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    Re: Oh My God It's Back

    Quote Originally Posted by Axxess View Post
    You can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped.

    Well, that’s not at all true.

    There’s a wise old saying that goes something like “You’d attract more butterflies if you’d stop using all of the honey to make mead just to end up being an old sourpuss.”

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    Re: Oh My God It's Back

    I don't think that many of would disagree that Medusa is like a whetstone against which we sharpen our swords in order to counter the kind of dark and stupid homophobia that she espouses.

    The question is....why is this considered entertaining? Why should it be necessary on a homo forum? It is abundantly clear that Medusa's purpose for being here is not to get educated or to receive guidance....Medusa is here to grind an axe of her own. Along the way, she is not entitled to make any single homo on this site feel inferior or obliged somehow to defend themselves and their sexuality against her barrage of poorly worded and illogical attacks.

    I know that we have a few posters here who like her because she makes things 'exciting'. Or because she provides a different 'point of view'. Or, apparently...that she pisses off some of the people they don't like. Great. As long as she can present a clear and cogent argument and can accept the heat in the kitchen...bring it on.

    We've already apparently lost two decent posters on JUB who don't like the atmosphere that she creates here; they come to JUB expecting it to be a positive and supportive environment....not some place where they have to argue about their own self-worth or where they see a whole bunch of other people having to argue in thread after thread with some ostensibly fierce homo hating woman.

    As I said. She will now be my special buddy here. I will make sure that I read whatever she posts and present a thoughtful and well considered response to every point that she makes that is presented as a challenge to us.

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    Re: Oh My God It's Back

    Quote Originally Posted by xbuzzerx View Post
    Can you understand people not wanting to log into a gay website to see that the top thread is someone spewing hate of gay people every other day or so?
    Actually, I was a member at a nudist forum where the most indulged and politely addressed contributor was a self-confessed gymnophobe who took a perverse pleasure in getting nude events shut down by complaining. Even to the point where he'd phone the city council in cities hundreds of kilometers away from where he lived to protest and get the events banned, all because "we should think of the children," and him.

    Cracking good fun, it was. He never how much the piss was taken from him. It was beautiful.


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