan worked perfectly. There they were, naked, as the door opened, and I walked in. They didn’t see Erin and Jake at first, but they barged in right behind me scaring the shit out of the two brothers. There were no hardons after that welcome.

    “What the fuck!” Les shouted, shocked beyond all belief. “Erin? You brought Erin? What the hell, Josh,” Les shouted, still in shock, and was quite concerned as to who Jake was. Les and Brandon both covered themselves up. “What’s this all about?” he finally asked. I introduced Jake as my boyfriend. They were somewhat relieved to hear that, but were starting to feel like this had turned into a social visit and not a fuck session. “Why is Erin here?” Les asked still concerned.

    “Erin wants a piece of that big cock of yours, well, what was that big cock of yours until you went limp on us. He wants to feel that in his ass. You see, Erin here, has the same desires you have and has for some time. I just never told you about him and never told him about you until tonight. I figured we’d give you two a going away present for the summer, and all have a little fun. I needed reinforcements as hard as you guys play,” I told them.

    “As hard as we play? Seems to me it’s the other way around. We were fairly innocent until a few weeks ago and you seemed to have changed all that,” Les said accusingly.

    “Who begged me to?” I asked looking him in the eye.

    “Okay, you’ve got me there. Hell, Brandon was just kind of collateral damage getting caught in the middle, but is he ever glad he did. He’s finally happy now that he’s learned how to be satisfied,” Les confessed.

    “Well, up until now, you’ve only had my cock up your ass, but I figured it was high time you got some others, so I brought a couple extra along. Don’t fall in love with anyone tonight as these two are taken,” I advised them. Les and Brandon smiled, relaxing a little. “Gentlemen, shall we get our weapons out?” I asked Erin and Jake. They both dropped their shorts revealing their naked junk.

    “I’ve seen Erin in the showers all the time after swim practice, but never dreamed of getting to play with him. This is a real treat, Josh. And, Jake, where have you been hiding. No wonder Josh is so infatuated with you. You’re kind of dreamy,” Les said looking at the three of us naked finally.

    “Shall we play on the bed?” I asked motioning for us to move to the bedroom.

    “I even helped Brandon put clean sheets on the bed tonight so we can get them all cummied up,” Les said proudly.

    “Guys, just to give you some pointers, Les likes it rough and he’ll talk nasty to you while you fuck his ass. Brandon likes it sweet and sensuous, rather romantic, so look into his eyes and kiss him while you make love to him. You make love to Brandon and you fuck the hell out of Les, in other words,” I instructed them for what was about to happen.

    “That sounds kind of cheap, Josh, but accurate, I have to say,” Les said thinking about my instructions.

    “The three of us are going to sit on the bed and you two are going to give us lap dances, then blow jobs to get us hard. We’ll take it from there. Oh, and, Les, you’re going to have to fuck Erin tonight also, so don’t wear yourself completely out as you’ve got to get that big rod of yours hard enough to take care of his ass tonight,” I said giving Les further instructions.

    “Gees, you’d think this was some sort of competition or something tonight since our new co-captain gave us all these instructions. I just want my ass pummeled. I’ve never fucked another guy, other than the time you gave us instructions on how, but I’ll give it a try,” he said willingly at least.

    Jake, Erin and I sat on the edge of the bed. Erin was already hard thinking about that big dick of Les’. Brandon and Les were definitely hard once more. Jake and I were kind of semi, but waiting to see what developed. I was in the middle of Jake and Erin. Les stood above Jake, his big dick at Jake’s eye level. Brandon followed Les’ actions with Erin. Erin looked at me and smiled.

    “Brandon does have a nice cock, Josh, just like you said. I wouldn’t mind him either,” Erin said, smiling from ear to ear as he got dick slapped in the face by Brandon. Erin put his left hand and caught Brandon’s ball sac between his thumb and forefinger finger, and pushed his balls up raising Brandon’s cock, then inhaled his cock in his mouth. I thought Brandon was going to pass out. Jake was doing something similar to Les. Meanwhile I was jacking Erin and Jake, getting their cocks good and hard. With all the action going on beside me, I got on the floor on my knees and proceeded to suck Jake’s cock sending shivers through his body. It was getting to him too quick, so I had to stop and move over to Erin. I got him intensely horned up also. Finally, I called ‘Rotate’ and everyone stopped. I told the two brothers to get on the floor and one of them suck my balls and the other my cock, then move over to Jake and Erin. This went on for a while until Les said he needed a cock in the worst way. Jake whipped Les over on his back and raised up his legs giving Jake’s cock clear access to Les’ asshole. I got above Les, in a 69 position, and had him suck my cock while I sucked his as Jake penetrated his ass. Les was going crazy. Meanwhile, Erin penetrated Brandon. I looked over and they were fucking nice and easy, their eyes concentrating on one another, their lips locked together frequently, the two getting lost in making love between each other. It was a rather hot sight, I thought anyway. Les was shaking below me. I could feel his cock swell meaning he was definitely close. I got to run my slick fingers on Jake’s cock as it went in and out of Les’ hole giving Jake a little thrill. He smiled at me. I could feel Les clamp down on my cock with his lips, indicating he was close. I had Jake back out of Les, much to Les’ disappointment.

    “Don’t want to cum too soon, Les. You need to enjoy the ride,” I told him. He gave me an awkward look. “Jake lay on your back and let Les ride your cock,” I suggested. Jake laid on his back and Les lowered himself on Jake’s cock, giving himself instant gratification once his anal orifice was once again filled. I stood over Jake, giving him a nice view of my balls, and had Les suck my cock again. Actually, I kind of face fucked the boy. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but he seemed to get into it. For one thing, it kept him fairly quiet and not uttering obscenities like he was used to. Jake ran his hands up and down my calves and thighs as Les did most of the work on his cock. Jake had Les raise up a bit so Jake could thrust his cock hard into Les’ ass. Les seemed to really enjoy that action, his big ole cock swinging everywhere and slapping Jake’s abs.

    “Fuck me, Jake. Fuck me hard,” he said over and over when he didn’t have my cock in his mouth. Les stopped sucking my cock and started stroking his furiously, as Jake pummeled his ass. Les let out an intense cry as his cock unloaded all over Jake’s chest and my legs. Cum flew everywhere. He must have had quite a load built up with the amount he shared with the two of us. Les finally fell limp on top of Jake, who immediately flipped him over on his back and fucked him hard and fast. Les came to life once more panting and writhing below Jake, who was furiously fucking his hole. Jake gave him a few more hard thrusts, then pulled out of him and shot his load all over Les, covering him in cum. Jake fell down on the bed beside Les, trying to get his breath back after a hard fuck.

    Meanwhile, I looked over to see Brandon fucking Erin. I didn’t see them flip flop due to all the action we were having with Les. The two seemed to be in love with each other, totally enjoying the feel of each other’s bodies totally connected. Ironically, Brandon seemed to know what he was doing as the two fucked and kissed. We left them alone.

    “Josh, you didn’t get off,” Jake remarked.

    “I’ll take his ass the next time, Jake, unless you want another shot at it,” I responded. Jake smiled.

    “I had plenty. I think he’ll remember me,” Jake confessed.

    “Oh, how could I forget that,” Les remarked. “It’s not every day I get a fucking like that. Jake, you are so fucking good at that. You measure up to Josh here.”

    “Who do you think taught me, Les?” Jake asked him, still panting. The two smiled at each other. I did take the opportunity to suck Jake’s cock clean of all cum and then Les’. That gave each one of this a little thrill as I sucked the last drops of seed from their beautiful dicks. “That’s quite a rod you have there, Les. You don’t see too many that size around,” Jake remarked flipping Les’ big cock around with his hand. It’s not even hard right now and look at the size of that, Josh. Damn, that’s a mean weenie,” Jake remarked.

    “Told you,” I chided.

    “Well, I think you and Josh are the perfect size. Erin looks to be the same also. Damn, I never knew Erin liked what we liked. You kept that a perfect secret. I guess I should have suspected as close friends as you two are. That’s hot, Josh. And Jake is just dreamy. Fuck, I should have gotten started at this a long time ago. I’ve wasted my dick on too many bitches when I could have had real men,” Les said disappointedly. Jake and I just chuckled.

    We heard extreme moans as Brandon and Erin unloaded on each other, splattering each other with a copious amount of warm viscous male fluid. After they relaxed they sucked on each other’s cocks cleaning them up for one another, then kissed each other over and over. They were so cute together.

    After a brief period of relaxation enjoying the afterglow of sexual intercourse, we retired to the shower to get the now crusty remains of male semen off our skin and clean up. The sensuous showering only led to horning us up once again. We emerged from the bathroom with five hard cocks ready for action.

    “You guys want a beer?” Les asked. “I figured we could take a little break and then go at it again.” We retreated our hot naked bodies to the kitchen for beer. Erin and Brandon were stroking each other as they stood beside each other talking. They couldn’t seem to keep their hands off one another for some reason.

    “You two need to get a room,” I said in jest. They both smiled at us.

    “Josh, I did something crazy this week since I last saw you,” Les started to say.

    “You found another cock to fuck you?” I asked hoping.

    “No, nothing like that. I called my older brother just to feel him out a little to see if I could detect anything. He wondered why I called him as I never called him before. We weren’t that close growing up. He’s about five years older than Brandon who’s a year and a half older than me. I’m the baby of the family,” Les stated.

    “Yeh, the baby with the biggest cock, you mean,” I commented.

    “I guess. I know I’m larger than Brandon, but I don’t ever remember ever seeing my older brother‘s. Anyway, he acted like he really didn’t have time to talk, kind of like he always does, but I told him I had something important to talk to him about and I needed his advice. He sounded a little perturbed, like I was keeping him from something and didn’t want to be bothered by his baby brother. I told him that Brandon and I needed his help and I hoped he could help us. He asked me if we needed money or something. I told him it was nothing like that. Then I point blank told him Brandon and I discovered we were gay. There was silence on the other end of the phone for several seconds. Then he asked if we were sure. Then I told him about all the fuck sessions we’d had with you, and how much we were hooked on getting fucked. I left your name out of it, of course. He paused again. Then I asked him if that meant he’d hate us, because we didn’t want that to happen, and we weren’t sure how to tell Mom and Dad. He said there was no hurry to tell Mom and Dad. I told him this was really tough on us as we felt the family would alienate us for what we were, and he’d probably hate us also. Plus, we didn’t know if this was a hereditary thing or not. I asked him if he had any feelings in those areas. There was a long silence. Then he came out and admitted he was gay also. I nearly cried. He said that’s why he had been so estranged to the family for the last few years, rarely coming home and really not wanting to spend much time with any of us for the same reasons I was fearing now, that he’d be shunned and hated. Plus, he said I had bragged about all the women I had fucked to him and his roommate one time which led him to believe I was totally straight and some macho fucker that would despise gay guys. Josh, we cried together on the phone. I told him I didn’t know any gays in our area and we were going to feel so lonely and without sex this summer. He told us to leave that up to him. He could make sure our asses got plenty of attention this summer in his town which was only a half hour away from home. He said that was one of the reasons he moved there, because of the gay population. He said with a dick like mine, as long as I didn’t mind topping from time to time, he could find me all the hot guys I wanted to fuck Brandon and I. He said, in a way, this was great. I was really brave coming out to him and he saw the three of us as having a very close relationship from here on out. He said Mom and Dad might wonder why all the sudden closeness and spending so much time together, but they’d probably be happy about it. I told him he was probably right. Can you believe that, Josh. You told me to check him out, that the possibilities were good. I did and look what happened. You brought me closer together with my brother for once in my life. Not only that, but now it won’t be a sexless summer like I thought it was going to be,” Les said greatly relieved.

    I pulled Les to me and hugged him. Jake joined in the hug. Brandon and Erin had been listening and hugged each other, not that they needed an excuse to hug as they had hardly taken their hands off one another since we got naked. “Les, this is fantastic. Doesn’t it feel great to share that and get if off your shoulders?” I asked excited for him.

    “Feels wonderful. I hated the fact our older brother, Brent, that’s his name, didn’t want to have much to do with Brandon or me. Now, we’re going to have a whole lot of fun together and can share so much between us. It’s wonderful, Josh. I just had to tell you,” Les said excitedly. “There is at least one more thing I need from you though,” he started to say.

    “What could that possibly be?” I asked.

    “I need your fucking cock up my ass, Josh. I’m needy and we’re wasting valuable time when we should be fuckin,” he said emphatically. I noticed his cock was hard again sticking straight out in front of him. I shook my head as he pulled me back to the bedroom, Jake in tow, with Brandon and Erin following us.

    “You need to fuck Erin first before we go and get too excited. Once we get started, there won’t be any stopping us,” I suggested.

    “I can do that for Erin. He’s made my dick hard a few times looking at him in the showers. It wasn’t you all the time that got me excited, I hate to tell you,” Les admitted. “Well, it was most of the time. I just never thought Erin would have anything to do with what we like so I kind of wrote him off. But now, wow, this is an added treat. Then you brought Jake also. That’s even better. Shit we need to throw an orgy sometime and have you bring all your friends,” Les said excitedly.

    “I don’t know if this apartment is large enough to accommodate all my friends and you two,” I said chiding him.

    “Fuck, dude. How many of us are there out there?” Les asked blown away.

    “More than you could ever imagine, Les. You’ll see once you get into circulation a little more,” I promised.

    “How do you want it, Erin?” Les asked plopping himself on the bed, his big dick sticking straight up in the air. Erin told him to lay on his back, just the way he was, and he’d ride him, noting that cock of Les’ was rather intimidating and he wanted to take it easy and have control over that ‘weapon of mass destruction’ as he called it, chiding Les. Les just smiled. I took Les’ cock and ran my lips and tongue all over it, getting it ridged and slick, ready for my sweet Erin’s ass. I helped guide Les’ cock into Erin’s sweet rosebud. I could see the delight in Erin’s face as he lowered himself on Les’ stiff rod. He didn’t take it all, but he took at least 80% of it, and seemed to enjoy it. He lifted himself up and told Les to thrust. I fondled Les’ balls as he thrust his cock in and out of Erin’s ass. Erin was erect and leaking pre-cum, his cock slinging it all over as Les fucked my boy. Erin bent down at one point and kissed Les. They both smiled. In the meantime, Jake and Brandon were fooling around. The next thing I knew Jake was dicking Brandon, who seemed to really be enjoying the action. Brandon was on top of Jake riding his cock like Erin was riding Les’. I was fondling both Jake’s and Les’ balls while they thrust their cocks into Erin and Brandon. Erin and Brandon leaned over and kissed each other as they were both enjoying an anal assault.

    “Les, this is wonderful, but I know you’d rather have Josh inside you, and I’d like to get back to Brandon,” Erin whispered to Les who seemed to be enjoying himself. Les stopped his thrusting and Erin lifted himself off Les’ cock and got beside Jake. Jake saw what he wanted and helped Brandon off his cock and rolled over beside Les. Les scooted to the edge of the bed and lifted his legs. I spit on my cock and slowly penetrated Les’ ass. Jake leaned over and sucked Les’ cock while I pummeled his asshole. Les was really enjoying the ride. Looking beside us, Erin had penetrated Brandon, both of them into some heavy passionate love making between the two. At one point they rolled over and off the bed. There were a couple squeals when that happened, but they never separated and kept right on screwing on the floor. We stopped to see if they were okay, but from the level of moaning and groaning, we determined that was not from the fall. They were really into each other.

    “Mind if I got a sample of that big pole, Josh?” Jake asked smiling. I smiled back.

    “Let’s put Les in the middle. He’s never had the opportunity for anything like that. I’m sure he’ll love it,” I proposed.

    “Fuck, what the hell is that?” Les asked having no idea. Jake got on the bed and pulled his legs back giving Les access to his sweet ass. Les penetrated Jake, up to a certain point where Jake stopped him. As Les bent over I had him hold still until I penetrated him. Les about lost it. “Fuck! This is fucking unbelievable, guys. Oh, WOW! Fuck me and fuck you. Unbelievable. To further send him over the edge, I squeezed his nipples sending a shock wave through his body as I let him move between Jake and I. He didn’t last long pulling out and shooting load number two all over Jake’s balls. I stopped fucking him and made him lick his cum off Jake’s balls. He collapsed right beside Jake on the bed.

    “What about us, Les. You didn’t get us off,” I said disappointedly. Les wasn’t sure what to do. I just moved forward and penetrated Jake to his great pleasure. I fucked him good, kissing him, stroking him, sucking nipples, sucking tongue. We went all out rolling over one way and then another never losing our connection of love between us. Les was overly amazed, as Jake and I made love with some of the hottest sex Les could ever imagine seeing. Jake ended up on top of me, straddling my loins, but sucking my tongue. He reached behind and was pulling down on my ball sac, a move that really intensified the action for me. I warned him I was going to blow if he continued doing that. Of course, that didn’t stop him and I filled his ass with my hot cum, a rather large amount of it. He lifted off me, as my cum ran out of his ass and down onto my balls. I told Les to lick it off my balls. To my surprise, he was licking my balls as Jake unloaded his balls in my mouth, which I promptly swallowed, then kissed Jake over and over. I told Les to lick Jake’s asshole and get all my cum off of it. He gladly took care of that chore, smacking his lips when he finished.

    “Fuck, now that was fucking wild,” Les said panting when he finished cleaning up my balls, cock and Jake’s asshole. I did him a favor and sucked his cock for any residual cum he had dripping from it. Our two lovebirds on the floor finally shot their loads in each other’s mouths, savoring every drop. We all ended up on the floor somehow, limp dicked and worn out. “We have to do that more often,” Les commented. “Fuck, I love fucking guys either way. My cock felt fantastic in your ass Jake. Erin felt great also, and Josh yours is just as hot. Who the hell needs women when guys are so much hotter. I tell you, I’ve never cum so intense as I have with you guys. There isn’t any comparison,” Les continued. I was gently fondling his balls and teasing his limp cock while Jake and I kissed off and on. Jake was gently playing with my junk at the time.

    “Shower time,” Brandon announced. Erin and Brandon helped Les, Jake and I up off the floor. For the second time tonight, we headed to the tub for another group shower. That only got us all boned up once again, but we constrained ourselves.

    After our shower, we headed our naked bodies back to the kitchen for more beer. Brandon broke out some chips and some dip to go along with the beer. He said sex made him hungry. Erin said he got a lot of protein tonight from the sex he had. Brandon had to stop and think about that for a moment, then smiled, realizing he had also. He mentioned that cum tasted rather good, kind of sweet and salty. We laughed. We must have talked for a good 45 minutes shooting the shit and talking about various positions the boys said they wanted to try sometime. We gave them a few pointers on what felt great and what didn’t necessarily. Even the worst positions still felt good in most cases depending on who you were with, we assured them. They were so eager to learn more and do more.

    We had been there for over three hours and it was a little after 10. We told Les and Brandon we had a full day tomorrow and we needed to head out. They were so grateful that I brought the ‘reinforcements’ tonight and they got to experience way more than they thought possible. Brandon hugged and kissed Erin over and over. I swear he was in love. Erin thought Brandon was sweet. I thought they were going to go another round as they were both hard saying their goodbyes and fondling one another doing it. We finally pulled on our shorts, got our socks and sneakers and pulled on our t-shirts to head out, a little buzzed from the beer and a little worn out from the sex. I told Les, I’d see him Monday at the swim meeting. He said he wouldn’t miss it for the world if Erin and I were going to be there. Brandon asked if he could come also. That made us laugh. I got some tongue from my naked friend Les and Brandon as I kissed them good night. I also stuck my finger up Les’ ass making him beg for another round. We left them hard and needy, not something I liked to do, but with Les, it was deserving, I thought.

    Erin commented on the way home, how sweet Brandon had been. “You were right, Josh. Brandon is very sensuous. He really gets into sex with everything he has, his heart, mind and his body. Damn, he’s a hot one. One of the hotter ones we’ve met this year. And to think he’s so new to all this,” Erin said amazed at how sensuous Brandon had been this evening.

    “I’m sure he’d be happy to see you anytime you wanted to stop by, Erin. Stop by sometime for a little afternoon delight. It would make his day,” I suggested. Erin said he’d think about it. He wasn’t sure he wanted to get involved with anyone at the moment, still holding out that Jason might someday be able to join us from Florida or maybe he and Zach might end up a couple at some point. Jake and I told him we knew he’d figure it out.

    We finally got back to the room. We stripped down losing our shorts, only remembering we were freeballing. I told the guys it was just us so who cared. We pulled the mattresses off the beds and put them on the floor so the three of us could sleep together like we had the previous Friday night. Then there was a knock on the door. I was puzzled because all our friends had left for the city. I looked at Jake who looked at me. “It couldn’t be Sean, could it?” I asked Jake.

    “He’s fucking his bitch tonight. That is if we left him with any bullets,” Jake commented.

    I slowly opened the door just enough to peak to see who it was. It was Trent. I opened the door and pulled him in.

    “You guys are naked. Just the way I love seeing you. Fuck, this is hot,” he said dropping his shorts and getting naked with us as quickly as he could.

    “What the hell are you doing here?” I asked, looking at a naked and hard Trent, who was fondling Erin and Jake, who were not sure what was happening.

    “I took a chance on maybe you being home by now. You left me hard and horny tonight. I just had to see you guys again. Last Friday night was wonderful. Sometimes I get lucky with a one guy, but three hot guys at one time, wow, that’s what you call a windfall. I know you guys might be spent, but hopefully you have one more in your dicks for me. I need you guys to fuck me senseless in the worst way,” he said begging.

    “Good grief, Trent. You have a boyfriend for that and he’s going to be at your place soon. Don’t you think you need to wait for him?” I asked, noticing that he had all of us hard, including himself. He had dropped to his knees and started sucking Erin’s cock while he stroked Jake’s and mine.

    “Just fuck me good, Josh. Please,” he pleaded. “I’d rather be with you guys than my boyfriend tonight anyway. He looked so pathetic and needy. We let him play with us and get us good and hard and slicked up.

    “Trent, lay on your back on the mattresses. Erin, you face fuck him. Jake you suck his cock and I’ll fuck his ass. I only got off once tonight so I’ll fill his ass up with enough cum it’ll keep him happy and in good shape for the boyfriend. He’ll wonder where that came from at least,” I told them. We picked up Trent and laid him on his back on the mattresses. Before we attacked him like we agreed, I pulled his ass up in the air and assaulted his asshole with my tongue, then two fingers loosening him up a little, not that he needed much. That asshole had seen a lot of traffic, the condition it was in. The longer thin hairs adorning his asshole and inner thighs alongside his balls and base of his shaft were so sexy to me, it made my cock ridged in a heartbeat. I played with his asshole while Jake sucked on his balls and Erin face fucked poor Trent. Leaving his ass in the air, I pointed my cock down at his hole and slowly lowered my dick into his ass. Trent let out a delightful moan as my cock disappeared into his asshole. He gave me a look of total satisfaction. I started slow. Jake was still sucking on his balls and occasionally licking my cock as he came out of Trent’s ass. Trent was jacking Jake’s cock as Jake licked and sucked on his balls. Erin was playing with Trent’s perky erect nipples as he face fucked the poor guy. Trent had a lot going on at onetime stimulating almost all the sexual senses the poor guy had. His ass was literally shaking as I power drove my cock deep in his ass. I don’t know how he held on as long as he did, but his ass felt so damned good on my cock, and the action I was watching was so hot, I unleased a torrent of cum deep in his ass causing him to wince as he could feel the heat from my penal fluids erupt in his bowels. I finally pulled out and slapped his asshole with the head of my cock slinging cum all over his taint and balls.

    “Let me add to that, Josh,” Jake said, getting up and positioning himself to fuck the poor guy, just as I had finished. It only took Jake a few thrusts and he unloaded in Trent’s ass, the juice of his loins rushing to catch mine deep inside Trent.

    “Might as well make it three of us,” Erin said rising up to add his juice to Jake’s and mine. We held Trent’s legs in the air as Erin positioned his hard cock over Trent’s hole and then buried it deep into Trent’s ass, fucking him hard, hard enough to cause Trent to cum hard and all over his own face. The boy was definitely backed up with the amount of cum he unleashed. No wonder he was hurting. Erin gave him a few more thrusts then came for the third time tonight deep in Trent’s ass letting out a sight of relief when he fired his final load. Erin was squishing cum out of Trent’s ass, by moving his still enlarged cock in and out of Trent’s hole. It was forcing our cum out along side of Erin’s enlarged but not hard, cock. Erin was making a nice little mess with the combination of three loads of cum. It was oozing out all along the sides of his cock. He even flicked some cum out of Trent’s asshole with the head of his dick.

    “I think you need a trip to the bathroom, Trent. Looks like you need to make a deposit,” I said as we eventually helped him up after his body had stopped convulsing from the explosive orgasm he had, and the experience of three male loads in his asshole.

    “Fuck that was awesome, guys. I never did anything like that before. Last Friday night was the first group sex scene I’d ever had. It was awesome. I just had to see you guys again tonight. You guys never disappoint me. Fuck, you guys are so fucking hot. We have to get together this summer, guys. I need you guys in my life as my friends and lovers. I really do,” he said sincerely.

    “What about your boyfriend, Trent? He’s not going to like sharing you with so many other guys,” I reminded him.

    “I told you, he doesn’t care as long as I don’t get emotionally attached to anyone but him,” Trent assured us.

    “Maybe we don’t want to share,” I suggested.

    “Come on, guys. I’m just another feel good hole to put your cocks in,” Trent said rather coldly.

    “Trent, we get emotionally attached to our friends, that’s why they are our friends. We might play once in a while, but if you’re going to be a close friend, then we do get emotionally attached. The three of us would take a bullet for one another. If we got to know you that well, we’d do the same for you and hope you would for us. So, don’t treat yourself like a piece of meat. You are a human being with a soul and if you’re our friend, you’re in our hearts as well as our asses. We’d have to think long and hard about a relationship with a guy that has a married lover. You need to think that situation through also as that can’t go anywhere. I don’t know why he has the hold over you that he does, but it isn’t right. He needs to make a decision, and I can tell you that decision would not include you if he had to make one,” I assured him.

    “Josh, he loves me. I love him also. I know it’s a tough spot, but I have to play it through. You’re probably right. In the long run I’m kidding myself. Maybe if I hang around you guys enough, I’ll see that. For right now, I’ just enjoy the closeness the two of us share,” he said getting a little emotional.

    After a few hugs and kisses, we finally sent him to the bathroom, cautioning him to plug his hole on the way so he didn’t leave any of our cum for us to step in later. Cleaned up, we got him dressed and sent him on his way, sexually satisfied at the moment with another round to come later with the boyfriend.

    “That whole thing with the boyfriend bothers me, guys,” I told Erin and Jake. They agreed it couldn’t go anywhere and were disappointed that a hot looking guy like Trent, who seemed to have a pleasing personality, didn’t see that. “Fuck it, that’s his problem for the moment. I’m all fucked out for tonight. Let’s pee and go to sleep,” I suggested which led us to the bathroom to piss away. We fell asleep in each other’s arms. I was in the middle of the two guys I loved the most. I felt totally loved, secure and sexually satisfied at the moment, which meant a nice peaceful sound sleep. For that I was truly grateful.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chapter 173 – A Morning With The Contractors and News About Stoney

    The room was bright from the sun as we finally awakened Saturday morning. Curiously, we were all huddled together in the center of the mattresses, our stiff morning wood probing and prodding mostly me from my two loves. I loved the feel of their hard cocks up against me. There was nothing more intimate, except to have them inside my body or mine inside theirs sharing an act of love.

    I reached over and fondled Erin’s cock and then Jake’s who had just begun to wake up along with me. “OOO, your dicks are crusty,” I said feeling the dried remains of cum on their cocks. I remembered we peed together last night, but were too tired to shower at the time, having had two showers already at Brandon’s apartment.

    “Yours is too,” Jake noticed gently jacking my hard rod.

    “Guess we need a shower,” I said as we all started to get up and make our way to the bathroom. The three of us peed then jumped into the shower together. The water felt great on our naked sex worn bodies. Ironically, we weren’t hard. Our dicks were limp.

    “Anyone need a blowjob?” Erin asked willing to take us on.

    “Do you really have the energy for that?” I asked curiously.

    “Not really, but it seemed like the right thing to do. We normally play with each other in the shower when we’re together,” Erin admitted. I kissed him and then Jake kissed him.

    “There, we had our sex for shower time this morning. My balls are still trying to recover from last night. I’m guessing yours are also,” I told both of them. They both smiled indicating I was right.

    Once out of the shower and dried off, we found our shorts. We decided to wear our briefs today since we were conducting business this morning and later travel to the City for work. It just seemed safer for some reason. I just remember Mom always saying when I was little to always wear clean underwear in case you got in a wreck or had an accident or something. I know it never made any sense, but it made you think twice about wearing underwear when you thought you might not like to.

    We had a quick breakfast then climbed into the Lincoln for a quick trip to the edge of town where Todd and Chad had their construction company office, shop and warehouse. We finally pulled up in front of what we thought to be their place. They did have a small sign up close to the main road. There was a gravel driveway into a small parking lot where we saw Todd’s F-150 crew cab pickup truck and a couple of other service vehicles parked. Todd and Chad came out to meet us wearing their shorts in the morning heat.

    “Nice legs, guys,” Todd chided as we got out of the Lincoln. Chad just shook his head.

    “I don’t know, I think I like yours better,” I teased him back, giving him a big smile and causing him to model his legs for us.

    “You like hairy, because mine are hairy, unlike Chad over there who has girly legs” he said showing off his nice hairy legs. I had to admit only to myself, that I really liked what I saw, the dirty blond hair on Todd’s legs was very sexy. I was anxious to see where all that hair ended, hoping someday to have that opportunity, and an opportunity to see everything there was to see on this boy’s body. We had to laugh at Todd, there was no getting around that.

    “Love hairy legs, Todd. You have a beautiful set there. I don’t know, I think you’re getting us excited,” I said teasing.

    “Yeh, right,” he said and laughed. “You’d be the only guys I could get excited with these legs, except maybe Chad. He seems to love my legs. Come on, let me show you around the place before Chad gets jealous,” Todd said continuing the ruse.

    “Todd, stop. Be professional now,” Chad snapped at Todd. Todd just laughed.

    While the complex was not all that impressive, it seemed fairly functional. It sat on about three acres of land. The warehouse was more or less a large shed, but it had a couple of big sliding doors and could be secured. The office was an old house trailer that had been converted to a two-room office. There was another smaller trailer beside it to take to construction job sites as a temporary office for the foremen to work out of. They had a small shop where they could custom make trusses, frame walls and work on other items that could be made off site. They did have a saw to use for cutting granite I noticed, and several industrial wood saws, a lathe, a few drill presses, hand power saws on a rack, hammer drills, a concrete mixer for small concrete jobs and a variety of other specialty tools to be taken to job sites. If you liked power tools, this was the place to be. You could certainly have fun here, I thought. After we walked the area, Todd invited us into the office trailer.

    “Come on inside and have a seat. I have the AC going. It’s hotter than fuck out here and no sense letting our balls sweat like they are. We might have to get Chad to lick them off for us. Right Chad?” Todd said teasing again.

    “Behave yourself, Todd. These guys are your largest customers we’ve had all year,” Chad responded. I loved the bantering going on and the casual sexual references which, supposedly, were all in fun, which I was encouraged to see if they would ever lead anywhere else.

    The inside of the trailer was nothing special. It was a work area with sparse furnishings. There were a few metal folding chairs, a table, a couple of desks, a few shelves with manuals and catalogs on them, a drafting table and stool and an old worn out couch in the front of the trailer. There was wood paneling, the cheap kind, on the walls and a well-worn linoleum floor. There was a refrigerator in the main area and a microwave. There was a bathroom, only I hated to think what that might look like inside it, hoping I wouldn’t have to use it while I was there.

    “I like your digs here, Todd. Frist class, buddy,” I said being a smartass.

    “You like our little hole in the wall. My daddy wasn’t much on having nice offices. He just wanted something functional to work out of. He always said make the customers places look great, but we don’t need the overhead. You can see we’re not much for overhead,” Todd said smiling. I could certainly see that.

    “Well, that keeps the overall costs down for the customers and makes you more competitive. I like how your daddy thinks, and it sure looks like you’ve continued that frugal policy,” I commented.

    “Well, Chad would like to spruce the office up a little, maybe get rid of the plastic blinds, put in a wood floor, get a couple of decent chairs maybe for guests, but we don’t mind using what we use to put estimates together, order material and pay bills and payroll. We don’t bring that many customers to our office, mainly just meet them in their place of business where the action is anyway or the job site. Just mostly Chad and I here and my crew when they need something,” Todd explained. “You guys want some water, soda or beer or something. We do keep a good stock of that stuff. Even have some microwave popcorn should you guys get hungry,” he said proudly.

    Chad got up from the table and set out some bottled water for all of us, as Todd got up to get us some carpet samples, granite samples, some wood flooring samples, a paint sample brochure and a stain brochure for staining concrete. “These are just for starters. There’ll be more things we need to select later such as lavatory faucets for the bathrooms, bar stuff, you know the specialty stuff. Some of that stuff takes time to order, so if you don’t like what I have in the warehouse, I’ll need to order some of what we need in the very near future to have it sitting here when we need it,” he said being professional all of a sudden. Todd and Chad definitely knew their business, but they were fun to be with and work with also. That’s what we all liked about them.

    We looked through all the samples Todd and Chad showed us and listened to their recommendations. Erin was actually very good at selecting things to go with one another, such as the grey granite for the apartment kitchen to go with a certain light grey wall color. He selected a good under-the-counter sink, with a white subway tile backsplash. He picked out the wood flooring for the kitchen and the kitchen cabinets, a simple medium grey framed cabinetry that looked very modern and clean.

    “Damn, boy, you seem to have some decorating ability. Can you cook too, as we definitely need a good cook,” I told Erin making him smile.

    “I can cook, but who knows if we’ll have time to even eat with all we have going on,” Erin replied.

    “Did you hear that? The man can cook, Chad. We need him to move in with us and get rid of those TV dinners we have to eat all the time. Chad cooks some of the time, but we mostly eat fast food and microwave stuff,” Todd confessed.

    “That’s because you keep me too busy with the business, Todd,” Chad snipped.

    “Monkey business, you mean,” Todd chided leaving it up to our imagination as to what that was. We all laughed, but Chad just rolled his eyes.

    “You guys have any idea what you want to do for the bar? I have a couple of drawings here you can look at that makes the bar look like the one in the old TV show ‘Cheers’, with the glasses hanging from up above and the mirrored shelves behind it. It could even be an oblong one like in “Cheers’, an island in middle. I think it could really work and would give the place a lot of character,” Todd said excitedly. He showed us the drawings. They were fantastic, far greater than I ever imagined.

    “I drew those up, by the way,” Chad chimed in, noting Todd had not given him credit for it up to this point.

    “This is fantastic, guys. I never dreamed of doing something like this. This would be terrific and give the place so much class. Looks expensive. The question is can we afford something like this?” I asked, all excited and noted the excitement on Jake’s and Erin’s faces.

    “Chad and I think we can fabricate this in our shop here. It’s basically a 2x4 frame underneath, framed out so you can put coolers, shelves, kegs underneath it. You should have a couple of draft stations for beer, and then then a couple of sinks, a few coolers that are self-contained. We’ll have to run plumbing and electrical underneath it, but it’s there, we just have to re-route some of it. You guys can help us fine tune what you want where and then we can draw up the final plans. You have the room. Chad and I drew a footprint to scale on the floorplan and it fits perfectly with plenty of room left over for your dance floor, stage, eating and drinking tables, what have you. Chad and I thought this would be so fucking cool to have something like this and with you guys putting in a bar, it gave us an opportunity to present this to you. We can build certain portions and sections of it in the shop here, and then move it to the site and put it all together there,” Todd said proudly.

    “I just love it guys,” I said admiring all the work they put into the detail of the drawing. Erin and Jake said they loved it also. “Again, the question is can we afford something like this or do we need to keep it simple?” I asked skeptical of our ability to afford this.

    “Yep, if you guys will help us build the damned thing, we can keep the labor costs down, and we’ll keep it within the budget for something we budgeted much less than the cost of this. Chad and I got so excited one night playing around with it and just knew we had to give you guys a shot at it. We’re as excited as you guys about it, so we have to make it work for you, if you’ll let us,” Todd said excitedly.

    “Oh, man, this is so exciting it makes my dick hard,” I said not thinking about what I just said. Todd and Chad laughed which was good.

    “Made our dicks hard also working on this, Josh. Hell, me and Chad had to knock one off we got so excited working on this,” Todd said all excited and animated as he said what he did.

    “Easy, Todd. Don’t tell them all our secrets,” Chad added making us laugh even more.

    “Anyway, glad to know we are all in agreement with what gets our dicks hard,” Todd finished with.

    “You can say that again,” I added as we continued to laugh with each other.

    “One thing though,” Todd started to say causing us to pause thinking the shoe might drop. “Chad and I get at least a free beer a week when we come in for some fun and sit at this beautiful bar we’re going to make,” Todd added.

    “Todd, if you do come in and want to sit at this beautiful bar we’re all going to make, we’ll make sure the beer is free for you two,” I promised. Todd and Chad high-fived all of us.

    “Whew, I’m glad that discussion came out the right way and it’s settled. This is so exciting guys. I swear it will be a destination place just to see this bar,” he said as he put his hand down the front of his shorts as if to rearrange his junk down there. “Sorry, guys. Got too excited and the big one down there wanted to sneak out the bottom of my shorts. Hard to keep him under control when I get this excited. Feel free to adjust yourselves also since you guys got hard through that discussion, only I didn’t see any of yours sneak out like mine wanted to,” he said making us uproariously laugh. Chad didn’t know what to think.

    “I can see this is going to be fun making the bar together. We may have to guard our asses, or just enjoy the experience,” I said continuing where Todd left off.

    “That’s the spirit. See these guys understand us, Chad,” Todd said.

    “God help us and save us,” Chad muttered.

    “Let’s take them out to the warehouse, Chad, and let them see the large slabs of granite, one that I had in mind for the bar top and the larger sections for the ones they liked for the kitchen in the apartment. The flooring is out there also, so you can see larger portions of it, and not these small little examples we have in the office,” Todd suggested.
    The walk to the warehouse was a warm one. I was glad school would be out in a week as it was getting very warm outside these days. Summer had come early. Todd unlocked the padlocked tin door on the side of the warehouse shed, slid it open and flipped on the lights, what there were of them. There were granite slabs, some cut close to what was needed for counter tops, stacked vertically on 2x4’s with 2x4’s separating the various slabs. Todd showed us what he had in mind for the top of our famous bar we were going to build. He said he had just enough of it to make it work. It was a light grey color also. We all liked it. Then he showed us what Erin picked out in the office that would work in our apartment kitchen. He broke open a box of quarry tile which we thought was odd. “This is the stuff we’re planning on using in your shower for the floor. It’s probably the same stuff you have in the showers in the natatorium,” he said showing us the terracotta colored quarry tile. It was exactly what we had in the natatorium when we stopped to think about it. “This stuff is used in commercial applications all the time. We have a shit ton of it left over from a job three years ago. It’s paid for already so this isn’t gong to cost us anything but the labor to lay it,” he said proud of how he was saving us money. I was proud of him also. Then we moved on to another row of shelves where he broke open another box of wall tile. “This is what I had in mind for the walls in your shower room. It’s like a light marble, only it’s porcelain. It’s easy to clean so when you knock one out in the shower, you don’t get cum stains on it,” he said smiling. I rolled my eyes and chuckled. “Again, this is left over from another job and we have just enough to make it work for your application,” Todd said once again proud of saving money. I liked it. “That big tall thin box over there in the corner is your shower pole. It came in already, which is a good thing as we are going to need that late next week to install.”

    After we looked at the flooring and the sink he had in mind, he showed us a new toilet he wanted to use, and, he had a surprise for us. He had a Koehler brand box marked ‘urinal’ beside the shower pole. “This is a urinal I have no use for, so with that many guys staying in your apartment, we can install this next to the toilet so one guy can be taking a shit while another guy can take a piss. This will work out just fine. Or you can jackoff in it and flush the evidence, whatever your need is,” Todd said jesting again. We gave him a weird look. “Hey I was your age once, and not that long ago. I remember what I used to do,” he chided.

    “What do you mean ‘used to do’?” Chad asked. Todd gave him a look this time. We all laughed. “I don’t have to jack off as much these days as Chad takes care of my needs in that area with his sweet ass,” Todd fired back at Chad. “We are a full service company, in case you had any doubts, so if you need a little man loving, Chad’s your man,” Todd shot back at Chad.

    “Man loving? I think that’s your area, Todd,” Chad shot back. We were all laughing and luckily it all ended with that last comment. But, it did make you wonder.

    Todd showed us some of the other material he had in mind, mainly the carpet for the bedrooms in the apartment. He had some industrial lighting that seemed like it would work. It could be dimmed or brightened, however you wanted it and attached to the metal roof joists. That would get rid of the old suspended ceiling fluorescent light fixtures currently in the suspended ceiling we were going to get rid of.

    “Hey guys, this has been great, but we need to hit the road and get our asses to the City to work tonight and make some money to pay for all this,” I said to Erin and Jake as I noticed the time. “Todd, I got a copy of the inspection report and I noticed you were copied on it also. I sent one to our attorney also. The closing is at 10:00 Monday morning. I should have keys right after that is over. I think you have keys already so you can get in anytime,” I told him.

    “I have a set of keys, but just as soon as you give me the word the closing is done and you have possession, I’ll change all the locks and then have a set of new keys for you guys, which is standard procedure. We take care of that for you. We probably won’t be in there until Tuesday, so if you want to stop by then sometime, I’ll have your set of keys for you. Oh, give me a call late Monday afternoon and Chad and I’ll take you guys out for a beer to celebrate, if you have the time. We can always do that later. I know you guys have finals next week also,” Todd offered.

    We got handshakes and bro hugs from both Chad and Todd as we prepared to leave. “Take good care of that Lincoln now. I may need to buy that from you someday,” Todd hollered after Jake.

    “Hey, it still has your assprint on the back seat. I didn’t want to wash that off. It’s classic,” Jake hollered back.

    “Good man, Jake. Love you, buddy,” Todd hollered back.

    “Okay, that was wild today, guys,” I said as we were on our way back to the dorm to pick up our stuff and hit the road. “This is going to be a real trip working with these guys all summer.”

    “Should be fun, guys,” Jake said smiling. “These guys are crazy, but fun. I think we might just have some interesting fun with the two of them. It certainly isn’t going to be dull and boring by any means. They do great work also,” Jake admitted.

    We spent a considerable amount of time talking about the craziness of Todd and Chad and whether they liked some of the sexual things we liked. It was way too early to tell, but gave one some interesting things to think about. The innuendoes were there, but also innuendoes frequently used by straight macho guys pimping their best friends. Time would only tell.

    I asked Jake if he saw Taylor yet, and if he said anything about Tuck. He reminded me that he didn’t see him Friday afternoon as we were together and there wasn’t any gymnastics that day. The end of school was coming too fast.

    “So, what are you guys going to do on the farm when you leave school next week?” Erin asked.

    “I need to clean up a few loose ends and get the room ready for Zach. I’m glad he’s working for my dad this summer as dad does need the help. The Spring planting is already done. We might have a cutting of hay we can handle since you’re there with me for a couple of days, Jake. Hell, we might even jack off the bull. The ole boy seems to really like that for some reason. I swear the old bull gets a hardon every time he sees me coming these days. We’ll eat some home cooked meals, which will really taste good. I need to check on my friends at home which means getting my balls drained again like last night. Then we’ll meet back together at the end of that week and get started on this major project. It’ll be nice being home with the family for a week. Let them know I still love them,” I said thinking about the next steps.

    “You going to tell them you’re who you are while you’re there?” Erin asked. “Just wanted to know in case I it was something I needed to take care of while I’m home also. I wasn’t sure if it was time for that yet, but if you are, then I probably need to also and you also, Jake,” Erin mentioned.

    “That’s something I need to find the right time for. Like with Tuck, that was the right time. There was not putting that one off as my friend was at stake there and I would never forsake someone I cared about. I don’t see anything forcing the issue with my parents, unless they caught me with my dick in Jake’s ass or something, then we’d most certainly have something to talk about. You get my drift?” I replied.

    “I got it. I just wanted to make sure we all kind of did it at the same time so we could get it over with,” Erin replied.

    “We’ll know when the time is right. It will probably have to happen before we open #2,” I told him.

    It was late afternoon when we pulled up in the parking lot of the CNB. We dropped off our stuff in the apartment, then headed to the main area. Andy, Allen, OBB and Ashton were busy getting things ready for this evening. Parker was happy to see us. Seth licked his lips when he saw me, for whatever reason. He was such a slut. Luke was running around also looking hot as ever. Tony and Ollie were actually helping out. I got them together and told them where we were on the closing of #2. They were actually kind of excited and pledged their help, what they could do. I reminded them they’d have to play a greater role in #1 since we’d be tied up with #2. They promised they could handle it.

    “Greer stopped by earlier to see if you were here, yet, Josh. He said he had some things to go over with you before Monday. He said he’d stop by later. Sven is coming to dance tonight also, just so you’re aware,” Tony told me. “Oh, and by the way, I saw my parents last weekend. The came to the City for an anniversary dinner. They were asking a lot of questions about Andy and if I had seen him lately. Thankfully, Andy did tell them about his relay team winning the state meet. They were wanting to know about this pub investment and what that was all about. They said they were hoping to see it. I told them it was closed for renovation at the moment and I didn’t have time to run them by. I’m afraid, Andy and I are going to have to tell them sooner than later. This isn’t going to be pretty, let me tell you. Just thought I’d let you know so you can help prepare him. He’s not good at confrontation, especially with the parents. You’re going to have to help him with that,” Tony informed me.

    “What about Ashton? Can’t he help him?” I asked not wanting to interfere with their lives.

    “Come on, Josh. You know he thinks more of you in those areas than Ashton. Ashton only thinks about big cocks up his ass. Andy’s more like you, sensible, level headed and he knows how to love. The worst thing he ever did was move in with Ashton. He’s told me that at least 100 times. I mean he loves Ashton. Hell, I think you all do, and he is a great guy and all, sexy too. Nice ass that boy has on him. But you taught him so much more about relationships, and he just doesn’t have that with Ashton like he wised he did. Plus, he doesn’t trust Ashton’s judgement on something like telling his parents he’s gay. You’re definitely going to have to help him with that. You’ve met my mom and dad. They’re nice people, but Dad sure has his ideas about homosexuality and they aren’t favorable to us. Even though Andy and I are step-brothers, I love him like a full blooded brother. I guess we’ve loved each other a little too close at times, but that was when he was trying to find himself. We don’t do that anymore. Hell, let’s face it, I’m not as hot as Ashton and older than he is anyway. Ollie and I get along fine. We’re happy together and we pork Parker from time to time. He’s a little out of shape these days, but there was a day he was as hot if not hotter than Ashton, his brother,” Tony said smiling.

    “I’ll see what I can do to help, but Andy has to want me to help him. I just can’t start telling him what to do. It doesn’t work that way anymore. I love him. Hell, I’ve never stopped loving him, but his relationship with Ashton is a bit precarious and I don’t want to do anything to screw that up and have that on my shoulders. Just so you know,” I told Tony.

    “Point well taken. Just watch out for him is all I’m asking,” Tony asked.

    “I’ll always do that, Tony,” I replied getting a hug and a quick kiss from Tony.

    Jake, Erin and I started getting the clean beer pint glasses from the kitchen and putting them in the coolers behind the bar. We liked to serve cold beer in pre-cooled pint glasses. The customers really liked that also. Parker came up to me and gave me a hug, and squeezed my ass cheeks while he was at it.

    “Nice legs,” Parker said looking down at my shorts. “Wish I could see what’s above the knees,” he said chuckling.

    “You’ve seen there before. You’ve felt it also,” I reminded him.

    “Damn, and it was a fine fuck also, if I remember right. You might have to refresh my memory though. I’ll take that fine cock of yours up my ass anytime,” Parker replied. “Shit, Josh, you get sexier looking all the time,” he said making me blush.

    “I think you have Tony and Ollie to help you out there and who knows how many patrons from the bar have been to our backside,” I said chiding him. He just smiled.

    “You have to admit, this is the best place in the world to meet guys that enjoy the same things we do,” Tony replied. “Not everyone’s looking for an 18 year old college boy. There are some of us in our later 20’s that still love what you guys love. Hell, look at some of the guys in their 50’s, 60’s and 70’s that come in here that are still butt fucking their way to happiness. I had a guy the other night that said he was in his 80’s and still fucking ass. I hugged him and gave him a free beer. Then he asked me if I wanted him to fuck me. I told him to enjoy his beer,” Parker said laughing.

    “Gees, Parker, you should have gone for that. You might have enjoyed it,” I suggested. He just smiled and shook his head and went on with his work.

    I ran into Andy and Ashton in the kitchen. “Got the shorts on tonight,” Ashton said. “Nice legs there, Josh. I see you have some hair back now that swim season’s over. Andy’s is coming back also. I like that. Makes my dick hard just looking at you,” Ashton said as he gave me a hug and ran his hands down my backside inside my briefs and squeezed my asscheeks. He was such a tease.

    “Okay, now that will make me hard,” I told him pulling away. Andy gave me a more civilized hug.

    “Why was my brother hugging and kissing you earlier?” Andy asked not being too serious.

    “He said he loved me and had been having wet dreams about me. He said he needed my cock in the worst way,” I told Andy being a smartass.

    “You are one hell of a smartass, Josh. But I love you just the same,” Andy replied.

    “I know you do and I love you too, Andy. Tony was just excited about the CNB2 when I filled him in. He said Greer stopped by to see me, but he was coming back later. Tony told me your parents were here this week for some sort of anniversary celebration and asked about you,” I told him hoping to prompt him to maybe ask my advice on handling the parents soon.

    “Yeh, about that. Tony told me they’re getting a little nosy about this bar thing. Sooner or later, we’re going to have to have that talk. I have a feeling it isn’t going to be pretty. We need to talk about that sometime and kind of coordinate our efforts with all our families. I might need some reinforcements when that conversation comes,” Andy said letting me know he was open to a talk about it.

    “You have Tony to be there with you when you have that honest discussion,” I suggested.

    “I might have to do that without Tony, but he’ll want me to tell them for him which is the problem. He just gets pissed off and the conversation turns into a big argument when they get into it. He says they’re more patient with me, and I can actually talk to them. I’m afraid it’s all going to be on my shoulders when the time comes,” Andy said reluctantly.

    “I’ll go with you, Andy,” Ashton volunteered. Any rolled his eyes.

    “I don’t think that’ll help, Ash. I think it might distract from the conversation,” Andy told him. Ashton looked a little disappointed, but somewhat relieved not wanting to have to sit through a conversation like that, but still he offered.

    “Hey, I’m taking out the supplies for the wait stations if anyone needs me,” Ashton said and took off.

    “Everything okay with you two?” I asked Andy.

    “We’re fine. It’s just that my parents have met Ashton before and they think he’s a little weird. Hell, let’s admit it. He is a little weird. You know those artist types,” Andy said smiling. “Josh, I know it might be a lot to ask, but I’d feel more comfortable with you by my side when I talk to my parents about my sexuality. They really like you. They really enjoyed that time you spent at our house. I think showing them the kind of friends I have that share my life, that they somehow respect, would ease the pain of that conversation,” Andy suggested. “I know that is more than I should ever subject my dearest friend to, but if you could find it in your heart, I would really appreciate it and love you for life for the help,” Andy said somewhat pleading.

    “Whatever you need, Andy. I will always be there for you. It’ll be okay. We’ll all get through this, I promise you,” I reassured him.

    “I love you so much, Josh. I really do,” he said hugging me tightly. I kissed him on the cheek, but then he kissed me passionately.

    “You’re giving me a boner,” I chided him. He smiled and let me go.

    “Later. I’ll give you a bigger one later tonight,” he said teasingly. I laughed, knowing he was probably right.

    Greer finally showed up again. He said he was bringing Sven back later, but wanted to go over some things with me first. We went into the office behind the bar and sat at the table. He hugged me and kissed me gently on the lips before we sat down.

    “It feels so good to hug you, Josh. Sorry if I get carried away,” Greer said apologetically. I smiled.

    “I love your hugs and kisses, Greer. We’ve gotten pretty close through all of this. I trust you, buddy, and it feels good,” I told him making him beam. Greer had more paperwork for me to sign. He had the copy of the building inspection. I had to sign the authorization for the funds to be transferred from the lender. I had to authorize the approval of the cashier’s check from the CNB here in the City for our portion of the down payment with the balance to come from the lender. We had the liquor license transfer application to sign. I was glad he remembered that. Greer told me it took a minimum of 30 days for the transfer to go through. He said it would have taken longer than that had we moved it from one address to another, but since it was staying at the same address, it was a much quicker transaction. I thought 30 days was plenty long, but Greer said some of these transfers could take several months which shocked me, but what did I know about the transfer of liquor licenses. We finally finished up with all the paperwork, with Greer spending a good half hour running through the process that would take place at the closing on Monday. It all seemed like a blur to me, but he said he’d walk me through each step on Monday. It was no big deal. I looked at him funny as if it might not be a big deal for him, but it was kind of overwhelming for me. He patted my back and reassured me I’d live through the process. I told him I was in his hands, which he said got him excited. I had to chuckle. Greer was such a sweetheart. After we were done, Greer went on and on about Ken and James and how great they were. I told him to make sure they didn’t keep him up all night before the closing as I needed him sharp on Monday morning. He assured me he was all business first and monkey business second, which pleased me. We finally finished up and he gathered his stuff up to leave.

    “Any improvement in the Stoney situation?” I asked curiously.

    “He’s still not intimate with me or Sven, Josh. I don’t understand it. It’s starting to get to me. I’m not sure what to do. He kisses me every day and hugs me like we are long lost lovers, but it ends there. Sven and I take care of one another sexually to take the edge off, although we don’t love each other like I cared for Stoney. The other day he put $100,000 in an investment account for me as a token of his love and my support. I told him while I loved the money, I loved him more. He broke down and cried. I’ve never seen anything like it, Josh. I just can’t figure it out. I want to be with him, I want to have sex with him, love him with my heart, soul, body and mind. I do love him with everything but my body at this point, but that’s what I miss the most,” he confessed getting teary eyed. I hugged him, running my hand up and down his back, trying to console him. “Maybe someday he’ll tell me what’s bugging him. I don’t know. If it’s something I’ve done, I would appreciate him telling me so I can make it right,” Greer said still emotional.

    “Greer, you’re a loving, caring guy. Stoney loves you, he’s told me that many times. Even that night at the ranch out there when we were all rather intimate in the steam room he told me how much he loved you. There’s something else wrong there, and it isn’t you, Greer. Unfortunately, he’s the only one that knows what that is, and until he tells you, none of us are going to know. I feel for you, Greer. But your friends are here for you and Sven has been super. Let’s just hope this gets resolved soon. Keep me posted,” I asked. Greer hugged me tightly for a few moments, then let me go.

    “Stoney said he might stop by later to see Sven dance. Maybe he’ll tell you what I did wrong,” Greer said, still somewhat emotional. I shook my head.

    With the business with Greer finished, I grabbed the boys and we got a bite to eat. Luke waited on us. “Like your shorts and hairy legs,” Luke said running his hand up and down my calves and into my inner thigh.

    “Careful there, buddy,” I warned smiling. He smiled. “Luke, you are such a tease,” I told him.

    “I don’t tease. Usually, I get results. You and I need some private time,” he said flirting.

    “Yeh, like I need the flu,” I replied. He told me someday it was going to happen so I might as well accept it. I just smiled.

    “You know you’re going to have to do him sometime, Josh,” Jake said. I gave him a very disturbed look. “Hell, he’s another Les,” Jake replied.

    “Les!? Did you do Les?” Andy asked almost blown away. I looked so guilty.

    “We all did Les last night. Erin and Jake helped,” I said letting the cat out of the bag. Jake realized all of a sudden that Andy knew Les also. He was so embarrassed and felt bad, like he betrayed me.

    “OMG,” Andy said stunned that happened. “We leave you alone for one night. Hell, I think you’ve had sex with half the swim team at this point. No wonder we made you co-captain. Hell, next step is Coach. Gees Louise,” Andy went on. I had to salvage this.

    “You know how he’s been teasing me all the time. Well, I finally called his bluff. You told me, I needed to do him. So, Erin and Jake helped me do him. And, we did his brother also while we were at it, since it was his brother’s apartment,” I said leaving out the previous times I had fucked Les and Brandon, hoping Jake and Erin would remain silent about the situation.

    “Does his brother have a big dick like Les?” Andy had to ask peaking Ashton’s attention.

    “No, not as large, but it felt great in my ass,” Erin replied for me.

    “Does this Les have a big dick?” Ashton asked.

    “Oh, yeh, and then some,” Andy replied. “You’d want that one for sure,” Andy assured him.

    “Well, let’s get this guy together with us sometime and have a fucking orgy,” Ashton suggested. I could see Andy looking miserable. “You can set that up for us, Josh. I need to feel that big dick in my ass,” Ashton swore.

    “Sorry, guys, didn’t mean to start a shit storm by making a comparison between Les and Luke. That’s Josh’s business. Erin and I just helped him out,” Jake jumped in.

    “Like Josh needed any help,” Andy replied somewhat sarcastically.

    “Hey, you told me to dick him and get it over with, Andy. I took your advice and got it out of his system,” I replied.

    “Did he like it?” Andy asked quickly.

    “He seemed to. Brandon, his brother, really likes it too. He’s a real sweetheart. Much better personality than Les, if you know what I mean,” I told them. Jake and Erin agreed. “They have an older brother who they just found out was gay also. They were quite excited about finding that out. I got stares from Andy and Ashton. “Relax, we were just helping out a friend,” I said now getting a little upset we were even having this conversation. Jake looked at me feeling guilty.

    I started to tell them all about our meeting with the contractors this morning, hoping the Les conversation was done for good. Luke brought our food finally, and we all started eating. Les’ name never came up again, thankfully.

    Erin, Jake and I hit the bar as the evening crowd was starting to gather. Jake came over to me and kissed me tenderly while removing my shirt in front of all the customers. We got whoops and hollers from the crowd as they were yelling, ‘take it off’. It was so much fun. Jake and I did the same thing to Erin. We both sucked on Erin’s perky nipples making them stand out more which really excited the crowd. Jake had the nicest chest, with his nice hard pecs and perky nipples and washboard stomach from all the gymnastics he did. He was quite the sight without his shirt on. He said he got a lot of nipple fondling throughout the nights here at the CNB.

    We were busy tonight. I guess partly because State was so close and this was their last weekend before finals also. It was kind of the last big party time before school was out. I just hoped we didn’t lose too much business during the summer. Parker assured me we wouldn’t, and I hoped he was right.

    The dancers showed up about 8:30. Jake and I left to get them started. Ashton caught me in the dressing room beforehand. “Josh, you’ve got to fix me up with this Les guy. I need that big cock of his,” Ashton almost pleaded.

    “Ash, see if it’s okay with Andy. I’m not going behind his back to set you up with other guys that happen to have big dicks. Besides, Les is just starting out with this new discovery of his. He’s not into a lot of guys right now, just a few that he knows and trusts. He doesn’t know you. He knows Andy, but not you. Andy would have a better chance at him than you,” I informed him.

    “Hell, set it up with both of us. I’ll share,” Ashton replied. I told him I would see, but I didn’t think there was enough time before school was out to work all that in. Ashton looked disappointed.

    “Sven is here tonight. I know he fucked Andy the last time, but I want that big dick tonight. You can set that up for me, can’t you?” Ashton asked.

    “What does Andy think? If it’s okay with Andy and Sven is willing, I’ll see what I can do,” I assured him. He told me he’d get back to me.

    The dancing was superb and all our guys had all our customers all hot and bothered. I got hugs and kisses from all our performers after each of their routines. They made a small fortune tonight, I had to believe. Sven was as spectacular as ever being the last guy to perform. He brought a ton of cash into the dressing room and put it on the table and told the guys to split it. He got all kinds of hugs and kisses from the team, plus a considerable amount of fondling of his naked cock and balls as he was changing. He wouldn’t let anyone get him off though. Francis had enough semen, Ralph happily extracted from him, to use as a proxy for Sven, so we were good. I was sure Allen would get a small fortune for that thong.

    Making my way back to the bar with Jake, someone grabbed and hugged me from behind.

    “Don’t you look hot in your shorts, it makes my dick want to cum,” a voice said from behind, as he kissed the side of my neck. I recognized that voice only too well. It was Stoney. I turned around and kissed him.

    “Hey, buddy. We’ve missed you,” I said giving him another passionate kiss which did make the boy hard.

    Stoney went on to tell me how great the place was and how wonderful we treated the customers. He said I and my partners had made this tired gay bar into a literal gold mine. I was all smiles. Jake went on to help at the bar as we were super busy. Stoney told me what all Greer had told him about #2 and how excited he was for us. He said he, Greer and Sven would make a trip over to be at the grand opening. He even promised to let me have Sven to dance at the new bar whenever I needed him, and he could dance here more often if we needed that. He said that Sven had a blast with the other guys and performing mostly naked in front of all these horny guys. He said Sven didn’t get much social interaction at the ranch, although he was a great facilities manager and a great lover, but he loved the interaction of the crowd here and letting him perform really made his day. I told Stoney what a great guy I thought Sven was and how the guys loved him as he gave them all the money he made dancing. Stoney said Sven didn’t need the money as he took care of him very well. I could only assume he did.

    “I hate to bring this up,
    and I wouldn’t if for the fact that I really care about you and I really care about Greer, Stoney. Is there anything wrong between the two of you as Greer is miserable right now thinking you don’t love him anymore. Not that it’s any of my business, but I thought you might want to know as he loves you terribly,” I said to a very concerned face. It was very loud inside. Stoney asked if we could go out back to the parking lot and talk. We made our way out back.

    “Josh, this is for your ears only. You can never reveal what I’m about to tell you to anyone. Are we clear?” he asked seriously. He had my attention. I promised him I would never reveal what he was about to tell me. “I love Greer with all my heart and I truly care about Sven also, but Greer is my soul mate. You couldn’t have done a more wonderful job of setting us up together. I will love you to my dying day for what you did for me in that regard, Josh,” he said holding my complete attention. “I’ve got a little bit of a medical problem I’m having to address,” he started to say.

    “Oh, thank God, it’s not that you fell in love with someone else. Greer was so afraid you loved someone else now and it was killing him,” I confessed to Stoney.

    “No, hell no. I couldn’t love someone else, Josh. Greer is my guy. I love him so much, that I can’t tell him what’s wrong. It’s complicated. I tell him I love him every day. I kiss him, I hug him, I give him Sven to take care of him sexually. I truly love the guy with all my heart, Josh,” Stoney swore up and down making me believe him wholeheartedly.

    “Then why no sex with him, Stoney? That’s what he misses the most from you is the physical intimacy between the two of you. What happened to end the physical love if you love him so much?” I asked almost pleading.

    “I have prostate cancer, Josh,” he said lowering his head, words that practically knocked the wind right out of me. I grabbed him and hugged him tightly.

    “Stoney, you have to tell Greer. Is it serious? Are you getting treatment? Tell me you’re okay. Please tell me you’ll be fine,” I said with tears in my eyes. He looked down at me as we held each other tight.

    “The doctor said I should be fine, but I have to go through all these treatments. I can’t have sex while I go through radiation. Truth told, it knocks all the energy out of me when I do the treatments. I don’t have enough energy to jack off, if you really want to know. Physical intimacy is totally out of the question while I go through the treatments,” he said. “I’m going to be fine and the doctors think I’ll be able to perform down there like I used to when the treatments are finally over after a period of recovery. The only other option was to remove my prostate gland. I’d get rid of the cancer removing it, but I wouldn’t be able to perform. Hell, they might as well cut my dick off if that ever happened,” he said breaking a little smile.

    “Stoney, you need to tell Greer. He’s going through hell right now worried about you not loving him anymore. He says you say all the right things, but the intimacy is gone. He’s really worried about the relationship between the two of you. Can’t you at least share your problem with him. It would greatly relieve him, and he’d be there for you to get you through everything. He truly loves you, Stoney,” I pleaded with him.

    “I’m afraid to tell him, Josh. I’m afraid he’ll leave me because I can’t perform the way I used to. Hey, when we had sex, we had some wild ass sex, Josh. I know you know what that is, but I mean we burned down the barn, philosophically speaking, that is,” he said smiling, making me laugh.

    “I’m sure you did. But, Stoney, Greer would never leave you. He loves you too much to do that. Even now, thinking you don’t love him anymore, he’s never said one thing about leaving your side. He senses something’s wrong, obviously, but he’s totally in the dark and worried sick about your relationship. He said you have this ranch hand that comes into your bedroom several times a week and he and Sven are of the opinion that you fuck the shit out of the guy. They say the sounds of wild sex are there and real. What’s that all about since we’re laying everything out here?” I asked curiously.

    “That’s all bullshit, Josh. I pay the idiot to act like that while I sit there and watch TV. There’s no sex. Hell, I can’t have sex, remember. I just kind of wanted Greer and Sven to think there was something going on to let them know if they wanted to go outside our little friendship ring for sex, it was okay, since I had done it. I guess from what you’re telling me is that didn’t work. They’re still true to me. If that don’t beat all,” he said surprised.

    “Stoney, they love you, man. They truly love you. Give them some credit. Share with them. They want to share your burden and help you, they love you that much. It’s not right to keep that from them, the ones that truly love you. You have to tell them,” I urged.

    “You’re probably right. I’ll think about it. Listen, if something were to happen to me, and I don’t make it for some reason. I know that’s foolish talk and I’m sure everything will work out okay, I’m hoping anyway. I just want you to know I have taken care of Greer and Sven. They will be fine financially, but they both might need some help. You know how caring Greer is. Sven, less than Greer, but Greer will be devastated. Promise me you’ll look out after him and make sure he’s healthy mentally and all. I need to know I left him in good hands with friends he can trust and will care for him,” Stoney said getting melancholy. I assured him Greer and Sven would always be friends, and my friends and I would make sure we kept them happy. That seemed to please Stoney a lot. “Listen, Josh. I told Sven he could play with your guys tonight if someone needed any Sven attention. Trust me, he’s great in bed, but I don’t have to tell you that,” he said smiling. “Also, if you can find a way to give Greer some special attention, I’m sure he could use some,” he added.

    “I’ll see what I can do. By the way, Greer has been fantastic with our new venture. I know it’s kept him busy, but he’s done a great job. Can’t help but love the guy, Stoney,” I told him. Stoney smiled.

    “We all do, Josh. We all love him,” he said. “I gotta run. Don’t want to be hanging around here all bummed out like I am right now. You wait until I get better. You better get that beautiful cock of yours ready for a scorching night at the ranch, Josh. I mean there’ll be fireworks and all. Bring all your friends too. Remember, not a word of this to anyone. I know I can trust you, Josh,” Stoney said, then kissed me passionately and headed to his car. I could tell he had tears in his eyes as he left. I felt terrible for him.

    I ran back inside knowing I was terribly needed at the bar as busy as we were. Greer was sitting at the bar drinking a beer and talking to Jake when Jake could spare a minute as busy as he was. I pulled off my shirt and jumped in there drawing beer for he and Erin. Parker had disappeared for the moment.

    “There’s my good luck charm. Where’ve you been?” Greer asked me as I filled up another beer for him.

    “Talking to the customers, your boss for one,” I replied making Greer curious.

    “What’d he have to say?” Greer asked curiously.

    “He was telling me how much he loved you and how wonderful you are. I told him I knew all that. Then he said it was okay for you and Sven to spent the night with us tonight which I thought was kind of special,” I said excitedly.

    “Seriously? Like I get to spend the night with you, Erin and Jake?” he asked excitedly.

    “Yep, buddy, so you better rest up,” I said, trying to act excited myself after having heard horrible news from Stoney about his health and not being able to share that with anyone.

    “Unbelievable,” he said all excitedly. “I think I just creamed my jeans, he said looking down at his lap.

    “No, dufus, you just spilled beer in your lap. Need me to lick it up for you?” I asked smiling. Greer laughed. It warmed my heart to see him smile and hear him laugh.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chapter 174 – Taking Care of Greer and Initiation Preparation

    Although I was yuking it up with Greer at the bar, I felt empty inside thinking about Stoney’s prostate cancer. I thought, yes, this type of cancer is readily treatable if you catch it in time. Obviously, from the way Stoney talked about it, surely they had, and the treatment was helping him. Still, I couldn’t understand why Stoney found it so hard to talk to Greer and Sven about it if it was curable. That was not big deal other than the treatment. I thought about how I, like Greer, would want to know if Jake or Erin, or any of our close circle of friends was having a problem. That was the purpose of our group of friends, brother helping brother, supporting them and sharing their excitement and shouldering their burdens to help one another. I felt so terrible for Stoney, but I also felt bad for Greer and Sven.

    Sven was out signing autographs with the customers and getting his dick and ass felt through his jeans by a lot of curious admirers. “Look at him, Josh. Sven’s having fun tonight. I haven’t seen him have this much fun since the last time he was here. He’s really in his element here. He loves all his adorning fans, and he seems to love dancing around and showing off mostly naked for a crowd. I’d say he is definitely something of an exhibitionist,” Greer said as I passed by him delivering a beer.

    “Oh, he’s having fun alright,” I replied. “You think he’s up to taking care of Ashton and Andy tonight?” I asked. “Ash is hurting for some big Sven dick,” I added.

    “Definitely, if I can have your dick tonight,” Greer replied hoping.

    “That’s a given, big guy. You’ll probably get Erin and Jake also. But you might want to think about giving Erin your dick, Greer. He’s quite the fan, and he’d much rather bottom than top. You think you can handle that?” I asked teasing him.

    “Gladly,” he replied, getting more excited by the minute.

    Sven finally came and joined Greer at the bar. I drew him a beer on the house. He was most happy to accept it. “Lots of dik here tonight,” Sven said with his accent. I had to smile.

    “Looks like you brought a lot with you also,” I said looking at his crotch. Sven just smiled. We saw Ashton and Andy looking over at us. I pointed to them. “Sven, you think you could make Ashton and Andy happy tonight? You took care of Andy last time, and your cousin Liam took care of Ashton. They need a big dick like yours if you don’t mind making them happy,” I said as he looked over at them.

    “Nice asses. I make happy,” he said as he sipped his beer. Greer smiled. “You, next time. I want you fuck Sven,” he said smiling at me. “Him and him too,” he said pointing at Erin and Jake. Jake did a double take. I just smiled sheepishly.

    We finally closed the bar at midnight. Seth and Luke finished cleaning up with the help of Ashton and Andy. We sent Luke and Seth home. Parker was finishing up and then locking up. The seven of us went up to the apartment. Ashton could hardly contain his excitement. We hardly got through the door to the apartment and he was naked. Sven smiled at him as if to think Ashton was crazy.

    “Dibs on the shower first,” Ashton hollered telling Andy to get naked and get on with it. Andy stripped naked and grabbed a mattress for us to put in the living room and then joined Ashton in the shower with Sven. I could hear moans and groans coming from the bathroom as I got some beer out of the refrigerator and handed them out to Greer, Erin and Jake.

    “Sounds like it’s starting out fairly well anyway,” Greer commented. The rest of us had to agree with him. While drinking our beers we stripped down to our briefs. Greer was wearing boxers. I smiled at his boxers. “Hey, I’m only a few years older than you guys, but I like boxers. Lets the goodies hang loose, so to speak,” he said looking at his plain white boxers.

    “You iron those things?” I asked. Greer blushed.

    “One of the butlers at the ranch does our laundry and my boxers always come back ironed. I don’t ask questions, because I have clean underwear. Stoney started that a long time ago, I think anyway. I guess he likes his ironed. I’m just happy to have clean underwear that I don’t have to clean,” Greer stated. We understood completely.

    Ashton, Sven and Andy finally emerged from the shower, hard cocks leading their way to the bedroom, which they seemed to be in a hurry to get to. A very few moments later we heard Ashton yell ‘FUCK!’.

    “Sounds like Ashton just got part of Sven in his ass,” I commented. The rest agreed. “Well, that’s what he wanted.” I just hoped Andy was into as much as Ashton. “Here, let me help you with your ironed boxers, Greer,” I said as I bent down and pulled his boxers off of him, revealing his nice cock and balls. “You know for an old fart, you seem to be in pretty good shape,” I said chuckling.

    “Son of a bitch, Josh. I’m only about 6 years older than you are, still in my mid-twenties for Heaven’s sake. Your compliments are something else,” he said smiling but not too happy about the old fart comment.

    “Just kidding. Actually, we’ve always thought you were hot. It’s that intellectual law degree you have that makes us think you should have grey temples and be a little overweight, when actually, you’re in great shape and so young looking,” I said as I gently stroked his cock while Erin and Jake were massaging his ass and balls and gently kissing his back and neck. We were giving Greer the full treatment. I kissed him full-on, as passionately as I could. Then Erin and Jake took turns doing what I did. Greer was putty in our hands. We finally managed to maneuver ourselves into the shower and got under the water. With soapy hands all over the poor guy we almost made him cum the first ten minutes of our teasing torture. I thought we were going to lose him a couple of times. He bent over to suck my cock and Jake rimmed his asshole almost causing him to fall. I decided we needed to finish up in the shower so we could lay on the mattress in the living room and not worry about falling in the tub. Mattress sex was much safer than shower sex, especially in a tub. I was so happy we were going to have a better shower room in our new apartment.

    Boned up and hungry for cum, we made our way to the living room while listening to the sounds of sex and moaning and groaning coming from the bedroom. We peeked in on the boys and saw Ashton riding Sven with Andy’s cock in Sven’s mouth. Ash had a contorted look on his face, but seemed to be enjoying what he was feeling in his ass. It was a hot scene to watch, but we decided to create our own hot scene.

    We plopped Greer down on his back on the mattress and then like Piranha began sucking, licking, rimming and face fucking the poor guy. His senses seemed to be on overload. I hoisted up his lightly haired ass and let it lay against my legs, his ridged cock pointing down towards his face. Erin was kissing him passionately. Jake was sucking his cock while fondling his large balls. I was attacking his asshole, slicking up all the fine hairs around his hole and thrusting my tongue into his hot crevice.

    “Fuck, slow down, guys. I’m gonna cum and it’s way too early. You guys are mercilessly hot,” Greer said begging for a time out. I let his ass back down on the mattress and gave him a breather. “Can we do like a daisy chain or something. I feel like I’m the only one getting any attention and I want you guys to have fun with one another also,” Greer asked. I motioned for Greer to suck Jake, and Jake could suck Erin, Erin would suck me, and I would suck Greer. This worked and we actually had a good time. The sucking took on more of a cock sucking, balls sucking, taint licking and asshole rimming than just a simple daisy chain. Greer couldn’t hold on much longer, and Jake was doing quite the number on my junk, to the point I was going to have to fuck something soon or have my first orgasm in Jake’s mouth. Just then we heard some excruciating sounds from the bedroom. Someone had an intense orgasm in there they wanted to share with the world it seemed, a sound that temporarily stopped our action in the living room until it dissipated. I could only imagine the job Sven was doing on Andy and Ashton.

    Back to our action, Greer asked to be fucked. I decided all three of us should service his ass so he got the full treatment, much like Trent had the night before. I offered Erin first crack. Greer lifted his legs, with Jake and I each holding a leg. I pulled his large balls out of the way of his asshole so Erin could enter him. Greer let out a huge appreciative sigh as Erin slid into his ass. Erin got his rhythm going as Greer began to leak pre-cum from his piss slit. I leaned over and licked the end of his cock clean, then kissed Jake passionately. We let Erin have a little fun, then I slapped his ass and Jake took over. Jake licked and sucked on Greer’s nipples as he thrust his cock deep in Greer’s ass. Greer looked like he was lost in another world. He suddenly shook hard, with his cock giving up a fountain of cum that flowed down the side of his cock making the entire side of his cock white with cum. I had to clean that off for him, but as I was lapping it up, he was still cumming, one of the longest orgasms I had ever witnessed. It finally stopped, with just a dribble here or there as I jacked his cock to see if we got it all.

    “Damn, Greer. I thought you’d never stop,” I chided.

    “Shit, that was mind blowing. I’ve never cum like that before. It just wouldn’t end. It was like a perpetual orgasm. Wow! I’m blown away. Thanks, Jake. Don’t know what you did, but that was surreal, buddy. Damn, you’re so hot,” Greer said basking in a post orgasm trance. “Don’t let me stop you guys from having fun,” Greer said, thinking he had been hogging all the fun to be had.

    “Roll over, Greer. Roll over on your stomach. We’ll give you a massage,” I told him. Greer did as I asked and rolled over. I had Jake massage Greer’s shoulders and arms while I massaged his ass and Erin massaged his calves and feet. Greer was a little ticklish on his feet, so Erin had to avoid that area some, although Greer said if felt wonderful. I took the liberty of sucking Jake’s cock while I was massaging Greer’s back. Jake seemed to like that. Jake held up his cock so I could suck on his balls, which I loved doing. Erin decided to lick my ass and rim me good while I sucked on Jake. I was leaking pre-cum on Greer’s back. Greer said whatever those warm drops were, felt pretty hot to him. I chuckled knowing what he was feeling. Erin leaned over and licked my pre-cum off Greer’s back. We heard another cryout from the bedroom, again indicating some sort of orgasm experience, we thought.

    I came off Jake’s cock and started rimming Greer’s asshole one more time. He was going crazy with this action. I finally spread his legs and mounted the boy, slowing guiding my cock into his sweet hole and penetrating him. Jake let me continue to suck his cock while I fucked Greer’s hole. Erin told Jake to get behind me and penetrate my ass. I was in the middle of the sandwich again. I loved the feel of Jake’s cock in my ass. It was Heaven. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I finally had to stop or lose my load in Greer’s ass. I wasn’t too sure he was into that, so I stopped and dismounted. Greer begged me to fuck him as he rolled over. I penetrated him missionary style and he locked his legs around my hips pulling me tightly into him. I ground him good jamming my cock as deeply into him as I could while he kissed me passionately. He was going crazy. We were both sweating like pigs. I stopped and asked the guys if they wanted another round. Erin said he wanted his dick. Greer seemed to like the idea. Greer had Erin squat over his face and rimmed Erin rather nicely as Jake and I watched. Erin was leaking pre-cum, drooling from Erin’s cock down onto Greer’s chest. Finally, Erin rose up and straddled Greer, lowering himself down onto Greer’s cock, showing a sign of pure pleasure as Greer’s penis disappeared into Erin’s ass. Greer looked like he was about to pass out, he was so into it. The two starting going at it. Greer wanted to fuck Erin something fierce. They were into fucking hot and heavy. Made me so damned horny watching the two, I grabbed Jake, threw him on his back and penetrated him and started fucking him hot and heavy. We were sweating, rolling over on each other, me on top, then Jake on top, never losing the connection we had between our bodies. It was fierce. I wanted him so bad at this point, my cock feeling so wonderful planted in my love’s ass and wanting every inch of it I could claim. I thrust hard and then harder. I was biting at his neck, then his nipples, eating his armpits, sucking on his lips, his ears, every inch of his flesh I could get into my mouth. I was obsessed with his body and wanting to dissolve it into mine. I wanted his seed, I wanted him to have mine. I had to breed him hard and then harder. We were sliding all over, slick with love sweat. Our eyes were locked together when part of Jake wasn’t in my mouth. It was intense and getting worse. Then I felt the streams of hot cum flow between us, as he unloaded heavily, his cock trapped between us.

    “Fuck, Josh, that was intense. God, I love you so much,” he said as he grabbed my head and kissed me hard all over. I kept thrusting, burying my cock deep inside him. “Give me your load,” he begged kissing me rough, still into the fucking going on. “Breed my ass, Josh. Breed me hard,” he said over and over as I stiffened up and felt like I blew the top of my cock of my dick as I unloaded my seed into his bowels. I gave him three hard thrusts as my cock spewed my seed deep in his ass. My entire body was ridged as I unloaded, then immediately went limp as I fell to him. He hugged me tightly and rolled over on top of me taking control and kissing me all over. We finally collapsed beside each other. When I was finally able to gather my senses, I looked over at Greer and Erin. They were staring at us amazed at what they saw. Greer had Erin’s sperm all over his chest, so I concluded he came and came hard from the looks of things. Jake and I had his sperm on both our chests and mine running out of his ass.

    After several moments, we came up for air, sitting up and looking at how pathetic we looked. “Looks like a war zone,” I said chuckling. “You guys okay, I asked as Erin was still straddling Greer.

    “Josh, Greer has one hot dick, I have to say. He can really make an ass feel wonderful, just so you know,” Erin said, totally appreciating the anal attention he just received from Greer.

    “Oh, let me say that Erin here can really make a dick feel special. That hot ass of his is to die for. Shit, I think I came twice. Erin never stopped. He was like a dynamo, extracting all the fluids I had in my balls. It was awesome,” Greer exclaimed.

    “Are we still alive? Wow, that was something. Don’t know what came over us, but, wow, it was something else,” I said shaking my head still trying to wrap my head around what just happened. Jake was stroking my back as I leaned against him, our cocks leaking cum.

    “I’ve never seen two guys show so much love between them as you and Jake just did, Josh. I wanted to cry it was so beautiful. You guys truly love one another. There are no words to describe it, other than it was beautiful. Erin, the love your showed me was beautiful also. I just really care about you guys. I couldn’t ask for better friends. You guys are great,” Greer said with tears in his eyes. The three of us took turns kissing him.

    “Wanna get some cum off you?” I asked Greer. He smiled. We pulled him up and headed for the shower. It was quiet in the bedroom. I figured Sven worn out the two A’s finally and they were down for the count. Later, as Erin, Jake and I were falling asleep together on the mattress in the living room, with Greer on the couch, we heard more shrieks of passion coming from the bedroom. We kind of chuckled, figuring the guys had fallen asleep only to wake and go another round. I was exhausted, after two nights of orgy type sex, and now had my two loves with me once more. We all fell asleep.

    I was the first to wake the next morning. I left Jake and Erin asleep on the mattress. Greer was fast asleep on the couch with a sheet over his naked body. I walked naked into the kitchen and started up the coffee maker. In seconds, the coffee maker filled the apartment with the smell of fresh coffee. As I was getting a cup out of one of the cabinets someone hugged me from behind. I felt a semi-stiff cock up against my butt crack as his arms moved up and down my chest playing with my nipples as they traveled the front of me, then stroked my hardening cock. I turned around surprised to see Sven. He took my head in his hands and kissed me passionately, sucking my tongue right out of my mouth as he pressed our chests and semi-hard cocks together in a passionately embrace. He finally let me up for air.

    “Nice cock, Josh,” he said looking down at my cock, now in his hand as he gently stroked it. “You fuck Sven sometime, right?” he asked. I nodded I would. He kept looking at my cock and fondling it very appreciatively. “Nice ass,” Sven said as he ran his hands over my asscheeks pushing our pelvises together again. “You very loving, Josh. Greer likes you. Stoney likes you. You are special,” he said then kissed me again. “We make love next time. I need make love,” Sven said then kissed me very passionately one more time. “Boys like sex,” he said looking over his shoulder to the bedroom. “You make love,” he said looking in my eyes as he stroked my hair and gently and passionately kissed me. “Sven like make love more than sex,” he said very tenderly. He put my hand on his penis. It was thicker than your normal penis. Sven was European and uncut. He moved my fingers on his foreskin so I could see the head of his penis appear and disappear inside his foreskin. It was very sexy, I had to admit. “No skin,” he said as he looked at the head of my penis. He put our penises together and stroked them with his hand, the head of my penis buried in his thick pubic hair, practically the only hair on his body other than his long flowing shoulder length blonde hair on his head. I was hard now. He saw how my penis curved upwards and was fascinated by that. He had to do what so many had done before, by pushing my cock down and letting it flip up and hit my abs. He smiled at me when it hit my abs. He took my hard cock and put it end to end with his, then ran his foreskin over the head of my penis, docking it to his. He smiled as he did that several times. Then he kneeled down and kissed the head of my cock, then rose up to kiss me again. “Beautiful,” he said running his fingers through my hair and tenderly kissing me on the lips. Then he squeezed one of my asscheeks and grabbed a cup of coffee as I was mesmerized by his beautiful naked body, his gorgeous uncut penis, his full balls, one hanging below the other, and of course, his long flowing shoulder length blonde hair. He was gorgeous, there was no doubt about it.

    Greer came walking in naked to the kitchen, his boner swinging back and forth, in search of coffee also, as he rubbed his sleepy eyes. Sven kneeled down and kissed Greer’s cock. “Happy dick,” he said then raised up and kissed Greer passionately. Actually, I never got a great look at Greer naked before in all his glory at the ranch that night. He was hot looking. He had a nice little treasure trail going up to his naval, dark brown pubes, nicely trimmed, but full. He had lightly haired legs and asscheeks, more hair in his asscrack and adorning his balls and base of his cock. He had a nice full set of balls hanging loosely below a nice 7 inch cock when hard. He wasn’t ripped, but he definitely was in shape for a 25 or 26 year old. Made my cock hard just looking at him. Greer came over to me and kissed me rather sweetly.

    “That was wonderful last night. Thanks for taking care of me so wonderfully, Josh. You are truly a loving friend. You guys are great and I enjoy being around you so much. This was a great time for Sven and I, who don’t get out much, and now only have each other to keep company. I just wish we could figure Stoney out and what he was up to. It’s killing me not knowing,” he said shaking his head.

    “It’s goot,” Sven said coming over to Greer and putting his forehead against Greer’s. “Have each other. Make happy,” Sven said looking Greer in the eyes, then tenderly kissing him.

    “Wow, Greer. Can’t beat someone like Sven,” I commented.

    “He’s sweet, Josh. He can make you feel like a million dollars and he has a great heart. But he’s not a one man lover. He likes them all, if you know what I mean. You can share him, but you’ll never own him,” Greer explained. “Not like you and Jake and even Erin. I saw true love there last night. It was beautiful. The three of you are beautiful together, even though I know Erin likes a couple of other guys, he told me earlier, he also told me he loves you and Jake more than anyone could ever imagine. He’s sweet, and it’s great that you and Jake show him the love that you do,” Greer said appreciatively.

    “You talking about us?” Erin said as he stumbled into the kitchen looking for some coffee, his semi-boner bouncing around. “Damn, Greer. I swear you drained my balls something fierce last night, and that doesn’t happen too often. That was a hot session, I do believe,” Erin said shaking his head. Greer gave Erin a quick kiss and a quick fondle of his cock and balls making Erin smile. Greer got the same treatment back. Jake finally joined us with a full mast boner. Sven jumped on that, kneeling down to look at it, then kissing it from the tip of his cock to his balls. Jake laughed along with the rest of us.

    “Don’t stop there, Sven. Hell, take it all,” Jake chided. Sven stood up and kissed him tenderly on the lips.

    “Muscles like Sven,” Sven said rubbing Jake’s pecs with both his hands then squeezing Jake’s tight asscheeks. Jake just smiled.

    Finally, the two A’s emerged. Ashton came right over to me and hugged me tightly, his naked body pressed against mine and kissed me quickly on the lips. “Love you, Josh,” he said as he repeated the same behavior every morning we had been at the apartment in the city. Why he did that with me every morning there, I never knew, but he did it every time. He didn’t hug anyone else, just me and rubbed his cock up against mine when he kissed me and told me he loved me. Then he grabbed a cup out of the cabinet and poured himself a cup of coffee. Andy gave us all a hug, then joined Ashton in getting his cup of coffee.

    “Okay, I’m not sure how I can walk this morning, but I’m grateful I can, is all I’m saying,” Ashton said. That was one wicked fuck last night, Sven. That boy knows how to work an ass with his big dick. Fuck, that was awesome,” Ashton said excitedly.

    “It was certainly a unique experience even the second time around,” Andy admitted, smiling shyly. Sven just smiled.

    “Beginners,” Sven said. “Not used to Sven’s big dik,” he said swinging his big uncut penis around to our amazement and some jealousy. He knew he was entertaining us. Greer had assured us Sven liked to be social and appreciated, which is why he liked dancing at our bar and entertaining us when we were at Stoney’s ranch. Greer was chuckling.

    “You have to live with that, Greer,” I said chiding him.

    “You get used to it. It does really fill up an ass, I can say that for sure. No complaints there other than the first couple of times which is what Andy and Ashton are experiencing this morning. All I can say is don’t sprain yourself today, guys. Just take it easy and you’ll feel much better tomorrow,” Greer said smiling. There was probably a lot of truth to that.

    I could hear my phone ringing in my shorts in the living room and went to answer it. It was Allen saying they were heading to the IHOP in a few minutes and told us to get dressed and meet them there. I told him we had Greer and Sven with us. That made him laugh, but he told us to bring them also.

    We got dressed and headed to the IHOP where Allen had us a big table. Lloyd was there to assist us in anything we needed. After the huge tip Allen left him the previous week, it was a wonder he was still working, but he was there and extremely attentive. We sat down and Lloyd gave us all menus.

    “How’s the marital status, Lloyd?” Allen asked. Lloyd cracked a small smile.

    “Still married?” he said it like a question.

    “Are you not sure?” Allen asked.

    “Yes, I’m sure, Mr. Allen,” he replied. Allen shook his head.

    “Sorry to hear that. Anyway, tell Lloyd what you guys want. We already ordered, he said, speaking for OBB, Pooky and Stephen.

    “We saw this beautiful guy dance last night. Did he spend the night with you guys?” Stephen asked. Even Lloyd was taken aback by Sven.

    “Yep, you can see by how funny Andy and Ashton are walking this morning who got the brunt of that,” Jake chided.

    “Wow. He looks like he’s rather large downstairs, at least he fills out a thong extremely well,” Pooky added, undressing Sven with his eyes.

    “Oh, he’s large alright. I can vouch for that,” Andy confirmed. Lloyd looked amazed as he moved to Sven to take his order. Greer ordered for Sven, knowing what he wanted and knowing Sven was self-conscious about his broken English. Lloyd looked at Sven after Greer ordered for him.

    “Good bik dik,” Sven said, “Not good English,” We all chuckled.

    “Lloyd, you should see the schlong on this guy. Amazing. That is if you’re into that type of thing. Stop by the bar sometime and we’ll show you a lot of wonderful male specimens. I can promise you won’t be disappointed,” Allen assured him. I thought Lloyd was going to cream his slacks. He hurried off to place our orders.

    I whispered something in Greer’s ear. He whispered into Sven’s ear. Sven got a big smile on his face. Lloyd came back to pour the coffee. He stood beside Sven starting to pour Sven’s coffee. Sven ran his hand up Lloyd’s inner thigh to this cock and balls and felt his package. “Nice,” he said as he felt Lloyd’s package. “We fuck sometime?” Sven said looking at him in the eyes. I swear, I thought Lloyd was going to faint. He hurried off saying he’d be back with more coffee.

    “The pot was full,” Ashton said complaining Lloyd took off. We all laughed at that.

    “Poor guys in the restroom trying to clean the cum out of his briefs,” Allen swore, still laughing. “Good one, Josh. That was brilliant. Why is the fucking guy married? What the hell is wrong with him?” Allen went on to say.

    We finally said our goodbyes after our late brunch at the IHOP. Lloyd was again thrilled at the big tip Allen gave him. Allen told him we might not be back for a few weeks as school was almost out and we’d be on vacation or other places, but would be here off and on. He could drop by the bar on a Saturday night to see if we were in town if he wanted. Lloyd hugged us all as we left. He got groped by OBB and Allen who got a feel of his package. Allen told us later, Lloyd had a nice package and looked forward to seeing it up close and personal someday.

    We kissed Greer goodbye. He said he’d start that way later this afternoon to spend the night with Ken and James. He said he had to rest up for that one. He’d see me in the morning at the lawyers office and we’d get the closing done. I thanked him and kissed him more passionately the second time. That made him smile.

    There was much to talk about on the trip back. We had to hear first hand descriptions of Sven fucking the two A’s as they relayed it to us, and may have embellished it just a little in places. The two A’s wanted to know how Geer was and did we make him happy. I told them it was a team effort, but the boy was definitely thrilled as far as I could tell. Erin, again, said how hot Greer was and how good his dick felt in his ass. Ashton said that was one he needed to try out sometime.

    “After Sven, Ash, I don’t think Greer can come anywhere close to what you got last night,” Andy commented. Ashton smiled.

    “We need to see him on a regular basis,” Ashton commented.

    “Ashton, remember the deal. Once and done. We don’t get emotionally attached to the big dicks, remember?” Andy warned.

    “Well, you fucked him twice and I only got fucked once, so I at least get another shot at his cock.” Ashton said determinedly. Andy rolled his eyes.

    “Okay, you’re right. I’ll give you that. We can both get another shot at that, I guess,” Andy said sounding like he was relenting on the rules.

    “Great, because if he does us both again, then you’re still one up on me and that means I get another shot at that, which I will happily share with you which means we can keep this going for months,” Ashton said happily. He did have a point, when you did the math, I thought. Andy looked confused.

    “Okay, then maybe he’ll just do you one more time. I will abstain which will make us even then,” Andy said to Ashton’s disappointment.

    “But, Andy. I really want to share with you, my love. That was wonderful last night and I wouldn’t want you to miss it again,” Ashton said sounding so sincere.

    “And you are full of shit, Ash. Rules are rules. We can’t get caught up with other guys outside this circle of friends we have. That’s not healthy, and you know it,” Andy said sternly. Ashton pouted.

    “Hey how about that Lloyd when Allen asked him if he was still married?” I asked trying to change the subject. We all started laughing, breaking the tension.

    “How about that Les guy, Josh. When is he available to service Andy and I?” Ashton asked.

    “Oh, so you’re going to include me in that now. Usually, it’s just yourself, Ash. How did I get involved this time?” Andy asked getting a little miffed.

    “You know the guy. We could sit on his big rod a couple of times. That wouldn’t hurt anything,” Ashton said trying to persuade Andy.

    “I don’t even like the guy, to tell you the truth. He’s arrogant and a womanizer. I don’t see anything happening with him,” Andy said determined.

    “From what Erin said, he felt pretty damned good in his ass,” Ashton repeated some of what Erin had said. Erin got very quiet in the back seat with the two A’s. “Erin, you said he was good, didn’t you?” Ashton asked him again.

    “He was okay, I guess you could say. Nothing like Jake and Josh. You can’t help but love those dicks. Les is just starting out. He’s really not sure what he’s doing yet, or how to do it, let’s just say,” Erin said trying to sway Ashton away from thinking about Les.

    “Good, then we can teach him the right way to fuck ass,” Ashton said. “If he’s got the equipment, all we have to do is teach him the techniques. Sounds like a good thing to me,” Ashton said more determined than ever to get to Les.

    “Ashton, you are such an ass. Les is off limits because I know him. If Josh, Jake and Erin want to fuck him that’s fine. They know how to separate love from sex. You just don’t need that,” Andy said emphatically.

    “Hey, Andy, we need to go over that availability schedule you put together regarding who was going to be available this summer and when. You have that with you?” I asked, wanting to change the subject entirely this time, thinking I could if I made them work. We spent most of the rest of the trip doing some planning. Andy said he’d put together a calendar and get it to all of us showing everyone’s availability this summer and who’d be here to help work on the project and when.

    I was happy to drop off the two A’s when we got back to Uni. “Those two are miles apart on what makes them happy. Ashton seems to be obsessed with other dicks when he has the perfect boyfriend that will love him with all his heart,” I said to Jake and Erin.

    “I don’t think this relationship will last a lot longer, guys,” Jake said disappointedly. “I mean we love them both and have tried to help them. They seem to get better and then it gradually get’s worse. I don’t know what we can do. Ashton doesn’t seem to be mellowing with his obsession with big dicks. He’s always looking for the next one. It has to break poor Andy’s heart,” Jake said concerned.

    “I really worry about them. I don’t know what to do anymore. I hate to say let the two of them work it out, which is what we should do, but how does one help them in this situation? I just don’t know what to do, and it really isn’t our business, except that we love them both. I know one thing. I have to let Les know Andy knows about him so if he gets confronted by Andy, he’ll know what’s coming,” I told my guys.

    “Hey, about that Les thing. Can you ever forgive me for saying what I did last night letting Andy know about it?” Jake said hanging his head. “I am so terribly sorry, Josh. I wanted to find a hole and crawl in it after I brought that up. You did a nice job trying to salvage that whole situation, I have to admit. I just felt like a stinky turd after that,” Jake said regretfully.

    “Jake, it wasn’t your fault. I don’t blame you for anything. We should be able to do what we want to do between us and not be judged by the likes of Andy or Ashton. We don’t comment on who they screw. Hell, we probably don’t know as many of them as they do. Who knows. Anyway, it doesn’t bother me and I love you just the same,” I said as I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek since he was still driving the short distance back to the dorm. Jake still felt bad about outing me with Andy about Les. Erin reassured him it was no big deal. Still the Andy/Ashton feud bothered all of us.

    We all crashed back at our dorm room, waiting for Allen and OBB to return with Pooky and Stephen. We did put the mattresses back on the beds and cleaned up the room some, flitting about in our underwear. Jake was laying on my bed and I laid down beside him putting my head on his groin.

    “You’re making me horny,” Jake said as I wiggled my head on his junk.

    “Me? I’m certainly not trying to,” I said wiggling my head one more time. That got him. He pulled me up and tickled me. We wrestled on the bed, tickling one another and groping each other. Erin was laughing at the two of us getting red and all sweaty as we fell off the bed and onto the floor still wrestling for control. We were close to him and pulled him off the chair with us onto the floor. There were arms, legs, armpits, torsos, flying all over the place, each person jockeying for position, trying to get control of any other person at the time. I was able to pull Jake’s briefs down to his knees inhibiting some of his movement. The next thing I knew I had his hand on my junk in a very controlling position. I always said, ‘man who control balls, control body’. There was nothing but truth to that. I worked my way out of his hold, or he let me, one or the other. Then Jake and I both pulled down Erin’s briefs. Before long our bare junk was being flung all over and we were all hard. I grabbed Jake’s cock and started sucking on it. He grabbed Erin’s cock and Erin grabbed mine. We had a daisy chain going, sucking cock, licking balls and trying to get to assholes with tongues. It was a free for all. With us all boned up, Jake and Erin wrestled me to my back and held my legs as Jake worked to get his cock up my ass. I finally quit resisting having Jake’s beautiful hard cock inside me. Erin was over me holding my legs and I attacked his ass with my tongue, sucking his balls and pulling his cock down to suck. I got him good and slick as Jake pounded my ass. Erin rolled over on his back beside me wanting me to fuck him. Jake let me up to take Erin missionary style, then reinserted his cock into me making me the middle of the sandwich. Wow, I was connected physically to the two guys I loved the most in this world. The fuck was intense, with each of us giving it our all. Erin was stroking his cock as I pounded his ass and moved my ass hard against Jake’s pelvic bone. Pre-cum was flying from Erin’s cock, as he madly jacked himself to an explosive conclusion, covering himself with is own cum. I pulled out of his ass with Jake’s cock still in mine and showered Erin with another load of hot creamy cum. Jake them came out of me and shot Erin with his load, covering even more of him with warm milky cum. Erin looked a sight. We collapsed right beside him on the floor. Just then Allen, OBB, Stephen and Pooky walked in.

    “Fuck, you guys should have waited a few more minutes and we could have joined you,” Allen said amazed at the sight he saw. I swear Pooky and Stephen were drooling. None of us made any effort to cover ourselves as we were busted anyway. We just laid there with Erin covered in cum.

    “So how was your afternoon, Allen?” OBB asked.

    “Oh, I just came home and did some homework. It was rather boring other than the fact my roommates and their boyfriend fucked all over the room and tried to drown one of my roommates with male seminal fluid, stinking up the place with the smell of cum. Other than that, it was just another Sunday afternoon back from the City,” Allen said. We all cracked up.

    “Look at those penises, Stephen. Aren’t they beautiful?” Pooky asked Stephen adoring our naked spent cum dripping cocks. I just shook my head.

    “Shut up, Pooky. I think they’re embarrassed enough. I sure would be,” Stephen replied. “They are hot. I can’t deny it,” he added making us all laugh again.

    “Okay, wrestling match is over. Time to clean up, guys,” I said getting up and pulling up Jake and Erin with a string of cum hanging from the end of Erin’s cock.

    “Do you mind?” Pooky asked as he wiped the string of cum from Erin’s piss slit and stuck it in his mouth. “Fucking delicious,” he said savoring the taste of Erin in his mouth. Erin just shook his head as did the rest of us. We headed to the shower. We had a delightful sensuous shower, cleaning all our orifices and fondling and stroking our wasted wands. Drying off, we returned to a room of just Allen and OBB. Stephen and Pooky had taken off going back home.

    “What, the boys didn’t want to stay and play?” I asked.

    “Oh, they would have stayed had you told them you wanted to play. They marvel at how beautiful you guys are all the time. They’d give their left nut for you guys to fuck them silly some night. Trust me on that,” Allen assured us of that.

    “We were just playing around and then things got out of hand. Well you saw the results anyway,” I said really not trying to explain myself, but I did.

    “You don’t have to make and excuse to OBB and I, Josh. Hell, looked like fun to me. Just wish we would have been here to join in. I think you guys had a little Spring fever,” if you ask me,” Allen jested. I went up to him and hugged and kissed him.

    “Before we leave each other and don’t see each other for a couple of weeks, the three of us will fuck you and OBB until you can’t take any more. Does that work for you?” I asked.

    “Shit, that works for us. What a parting summer gift. Damn, Allen, I can’t wait. We just have to get through this week,” OBB said excitedly. Jake and Erin smiled.

    We put on our shorts and went to our favorite pizza place for pizza and beer. Andy and Ashton didn’t show up as they usually did. I texted Andy and asked him if they were coming. He texted back saying they wouldn’t be there and to go ahead and eat without them. That bothered me, but I thought maybe they were working things out.

    I told the guys I had to behave for the rest of the night as I had initiation ceremonies at the frat and needed to be there at 8:30 for the ceremony at 9:00. They wanted to know if they could come and watch Eric and I be inducted into the frat. I told them it was a secret ceremony for frat members only, not a public ceremony. That disappointed them, as they would have liked to have been there to support us. I appreciated that, but it wasn’t to be.

    Jake left us at the pizza joint to go back to his room after kissing me and wishing me good luck at the frat. I told him I loved him several times. He swatted my ass as I left.

    Eric was there after we got back to the room. He walked into our room through the bathroom in his briefs and asked if they looked respectable and clean enough for the initiation ceremony. I walked around him and looked at him as if I was inspecting him. Then I pulled down his briefs, lifted up his penis and inspected his balls. Then I spread his asscheeks and looked at his asshole.

    “Well, did I pass?” he asked. “I thought I’d better ask before I got violated,” he said laughing. “Honestly, Josh. Really?” he said looking at me as if I was crazy and then pulled up his briefs again covering up his big cock and balls.

    “I’d say you passed with flying colors, Eric. Looks good and clean to me. That asshole looked nice and sweet also. Virgin, I suspect. I think I might need to kiss it for you though,” I said being a smartass.

    “I think you better not,” Eric retorted.

    “What a shame keeping that wonderful junk dedicated to a woman. What a waste,” I said chiding him. He turned around and kissed me on the lips. He told me he still loved me. I hugged him. I dropped my shorts and took off my shirt. I told them all my underwear was clean as I just showered before we ate and put on a clean pair. Eric pulled my waistband out in front and looked down at my junk. He noted to the Erin, Allen and OBB for once he didn’t detect any skid marks in front of my briefs. I tickled him for that. “You think we’re ready?” I asked. He nodded the affirmative. We both put on shorts and our t-shirts, then took off for the frat.

    Eric noted this was probably the last time we’d be making the trek to the frat house together. He said he would certainly miss all our trips there and back, true brothers until the end. I told him we’d be friends for life, but I did enjoy these special trips where we shared so much together. I marveled at how understanding he was, a straight guy and a gay guy that loved each other so much. Eric admitted it was weird, but beautiful just the same, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. I hugged him for that.

    “Eric, do your parents and Maddy’s parents know you have a lot of gay friends?” I asked him.

    “Yes, Josh. They’re fine with it. We’ve known about Kevin for some time and my parents still love him like another son. I guess in a way they were relieved knowing I’m marrying Maddy and they will have grandchildren. They might have been a little concerned at one time I might lean in your direction. I had to explain to them it didn’t work that way. They finally understood. I think anyway. You just never know with parents. Anyway, they’re fine with you being my best man and having the bachelor party for me. I only have a couple of friends from home that will be there so the bulk of you are pretty much gay friends, but that makes it that more fun really. I’m sure my buddies from home will get a kick out of it. They’re fine with Kevin, so they’ll be good with whatever you come up with. Just try not to shock them too badly, please,” he suggested.

    “It’ll be fun, Eric, and sensible. No one’s getting shocked unless they bring it on themselves. The wedding will be strictly by the book. No shenanigans, I promise that to you and will make all the boys behave also. There will be no regrets for that special day for you and Maddy. I promise you that,” I assured him. He seemed relieved.

    We finally made it to the frat. “Well, this is it, brother. Soon we will be officially frat brothers and no longer pledges. Are we ready?” I asked him. He assured me he was ready. “Not sure how this ceremony is coming down, but I guess we’re officially dressed for it, so I will see you there in my underwear, I suppose,” I said enthusiastically. I hugged him one more time and kissed him quickly on the lips. Then we went inside. I went up to Tuck’s room and Eric went to Taylor’s room.

    Tuck hugged me as I told him hello. “You dressed in respectable clean underwear?” He asked. I dropped my shorts so he could see my CK navy blue boxer briefs with the filled out contoured pouch. He looked me over. “Sure you don’t want a pair of my boxers to wear?” Tuck asked teasingly.

    “Those things would look like a dress on me, Tuck. I like my CK’s. I know you prefer boxers, but I’m me, and no, it’s not a gay thing at all. Trust me on that,” I assured him. He laughed.

    “Speaking of gay thing, Josh,” he started to say causing me to almost freeze, not knowing what was coming next. “I talked to Taylor right after you left last Thursday night. I apologized out the ass for my stupidity and what I said about his brother. Hell, I even broke down and cried, I felt so damned bad,” he started to tell me tearing up again. I let him get himself together. “Taylor hugged me and held me, Josh. We cried in each other’s arms. He said he was so happy to see what a wonderful guy I had turned out to be. He knew it was there all along because you told him how wonderful I really was and he needed to give me a chance. God, Josh, you really did that for me?” he asked teary eyed and hugged me tightly.

    “You’ve always known I love you, Tuck. I only chose to see the good in you and dig it out of you. It was always there. You just suppressed it somewhere along the way, mainly before I knew you. You had a relapse from time to time, but then you were going through hell with your father and Julie at the time. You got rough with the twins and the team that one time, and I talked you through that situation. You just needed a little persuasive help, but you were always a great guy. You have all the right stuff to be a leader of men, much more so than I do. I have to admire you for that,” I said still holding onto him.

    “No, Josh. You’re the true leader of men. I was weak and you were strong. You drug me to the finish line. It took a stronger person like you to lead me. You did that out of love. You taught me about character also. In fact, you gave me the greatest gift of my life this last week when you vehemently defied me and threatened to quit if I did something stupid to your pledge friend. You were absolutely right. You were so courageous in your convictions, you wouldn’t let up for a minute and put everything you had on the line for your pledge brother. You taught me so much that one night,” he said still hugging me. I rubbed his back as he talked to me. We finally broke apart.

    “I guess we both learned some valuable lessons this year through our friendship and brotherhood, Tuck. I can never repay you for the learning experiences I’ve had being with you,” I confessed.

    “And I can never repay you for all the things you taught me about character and leadership, Josh,” Tuck replied.

    “Well, then I guess we’ll just have to be friends for life trying to repay each other, and, hopefully, learning from it all,” I said as he grabbed me and hugged me once again. “Oh, by the way, does Taylor know I’m gay?” I asked curiously.

    “Who’s gay?” Tuck asked chiding me. I laughed.

    “Me you silly dufus. What the fuck, Tuck?” We laughed.

    “Taylor said he knew it a long time ago and admired you for your courage dealing with me, knowing my thoughts with what I said about his brother. He told me, when we finally stopped crying in each other’s arms, that he knew you would either straighten me out or break me, one or the other. He said the last few weeks he knew you were gong to succeed. I told him about what you did the other night and how you took me on. He said good for you and it was good for me. He was right about that, Josh. Oh, and he said you and Jake were a perfect couple. He said he had never seen such love between two people before, gay or straight. He loves Jake like a brother and he loves you for what you’ve done for Jake and me, Josh. He said you just did wonders this year, and it was the greatest group of pledges we’ve ever had with you and Eric, who he really loves also as a brother, of course. Taylor is straight, isn’t he?” Tuck asked surprising me.

    “As far as I know. He’s never given me any indication he had any interest at all in other guys other than to care about them as close friends. Eric never noticed anything out of the ordinary either, and cautioned me not to convert him,” I said half laughing as did Tuck. “Anyway, he never showed up on my gaydar,” I assured him.

    “What’s ‘gaydar’?” Tuck asked.

    “Oh, Tuck, you have so much to learn and I don’t know if I have enough time to teach you,” I replied. He just smiled. “Let’s just say, from all experienced indications, Taylor is absolutely straight. Why, do you know something I don’t know, because the boy is hot, Tuck. I mean he can be smoking with a little help,” I assured him.

    “No, I don’t know anymore than you know, Josh. So, I have to assume he is straight, and suggest you leave him that way,” he said smiling. “He did tell me he loved me though, when we got through our cry session last week. I told him I loved him too. Does that make the two of us gay?” Tuck asked thinking about it. “I don’t know why I said I loved him. Why would I do that?” he asked curiously.

    “Because you do love him, Tuck. Loving another guy does not make one gay. Having sex with another guy, might lean you in that direction, only you survived,” I reminded him.

    “Please, don’t remind me,” he said somewhat concerned. “With you, I love it, Josh. I won’t lie to you. I was glad it happened and it totally brought me out of the dark and changed me for the good. It was just an instrument to heal me for another reason. In that sense it worked and it was all good. Plus, you are good in that area, but I guess you might know that,” he said thinking about it.

    “Tuck, Taylor loves you and you love him because the two of you respect one another and have the same leadership abilities and character. He loves you because you showed him you are a great man, when he thought you were hopeless. What else could he tell you that night after you touched his heart so deeply with something he yearned for you to see for so many years. Of course, that would make him love you for that. You said you loved him because you felt the tremendous relief of guilt being lifted from your shoulders because of his forgiveness. Yes, you both are allowed to love each other for those reasons, Tuck, and not be gay. Now do you understand?” I asked.

    “Most of it. But I need to keep you around to keep me on the right track and punish me if I lose my way. Will you do that for me?” Tuck asked as he hugged me again.

    “Always,” I replied, hugging him tightly.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    I just had time to read Chapter 172, and what a chapter is was!

    And, now, I'm facing a plethora of "Josh's World" that I can't wait to get to.

    THANK YOU, So Much, FT!
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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Another amazing update - thanks!

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    173 ...

    Always great to hear about doing business with Todd and Chad.

    Poor Stoney! That explains so much.
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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    I got lost in some other stuff and I'm catching up.
    Great coming out scene on chapter 170 and up from that for the next chapters
    Now three in a row all together.. I'm ready to dive in

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Okay, my senses are on overload right now having finally caught up in this marathon series of Josh and friends. Don't know where to begin. So much in every chapter, FT. I'm crushed to hear about Stoney, like Chaz. Hopefully, it's nothing serious and sooner or later, he's back in action with Greer, Sven and even Josh and Jake, possibly Erin too? He's such a great guy and neat friend of Josh's. I could see him playing a role in future investments as much as he seems to like Josh and his business acumen. Seems as if Josh is finishing up some unfinished business with his friends before the end of school. Les and Brandon seemed to enjoy the surprise visit and getting to know Jake and Erin. They won't forget that night for sometime. I have to say Josh and the boys, interactions with Todd and Chad are extremely enjoyable. I think Todd might just be crazier than Josh. It will be fun to see where this goes during the construction phase. Thid summer could be quite interesting. So much going on, FT. I'm so wrapped up in it all. Thanks for the great three chapters together like that. I could go on an on, but instead, beg you for more. Please. Thanks so much for this fantastic entertainment. We all love it. BC

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Thanks, guys. Finally back from a business trip to the Caribbean, well more monkey business than business, but great meetings I should say. Having some civil unrest in the area I was attending so didn't get out much, but enjoyed the resort I stayed at. Met some great guys there who gave me a great insight into their cultural situations. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing their stories. Still have some catching up to do, as I am several chapters ahead of you guys and I need you to catch up. Here's another one to keep you going. Enjoy, and thanks for your gracious comments. FT.

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    Re: The Coming of Josh

    Chapter 175 – Initiation & The Closing

    After about a 20 minute mutual admiration discussion, and Tuck’s disclosure he had talked to Taylor and was back in good graces there, he told me we should probably go down for the initiation ceremony, that is if I really wanted to be initiated into the fraternity. I felt good about it now. Both Tuck and Taylor knew I was gay and still loved me. That was a major hurdle for me. I felt so relieved and liberated. Still, I wasn’t sure what this initiation ceremony was all about, but I didn’t fear it and Eric and Brady would be there also.

    “You sure no one is going to try to fuck me in the dark as part of the ceremony tonight, Tuck?” I asked him on the way down to the main lounge where the ceremony was to take place. Tuck laughed.

    “I might try to as great as it felt the last time,” Tuck said chuckling. I laughed along with him.

    “I thought we were over that and weren’t going to talk about that anymore,” I chided him.

    “How can I ever forget it. It was the best fuck of my life. You know, we might be able to do that again sometime. No one would have to know,” he chided. I wasn’t sure if he was serious or not so I played it safe.

    “Nah, we probably shouldn’t. You’re not really my type anyway,” I teased back.

    “What? Me not your type? I have a big dick. I thought you gay boys liked big dicks,” he replied.

    “Yours hurts. It’s too big. Made my ass hurt for a couple of days,” I teased. Tuck laughed some more.

    “I’ll just bet it did,” he said mumbling. “Might have been my problem with Julie, come to think about it. She never really liked to suck my dick, but that was because she said I was too hairy down there and she was afraid of what lived in that briar patch. You didn’t have any problem with that and did a much better job than she ever did. Fuck, that was really hot, Josh. But then, she complained about me fucking her too hard and hurting her pussy. Maybe I was too large. Damn, does that mean no woman or man will ever want to have sex with me? I need to think about this more,” Tuck said somewhat concerned.

    “You’re fine, knucklehead. Women and guys will love Hector. I suggest you stay in the woman category. I want to believe I’m the only guy that could ever have you,” I said bragging. Tuck rubbed my head.

    “You are one crazy bastard, Josh. But I love you. I truly love you,” he said just as we finally got to the lounge.

    Everyone was kind of gathered around in the lounge. Tuck stood in front at a small podium and had me stand to his side. “Gentlemen, I hereby declare this year’s initiation ceremony to begin. Is the Sgt. At Arms available?” he asked. We heard a ‘here’ from our Sgt. at Arms. “Great. Is the Secretary/Treasurer here to record this event and place the names of our pledges into the active roles should they survive this initiation ceremony? Taylor, the Secretary/Treasurer said he was prepared. “Good,” Tuck continued. “I will ask all the pledges to retreat to the library across the hall and remove all your clothing except for your underwear. The Sgt. at Arms will escort you back into this room when you are properly attired,” Tuck said completing his instructions. The door to the lounge opened up and the ten pledges left retreating to the library where we stripped off to our underwear. There were some cute comments made between all of us in the library, but the Sgt. at Arms shushed us and told us to remain silent. Brady, Eric and I found each other. Jack joined up with us also. Then there were six other guys including some of the Lacrosse guys that we didn’t know that well. One of the Lacrosse guys had on boxers, which I thought was interesting. He actually looked rather hot in them. He had a nice fit body also. Don’t know how I missed getting to know him, I thought. Jack looked good with a widening orange treasure trail from his naval to his pubes just below his brief waistline. Because of our swimming, and his shaving, I had never noticed that before. My dark treasure trail was back which I was mighty proud of. We were a bunch of hot looking guys dressed only in our briefs. We could have been a great underwear ad, I thought to myself. Brady kind of grabbed my hand behind my back as we waited to be escorted back into the lounge with the full members. I could tell he was nervous.

    Finally, the Sgt at Arms, who coincidentally, had removed his clothes as well and was down to his briefs, escorted us back to the lounge across the hall. To our surprise, the rest of the members were down to their underwear in the lounge. Wild ideas ran through my head as to what we might be expected to do. Luckily, I squelched all the dirty ideas that ran through my head. Tuck had told me it was a decent ceremony, and I had to believe him.

    “Brothers, if I may have your attention,” Tuck said bringing the ceremony to order once more. I was pleased to see Tuck wore a decent pair of his boxers to the ceremony. Hector made him proud, I thought. He had a nice bulge there in front of him. “Can we have the pledge class for this year up front with me?” Tuck asked. We all moved to the front of the room and formed a line facing the members. “Starting to my right, I want each pledge to recite our pledge and motto to the rest of our members in the group,” Tuck instructed. The guy at the end started and said both without any problems at all. Each one of us said the pledge and motto. Brady sounded nervous when he said the pledge, but the motto was simple and he sailed through that. “Let the Treasurer/Secretary record each pledge said to our satisfaction, the pledge of the fraternity and our motto,” Tuck proclaimed.

    “Gentlemen, would each of the big brothers of these fine pledges stand up here with me behind your little brother,” Tuck instructed. Taylor stood behind Eric. I was already pretty much in the center in front of Tuck at this point, but he moved closer behind me. Brady’s big brother stood behind him. I really didn’t know him that much other than to see him around. He was bigger than Brady by a long shot. From the looks of his briefs, he looked to have a rather small member, but I tried not to focus on that. Ted stood behind Jack. That was the first time I had seen them together in months, but I was happy to see it.

    “Please, let the pledges turn around and face your big brothers,” Tuck began again. “Gentlemen, each of you ask your little brother if he thinks he is prepared to be a full fledged brother in this fraternity and will represent it respectfully and honorably and will endeavor to defend it’s integrity and honor throughout the ages. We will ask each little brother to answer the affirmative by saying, ‘I so promise. I would ask each pledge to put his hand on the heart of his big brother and each big brother to put his hand on the heart of his little brother as our big brothers ask this pledge. Big brothers, we will repeat this pledge in unison together,” Tuck ordered. Tuck placed his hand on my heart and I placed mine on his, our hands on each other’s bare chests. Together, the big brothers repeated the pledge to all the pledges. Together all of the pledges said, “I so promise”.

    “Let the Treasurer/Secretary so note that all pledges have promised in the affirmative and will honor our code. Before we go on with the initiation process, I want to say that is has been an extremely good year for this fraternity of future leaders in sports, in industry, in business and future leaders of men, regardless of the many future professions our education here at the University and possible grad schools will take us. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your president and to see many of you change from the high schools you came from to men here at the university, to excel in sports, to excel in education, to display leadership, to become entrepreneurs which one of us has. Our school brought home many medals, ribbons and trophies this year and many of it’s athletes are our brothers here in our fraternity. You should be proud of yourselves and proud of each other. I know I have grown tremendously this year in what I believe to be character, one of the most important traits we strive for in this fraternity. I was fortunate enough to learn so much in that area from my little brother, Josh. You all thought I was a natural leader of men, big man on campus, you thought. Very macho, truly sought by most of the women on campus. I only wish that had been the case,” Tuck said and got a little giggle from the crowd on that one. “Some of the lessons Josh taught me were painful and some of them wonderful. He taught me how to really care about people. We preach and preach that this fraternity is about Brother helping Brother, supporting each other and challenging each other to grow and flourish, to make life meaningful and full. We should enrich ourselves with the knowledge from each other. The full education we receive here is not just what we learn in the classroom, but how we live and interact with each other, an extremely important education for life in the real world when it becomes survival for ourselves and future families. The mandatory study time here at the frat, was by no means a punishment or hazing exercise, but a forced pairing of individuals to learn from each other and understand each other. Many times there are disagreements, but healthy opposition views develop from this, and meaningful discussions take place as a result. We all learn from it. That’s the beauty of this fraternity. I have to admit, I didn’t always see it that way, thinking of it selfishly at times, but Josh helped me see through some strange and sometimes bent viewpoints how meaningful and healthy those interactions become and a stronger, longer lasting character is built. I love my little brother for what he has helped me with this year and for what he as taught me. I hope and pray that all you pledges and big brothers had similar experiences, making this one of your best years ever for what you have truly learned,” Tuck finished with tears in his eyes. I hugged him quickly with tears in my eyes.

    “Don’t forget, Josh helped you win the national championship this year also, Tuck,” someone hollered out. There were many cheers for that one including the twins standing close by. “He did that also, and it was caught on national TV. But Josh is never going to reveal the secret message he gave us to spurred us on to victory, are you buddy?” he asked looking at me. I shook my head ‘no’.

    “Okay, so here is what we are going to do, now that I practically gave my mancard up, expressing my love and appreciation for my little brother,” he said getting a chuckle from the group. “Each of the pledges and each of the brothers are to hug each other tightly, chest to chest, heart to heart, head to head, and dick and balls to dick and balls, and express their appreciation for the pledge hugging them. Members and pledges are free to say whatever they want to say in appreciation of the ones they hug, but the pledges have to promise they will support each member as a brother and will always be there to help. Remember our motto, ‘Brothers helping Brothers’. We pledge always to support one another in good and bad times and to be there for each other in any way we can. That has to come from the pledge and even the member. The pledge also has to say he cares about or even loves, if you so feel that way, his new brother, which are all of you as soon as we are done here. The pledge has to kiss his new brother also. You can kiss each other on the cheek, neck, chest or even on the lips. Nothing goes out of this room. Remember this is a secret ceremony so open your hearts and tell your brothers how you feel about them, and be totally honest with each other. This is your chance to express your true appreciation for each of your new brothers,” Tuck said charging us with his instructions. “I want all the members to line up in the hall so the pledges can go down the line. The lights will be dim. You will be able to see faces to know who you are addressing. After the pledges have made it down the line, then Taylor and I, who will be at the head of the line, will start down the line until all the regular members have gone through the whole line as well. This is a very important part of our brotherhood experience so make it meaningful,” Tuck challenged us. The lights dimmed and the regular members exited the lounge to the hallway and lined up down the hallway. The guys picked me to go first of all things, followed by Brady, Eric, Jack and the rest of the guys.

    I hugged Tuck tightly, and yes our genitalia connected, but I didn’t even think about it. He lifted me up off my feet as he hugged and kissed me on the lips, telling me he loved me over and over. It was almost embarrassing. I told him I would love him until the end of our days and always support him, which he promised me as well. He had tears in his eyes. Taylor hugged me also, picking me up off my feet and kissing me on the lips telling me he loved me also which kind of surprised me. I hugged him tighter not wanting to let him go and promising to support and love him forever, thanking him for all his support this year. He thanked me for saving Tuck and teaching him how to love again. I squeezed him tighter. I got many thanks and was told I was truly appreciated by most of the rest of the guys. Most of my kisses were on the neck or cheek. Then I got to James who hugged me tightly and told me how much he loved me. He gave me a passionate kiss. Thankfully, there was a lot of noise with everyone expressing their feelings towards one another so no one was the wiser. I also put my hands down inside his briefs squeezing his bare buns, giving him a semi as I did it then having to move on rather quickly. Brady gave me a look as James hugged him and kissed him on the lips. I’d explain it to him later, I thought, but got a chuckle out of it just the same. Then I got to Ted, who had tears in his eyes. He told him me he truly loved me and thanked me for everything this year. I hugged him tightly and kissed him on the lips tenderly and passionately, letting him know how much I truly loved him. He told me to be sure and see him before I left for the summer. The good thing was he was a junior and would be back next year. Then there were the twins. OMG. I didn’t get turned upside down, but I got kissed with tongues hallway down my throat and I swear, fingers up my asshole and a hand down the front of my briefs fondling my junk, as they practically crushed me hugging me like they did. It was passionate alright. I carefully watched what they did to poor Brady, but they were careful with him. Still, Brady had a look of horror on his face. I finally made it to the end. Hell, it was almost like running the gauntlet. I felt a little abused physically, but I got to tell each one of them how much they meant to me and the ones I truly loved, that I did love them. That made me feel great. Tuck was right behind the pledges coming through the line. He corralled us at the end.

    “You guys have to do the same thing with each other. So, Josh, you start and go down the line of pledges and then the next until all of you hug each other and express your appreciation for each other,” he instructed.

    I hugged Brady first and kissed him passionately. No one else saw that in the darkened hallway. I told him how much I loved him and promised to be his brother for all time. I could tell he was getting aroused as passionate as we were, so I quickly moved on to Eric. I was in tears with Eric who hugged me and hugged me, kissing me on the lips as well, with us telling each other how much we truly loved one another. Then there was Jack. He kissed me on the lips, but then I kissed him more passionately, surprising him with my passionate kisses as I stuck my hands down through his briefs squeezing his bare buns. I know I shocked him, but he told me he loved me, he truly did and was sorry for any pain or grief he caused me this year. The rest of the guys were just hugs and our pledge to each other, except for the one Lacrosse guy that I thought looked kind of hot in his boxers. I got a kiss on the lips from that sucker and my buns squeezed, outside my underwear, thankfully, but nonetheless, I got my buns squeezed. I made a mental note of that. He said he cared about me as his brother, but he’d like to love me as he brother. Wow, that was different. I definitely needed to get to know this guy. Finally finished. Tuck had the lights turned on, and we adjourned to the lounge once again where we stood back in front of him.

    “At this time, the Treasurer/Secretary is ordered by the president of this fraternity to declare this year’s pledge class graduated to full members. The pledge class, therefore, without any members now is abolished until a new one can be formed in the fall semester of the University. Everyone here is a full member at this point. Kegs of beer are coming into the room as we speak. Feel free to stay and celebrate your new membership as long as you like and can stand up. The Sgt. at Arms will hand out the official fraternity membership rings to the new members. Meeting adjourned!” Tuck declared.

    It was over and somewhat exhilarating. We all enjoyed talking to one another afterwards and sharing stories of happenings throughout this year, reminiscing and kind of sad it was all over. It had truly been a wonderful experience in my eyes. I know I grew a lot over the year and the friends I had made were so precious to me. My heart was beaming. Eric and I were talking in a corner and Taylor come over to us.

    “Don’t get to talk to you two very often dressed in our underwear, but it feels kind of good tonight as hot as it’s been. It’s hot in here tonight also,” Taylor said with Eric and I agreeing. “Just wanted to tell you, like I told Eric, Josh, thank you for doing what you did for Tuck this year. I know I’ve said it many times, and I mean it every time. He is a changed man, and I love him as my brother now, which I haven’t been able to for years. That’s your doing. It took tremendous courage to stand up to him and then to put your entire membership, reputation, and your relationship with Tuck on the line defending your brother Brady, who is a sweetheart by the way. I knew you guys would find each other somehow, and I was glad you did. Poor Brady didn’t have a very good big brother to help him out. He was kind of a dumb football jock, but I shouldn’t say that about one of my brothers, but you know what I mean. I’m so proud of you, Josh. I can’t love you enough. I’m so happy that you caught Tuck’s eye the first day you met him, with that smartass remark about a ‘yard of dick and a bucket of balls’,” he said and laughed. I never will forget that. Tuck won’t either. You had a bucket of balls to say what you did at the time, not knowing how Tuck would respond, but that started it all,” Taylor said reminiscing.

    “I am who I am, Taylor. You can’t deny that, nor can I change any of it,” I said smiling. Eric patted me on the back saying ‘amen to that’.

    “Hey I look forward to seeing you guys at Eric’s wedding and having a few drinks and reminiscing more. And, Josh, I want an invitation to the bachelor party also. Do not leave a fellow brother off that guest list or I will haunt you, I promise. I’m sure with the crowd of friends there, it will be most interesting and entertaining, if I know you,” he said smiling, then hugged me one more time before taking off.

    Brady came over and I introduced him to Eric. “Josh, I got to hug and kiss him in the line, remember?” he reminded me. I laughed not thinking about it.

    “Josh has been a big help to me, Eric. I know how much he loves you also. Good luck with your new job this next year, but I’m glad you are still in school and still in the frat. Good luck with the little one and your marriage also,” Brady said giving him best wishes. Brady got hugged by Eric again. He whispered something in his ear, making Brady laugh. Then he patted him on his brief clad ass. Eric went on to talk to some of the other guys. Jack came over to talk to Brady and I.

    “Can I talk to you guys?” he asked somewhat apprehensively.

    “Sure, Jack. This is a happy night,” I reminded him.

    “Just wanted to say thanks for talking to Ted about me. He told me he really did love me, but that he thought it was probably better that we didn’t love each other the way we did before. He made me cry, not because of what he said to me, but because of my conscience and the way I treated him, Josh. I was such a fool. I told him that. He said he understood, but he still cared about me and was going to make sure that if I wanted in the frat, I was able to get in. He did that for me, Josh. He did,” Jack said appreciatively. “Thank you for helping to smooth things over with him. I didn’t deserve it, but you are a true friend, and I do love you also,” he said sheepishly and gave me another hug. “He’s the best friend a guy could ever have, Brady. Cherish your friendship with him always,” Jack said then left to go over to talk to Ted again.

    “Wow, he’s changed. I just hope he can stay that way,” I hoped.

    “He kissed me on the lips when I hugged him, Josh. Wow, I wasn’t expecting that. I was kind of shocked when he did that, because he hasn’t always been that nice to me, and you’ve witnessed that,” Brady reminded me.

    “Wow, maybe he is changing,” I remarked, thinking about him.

    “I asked him if I could see his orange pubes after he kissed me, thinking why not. What do I have to lose. He pulled his waistband out for me to peek at his pubes then ran my hand down over his junk and asked me if I liked what I felt. I was almost in shock. He said if I was hanging out with you, I had to be interested, and to catch him sometime and he’d show me much more,” Brady said making me almost spit my beer out of my mouth that I had just taken a sip of.

    “Fuck, he hasn’t changed. That’s Jack. Good ole Jack. Stay clear of that one, Brady. I’m telling you. It’s tempting and it’s fun, believe me, but it’s not worth the aggravation of putting up with Jack and his tactics. Trust me, I know. Ask poor Ted, he’s over there smooshing now. Ted knows. Oh, Jack. You alley cat, you,” I said thinking Jack would never change.

    “Are we going to get to be with each other again sometime before we leave for the summer?” Brady asked.

    “I’ve got a full week, but maybe we can meet here one night next week and do some last minute cramming in the library, then catch a quick workout in the exercise room downstairs. I’ll let you know what I’m able to work out if you can work it in your schedule,” I told him.

    “Hell, I don’t care if I have to miss a final if I get to spend time with you that way,” Brady said excitedly. I shook my head.

    “You’re terrible. Hey, sometime next week, I want you to meet my very close and intimate friends. It’s time they got to know you, and you got to know them in friendship and in intimacy. You’ll like everything about them, Brady. That I promise you,” I said, excited to have him meet the inner circle of my intimate friends.

    “Are you sure they’d like me, Josh?” Brady asked concerned.

    “Oh, they’re going to love you, Brady,” I assured him. I quickly grabbed him and kissed him on the lips. “Until later this week when we really get to kiss and make love,” I said then squeezed his ass. I headed off to find my shorts, shoes and t-shirt and Eric, who I found fully clothed and ready to go. I got dressed quickly, Brady along with me.

    “You got dressed rather quickly,” I mentioned to Eric as Brady and I were dressing.

    “I had to, Josh. I was getting hit on left and right standing there in my underwear. I got fondled by the twins, almost to the point of getting hard, it felt so good. I got my ass pinched by several guys that seemed to know you too well. I got my nipples twitched by James of all people. I’m no hunk. I decided I’d better get dressed before I ended up with a dick up my ass or something like that,” Eric said bewildered.

    “For the record, you are a hunk, Eric. There is no doubt about that. I mean, I truly love this straight guy, Brady. I really do. I’m going to be his best man at his wedding even in a few weeks. I love him to death. There’s no denying it. And you say these were friends of mine that tried to molest you?”

    “I suppose so. They’re not friends of mine. I knew some of them, like the twins, Ted, James, Jack. I think they were mostly your friends,” he said thinking about it.

    “Yeh, that pretty much covers them. Damn, they do like to take advantage, don’t they? But they recognize a good thing when they see it, Eric. You have to give them credit for that,” I exclaimed.

    “If you say so. Couldn’t prove it by me,” Eric replied.

    We all walked out together after I hugged Tuck one more time as he reminded me to stop by this week and see him sometime. I assured him I would.

    Brady left us shortly after we left the frat heading to his dorm in another direction. It was a warm night. The thought of making love to Brady outside in the moonlight made my dick twitch a little as I daydreamed about it walking home. Eric snapped me out of it, telling me about the hugs he got from the twins while in the line.

    “Those guys said they knew I was your friend. I swear I got fondled, asked if I was really Kevin’s roommate, which I asked them how they knew Kevin. They said they REALLY knew Kevin. He was one of the best. Okay, so I guess you introduced Kevin to the twins at some point in time, maybe?” Eric asked.

    “I’m sure I told you about Kevin meeting the twins, didn’t I?” I asked.

    “Who knows. You guys have so many things going on and so many relationships to keep track of, who’s to say,” he said frustrated. “Anyway, I got my dick measured by those two with hands down the front of my briefs to see if I truly was the same size as Kevin,” Eric exclaimed excitedly.

    “Well, what was the prognosis?” I asked curiously.

    “Fuck, Josh. Who the hell gives a shit?” he said excitedly.

    “Just curious. Those guys are experts in dick sizes. Just curious as to what they thought,” I said still wanting to know.

    “They said they thought I was slightly bigger, but I think they were just trying to make me feel good. Who the hell knows? Then they asked me if I wanted to feel some bigger dicks, then stuck my hand down the front of their briefs, actually. I swear their dicks were hanging out of their briefs when I got to them. Those were big dicks, Josh. Not that I’d ever care to feel another guy’s dick, but those were big dicks. Damn, and Kevin actually stuck something like that up his ass? What the hell was he thinking?” Eric asked as if Kevin was crazy.

    “Hey, Eric. I’ve had yours up my ass remember? You were helping me get ready to take the twins on. It was you that prepared me for them. And, I still love that time we had together. It will be in my heart forever,” I said leaning over and kissing him gently on the lips.

    “Okay, I’ve had enough hugging and kissing of practically naked male bodies for a long time to come, but I’ll always hug and kiss you, Josh. You actually had the twins cocks up your ass? Damn, Josh. Doesn’t that hurt?” he asked totally dumbfounded.

    “Like a mother fucker, at first that is. Then it’s pure pleasure after that and quite beautiful actually. You need to try it sometime,” I said egging him on.

    “I’ll take your word for it, if you don’t mind,” Eric replied.

    “You know you’re going to get hit on at the bar just for the fact you’re there. No one’s going to fuck you, but you’re going to get your ass pinched and nipples twisted, your junk felt, titillating acts like that. It happens all the time. I have to warn you and Thad, it’s going to happen. We, of the persuasion, don’t think anything about it as It’s a flirtatious act. Straight guys, on the other hand, don’t really understand it, and some downright resent it. I hope you guys can cope,” I challenged him.

    “I’ll get used to it. I guess it is kind of flattering in a way. Just don’t ever explain it all to Maddy or my in-laws. I doubt if they’d see the humor in it,” Eric urged.

    We finally returned to the dorm. Allen, OBB and Erin wanted to know all about it. I told them we were sworn to secrecy about the initiation ceremony, but it was great and we got to hug all our brothers. They wanted to know how Eric felt about all that hugging. I told them he was ‘enlightened’ so to speak, but made it through.

    “Sometime this week, I want you to meet a frat brother of mine named Brady. He’s a real sweetheart and reminds me of Zach in a way. He’s so innocent and just starting out. One of my proteges. I know he’d love to meet you guys. I’ll see what I can put together sometime this week,” I told them, getting them somewhat excited to meet a new guy.

    “Don’t forget, you, Jake and Erin are going to fuck the hell out of OBB and me before we leave for home at the end of the week.” Allen reminded me. “OBB and I are leaving Friday afternoon, so it can’t be any later than Thursday night. Just so you know. Don’t want you to lose track of time and we miss our opportunity,” Allen wanted to make sure. I bent over and kissed him.

    “Wouldn’t think of getting out of here without spending some quality time in your asses,” I assured him. Even Erin smiled on that one. Erin said his parents were picking him up Saturday morning so he’d be here until then. I told the boys Jake and I would leave Saturday morning also with the 5 hour drive we had back to the farm. We’d see Erin off and then take off ourselves. Jake and I wanted to meet Erin’s parents. Erin thought that was a great idea.

    “Anyone hear when Kevin and Eric are leaving?” I asked. Just then Kevin came wandering into the room in his briefs.

    “Just happen to have the answer to that question,” he said hearing his name mentioned. “We are off just as soon as our last finals are done on Friday. Eric is in a hurry to get home. We took a bunch of stuff home this last weekend and we’ll get the rest when we leave Friday. I’m going to miss this place and seeing you guys every morning in the shower,” Kevin said sincerely. “We had a lot of fun in that shower. Damn, things are going to be different next year,” Kevin said rather melancholy.

    “You’ll have to stop by our apartment at the bar next year, Kev. I’m sure we can find something to take care of your needs,” Allen remarked. “OBB and I kind of like that double penetration stuff we did in that hot ass of yours,” Allen continued. Kevin smiled.

    “Don’t think I won’t miss that, Allen. Damn, you guys were hot up there. Some of the best orgasms I’ve ever had were with you and OBB. Gonna miss that, but we can still get together. I’ll find you,” he promised.

    “I see you and Eric made it through the initiation ceremony at the frat and made it in okay. He didn’t look too badly beat up,” Kevin remarked.

    “Yes, he was a trooper. It was a great ceremony. We have some wonderful brothers in the frat. He did get to meet the twins up close and personal,” I told him, giving Kevin a look of horror on his face.

    “They didn’t do anything to him, did they?” Kevin asked concerned.

    “Let’s just say they tried to see if Eric’s cock was larger than yours. They were curious, you could say,” I replied.

    “OMG. Those guys. Well that had to be an experience for our sweet straight boy,” Kevin exclaimed.

    “Yep, then they wanted him to feel how large they were so he could compare penis sizes. He kind of found out tonight you knew the two rather intimately. He couldn’t believe you had something that large up your ass,” I said, starting to chuckle.

    “Felt damn good too. Those boys are hot, and I do mean hot. They can fuck me anytime day or night. They are coming back next year, aren’t they?” Kevin asked excitedly. I told him they’d be around and would love the opportunity to play with him again, I was sure of that. “Eric must think I’m a real slut,” Kevin said shaking his head.

    “I think he knows that, Kev,” Allen piped in, making us all laugh. “He’s just relieved he doesn’t have to do you anymore. You finally found a variety of dicks out there to take care of your sweet ass.” Kevin smiled as if he liked that fact.

    Jake called me to find out how the initiation ceremonies went, and did I survive. I told him all was well, and it was very meaningful. Tuck had said wonderful things about me in explaining the meaning of brotherhood at the frat. I told him I was very touched. He said he was glad to hear that and knew Tuck really loved me in his own way. I told Jake, Tuck and Taylor had talked and made up. They were close friends again. All was good there and Taylor had told me he loved me for helping Tuck and for taking care of Jake. Jake was so happy to hear that and couldn’t wait to see him again. I made sure Jake knew that Taylor knew about us, but thought we were the perfect couple and was very happy for us. Jake acted like he melted on the phone. Then Jake told me that Sean said what we did to him in the shower was the best sex he had all weekend and wanted to know when we could step it up to the next level as he was anxious to learn more. We both started laughing.

    We woke up a little later on Monday morning since we didn’t have any more classes. Erin was feeling so good up against my hard cock, that I had to slick up my cock with some saliva and penetrate the boy.

    “Oh, that feels kind of nice back there,” he said feeling the entire girth of my penis slide into his waiting hole. I kissed him on the neck, cheek, ear and lips as much as I could with us being on our sides, me breeding him from behind. It was a nice easy assault on his ass, nothing determined at the moment, just a nice easy early morning fuck. I gently jacked his cock and fondled his balls as my penis moved in and out of him tenderly, letting us feel the love between us.

    “You guys fucking over there?” Allen’s voice interrupted us. “I knew it. I want in,” he said hastily and jumped out of bed and headed to us, his boner swinging back and forth as he did. He spit in his hand and moistened his asshole, then jumped into our bed putting his backside to Erin. “Fuck that hole, Erin. You’re in the middle, buddy. Enjoy the ride,” Allen told him. Erin through an arm around Allen, as his penis penetrated Allen’s sweet asshole. Allen gave a sigh as he felt the length and girth of Erin’s penis penetrate his body. We were all three peacefully connected together as one at the moment. I didn’t have to work too hard at this with Erin in the middle. With the addition of Allen to this exercise, Erin had to do most of the work, although I felt Erin stop thrusting Allen and, with the whole length of my dick inside him, Erin stopped and let Allen thrust his ass up against Erin’s pelvis, letting Allen do some work. I was quite content to stay right where I was.

    “Oh, fuck.” Allen uttered.

    “What’s the matter, Allen?” Erin asked, noting he had stopped gyrating his hips against Erin’s cock.

    “I just came, guys. Sorry about that. I caught it in my hand though. Got a hand full of warm creamy cum if anyone’s hungry this morning,” he said rather proud of himself. None of us spoke up. He came off of Erin’s cock and rolled over and smeared his cum on my shoulder.

    “Thanks, pal. I needed that, I’m sure,” I told him not too happy about what he just did.

    “I didn’t have any place to put it. I didn’t want it on me,” he said chuckling. “Hey, we’re in the shower in a few minutes anyway as soon as you two get your dicks off. It’s about time anyway. Fucking doesn’t have to take that long. Only took me a few minutes. Look at you two. You making a career out of this or what?” he asked as he jumped out of bed.

    “Would you slap him, Erin. I can’t reach him,” I said teasing. Erin laughed as I stepped up my rhythm on his ass, the pressure building in my balls. Allen was on his knees on the side of the bed and was now sucking Erin’s cock.

    “Careful, there, buddy. You’re about to have breakfast on me if you’re not careful,” Erin warned Allen. Allen grinned then stroked and sucked Erin aggressively. Erin stiffened up and unloaded his first load of the day into Allen’s mouth. Allen’s cheeks were puffy holding Erin’s cum in his mouth. Allen leaned over Erin and proceeded to try to kiss me. I pulled out of Erin’s ass trying to get away from Allen, knowing full well what he was trying to do. I got blasted in the chest with Erin’s cum from Allen’s mouth. I had it all over my chest and down in my pubes. I had to admit, he got me good. The two of them started laughing.

    My cock still hard and not without an ass on the end of it, Allen proceeded to suck me off as aggressively as he did Erin. He jacked and sucked me fiercely. The pressure built in my loins and my cock exploded in his mouth. Allen still had a lip lock on my entire cock until he thought he had everything my cock gave him in the process of emptying my balls. He smiled at me and then deposited my entire morning load all over my dick and pubes. I grabbed his moppy hair and pulled his face down into all of it making him squeal. Erin was laughing. Finally, he just fell on top of me and kissed me passionately, getting our combined cum all over himself that he coated me with. Allen and I both were a mess. Erin made out on this one. He was the only clean one.

    Erin pulled both of us up out of the bed. We headed to the pisser, dripping cum from our cocks. I had to pee, so I didn’t care. It felt good to get in the shower and wash off all the cum we created this morning. We got each other boned up for the second time as we helped wash each other.

    “I’m going to miss this,” Allen said as we washed each other. This is my favorite part of the day, putting my soapy hands all over your bodies and having your soapy hands all over my body. It’s just nice.”

    “Allen, we have a great shower waiting for us in our new apartment. We’ll have just as much fun there, if not more, because there will be more of us,” I reminded him. He liked the idea when he thought about it.

    Kevin and Eric walked into the bathroom just as we were finishing up drying off. They peed together as I turned the water back on in the shower for them. “Damn, we missed all the fun. Well, it’s just you and me, Eric. Try to keep your hands off me if you can, Kevin told him. Erich shook his head, not seeing the humor of Kevin this morning.

    As we were getting our underwear and shorts on, we heard Kevin in the shower sounding like he was getting fucked by Eric. “Oh, Eric. YES! YES! YES! Eric, FUCK ME HARDER. OOOOOHHH, YEEEESSSSS!,” Kevin cried out. We all three ran back into the bathroom to see if Eric really fucked Kevin. Eric was standing there shaking his head with a limp dick. Kevin had a semi, presumably from playing with himself. “Gotcha!” Kevin said to the three of us. We shook our heads.

    “Nice one, Kev,” we all told him.

    “You gay people are weird,” Eric said shaking his head at all of us.

    Back in our room, continuing to dress, Allen pulled out a bag from his closet. “Look guys, I stopped at a sporting good store as we left the City yesterday and got us some Nylon shorts to wear. They have pockets also which we need for phones and things. The nice thing is these are the kind that show the head of your penis when you move. It is more distinct if you don’t wear any underwear. But you can still see it with the briefs we wear. Pretty cool, huh?” he said throwing a few pairs at Erin and I.

    “How many of these did you buy?” I asked.

    “Almost all the guy had that fit us,” Allen replied. “I figured Jake needs some also. OBB has his already. These are the ones you see the jocks running around in on campus throwing Frisbees and footballs. You can see a lot about a guy who wears these shorts. Cool, aren’t they?” Allen tried on a pair and you could see the outline of his cock head. I shook my head.

    “I think I better wear something a little more respectable today to the lawyer’s office for the closing. I have a pair of dress slacks in my closet and a dress shirt I should wear, but we can wear these to breakfast and then I can change before going to the lawyer’s office,” I said as I was thinking to myself.

    I almost felt a little indecent wearing those shorts but there were a ton of guys wearing them on campus, and if they could, we could. I did notice several guys that were wearing t-shirts with those shorts that hung down over the area where you’d see the outlines of penis heads, but when you were running and jumping, there is a lot to enjoy seeing, as junk moves around under this fabric. I did love the feel of the new shorts. They felt so light wearing them as if you weren’t wearing much at all.

    Back from breakfast, I changed into my dress slacks and a short sleeve dress shirt. “Who’s going with me this morning?” I asked the boys.

    “Not me,” Allen said emphatically. “OBB and I are going out to throw Frisbees in the quad and see if we can attract any hot new guys with our new shorts,” he said gleefully.

    “I’ll go with you, and I know Jake was planning on going,” Erin said as he changed into something more business casual.

    “Yes, I told Jake last night I’d stop by his room and pick him up on the way. We can walk downtown. It isn’t far,” I told Erin.

    “Take Jake his shorts, I bought him,” Allen said, throwing me more pairs of shorts, all different colors. “Watch out for the lighter colors. They show more,” Allen said smiling, putting on a pair of white nylon shorts. Erin and I chuckled.

    “These will be good to wear when we’re working on the building. They’re nice and light and cool. It’s going to be a hot summer from all indications as warm as it is this early,” I told them.

    Jake was dressed like us, when Erin and I stopped by to get him on the way to the lawyer’s office. The three of us looked rather professional, I thought. I gave Jake his new pairs of shorts and told him the story behind them. Jake was tickled knowing only Allen could come up with something like that. I told Jake Allen was pretty frisky this morning. I thought we were going to have to tie him down and fuck him silly before the week was out. Jake said Allen deserved that, but would love it just the same. I asked Jake where our boy Sean was. He said Sean was out already playing some Frisbee with some of his friends. I told Jake I hoped he didn’t run into Allen and OBB. Jake laughed.

    When we arrived at the lawyer’s office, a very professionally dressed receptionist lady ushered us into a conference room where we found Greer sitting there by himself with a stack of papers. Greer was wearing a suit and tie.

    “Morning, guys. Gees, you boys clean up pretty nice,” Greer said looking us over.

    “I like that suit, Greer. Makes you look extremely professional. I think I like you better naked though. Yes, you’re definitely hotter naked. Don’t you guys think so?” I asked Jake and Erin, who nodded their heads in agreement.

    “You crazy asses. But I love it. I hope you didn’t wear your wrist out jacking off this morning, as your wrist is going to need a lot of strength to sign all the paperwork you have to sign,” Greer said being cute. I flipped my wrist around in front of him.

    “What all do I have to sign?” I asked.

    “Oh just a few minor things obligating yourself, your friends, your families and your first-born children for the next twenty years or so?” Greer explained trying to scare us.

    “Don’t think I’d be worried about any first-born children. Not in this group anyway,” I answered. He laughed. “So how was last night? You don’t look too worse for the wear. The boys must not have been too hard on you,” I remarked. Greer just smiled.

    “Feel my skin,” Greer said as he rolled up an arm sleeve.

    “Feels smooth, Greer. Why did you have me feel your skin?” I asked curiously.

    “The guys all came on me last night, including myself. Long story,” he said. “They smeared their cum all over me, giving me a cum massage. Ever had a cum massage?” he asked as if it was something exciting.

    “Had a few cum showers, but not a formal massage that I can remember,” I replied.

    “Well, it’s kind of hot actually. James and Ken said it was very good for the skin, a really good moisturizer. I was almost afraid I’d smell like cum this morning for the closing, but they seemed to wash it all off me in the shower this morning. Josh, between you guys on Saturday night and Ken and James last night, I don’t think I have an ounce of cum left in my balls this morning. Hell, I don’t think I could even get an erection right now if I wanted to,” Greer said rolling his eyes.

    “Want us to see if we can give you one?” I asked being a smartass. Greer laughed.

    “You’re a funny boy, Josh. Hands off Greer until we get this thing all settled. Mel and his attorney will be in here shortly. We are sitting on this side of the table and they are sitting opposite us. You will sit beside me, and I will give you the paperwork to sign and tell you where to sign it. After the paperwork is signed, the wiring instructions will be executed and we will have to wait for a half hour or so for the funds to be transferred. Then you get the keys and all that fun that goes with it, plus the debt that goes with it also. No problem,” Greer said smiling. I sat down beside him feeling ill at the moment. “Second thoughts?” Greer asked. “We still have a few minutes if you’re having second thoughts, but we are kind of committed at this point,” he added.

    “I’m fine. It’s just the weight of the world seemed like it just hit me right in the stomach, knocking the wind out of me. I’m excited and scared all at the same time. You ever feel that way?” I asked.

    “In my world, almost every day. You’ll get used to it, Josh,” Greer assured me. Jake and Erin came to my side and leaned over and hugged me.

    “We’ll be fine, Josh. It’s a huge step, but you’ve gone over this a million times, and it all works. Now we go about proving it works and it’s better than ever expected. You’re going to make it great, Josh,” Jake assured me with Erin supporting me also.

    “Can I lick your arm, Greer?” I asked.

    “Why, per say, do you want to lick my arm?” Greer asked dumbfounded.

    “I want to taste the cum,” I said smiling. We all laughed. I was such a smartass.

    At 10:00 sharp, the door opened and a middle aged greying professional looking man in a suit came in the room with Mel and another young man in a suit who followed Mel. They introduced themselves to us, the first guy being Mel’s attorney who I had met before, then Mel who shook our hands, then Jordan, who Mel’s attorney introduced as a ‘closer’, a junior attorney, someone to handle all the paperwork and keep it in order as the attorneys passed the executed copies to him. He had a checklist to make sure he had all the signed documents for the closing. He was also a notary should there be a need to have anything notarized and witnessed. My eyes, as were Erin’s and Jakes, were transfixed on Jordan who was smoking hot. He had to be mid-twenties, maybe a little younger than Greer, thin, tall, dark haired, thin faced, square jaw, beautiful eyes, that screamed ‘fuck me’ from what I wanted to see in him. I wanted to rip his suit off and fuck him right there on the conference room table. He had a beautiful smile to go with his good looks. He could definitely have been a model or even a movie star with his looks. I could tell Greer was pleasantly surprised. Jordan got to sit at the head of the table in order to handle paperwork from both sides, so he sat to Greer’s left. The two attorneys sat opposite each other and Mel and I sat opposite each other. Jake was to my right and Erin was to Jake’s right. All of us with a wonderful view of Jordan. We all exchanged pleasantries. Mel said he was so excited for us. We told him we were excited for him also.

    Mel’s attorney started passing his first set of paperwork to Jordan. Jordan opened up the documents to the signature page and passed it to Greer. Greer placed it in front of me. “This is the bill of sale, Josh. Mel signed it here and you need to sign it there stipulating the inclusive price of the building and land, all the real estate in other words,” Greer said showing me where to sign. “There are three copies you have to sign of all the documentation We will have a pile for ours, Jordan will keep one for the official records and Mel will have copies of most of what we sign, except for all the financing instruments we have to sign, the bank liens, etc. Mel doesn’t have a third to sign of what you do. But Jordan will walk us through everything, and I’ll cross check it with my list,” Greer explained.

    I signed the first set of papers, then they got redistributed by Jordan to the proper parties. We spent the first 20 minutes signing everything that involved Mel’s responsibility and mine together. Then most of it was mine from that point forward. Mel and his attorney left the room while we signed all the paperwork I needed to sign on behalf of the company. Greer said he would trade seats with Jordan and feed Jordan the paperwork so he could notarize the signatures. Jordan was up close and personal, practically hanging on me as he showed me where to sign each document, his head practically pressed against mine as got up close to the documents to show me where to sign. Then he’d reshuffle the documents into another pile, for the record, and give certain ones back to Greer, the ones needed for our records. At one point our lips practically touched. I wanted to kiss him in the worst way. I had a throbbing boner going on in my crotch, just hoping beyond all hope, I did not have to stand up anytime soon, as close as I was to him. I felt a hand on my hardon. I knew it was Jake doing a boner check. I gave him a boner check also and found him to be at full mast also. This was crazy. It was nerve racking enough with all the legal documents we had to sign, much less be subjected to the torture of this beautiful male inches away from my face and not being able to touch or kiss him.

    Greer handed Jordan the Promissary Note and loan document. “Josh, this is the entire loan agreement and promissory note from your lender, the finance company you set up the loan with. We can take a month and go through this or you can trust that Greer has read it and has reviewed the terms and found them to be what you agreed on. It basically says in a nutshell, ‘if you pay, you stay. If you don’t, you won’t’. That’s very simplistic, but there are some 40 pages here that say just that in legal terms. Remember, we lawyers get paid by the word so we add as many as possible to make more money,” Jordan said chuckling. Greer said amen to Jordan’s statement. We all kind of chuckled. At least he had a sense of humor. I liked this guy too well, I was beginning to think. We continued on, with Jordan and I brushing up against each other from time to time, moving paper around and him showing me where to sign, and then his notarizing my signature. Finally, we ended with the bank wiring information which I had to sign, after the loan agreement, to wire transfer the money into Mel’s bank account. Once Jordan had that signed he excused himself saying he had to go initiate the wire transfer. Once we got a green light the money was wired we were done. Jordan left the room.

    I gave a sigh of relief. “Worn out yet?” Greer asked, chiding me. “Try doing this a couple of times a day,” Greer said. “Welcome to my world. Luckily, I don’t have to do it that often.”

    “Have you ever met Jordan before?” I asked Greer.

    “Just briefly the last time I was here. The old man introduced me to him as his closer. He’s a pretty sharp guy. I’m impressed with him. He hasn’t missed a lick,” Greer said.

    “Screw the professionalism, Greer. He’s fucking beautiful. You need to get to know him better, and introduce the rest of us to him in a casual scene, like him buck naked in your bed. That’s where we’d like to meet him,” I said causing the rest of us to laugh.

    “Nice to know how you really feel, Josh. Good grief. Jordan is hot, no doubt about it. Not married either, from what I can tell. The old man says he one of his best,” Greer said smiling. “I’m kind of tied up with someone I truly love on a ranch three hours from here and then the occasional distractions you throw at me. If it weren’t for that, I think I would be totally interested in that if it were available. Not sure he likes what we like, but it would be interesting to find out,” Greer said thinking about it. Just then the door opened and Mel and his attorney rejoined us.

    “No use you guys sitting in here by yourself while we wait for the wire to come through, the attorney said as the two sat down where they’d sat before. There was a bunch of small talk.

    “The boys and I are very impressed with your closer, Jordan. He seems like a very sharp young lawyer. I hope you feel the same way,” Greer said to the attorney, Jordan’s boss.

    “He’s the best. Sharp young man in corporate law. Very up and coming. We just love him here at the firm. The female staff tell me he’s not bad on the eyes either,” he said chuckling. He was definitely right about that.

    Just then the door opened and Jordan walked back in. “The wire came through and the money is in your account Mel. Everyone, we are ‘closed’. Josh, Erin, Jake, congratulations,” Jordan said as he shook each of our hands and then handed me a packet with the keys to the building. “Enjoy your new building,” he said professionally and cheerfully. “Good luck with your new business and the construction you have to go through to get it open. That’s probably the worst part of this deal. I’ll have to stop by to see how it’s coming sometime, if you don’t mind. And, when you get it open, I will definitely stop by to sample your beers. Love those new craft IPA’s everyone is serving these days,” he said smiling.

    “Stop by anytime, Jordan. For you, the beer is on the house,” I said, encouraging him to stop. He really smiled then.

    Mel gave us all a hug and told us good luck. He said he was anxious to see what we do with the old girl, as he called the bowling alley. He said he was leaving on a vacation to San Francisco to see his son. We wished him a safe journey and a happy time with his son. He was very appreciative of that. Mel’s attorney, the ole man, as he was referred to in the office, although he wasn’t that old and in great shape for his age, actually a little sexy if you paid attention, told Greer to stop by when he was in town. He said he might have some business to throw Greer’s way that needed to take place in the city, and if Greer could help him out and save him a trip over there, he’d appreciate it greatly. He said he really enjoyed working on this real estate transaction with Greer, that he thought Greer did one of the better jobs on such a transaction as he’d seen in a long time. That made me very proud of Greer, hearing that.

    Shaking hands with Jordan one more time as he showed us out the door sent a tingle through my dick. I was sure Erin and Jake felt the same, maybe even Greer.

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