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    Commercial Actor: Buick, Crestor, etc.

    Has anyone seen the commercial where the nerdy teen explains to his prom date's dad how safe his Buick is? The skeptical dad is only on screen for a few seconds, but I couldn't take my eyes off him. Then I saw him on the new Crestor ad where he's the main character in a firehouse. I looked him up on Google, and found out his name is Larry Poindexter. He is an actor who did a lot of those soft-core porn cable movies with Shannon Tweed. The movies are from several years back, so he's much younger and he's in great shape in his nude scenes. The strange part is I find him much more attractive now than back in his prime!

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    Re: Commercial Actor: Buick, Crestor, etc.

    Yes, he Larry is a hot daddy!

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