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And it was a fucking embarrassment of a "budget" that would have hurt millions of average Americans and give tax breaks to those who own yachts (like most of those in the House of Representatives).

Unfortunately, that works only for those people who have boats.

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billionaires and corporations who hide it in overseas bank accounts.
Which, in my opinion, should be considered, and prosecuted as, TREASON. This is nothing less than STEALING FROM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. I certainly see it as a form of hatred of the United States.

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If a conservative found the solution for cheap renewable fuel to replace gas, you'd want him strung up and hung.
Yes I would want that conservative hung by the balls from the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, because it's a foregone conclusion that he would not use this new discovery for the betterment of mankind, but would instead sell the patent and the technology to OPEC who would buy it, destroy it, and help assure that petroleum reserves would continue to be exploited and burned with reckless abandon.