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    So I need to get over someone

    Well hi all, I've been lurking this site for a couple of years but I never had the courage to make an account, but the advice on here has been amazing.

    So I'm not out, and I honestly do not know the first thing about gaydars (I think mine never worked), or even how to tell if someone is interested or is flirting with you.

    Oh, I just like to state that I'm still young and in high school and not yet out.

    I'm friends with this guy, and he is just so perfect for me, like we share the same interests and we're just super ambitious. He likes Romantic Comedies, and other Chick Flicks and some other effeminate things, but I didn't think he was gay because of that, just maybe I had a chance. But he tells me he misses his girlfriend and what not. And although I enjoy our friendship, it sucks because everytime I talk to him, (this is going to sound cheesy) but my heart beats a lot faster and I feel butterflies (lol). We text each other and say goodnight/morning sometimes but I think it's more of a bromance if anything.

    And although I had girlfriends in the past to try it out, I knew it wasn't for me. But he is (probably) most likely straight and I'm tired of hoping for something to happen. But I think I have to get over him because I don't think I will ever be able to settle being just his friend.

    I need advice or just tips on what I should do.

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    Re: So I need to get over someone

    Meet people. Since you´re still in highschool, because of your age, you shouldn´t try online profiles (unless they are for teenagers, which I have no idea if such things exist) and you can´t go to bars or clubs. You can join forums though or maybe your highschool / city has a community for young gay peeps.

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