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    When Lance met Kent

    Hi guys, Nick here, but you guys know me as Gregk, the author of Spring Break Newport Edition. I plan on continuing that story but I wanted to take my writing in a new direction, and what better way to do that than with a new story? I hope you guys like this one just as much as you used to like SBNPE 1 & 2. Enjoy!


    I was 26 years old when I finally graduated college. I had put it off for a couple of years to enjoy my newfound—out of high school freedom. In fact, I hadn’t planned on going to college at all at first, I figured I could get some a job anywhere and support myself comfortably. Hey, my dad did it. He didn’t go to college and he had one of the most successful businesses in the tri-state area. After four years of nagging I finally went to Penn State and, at the behest of my mother and grandfather, got a degree in accounting and money management. It wasn’t what I wanted to do, but my parents found it essential if I planned to take over my dad’s business when he retired.

    After graduation I lived at my parent’s home up in Beacon Hill over the summer but late in July I got a call from an accounting firm in the city and they offered me a job. Exactly how, I don’t know because I never applied anywhere, but I was happy to be trying something new and most importantly getting out of my parents’ house.

    So that’s how I got here—sitting in a taxi cab barreling down the interstate on my way into Philadelphia my new city. I was excited, yet nervous. I had put a down payment on the top floor of an old brownstone townhouse sight-unseen. Who knows what I could be walking into right now.

    “Where’d you say this thing was again?” the cab driver asked.

    “Uhm North Pendelton street from what the address on the lease paper says.”

    “House number?”

    “3110” I replied.

    He was holding the steering wheel with his left hand and tapping away at a suspended GPS system.

    “Oh great. We’re only about 5 minutes away, it’s midtown.”

    I turned and looked out the window; it was a rainy day pretty usual for the fall weather. The temperature was starting to drop and I was thankful for the thick sweater I had put on instead of the tank top I had started out wearing earlier this morning. I felt myself swaying involuntarily as the driver rounded a corner. The high-rise buildings we had passed uptown were slowly getting smaller and shorter as they turned into small storefronts, office buildings, and restored townhouses. I scanned door-fronts as the numbers dropped from the 5000s to the 4000s.

    “3110” I said to myself.

    As the driver kept up his steady speed the numbers fell from the 3900s down to the 3700s the house all looked the same the dark brown facades with large red or black doors, with uniform, almost identical windows and matching casements. I had been lying to myself when I said I wasn’t nervous, because I was. Coming to a new city, where the only people I might know were some of my parents stuffy friends was a bit intimidating. A new job, fresh out of college…these were big prospects for me, and the stakes were high. It was either make it or break it from this moment forward.

    “Here we are.” He stepped on the breaks a little too hard and the car made a screeching noise as it halted in front of what I presumed to be my building. I glanced up at the number. It matched the one from the lease documents that my landlord had given me. The place was larger than I thought. It was the length of two of the average brownstone houses I was familiar with; the front was a dark dirty brown. Not the grime buildings get from simply being in the city though but painted as such.

    “How much?” I asked getting out and walking to the passenger seat window.

    He pointed at the meter: “78.67” he said crisply. I dug in my pocket and pulled out my wallet. All I had was 60 bucks and a credit card.

    “I only have 60…will that work?”

    “Will that work? Will that work?” he sounded insulted, but then he stopped as if he was considering. “Better than nothing I guess.” He said snatching the money. He began to pull off.

    “Hey chill!” I have to get my bags. “Pop your trunk.”

    He was grumbling about something as I walked around the back of the car to the now open trunk. There were two duffel bags and carry-on. The rest of my stuff was being driven down by a moving truck.

    “Thanks.” I said slamming down the trunk, but he was already speeding off. “Jerk!” I walked up the stairs, griping the iron railing as I went. I hit the doorbell there was a buzzing inside. A girl appeared from a hallway and opened the door.


    “High I’m the new tenant.”

    “Oh…uhm. Lance right?”

    “Yes, Lance Henderson,” I half-smiled, trying to be polite but all I really wanted to do was get upstairs and see how bad it was going to be.

    “Nice to meet you,” she stepped aside so that I could walk in. “I’m Carol, your landlady. You’ll be on the third floor, right side. There’s a packet of rules and monthly fees on the counter in your kitchen. I’d take you up there myself, but I’m a little busy right now. If you need anything, all ya’ gotta do it ask.”

    “Thanks.” I said walking towards the stairs. There were two doors on either side of the wide hallway. The walls were paneled in green with white moldings and trim. The stairs had an old runner on them. They creaked when I began the ascension. The place felt strangely home-like yet foreign. The second floor landing was decorated in the same way but this time in blue. The door on the left side was open revealing a glimpse into an open room with large windows and multiple couches. I moved on. The third flight of stairs loomed ahead as they stretched up towards the next floor. The dark blue walls were tattered and the wallpaper looked to be peeling the edges. I remembered she told me I was on the right side. I went to my door; the keys were in the hole. I turned the nob. I walked into a large empty room. The wood floors creaked under my sneakers. There was a couch and small table in the middle and a tattered table in a breakfast nook. These items would have to go when my things arrived but they did nicely as I hadn’t thought about what I’d do without furniture for the first couple of days. I had purposely had the bed from my parents’ house sent down early so I’d have a place to sleep, but as for the other furnishings—this aspect had completely slipped my mind. I dropped my duffel bags and began walking around. There was a small hallway with two doors, one off the left and one at the end. I went to the frist one. It was a small empty room with a dirty window. I could use it as an office, or a spare bedroom if I wanted a roommate; I assumed the second door to lead to my bedroom. My bed was already inside—the headboard and footboard were stacked off to the side as if someone had started to assemble it but decided not to finish. I picked up the footboard and swung it around, pushing it onto the connecting pieces, it snapped into the place. I followed suit with the headboard.

    “Hello?” I heard a call from the living area. I walked out.

    “Lance!” my friend April ran up to me.

    “In the flesh.”

    “Oh my god I’m so happy you’re here!”

    “I missed you.” I said releasing her from a hug.

    She shook it delicately. “So you finally made the move huh? How do you like the city?”

    “It’s okay…got a job though.”

    “Oh yeah. Where was it again? Down at….Duncan Accounting?” She asked.


    “Oh, that’s great!”

    “Going on two years, I’m still in school.”

    “Well, it’s nice to see you, I’d love to catch up” she glanced at her phone. “But, I have to be somewhere. I hope you settle in nicely, and I’ll come by later!”

    “See ya.”

    Lisa had been one of my best friends back in high school. She was the first person I had told I was gay. Her brother, James, had been gay as well. So I had no apprehension in telling her. We lost touch after she came here to go to college, but when I found out I’d be living in her building on Facebook, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to rekindle our old friendship. Over the next couple of days I spent the majority of my time arranging my furniture as it arrived sporadically. Most recently I had pushed my couch around different sides of the room six times trying to figure out where I wanted it. Exhausted I plopped down on the arm of the couch.

    “God I’m hungry.” I said to myself. I walked over and checked the fridge. Damn

    There’s got to be some food around here somewhere. I grabbed my wallet and keys and went out into the hallway. I hear footsteps pounding up the stairs. I could see the top of a blond head emerging onto the landing. At first I thought it was April coming up, but I noticed that this was someone far too big to be April, it was a man, a muscular guy. I felt myself staring as he stepped completely onto the landing, he was tall around 6 foot, or just below it. He had shaggy blond hair that half-covered his forehead and stopped before his ears. He was slim, not skinny—nowhere near, but muscular. His arms we slender and cut, just like the shoulders that I would see through his shirt. He had a square jaw line and thick calves.

    Oh my god was he hot. He noticed me.

    “Can I help you?” he asked sounding curious and cocky at the same time.

    “Oh—uh, I’m—hey—“ I stuttered.

    He looked at me expectantly and rolled his eyes. “Can’t you talk?”


    “Whatever man.” He disappeared into the apartment across the hall from mine.

    The whole way to get food and all the way back I couldn’t get that image of the sexy blond guy from across the hall out of my head. As I walked back up the stairs towards my apartment I glanced at his door, there was muffled music coming from behind it. I heard something drop, a muffled curse and then the music took back over. As I searched my pockets to retrieve my keys April bounced up the stairs.

    “Hey Lance!” Perfect timing! I took it as an opportunity to grill her for information about the across-the-hall-hottie.

    “Hey April,” I said with an exaggerated smile.

    “How you settling in?”

    “Apartment has really come together ever since my furniture started arriving. I’m just waiting on a few more pieces of furniture, and we should be good.”

    “Nice.” she said “Well I don’t want to bother you, I was just on my way up to the roof to do some painting. Care to join me?”

    “No thanks.”

    “Well see you later.” She started up the stairs.

    “Uhm-April, wait.”

    “What?” she came back down.

    “Who’s the guy that lives in that apartment?”

    “That one?” she pointed to the one across from mine; the only other one on this floor. No the invisible one I thought to myself.


    “Oh that’s Kent.” She said. “He moved in a little after I did. Nice guy, a little aloof, though.”

    “Is he…? You know.”

    “What? Gay?”

    “Not sure. I worked on him for months when I first moved here, I spent weeks throwing myself in his path. I even let him walk in on my naked, but he didn’t seem interested. There are always girls scurrying from upstairs in the mornings though.”


    “Don’t you go getting any ideas. If I couldn’t get ‘em then you definitely can’t.”

    “Oh really?”


    “Aside from the fact that I want him because he’s just… a total babe. I’m going to prove you wrong.”

    “We’ll see,” she said sarcastically.

    I looked at my watch. “Shit, I’ve gotta get to work. It’s my first day!”

    “Have funnnn.” She dragged out the word as she ascended the stairs to the attics.

    I took a quick shower and changed into a dress shirt and some slacks. I caught a cab uptown to where the office was. I had been there once with my dad to set up an account back in high school so it was weird going from being a customer to an employee. It was a large white brick building with stretching windows and the company name painted on the window. I pushed open the door there was a brown-haired woman sitting at the desk.

    “Duncan Accounting, please hold.” She looked up me. “Can I help you?”

    “Yes—uh, I’m Lance.”

    “Lance Henderson? Well we’ve been expecting you,” she got up from her chair. “Follow me.” We went down a long hall with doors on either side and wedged into a large room filled with cubicles. At the back of that room was another door.

    “Wait here.” She stuck her head in.

    “Mr. Duncan, the new guy is here.”

    There was mumbling, then she motioned for me to come in, she walked back out closing the door behind her.

    I stood before the desk; there was a tall middle-aged man with greying black hair sitting before me.

    “Take a seat, take a seat,” he motioned.

    “So, Mr….?”


    “Mr. Henderson it’s nice to have you on board here at Duncan Accounting. I am, Mr. Duncan, your boss. You’ll be starting as a Junior Assistant accountant, there’s a young man who you’ll be working with, Kemal Punjab, and he’ll get you where you need to be and help you get situated. If you have any questions ask Lynne, my secretary she works up at the desk, or you can come to me. Sound easy enough?”

    I was getting nervous and he could see.

    “You needn’t be scared. If you paid attention half the time in college you’ll do just fine.” He gave me a reassuring smile.

    I didn’t move.

    “You can go.” He laughed and turned back to his computer.

    I went back out into the office area.

    “Lynne?” I asked a blonde lady at a small desk.



    “Lance, yes. Hold on one second and I’ll take your new office,“ she finished tapping something on the computer and turned to me. “Okay, if you just follow me, sweetie.”

    We walked back down the row of cubicles and stopped at the last one, the first ones when you were going the opposite way, towards Mr. Duncan’s office.

    “This is where you’ll be working. Kemal isn’t here right now—I think he’s running late. He’s in the cubicle directly next to you. He can help you, if you have an technical or regulation questions come to me. I’d be more than willing.”

    “Thanks.” I tried to produce a smile.

    “Don’t be nervous!” she said. “The people around here are usually pretty nice...” she emphasized usually. “I think you’ll settle in nicely.”

    I walked into my cubicle and sat down. There was a stack of papers that read “Regulations to be followed at Duncan Accounting” there was only one sentence on one sheet of paper. I thought someone had messed up the printing. It read: Don’t be a dumbass. And what I presumed to be Mr. Duncan’s signature was at the bottom. That made me laugh.

    I heard someone walk in behind me.

    “You the new guy?”

    “Yeah, my name’s Lance.”

    “I’m Kemal, I guess I’m supposed to help you.”

    I had stuck out my hand but he didn’t shake it.

    “Here’s an account. I need you to transfer the money from there to this number file-the access code is on the sticky note.” He dropped them on my desk and walked over to his office, I saw his head disappear as he sat down.

    I remembered doing this in class. I turned on the computer and began setting up the secure flies when I brought up the account by its number it prompted for the access code, after that it was easy going. The light at the bottom of the screen beeped green as the files were transferred and the authorization sent to my superior. Kemal popped up.

    “You did it that fast?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “That was only ten minutes.” He looked at me then turned and sat back down. The rest of the day I didn’t have much work so I surfed the web, checked my Facebook responded to a few emails, and went through my spam box; pretty easy job while making 20 dollars an hour.

    I decided to hit up the gym before I went home. Lifting weights always got my blood flowing and I felt great afterwards. After I had got up from a bench press and was heading towards the showers I saw him, the second time today. Kent was walking out of a stall stark naked all his glory on display for everyone to see. He didn’t see me as he walked to his locker, but I sure saw him and the huge dick of his. It was at least 6 inches flaccid. I ran into the shower to hide the obvious boner through my gym shorts. After I left the gym I decided to walk home, it was right around the corner from my house. On the way I resolved to go up and introduce myself to Kent. How else could I meet him? I doubted he was going to come across the hall with a basket of muffins ‘welcoming me to the neighborhood.’

    I didn’t even stop at my place before I cross the hall to his door. Before I could change my mind, I made myself knock. I heard footsteps and then the door opened.He had on a pair of sweatpants and no shirt his abs gleamed in the light. The pants were pulled down just far enough to reveal the tops of his hips. I looked him up and down.

    “Hey, I’m Lance. I live across the hall.”

    “Finally found your words, huh?” he smiled.

    “Guess so.”

    “I’m Kent.” He stuck out his hand and gripped mine firmly. I could have melted right there.

    “Nice to meet you.”

    April walked down the stairs. “Hey….LANCE.” she looked shocked. Kent and my hands were still gripped together. He looked at her and she tried to make her face look normal. To someone who didn’t know her well it may have worked, but to me. I knew she was hiding an expression.
    By the look in her eyes I also knew something else. It was on.

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    Re: When Lance met Kent

    Hey Greg (Nick) It's always nice to know a real name... I like the beginning of this new story. I can see April and Lance are in for a contest. I wonder if Kent will have any clue as to what they're up to. He seems friendly enough which is just the opposite of Kemal. There may be some office rivalry there. Look forward to more as well as on SBNPE.


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    Re: When Lance met Kent

    Hey Greg, thanks for an interesting start to a new story!

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    Re: When Lance met Kent

    Hey guys, here's part two of the story. I wrote it kind of fast. I'm busy at the moment but I wanted to put out another part. Hope you enjoy!

    Over the next couple of weeks I had been casually attempting to get to know Kent. He seemed to be one of those tough guys that were nice deep down. He was always open for conversation but it remained pretty much superficial for the most part—nothing serious. We talked about football games, politics, and some current events.
    It was on a Friday night after work that all this changed. I had dropped by his place and we were sitting on his couch watching a football game. I was working on downing the rest of the beer he had offered me.
    “So where are you from?” I asked.
    “New Jersey.”
    “Oh really? What part?”
    That sounded faintly familiar.
    “Oh cool.” I always said that when I was at a loss for words.
    “You?” he looked away from the TV.
    “My parents live in Delaware County. About a half hour away from here.”
    “My grandma used to live there.”
    “So what brought you here?”
    “Nothing really. I floated around from city to city working the same job as a physical education instructor in different gyms. When I got here this city just stuck.”
    “How was high school?” I asked, trying to find some inkling that he might be playing for team; he had yet to drop any casual clue.
    I graduated third in my class, played on the varsity football team junior and senior year. Didn’t really like it, but my dad insisted.”
    “I’m sure there were plenty of cute cheerleaders to occupy your attention.” I said.
    He took a swig of his beer.
    “Nah, I was never really into the dating game. “
    My stomach fluttered in excitement.
    “Oh? C’mon. Nice looking guy like you, you’re bound to attract some attention.” Maybe from the same team. I thought to myself.
    “I just never really found someone I clicked with.”
    “I’m sure you will.” I scooted closer. I was about to take a risk, I put my hand on his shoulder.
    He looked around. I could see in his face that he was a bit tipsy.
    “Thanks man,” he said.
    I sat forward, and momentarily our lips smacked clumsily against each other. I could taste the beer on his lips, and I felt the tightness of his mouth. The he pulled away.
    “Whoa—I’m… I’m not gay.”
    “Oh, but the...” I stumbled against my words. I was embarrassed. I felt my face getting red as the fiery humiliation set in across me.
    I sat back. We were face to face. He looked uncomfortable, I felt as if I was about to explode. Why couldn’t I just die right there?
    Just then, the door burst open.
    “Hey Kent! I brought you some…”
    “Oh, hey Lance.” She smirked.
    Kent and I were awkwardly close on the couch.
    “Hey April.” I said remembering the situation. “I was just leaving.” I scrambled up. The alcohol seemed to slow me down and I teetered for a moment before walking to the door.
    I glanced back at Kent who was staring at the wall. He looked as if he hadn’t really moved since that awkward kiss a few moments ago.
    As I passed her she smiled. “Congrats doofus.” And with a laugh continued towards the couch. “I baked some cookies…” I heard her saying as I closed the door.
    FUCK I thought to myself. Three weeks down the drain because I decided to be too forward. There was no way this guy was straight. There had been somewhat of a connection there. I had felt it, no he may need some time, but I knew this wasn’t over.
    A week later, at work I spent most of my morning transferring money between different accounts. That was all I seemed to do lately seeing as Kemal thought himself far too educated and advanced to do minimal tasks like that. He hadn’t been very happy when I had asked him who did it before I started working here, and what exactly made him so high and mighty, after all he was still a junior accountant, and although he had some seniority over the 3 other guys who had just started working there like me he acted as if he was just the best man there and he could do no wrong.
    “Lance!” Kemal strolled in.
    “Kemal.” I sat back in my chair. “What can I help you with?”
    “I need you to transfer those funds for the Van Camps to their new bank account.”
    I glanced at my desk. “Kemal, those are last on my list, I have at least five other accounts to change, and I have to set up three new ones for the Jones corporation.”
    “And I’m telling you to do the Van Camp ones now.” He glanced over the rim of his glasses.
    “Kemal look—“
    “Just do it!” he walked back out.
    I sighed. I was getting tired of him talking to me like I didn’t deserve the common courtesy of the next guy, but I was pretty level-headed guy. So as usual, his verbal abuse rolled off my shoulders. Besides, I had only been working here for almost a month, who was I to fly off the handle. They’d probably take that as an opportunity to fire me, and if I didn’t want to end up crawling back to my parents. I HAD to keep this job.
    I started putting in the access codes to the account when my phone beeped. It was from April I opened up the text message. There was picture of her sitting on a couch, and Kent was in the background. With no shirt on, she had that same snide smirk on her face. The message at the bottom said: better hurry…he’s almost mine!
    After last week, that was the last thing I wanted to see. Not only was I still embarrassed, but Kent and I hadn’t talked since.
    The rest of the day was a blur as I tried to make myself focus, and keep my head as Kemal repeatedly came back to my office to may slick little comments and try to order me around.
    I had to meet my parents for dinner in an hour it was a couple of miles up the road so I decided to walk there. The city was alive as everyone was getting off of work and rushing to dates or trying to get home. The temperature had dropped a little, and I was thankful for the coat I’d grabbed on my way out the door this morning.
    I passed a little followership that I went inside. The smells of all the different flowers and the artificial perfumes hit me hard in the face as I walked inside. I had never been a fan of flowers but by mother loved lilies and since this would be the first time I saw her in almost a month I decided to surprise her. I grabbed a bouquet and took it up to the counter.
    “How much?”
    A small man sitting on a stool looked up. He took me in, raking me over in his eyes.
    “27 dollars.”
    “What? 27 dollars for these?”
    “27 dollars man. It’s a cruel world and we’re all trying’ to get our own here.”
    What an outrageous price for this putrid smelling, pitiful looking flowers, but I swallowed my newly frugal pride and shelled out the money.
    “Have a nice day.” He said sarcastically.
    “Yeah.” Was all I said, but I would have liked to tell him where he could’ve shoved those flowers.
    When I got to the restaurant I assumed my parents were already there. I walked up to the podium,
    “I’m here for the Henderson Dinner. “I said.
    “Oh yes. They’ve been waiting for you.”
    I looked at my watch, it was only a quarter to 6, they were early.
    “Oh Lance!” My mother pulled me into a tight hug. “How are you sweetheart? Are you okay?”
    “Okay? I’m fine.” I said
    “Nice to see ya son.” my dad gave me a gruff handshake.
    I sat down across from them.
    “I’ve been waiting on this all month!” she smiled. “I’ve missed you so much.”
    I smiled. It was nice to see my mom, but it had taken her less than a minute to reestablish her smothering ways, something I had been glad to get away from.
    “How you settling in? Ol’ Duncan treating you right down there?” my dad ushered the conversation on.
    “Yes, it’s an alright job. Kind of boring sometimes, but nothing I can’t handle.”
    “How’s the pay?” my mother butted in “You know we can send you money whenever you need it!”
    “I wish you wouldn’t baby him…” my dad started
    “Mom, I’m fine. I don’t need any money.”
    I was determined to become financially independent, and stay that way. Although it would be nice to have some extra cash, I refuse to rely on them for money.
    The dinner consisted of small talk for the most part. Towards the end was when it got uncomfortable.
    “I ran into James at the supermarket last Friday.” My mom said.
    I felt my stomach tighten up a bit.
    “Yes, such a nice boy. I always liked him you know.”
    “Helen—“ my dad started.
    “Have you talked you him lately?” she interrupted and carried on.
    “No, it’s been almost a year.”
    “Why is that? Is your relationship really so damaged that there is no chance of getting back together?”
    “Mom I don’t want to talk about this.”
    “Lance I’m just concerned.”
    “Concerned about what? The boy is fine!” my dad smiled reassuringly as he tried to diffuse my mother.
    The waitress walked up and dropped off the check. My dad reached for it, but I snatched it away.
    “Let me. I got it.” I said reaching for my wallet.
    “No, son we’ve got this one.”
    “I insist.” I said firmly.
    “Lance it’s no problem.”
    I slipped my credit card into the little leather folder and passed it to the waitress as she walked back by.
    “Too late, I guess.” I smirked.
    “Thank you sweetheart. Oh Burt, if we’re going to meet John and Phyllis we’ll have to leave now.”
    I looked at my watch. 9:00. I couldn’t believe I had sat here talking to my parents for three hours. It only felt like 5 minutes.
    My mom stood up, and I got up. She walked around the table and hugged me, planting a sticky lip-stick-ridden kiss on my cheek.
    “Bye darling. I’ll be seeing you very soon. I still haven’t seen the apartment.”
    “Come by anytime.” I said turning to my dad and shaking his hand. His grip was firm and tight.
    I walked them out to the street where I caught a cab home.
    As I climbed the stairs up to the third floor, I felt an unusual compulsion to go knock on Kent’s door. But what would I say? I had no business talking to him. I continued on into my apartment. I was laid out on the couch. There news was on they were still talking about that horrific plan crash from last week. 201 people dead, it was awful. I ragged my arm around in search of the remote I couldn’t bear to hear this depressing news coverage much longer. I flipped through the channels. Family Guy reruns, George Lopez.
    Ooh, Real Housewives of New Jersey. I had a thing for reality TV. There were so outrageous it’s just like how can you not enjoy it? Theresa, the shows’ highlight was going on about something someone had done to offend her. What’s new? I fell right into it, absorbing the drama.
    At about 11:00 there was a knock at my door. The two glasses of wine I had had were causng me to drift off into a delightful sleep on my couch as people were screaming on the tv.
    “What do you want?” I yelled from the couch, assuming it was April.
    The knocking continued.
    “Dammit April, I’m gonna…” I swung the door open, and as greeted by a looming Kent, he was a little taller than me and sort of looked at a downward angle to meet my eyes.
    “Uhm, Hi Kent.”
    “What can I do for you?” There are a lot of things I could for you. I thought.
    “Can I come in?”
    I stepped aside and he walked in.
    He had on a tank top and sweatpants; His shaggy blond hair was sort of messy as if he just rolled out of the bed.
    We walked into the kitchen, which was immediately left of the door.
    “So what’s up?” I asked.
    “Well, about last week—“
    I felt a feeling of dread. I wasn’t ready to talk about this; I was still reeling from the embarrassment of the situation.
    “Look Kent. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. I just assumed…”
    “That’s the thing.” He said. “You assumed right.”
    Before I could say anything else he leaned forward and kissed me. Not the drunk, sloppy kiss we had had last week on his couch, but an interested, tense, wanting kiss. I kissed him back, letting his tongue push into my mouth and explore. I let out an involuntary sigh and pulled away. Our eyes met; his green to my blue. We stared deep into each other’s’ eyes. Then I grabbed is head and pulled him back into another kiss.

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    Re: When Lance met Kent

    I'm liking Kent... he probably realized Lance was much nicer than What an great ending to a otherwise miserable day. Take care of business and get back to us when you can, Nick. We'll be here waiting.


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    Re: When Lance met Kent

    Interesting story so far.

    Loved the ending of part 2

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