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    New job ..... [G-94] .....

    New Job
    I considered myself lucky. I’d just graduated from a very prestigious technical school and landed my dream job as tech support for a large insurance company. The company was so large that they occupied an entire 6-story office building. Carl and I worked out of a small computer lab in the basement. We each had a desk with several computers and various other pieces of electronic equipment and of course telephones. Because most of our work was trouble shooting on line Carl and I very rarely left our small lab except to go to the restroom. We didn’t even have to leave at lunch because our lab even had its own private little kitchen complete with refrigerator, microwave, dining room table and sink.

    Other than going home, the only time we had to leave our little lab was to go on the occasional service call on the upper floors or to go to the restroom. Because it was located in the basement so far from the office areas, for all practical purposes we even our own private restroom. At one time it had either been a ladies room or a unisex restroom because it didn’t have any urinals, just 2-stalls with commodes.

    Carl and I were very compatible work mates. Neither of us talked very much. He was a big gamer and I liked to read. And with all our free time we were both able to indulge our hobbies.

    I guess I’d been there for a couple of weeks when I had to go to the restroom. I’m a creature of habit and normally used the first stall but today there was an out of order sign on the door so I had to use the second stall. As I stood there pissing I looked up and there was a cock sticking through a hole in the wall over the back of the commode. At first I was so shocked that I just stared. Then I quickly zipped up and fled the stall and the restroom.

    Although I was probably visibly shaken, Carl was so busy with his computer game so he never noticed, a blessing because I would have been embarrassed to tell him what had happen.

    I tried to block it out of my mind and confine myself to the first stall where there was no hole. But blotting it from my mind was easier said than done. I’d never been around gyms or other guys much for that matter so I’d never actually seen another guy’s cock. So even though the memory was hazy I couldn’t get the cock out of my mind. I obsessed over who it belong to and what was on the other side of the wall.

    This is where my computer skills came in handy. I was able to pull up blue prints for the building. Most of the basement belonged to maintenance and the room on the other side of the wall from the restroom was some sort of storage area.

    Discretely I slipped around to that hall way to check things out. Things look much different in real life than they do on blue prints so I was never sure if I found the right storage room or not … at any rate I never found the hole.

    To save my life I couldn’t get them image of that dick out of my mind. One afternoon as I walked into the restroom on impulse I veered left and took the second stall. The hole was still there, but to my sorrow no dick appeared. I don’t know what I planned to do if it did appear, but I continued to use that stall. Two days later I got my wish, as I stood the peeing, as if by magic a dick appeared in the hole.

    I wasn’t so shocked this time so I was able to absorb what I was seeing. It was hard to tell how long the dick was because of the thickness of the wall but the head was big, puffy and a deep shade of purple. Tentatively, I reached out, wanting to see if it was real, and put my hand around it. It was defiantly real. It was warm, and soft to touch, yet hard in my grip. It was the first time I ever touched a cock that was not mine. A feeling of wonder and awe overcome me as I felt the dick jump and grow even harder in my hand. I sat there, staring at it, not really thinking of anything but seeing what it looked like. It was a little larger than my own, circumcised, and definitely needing some release. Almost in a slight daze, I started to stroke it. This brought a height of sexual awareness and excitement that I never knew existed. A feeling of brazen uninhibited illicit eroticism over took me when I felt this stranger’s dick. I loved the feel of his cock,

    When his dick exploded in my hand I was suddenly embarrassed by my feelings, I couldn’t get out of the stall and the restroom fast enough.

    Although embarrassed I continued to use the second stall. A few days later I hit pay dirt again. This time I was ready. As soon as it popped through the hole I had it in my hand playing with it. It felt so good in my hand that I found myself stroking it. I don’t know what I expected to happen but when he blew his load I almost tripped over my own feet moving away. For the next week I jacked him off almost every day.

    I may not have known who the anonymous stranger on the other side of the wall was but he knew who I was. I received a text message on my private cell phone saying, “Play time is over … its time to suck it.”

    Even though his number was blocked I was able to trace the call to one of those prepaid convenience store phones. I was no closer to his identity than I was before.

    What the stranger purposed was a big step, one to not be taken lightly. The next time I went to the restroom I still hadn’t made up my mind.

    I suppose the stranger was on the other side of the wall listening because as soon as I finished peeing his dick appeared through the hole.

    Instinctively I took his cock in my hand as I sat down backwards on the commode. This put my mouth level with the anonymous dick. As I sat there staring at this dick that I’d come to know intimately, I found myself at a cross road, sticking through the wall was a dick that could satisfy my curiosity. A curiosity that was so strong that it had been eating me up for weeks. The question was, did I really want to go through with this. This was a really traumatic decision for me. Even though it was a step that once taken could never be untaken, I reminded myself that it was a step that not only did I want to take, but I needed to take.

    My hand shook, with a combination of excitement and fear, as I wrapped my lips around it. But before I could start to suck it the cock pulsated hard on my lips and a hot stream of cum squirted out and down my throat. It shot so hard and fast I didn't have any warning and I started to gag on it. I swallowed quickly. As quick as it had appeared the anonymous cock slid out of my mouth and out of the hole.
    On retrospect it’s probably better that the stranger cummed so quickly. Even though I’d steeled myself to suck his dick, I hadn’t thought as far as his cumming. Who knows what I’d have done. As it was, I swallowed it. It had a salty taste and felt all slimy as it oozed over my tongue and down my throat. Now I knew what it tasted like so it wouldn’t be such a shock next time. Next time … did that mean that I was planning on sucking it again? Yes… given the opportunity I would suck it again… and yes swallow his cum.

    At first I felt guilty about sucking a dick. I don’t know what I expected but guess what. Nothing happened. Nada, Zip. All the preachers in the world were wrong. Not only did the sky not fall on me, but also lightening didn’t even strike me.

    When the stranger cummed in my mouth I surprised myself when I didn't try to spit it out. I just swallowed and swallowed. The taste of his cum wasn't any thing like the pre cum. it was hot, thick and salty, but it didn't take long for me to get use to it. I think the biggest thing to accept is where the cum was coming from… another guy’s balls.

    Over the next two weeks I sucked the anonymous dick once and some times twice a day. I was on such intimate terms with the anonymous dick that I knew every vein and wrinkle.

    I’d grown so accustomed to my daily ration of cum that I could hardly wait for the week end to be over.

    You can imagine my surprise when it was a different dick to come out of the hole. This dick was about 7-inches and cut with a perky head and pretty thick. It was rock hard with some nice veins standing out. I eagerly slid my mouth around it. The dick got nicer and nicer the longer I sucked it. It grew another ½-inch.

    At one point of the sucking I began to moan as I bobbed my mouth up and down his shaft. I knew the guy on the other side of the wall could hear me. I wanted him to. It didn't take long before his dick swelled even larger and I felt the first blast hit the back of my throat. I had the head deep in my mouth and had to back up to receive his load. As I swallowed he pulled back. I sat there on the commode, looking through the hole and watched as he began to jack it off for his final load. not knowing what to do I stuck my tongue thru the hole and I felt the head of his cock rest on it as his cock again began to pump out more cum. then he pushed his dick back thru the hole and left it as I finished sucking it limp.

    After that I started sucking 3 or 4-dicks a day. Mid morning I usually suck the stranger that got the whole thing started. Then once or twice during the day I’d get a text message to come suck a dick. Fortunately Carl was so engrossed in his computer games that he never noticed anything out of the ordinary.

    Several times after that when business took me out into the building I noticed guys looking at me curiously. A couple of tomes guys even patted me on the shoulder and said, “Hello.” I could only surmise that they were guys that I’d blown. I found myself wondering if every guy in the building visited the hole for one of my fantastic blowjobs.

    After that every time I sat down backwards on the commode I tried to peek through the hole to see if I could later identify the guy by his pants. Over the next month I think I was only able to identify 3-guys. That was OK because I had all the time in the world to look.

    The end …

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    Re: New job ..... [G-94] .....

    more! more! this is hot

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    Re: New job ..... [G-94] .....

    Great story. Looking forward to more

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