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    I've always considered myself to be straight, but decided to experiment in college.

    I'm a male, and prior to this, I wasn't involved sexually with men. But still kind of wondered what it would be like. About a week ago, I deciced that I should follow my natural curiosity, and posted a "Straight Curious Guy Looking To Experiment" ad on craigslist. A Bi guy that lives a couple of miles away said I could experiment with him, and take it as slow as we wanted. I met him at his apartment, and for the first half hour, we just talked about shit, and when he saw I was relaxed, he put on some porn, and when we both started getting hard, he took off his pants and invited me to do the same. (Drug use/ alcohol may or may not have occurred, starting here )

    After a couple of more minutes or porn, he got out his sex toy box to show me. When he set it, and the lube down, I tossed him a big 12" dildo. When he asked what that was for, I told him that I wanted to watch it disappear. So he layed on the floor with his hips slightly lifted, so I lubed up the dildo and put it in, while also stroking his penis. Long story short, we both came, but no penetration occurred.

    This situation didn't really make me question my sexuality, it just confirmed what I've know; men can be fun in small amounts like that, but I'd only ever realistically be able to make a meaningful relationship with a woman.

    One of the two dicks in the picture is mine, I was trying to stroke them together, but it didn't work. Enjoy.

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    Re: I've always considered myself to be straight, but decided to experiment in college.

    Yours is the right one. I know that bush anywhere. Glad you are starting to experiment. I notice in your other thread that there was someone elses hand around your cock.

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