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    Can't get over him

    About a year ago a new guy started at work and I fell in love with him at first sight. Let's call him Dave.

    We were both new in town, and he invited me to go out with him and his other gay friend. He also regularly sent me emails at work (just things like how was your weekend. He is very extroverted and outgoing whereas I am very very shy. Because of my shyness I would get very awkward around Dave and come across as weird.

    I went out with him and his friend a few times, and Dave started to subtly put me down in front of his friend, while boasting a lot about himself. I felt quite hurt by this but I didn't really have any other friends so kept hanging out with him.

    Over time he would alternate between putting me down and making fun of me, but sometimes when we were alone he would be a lot nicer, once he told me that I was good looking and could get any guy I wanted. This confused me but I guessed overall he did not like me in the same way I did.

    I eventually decided to try to get over Dave and distance myself from him slightly. I sit near him at work and we have the same friends, so I found this pretty difficult. Eventually, I couldn't bear to keep it a secret any longer so I sent a long note to Dave saying that I had a crush on him. He replied saying don't worry about it.

    After that Dave started acting nicer and sympathetically towards me, but he would still sometimes put me down. I then started a not super serious relationship with another guy, I like this guy but I l still love Dave 1000x more. I cannot get over him and think about him all day and night.

    I am really stuck and have no clue what to do;please help.

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    Re: Can't get over him

    Doesn't sound like love to me. Don't associate yourself with someone who's always putting you down. He's not worth your time.

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