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    Re: I'm pretty sure I have bipolar disorder; seeing a psych about it

    The danger of self analysis is that you may unconsciously alter your behavior to conform to your diagnosis. We all have mood swings, are you exaggerating yours to conform to your diagnosis? By all means seek professional help, but even there the danger exists that you will unconsciously try to influence his decision. "Doctor, I have wild mood swings, etc."
    I suggest that before seeing the doctor you attempt to control they symptoms. Avoid mood wings, snap decisions. etc.
    It is not unlike the danger of self diagnosis of physical ailments. If you convince yourself that you have a brain tumor, you are likely to feel pains as you imagine it growing in your skull. etc.
    I think that your frequent masturbation my also influence your mood swings, as is alters your hormonal balance. Take a look at the "Guilt after masturbation" thread in this forum. Are you going to tell the Dr about your masturbation?

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    Re: I'm pretty sure I have bipolar disorder; seeing a psych about it

    Your psychiatrist will ultimately be the one to finalize the diagnosis but the thing that doesn't fit is the speed and the broad range of the emotion. There are exceptions but bipolar disorders tend to have longer periods of depression and mania. It's not typically something that varies from day to day (if it were most of the human race would be diagnosed as bipolar).
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    Re: I'm pretty sure I have bipolar disorder; seeing a psych about it

    OK you said you wanted an alternative explanation so here it is. From my experience and research I see the labels they put on these behaviours to be a mental illness myth. Ie., see what you do above, you list a series of behaviours and you from there assume it must be 'bi-polar'. This is exactly what the so-called experts do round a table. There is absolutely no medical science to back these diagnoses up however--NONE. It is subjective. They look at lists and then presume you have the label they choose, and they even put these in their psychiatric bible they call the DSM, and it gets bigger and bigger every new issue and this makes bigger and bigger profits for the pharmaceutical industry, because more and more of our human behaviours become classes as mental illness, and by this they mean biological disease which needs their medical treatment.

    Now I want to make this very clear. When I say mental illness myth, I am not in any way claiming that you are not going through what you calim, or people don't get depressed, anxious, obsessed, addicted, cant pay attention, hyper-active, see visions, hearing voices etc etc etc. Of course this happens, and it is real, but it is NOT biological or genetic disease because there is no medical science that supports these diagnoses! Don't believe me, do the research for yourself, and then you will see what I am saying.

    So what is the 'solution' your psychiatrists are giving you. They are labeling you with a disease and prescribing 'antipsychotics' which suppress what you are feeling, and suppression is really not real healing, and these drugs can be harmful, especially if they keep you on them for a long time as happens with many people classed mentally ill.

    So what is the alternative?

    Really it would be loving support to help you express what is going on with you, along with intelligent advice about good diet, nutrition, and exercise. I admit though that in this culture for many this kind of support can be hard to find, especially if you have little money. And also especially because the mental health movement is so powerful and is based on the model of bio-psychiatry and coercive use of psychiatric medication.

    This guy offers space for an alternative look and approach to so-called bipolar, and he speaks from experience. I dont agree with his Wilburian hierarchical ideas, but it is cool that he understands mental illness is not biological disease and is rather a natural healing process which needs encouragement and NOT suppressing.


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