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    Cutting? Bulking? Wanna be hot? WTF!

    Hey y'all
    So recently I've lost some weight that I'd been trying to get off for some time. But my focus has shifted now towards building some quality muscle before burning off more fat otherwise I'd look too skinny and twinkish, which I personally don't want.

    I've read somewhere that in order to "get hot" (muscles and low bodyfat) it's necessary to divide into Bulking and Cutting. You Bulk first to get muscles, and then you cut to get rid of bodyfat. My question is. Is this true? If so what are the principles that I should have in mind?


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    Re: Cutting? Bulking? Wanna be hot? WTF!

    There are as many theories as their are bodybuilders, and people have different metabolisms. Most bodybuilders eat a diet which is high in protein, moderate in carbohydrates, and low in fat. Remember how hard it was to take off the fat. You will be happier if you keep it off. I suggest you follow a low fat diet and be careful not to put the fat back on.

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    Re: Cutting? Bulking? Wanna be hot? WTF!

    Your best bet is going to this body building forum and read up, it has countless informative posts.

    Bulking/cutting works but you need to eat eat eat while lifting like crazy. I put on 30 lbs while bulking, cut 20 and retained about 10lbs of lean muscle. Not bad for a first attempt.

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