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    cleanliness and hemorrhoids

    Like most guys, I try to "clean" myself out before bottoming for my boyfriend. I don't necessarily mean doing an enema, but I'm sure to use the bathroom, wash thoroughly, and (if I can) get a finger "up there" to make sure that I'm all emptied out. Lately though, I've noticed that what feels like "clean" to me actually ends up being pretty messy. I can't count the number of times lately that we've been in foreplay using a dildo only to take it out and find that it's a disgusting mess.

    I'm totally puzzled as to why this is happening to me in the past few months. I've been having anal sex for a few years now and never seemed to have problems in the past, nor has my diet changed significantly. The only x-factor I can think of are some hemorrhoids that I've developed in the past year or so, but I really have no idea if those would affect how thoroughly I can clean myself out or not.

    Does anybody have any ideas? It's a total turnoff to find out in the heat of the moment that you're not as clean as you thought you were, and event though my boyfriend is wonderful about it, it's embarrassing!

    Thanks, guys!

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    Re: cleanliness and hemorrhoids

    Eat more fibers

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    Re: cleanliness and hemorrhoids

    Eat yogurt, fruits and vegetables and less meat. I love meat and still eat it, but not as much as I used to.

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