It appears that many people are not aware of - or have forgotten - the posting rules regarding video links.

JustUsBoys encourages its users to share and discuss like-minded interests, but we also appreciate the creative works of those in our industry, and we will not be a party to infringing on their intellectual property rights. Only one single link is allowed per username per thread to downloadable video files. While freely available 'teaser' style clips and Rockettube/XTube type links are generally OK, lengthy video clips are not. If the video file is from a commercial production, then no other links can occur in the same thread from the same video production. Additionally, threads can not cross-link to other threads sharing videos from the same production.
To further clarify this, a link to a short extract from a film would be okay, but not a link to the full version. A link to a teaser clip for a 'standalone' solo/duo scene from a paysite like CorbinFisher, SeanCody, RandyBlue etc would be okay, but a link to the whole scene would NOT be okay.

For members asking for actor or film ID help, a screen capture is as effective as a link in most cases. Numerous tutorials are available on YouTube and the net to assist with posting a screen capture using free software.

Links violating the Video Posting guidelines will be removed without further notification.