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Thread: Beautiful Wolf

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    Beautiful Wolf

    So I've been inactive for almost a year BUT I'm back


    Going to Europe for the summer was something me and Pop had been planning for years. It was always going to be me and Pop, we'd been best friends since practically birth. So when we we're finally on the plane taking us to France we talked the whole way about the trip again, probably for the millionth time since Pop mentioned it when we were about 5.

    "It's finally happening Ryan!" Pop said as the plane took off.

    "Pop you need to calm down its hours till we get there," I chuckled, my voice was deep, I'd heard it on tape but Pops was deeper and huskier, he was the first kid I knew to grow facial hair and now he has designer stubble and I know he's a hairy guy all over (except his back of course).

    "Will you ever stop calling me that?"

    "What? Pop? That's your name!" I tease.

    "My name is Tyler!" he pokes me in the rib and I laugh.

    When we were so young Pop wouldn't stop making a popping noise with his mouth for months and I was convinced Pop was his name for years, so it just stuck.

    "It's cool so shut it," I said.

    When we landed we gathered our bags and left the airport, it was cold. That was the first thing I realised, the drop in temperature from Florida to here. Pop hailed a cab and told the guy (in French) the name of our hotel and we were on our way.

    The hotel room was nice, big, very big actually.*

    "Erm, Ryan..." Pop called.


    "There's only one bed," he said.

    "Shit, what?" we were both tall guys, similar build as we worked out together, the double bed would fit us both but we'd be touching if we shared.

    "I'll take the sofa, you get the bed," Pop said, "but you owe me!"

    "Haha, if you're sure Pop," I smiled and put my bag on the bed.

    "Hey Ry," I turned to see Pop waving condoms at me, "I got plenty if you pull," he winked.*

    Me and Pop are completly different in looks, he has dark hair and I have blonde, his eyes are brown, mine are blue, he has short hair and I have medium length hair. But it doesn't stop these two French girls from coming over to us.*

    The four of us burst into our hotel room. I pull my girl to the bed and we undress eachother as we go. Pop bends his girl over the couch and yanks down her skirt, he pulls his cock out and whacks on a condom. He enters her and starts fucking her hard. Pop is a hard fucker. I'm on my back with the girl on my cock, she's moaning and yelling in French with her eyes closed as she fucks herself on my cock. I watch Pop plow away at the girl, he pulls off his shirt exposing his hairy muscular body, his armpits just hairy and thick. We both cum at the same time. We always do. Without fail.

    The girls skulk out when they realise we don't want to snuggle and I lay back on my bed naked. Pop sits on the bed and pats my thigh by my balls. We're so comfortable being naked around each other I don't even mind when he falls next to me, our faces so close I can feel his breath intwine with mine. Our eyes lock and suddenly it's really quiet. I can feel my heart beating and hear it in my ears. We edge toward eachother a little trying so hard not to make a sound at risk of spooking eachother. We're so close now our noses are touching, we don't break eye contact.*

    The first time out lips touch we both hesitate, this is risky turf one of us could easily pull back saying it was a joke, lips touch again and this time they stay, we kiss for a few seconds and Pop pulls back fast like a deer caught in the headlights. We regard eachother for a minute, I try not to breathe. Pop is on my lips so fast, it's a hard kiss that I try to return, we kiss for ages and it doesn't stop. Pop is the first to open his mouth and I follow his lead by opening mine, our tongues touch lightly, I taste him, he tastes sweeter than I thought he would with the slight taste if tabacco. *I feel Pop put his hand on my thigh and I shiver at his touch, our tongues are dancing in eachothers mouths and I feel Pop drag his hand up squeezing me as he goes. His hand lands on my cock and he gasps, "you're so hard," he whispers, this is the first time someone's spoken and it stabs through the air like a knife. We're silent. He slowly begins to jerk me, I shake at the speed and he kisses my nose, he traces his tongue along my face licking off the sweat, he licks my closed eyes and around my brow, jerking me faster I groan and pull his lips to mine, we kiss so passionately. Pop is so beautiful, I never noticed until now.

    I get on top of him in urgency, "I want you inside me," I tell him, "Pop get the fuck in me now," I say shaking my head. I lean down and we kiss, he puts his hands behind my head and I grab his cock through my legs, "holy fuck," the size of Pops cock surprises me, it's huge and so furry. I kissed his neck and then his chest, the hair feeling rough on my lips, I sucked his nipples and made my way down his body to his cock. I'd never been so close to a cock before, they were much better looking than pussys, I took it in my hand another hands worth leaned out the top.*

    "Just suck it Ryan," Pop said putting his hands behind his head. I licked the tip, it tasted sweet, I hesitated. I put his cock head in my mouth I locked the tip again, this time trailing my tongue around it because I knew that felt amazing. I sucked down on it like girls do and I gagged, I felt Pops hand on the back of my head, he pushed my down more and I gagged hard, coughing on his cock, "breathe babe, relax, through the nose," Pop said, I liked him calling me babe. I relaxed like he said and breathed through my nose, it helped a little and I actually began sucking it. Pop groaned and gripped my hair, "shit Ryan deeper!" he yelled and I took it deeper and gagged hard. "Get up, on your knees," Pop said urgently, I got into a doggy position and Pop traced his hand up my back and down again placing his finger on my ass, "do you shave your ass?" he said.

    "Yeah," I said and he chuckled. He spat on his hand and wiped his saliva on my asshole, I shivered at the wetness as he placed his cockhead on the hole. I'd heard anal hurt but I didn't imagine this pain, I gripped the bed covers tight and clenched my teeth as Pop stretched my asshole with his huge, thick cock. I leant back and kissed him hard, he went faster and I moaned in pain and pleasure.*

    "You're mine," Pop said as his balls slapped against my ass, "who's are you?"

    "Yours Pop," I answered jittery.

    "Fucking hell babe," he said going faster.

    "Cum in me Pop! You're the king!" I yelled.

    "Shit!" Pop yelled, he squeezed my hips and rammed his cock hard inside me, his cock exploded in my ass and just as it did my own cock squirted cum everywhere. We both screamed as we experienced the longest and most intense orgasm ever. We fell next to eachother covered in cum, we kissed and Pop put his arm round me, "guess this makes us gay," he said chuckling again.

    I kissed him again, "guess this makes us a couple?" I asked.

    "Guess it does," Pop smiled, "let's go take a shower," we kissed once more and headed for the bathroom.

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    Re: Beautiful Wolf

    Wow! A

    WOW! A +

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    Re: Beautiful Wolf

    Good start

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