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Thread: Fuck me!

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    Fuck me!

    I groaned as Peter repeatedly shoved his cock in and out of my ass. He held my feet over his head and fucked me hard on the locker room bench. "Ugh fuck that feels good" I groaned as he hit my prostate. "You know it" he grinned with his forehead beaded with sweat. He suddenly picked me up with his thick cock still inside me and pushed my back into the lockers and kept fucking me. I marveled at his defined pecs and watched his gold cross necklace dangle in between them as he rubbed his hand over my ass as he fucked it. The groaning filled the empty locker room. My hands roamed around his shoulder blades and down to his round ass as he groaned my name. He leaned forward and put his head down and started sucking and biting my neck and shoulder. Him moaning against my skin as he pounded into me pushed me over the edge. I came all over his smooth chest. But he wasn't done yet. I had the feeling he could fuck for hours of he wanted to. Peter rammed his cock up my ass again and again. He then pulled out and Kaye's down on the locker room bench. "Alright, I'm a little winded. Your turn to do the work." I grinned, excited at the prospect of being in control. I quickly straddled Peters waist, held his cock up straight, and slowly impaled myself on his cock. He closed his eyes and moaned. "Jesus Christ you're tight." I quickly started moving up and down, slowly at first, then started picking up speed. I positioned my self so his cock hit my prostate every time. I ran my hands along his chest and stomach, while he reached over and started jerking my dick. After a couple minutes he growled and turned me around and started pounding into me doggy style. I could tell he was about to come. Suddenly he slammed as deep into me as he could go and I felt his cock start to spasm inside my ass, making me come for the second time. He collapsed on top of me, with his dick semi-hard in my ass. "Wow. That was amazing." He said. We layer there for a minute before I felt his cock start to harden again...

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    Re: Fuck me!

    Youthful locker room actions...excellent for relaxation. When you play hard, you need that time to relax and I'm sure it happens more frequently than we know. Welcome to the story forum, BiBoy. I hope there will be more intimate happenings in the future.


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