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    Stranger on a train

    So I always get the train to work and it's only a 7 minute journey so nothing strange usually happens.

    Today was my 21st birthday and I'm pretty straight but have dabbled a bit with mates, today as I sat reading a newspaper I noticed out of the corner of my eye someone was playing with themselves. I looked again it was a really tall bloke, skinhead, stretched ears facing the window watching me was I watched him. He then continued to jerk off slowly with it still in his trousers and started slapping it against his leg, I could tell it was rock hard. Every time I stopped looking he'd stop and look at me until I watched him again, I got so hard so quick.

    The train pulled into the the station and as I got up so did he, he walked in front of me making sure I was behind him and he looked at me and walked straight into the toilet, I walked on by straight to work, needless to say when I got to work I jerked off in the bathroom.

    I hope he's on the train again tomorrow!

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    Re: Stranger on a train

    Oh... too bad.
    Quote Originally Posted by Saybrooke View Post
    I was at the gym once, and this woman was on the elliptical next to me, making motorcycle noises.

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