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Thread: Ryan's Secret

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    Ryan's Secret


    BY Thom Wolf

    Part One

    Ryan James arrived home from the gym after eight. He was hot – his body still damp with sweat – and horny. Michelle, his fiancée, wasn’t due off shift until ten. Perfect. It gave him just enough time to do what he loved best.

    Hurrying to the bedroom, Ryan powered up his laptop. As the computer booted, he peeled off his gym kit: shoes, jogging shorts and T-shirt; everything except his jockstrap. He ran a hand across his bare arse. He loved how his cheeks felt in the jock; naked but contained; the straps dug into his flesh and heightened every sensation. He turned to catch a sight of his butt in the wardrobe mirror. Firmly muscled and smooth with flawless white skin. The hours he spent in the gym were definitely paying off. It was almost perfect. Almost.

    There was only one arse he knew which was truly perfect. A magnificent example of man butt. However hard he worked, his own butt would never be that fine.

    Ryan retrieved the USB stick from its hiding place in his sock drawer and connected it to the laptop. Lying on top of the double bed, he stroked the taut muscle of his abdomen while the computer read the stick.

    It was dark beyond the bedroom window. The blinds were closed and he had the house to himself for at least an hour. He was starving, having gone to the gym straight from work, but dinner could wait. His cock was already stirring inside the white pouch of his jock and he had bigger urges to satisfy than hunger.

    Ryan had an addiction which had to be fed.

    He scrolled through the folders on the USB until he found what he was looking for: a folder titled ALFIE GARCIA. With his heartbeat rising he clicked into the folder. There were six video files inside. Movie clips and photos downloaded from a variety of websites; Blacks on White Guyz, Daddys Boyz, That's Gotta Hurt. The sites Michelle didn't know he visited. The sites he kept a secret credit card for so he could pay the subscription fees without her finding out. The sites where Alfie Garcia appeared.

    Ryan moved the cursor over his favourite clip and double clicked. It was a half hour scene from the website That's Gotta Hurt called Butthole Smash. As the video loaded he stroked his balls through the jock, felt them lift and tightened. Just the thought of the video turned him on, before it even started.

    The clip began in an open plan living room and kitchen in America. The kind he'd seen in a hundred other videos. A good looking black model addressed the audience, talking direct to camera and the producer who stood behind it. It was pretty fake and poorly acted; a variation on the theme of a horse hung gay guy picking up a down on his luck straight boy to see how far he would go for money. In Butthole Smash Alfie Garcia was the wide eyed straight.

    Ryan skipped through the talky and awkward set up, eager to get to the most important part: Alfie. He resumed the clip when the camera turned to reveal its handsome guest star. He caught his breath and his heart beat a little faster. Alfie always had this effect on him.

    "You beautiful bastard," he murmured to the man on screen.

    Alfie Garcia was an English based porn star of Greek origin. He had thick ebony hair, lush brown eyes and an olive skinned complexion. He had the body of a disciplined dancer; lean and well-muscled with a thick Mediterranean dick and a perfect arse. The perfect arse.

    Ryan didn't understand the feelings Alfie aroused in him. He considered himself straight, though he’d always been a little bit curious about other men; checking out their bodies at the gym, occasionally surfing a couple of gay sites as well as his favourite straight porn. But there was something about Alfie, who he discovered quite by accident while surfing the galleries, that aroused him in a way no man had ever done before.

    Those first images of Alfie got him harder than any of the huge titted babes he was used to watching. Seeing Alfie, on his back with a massive dick shoved up his perfect arse, inflamed every sense. Ryan had never wanted to fuck another man as much as he did looking at those pictures. He returned to the gallery again and again, to the exclusion of all his favourite straight porn, and soon began to search for more content on Alfie. He didn't have to look far. Alfie Garcia he quickly learned, had been a major porn player in in both Europe and America for the best part of decade. He even had an official website which led Ryan to more of his work.

    He saved the best stuff to the USB stick and was careful to delete his internet history after every session. Michelle had never challenged him outright about what he watched online, but she had passed a couple of comments that let Ryan know she suspected something.

    On the video before him, Alfie sucked the massive head of the black guys cock, attempting to cram the shaft into his mouth. Things were getting interesting. Ryan lay back against the pillows and tugged his dick out the side his jock. He couldn't complete with the beast on screen but he still had a decent piece to boast about. Enough to satisfy a guy like Alfie, he was certain. Ryan squeezed precome to the tip and smeared it around his uncircumcised head. His stomach muscles shuddered. Damn, that did feel good. He wrapped his hand around the head and imagined the tight, wetness was Alfie's mouth.

    No way was he gay, Ryan told himself. Having the hots for just one guy didn't make him a homo. It was a man-crush, nothing more. Harmless fun. He imaged loads of straight guys were into this, they just didn't talk about it, that was all. Besides, as long as nobody knew ...

    Alfie was bent over the edge of a sofa now, revealing his delectable arse. Ryan's squeezed his cock tighter, excited by the big round cheeks on screen, by their size and muscle; their smooth skin, a few shades lighter than the rest of his body: perfection. The black guy held his cheeks apart with one hand, while slapping the moist head of his cock against then. Wide smacks to begin with before moving towards the crack. Unlike most of the men Ryan saw in these flicks, Alfie didn't shave his crack. Soft brown hair curled around the puckered opening. So natural. So different from a woman. The shot of his arsehole was so clear and vivid, Ryan was right there. If he concentrated hard enough, he could smell it: hot and spicy.

    As the black guy swirled his tongue around the opening, Ryan wondered how it tasted. He was used to going down on Michelle but surely a guy would taste different. He slipped his left hand between his thighs, reaching behind to probe his own buttocks. His hairy crack – just like Alfie's – was slick with gym sweat. He ran his fingers up and down the cleft, pressed against the hole, before bringing them to his face. He sniffed and tasted. Mmmm, that was different!

    How amazing it would be to bury his face between Alfie's cheeks, just like the guy was doing in the film. To feel the pressure of his arse against his face. To inhale him and taste him.

    Ryan's dick was harder than ever.

    The fucking began. Alfie's arse, still bent across the arm of the sofa, was stuffed with big black dick. Ryan couldn't imagine how much that must hurt, but Alfie took it without complaint. When the camera momentarily left his arse to focus on his face, his eyes were closed in concentration, his lips parted in desire. Beads of sweat glistened on his forehead and he looked like his was deep in ecstasy.

    Yeah, Alfie take that cock. You love it!

    Ryan worked his cock with increased effort and concentration. He matched the stroke of his hand to the black dick sliding in and out of Alfie's greasy hole. He widened his legs, curled his toes. It felt so great but his eyes never left the computer screen. Harder and faster the black top gave it to Alfie. Sweat glistened on both their bodies. It was the most exciting sight Ryan had seen; beating every other porno he knew.

    His right hand flew over his erection while his left slipped beneath his balls, pressing into his perineum. His girlfriend was the farthest thing from his mind. He was consumed by the hot, hard action of man on man sex.

    Ryan delayed his orgasm until the very end, stopping himself on the edge of coming several times. He had to make it to the climax of the scene. When the black man withdrew from his arse, and Alfie rolled off the sofa onto his knees in front of him, Ryan stroked harder and faster. This was it. His favourite part. The black guy came like a geyser, splattering Alfie's handsome face with spurt after spurt of thick white come. Alfie opened his mouth and the next jet landed right on his tongue. Holy shit!

    Ryan covered the contours of his belly with his own hot, milky load.

    He lay in a sticky mess until the scene was over. The black guy stroked Alfie's face, gathered his come upon his fingers and fed it to the greedy bottom. Alfie sucked and slurped until there was no remaining traces of semen.

    Ryan regarded the cooling puddle of sperm on his abdomen. He trailed his fingers in the fluid and brought then tentatively to his mouth. The taste was strong and bitter. Horrible! Did other guys loads taste better than his own?

    He cleaned up with tissues and shut down the movie. Hiding the USB back in the sock drawer, he headed for the bathroom.

    A quick shower and change of clothes, then he would hit the kitchen and prepare a good supper for his fiancée’s return from work.

    To be continued

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    Re: Ryan's Secret

    Great beginning,Thom!

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    Re: Ryan's Secret

    Hi guys. Here is part 2 of Ryan's Secret together with a link to download a free e-book version.

    Ryan's Secret: Part Two

    Alfie Garcia performed in an erotic revue called The Sex Cabaret. Live on stage he had hot and sweaty sex with other men. Ryan read about it on his website. The show promised a spectacular evening of song, dance and sex, performed live each night before a wild crowd. Ryan searched the net for footage of the show but there was none to find. Whatever went down at this Sex Cabaret there were no amateur photos or video footage recorded on mobile phones to evidence it.

    He was curious. For weeks now the clips he downloaded of Alfie had been enough to satisfy him. His interest in gay porn had broadened and he started to seek out the work of other actors and models. But he always came back to Alfie. None of the others turned him on in quite the same way.

    Reading forum posts about his favourite star, he began hear more and more about the mysterious Sex Cabaret. Those who had seen it claimed it was the hottest night of their lives. But no one would discuss it with any real detail in the public domain. It was a like some secret club. The cabaret didn't even advertise where and when they were performing. If you wanted to see it you had to be in the know.

    Information was scare. The cabaret performed mainly in the UK, though they also did shows across Europe. There was a place in Durham where they had a weekly residency, a venue called The Viaduct, though they also did gigs in London, Birmingham and Blackpool. The difficulty was finding out when and where. Ryan's infatuation with Alfie Garcia had gone beyond a man-crush.

    He had to see this show. One of the most frequent contributors to the Alfie Garcia fan forum was a user called BadManNick. BadManNick wrote with some authority on the career of Alfie. He posted some of the rarest photographs and movies clips of the object of Ryan's obsession. Nick even claimed to have fucked Alfie once, in a gang bang scene for a German film company. Though he wasn't one of the featured players in the film, Nick said he made up the numbers in a scene which required Alfie to be shared around the tops during a debauched Roman orgy. Nick's face didn't make to the final cut, though he claimed it was his gargantuan cock ploughing Alfie's sweet arse at the 42 minute point of the movie. Ryan treated Nick's boast with some skepticism though most of the other forum regulars took it as truth.

    "What was he like?" Ryan asked in a private e-mail correspondence.

    "Best hole I ever fucked," Nick replied. "We'd been shooting the scene for most of the day and he must have taken seven or eight other dicks before I got my turn, but his hole was as tight as any virgin, even after all that."

    "What about The Sex Cabaret? Ever seen it?"

    "Of course I have," was his reply. "I saw it in Durham, London and Barcelona. The guys in the show are pretty damn hot. They would be the stars of any other production, but not when they share a stage with Alfie. Alfie is the top draw of The Sex Cabaret."
    Ryan maintained a regular correspondence with Nick in the following weeks. BadManNick he discovered was actually Nick Badham, a forty three year old recruitment consultant in Manchester. In the photographs he sent, Nick was the picture of a handsome and successful businessman, with his neat haircut and angular features he was perfect husband material for any lady -- when he was dressed. But beneath the snappy clothes, Nick had a body that was made for sex -- nasty sex. Muscled, pierced and tattooed, he took great pleasure in himself and sent Ryan at least two new naked photos each week. The pictures turned him on, but not in the same way as Alfie. They didn't inflame him like the sexy Greek did.

    * * *

    Ryan's wedding to Michelle was due to take place in October. The church and venue for the reception were booked. Michelle had been fitted for her dress and the invitations were sent. In less than two months he would be a married man. Ryan made a promise to himself for the sake of his new bride: he was going to get over the infatuation he had with Alfie Garcia. By the time of the wedding he intended to erase his precious USB stick, delete his membership from the gay sites and forget all about sex between men. He would be a married man with a beautiful wife and a future ahead of him that did not include gay porn and secrets.

    Alfie would be the hardest habit to quit, but he was determined to get through it.

    Nick Badham contacted him again six weeks before the wedding. "If you're so intent on turning over a new leaf after the wedding you need to do something to get Alfie out of your system. Man, you need to scratch that itch."

    "What do you suggest?"

    "You have to see the show. You need to go to The Sex Cabaret."

    "How am I going to do that? I don't even know when or where the damn thing plays."

    "I'll arrange it," Nick told him. "It'll be a wedding present, from me to you. Think of it as your stag party. You're last night of freedom."

    Ryan's mind raced; images of Alfie and Michelle tumbled through his thoughts in a kaleidoscope of confusion. Could he really go through with it? Could he take his deepest fantasy beyond the internet into reality? Right now they were safe in his head, contained. Going to the show represented a massive shift. Was he even ready for it?

    Come on Ryan, it's The Sex Cabaret! It's what you've been waiting for.

    Alfie Garcia live on stage. When would he ever get a chance like that again? Never.

    "Alright," he told Nick. "When?"

    "Leave it to me. I have favours to call in, plans to make. It'll be worth it my friend. You have to see this show."

    With the decision made, Ryan found it hard to sleep. When he did fall off, his dreams were filled with Alfie; naked, hard, at his most erotic. He imagined them together, not just fucking, but spending time with each other, eating, talking, walking. Just like a real couple.

    Shit, he thought, waking from another dream, damp with sweat and sporting a furious hard on; this is starting to feel pretty gay!

    But despite his reservations he checked his e-mail several times a day. Waiting for a message from Nick, desperate to know if they were still going ahead.

    One night, in bed with Michelle, while she was sucking his balls, he said, "Can you go a little lower?"


    "Lower," he said, pushing gently on the top of her head. "Lick my arsehole."

    "What? You've never asked me to do that before."

    "Please," he urged. "I just want to know what it feels like."

    "In your dreams," she said curtly and resumed sucking his cock.

    The message from Nick finally arrived, three weeks before the wedding date. "I've got the tickets. But it's in Edinburgh. The best I can do. We'll have to stay overnight. Can you get away?"

    It wouldn't be easy. Ryan had a steady job in a factory, nothing he could use convincingly as a reason to go on a business trip. All of his friends and relatives lived nearby and the real stag party was taking place in Birmingham the week before the wedding. Nick had tickets to the cabaret for the following Wednesday night.

    He checked Michelle's diary. She had two days off that week, Tuesday and Wednesday, which gave him an idea. He booked a luxury break for Michelle and two of her brides maids at a country hotel and spa. "My treat," he told her. "You can enjoy yourself. Take time out from the preparations to relax and pamper yourself."

    Michelle was delighted.

    He called Nick to confirm. "I'm all set. Bring it on."

    * * *

    One hour after Michelle left on her spa break, Ryan caught the mid-morning train to Edinburgh. This was it, finally he was going through with it. A one-time only deal, visiting a gay sex show, before he settled down to a life of marriage, kids and abstinence from all things queer. He experienced a few twinges of guilt as the train headed north, but nothing to deter him. He was doing this for the benefit of his wife and their future. Surely it was better to get it out of his system now than have it festering away after the wedding.

    Who knew what might happen if he didn’t do this!

    He arrived in the ancient city after lunch and had no idea what to expect. Nick made all the arrangements. The only instruction he had been given was to meet him at the station. Edinburgh Railway Station is small and very busy. Nick's instructions were clear: wait out front until I come for you.

    Ryan waited. The air around the entrance was think with smoke, as people rushed out of the station, deprived of nicotine for the duration of their journeys and immediately sparked their cigarettes. He looked around anxiously, searching for a familiar face.

    He recognised Nick straight away. The photo's he shared online did not do him justice. With his short, sandy coloured hair, strong features and intensely deep eyes, he was attractive in a way the camera could never capture. His square jaw bore a day’s worth of stubble and as he approached, extending a massive hand, he stood a good five inches taller than Ryan. His aftershave was strong and very masculine.

    "There’s no mistaking you my friend," he said with a light Geordie accent.

    "Nor you," Ryan smiled, accepting the handshake. As their palms touched he felt a thrill surge along his wrist, up his arm and all through his body until it focused on his cock, which grew hard instantly. What the fuck is this? he wondered. He had never reacted this instantly around a woman before, never mind a man.

    Nick studied him for a moment with those penetrating eyes. "I was half expecting you not to show up. But now that you're here I can see you're into this all the way." He picked up Ryan's overnight case. "Come on, the hotel isn't far. We can walk. It's a nice afternoon."

    Princess Street was swarming with people as they came out of the station and turned left. Nick walked with a determined purpose and the crowds seemed to part before him. Ryan hurried to keep up. As they walked he scrutinized his companion. Nick was massive. Much bigger – broader and solid – than he expected. Blue jeans struggled to contain the powerful muscle of his thighs and mighty arse. A navy T-shirt molded to the contours of his shoulders and chest. His nipples were hard and erect. There was something quite scary about him. Scary and hot!

    "What time is the cabaret?"

    "Not until eleven," Nick said. "We'll have plenty time to get to know each other before then."

    Nick had booked a room at the Hilton. The hotel stood at the far end of Princess Street, beneath the imposing shadow of the historic castle. Ryan followed him through the grand reception, past the elevators, towards the huge sweeping staircase.

    "I always take the stairs," Nick informed him. "It's the simplest form of exercise besides walking." He stalked ahead, giving Ryan a fine view of his mega-arse as he followed.

    Ryan hadn't asked if they had separate rooms. Part of him would be relieved if they did, but another part secreted hoped they were sharing. What the fuck for? He didn't know the answer. He wasn't gay, so why was he suddenly behaving like he was. Checking out another man's butt, hoping they were going to bunk up together!

    He had made the trip this far. Surely it was only right that he see it to the end.

    Nick lead the way to the third floor and down a carpeted corridor. It was plush and fancy. Reaching the end he slipped his key card into the door and gestured for Ryan to follow. "I booked us a suite," he said. "Seeing as this is your last real day of freedom, I thought you should go out in style."

    Ryan nodded. He didn't trust himself to speak. So they were sharing after all. And although it was a suite, there was only one bed -- a king sized double. There was a sofa in the living room but it was too small and looked too uncomfortable for either of them to sleep on. The rooms were large with high ceilings and heavy curtains. Through the window they had an unrestricted view of the castle.

    Michelle would love this, he thought. It was probably a whole lot swishier than the hotel they had booked for their honeymoon.

    His face burned with shame and for the first time, he felt guilty.

    "You look a little nervous," Nick said, locking the door to the suite.

    Ryan felt his legs trembling. The reality of what he was doing – what was going to happen – finally dawned on him. It didn’t feel like such a good idea anymore.

    Nick's body looked so much bigger within the confinement of four walls. His clothes could barely contain the expansiveness of his muscles. Ryan made out the contours of his six pack beneath the dark cotton T-shirt. And lower -- Holy shit -- the bulge that strained against his jeans was enormous.

    And he was coming closer.

    "I've never done anything with another man," Ryan blurted. "Nothing. Not even fooling around."

    Nick's mouth was set in a firm line. Intense eyes bore into him. "You've watched plenty porn. Seen what guys do together. I doubt anything will come as a shock to you."

    "But ... but..."

    "But you didn't come all this way for nothing, did you Ryan?"

    Nick was so close he could feel the heat of his body. He could even smell the natural scent of his skin beneath the odour of aftershave. His shadow fell across Ryan's face.

    Two hands circled Ryan's waist, drawing him closer. His insides twisted. Nick's face moved nearer. His warm breath touched his face.

    "You're not frightened are you?"

    Ryan swallowed, shook his head.

    "And you want this?"

    Stillness filled the room until at last, he nodded.

    Nick smiled. "Good boy. Before you see the show tonight, I think it will do you good to get a little loosened up."

    Nick raised the hem of Ryan's T-shirt and drew it over his torso. He responded instinctively, raising his arms above his head so the T-shirt could be removed completely. He shivered, though the room wasn't cold, and gooseflesh broke across his skin. Nick's eyes surveyed his body and the corners of his mouth twitched with approval. His hands slid around Ryan's waist, one rested in the small of the back, the other grabbed his arse, and he pulled his body against him. His lips came down on Ryan's and his tongue was inside his mouth before he could react.

    It was so much harder, rougher than anything he was used to. The graze of another man's face was unlike anything he had felt with a woman. But his body reacted to that strangeness. His mouth yielded to the kiss and his hands moved around Nick's torso, feeling the hardness and strength of his muscle. He could feel the persistent throb of Nick's cock upon his hips and he pressed against it, grinding his own hard on into the bulge.

    I'm making out with another guy, his mind cried, and I like it.

    Nick had both hands on his arse, lifting him against his body. Ryan marveled at his strength.

    "You're taking to this like a natural," Nick murmured against his lips. "Let's see what other natural gifts you have."

    He urged Ryan down and he responded willingly. Nick unfastened his jeans, reached inside and hauled out the biggest dick he had ever seen. Beside porno flicks, Ryan had never seen a hard cock other than his own. This was massive. So hard. So much girth. He stared at it in owe, unsure what to do.

    It twitched, inches from his face. He gazed at the network of veins which throbbed beneath the skin, and at the pink sticky head poking through the hood of foreskin. Dear God – it was amazing.

    "Don't be frightened," Nick said. "It's not gonna hurt you."

    Slowly, tentatively Ryan wrapped his hand around the shaft. His fingers didn't reach all the way. Just relax, he told himself, breathing deeply. Alfie Garcia handles dicks like this every single day. If Alfie can do it, so can you.

    Ryan closed his eyes, opened his mouth and leaned in.

    It was warm and wet and hard and so so big. So different from going down on a girl. The taste from the end was salty -- precome? All he'd ever tasted was his own, but this was different. This was better. He opened his mouth wider and took all of the head inside.

    "That's it," Nick drawled. "That's a good boy. You do it well. I can't even feel your teeth."

    Slowly gaining in confidence, he swirled his tongue around the head, the way Michelle always did to him. He took Nick's smoothly shaven balls in his hand and gave them a squeeze; loving how the cock reacted, swelling even harder in his mouth.

    This dick has been inside Alfie Garcia and now it's in my mouth. The idea enthused him and he renewed his efforts; sucking, licking, swirling around the head.

    "Do you like having my cock in your mouth?" Nick asked.

    Through a jaw full of meat he mumbled an affirmative.

    "Good, how'd you like to try it in your arse?"

    Ryan withdrew, wiping his mouth against the back of his hand. He gazed at Nick. "I'm not sure I could. It's so big and my hole is so small. It's too much."

    Nick ran a thumb along his cheekbone. "You'll be surprised just what your little hole is capable of." He put his hands under Ryan's arms and raised him to his feet. "You've seen what Alfie can do with his hole. You can do the same. Let me take a look at you. I know a way to make that ring of yours relax."

    Nick guided him towards the bed and unbuckled him. Hauling down his jeans, his cock jutted forward, fully hard. Naked, Ryan lay face down, his legs hanging over the edge, butt perfectly positioned.

    "Oh yes," Nick said, spreading his cheeks. "That's a mighty fine hole. Nice and hairy, just like a man should be."

    Ryan jolted at the sudden shock of Nick's tongue touching his most private place. This was the thing he'd been most curious about. He'd seen it done in plenty of films, but none of his girlfriends ever wanted to go there, and he'd been afraid to ask too often, in case they started to doubt him. But this, this was incredible. Warm and wet, Nick swirled his tongue around the hole. The sensation was sublime. The most intense and pleasurable tickle.

    Ryan gripped the bed cover. "Oh God. That feels amazing."

    "Mmmm," Nick mumbled into his arse.

    Now he was probing the opening with the tip of his tongue.

    The pleasure was so intense, so exquisite, he wasn't sure he could take it for long. This was better than any blow job.

    "You're a natural boy," Nick said softly.

    Ryan's arsehole opened slowly. There was something inside him! Was that a finger?

    "What are you doing?"

    "Just getting you loosened up a little. Relax and enjoy it." Nick's finger probed deeper into his arse. "I'm gonna enjoy popping this beautiful cherry."

    Ryan pressed his face into the bed, surrendering to the expert. He was enjoying it. He couldn't deny it. It was his first time with a man, it would probably be his last, but damn if felt good; giving himself over to the strength and dominance of another man.

    "I want it," he groaned.

    "What do you want?" Nick's finger slipped in and out of him with fluid ease.

    "I want you to fuck me. I want your cock in my arse."

    Nick gave him a gentle slap. "Don't worry. You're going to get it."

    Ryan lay in that position, arse over the edge of the bed, while Nick undressed and opened his suitcase. He returned to the bed with a bottle of lube. The thick gel was cold when he applied it to Ryan's hole but it quickly warmed up as his body responded and Nick fingered it deep into his rectum. Ryan tightened his hole, enjoying the wet, sticky sensation.

    Nick squeezed another blob of lube into his palm and spread it all over his cock. "Lie still," he said, slowly rubbing his cock up and down the length of Ryan's crack. "I'll be very gentle with you. To begin with anyway."

    Ryan didn't care if it hurt. Not anymore. He just wanted to be fucked. Whether it meant he was gay or not, it didn't matter. He just wanted Nick's cock inside him. "I'm ready."

    Nick pressed the sticky head of his cock again his hole.

    This is it. No going back.

    Ryan breathed deeply as the pressure against his anus increased. It stretched and unfurled, wider, wider, and then suddenly it gave in and he felt the first fat inch of dick enter. There was no pain. Only the strangest, most wonderful feeling of fulfillment. Nick pushed deeper, sliding more of his cock through the opened, filling him inside. Ryan felt Nick's hips press against his butt. His cock was inside all the way.

    Nick lay down on him, heavy on his back, pushing him deeper into the bed. They entwined their hands and lay very still. Giving Ryan's body time to adjust, to get used to the massive invasion of his arse.

    "Feel good?" Nick murmured, running his tongue along Ryan's ear.

    "Amazing." He tightened his sphincter, savouring the feeling, wanting every inch.

    Nick slowly began to rock his hips, moving the beast inside. Ryan reached behind, putting his hands on Nick's arse, pulling him fully into him. Fucking hell; this was better than any sex he'd had. Ever! Why hadn't anyone told him it felt this great? Why hadn't he tried it before?

    Nick fucked him harder and he responded willingly. They moved across the bed. Nick hauled him onto his hands and knees and drove it into him from behind. This is what it's all about. This is what he'd been missing. He thought about Alfie Garcia, a man who earned his living getting fucked. Just like this. What a job that must be.

    Nick withdrew, flipped him onto his back, raised his ankles onto his shoulders and entered him again. Ryan loved the friction of that hard shaft grazing the tender walls of his arse. His own cock slapped against his belly with the momentum, beating a sticky trail of precome across his skin.

    "Stroke your dick," Nick instructed. "I want to see you come while I fuck you."

    Ryan obeyed. He took hold of his cock, hard and wet; more sensitive than he'd known it. He began to jerk. It didn't take much until the contractions began deep inside him. With Nick's cock thrusting away, every sensation was heightened. He felt his orgasm begin but it seemed to last for the longest age. He could hardly stand the pleasure when he finally began to gush, flooding his stomach and chest.

    Nick pulled out of him suddenly and Ryan could hardly believe it when his dick began spurting. He directed the full force across Ryan's belly, adding his own massive load to the gooey white puddle.

    "Oh God, that was fantastic," Ryan cried as Nick slumped on the bed beside him.

    "You sure you've never been fucked before? You took that like you've been riding dick most of your life."

    "No, that was my first time."

    "And your last?"

    Ryan trailed his fingers through the cooling mess of come. He glanced at the clock. It was almost four. There were hours remaining until they saw The Sex Cabaret. He couldn't think of any better way to pass the time.

    "No," he said, rolling towards Nick. "It won't be my last."


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    Re: Ryan's Secret

    Hawtt, Thom!

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    Re: Ryan's Secret

    Hey guys, just a quick update to let you know the FREE ebook is available to download now in all major formats right here:

    Thanks and enjoy.

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