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    Re: The Virginia Tech Massacre

    Quote Originally Posted by CottonBolus View Post
    What was your opinion of the Virginia Tech Massacre? In my opinion, it was as a result of a lack of social support, as well as inadequate resources at school to help this man face his many problems such as his anxiety disorder, selective mutism and severe depression. Overall, I think it was a preventable tragedy.

    The warning signs that something bad was going to happen was already predicted by a professor.
    All of what you wrote plus gun regulations.
    Too easy to get machine guns for war where there is no war in the country.


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    Re: The Virginia Tech Massacre

    the scary part is at the time and even now, i can still relate to him and all these crazy ass mass murdering, school shooters on a personal note. i can see why they would do something so fucked up. whenever people are at their lowest point, have some underlying mental issues, have nobody to turn to for help and etc, the rage they have within themselves eventually spills out on to other people. they begin to hate other people and view them as the enemy. they begin to look @ every little thing that other people do as a sign of disrespect even when it's not. if they get disrespected by someone, they pretty much use that to fuel the rage they already have pent up. since they can't cope or are unable to stop their pain, they figure that going off on people will be an answer to their problems. the problem is that when you shoot and kill somebody for no reason other than you're mad at the world because you're mad with yourself... you pretty much have fucked yourself over and can kiss your ass goodbye. that's why these folks end up killing themselves or try to plea crazy because no way in hell they're going to get off. there's no way in hell they have a chance in court. they're looking at like 20 life sentences or a trip on death row and in his case, the state of virginia would have executed his ass for real. look @ the dc sniper. dude was sentenced to die in 2003 and 6 years later, they executed him. i used to think that hurting people because i felt they were disrespecting me or that other people had to suffer because i was suffering but that's NOT the way to go at all.

    it's funny how the generational gap is. when the 80 babies were frustrated with our problems whether we got bullied in school or whatever, they shot the school up. when the 90 babies get bullied in school or whatever, they kill themselves. i used to be paranoid as hell back in high school wondering if someone was going to go columbine in school one day. bad enough we had bomb threats which turned out to be pranks right after 9/11 repeatedly. i thought that i was safe in college and what do you know, you have the 80 babies that didn't go off in high school, going off in college.

    that shit is still crazy though. there's conspiracy theories floating around that the shooter might have been a mk ultra subject as in he might have been a subject of mind control by the government that led him to do that crazy shit. that's interesting considering that blackberg, va is like a huge military testing area. during the time, there were photos floating around with what was suspected to be him and another guy in military gear wearing ski mask in a tent.

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    Re: The Virginia Tech Massacre

    Quote Originally Posted by Kien View Post
    Mind control? Oh..conspiracy theories are so laughable. And those apparent photos should be looked at with maximum skepticism if the guys were wearing ski masks.

    Probably was going through a psychotic break.
    doubt it. dude plotted it for months. he knew exactly what he was doing step by step. it's not like dude just suddenly went off in some random act of violence. it kind of annoys me whenever i hear people say that someone like that dude or the james holmes jerk off say they had a mental breakdown. there are millions of people that have nervous breakdowns that don't end up shooting up a school or a movie theater. they may have had underlying mental issues BUT they're not that crazy as in they were able to be able to plan what they did without getting caught before they did it. even the va tech shooter before he shot up the school when he was in the shrink's office said that he was fine and was able to convince them that he wasn't nuts.

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    Re: The Virginia Tech Massacre

    Quote Originally Posted by Kien View Post
    The government was controlling the shrink's mind to make him(or her?) think he was completely fine.....
    naw, the dude that shoot up the school was supposedly someone who was having his mind controlled. who knows.

    but regardless, dude should be held responsible for what he did. nobody should have be scared for their lives at school for crying out loud, worrying if so and so is having a bad day so they're going to kill somebody instead of their damn selves. hell, i'll say it now, that guy should have killed himself if he was that upset with his life. why he had to shoot up all those people for? they didn't do shit to him. the fact that there's damn schools with metal detectors and security guards searching people as if it's a damn prison or something before they go into the classroom is disturbing in itself to keep idiots like those away. for a second, i thought they were going to start doing that to colleges too.

    i was thinking to myself when i was in college and high school if i had to walk around with a bulletproof vest and a gun to feel safe or to prep myself if that happened. it shouldn't be like that.

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