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    The Brokenhearted Necklace

    “His mouth is most sweet;
    yea, he is altogether lovely.
    This is my beloved,
    this is my friend.”

    ...The New Kid...

    The new kid showed up at school just one week before classes were let out for summer vacation. Lonny wondered why a senior would be transferred to a new school right at the end of his graduation year. But he was glad the kid showed up that last week. Had he not, Lonny's summer would have been just another three months of his life spent alone, trying to avoid those who didn't understand him.

    Lonny was sitting in the back row of English class when the kid entered the classroom and handed a piece of paper to Mrs. Welch. Lonny's head was ducked as he read anxiously over the poem he'd written for class and would have to read in front of everyone. He barely glanced at the boy at first, didn't even hear his name when Mrs. Welch introduced him to the class, Lonny's mind coming unhinged with the thought of standing before the classroom, reading his thoughts aloud. Nausea was pinching his gut and he seriously considered asking if he could go to the nurse's office. To say he was sick would not be a lie. In fact, he was on the verge of throwing up right then and there.

    His fingertips were damp with sweat as he gripped the edge of his paper. He again read the words he'd so painstakingly written over the course of the weekend. His heart was in those words, and that's what terrified him. Mrs. Welch hadn't told them they would have to read their paper before the class. Had he known, he would've written something of much less importance to him. This hadn't been meant to be shared with a classroom full students who reviled him, who couldn't begin to understand where these words came from or who they were truly written for.

    In a subconscious movement, his hand drifted to the front of his t-shirt. He ran his fingertips over the outline of the necklace hidden beneath the thin material. The familiar ache tightened his chest and he blinked back tears that threatened to well up.

    We'll be best friends and...

    Lonny stared blankly at the paper on his desk as the five year old words floated through his memory. When he'd spoken those words at twelve and a half years old, he hadn't really understood how he'd meant to end that sentence. He knew now.

    “Hey sissy boy, what's your poem about?”

    Lonny jumped at the sneering words suddenly shot at him from the opposite row. He didn't have to look to know who had spoken them. He ignored the quarterback. Jack Flemming was a daily trial for him and Lonny did his best to just pretend he didn't hear the cutting remarks that consistently sliced at him. His hand slowly curled around the necklace and squeezed it tight through his t-shirt.

    Sticks and stones may break your bones...but words will never hurt you.

    Lonny chanted the words silently as he always did when he was verbally assaulted by his classmates.

    “I bet he wrote something sweet.” Ashley Winters, Jack's girlfriend, giggled.

    Lonny's hand tightened around the necklace. Tears burned behind his eyes but he fought them with all his might. Jack and his friends seemed to take great pleasure in making Lonny cry, which to his dismay, seemed to be a simple accomplishment for them. He hated that he was such a cry baby. It had earned him the title sissy boy.

    It didn't help any that he was small for his age. At nearly eighteen years old, he still looked like a freshman or sophomore. Most would never guess him to be older than sixteen, and fifteen was the more common deduction. All the senior boys stood nearly a head taller than him, and sported thicker, more muscular frames. He wasn't scrawny, but lean, like a track runner. Had he been taller, it might have been an appealing look for him. But that lean build on his small frame just made him appear far too adolescent. Adding fodder to the sissy boy label. But then, there were so many things about him that made him an easy target for Jack and his group.

    Lonny glanced up suddenly, knocked out of his thoughts, when the new kid dropped into the seat right in front of him. An instant vague scent of musk cologne invaded Lonny's nostrils, tantalizing his senses. A funny, unexpected tingle skittered through him. He stared at the back of the kid's head. His hair was black as coal, clean cut but just long enough to curl over the collar of his black leather jacket. Lonny got a sudden image of the Fonze from Happy Days, and smiled. The Fonze was cute.

    His gaze lingered on the kid's back and found himself wishing he would take off his jacket. From the snug fit of the jacket, Lonny was certain the kid was nicely built.

    A low snicker snapped Lonny's attention to Jack and his girlfriend. He glanced quickly to the front of the room. Mrs. Welch was speaking with a girl, next in line to read her poem, oblivious to the quiet commotion in the back of her classroom.

    A sharp pencil smacked Lonny in the arm and clattered to the floor. “Hey sissy.” Jack hissed quietly. “You in love?” He looked quickly at the new kid then back to Lonny, grinning and winking. Ashley buried her face in Jack's arm to muffle her laugh.

    A fierce heat rushed into Lonny's cheeks and he looked away, the nausea gripping him with dangerous force. He kept his eyes down, focused on his paper. The new kid's cologne teased and taunted him but he refused to look up. His face burned like a furnace. He was always so careful not to put off any gay vibes in gazing longingly at another boy as he had just been doing with the new kid. But his guard had dropped the moment the boy had sat down in front of him. And he had been caught by Jack and Ashley.

    “Quiet back there.” Mrs. Welch spoke up suddenly as the girl at the front of the class was finishing with her poem.

    Lonny barely heard the words. His ears were ringing as the nausea swelled inside him. A cold heat clutched him and beads of sweat broke out across his brow. It was his turn next. He tried to block out Jack and Ashley's snickers and giggles, and the weight of their critical eyes. He reread his poem again and wished for something else, anything else, to recite up there in front of everyone.

    “Lonny.” Mrs. Welch nodded at him. “You're next.”

    He almost wished he would puke right there on the floor, anything to keep him from having to stand up there and read the words that had meant so much when he'd been putting them down, but now felt like heavy chains around his neck about to pull him under and drown him.

    “Lonny?” Mrs. Welch insisted.

    Lonny's legs were shaking as he stood slowly to his feet. The other students watched him tread reluctantly to the front of the class, the weight of their eyes heavy on his shoulders. He wondered if this was how Christ felt as he hauled the cross up through the jeering crowds to his own death.

    The paper crackled in his trembling hands as he turned to face the class. Jack was kicked back in his desk, grinning unpleasantly.

    “Read us something warm and fuzzy!” Jack threw at him.

    The heat was in his cheeks again. He quickly dropped his eyes to his paper.

    “That's enough, Jack.” Mrs. Welch scolded lightly. She looked at Lonny. “Go ahead, Lonny.”

    Lonny cleared his throat and said quietly, “This poem is titled...You Are.”

    “Can't hear ya, guy.” Jack quipped and snickers rippled through the class like ripples across the surface of a pond.

    Mrs. Welch frowned at Jack but urged Lonny to speak up.

    “'You Are'.” He said slightly louder. His head felt funny and he wondered if he would feint. Please, God, just let me feint. Much to his dismay, he remained conscious. His throat was dry, parched, and the first words squeaked out, drawing more snickers from the other students. “You sunny sky, my favorite high. My bed so warm, my port in the storm. My sweetest gift, my emotional lift. My best friend until the end.”

    Jack let loose an - “awww” - and Lonny lifted his eyes without raising his head. He could feel the heat burning his face and wished to God he didn't blush so easily. The stinging was in his eyes again as he started to return to his paper when his gaze was caught by a stunning pair of deep blue, fluid eyes. They were looking back at him from the face of the new kid, who lounged casually in his seat and gazed at Lonny. He looked like a young James Dean – cute curl and all. Lonny's breath caught as the kid held his eyes, and something in that stare began to calm Lonny's nerves, drowning out the rest of the classroom and everyone in it.

    He gazed at the boy, unable to look away from his penetrating eyes, as he began to read once more. He had reread the poem so many times, he knew it by heart. “My inspiration, my destination. My heart healer, my anger chiller. My gem so rare, my answered prayer. My heart and soul, my life made whole.” Lonny's pulse raced as the boy's intense eyes pulled at him, drew him in. The kid gave him the slightest nod and Lonny swallowed thickly and read on. “My source of laughter, my ever after. My heaven sent, for who I'm meant. My burning fire, my greatest desire.” A faint smile tugged the corner of the boy's lovely lips just the slightest shade of pink. “My soul mate, my sweet fate.” Lonny breathed. “My dream lover, my 'before all others'.” The boy's eyes flickered with emotion as he held Lonny's gaze with an unyielding power. Lonny swallowed tightly again and finished with the last line of his poem. “My reason why...until I die.”

    When Lonny returned to his desk, he was overwhelmed with the urge to stop at the boy's desk and just look at him, memorize every tiny detail of his lovely face. But rather than even glance at the kid, Lonny ducked his head and averted his eyes until he was seated at his desk behind him. Only then did he let his gaze drift to the boy's back. Even sitting, Lonny could tell the boy was tall. Like the other senior boys. A tiny sheen of sweat dampened the tips of the kid's black hair where it curled over his jacket. It was only first period and already the Texas morning was thick with heat.

    He could feel the attention of Jack and Ashley, but he ignored them. He couldn't take his eyes off the damp tips of black hair peeking over the jacket collar at him. His hands flexed on the top of his desk as another student read his poem up front. Lonny's fingers ached to reach up and comb through the boy's hair.

    As if sensing his silent desires, the boy shifted in his seat then shrugged out of his jacket. He turned just then to hang the jacket on the back of his chair and caught Lonny staring at him. Lonny's eyes widened a fraction as once again the inferno heat rushed into his face. Getting a closer look at him this time, Lonny quickly took in every detail he could before the boy turned away; the extra dark rim around his deep blue irises, thick black lashes that looked like he had applied mascara yet were completely natural and somehow avoided looking girlish on the boy as Lonny's thick lashes appeared on him. The slight pucker to his lower lip that was a shade darker pink than his upper lip. The smile that consistently tugged seductively at the corner of his mouth.

    “Cool poem.” The kid said suddenly, startling Lonny out of his reverie.

    By the time Lonny found his voice, the boy had turned away and was facing front again. Without his jacket, Lonny could see more of the kid's neck and shoulders. His skin was a deep bronze, as if he'd spent a lot of time in the sun. He didn't detect a tan line at the nape of his neck, and as the boy raised his arms and locked his fingers behind his head, Lonny could see the deep tan of his arms pouring up under his short sleeves. He'd spent a lot of shirtless time in the sun.

    The temperature in the classroom seemed to increase a few degrees almost instantly. The boy was, indeed, well built. His t-shirt hugged his back and shoulders, giving clear definition to his developed muscles. Lonny tried to swallow through his dry throat. He needed a drink of water badly. A tingling, needling sensation was creeping to the surface of his skin all over his body. And to his horror, the crotch of his jeans were growing tight. He glanced quickly at the clock. Fifteen more minutes before the bell. If he left his seat sporting evidence of arousal, it would just be more ammo for Jack's assaults.

    Lonny took a deep breath and released it real slow. He pulled his eyes from the boy and stared down at his desk. He closed his eyes and breathed deep and slow. He tried to conjure images that would cool the heat inside him, but even with his eyes closed, he could smell the boy's cologne mixed with the faint scent of sweat, which somehow made it even more torturous.

    Please, Please, God. His hands were clenched into tight fists as he struggled to regain control and force his body to comply with his wishes. At times like this, he truly envied girls. They didn't have to worry about getting turned on in public and having the whole world see. Short of hardening nipples, which could be easily concealed, they were visually safe.

    When the bell finally rang, Lonny lingered at his desk, pretending to gather his things. To his relief, Jack and Ashley were quick to leave. The new kid stood casually in no obvious hurry as he plucked his jacket off the back of his chair and flipped it over his shoulder. As good as he was to look at, Lonny was willing him to leave as well. He felt the weight of the kid's eyes on him, but he didn't look up, as desperately as he wanted to. Those eyes were like a drug he was already addicted to. Only one other boy in his lifetime had affected him this powerfully and quickly, and as he had then, he now found himself startled and confused.

    “See ya 'round.” The kid's low, deep yet soft voice dropped the words down on Lonny like rose petals drifting on the breeze.

    When Lonny glanced up, the kid was walking away and disappearing out the classroom door.


    The next three classes dragged painfully slow. Each classroom Lonny walked into, his pulse quickened with anticipation of spotting the new boy lounging in one of the desks. But he was repeatedly disappointed. He hadn't seen the boy since first period and wondered if he would be in any of his remaining classes of the day. He wished he was in a class without Jack and Ashley, so he could feel free to look at him as much as he desired without the constant flack from the quarterback.

    When the last class of the morning let out for lunch, disappointment had settled down into Lonny's gut like a heavy stone, killing whatever appetite he might have had. The only sustenance he needed was another glimpse of the new kid. But though he searched the halls between classes, he was nowhere to be found.

    Lonny stood close to his locker, practically hugging the cool metal as kids pushed past, not caring that they were running into him or shoving him. He managed to dial in the combination and open the locker door. He went to reach inside when it slammed hard with a loud clank.

    “Where's your boyfriend, queer bait?” Jack sneered from behind him. “Saw you drooling over him in English. Betcha had a boner too.”

    Lonny didn't turn, praying the earth would open and swallow him up. Ashley was suddenly next to him, brushing up against him. “What's wrong, baby?” She cooed. “Why don't you like us girls?” She grabbed his hand and plastered it to her full breast. “How can you not like that?”

    Laughter erupted from Jack's group. Lonny ripped his hand away. “Leave me alone.”

    “Nah, Ash, that ain't what he wants.” Jack drawled, suddenly standing right behind Lonny. He grabbed Lonny's hips with a suddenness that made Lonny gasp and jump. “This is what he wants.” He shoved his crotch hard against Lonny's rear. The group howled with laughter.

    Pressed up against the locker, pinned by Jack's body, Lonny struggled to swallow the lump rising in his throat. Jack shoved his hand down in front of Lonny and grabbed his crotch firmly. Lonny gasped sharply, shocked and humiliated as his face burned hot and his eyes swam.

    “That's what you like, ain't it, freak?” Jack snarled.

    Lonny's chest hitched. A hard sob shook him. He worked his hand up and grabbed his necklace, clutching it fiercely as he squeezed his eyes shut. Grisly images from the past snapped through his head.

    Sticks and stones may break your bones...

    The grate of his locker door indented his cheek and ground against his cheek bone.

    But words will never hurt you.

    “What are you, a fag?”

    The pressure of Jack's body suddenly released as he stepped back quick. Lonny gasped and kept his eyes shut, not moving from the locker. His hand was shaking as he squeezed the necklace through his t-shirt, the sharp edges cutting into his palm. There was a dampness on his heated face as tears slid down his cheeks.

    “What did you say?” Jack's voice was tight and pissed, directed at the owner of the new voice.

    Lonny opened his eyes slowly and looked around cautiously. He stared in shock and wonder as the new kid walked right through Jack's cronies. The boy was wearing his jacket again and dark sunglasses concealing his beautiful eyes. He clutched a dirt bike helmet in his left hand.

    “When a guy grabs another guy's junk.” The kid said. “Seems a little faggy to me.”

    “Fuck you!” Jack raged, this time his face the one heating up.

    “Nah. I don't think so.” The boy grinned and Lonny's heart fluttered. “You ain't my type.”

    Jack's cheeks burned hotter at the implication.

    The new kid thrust the helmet at Lonny, who took it uncertainly.

    “Ready to go?” The boy dipped his head and tilted his glasses down just a hair, winking at Lonny as that tantalizing smile tugged at the corner of his mouth.

    “Uh...yeah.” Lonny whispered, confused but thankful for the sudden deliverance.

    Jack glared viciously at the kid. “I ain't no fuckin' fag.”

    The boy cast Jack an absent glance as he slid his arm across Lonny's shoulder. “Could'a fooled me.”

    “Fuck you!” Jack blasted again.

    “I told you, man. You ain't my type. Give it up.” The boy chuckled and squeezed Lonny's shoulder with his arm. “He really wants me.” He spoke just loud enough for Jack and his friends to hear. “Jealous bastard.”

    Lonny couldn't help but smile.

    ...The Ride...

    The hot, glaring sun struck Lonny in the face and his eyes squinted to slits. The heavy exit doors closed behind them with a dull clunk. The boy's arm slid off Lonny's shoulder. A twinge of disappoint snapped through Lonny's chest, wishing he would put it back. He'd never had someone wrap their arm around him so casually in public as if it were the most natural thing to do. It startled him how good it felt to be so openly accepted.

    “Over here.” The kid pointed across the street. Beneath the drooping limbs of a weeping willow tree, a large dirt bike sat in the shadows. Lonny clutched the helmet, his heart pounding as he followed the boy across the street. When they reached the bike, the kid turned quickly and thrust out his hand. “I'm Paul, by the way.” He grinned as Lonny slowly accepted his hand. “You didn't look like you were paying much attention when the teacher introduced me in class.”

    Lonny shrugged and smiled, a slight warmth heating his face. “Sorry. I...”

    “It's okay.” Paul laughed lightly and his laughter was like a cool breeze against Lonny's ears. “You were clearly nervous about reading your poem.” He slid off his sunglasses and gazed at Lonny with those captivating eyes. “You shouldn't have been though. Your's was the best by far.”

    “Thanks.” Lonny pressed his lips together tightly, anxiously. He glanced back at the school. “And thanks...for back there too.”

    Paul waved his hand absently. “Don't mention it. That guy's a prick. Burned his ass though, huh?” Paul chuckled. “Close minded people are such dumb asses.”

    A sudden sick feeling crept up through Lonny's chest and settled in his heart. Had Paul just been messing with Jack and the others? Lonny wanted to believe there was some deeper implication to why the kid had come to his rescue. But maybe Paul was just a cool straight guy who didn't have hang ups about being friends with a gay guy.

    “Put it on.”

    “Huh?” Lonny blinked, coming out of his troubling thoughts.

    Paul nodded at the helmet Lonny was still hugging against his chest. “Put on the helmet. Lets take a ride.”

    Lonny looked down at the helmet then met Paul's blue eyes. He couldn't stop himself from searching their liquid depths for some sign of what he was so desperately seeking from the other boy. “Just leave school?” His voice was tight, squeezing up through a thick throat.

    Paul shrugged. “Why not? Besides, it's lunch. We have almost an hour before classes start.” He slipped the sunglasses back on and flashed Lonny a heart stopping grin.

    Hands shaking a bit, Lonny tugged the helmet over his head. He'd never in his life put on a motorcycle helmet, had never felt the urge to climb on such a dangerous machine and risk his life. But at this moment, he wanted nothing more than be on that bike with Paul and speeding away to wherever the other boy wanted to take him.

    Paul's fingertips suddenly brushed Lonny's throat, causing Lonny's pulse to skip and shudder. “Let me do this.” Paul smiled as he took hold of the chin strap and fastened it securely.

    Lonny swallowed thickly, his Adam's apple rubbing against Paul's finger knuckles. A sweet tremor whisked through him. His heart was thumping fiercely in the hollow of his throat and working its way up into his head. Could Paul feel how unsteady and ragged his breath was?

    Paul stepped back and smacked the side of the helmet lightly. “Righty-O then. Lets go.” He swung his leg over the bike and sat on the long black seat, his hands gripping the handle bars. His strong thighs pressed against his faded jeans in a very alluring manner that caused another skip in Lonny's heartbeat. Paul looked over his shoulder and grinned. “Get on.”

    Lonny's knees felt weak as he stepped over to the bike and slid onto the seat behind Paul. His hands flexed anxiously. He didn't know where to hold on. What he wanted was to wrap his arms around Paul's body and hold onto him tight...but would that be too presumptuous? Instead, he gripped handfuls of the back of Paul's leather jacket.

    Without turning his head, Paul suggested, “You better wrap your arms around my waist and hold on. If you haven't been on a bike before, it can be a bit unbalancing at first. Don't want you tumbling off.”

    “Don't...don't you need a helmet too?” Lonny's voice was slightly muffled by the jutting chin guard of the helmet.

    “Nah, I'm fine.” Paul pulled the bike up straight and used his foot to knock the kickstand up against the underbelly of the motorcycle. He worked the foot lever out with the toe of his boot, stood up on his left leg as he rested his right foot on the lever then thrust down hard just once. The bike roared. Paul dropped back down on the seat and cranked the hand throttle, winding out the bike. He turned his head. “Hold on.”

    Lonny's arms tightened as his heart raced wildly. He wondered if he was dreaming all this. Was this really happening to him?

    He clutched Paul's midsection fiercely as the bike rolled onto the street then shot forward with a loud, shrill wail. Lonny squeezed the sides of the bike with his legs, feeling as if he was going to fall off at any moment. His arms held Paul tighter as he sucked his body up close against Paul's back. Fear gripped him as the powerful bike swept down one street then another, swaying to the left, then the right. Lonny squeezed his eyes shut, beginning to think maybe this ride wasn't a good idea after all.

    When the bike picked up speed but stopped swaying, racing forward in a smooth shot, Lonny finally opened his eyes. They were no longer in town. Fields stretched out on both sides of the straight, two lane road. Paul controlled the bike with confidence, guiding it down the long road at what Lonny suspected was a dangerous speed. But the fear was fading as the forward motion of the machine seemed to be carrying them away from an unpleasant existence and thrusting them forward into a world of possibilities.

    Lonny wished he wasn't wearing the helmet so he could lay his head against Paul's back. He locked his fingers against Paul's hard stomach, memorizing the feel of his six pack abs beneath his hands. Lonny closed his eyes again and smiled inside the helmet. Paul's hips warmed the inside of Lonny's legs as the speed and motion of the bike pulled him up tighter against Paul's body. A strong arousal was stirring inside him and he struggled against it. He was melded too tight against Paul for the other boy not feel it if it really took over.

    The wind was hot as they blasted down the road. Droplets of sweat trickled from Lonny's armpits and down his ribcage. Paul's shirt was partially damp where Lonny's hands were tucked against him. The helmet was well padded and hot inside, causing beads of sweat to break out across Lonny's brow.

    Paul's foot adjusted as he shifted gears. The bike lunged a bit and Lonny sensed an uphill pull. He held Paul tighter as the bike began to sway and swerve again as the road began to wind up through forest.

    Lonny wasn't certain where Paul was taking him, but he didn't care. All that mattered at this moment was the warmth of Paul's body pressed up close to his own. It was the first time in his life he felt truly at peace and overwhelmed with a happiness that up to this point he hadn't known existed in a world that hadn't been very kind to him.

    Please God...don't let this day end.

    ...The Lake...

    The bike rolled to a stop and Paul shut it off. He had Lonny get off the bike and knocked down the kickstand. He dismounted as Lonny tugged at the chin strap of the helmet. His head felt like it was trapped in sauna. It was at least ten degrees hotter up here than it had been back down in town.

    As soon as he got the strap unfastened, Paul grabbed the helmet and tugged it up off Lonny's head. Strands of Lonny's sandy blond hair clung damply to his forehead and neck. He wiped sweat off his brow then rubbed his hand over his damp face.

    “Wow. It's hot up here.” He looked around. A few yards away was a large lake. Sunlight glinted and glimmered on the water as if thousands of tiny diamonds had been scattered across the surface. His eyes widened a bit.

    They say there's a lake around here. I don't know where, but we could go exploring and find it...

    Lonny's fingers touched the necklace beneath his t-shirt and breathed in quiet awe, “It's really here.”

    The weight of Paul's eyes were on him. “You've never been up here?” Paul shrugged out of his jacket and laid it across the seat of the bike. Lonny shifted his gaze from the lake to Paul. His white t-shirt clung to his damp skin, accentuating his strong pectoral muscles and washboard stomach. Lonny's gaze moved with a will of its own up Paul's body, noticing the way his neck glistened with a sheen of sweat and his black hair turned glossy at the tips where it clung to the wet skin.

    “” Lonny rasped. His eyes crawled up to Paul's face. The boy's James Dean curl was plastered to his gleaming forehead. The skin beneath his riveting eyes glimmered in the bright sun.

    “How long have you lived here?”

    “About...all my life.” Lonny shrugged with a short laugh. He shrugged again. “I don't get out much.” He watched Paul remove his sunglasses and place them carefully on top of his jacket. “How did you know about it? Didn't you just move here?”

    Paul flashed his amazing grin. “Yeah. But this last weekend, I rode my bike all over. Kind of discovered this place by accident.”

    “By accident?”

    Paul chuckled. “I got lost.”

    “Ah.” Lonny smiled. “The best way to discover things by accident.”

    Paul laughed. “You're funny, Lon.” He turned towards the lake.

    A warmth spread through Lonny at that simple praise. You're funny, Lon. He stared at Paul's back as the other boy stood with his hands on his hips and seemed to be studying the water. The recent memory of the bike ride, his arms wrapped around Paul's waist, came back with a suddenness that made Lonny light headed. He recalled his earlier concerns about Paul's gender preferences. He could just ask him. He sensed he could ask Paul something like that without him being offended. But Lonny knew the words would never be voiced. The question never asked. That level of courage was not his strong suit.

    “Come on.” Paul turned quick, pivoting on his heel and, to Lonny's shock, began peeling off his t-shirt. “Lets go swimming.”

    Lonny stood glued to the grass, his eyes wide and, if he were honest, a bit lustful as he stared at Paul's deep bronze chest. Droplets of sweat slid down the defined groove of his abs, steering around his naval and seeping into the thin line of black hair stretching from his naval down under the waist of his jeans. Lonny knew he was being obvious but couldn't stop his eyes from drinking him in. His tan was darker in some areas than others, a natural tan from spending time in the sun rather than the perfect tan of a tanning bed. His gaze slid down over his ribs, absently noticing a slight depression in one of his right ribs, and lower to where his hip bone peeked out just above his jeans and his defined lower ab muscle delved into his britches.

    Lonny was about to start panting when the other boy dropped his shirt on the ground and began unfastening his jeans. Lonny's eyes widened even more. He didn't know if he could handle this much of a glimpse. His chest rose and fell rapidly, his breath ragged. His head pounded and he shuddered hard. Oh God.

    Paul kicked off his boots then shoved down his jeans and tugged them off his feet, chucking them away. He peeled off his socks then straightened up, wearing only black boxer briefs that hugged his goods just a little too well.

    “Oh shiiitt.” Lonny whimpered as his own body instantly reacted to the glorious sight before him. Paul looked like a hot, sexy underwear model in the magazine ads, his wonderfully tanned, muscular body as perfect as it could be. The sweat damp hair on his legs glistened in the bright sun and Lonny had the sudden, nearly uncontrollable urge to rub his hands all over them from ankles to thighs.

    Paul flashed his crippling grin and walked towards Lonny.

    “Oh no.” Lonny took a couple steps back, his mind on fire and unable to think. An intense, scalding heat was burning his face, and it had nothing to do with the hot sun..but rather the hot boy coming towards him.

    “Come on, Lonny.” Paul urged. “Strip down and lets hit the water. It's freakin' hot out here.” He raised a damp, glossy black eyebrow in a way that was so damn sexy Lonny nearly feinted. “You do know how to swim, right?”

    Lonny nodded, his throat so tight he could barely breathe, much less speak.

    “So.” Paul gave him a sharp nod. “Hop to it. I showed you mine, now show me yours.”

    “Huh?” Lonny gasped.

    Paul laughed and shook his head. “Just screwing with you, man. Relax. But get a move on, I'm hot as hell.”

    Oh baby, you know it, Lonny groaned inwardly, unable to keep his probing eyes from devouring Paul's exquisite frame.

    Paul's form suddenly blocked the sun in front of Lonny as the boy stepped up close. He grabbed the bottom of Lonny's shirt. “Stop ogling my goodies and get out of these clothes.” Before Lonny could react, Paul tugged his shirt up over his head and flung it away. “Now, you gonna take off your own pants or do I have to do that as well?”

    Lonny's face scorched hot as Paul loomed above him like a Greek god Lonny longed to fall down and worship. “I, uh...I can...” His fingers fumbled at the button of his jeans.

    Paul chucked his chin with a finger and laughed. “You're pretty damn cute when you blush. You should do it more often.”

    A short laugh escaped Lonny despite his intense nervousness. He rolled his eyes. “Yeah.” His fingers faltered and trembled as Paul's words hit him full on; Paul had just called him cute. Straight guys didn't call other guys cute...did they? He couldn't imagine Jack referring to one of his friends as cute.

    Feeling the weight of Paul's gaze, Lonny worked at his jeans. The thought of Paul removing his pants for him was a sweet notion, but Lonny strongly suspected he might literally have a heart attack if the other boy got that up close and personal.

    He finally got the jeans open and hesitated before shoving them down. He'd never undressed in front of another guy while they watched so intently. In gym class, everyone was undressing and changing but not looking at one another. That seemed to be a locker room code. But this was different.

    “Don't tell me you're ashamed of your body.” A cool, calm smile stretched Paul's thoroughly kissable lips. “Because you shouldn't be.”

    Lonny cleared his throat. He'd never really thought about it one way or another how he truly felt about the way his body looked other than it being too small for his age. He didn't know if he was good looking or not. Paul was the first boy to really look at him with interest. Or so Lonny wanted to believe. But he had called him cute...that was something. Wasn't it?

    “” Lonny murmured, avoiding Paul's intense gaze as he wriggled his jeans down his legs. He wasn't nearly as tan as Paul. Though he'd lived in Texas his whole life, he didn't spend much time with outdoor activities. It wasn't that he didn't like the outdoors, but his lifestyle in this small Texan town seemed to be a constant hurdle of which he often stumbled over. He couldn't believe that in this day and age, it could still be a stigma. His necklace dangled from his neck, bumping his chest as he worked at his jeans. A brief anguish gripped him. Sometimes a dangerous stigma.

    “You know, my grandma changes clothes faster than you.” Paul drawled with a jerking grin.

    Lonny smiled self consciously and worked the jeans off his feet. “Sorry.” He mumbled. He was wearing regular, loose fitting boxers beneath his jeans and was thankful this had been his choice of underwear. Even so, it wouldn't be long before even the loose fitting boxers were unable to conceal the effect Paul was having on him.

    “Damn.” Paul clucked his tongue and shook his head. “Is it gonna take you this long to get out of your jeans every time?”

    Every time?

    Lonny looked up uncertainly. Paul's deep blue eyes swirled with heat. There was a noticeable increase to what the other boy was packing in his snug briefs.

    “Next time.” Paul sighed. “I'll just get you out of them myself.”

    A skin prickling sensation swept through Lonny's entire body and coiled in his groin. In a sudden, startling movement, Paul's hand darted out and fingered Lonny's necklace; one half of a broken, jagged heart with the word Forever inscribed on it. It hung from Lonny's neck on a delicate silver chain.

    “Cool necklace.” Paul said as he slid the broken heart through his fingers. He lifted his probing eyes to Lonny's face. “A boyfriend give this to you?”

    Boyfriend. Lonny was startled, and a bit relieved, by the ease with which Paul asked his question. No strained undertones as if the idea of a guy having a boyfriend was weird or gross. It was just a simple question.

    “” Lonny whispered. He felt the sudden urge to blurt out where he'd gotten the necklace, but that story was the only thing he had that was all his. He couldn't bear it if Paul made light of it or somehow defiled the memory in any way. Though he had just met Paul, he couldn't imagine him doing anything of the sort, but he wasn't ready yet to take that chance.

    Paul let the necklace slip from his fingers and just gazed at Lonny's face for a moment, seeming to understand that the necklace was special to Lonny, and private. He didn't ask anymore questions about it as he suddenly broke their moment of quiet by grabbing Lonny's hand and pulling him with him as he sprinted for the water. Lonny found his feet and kept up with the other boy with ease, his lean body nearly floating over the grass. At the edge of the water was a short ledge of no more than three feet. Paul sailed off it, thrusting away from the bank with a hard lunge, taking Lonny with him. Both boys howled through the air and hit the water in a large splash.

    Paul's hand released Lonny's when they struck the water and sank deep into the cool depths of the lake. A rush of cold swept through Lonny, shocking his overheated body before soothing him. He kicked his legs hard and swam for the surface, breaking free with a loud gasp. He swept his hand up his forehead and back over his head, wiping the hair from his face. He looked around. Paul was nowhere to be seen. Lonny kicked his feet and spun in a circle. No sign of Paul.

    “Paul?” Lonny called out, an uneasy feeling gripping him. “Paul-”

    Strong hands grabbed his ankles and jerked him underwater. He grabbed a single gasp of air before plunging beneath the surface. He swirled around under the water and came face to face with Paul, who opened his mouth and released a bubbly laugh, shoved Lonny down a bit further as he propelled himself upward.

    Lonny kicked his feet and headed for the surface a second time. When he burst out this time, Paul slapped water in his face. Lonny laughed and turned his face away as he sent a shot of water back at him.

    “You freaked me out, man.” Lonny grinned as Paul ceased his water assault and swam in a circle around Lonny. “I thought maybe you hit your head or something.”

    “Awww.” Paul grinned and swam closer. “You were worried about me. How sweet.”

    Again, heat warmed Lonny's face. “I just...”

    Paul swam close past Lonny's back, leaning in to murmur, “You better stop that's turning me on.” Which only managed to deepen the blush in Lonny's cheeks. Paul moved around in front of him and shook his head. “I warned you.”

    Lonny gasped, stunned, when Paul's hands cupped his face and his wet lips brushed over Lonny's mouth in a light, teasing kiss. Giving him just enough to want more. A bittersweet twinge stabbed at his groin, inciting a sudden, fierce erection.

    Paul disappeared beneath the surface and Lonny's pulse raced wildly. Would he be able to see his arousal under water? But before the thought passed through his mind, Paul popped back up. He lifted his hand out of the water, gripping his balled up black briefs. Lonny's eyes widened as Paul cocked his arm and threw the underwear up on the bank, then looked at Lonny and grinned.

    “It feels much better to swim naked.” He said. “Take yours off.” Paul chuffed and shook his head. “Look who I'm talking to. In the time it takes you to get those things off, summer will be over.” He disappeared beneath surface again.

    Lonny squawked suddenly as Paul grabbed his boxers from under the water and dragged them down his legs, propelling to the surface again.

    Paul held the wadded up boxers in his fist, thrusting his hand up in the air as if holding a prize. “Ha! Much quicker when I just do it myself.” Lonny opened his mouth to ask for them back when Paul sailed them up on the bank where they splattered wetly on top of his own. “Bullseye!”

    Lonny swallowed thickly. “You just...stole my underwear.”

    “Yeah. So?” Paul grinned and swam around Lonny. “Afraid you'll scare the fish with your impressive piece?”

    Impressive. Did he really think it was impressive?

    Paul continued to circle Lonny, a smile playing at the corner of his lips. Lips that darkened a shade or two from the effects of the cool water. His wet black lashes gleamed and clung together in a way Lonny found surprisingly stimulating. This close, Lonny could make out the tiny gold star bursts in Paul's deep blue eyes, previously undetectable from a greater distance away.

    At a loss for words, Lonny just watched as Paul swam in circles around him like a shark stalking its prey. A shudder rippled through Lonny. He almost wished the shark would just strike, and at the same time terrified of him doing so.

    Paul stopped moving and floated in the water behind him. Lonny flinched when Paul's hands gripped his ribcage gently then slid around to caress his stomach then slowly up to his chest. Paul's lips were on his shoulder, the curve of his neck. Lonny's breath staggered as a myriad of sensations he wasn't familiar with snapped through his body and mind, encasing him with a mist of ecstasy that he only ever felt in his daydreams. And even then, it didn't come close to this.

    His fingers intertwining gently with the chain of Lonny's necklace, Paul's lips touched Lonny's ear. “If a boyfriend didn't give you this...does that mean you don't have a boyfriend?”

    A thick lump lodged in Lonny's throat as Paul's warm breath puffed softly against his wet skin, the boy's strong arms holding him back against his chest.

    “I don't...” Lonny managed. The tremor in his voice was audible to his own ears and he hoped it didn't make him sound like a weak little sissy to Paul. He wanted Paul to see him differently. Until today, Jack and so many others had consistently made him feel like so much less than a young man.

    “Can I be your boyfriend, Lonny?” Paul kissed his ear, played with his earlobe with his lips and teeth. “Would you like that?”

    A tightness gripped Lonny's chest and swelled his throat with tears. He swallowed thickly and blinked at the stinging in his eyes. Did Paul really just say that? If so...why would he want to be Lonny's boyfriend? He had just met him. And Paul was...beautiful. Everything that Lonny wasn't. Just one day at school and he had walked through and put Jack in his place. Lonny had been going to school with Jack for years and still suffered at his hand, too weak and scared to stand up to him. At least that's what Jack had conditioned him to believe over time.

    “Why?” Lonny had to ask because his mind couldn't comprehend what he could possibly offer a boy like Paul. “Why would you want to be my boyfriend?”

    Paul kissed the slope of his neck softly. “Because, Lonny.” He whispered, a noticeable strain in his voice. “I fell in love with you at first sight.”

    A tremor went through Lonny's body and his skin bumped up with goose flesh. He didn't know what to say, how to respond. Paul was in love with him? Did love at first sight ever really happen? But as his hands came up and covered Paul's, feeling the fragile chain of the necklace wrapped around Paul's fingers, Lonny knew it could. It had happened to him once, and he still loved that boy. Would love him forever.

    “Can I be your boyfriend?” Paul asked again, holding Lonny in his embrace, hugging his body.

    A tear slid from Lonny's eye as his body seemed to melt into Paul's and a rush of love and emotion he didn't fully understand coursed through him. “Yes.” He choked out softly. “I want that so much.” Lonny's eyes fluttered and closed as his head slowly laid back against Paul's shoulder.

    Paul gently squeezed his chest as he began to suck on his neck. A deep, extended moan swelled up inside Lonny's throat. The water gave the sensation of floating in the air. And that seemed fitting because Lonny was on cloud nine. Cloud one thousand and nine.

    Paul released his neck and laid kisses on his skin, working his way to his ear. He tugged his earlobe gently with his teeth, his breath ragged and puffing against the side of Lonny's head. Paul's hands caressed down over Lonny's stomach again, slowly moving lower. Lonny's heart caught as his body tensed. He'd never been intimately touched before and though he craved Paul's touch...a sliver of fear stabbed through him. But Paul's hands avoided his arousal and caressed the top of Lonny's thighs instead. Lonny started to relax when the firm tip of Paul's erection nudged his testicles and discreetly probed the crevice between his firm butt cheeks.

    Panic gripped Lonny so suddenly he didn't have time to analyze the rationality of it. He jerked away from Paul and swam for the bank.

    “Lonny?” Paul called after him, frowning. “Lonny, wait.”

    Lonny ignored him and reached the bank. He scrambled up out of the water and grabbed his boxers, the wet underwear not wanting to cooperate as he struggled to get his feet through the leg holes. Finally succeeding, he dragged them up his wet legs and over his massive erection, still holding strong and refusing to retreat.

    Paul was at the bank, climbing out of the water. Lonny wrapped his arms around himself and walked hurriedly across the grassy expanse towards the bike and his clothes.

    “Lonny!” Paul called again as he worked on his briefs, his own arousal as determined as Lonny's. “Please wait!”

    Paul sprinted after Lonny, catching up to him as Lonny reached down for his jeans. Paul grabbed his arm gently but firmly, pulling him around. Lonny didn't realize he was crying until Paul cupped his face and wiped the tears away with his thumbs. Tears slid down Paul's face as well as he kissed Lonny's face all over, then kissed his lips with warm passion.

    “I'm sorry, Lon.” He choked softly against Lonny's mouth. “I wouldn't have done...that. I would never do anything you didn't want me to do.” He kissed Lonny's lips again as a low sob crawled up his throat. “Please believe me, Lonny.” He pressed his forehead against Lonny's brow and squeezed his eyes shut as more tears slipped free. “Please.”

    The sincere anguish in the other boy crippled Lonny. He wrapped his arms around him and held on tight, his face pressed against Paul's throat. “I'm sorry.” He cried softly. “I didn't mean away like that. Please don't hate me.” Despair clutched at Lonny's heart at the thought of Paul not wanting to be with him anymore. He shuddered against Paul's wet, warm body. “Please still wanna be my boyfriend.”

    Paul's strong arms slid around his shoulders and hugged him tight, his warm lips kissing Lonny's ear. “Of course I still want to.” He whispered. Paul drew back and lifted Lonny's chin and kissed his mouth, long and lingering. “I love you, Lonny.”

    Lonny gazed into Paul's liquid eyes, searching for the barest shred of evidence to indicate his words were untrue, insincere.

    But there was none.


    Note to Readers: I apologize for not posting the rest of the story - the formatting is giving me problems But this entire story is posted on my page at I would really love to know what you think This story is actually in the process of revision, as I am writing a part two with some change ups. Part two is a bit more 'brutal' but unfortunately necessarily so. If you decide to check out the rest of the story, I am honored for your interest. If not, that's okay too - 'reading' may not be your main reason for being here. That's cool

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    Re: The Brokenhearted Necklace

    Awesome, awesome, awesome. More, more, please.

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    Re: The Brokenhearted Necklace

    Oh, this story is good. I am looking forward to reading more.

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    Re: The Brokenhearted Necklace

    Thank you so much I will post more as soon as I can. Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

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    The Brokenhearted Necklace (Part 2)

    ...The Theater...

    Paul guided the bike up in its spot in the shade beneath the weeping willow tree. Lonny sat behind Paul as before, but now holding onto him with more purpose, more intimacy. Paul glanced over his shoulder when Lonny made no move to dismount the bike.

    “We going back to school?” He asked Lonny quietly.

    Lonny stared at the school building from the confines of the helmet. The place had become a source of torment for him. Surrounded by hundreds of other students, it was the one place he felt most alone.

    “I don't want to go back to school.” Lonny whispered.

    Paul twisted his torso around and met Lonny's eyes. “So where do you want to go, Lon?” He murmured. “Just name it, and we'll go.”

    Lonny longed to tug off the helmet and kiss Paul's mouth. That sweet, wonderful mouth that always said the right thing. “I don't care.” Lonny said. “As long as we're there together.”

    “Wanna go see a movie?”

    Lonny smiled. “Sounds good.”

    Paul faced forward as Lonny tightened his arms around him again, and turned the bike back onto the road and sped away from the school, directing them downtown to the only theater the town had.

    It was dark inside the theater as Paul carried two large sodas and Lonny packed an extra large carton of popcorn. The movie had already started but there were barely anyone in the seats this early in the day. Lonny was glad the place was nearly empty. He didn't want to be with anyone but Paul.

    “Wanna sit up here in the back?” Paul asked. The flickering light from the large screen highlighted Paul's eyes and Lonny detected his motive for wanting to be at the back of the theater room.

    Lonny nodded and the two of them moved to the center of the last row. Deep shadows hung heavily over this area as it was situated below the projector room over hang. They sat down side by side. Paul handed Lonny one of the sodas then draped his arm across the back of Lonny's chair. He sucked some soda through the straw then set it in the cup holder built into the armrest.

    “What're we even watching?” Paul asked with a chuckle.

    Lonny shrugged. “I don't know.”

    “Who cares, right?” Paul's hand touched Lonny's cheek and turned his face to him. “We didn't really come here to watch a movie anyway.” He kissed Lonny's mouth. “Did we?”

    “No.” Lonny moaned.

    Paul took the bucket of popcorn and set it in the seat in front of them then drew Lonny deeper into his arms and kissed him.

    “I'm sorry about the lake.” Lonny gasped into Paul's mouth. “I...overreacted.”

    “It's forgotten.” Paul groaned and kissed him again. “It was more my fault anyway. Now hush up and kiss me.”

    Lonny complied, stopped talking and slid his hand up the back of Paul's head, combing his fingers through the other boy's slightly damp hair. He thought about English class and how he had longed to reach up and run his fingers through Paul's hair then. Had that been just a few hours ago? It seemed they had lived a lifetime together in the couple short hours since they'd left school. Paul wasn't just the cute new kid from this morning anymore. He had completely consumed Lonny and somehow become his whole world in one magical touch of his hand and kiss of his lips.

    Drawing back from the kiss, Paul glanced around then peeled his t-shirt off.

    “What're you doing?” Lonny whispered.

    “Shh.” Paul grinned and slid his hands under Lonny's shirt, drawing it up over his chest.

    “We can't.” Lonny laughed in a low voice. “Not in here.”

    Paul gave him a quick kiss and spoke in a hushed voice. “It's okay, we're not gonna get naked. Just take our shirts off.” Paul nuzzled Lonny's ear, gently taunting. “You're not chicken, are ya?”

    He was, kind of. But being with Paul gave him courage he didn't know he possessed. He shook his head and grinned, allowing Paul to strip his shirt off. Paul rubbed his hand over Lonny's bare chest and kissed his neck. He massaged Lonny's left nipple with his thumb as he sucked and bit at the tender skin of his neck. Lonny knew there would be a stark hicky there by tomorrow, and no way to conceal it short of wearing winter clothing, which was out of the question in this heat. But he didn't let his mind dwell on tomorrow. Paul's mouth felt incredible and fear of tomorrow's repercussions wasn't enough to make him ask Paul to stop.

    Paul raised his head and kissed Lonny's mouth with hunger. For the first time today, Paul probed Lonny's lips with his tongue, requesting permission to enter. Lonny moaned deep and parted his lips, allowing Paul's silky tongue into his mouth. Startling himself and Paul, Lonny grabbed his tongue and sucked it fiercely. A powerful groan rose in Paul's throat. He gripped Lonny's pec muscle, squeezing desperately as the hunger and need began to overtake him.

    Lonny's groin ached and throbbed madly, his rock hard erection straining against his jeans. His hands moved all over Paul's upper body, longing to delve lower but still afraid of where it would take them. And it wouldn't be fair to start Paul down that road and then pull away from him again.

    Paul broke their hot, hungry kiss with a suddenness that left them both panting. He sat back hard in his seat, his chest heaving. He grabbed his crotch and squeezed, his face twisting with sexual agony.

    “Shit.” His voice was ragged, shaky. “You do that again, Lon, and I can't promise I'll be able to control myself.”

    Lonny grinned, his body trembling. “Me either.”

    Paul leaned back in his seat and laughed then turned his head and looked at Lonny. He reached over and stroked his fingers through Lonny's sandy hair. “You're so much fun, Lonny.” He murmured. “I love spending time with you.”

    Lonny turned his face into Paul's hand. “I love it too.”

    Paul gazed at him in silence, his thumb gliding back and forth across Lonny's cheek. “When we make love, Lonny.” He whispered softly. “It's going to be the most beautiful thing either of us has ever experienced.”

    Something in the tone of Paul's voice, his very words, caused Lonny's eyes to sting. He turned his face more deeply into Paul's hand and kissed his palm, closing his eyes briefly. “I believe you, Paul.”

    And he did. With every ounce of faith within him.

    ...Caught in a Kiss...

    “This is the best day.” Lonny stood on the curb in front of his house. Paul sat on the bike, the machine turned off and leaning on the kickstand. Lonny held the helmet against his stomach, gazing at Paul's face, struggling to grasp the fact that this was actually happening. That Paul was more than just a sweet dream he had conjured up out his own loneliness.

    “The very best.” Paul smiled and Lonny's heart melted to a puddle in his chest. Paul took the helmet and hung it on one of the handlebars then looked up at Lonny with his lovely eyes. “Can I kiss you, Lonny?” He glanced around at the neighboring houses as if the chance of someone seeing might cause Lonny to reject his request.

    “Please.” A tremor ran through Lonny at the notion of feeling Paul's lips on his yet again. Paul had kissed him many times over the course of this day, but each time felt like the first time.

    Paul stood up slowly, still straddling the bike, took hold of Lonny's hand and drew him closer. He flattened his palm gently against the side of Lonny's neck and leaned in for his kiss. His lips were satin against Lonny's mouth and Lonny moved into the kiss, sliding his hands up over Paul's strong curving trap muscles. A low moan rose in the air between them and Lonny couldn't tell if it was coming from him, or Paul.

    Paul's thumb rubbed lightly over the bruised flesh on Lonny's neck where Paul's mouth had sucked at him so enticingly. “Not gonna be able to hide that.” Paul murmured against his mouth.

    “I don't care.” Lonny's breath shuddered out from between his lips and into Paul's mouth.

    Paul smiled. “Good.” He kissed him again. “'Cause that's my seal of ownership.” Another kiss, lingering. “You're mine now.” One more kiss. “My boyfriend.” Just one more. “My man.”

    Tiny electric shocks of excitement snapped through Lonny's mind and body, coming together in his heart in a staggering explosion. Paul's hands dropped to Lonny's hips and gripped firmly, pulling their bodies tighter together as his mouth covered Lonny's one more time, their warm tongues intertwining and exploring one another's mouths.

    The sudden low rumble of an approaching car broke their intoxicating kiss. The two boys stepped away from each other as a pale yellow, older style Volkswagon turned into Lonny's driveway, pulled up to the garage and parked outside the closed garage door. A brunette woman in her early forties climbed out and cast the boys a quick glance as she closed the driver door and headed inside the house.

    Uncertainty tightened Paul's face. “Your mom?”

    “Yeah.” Lonny glanced at the house then back to Paul.

    “Does she...”

    “She knows.” Lonny nodded slowly. “Want me to introduce you?”

    Paul pursed his lips and squinted his eyes. “Has she ever seen you kiss a guy before?”

    Lonny shrugged. “No.”

    “Uh huh.” Paul sat back down on the bike and lifted the helmet off the handlebar. “Well, maybe I should give you a rain check on the introduction. Even the most understanding parent can be thrown for a loop the first time they actually see their son lock lips with another boy.” He grinned and raised an eyebrow as he gazed up at Lonny. “Best let her absorb this first.”

    Lonny shrugged again, “Maybe you're right.” He couldn't tear his gaze from Paul's eyes. He didn't want him to go, wanted to prolong this day for as long as possible.

    Paul stood up suddenly and kissed Lonny once more. “See ya tomorrow, sexy.” He groaned as their lips retreated from the kiss slowly, reluctantly. Lonny's heart flip-flopped against his ribs as Paul dropped back down and tugged the helmet over his head, fastened the chin strap then started the bike. He shot Lonny one more look, winking and grinning as he took off, speeding away and disappearing down a side street. Gone. As if he'd never really been there in the first place.

    Lonny blinked and sucked in a shuddery breath. He would have wondered if he had imagined the whole day with Paul if it wasn't for the distant roar of the motorcycle...and the sweet sensation of Paul's kiss still warm and tingling on his lips.

    “See you tomorrow.” He whispered as he touched two fingertips to his lips.

    ...A Dark Cloud...

    “Mom?” Lonny entered the kitchen, a ball of tension in his gut. Quick flashes of the day his parents learned he was gay snapped through his head. The repercussions of that day still crippled him with guilt, but as that guilt tried to rise again, he shoved it down and slid up onto one of the tall stools at the counter.

    His mom was busying herself with the coffee maker, making a fresh pot. Her back was to him and he couldn't detect her state of mind.

    “Who's your friend?” She asked suddenly, quietly as she stuffed a clean coffee filter into the
    machine and began spooning in coffee crystals. “I haven't seen him before.”

    “Paul.” Lonny answered low. Just saying his name made his skin tingle and pulse quicken. “He just started school today.”

    She closed the tray and pressed the button on the bottom of the coffee maker. The machine began to gurgle as his mom finally faced him. There was a measure of tension in her face, but nothing too alarm worthy. “It's nice you're making friends.” Was all she offered, making no mention of the kiss she happened upon. “Sometimes I worry about you.”

    Lonny smiled. “You don't have to worry about me, mom.”

    “I know how people can be.” She whispered. “How cruel human beings are.”

    “Not all.” Lonny slid off the stool and went to his mom, taking her hands in his. He kissed her cheek. “You're not like that. And there are a lot of others out there just like you.”

    She looked up at him. Tears shimmered in her eyes. “You're a wonderful boy, deserve to be loved.”

    Paul's handsome face flashed in Lonny's mind, and he smiled. “I am, mom.”

    She smiled but it had an uncharacteristic strain to it.

    “What's wrong?” Lonny asked slowly.

    His mom stepped away from him and went to stand before the coffee machine, watching the black liquid drop into the pot. The strong aroma of freshly brewing coffee filled the kitchen. “I, uh...I spoke to your father today.”

    An instant tightness clutched Lonny's guts. “Yeah?”

    “He wants to see you.” She whispered thickly, then faced him. “He wants the two of you to talk.”

    “He wants it?” Lonny asked doubtfully. “Or you want it?”

    “We both want it, Lonny.”

    Lonny shook his head and swallowed tightly. Anger and guilt rose up simultaneously, mingling to create a bitter taste in his mouth. “You can't make him accept me, mom.” Lonny stated with a hard edge to his voice. “He will never accept that his son is a fag.”

    “Don't use that word.” His mom said sharply. “I hate that word.”

    “But that's what he called me, isn't it?” Lonny's eyes were beginning to burn with tears and he wished they could terminate this conversation. It was casting a dark cloud over his perfect day with Paul. “It isn't in him to face that kind of reality.”


    “You know what he said to me when he found out?” Lonny shot at her suddenly, his tears brimming and blurring his vision. “He said he would rather I be dead than be a fag. He would've rather had a dead straight son than a live queer one.”

    His mom's eyes widened as tears spilled over. “He didn't...say that.”

    “He did, mom.” Lonny choked past the lump in his throat. “He did.” He swiped at his eyes and turned away. “If you want to talk to him, I get it. You still love him and I understand that. But I have nothing to say to him.” Lonny moved quickly for the kitchen doorway as his tears flooded over. “He can go to hell for all I care.”

    “Lonny!” She called after him. “Honey!”

    He raced up the stairs two at a time and burst into his room, slamming the door behind him, locking it. He fell on his bed on his back, his chest hitching and heaving as hot tears poured down into his ears. He clutched his head with his hands and stared at the ceiling swimming above him. Hard sobs seized him and he rolled onto his stomach, clutching his pillow and crying into it to muffle the sound.

    His tears of anger and pain were stained with a heavy guilt as well. Because of him, his mom had lost the love of her life. His dad had left because of him, because he couldn't stand to look at him. Few could stand to look at him once it came out he wasn't straight. And those who did, did so with ridicule and disgust, as if they couldn't imagine anything more vile and repulsive.

    His mom had been the only one who had accepted him and continued to love him and look at him the same as before. His father...he'd watched his father's love for him die right before his eyes. Watched the man himself die inside as if his worst nightmare had come true. For the longest time afterwards, Lonny had felt diseased, filthy, an abomination in the eyes of man and God. Somehow along the way he had learned to accept himself, though few others did. But he no longer thought of his preferences as a sickness of the mind and body. He was just who he was...though he didn't always understand just who or what that was.

    Until today.

    Until Paul.

    “Paul.” Lonny trembled and grabbed the cordless phone on his night stand when it hit him that he didn't know Paul's number. They had spent the day together and not once exchanged personal information. Nothing even as simple as their phone numbers. They had been so caught up in one another and their newfound love...that nothing else had mattered. Now, Lonny wished they had taken the time to at least exchange numbers. He needed to hear Paul's voice, needed him so bad right now.

    He rolled onto his back again and stared at the ceiling, the phone resting on his chest like a sleeping infant, rising and falling with the rhythm of his unsteady breathing. Paul's lovely face rose slowly behind his eyes. “I wish you were here with me.” Lonny whispered thickly. “I wish I could hold you all night long.”

    His eyes were suddenly desperately heavy as the excitement and stress of the day combined and drained him of his strength. He let his eyelids fall close without resistance. He wanted to sleep. Wanted the recent conversation with his mom washed away by sweet dreams of Paul's soft kiss and warm touch.

    ...Hot Summer Nights...


    Darkness surrounded him in the dream, he couldn't see a thing, but he wasn't afraid. Paul's lips were touching his ear, whispering his name. His hands on Lonny's shoulders and back, caressing him. Paul's strong body pressed up behind him, filling Lonny with a sense of comfort and security, convincing him nothing could hurt him or touch him as long as Paul was there with him.

    “Lonny.” Paul's lips brushed his ear, sending tingling sensations through Lonny's body.

    “Paul...” Lonny moaned. “You're here...just like I wished.”

    Paul kissed his shoulder, his neck. His hands slid around Lonny's chest, hugging the boy back against him in a snug embrace. “Lonny...wake up.”

    Lonny's brow creased as his eyes snapped open. It was still dark but he knew he was awake, in his room. Arms tightened around his body, startling him. He gasped softly and twisted his head. Paul's lips caught him with a kiss on the corner of his mouth. A half sob, half laugh escaped him as he turned into Paul's embrace. Before he could speak, Paul's mouth covered his and kissed him deep and long. Lonny's arms wrapped around Paul's neck as their kiss deepened with intensity.

    They finally broke apart with a sharp gasp. “What're you doing here?” Lonny panted. “How did you...”

    “Your window.” Paul's lips tugged at Lonny's lower lip, still throbbing from their fierce kiss. “You really should lock it. Any hoodlum could crawl in and have his way with you.”

    Lonny laughed softly. “Clearly.”

    Paul growled and buried his face in Lonny's throat, playfully ravaging him. Lonny released a sharp laugh then clamped his mouth shut. He didn't know what time it was but he didn't want to alert his mom that he wasn't alone in his room.

    “What are you doing here, though?” Lonny asked as Paul raised his head and gazed into Lonny's shining eyes.

    “I couldn't wait till tomorrow.” Paul murmured. His hungry eyes slid all over Lonny's face as if he were gazing upon a long coveted treasure. “I missed you too much.” He drew back as if to leave the bed. “But if you want me to go...”

    Lonny laughed and grabbed him, pulling him back against him. “No way in hell, mister.” He grinned. “You're here and you're gonna stay here.”

    “Gettin' tough, are we?” Paul's eyes flashed as a dark grin split his face. “Now that turns me on.”

    “What doesn't turn you on?” Lonny chuckled and rubbed his hands over Paul's chest.

    “Anyone who isn't you.” Paul groaned and kissed him hard. His hands were under the back of Lonny's shirt, his fingertips dancing up his spine. Paul's strong arousal pressed firmly against Lonny's own, causing Lonny's heart to flutter and skip a beat. Then Lonny's shirt was gone, vanished into thin air seemingly, and Paul's hot mouth was on his throat, kissing a steaming path lower, down through the groove between his pecs.

    Lonny's fingers delved into Paul's thick black hair, gripping tender fistfuls as his body arched to Paul's probing mouth. “Oh god...” Lonny gasped out softly. “Paul...”

    Paul's tongue slid over Lonny's right nipple, tracing it with the tip then his mouth was covering it, his teeth nipping, mouth sucking.

    Lonny squeezed his hair tighter in his fists as the other boy set him on fire and burned him down. His heart pounded so hard he feared it might give out as he gasped for breath that eluded him.

    A stuttered moan escaped Lonny as Paul's mouth shifted to his other nipple, then kissed down the center crevice of his stomach between his developing ab muscles. His tongue dipped into his naval, causing Lonny to arch harder to his mouth. Paul's lips caressed and kissed down to the waistband of Lonny's jeans then stopped. Lonny could feel his own erection stretching and straining against the crotch of his jeans, there was no way Paul could miss it.

    A deep, agonized groan slid up Paul's throat as his chest brushed against Lonny's swollen crotch. His hands rubbed tensely along Lonny's hips and outer thighs, clutching his jeans fiercely. Lonny was at the understanding that if Paul yanked down his jeans just now and went at him, he wouldn't have the will to resist. But he left his jeans in tact and pushed himself back up over Lonny's body, kissing his mouth hard and hungry. Paul's hips pressed between Lonny's thighs as he ground his raging erection against Lonny's.

    “Lonny...” Paul shuddered into Lonny's mouth. “My beautiful Lonny...I love you...”

    Lonny's arms were around Paul, his fingers clutching his hard back muscles, digging into the other boy's flesh as he raised himself to his lover.

    “Can I love on you, Lonny?” Paul's anguished voice begged Lonny. “Will you let me love you with my mouth? Just my mouth. I'll keep my jeans on. I won't ask for more...not tonight.” He kissed Lonny's mouth as a desperate sob choked up his throat. “Please let me love you, baby...I promise you'll beg me not to stop.”

    Lonny felt like someone had dumped gasoline on him and set him ablaze. His eyelids shuddered heavily as he gazed at Paul's flushed, tense face. He tried to speak but his throat wouldn't work, wouldn't let the words out. He nodded unsteadily, gasping, tears sliding from the corners of his eyes, into his ears.

    “Oh Lonny...” Paul groaned and kissed his mouth again then slid slowly down his body. He dropped kisses on Lonny's stomach as his trembling hands unfastened Lonny's jeans. Paul panted hard as he dragged Lonny's jeans and boxers down off his hips, urging Lonny to lift his butt as he tugged the clothes from underneath him. His hands were shaking as he pulled the jeans down Lonny's legs, off his feet, tossing them to the floor along with the boxers. He squeezed Lonny's ankles as he gazed in awe at Lonny's erect penis.

    “You are so beautiful, Lonny.” Paul moaned, sliding his hands up the insides of Lonny's legs, pushing them open gently. His thumbs pressed firmly into Lonny's inner thighs as they glided upward towards Lonny's powerful erection.

    Lonny's chest was heaving hard as he watched Paul in the darkness, the only light coming from the street lights outside. But it was enough to illuminate the heated events inside the bedroom. Lonny released a sudden choked cry as Paul's strong hand wrapped around the base of his dick and his mouth touched his full, firm balls.

    Gripping the sheets, Lonny's head shoved back into his pillow as his legs bent and his feet ground into the bed, the springs in the mattress grinding beneath his heels as he pushed his hips upward, offering himself to his boyfriend.

    Paul's hot breath blasted against Lonny's balls as he licked and sucked at him, his hand stroking firmly up and down Lonny's swollen shaft. Paul drew Lonny's ball sack into his mouth and sucked until Lonny was crying and writhing on the bed. Precum seeped out of the head of Lonny's dick as Paul's hand caught it, using it as a lubrication to slick up his hard flesh and pump him more smoothly.

    “Paul!” Lonny cried out, unable to keep quiet, not caring if he woke up the whole world and alerted it to their love making. His emotions were running wild, raging through him. Tears flowed freely from his eyes, wetting his hair and pillow. He was crying openly, the love he felt for Paul too much for him to hold inside.

    Paul's hot, sucking mouth released his balls as his satiny tongue licked up the underside of his cock, rippling over the hard rope of muscle up to the very head itself. He licked across the tip then around the perimeter. Lonny was still pressed back into his pillows, his chest hitching hard, his body bent in a fierce arch. Paul drew his mouth off Lonny's dick, stroking him gently with his hand.

    “Lonny.” Paul moaned softly, breath ragged. “Lonny...relax, baby.”

    Lonny's body slowly sank back down against the bed, trembling and shaking. Paul was suddenly up beside him, kissing his flushed, damp face, his quivering lips, wiping away his tears.

    “Just relax, Lon.” Paul whispered against his lips, his fingertips stroking the side of his neck. “We got all night...we can take our time.” He smiled and kissed Lonny's mouth and murmured, “Maybe I shouldn't have went straight for the gold...I didn't mean to overwhelm you.”

    Lonny was shaking against Paul's hot body. His eyes glassy and watery as he gazed at the beautiful boy he loved so much. “Don' sorry.” His whispered voice quaked. “It felt be...overwhelmed by you.”

    “Lets take it a bit slower.” Paul kissed him softly, the hunger still raging behind the kiss but held at bay. He slid over and covered Lonny's body with his, never breaking the kiss. His hands caressed Lonny's bare skin as he worked his crotch gently against Lonny's throbbing erection.

    Lonny's hands played up and down Paul's muscular back, then lower. He slid his hands into the back pockets of Paul's jeans and gripped his ass cheeks. He hugged Paul's hips with his thighs and lifted his pelvis to his gentle grinding. He longed for Paul to remove his jeans so he could feel his solid shaft rubbing against his own, flesh on hard flesh. But he suspected that even if he asked him to undress completely, he wouldn't do it. Not yet. Not until he was certain Lonny was truly ready to explore all the possibilities of their love making. And for that amazing unselfishness, Lonny just loved him so much more.

    Paul tilted Lonny's head back, exposing his neck, then grabbed at the tender skin with his teeth as he'd done in the theater and began to suck like a starving vampire. Lonny gasped then moaned loud. Paul's grinding crotch stole what little breath he had as a mind shattering orgasm began to rise up inside him like a tidal wave swelling up out of the ocean.

    “Paul...” Lonny whimpered, gasping hard. He clung to Paul desperately as Paul sucked more forcefully at his throat and moved his hips with just a smidge more intensity. Lonny cried, his sobs mixing with his sharpened gasps. “Paul...Paul...Oh Paul!”

    Paul's mouth was on his again, his breath ragged and erratic. “Yes, Lonny...don't fight it...just go with it, baby...just go with it.”

    Both boys panted and gasped, both their faces streaked with tears. Paul clenched his jaw and buried his face in Lonny's neck. “Oh god, Lon! I'm gonna cum too!”

    Lonny's hands clutched at Paul's back, his fingers gouging into Paul's taut, damp muscles as his body arched fiercely and a strangled cry erupted out of him as the swelling orgasm exploded with enough force to squeeze Lonny's throat close and cut off all air flow. He came hard, squirting powerful shots of creamy fluids onto his and Paul's stomachs.

    Paul arched against him and cried out sharply, gripping the sheets in tight fists as his own orgasm burst inside his jeans. “Shit!” He gasped hard, his face twisting in sexual agony and never looking more handsome and sexy to Lonny as he did right then in that intense moment of release.

    Lonny found his breath and gasped erratically, trying to refill his deprived lungs. Paul dropped down against him, panting unsteadily, but then pushed up on his elbows and kissed Lonny with so much passion and love it broke Lonny's heart as he cried into the kiss. Paul grabbed his face and kissed him all over, his own tears dripping on Lonny's face and being kissed away by Paul's lips.

    “I love you, Lonny.” He choked, gasping. “I love you so much, baby.”

    Lonny wrapped around him with his arms and legs, clutching his hot body against his own, his face pressed into his shoulder as he cried softly. “I love you too, Paul. I love you. I love you.” He kissed up and down Paul's damp neck. “Stay with me all night. Please, please stay.”

    Paul drew back and kissed his lover on the lips once more. “I'm not going anywhere, love. Not tonight...not ever.”

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    Re: The Brokenhearted Necklace

    Wow. . . Great read Writeit- Hope that you decide to continue this!

    Thanks for the great read.

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    Re: The Brokenhearted Necklace (Part 2)

    Beautifully written, WriteIt!

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    Re: The Brokenhearted Necklace (Part 2)

    Bravo, WriteIt! Thanks so much for this addition.

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    Re: The Brokenhearted Necklace

    Thank you so much! This is a complete story and I will post all the parts Thank you for reading!

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    The Brokenhearted Necklace (Part 3)

    ...A Good Morning...

    The faint gray light of early dawn pressed at the window with barely enough force to break into the shadows of the bedroom. Lonny drifted from sleep to wakefulness like a swimmer ascending from the depths of deep, dark water.

    He shifted and Paul's arms tightened around him in his sleep, his warm body snug against Lonny's back. He still wore his jeans but his naked torso clung to the skin of Lonny's back where their sweat had dried and pasted them together. Lonny covered Paul's hands with his own and pressed his head back against the boy's collar bone. He could feel Paul's heart beating steadily, rhythmically in the hollow of his throat against the back of his head as the strong pulse in Paul's chest thumped against Lonny's back. It seemed to play out a love song more beautiful than anything Lonny have ever heard before.

    “Please, God.” He whispered into the dark bedroom. “Please...let this be right. Let us be together always.” His throat tightened, his eyes burning at even the mere thought of Paul being taken from him. “They say it's wrong...that you even hate us...but I don't believe that...I don't.” Tears slid down his face as his hands tightened over Paul's. “I love him, God. I love him so much. Your word says you are love. Please understand...please.”

    “He does.” Paul murmured against Lonny's ear, startling him a little. “Don't ever think He doesn't.” He kissed Lonny's hair softly. “People think they know the mind of God...but they don't.” His arms tightened around Lonny. “He loves us, Lon. Every bit as much as He loves anyone.”

    Lonny twisted around as Paul's arms loosened enough to let him shift and face him. Lonny flattened his hands against Paul's warm skin and pressed his face to his chest as Paul's heart pumped in his ear. He couldn't imagine anything sounding better than the heartbeat of the one you loved most.

    He was still naked beneath the blankets and the friction of Paul's jeans against his sensitive groin and bare thighs sent tiny stimulating shock waves shooting every which way through his body. The silky hairs on his legs prickled and stood on end as Paul reached beneath the blanket and lightly ran his fingertips down Lonny's outer thigh then up over his hip. Lonny shuddered and Paul smiled then touched Lonny's mouth with his lips, not inciting a kiss just yet, but simply touching lips.

    Lonny parted his lips a hair as Paul's tongue slid between them just a little. The hand resting on Lonny's hip slipped lower and gently gripped the back of Lonny's thigh and lifted his leg up over Paul's hip, drawing him in close and snug as his hand moved down behind him and gripped his butt cheek firmly, holding him in place. Paul stretched his upper leg over the top of Lonny's lower leg, scissoring their bodies more tightly together. Lonny's pulse was quickening rapidly. His teeth clamped gently onto the tip of Paul's tongue and drew it deeper into his mouth until they were locked in a deep exploration of one another's mouths.

    A soft, startled gasp slid up Lonny's throat when Paul's fingers moved in between his butt cheeks and fingered his anus. Paul smiled through their kiss then groaned with pleasure as Lonny hardened between them. Paul kissed his lips then untangled their bodies. “Lay on your stomach.” He told Lonny quietly then kissed his cheek when Lonny hesitated. “Trust me, love.”

    Lonny did trust him, More than he trusted any living being on this earth. He turned onto his stomach. Paul rose up on his knees and grabbed a thick pillow. “Lift your hips, babe, and let me put this under you.” Lonny lifted his hips away from the bed as Paul tucked the pillow under him, elevating his rear somewhat. Paul drew the blankets down off Lonny's body and knelt between his thighs, opening his legs to a comfortable width. Lonny pulled another pillow under his head and wrapped his arms around it.

    A pleasurable shiver ran through Lonny's body as Paul rubbed his hands over his butt cheeks, squeezed gently then spread him open. “You know, Lon.” Paul groaned with a smile in his voice. “You have a sweet ass. Damn.”

    Lonny smiled and closed his eyes as he rested his cheek against the soft pillow and let himself get carried away by Paul's electrifying touch.

    “I guarantee you, baby.” Paul moaned as he squeezed and massaged Lonny's firm cheeks. “In this relationship...I'll always be the one kissing your ass.” With that, he leaned down and kissed one cheek then the other, then bit the smooth flesh, making Lonny flinch then smile. Paul laughed softly. “I know, babe. I'm a real bite in the ass, ain't I?”

    Lonny chuckled, his eyes still closed. “I don't mind.” He moaned softly. “Not a bit.” He felt Paul's lips smile against his cheek then kiss him.

    Paul spread his cheeks open wider and began to kiss along the inner crevice of his ass, his tongue flicking at his extremely tender flesh then teasing the tight hole of his anus. Lonny's breath caught slightly as Paul traced firm circles around the entrance then slid his tongue down the crease to the smooth patch of hard muscle between his balls and anus. He dipped his head in and massaged it with his tongue, teasing the edge of his ball sack.

    “Oh god...” Lonny trembled, squeezing the pillow under his head with tense arms. His dick was stretched downward between his legs and growing harder by the moment. He swore suddenly, flinching hard, when Paul gave his dick a quick, firm lick along the underside of the shaft. “Oh my god, Paul...”

    Paul's hot mouth was on his anus again then his finger was probing the entrance. Lonny tensed on reflex. Paul kissed one his cheeks. “Relax, Lon.” He groaned. “Don't clench up.”

    “I'm not trying to.” Lonny moaned.

    Paul laughed softly. “It's okay. It won't stop me.” He worked up some saliva in his mouth then leaned down close and spit it gently on Lonny's tight hole, swirled his finger in slow circles around the inner rim of the entrance, coating it with the saliva, then began pushing it in carefully.

    Lonny moaned and lifted his butt a little in acceptance.

    “That's it, babe.” Paul's breath quickened as his finger squeezed in deeper. He kissed Lonny's cheeks again as he sank his finger in as far as it would go, then worked it around gently and began massaging Lonny's prostrate.

    Lonny's breath caught sharply then staggered up his throat as Paul stimulated him with his finger, encouraging an instant raging erection. “Oh my god.” Lonny was trembling, his hips beginning to move with the massaging motion of Paul's finger.

    Groaning deeply, Paul continued to massage him as he scooted up alongside Lonny's body a little and dropped kisses all across his back, kissing a warm path up his spine then back down to the small of his back and the upper swell of his butt cheeks.

    Paul rocked up on his knees suddenly without removing his finger and worked open his jeans. He tugged his fierce erection loose and began stroking it with urgency as he worked his finger inside Lonny. “Oh shit...” He shuddered hard.

    Every nerve in Lonny's body surfaced as a sweat broke out on his skin. He longed to be the one getting Paul off. He shouldn't have to do it himself when he was bringing Lonny so much pleasure.

    “Paul...” Lonny quavered. “Let me...”

    Paul shuddered again then repositioned, turning his lower body around and sliding his hips down to Lonny. He shoved the front of his jeans down lower as Lonny wrapped his hand around Paul's steel shaft. A low, shaky cry squeezed up Paul's throat as Lonny began to stroke him with strong, firm strokes.

    “Oh fuck, Lon.” He whimpered and pressed his face against the swell of Lonny's rear. He hugged his arm around Lonny's butt and massaged him with more urgency as Lonny worked his hand on his dick. Paul began to thrust through Lonny's tight fist. A strangled sobbing groan stuck in his throat.

    A strong orgasm coiled in Lonny's groin. His balls tightened fiercely and pulled up against his body. “Paul...” He gasped hard as his body jerked with the first stage of the orgasm, his body locking up.

    “I'm there too, baby.” Paul gasped tightly through a clenched jaw. “Oh god, Lon, I'm right there!”

    Lonny's body seized up and curled upward tightly as a wailing cry exploded from deep inside him and he came so hard it brought tears to his eyes. His hand squeezed Paul's shaft and pumped him fast and urgent as Paul withdrew from his body quickly and clutched the back of his thigh and pressed his forehead hard against his leg, crying out in a mixture of anguish and ecstasy, sobs choking him as he climaxed as powerfully as Lonny, squirting hard shots of cum against Lonny's arm.

    The orgasm released Paul suddenly as he dropped against the bed, his fevered brow resting against Lonny's leg, his hot breath exploding against Lonny's damp skin.

    Lonny panted in shaky, erratic breaths as his hand continued to slowly stroke Paul's softened penis. Paul reached down with a trembling hand and wrapped it around Lonny's. He closed his eyes and kissed Lonny's thigh. “How did I live eighteen years without you, Lonny?” Paul choked out. Lonny felt warm tears sliding down the side of his leg as his own tears drained down his cheeks. He couldn't imagine ever making love with Paul without crying. The emotions and love was too great, too overwhelming to hold back the tears.

    Twisting around so they were face to face again, Paul drew Lonny into his embrace once more and kissed his trembling lips. Apparently feeling the ability to control himself, Paul shoved his jeans down his legs and kicked them off then reached down and grabbed the blankets, pulling them back up over their naked bodies. It felt good being wrapped up in Paul's nude body, their damp skin slick and clingy at the same time. Paul's hands caressed all over Lonny's back as his mouth kissed and sucked at his neck, planting more seals of ownership.

    Lonny smiled at that thought. To be truly owned by Paul...belong to him completely...he could think of nothing sweeter or more exhilarating.

    ...Sticks & Stones...

    “I should go before your mom catches me here.”

    Lonny laid in the bed, admiring Paul's nude form as he picked up his clothes. It was almost six-thirty a.m. and the room was awash with stark morning light. Paul's muscles shifted and flexed as he shrugged on his jeans, bouncing on his toes as he tugged them up over his hips. Something about that simple movement made Lonny want to grab him and pull him back into bed.

    Slipping into his t-shirt, Paul placed a knee on the edge of the bed and leaned down, kissing Lonny's lips. “Meet me in the park at, what, seven-thirty? I'll give you a ride to school.”

    Lonny slid his hands up Paul's arms. “I'd rather just replay yesterday...instead of going to school.”

    Paul grinned and leaned closer, brushing his lips over Lonny's ear. “We'll have plenty of replay, no worries there, love.” He kissed his ear then his neck, groaning and drawing back reluctantly. “But I should run home and shower, grab some clean clothes.” He kissed his mouth. “Only four more days till your graduation then you'll be done with it for good. Don't want to screw up by skipping the last week, do you?”

    Lonny shrugged and smiled. “I don't care. I just want to be with you.”

    “And you will be.” Paul said. “But you'll be with me in school.” He smacked Lonny's hip through the blanket. “So get that sweet fanny out of bed and get ready to go.” He stood up and grabbed his jacket off Lonny's desk chair where he'd apparently dropped it when he sneaked in last night. He slipped into the jacket. “Seven-thirty, in the park. Don't keep me waiting.” He grinned and winked. “'Cause you know I will.”

    Lonny watched with a deep sense of regret as Paul shoved up the window and climbed out. He hated Paul being out of his sight, even for just an hour or so. He could look at him twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week and never grow tired or bored of the sight.

    Paul cast him one last glance, one last heart-melting grin. “See ya soon, babe.” Then he was gone. Lonny waited to hear the bike start up but it never did. Paul must have walked to Lonny's house last night.

    Flopping back on the pillows instead of immediately getting out of bed as Paul had instructed, Lonny closed his eyes and smiled, a deep sigh escaping him. What a perfect day yesterday had been. And last even more perfect night. Even with the glitches of Jack Flemming's taunts and his unsavory conversation with his mom, it would all still go down as a perfect 10.

    A soft, pleasurable groan seeped out of him as images from yesterday and last night danced through his head like little fairies. Fairies. Lonny laughed at the pun and groaned again, rubbing his hands on his face, trying to dispel the lingering effects of sleep, then finally threw back the blanket and sat up. The slight chill in the air caused his skin to prickle with goose bumps as an exaggerated shudder ran through him. He rubbed the back of his neck then traced his fingertips down the chain of his necklace and, as he always did, thought of the boy he had met in the hospital. The familiar sadness filled his heart and he closed his eyes, praying his daily prayer that the boy had found love and acceptance in his life, and the same joy with someone special as Lonny had with Paul.

    Clearing his throat from a sudden invading tightness, he left the bed, pulled on his boxers and went to take a shower.

    Thirty minutes later, wearing black jeans and a clean white t-shirt and sneakers, Lonny entered the kitchen. A rush of memories from yesterday's talk of his dad filled him with guilt for the way he'd blown up. “Mom?” He called softly as he stepped through the doorway, a strong wonderful scent of strawberry pancakes seducing him instantly. After going nearly all day yesterday and all last night without eating, and exerting so much energy...Lonny realized he was famished. “I'm sorry about yesterday-”

    Lonny went stiff, his hands squeezing into tight, tense fists. His dad stood up slowly from the table. A mountain of a man, standing nearly a foot taller than Lonny. Though he wasn't currently resonating a menacing air, Lonny couldn't stop his pulse from racing and his body from seizing with a sudden familiar stress.

    “Dad.” Lonny swallowed thickly. He didn't know what else to say. The last time he'd stood face to face with his father, the day he had confessed to his parents that he was gay, the man had called him a faggot and as good as disowned him on the spot. Lonny's fingers sought out the jagged heart on his necklace as they always did when he found himself in a tense situation. He silently chanted his mantra as images of the boy from the hospital floated behind his eyes.

    Sticks and stones may break your bones.

    But words will never hurt you.

    His dad took a couple steps towards him, faltered as if he were extremely uncomfortable and unsure how to proceed. Funny, Lonny mused without humor, how him being gay had turned him into a stranger his dad could barely speak to anymore, or even want to speak to. Lonny knew the man was here only because his mother had instigated it.

    “Lonny, honey.” His mom rose up from her chair where she'd been sitting and talking to his dad. “Your father would really like to speak with you.”

    Lonny glanced from his mom to his dad. The look on his father's face wasn't telling him the same thing. In his dad's cool gray eyes was the same stern obstinate rejection as before. But apparently he still loved his wife enough to try and please her. The guilt bubbled inside him again. He wondered if he just left, moved out, if his dad would come back. He was certain he would. Maybe after graduation, him and Paul could...

    “I thought maybe we could take a drive.” His dad spoke low, a clear strain to his voice. “Talk about...things.”

    Lonny glanced at the clock; 7:05. Paul would be waiting for him at the park in less than half an hour. Don't keep me waiting...'cause you know I will. Lonny resisted the smile that fought to stretch his lips. A sudden, powerful rush of love for the boy swept through him. He hadn't known it was possible to love someone so much.

    “Lonny?” His mother stepped forward. “Why don't you forget about school today and go with your father.”

    Lonny broke from his state of paralysis and cleared his throat. “I, uh...I can't. I have a last minute test. It's real important.” He flexed his hands again and turned away, all thoughts of eating breakfast gone, his appetite shattered.

    “Lonny.” His dad's hand was gripping his arm before he even knew the man had moved. It wasn't a forceful, threatening grip, but it instantly shot Lonny full of anxiety. “Lets try to talk this out...for your mother.”

    Talk this out. Talk what out? Lonny wondered. Did he think that 'Talking about it' would make Lonny any less gay?

    “Talk about what, dad?” Lonny voiced his thoughts aloud, his throat tight. Him and his father had never been real close, but he'd always felt loved by the man. And when he'd turned on him so suddenly and viciously, it had torn Lonny's heart apart, left an emptiness inside him that refused to go away...until yesterday, when Paul walked in and filled it up.

    “You know what.” A faint brittle edge chipped his dad's words. “You're almost eighteen, it's time you started facing life like a man. And part of being a man means dealing with problems head on.”

    Problems. He knew what his dad meant by problems. “It isn't a problem for me, dad.” He said quietly, then added in a whisper, “I'm sorry it is for you.”

    The hand gripping his arm tightened just a fraction, indicating his father's loss of patience. “Lonny-” His dad's words cut off sharp.

    Lonny looked at him. His dad's eyes were narrowed and hard as stones – and locked on to Lonny's neck. A sudden panic crashed through Lonny; he'd forgotten about the hickies Paul had plastered all over him last night.

    His dad's chest began to rise and fall more rapidly as his grip on Lonny's arm squeezed painfully. Lonny winced, tears burning his eyes.

    “Where did you get those?” His dad's voice was low and dripping with deadly undertones.

    “Dad.” Lonny tried to twist out of his grip, the tears spilling over.

    “Richard.” His mom stepped towards them anxiously. “You're hurting him.”

    His dad thrust a sharp index finger at her, halting her, never taking his eyes off Lonny's neck. “Who did that to you?”

    Tears streaked Lonny's face.

    “Tell me it was a girl and we'll drop this right now.” His dad bit sharply. “Tell me it was a girl!”

    Lonny whimpered and started to crumple beneath the fierce, clenching grip.

    “Richard!” His mom cried. “Stop it!”

    His dad's head snapped around. “Stay out of it, Donna!”

    Lonny was crying as a sharp pain wound up his arm into his shoulder as his dad began to twist his arm.

    “If you were with a...” His dad couldn't even say it. “ my house! I swear to God!”

    Lonny clutched his necklace as if it were a talisman that could save him from his father's wrath.

    “What is that?” His father hissed suddenly, staring at the necklace. “Some sissy gift from your faggot boyfriend?”

    To Lonny's horror, his dad grabbed the necklace in his fist.

    “No!” Lonny cried, trying to pull it from his father's grasp. “No! I've always had it, dad! Don't!”

    The necklace was suddenly ripped from his neck with a single hard jerk, the clasp snapping. As if in slow motion, Lonny felt the small chain slide off his skin for the first time in almost five years.

    “No!” Lonny screamed. His dad thrust him down and he hit the kitchen floor hard. He bounced back, grabbing for the necklace dangling from his father's hand. “Give it back! Give it back!”

    His father pulled his hand away, out of reach, as he loomed over Lonny like a mountain about to crash down on him. “You disgust me, you little faggot. You are no son of mine.”

    Lonny barely heard his father's hated words, his eyes locked onto the delicate chain swinging from his dad's fist. “Please, it's mine.” He cried, sobs racking him. “Give it back. Please, dad...give it back.”

    His dad looked at the necklace, his face twisted with rage and disgust. He turned and stormed out of the kitchen.

    “Lonny...” His mother stepped towards him but Lonny was on his feet, racing after his dad.

    He caught up to him in the garage. “Please, dad.” Lonny choked. “Please just give it back. No one gave it to me, I swear. I've....I've had it for years. Please...”

    His dad moved about as if Lonny wasn't even there. He grabbed a metal pan and dropped the necklace in it then picked up a small, hand held blow torch.

    “Dad!” Lonny's eyes widened in horror. “Dad! No!” Lonny cried and ran forward but the hot, blue flame of the torch was already melting the delicate necklace. Despair crashed over Lonny while he watched helplessly as the chain dissolved away to nothing and the broken heart with the word Forever inscribed on it bubbled and puddled and was suddenly gone forever.

    Lonny sank to the concrete floor, his head buried in his hands, sobbing hard.

    Suddenly he was jerked to his feet by his father's strong fist and slammed against the work table. Lonny gasped as tears coursed down his face. “If you ever bring another faggot into my house.” His dad's twisted, enraged face shoved close to Lonny's. “I swear to God I'll beat you within an inch of your pathetic life.”

    His dad shoved him to the floor and left the garage, returning to the house with a loud slam of the door. Inside, Lonny could hear him shouting at his mom but he wasn't listening to his dad's ranting as he pulled himself up off the floor and stumbled over to the metal pan.

    All that was left of his beloved necklace was a hardening clump of blackened metal.

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    Re: The Brokenhearted Necklace (Part 3)

    I'm at a loss for words. Beautiful, yet so emotionally wrenching.

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    The Brokenhearted Necklace (Part 4)

    ...Paul's Place...

    An unbearable pressure squeezed Lonny's chest, restricting his air. He hugged himself tightly as he stumbled away from his house and down the block. Tears streaked his face, hard sobs racking his body. The morning air was cool against his wet face as hurried towards the park.

    When he reached the last street that separated him from the community park, he spotted Paul sitting on one of the picnic tables, his feet resting on the bench, as he twirled a coin through his fingers. Lonny's chest heaved as he stopped at the curb and just stared at him. He was so perfect. The only good thing left in Lonny's world.

    As if feeling his lover's eyes, Paul looked up. He smiled, waved and hopped off the table, walking towards Lonny in long strides across the freshly cut grass. Another hard sob shook him and he broke loose and ran across the street, practically knocking Paul down as he grabbed him and hugged him tightly.

    Paul laughed and slid his arms around his shoulders. “Well, I missed you too, love.”

    Lonny shuddered and began to cry uncontrollably, his face pressed into Paul's chest.

    “Lon?” Alarm instantly darkened Paul's voice. “Lonny? What's wrong?” Paul grabbed his arms gently to draw him back and Lonny winced, flinching hard as Paul's hand gripped the bruised skin where his dad had squeezed him. A discolored hand print was stamped into his arm. “Lonny, what happened?” Paul stepped back and looked at his flushed, tear streaked face.

    “My dad...” Lonny choked. “He...” Lonny touched his throat with trembling fingers, longing to feel the necklace there again.

    Paul frowned and touched Lonny's neck. “Where is your necklace, Lonny?”

    “He thought...a boy gave it to me...” Lonny cried.

    “What did he do, Lonny?” Paul's voice was tight, strained.

    Lonny cried and pressed his head against Paul's throat. “He...burned it.”

    Paul's chest heaved beneath Lonny's cheek as his hands slowly slid up the back of his boyfriend's head and his fingers combed through his hair. He held Lonny against him and kissed his hair. “It's gonna be okay, baby.” He murmured.

    “He saw...the hickies.” Lonny' voice hitched. “He got so mad.” He pulled back from Paul and turned away, a sudden despairing anger swelling in him as he swiped at his eyes with annoyance. “Maybe he's right.” Lonny choked out bitterly. “Look at me, crying over a stupid necklace.”

    “Lon...” Paul stepped towards him.

    Lonny shook his head and stumbled away a few feet. “A sissy faggot crying over a piece of jewelry...what's wrong with me?”

    He was suddenly pulled around as Paul grabbed his face with both hands. “Stop it, Lonny!” Paul cried thickly. “There is nothing wrong with you, do you hear me? Nothing!” He kissed his face and pressed his forehead to Lonny's brow. “You are perfect, Lonny. Perfect. The most perfect person I could ever know.” He kissed his mouth. “If your dad has a problem with you, that's on him. Not you. You're amazing, Lonny. So amazing.” He kissed him again, tears sliding down his face. He rubbed his thumbs over Lonny's wet cheeks. “I love you, Lonny. There's nothing I would change about you. Not a fucking thing. There is nothing wrong with you.”

    Lonny wrapped his arms around Paul's body and hugged him tight as Paul kissed him with a fierce passion and knee weakening love. He shuddered as Paul's touch and kiss began to soothe the fever burning inside him.

    “I want you to make love to me.” Lonny trembled against Paul's lips. “Really make love to me.”

    “I want that too.” Paul groaned softly. “And I will...soon.”

    “No.” Lonny choked. “Now.” He kissed his lips. “Please, Paul, I can't wait anymore.”

    Paul stroked his face and gazed at him with those liquid blue eyes that Lonny fell into each time they looked his way. “Okay, baby.” He whispered and kissed Lonny softly, warmly. “We can go to my place.”

    “What about your parents?” Lonny trembled.

    Paul gazed at him as a storm of emotions Lonny didn't quite understand swept through the boy's eyes. “That won't be a problem.” Was all he offered before taking Lonny's hand and leading him to the motorcycle parked at the curb.

    In minutes, Lonny was again hugged up tight to Paul's back as they sped down the side streets of town. Lonny had no idea where Paul lived. It seemed whenever they were together, all they could think about was making love, as if the little details of life weren't important...just them and the love they shared.

    When Paul turned the bike off the street, brought it to a stop and killed the engine, Lonny tugged the helmet off. Uncertainty and confusion filled him as he stared at the row of bungalow type cabins stretching away from a tall sign that read Timberline Motel. A small office building sat directly beneath the sign.

    “Paul...” Lonny frowned as Paul stepped off the bike while Lonny continued to sit on the back of the seat. “I thought we were going to your place.”

    Paul took the helmet from Lonny. “We're here.” He said and turned away. “Come on.”

    Swinging his leg slowly over the bike, Lonny followed Paul to a cabin with the number 3 on the door. Paul dug in his front jean pocket and tugged out a key, unlocking the door. He pushed it open and stepped back, motioning Lonny inside.

    Lonny entered slowly, glancing around. It was a nice enough room, very down home, with an adjoining kitchen nook with a small frig, microwave and hot plate. He turned in a slow circle as Paul stepped inside and closed the door, set the helmet on top of a small bureau and walked into the kitchen, tossing the room key on the counter.

    “Paul...” Lonny spoke quietly. “What's going on? Why are you staying in a motel? Where're your parents?”

    Grabbing two cans of soda from the frig, Paul handed one to Lonny then popped the tab of his own can and took a drink. He walked over to the bed. “My mom's in Florida.” He sat down, placed the soda on the small stand beside the bed and began unfastening his boots. “And my dad...who knows. In hell, I hope.”

    Lonny's brow furrowed. He went to the bed where Paul was tugging off his boots. “You're here...alone?”

    Paul sat up straight and gazed up at Lonny and smiled as he rubbed his hands up Lonny's legs. “I'm not alone, Lonny.” He murmured. “You're here.” He stood and gripped Lonny's hips gently, kissing him softly. “I don't need anyone else.”

    The depth of honesty and sincerity in Paul's statement filled Lonny's heart with a whole new level of love for the other boy. “Neither do I.” He breathed, and knew it was the truth. All he needed now or ever...was Paul.

    ...Love Me Tender, Love Me True...

    Paul undressed him with slow, gentle hands and laid him down on the bed. Lonny watched with eyes of love as Paul removed his own clothes then came to him, his hunger visibly evident. Neither boy spoke as Paul pressed his heated body against Lonny, touched his neck lightly with his hand and kissed his waiting lips.

    A low, pleasurable moan slid up Lonny's throat as Paul rubbed his strong arousal slowly, sensually against Lonny's thickening erection. A shiver rippled through Lonny with the light caress of Paul's fingertips on his spine.

    Lonny was floating in a sweet place between heaven and earth as Paul's warm lips began to move all over his body in a tender, thorough exploration, discovering all his little erroneous spots that when kissed and caressed ignited the fire inside Lonny just a little hotter.

    As Paul explored lower, Lonny combed his fingers through his black hair and gripped lightly. He closed his eyes and let the ecstasy take him away, relaxing to his lover's tender touch. His breath trembled on his parted lips as Paul's loving mouth began to caress his pulsing arousal. Then his mouth was covering him, stealing Lonny's breath. An electric sensation staggered through him, prickling every tiny hair on his body and tingling his scalp.

    Lonny drew in a sharp, shaky breath as Paul's mouth pushed further and further down on him until his lips were being tickled by Lonny's slightly course pubic hair. Paul's tight throat squeezed the thick head of Lonny's erection, causing Lonny to grip his hair tighter and moan loud.

    A low groan rose in Paul's throat and vibrated through Lonny's shaft, making him quiver with ecstasy and sexual excitement. Paul began to stroke him, sucking slow, firm up to the head on each backstroke and taking him all the way into his throat on each downward stroke. Lonny's pulse quickened rapidly and his breath began to puff from between his lips in a steady rhythm. Soon, his quick breaths were tinged with soft cries as his whole body came alive with Paul's tender, sensual loving.

    Tears swelled then slid from the corners of his eyes as Paul's hands slid under his butt and began to lift him up, moving him in rhythm with the steady stroking of his mouth. Lonny began to move on his own, gently thrusting.

    A sudden, hard sob lodged in his throat as Paul's rhythm increased in speed and intensity. Lonny's hands squeezed into tight fists in Paul's hair and his body began a slow arching motion, lifting to his lover's sweet seduction, as a strong cry was pulled out of him in a long, swelling crescendo.

    “Paul...” He whimpered his first word since Paul had undressed him and laid him on the bed.

    Paul's velvet mouth squeezed him, sucked with force, and stroked with a swelling urgency. A series of shuddering sobs rolled up Lonny's throat. He cried out as Paul's mouth and tongue did everything perfectly to bring him to the edge of orgasm.

    “Please...” He cried, sharp gasps exploding from between his trembling lips. “Please...Paul...don't stop...take me...”

    Paul began to thrust his mouth onto Lonny's throbbing erection with more force, more determination, driving the head of his dick deep into his throat.

    The mind splitting orgasm clenched Lonny with a suddenness that wrenched a scream from deep inside him and his body arched forcefully as he gave up his love to the man he loved more than life. Paul took his liquid heat, swallowing eagerly, refusing to release him until he was spent, his body slowly sinking back down against the mattress, breath staggered and ragged.

    “I love you, Lonny.” Paul's raspy voice was shaking badly as he moved back up beside his lover, kissing up his arms, his shoulders and neck. Lonny's breath came out in shuddered puffs as he moved with Paul's urging and turned his back to him. Paul's hands were shaking as they slid down over his hips and he pressed in close behind Lonny. “I want you, Lonny.” He trembled violently. “I want you so bad, baby.”

    Lonny twisted his torso and curled his arm up behind Paul's head, drawing his mouth down to his lips. They kissed hard, passionate, urgent. This time Lonny didn't panic and try to pull away when he felt Paul's intimate probing. This time he was ready. He wanted to be filled and consumed, possessed by his lover.

    He gasped sharp when Paul entered him with just the head, taking his time despite his desperate need to be inside Lonny, always putting Lonny first, always considerate and caring of the boy who loved and trusted him so much. They kissed again, deep, long, as Paul slowly pushed in a little deeper. Lonny sucked in sharply through their kiss as tears burned his eyes. But what little pain he felt was sweet agony as the man he loved took full and complete possession of him.

    When Paul hesitated, afraid he was hurting him, Lonny slid his hand back over Paul's butt and held him firmly, turning his face to him. “Please...don't stop...” Lonny shuddered. “I want you, Paul...all of you...”

    Paul kissed him and entered him further, pressing in steadily until his hips were snug up against Lonny's firm butt. “Oh my god.” Paul sobbed through a groan. “Oh feel so good...I love you...I love you so much...”

    As his body expanded and relaxed, accepting his lover's penetration, Lonny's breath evened out a bit. Feeling some of the tension leave his body, Paul slid his arms under Lonny's armpits and locked his shoulders back against his chest as he began to slowly, carefully thrust into him. Lonny pressed his head back onto Paul's shoulder and closed his eyes as his pulse raced wildly. His hands gripped Paul's hands, clutching him, as their fevered bodies began to find their rhythm, moving together in perfect harmony, like a beautiful song sung by an angel's voice.

    Words weren't necessary for one to feel and understand what the other was saying. Paul's lips pressed against Lonny's shoulder as tears streamed from his eyes and he carried them both higher and higher, closer and closer to heaven.

    Lonny's arousal swelled fast as Paul's strong, heated body moved against him, stroking the ultra sensitive spot inside him. He gasped and panted, clawing Paul's hands as he pressed back hard against him, his hips working in time with Paul's. Paul released him with one arm and reached lower to wrap his hand around Lonny's erection.

    A low, shuddering moan tumbled off Lonny's quivering lips as Paul squeezed firmly and stroked him with love and passion. His hand moved in rhythm with the motion of his hips, stimulating Lonny both inside and out.

    Paul kissed and sucked at the damp, hot skin of Lonny's neck, his tears mingling with Lonny's sweat. Lonny's chest shuddered with sobs as short gasping cries erupted from him. The motel room and everything in it faded into the shadows of Lonny's mind until the only thing that remained was him and Paul, Paul's sensual touch, his hot kisses, his complete domination of Lonny's mind and body.

    “Lonny...” Paul panted unsteadily. “I'm almost there...I can't hold back much longer...I want you to cum with me.”

    Paul's hand pumped Lonny with more urgency as the rhythm of their bodies intensified. Desperate cries tumbled off Lonny's parted lips. His entire body was electrified, the orgasm coiling around him like a cobra ready to strike.

    “Paul!” He cried, hot tears flooding his eyes.

    Paul's arm squeezed him tight, desperate, his breath exploding against the back of Lonny's damp neck as he thrust at him urgently. “Oh my god, Lonny...oh god...I'm there...I'm there!”

    A strangled wail erupted out of Paul's throat as he threw his head back and drove himself balls deep inside Lonny and flooded him with powerful shots of hot cum. Lonny's body jerked hard, shoving back against Paul as he screamed out his ecstasy and came, squirting strong tendrils of creamy fluid onto the sheets as Paul pumped him hard and fast.

    “Oh god!” Lonny cried openly, his body shaking as the orgasm took its time releasing him. “Oh god, Paul...Paul...I love you..” Hard shudders ran through him and he began to shake.

    Paul held him with both arms, squeezing tight, his face pressed against his shoulder, crying softly against his fevered skin. “Oh can't believe you're really here...that you're all mine...” A choking sob squeezed up his throat. “Thank you, God...thank you...thank you...” Sobs shook him. “Thank you for letting me find my sweet Lonny.”

    Lonny clutched Paul's arms, hot tears on his flushed, heated face as he sent up his own silent prayer of gratitude to the God of love and compassion.

    ...The Boy From Yesterday...

    The hot shower spray needled Lonny's skin and steamed up the shower doors. Lonny's body still felt weak and shaky from their love making as he washed himself with a soapy loofah sponge. His eyes were closed, his and Paul's recent activities replaying through his mind. Even now, he felt a tingling in his groin but knew he would need some rest before he would be ready for another such session with Paul.

    He smiled and rubbed the sponge up over his chest. His smile instantly faltered and drained off his face as the events with his father cut through his sweet love making memory. He fingered the hollow of his throat where the broken heart had nestled and slept with him every night for the last five years.

    The image of the heart melting in the metal pan flashed through his head. Tears slid down his face, mingling with the water. A sob shook him.

    Hands gripped his shoulders suddenly and Paul kissed his neck. “Hey...I wasn't that bad, was I?”

    Lonny turned and slid his arms around Paul's waist and pressed his lips to the center of Paul's chest. “You were wonderful.” He whispered thickly.

    Tilting his chin up with two fingertips, Paul asked quietly, sincerely, “Then why the tears?”

    Lonny again fingered the hollow of his throat.

    “Your necklace.” Paul murmured then ducked down and kissed him. “I'm so sorry, Lonny. I know how much it meant to you.”

    Lonny didn't speak of the necklace anymore as he and Paul washed each other's bodies, caressing and kissing, basking in the afterglow of their first real love making encounter.

    When they left the shower, they both wrapped towels around their waists and returned to the other room.

    “When was the last time you ate?” Paul asked as he rummaged in the small kitchen nook.

    Lonny shook his head and sat down on the edge of the bed, his back to Paul. “I don't know.” He said quietly. He didn't feel like eating. It angered him that his dad's actions were clouding this special time with Paul. He longed to just lay back and soak up the happiness Paul rained down on him, replay over and over how incredible it had felt to make love with him. But whenever he closed his eyes, all he could see was his brokenhearted necklace melting under the fierce heat of the torch.

    The bed creaked and shuddered slightly as Paul climbed onto it and rest up against the pillows. Lonny turned and looked at him. His wet black hair looked like black satin. The few tiny hairs in the center of his chest sparkled. Lonny found it hard to believe he had just met Paul yesterday, when it felt as if they'd known one another all their lives...and even beyond that. If there really were past lives, he was certain he and Paul had met and loved each other there as well. What he felt for the other boy, it was too powerful to have just sprouted yesterday morning.

    “Do you know how sexy you look sitting there in that towel?” Paul smiled. His fluid eyes poured over Lonny's body. “All fresh out of the shower.”

    Lonny smiled as the familiar warmth heated his face and spread through his body. Paul's words always made him feel better. “You look pretty sexy yourself.” Lonny murmured.

    Paul motioned with his index finger for Lonny to come up closer. Lonny didn't hesitate. He scooted up next to Paul and leaned his back against Paul's warm chest. Paul intertwined his fingers through Lonny's as they played with each others hands. Paul brushed his lips across Lonny's ear. “Tell me the story, Lonny” He said softly.

    “Story of what?” Lonny whispered.

    “The necklace.” Paul laid a soft kiss on his neck just below his earlobe. “You never told me much about it. I'm guessing it was a friendship necklace you shared with another boy...who was very special to you?”

    Lonny's throat tightened as five year old images rose behind his eyes. The carnage wreaked because of prejudice and small mindedness. “Do you really want to hear me talk about another boy?” Lonny whispered thickly, blinking back the tears that always formed with his memories, as if they were a natural part of them.

    “I love you, Lonny.” He murmured against his ear. “And after what we just shared, do you really think I don't know how much you love me?” He kissed his hair. “You can talk to me about anything. Anything.”

    Lonny closed his eyes, unable to hold the memories at bay. He laid his head back on Paul's shoulder and squeezed Paul's hands in his own. Paul wrapped his arms around him and held him tight.

    “I never knew his name.” Lonny whispered, his eyes still closed as the boy's face rose vividly in his mind. “I don't even know what he really looked like...”

    * * * * * *

    Lonny lingered at the partially open door of the hospital room. He glanced around to make sure no one was looking then slipped inside. He approached the bed slowly as a deep horror spread through him, making him feel sick.

    The boy lay still in the bed, his midsection bandaged tightly and a bandage wrapped around his head. He wore a neck brace that propped his chin upward a little and looked really uncomfortable.

    Lonny moved closer, touching the end rail of the bed absently as his wide eyes stared in shock at the boy. His face was so badly swollen and bruised that Lonny couldn't tell what he actually looked like.

    “Come on, Lonny. You're not supposed to be in here.”

    Lonny jumped and spun around. Gary, the intern who overlooked the school volunteer project, was standing in the doorway. He motioned Lonny to leave the room.

    Casting the boy another look, he asked quietly, sadly, “What happened to him?”

    “That isn't your business.” Gary said, but there was a note of deep sadness in the young man's voice.

    Lonny looked at the intern, tears suddenly burning his eyes. “Please tell me what happened to him.”

    Gary released a deep sigh then entered the room, closing the door behind him. He walked to the bed and stood over the boy. Tears slid down Lonny's cheek as the intern picked up the boy's hand and cupped it in both of his.

    “His father...did this to him.” Gary said tightly.

    Lonny's eyes widened in shock. “His dad?” He looked at the boy and tried imagine his own father doing something like this, but he couldn't fathom it. “Why?”

    Greg cleared his throat. “Because he couldn't handle the fact that the boy was gay.”

    Lonny's heart thumped hard in his chest. Gay? He stared at the boy. “He'”


    “He did this to him just because he's gay?” Lonny's throat tightened.

    “Yeah.” Gary whispered and laid the boy's hand back down on the bed. “Some people have no tolerance for anyone who is different than they are.” Gary went to the door. “Come on, kid. Lets leave him in peace.”

    In peace. Lonny gazed at the boy who appeared to be the same age as him. Would his dad do this to him when he found out Lonny was gay? Could his own father handle it?

    “Can I stay?” Lonny looked at Gary. “Please? For just a little bit.”

    Gary started to shake his head then relented. “For fifteen minutes, then you have to go.”

    Lonny nodded and turned back to the boy as Gary exited the room. He walked around to the edge of the bed where Gary had stood and, as Gary had done, picked up his hand. He didn't know what to say, so he just said, “I'm gay too.” He caressed the boy's hand and stared at his damaged face. “It's okay, you be gay. It doesn't mean there's something wrong with you.” Lonny didn't realize he was crying until tears dropped onto the boy's hand, cradled deep in his own. “You're beautiful.” He didn't know why he said that, it just came out. But it felt right to say.

    He started to lay the boy's hand down when it squeezed his. It was weak, barely noticeable, but Lonny felt it. He looked at the boy's face again. He was trying to open his eyes but they were too swollen and only managed tiny slits. Tears slid down the side of the boy's discolored face.

    Lonny's own face was wet with tears as more slipped free and rolled down his cheeks to drip off his chin. The boy's swollen lips tried to move as he struggled to speak. Finally, he managed one word; Stay.

    Lonny stayed for as long as he could, and when Gary returned, Lonny told the boy quietly, “I'll come back.” Then reluctantly released the boy's hand. He could feel the boy's eyes on him as he left the room, looking back at the door and waving softly.

    The first chance he got, Lonny rushed down to the hospital gift shop and searched through all the trinkets and stuffed animals and flowers and cards. He didn't understand why the boy had affected him so deeply, but he wanted to buy him a gift to let him know he was his friend.

    When he saw the necklace, he knew that was the gift he had to get him. It was a friendship necklace in the shape of a heart that broke in half and became two necklaces, so one could be given to someone special. This one was for a true love and had the words 'Forever Love' inscribed on the heart; 'Forever' on one piece of the heart, and 'Love' on the other. Lonny hesitated. He wanted a friendship gift. But as he stared at the necklace, it felt right. He didn't know just did.

    He dug out all his allowance money and paid for the necklace then raced back up to the boy's room. He waited till the coast was clear then slipped inside.

    He approached the bed quietly then touched the boy's hand. “Are you awake?” He whispered.

    The boy's swollen eyes opened to the tiny slits and he tried to smile but couldn't really get more than a twitch in the corner of his mouth.

    “I bought you something.” Lonny said and dug out the necklace, holding it up. He showed the boy how it came apart.
    “There's two. One for you, and one for me.” Lonny blushed a little. “It says 'Forever Love', but they didn't have any 'Friends Forever', so I just got this one. I hope that don't seem weird.”

    The corner of the boy's mouth twitched as he tried to smile.

    Lonny took the half of the broken heart that said 'Love' and placed it in the boy's hand, curling his fingers around the necklace. “We'll always be friends.” Lonny said, then fastened the other necklace around his own neck. “I'll never take it off. Never. Not even when I take a bath.”

    The boy's mouth twitched again. His hand clutched his necklace weakly.

    A thought occurred to Lonny and he looked around until he found a sharp instrument and took the necklace from the boy's hand and scratched something into the back of the broken heart. He held it close to the boy's face so he could see better.

    “It says 'love L'. That stands for Lonny.” Lonny smiled. “I'm Lonny.” He grinned. “But you probably guessed that, huh?” He pressed the necklace back into the boy's palm and squeezed his hand gently, affectionately. “I wish I knew your name.” He shrugged. “Oh well, you can tell me when you get out of here. We can do a lot of stuff. They say there's a lake around here. I don't know where, but we could go exploring and find it, then we could go swimming whenever we want. Do you swim? I love to swim.”

    Lonny looked at the boy's face. His eyes were closed. His chest rose and fell in the even rhythm of sleep. Lonny smiled and leaned over the bed rail, kissing the boy's temple softly. Again, not really sure why. “Get well soon.” He whispered, his throat suddenly tight. “Then we can spend every day together. We'll be best friends and...” What? What had he been going to say?

    Lonny went to the door then stopped and looked back as he fingered the broken heart with the word 'Forever' on it. The boy's hand continued to clutch the other half of the necklace even as he slept.

    “You really are beautiful, you know.” He said softly as he pulled open the door and slipped quietly out of the room.

    * * * * * *

    Paul's arms were holding Lonny so tight he could barely breathe, but he didn't ask him to loosen his hold. He needed to be held this way right now. Paul's lips were pressed firmly to the back of Lonny's head and he could feel his unsteady breath as he cried softly into Lonny's hair.

    Lonny's face was drenched as the five year old memories flooded his mind. He'd never told anyone about the boy before.

    “What happened?” Paul's voice was thick and ragged, strong with the weight of his tears.

    “I never saw him again.” Lonny trembled. A new flow of hot tears slid down his cheeks. “When I went back, Gary said his mom had moved away and had the boy transferred to the hospital in the new city where she lived.” Lonny squeezed Paul's arms and cried softly. “No one would tell me where they went. No one would even tell me his name. Said it was against hospital policy.”

    Lonny stared distantly across the room. “I wanted so much to be able to just touch him and heal him, Paul.” Lonny whispered through his tears. “If I could've had any superpower I wanted...I would've asked for the power to heal. But I couldn't do anything to help him, to make the pain go away.”

    Paul loosened his arms and turned Lonny around facing him, hugging him tight against his body. He kissed Lonny's face and whispered, “You're wrong, Lonny. Don't you think that what he needed most at that moment...was someone to care for him? To love him.”

    His face pressing against Paul's throat, Lonny sobbed quietly. “It wasn't just a necklace, Paul.” He choked. “I felt like I could touch it and, no matter where he was, he would feel me and know I was still his friend...still loved him.” He fingered the vacant space around his neck, and whispered, “Whenever people tried to hurt me with their words, ridicule and taunt me for being gay, I would...I would touch the necklace and remember that boy, and know I was lucky that words were all that were being thrown at me...and not fists.” Sobs shook him. “It's how I got through.”

    Paul crushed him in his embrace and buried his face against Lonny's hair, crying openly. “How could you ever doubt that God loved you, Lonny?” He choked out. “How could God not love a heart as pure and beautiful as yours?” He squeezed him tighter in his arms. “If anyone ever tries to tell you otherwise...they'll have to deal with me.”

    Lonny closed his eyes as his body hitched with sobs. “Thank you, Paul.”

    “For what?” Paul whispered tightly against his warm scalp.

    “For finding me.” Lonny cried softly. “For loving me at first sight...for giving me something to look forward to.” He pressed his lips to Paul's warm skin and breathed in the scent of soap. “For giving me a reason to go on in this life.”

    Paul's body shuddered with emotion as he kissed Lonny's hair and held him in such a way that told Lonny he never wanted to let him go.

    ...The Half That Makes Me Whole...

    He didn't know he had fallen asleep, until he opened his eyes, his mind thick with heavy slumber. His head was resting on Paul's chest which rose and fell in the smooth rhythm of sleep. Lonny turned his face up and looked at the object of his love and adoration.

    A quiet peace relaxed Paul's face. A faint smile twitched at the corner of his mouth, making Lonny want to crawl up there and kiss him. His thick lashes laid softly against his skin. Every now and then, his eyes would shift behind his closed lids. Lonny smiled and knew without doubt he was reliving their sweet love making in his dreams.

    Lonny planted a soft kiss in the center of his lover's chest. “I love you, Paul.” He whispered as he gazed up at his handsome face. Unable to resist any longer, he drew up to kiss his boyfriend's slightly puckered lips – when he felt the necklace drop away and hang loosely from his neck. Lonny stiffened, trembling, his heart sticking. His hand shook as he reached up and caught the half piece of broken heart in his palm. He blinked then squeezed his eyes shut as images of what his father had done snapped through his head.

    Had it just been a bad dream?

    He sat back on his heels slowly and raised his hand. The broken heart nestled snuggly in the slight depression of his palm like a trusting child, secure and at peace. Lonny frowned and closed his eyes again. Was he dreaming now?

    He opened his eyes. It was still there. “How...” He started to question softly when he realized something was different about it. He raised it up closer and picked it up with his fingertips. He stared at the word inscribed on it.


    Lonny began to tremble, his pulse shuddering, as he turned it over. Scratched into the back was the words Love L.

    He began to cry, covering his mouth with his hand as sobs shook him.

    “You saved my life that day, Lonny.”

    Shaking under his sobs, Lonny's eyes shifted quickly to the boy laying next to him. Paul was gazing at him with so much love in his deep blue eyes that it was more than Lonny could take as the truth began to crash down on him in a flood of pure emotion. He hugged himself fiercely and cried hard, his body curling in on itself.

    Paul's arms were around him in an instant, crushing him against his chest, his hand clutching the back of Lonny's head. “You did heal me, Lonny.” Paul cried against his hair. “I wanted to die. I was going to take my own life, Lonny.” He kissed all over his head and sobbed hard. “Then you walked in like an angel straight from heaven...and you healed me. You made my life worth living.” He drew back and kissed Lonny's wet, flushed face. “You took my heart, Lonny, when you took my hand. I fell in love with you in that very moment.” He kissed his mouth. “And I loved you ever since.”

    Lonny grabbed a hold of Paul and hugged him fiercely, his face buried in his throat, a torrent of sobs shaking his lean frame.

    “Does God love us?” Paul choked out softly as he drew back and lifted the brokenhearted necklace gently in his palm and leaned down, pressing his forehead to Lonny's fevered brow. “Is there really any question?”

    The End

    ((well, not really...there is a vol. 2 to this story in the making.
    But because it is about Paul when he was younger, I can't post
    it on this site. But when it is finished, I will post it on my book site

    Thank you all so much for reading this story. It was my very first
    piece of gay fiction and I think my favorite piece that I've written.
    There's just something charming about two boys/men in love
    Thanks again for taking the time to read. God bless - Audrey))

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    Re: The Brokenhearted Necklace

    I must agree wholeheartedly with the above posts. Very well written and fantastically romantic. I love romance. Welcome, WriteIt. I see you have a couple of more parts written and I look forward to checking them out.


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    Re: The Brokenhearted Necklace (Part 4)

    You have a real gift, WriteIt. Thank you so much for sharing.

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    Re: The Brokenhearted Necklace

    Thanks for such a great story!

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    Re: The Brokenhearted Necklace (Part 2)

    Thank you so much, Rocabar! I'm so glad you like it

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    Re: The Brokenhearted Necklace

    Quote Originally Posted by Autolycus View Post
    Thanks for such a great story!
    Thanks for thinking its great! And thank you for reading

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    Re: The Brokenhearted Necklace

    Quote Originally Posted by Craiger View Post
    I must agree wholeheartedly with the above posts. Very well written and fantastically romantic. I love romance. Welcome, WriteIt. I see you have a couple of more parts written and I look forward to checking them out.

    Thanks for the welcome and I'm so glad you like the story. I think love and romance is a beautiful thing. Unfortunately I know many people who would not be able to see the beauty of the love between the boys in this story...but that is their loss Thank you for reading

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    Re: The Brokenhearted Necklace

    I just finished reading through part 4 and I must say, Audrey, it was beautiful. I felt the erotic and sensual feelings throughout their love making as well as the tenderness of their finding one another. As I read the conclusion, which brought me to tears, I felt a deep sense of fulfillment. A true desire that all of us would hope to find within out own lives. Thank you for sharing this awesome story with us and I look forward to reading Vol. 2. May I ask you to inform us when the 2nd vol. is complete, thanks.


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    Re: The Brokenhearted Necklace

    Quote Originally Posted by Craiger View Post
    I just finished reading through part 4 and I must say, Audrey, it was beautiful. I felt the erotic and sensual feelings throughout their love making as well as the tenderness of their finding one another. As I read the conclusion, which brought me to tears, I felt a deep sense of fulfillment. A true desire that all of us would hope to find within out own lives. Thank you for sharing this awesome story with us and I look forward to reading Vol. 2. May I ask you to inform us when the 2nd vol. is complete, thanks.

    Wow, I am honored that this story has touched you so deeply - it truly affected me the same way And yes, absolutely, I will let you all know when Vol. 2 is complete. It has about 6-7 parts and I'm only on part 2! lol But I work on it daily, so I'm hoping to have it finished soon. A word of warning - its a bit brutal, for it tells Paul's story leading up to when he met Lonny in the hospital as what he went through as he worked his way back to Lonny over the next five years. But as we all know - it ends on a happy note I just watched 'Brokeback Mountain' today and it was so tragic in many ways. As seems the case with a lot of gay stories. I don't want mine to be tragic - not ultimately. I like happy endings Thank you all so much for reading my story - and loving it as I do I will let you know when the next vol. is ready God bless.

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    Re: The Brokenhearted Necklace

    START READING THIS STORY NOW! I have just finished reading Part 4 of this fabulous story and have to say I am completely hooked. If you haven't dipped into this under appreciated gem, DO IT NOW! I have read a lot of gay erotic literature, or what sadly tries to pass itself off as literature. But this is the real thing. Not in the rough. It's smart, insightful, polished, on point, sexually arousing and one great read! Thank you, thank you thank you to writeit. Shame on me for missing out on this all these years. -- H.R.
    "Reading should be easy. Only the reader should be hard." -- hard reader (author of the erotic porn novel "I Thought I Knew")

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