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    an encounter with a gay boy.

    An encounter with a gay boy.

    It was Saturday night and I decided to go to a gay nightclub. I was just eighteen when I first went to a gay nightclub. I've nice hair, a jungle of pubic hair, a navel track, and my pubic hair reaches over to my legs and I’ve got little hair on my ass. My scrotum is hairy, and my hair is black. I have no hair under my armpits, and at that time I did not shave every day.

    Dress code was in a string or completely naked. Because my string was already wet from the precum I went for completely naked. I got a key after I had paid and went to my locker. Undressed myself and had an erection allowing my penis to stand straight up. My cock head was completely exposed, and my scrotum was totally insight. I came each time a load of precum from my penis.

    So I went to the bar on the way I found some guys in a string or completely naked. I come to the bar I ordered a drink and I was standing between some guys. I soon had to contradict a boy who was also naked. He had brown hair too hairy and had an erection allowing his penis was standing forward. We began to kiss, which was about to tongue kiss each other. We also groping each other's bodies, starting with the nipples and so to the navel and finally coming to the penis and scrotum.

    At a certain moment I felt a finger in my ass. Also the guy with whom I was making love was standing one behind him. Soon we had a penis in our ass, whispering said the boy have sex for the first time. We were taken from the bar came to a place where we had sex with more than one guy. After I had sucked some guys and got fucked a few times I went for a drink at the bar.

    I had never seen so many naked boys or in a thrifty string. I stood at the bar enjoying boys who had sex with each other. But soon I had two guys next to me who went with me making love. one of the guys made me wet with his precum and he rubbed my wet glans. we went to the bar away and went to a group of boys who had sex. I began fingering a boy and uiteidelijk I dawned my penis in his ass. have a wonderfully fucked him and cums in his ass. I then sucks some guys so I came under the sperm. with a mouth full of sperm was a boy tongue kissing me. sex after what I went dripping sperm also from my ass to the bar. my penis hung limp glans half exposed, but it came out of my penis precum, which landed on my legs. was standing thus to enjoy at the bar and looked into the room and saw that boy.

    What a handsome boy with dark curly hair and beautiful hairy body. and he got an erection for skin slid his glans off and there was a string of precum on his penis. I also got a spontaneous erection causing my glans completely exposed came to stand. our eyes cross each other, and when I just wanted the boy he came to me. the penis of the boy stood up and half of me at all. Our acorns could not be thicker, and our groove was open and the both of us a load of precum came nevertheless out of our penis. We greet each other, hello, I was looking at you, yes, and I said to you the boy. how old are you said the boy, eighteen years old, and you? Also just eighteen. what did you delicious nipples said the boy, now yours look too good. I asked him, did you always precum? yes if I'm as horny and excited but runs so precum from my penis. Well I have also why I'm always naked at home.

    We were just in love with each other, and were on the tongue kissing. were completely against each other, our penis against each other's bodies each other and making each other's precum. it was quieter and we were looking for a spot on. We sat facing each other completely against each other. legs along each other body, we admired each other and groping each other glans precum. we went with our fingers in each other's jungle there was still sperm in our pubic hair. you have had sex with the boy said, yes, and you? Yes, for the first time. so for me it's in public for the first time. I just wanted to say, but the boy was faster, are you coming home with me. yes I want to do and we dress on, I pulled the string of the boy, and he mine. in all the two strings was a wet spot of precum. at home with the kid, we pulled each other clothes out, and we drank some.

    Then we went to bed, lying down against each other and the boy was the first time he went to sleep. together with another boy when we woke up we were wet, I think we've had a wet dream. We were the first wet and then urinated each other essentially shower. The guy wanted me to come live with him, what I've done. We still enjoy each other, and are always completely naked. Both of we have some gay friends and still go to a gay nightclub. we go together to a gay sauna; we are very open also in terms of sex. we love group sex; too, we often go to mixed sex, gay boy, boy bi and lesbians. if we have sex with each other, we fuck each other than we are on our backs. After we get done in each other’s ass, we are still in each other's ass and we'll go over each other to make love.

    if we fuck each other comes through every punch in our ass a load of precum from our penis. if we are sucking each other then we will then lovemaking with cum in our mouth or on our chins. when we finished we come together body smearing it on each other's bodies. runs all day there precum out our penis, some on our legs arrives. but we find it as horny as we see precum hangs on our penis together those strings and what arrives on our legs. naked with us completely naked, barefoot, and our clothing, our body hair. completely naked and also keep in our glans is fully exposed. pure nature all visible no secrets, even another's horniness and excitement is not secret. often, our groove of the glans open, our ass is often open. and not for our friends and the public have secrets. and our body moisture precumsperm, others may see it. piss by our penis is up to mine so little against my belly runs precum in my pubic hair or along my penis in my scrotum. when my friend called his precum runs in his pubic hair, or it hangs like a the clap of his penis. We use each other's precum as a lubricant, for each other's ass.

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    Re: an encounter with a gay boy.

    Sweet story - thanks for sharing - especially love that there was so much precum between you and your open relationship. Stay well and enjoy life. GH

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