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    black guys vs white guys

    So i now have been with two black guys and one white guy. One black guy was just a quick blow job. He was average size. I blew and fucked the white guy twice and he fucked me once. He was by far the longest out of the three. And the other guy is my hook up buddy, he's a good length and really thick. I usually bottom for him but i top from time to time. All guys considered themselves vers tops. But my buddy who fucks me the most was a much better top and the white guy was an unbelievable bottom. I know its all up to the individual, but what races have you noticed personally are the better tops or bottoms

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    Re: black guys vs white guys

    The first time I fucked he was black and more a fem, he was great and I loved him, I met this big white guy, and I bottomed for him I loved being his bottom. It seems most blacks I've met just want BJ's, Whites love to fuck ass, there are exceptions, but these are my experiences.

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