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    Re: Christmas Day actual Pagan Holiday?

    ''Secularist like to assert that the early Christians "borrowed" these ancient myths to construct a new religion. This is blatantly false. Christians did not borrow from the pagans. Christians gave us the fullest understanding of sacrifice and other things that the pagans only saw in dim shadows. Because God revealed Himself in the fullest measure as we are going to get in this world, through His Son and His Church, the effect was the correction of the pagan's misinterpretations and the correct knowledge of who God is and what He wants from us.''

    Thank you so much for your presumptuous and obviously one-sided insight into the matter. I fear it is quite wrong, however. And who are you to say pagans "misinterpreted" anything? As a pagan, I can assure you, we have not! Kindly keep your inflammatory opinions to yourself.

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    Re: Christmas Day actual Pagan Holiday?

    I am not clear why it matters. No one is suggesting that the celebration of Christian events on these dates has anything directly to do with the pagan events or celebrations that may, or may not have, preceded them. It's a fact, as I understand it, that early Christianity can be seen a development of earlier myths or stories with similar elements, but, even if one is a Christian, I don't see why that should detract from the things that one believes in. Sounds like a storm in a tea cup.

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    Re: Christmas Day actual Pagan Holiday?

    Christianity, like all modern religions is an amalgam.

    It emerged many generations after the death of Yeshua bin Miriam, as an aid in unifying the culturally and geographically diverse Roman Empire.

    Within 80-100 years, all documents which dissagreed with church doctorin where destroyed. We no longer know what gospels, letters, and other writings contractadict the Roman Catholic Bible (and obviously MUCH history and myth was lost)

    Anyway, in Rome the 25th of December was celebrated as Saturnalia (which perhaps was inherited from nearby Persia, as the celebration of Mithra--another Christ-like figure though MUCH older who was worshed underground throughout Rome--odd, many Christian churches where built on top of Mithra's underground sanctuaries--no, not odd at all--just recycling lies). You get the point. History is a cloudy mess because rotten PURISTS (idiots who where thralls to the subjugating ruling class) burnt everything which contradicted.

    Religions routinely usurp pre-existing traditions/festivals/life-changing events/etc., and stamp their own lies(sorry, mad shared delusions) over them, to re-enforce their place in the daily lives of struggling human beings.

    So, sum it up... it's GimmY-FrankenChristoSaturnMithraMass -- an orgy of greed, commercialism, dead gods and a horribly distorted nice jewish boy(who was figuratively EATEN to prop up the creepy popes, Pat Robertsons and like dredges of humanity)

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