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Thread: Storage Wars

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    Storage Wars

    I honestly can't believe I'm watching this crap... first of all, it's 100% scripted, and the lockers are completely staged.
    How often do you find fantastic historical items, such as magic lanterns and mint condition classic rock posters, amongst cheap furniture, tupperware containers, garbage bags full of worn out clothing, etc...

    But I just can't stop watching. In fact, I watch it to make fun of it!

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    Re: Storage Wars

    I can't watch it or the millions of clones of that show on A&E, Discover and truTV - knowing that it's fake, 100% scripted and that they were sued for it means there's not even a point to me watching to see auctions that can't take place with people that aren't good enough to be part of a regular reality TV show. I'd rather watch the millions of Pawn Star clones... at least Lee Gold isn't (much of) an actor.
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    Re: Storage Wars

    I find it very entertaining, even if it fake its still kinda cool knowing that people DO come up on really cool things once in a while. Like my aunt, that lady is crazy. Her and her husband make a living off of buy old storage crap.....then again it doesn't ALL come from storage. Ugh, I need to learn their secret. I could use the extra cash lol

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