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    Sophomore Year #1

    The rest of my summer back in Apple Valley flew by. I was back at college in Boston before I knew it.

    I tried like heck to have sex on the plane with this totally hot flight attendant, but I failed. I did get extra pretzels though, probably because I flirted with him practically the whole flight. I was starved, so getting the pretzels was definitely worth all the effort.

    Long flights are always boring, and I am not an airplane sleeper. After I read the Boston University course list that I would need to decide what exactly I was taking for fall semester, I was sort of just left to myself to day dream, and think about what a fantastic summer I'd had at home. With all my friends. With Joey.

    And with my new friends from the Italian wing of the Collucci family. Viva la familia! Or whatever it is they say over there.

    It was looking more and more like Sergio Collucci really would be coming to Boston to try his luck running track at an American university. I'd explained all I could about the weather, about running along the banks of the Charles, about what a great open-minded place Boston was. I didn't understand the school system over in Italy, but for some weird reason, it didn't seem like the timing of their high school graduation was like ours - Sergio might even be coming over by the fall.


    I was totally turned on by Sergio. I liked his personality. I liked the cute little way he tried to speak English, but he'd get the order of the words all mixed up. I liked his beautiful smile. I liked his innocence.

    And then, of course, there was the matter of Mario's weenie.

    He had the Collucci thickness. Just like Joey. And he had the Collucci balls, Sergio's were practically an identical set to Joey's. But there was just something else about Sergio's cock that I was totally into. I couldn't quite figure out what it was. Maybe the smoothness of the upward curve. Or the fact that when Sergio was totally erect, it pointed straight upward to the sky. And he was so hard and tight that you could barely pull it away from his stomach!

    Joey liked Sergio's dick too. He was completely cool with the fact that Sergio and I started to see each other a little bit on the side. Just for sex, of course, not for dinner and a movie of course.

    Sergio's dick was definitely a source of family pride. His older brothers recognized it too. They were straight, but they were only too happy to help Sergio discover what his dick could do. That's what family is all about in Italy I guess. What a country!

    I smiled to myself remembering the very first night that Joey and I had hung out with the Italian Colluccis on the patio outside of Joey's house. It seemed like ages ago, but I guess it had only been the middle of the summer. We're all guys, of course, and after a while the conversation turned to sex. And for some reason, Joey was eager for his cousins to see me naked and to show off my cock. The twins obviously liked the idea and wanted to show off Sergio. For the very same reason. So, while they all had to speak Italian for a while to sort out exactly what they wanted us to do, in the end Sergio and I were requested (well, maybe not requested, more like commanded) to get naked and compare equipment. Not exactly your usual after-dinner game, I know, but it sounded like fun to me so I was definitely up for it. Sergio was a little apprehensive I think, but then he went along as well.

    So, the two of us left the room, went into Joey's bathroom and took our clothes off. And you know how you just sort of know. I knew. Right then. There was this funny chemistry between Sergio and I as we were slowly taking our clothes off. I totally wanted to kiss him. But it was Joey's bathroom. And plus the guys were outside the room waiting for us. We could hear them talking in Italian and laughing. They were eager for the little show to begin. Anyway, one thing led to another and both Sergio and I got hard. So when we walked out of the bathroom, Joey and the twins definitely got what they paid for (or didn't pay for).

    Sergio went first, leading our little parade. His hard-on reached for the ceiling. I took up the rear, so to speak. I was plenty hard as well, but my eight and a third inches was clearly no match for Sergio. It wasn't that he was way longer than me; it was just that he was thicker and just sort of bigger in every way.

    "Holy crap!" Joey shouted over the hooting and hollering of Mario and Luigi. "That's amazing. Where's that been hiding all these years?"

    Sergio stopped and blushed. And I bumped right into him, my dick impaling his ass cheeks. The twins shouted even louder. Joey applauded. The opening of our show.

    "Oops," I said, placing my hands on Sergio's waist in apology.

    Sergio grabbed hold of his nut sack as I stood beside him. It was supposed to be a contest of course. They would need to be able to judge us fairly.

    I was toast, of course. Sergio had me by a bunch. It wasn't really much of a contest.

    While I had spent most of my life being proud of my cock, and happy to show it off upon request (or not), next to Sergio I was a little jealous. I was just small potatoes, hash browns really.


    Looking at our two dicks alongside each other was, you know, sort of like looking at two nice cars. Sergio had the fattest fucking Ferrari though. I'm not sure what's skinnier than a Ferrari, but that's what I had. Plus, his was brand, spanking new and mine was a few years old and needed a fresh paint job.

    Sergio and looked down at each other's dicks. We both ginned, but Sergio almost seemed embarrassed to have such a fat fancy Ferrari. I felt embarrassed that I didn't. Maybe it was time for me to get a trade-in. Or a trade-up!

    Joey turned up the stereo in his room and we started to dance.

    I know, I know. I was standing there in Joey's room. Naked. Dancing. To I don't know what! In front of four Italians!!

    Mario and Luigi stood up and came over to stand beside us. Then they put their hands on their brother.

    Just in a brotherly love sort of way, of course.

    Then they put their hands on me. I was definitely open to the idea of some brotherly love. With these two twin brothers.

    But, they held back. With me, Mario and Luigi kept their hands above my hips. With Sergio, they didn't hold back. They groped him and squeezed him all over.

    Sergio's face turned bright red.

    At the same time though, I saw this little glint in his eye. He very clearly liked all of the attention. He liked being the guy his two older brothers wanted to show off. A source of family pride maybe. I have to say that if Sergio had been my little brother, I'd have probably felt the same way - the guy was cut! In amazing shape. I wouldn't have cared about the whole 'brother-related-to-me' thing. I'd have been doing him all the time! It's not like we could have a two-headed kid or anything!

    Luigi held Sergio's balls while Mario jacked his cock. Sergio sort of just wiggled to the beat and let it happen. He was smiling ear to ear.

    It was such a totally hot scene; I was getting so totally turned on by it. I think I actually dripped pre-cum onto Joey's carpet!

    Not to be outdone by his Italian cousins, Joey finally hopped up off the floor and came to my rescue. He grabbed hold of my cock, stroking me up and down a bit.

    I could tell that Sergio was getting close to an orgasm. And I could shoot at like any second!

    "Is that all?" one of the twins asked Joey.

    Uh oh.

    "Watch this," Joey said.

    Joey kneeled down on one knee and popped my cock in his mouth. And all of a sudden I was getting a blow job from an American Collucci in front of the Italian wing of the family.

    Joey swallowed my cock whole, all the way down to the base. I rewarded his throat with another big gob of pre-cum. Somehow Joey managed not to gag.

    Mario and Luigi went wild!

    I half-expected one of the twins to copy Joey and go down on Sergio. But they didn't. They were too busy giving little bro a very awesome hand job. Sergio looked like he'd gone to a different place.

    And it wasn't long before Sergio came anyway. One of his brothers tugged hard on Sergio's nuts and he tilted his head back and closed his eyes. Then with a yelp Sergio shot an amazing load across Joey's floor, at least two feet in front of him!

    After they'd finished with their brother, Mario and Luigi stood up and came over to me. Joey had my cock pretty much all to himself. So, all the two of them could do was kind of grope me everywhere else. Which was fine of course; I was very willing to be groped by them.

    Down below, Joey knew exactly what to do. After all, he'd sucked me off lots of times! He found all the right spots on my cock. As he was giving me head, Joey's big hands managed to somehow stroke me up and down, play with my balls and push on that little spot behind them. All at the same time. The twins watched in amazement. I'm not sure they had seen their cousin give head before. Joey was loving it, sort of showing off yet another one of the skills he'd learned over here in the New World.

    I let out a quiet little moan to let everybody know that I approved of the attention I was getting. Just as I was getting to the point of no return, Sergio came back to life and found the little button of asshole between my butt cheeks. I was surrounded by Colluccis. They were the bun to my hot dog and I wish I'd had my camera to capture the moment.

    Like an experienced master vacuum cleaner salesman, Joey hooverized my dick. My moaning grew louder, little by little. Joey slowed his pace, just to let me hang there for a while. This made the twins laugh. Sergio took advantage of these little quiet times to slip a finger or two (I'm sure it wasn't three) into my butt.

    Finally I could hold off no longer. Joey realized it quickly and amped up the sucking. In a perfect harmony of action, everybody did what they were doing just a tiny bit more. The twins each grabbed a nipple and pulled hard. Sergio did finally get that third finger in there. And Joey opened up it throat to swallow what my cock was about to spew out.

    I bucked my hips like a bronco and yelled out. "Holy fuck! I'm cumming!!" Not that Joey needed the warning of course; the back of his throat was pretty much Ground Zero. When it was done, Sergio kissed my neck. Joey used his tongue to clean me up. And the twins applauded the show. It had been pretty freaking awesome!

    I don't remember too much more from that first crazy night in Joey's house. I do remember kissing Sergio after I came. His mouth tasted just like the other Collucci that I'd gotten used to, only spicier. Joey didn't seem to mind. And I was certainly in no position to resist such temptation: on top of everything else, the little guy was a great kisser too!

    Thank god I'd come back to Apple Valley for the summer!

    But, of course, all good things must come to an end and it wasn't long before I had to head back to New England. The Italian Colluccis went back home. Joey's summer ended early since he had to be back up north for work-outs with his college football team.

    Somehow the summer heat just oozed away. And then one day, it was over and I had to get back on a plane again. I said my good-byes to the Leemans, to Andy, and to Will.

    In late August, my parents piled me and my suitcase into the car and we were off to the airport.

    It was late when I got out of the taxi in Boston and slogged into my new building to check in.

    The guy checking people at the desk in the lobby had a Mohawk and a tattoo on his neck that looked like a pair of hands trying to choke him. Whoa.

    Welcome to Boston! He was very thin but had a sexy, scruffy look to him that made him sort of irresistible. I knew the type of dude. In Boston, he fit right in. He was probably a genius getting a PhD in astrophysics; he probably got his tattoo back home in Indiana or something. But he had come to Boston go to a great school, to show the world what he could do. I wondered whether or not that tattoo was going to limit his job opportunities. I also wondered what was attached to those hands around his neck below his collar.

    While he rustled around inside of a big box looking for the folder with my name on it, I imagined what he might look like naked but I couldn't quite get the mental image. Oh well, I have the whole school year to find out.

    "Here you go, TJ" he said with a bored smile. "You're on the 8th floor. Everybody else has already checked into your room. Have a bitchen year!"

    "Thanks," I said, wondering when was the last time I'd ever heard anybody say 'bitchen' to me. I allowed my eyes to settle on his skinny little chest. Definitely rough trade, definitely hot! Woof, what I could do with this one!

    He noticed that he was being judged. His fake smile turned into a real one.

    "Nice to meet you, TJ," he said. "I'm Sam."

    I smiled.

    "Um, yeah, great. Hi Sam. I'm TJ."

    "I know," he said, "it says it on your folder. Welcome back to BU."


    He shushed me away, indicating the elevators to the upper floors. There was a girl behind me, waiting her turn. "Now go knock 'em dead, tiger."

    I giggled at the comment. I took a step toward the elevator, and then I growled.

    "What?" he asked.

    Oh my god, what an idiot I am!

    I actually growled. Then I tripped on a stair dragging my suitcases over to the elevator. He shook his head as he began helping the student who had been standing behind me.

    As I stepped off the elevator on the 8th floor, I walked into chaos. There was luggage and furniture strewn everywhere in the hallway. There were open doors, and music blaring from just about everywhere.

    Clearly it was time to come back to college. I was definitely happy to be here. It would be great to hook up with my friends again. Two wrestlers, two runners, one suite; it was going to be quite a year!

    I made my way down the hall and found my room. The first guy I saw was Alan, my roomie from last year in Shelton Hall.

    Last year the very first minute I'd laid eyes on Alan he wasn't wearing any clothes. And that was just how he liked it. He tortured me half the year by prancing around our tiny little dorm room naked. Doing push-ups naked. Sit-ups naked. Squats. The guy liked his body, and he liked to show it off; those tight little wrestling singlets sure didn't leave much to your imagination anyhow. And as off-putting as a naked roommate might sound to some people, I'm actually very open-minded about such things.

    Anyway I adapted to Alan's constant nudity just fine. We had a great year and got along fantastic. Alan's body was open season and so was his soul. Though I wasn't quite the exhibitionist that he was, I'd bared quite a lot of myself to my roommate. And it was an easy decision for the two of us at the end of the year when we opted to stay together as sophomore, this time with two of our own buddies.

    Much to my surprise, when I walked into the room, Alan had on clothes. Hmm. What was up with that?

    "Roomie!" we both shouted in unison.

    We wrapped our arms around each other. I sort of half-kissed him - straight guy-style - on the side of his face awkwardly. Alan didn't really kiss me back at first; he seemed to have been caught a little by surprise by my show of affection. But he recovered quickly.

    "Come on, Teej!" Alan drawled. His Texas accent had gotten stronger since he'd been back home. He grabbed my cheeks between his hands and kissed me squarely on the lips.

    Closed mouth. But still...

    "It's so great to see you, buddy," Alan gushed.

    "You too," I agreed.

    I checked him out from top to bottom, and then back up again. Alan looked great, as usual. His bushy brown hair a messy mop on top of his head, like he'd not yet combed it this month. He had on a tank and some nylon work-out shorts. He was barefoot; his smooth feet were strong and agile, perfect for wrestling, and I'd always sort of had a thing for them. The outfit didn't leave much to the imagination, but that was Alan's norm anyway.

    Alan watched me check him out with a sly grin on his face. He knew my story, of course, and didn't seem to mind being ogled after so many months apart. I was convinced that wrestlers are very happy with their bodies anyway, and judging from what they wear when they're wrestling, they kind of get used to be scanned from head to toe.

    "How was your summer?"

    "Totally awesome! Yours?"

    "Totally awesome!"

    "Cool, dude," Alan said, mocking my California-speak.

    I punched him lightly in the arm. He took a swing at my head, but I ducked.

    "Where are the others?" I asked, referring to Josh and Gage.

    "No idea," Alan said. "Maybe Josh took him out for a run."

    "Nice. That's exactly what I need. I'm pretty tight after that long flight."

    "I know what you mean," Alan agreed. "After I got here yesterday, me and XXX went to the gym and hit some weights for like three hours!"

    I squeezed Alan's bicep. He had definitely put on a little more muscle over the summer. He was a pretty good wrestler last year, as a freshman, but he hadn't managed to make the New England Regionals. Maybe this year would be different.

    "Pretty nice dude," I said, referring to his arms. "A little extra time working out this summer, right?"

    He smiled and nodded.

    "I'm making the Regionals this year, even if it kills me," he drawled.

    Talking about pumping iron was kind of boring for me. For Alex and XXX, it was their lifeblood. Fortunately, the two wrestlers were going to be sharing a bedroom and they could talk about their biceps all the time. I was going to be sharing with Josh. And we'd probably be pretty one-dimensional too, talking constantly about how many miles we'd put in and how sore our legs were; but at least that was interesting.

    "How's your brother?" I asked, changing the subject.

    Alan grinned from ear to ear. He knew I meant his younger brother Alex. The pole vaulter that I'd had a romp with last year.

    "He's great, TJ. He said to say 'hi,'" Alan said. There was a funny look in his eye.

    "That's nice. Tell him 'hi' back," I said. "Where did he end up choosing for college?"

    Alan paused and looked me in the eye. I tried to read his mind. I wonder if... No way!

    "He's not...?" I couldn't actually believe that Alex could be here in Boston! That would be too good to be true! I could have a fuck buddy! A very hot fuck buddy!

    Alan laughed and nodded.

    "Yup! Little bro got into Harvard! And he's going to vault for the Crimson! Partial scholarship too!"

    No shit! Why did everybody get into Harvard except me? Not that BU was all that bad, of course. But geez!

    "So he's here? He's in town already?"

    "Right across the river. Staying in one of their dorms right on Memorial Drive or something."


    "We should all go out or something to celebrate," Alan said.

    "Yeah," I agreed. "Fer sure."

    "Totally dude," Alan said, mocking me again.

    Alan and I spent the next hour or so recapping all the stories from each of our summers back at home. I put my clothes away in my room. Josh's side of the right was extremely neat, so I did the best I could not to make a big mess of the place. At least not on the first day.

    When Josh and Gage got back from a long run along the river, the whole process started all over again. It was really fun hearing what their lives had been like away from Boston. It was going to be a great year having three roommates; I'd gotten really lucky to be with such a fantastic group of guys.

    That night we all went to dinner at our favorite Thai place in Brookline. It was kind of a dive, but it was fairly cheap and the food was great. Sometimes the spices made my mouth feel like it was going to explode, but I managed to hold it together by not bursting into tears. In the end, I don't think any of the other guys realized what was going on inside my mouth!

    We got back to the room and talked for a little while longer. Alan and Gage had a big practice in the morning, and Josh and I had to report for sophomore camp as well. So we went our separate ways to get ready for bed. I told Josh that I needed a shower before I could go to sleep. It had been a long day and I was still on West Coast time anyway. Josh agreed to wait up.

    Josh was awake, reading something on his laptop when I came into the room wearing my towel. Josh's blondish hair was cut short, kind of a summer cut. He wasn't wearing a shirt and his hairless chest gleamed in the bright light from the fluorescent bulb in the cheap dorm lamp.

    He looked up from his book and smiled at me. His blue eyes caught my eye, then quickly strayed to my towel. He pursed his lips and nodded his approval.

    "What?" I asked.


    "You like my towel?"

    He giggled.

    "Yes, TJ, that's it. I like your towel."

    I took it off and tossed a towel ball at his head. He blocked it and it fell on the floor. He picked it up and brought it to his face, inhaling deeply.

    "You're demented," I said, laughing. "That's disgusting. Sniffing my towel."

    "Dogs do it," he protested.

    "You're not a dog," I said.

    "Not yet," he replied, giving me a knowing look. He tossed my towel across the room.

    "So you're naked."

    "I know," I said. With my eyes, I pointed to the covers on Josh's bed that he was lying under. "Are you?"

    He lifted up the sheet to check.

    "Looks like it," he said. "That okay?"

    "Is that going to be our thing? No pajamas."

    He raised his hand to take a pledge. "Yes TJ, no pajamas. We are agreed, it will be the first official rule of our dorm room. No pajamas allowed. You have my solemn oath."

    I high-fived his hand. "You have my solemn oath too," I agreed. "I don't even own pajamas, and no matter how fucking cold it gets in Boston this winter, I will not buy any."

    Josh nodded. He had a great smile that was begging to be kissed. "Great, now that that's taken care of. What do we do now?" he asked me, knowing full well what we both wanted to do.

    I was still standing beside his bed. He looked at my dick. I was still soft, maybe a little more dangly than usual, but nowhere close to my eight and third inches of full boner-hood. I'd been thinking about coming into our room and ravaging Josh while I was in the shower, so it came as a great surprise to me that I hadn't gotten an erection yet - usually my penis knew exactly what was going to happen way before my head did, and of course it would react accordingly.

    "Get in here," Josh said.

    He lifted the covers again. I hopped in and ducked down below the blankets to inspect Josh's cock. He was hard all right.

    Josh had a beautiful cock. Even in the complete darkness under the bed sheets, you could really appreciate it. It was thick like a rocket ship at the base and that lasted almost all the way to the top when it finally came to a narrower ending.

    For a small skinny guy like Josh, it was pretty impressive. I remember watching Josh grab hold of himself in the showers one of the first times I'd ever seen him naked. He'd struggled to get his hand around it. Not anybody else notices things like that in the showers after track practice, of course. But, you know, I'm sort of a connoisseur of these sorts of details.

    While I couldn't see a thing, the shape and feel of Josh's stiff dick sent a stream of pre-cum oozing out the top of my own cock. And I quickly got hard just by placing one hand on his balls and one around his shaft. Josh had shaved his pubes off completely; it made his weenie seem even bigger with nothing but the fat end of Apollo 11 standing strongly up from below his hard abs.

    I gave Josh's dick a few light strokes with both hands, and he rewarded me with a moan from above and his own leaky pre-cum from below.

    Clumsily, Josh flipped me around under the sheets and positioned my dick and nuts up by his face. My own face met Josh's cock and it slipped easily into my mouth. Josh plopped half of my scrotum into his own mouth and breathed warm air onto my ass.

    I used both hands, my lips, my tongue, and as much of my throat as I could on Josh. He was already hard as a rock, and the angle of his dick pointing up toward his chest meant that I needed to bend him a little backward to do to him what I wanted.

    Josh's tongue found my asshole. He spread my cheeks with his hands and buried his face inside of me.

    "Aaah," I said.

    "Shhh," Josh whispered. "We don't want to wake Alan and Gage."

    So I shushed and got back to business, trying not moan or make too much noise with any part of my body.

    But that soon proved impossible since Josh had obviously been practicing rim jobs over the summer. He was like a man possessed, licking and slurping away. He finally let up on me a little as I squirmed with pleasure and managed to practically slide right off of Josh and onto the floor.

    Josh replaced his mouth with a couple fingers and quickly found what he was looking for inside of me.

    "Aaah," I said again.

    "Shhh," Josh whispered. "TJ!"

    "Sorry," I said. But I couldn't help it.

    I went back to work on Josh's blow job, thinking that would keep me quiet.

    Josh mistook the lack of sounds coming from my mouth as evidence that he wasn't doing a good enough job eating out my butt. So he went back to nibbling away at me with his mouth. Holy fuck! When did he get so good at this? He hadn't even touched my dick yet, but I was sure I could cum at any moment!

    Amazingly, Josh found a way to suck on my bed and still get two fingers inside of me. The sensations sent me over the top and I bucked my hips and pounded on Josh's chest with my hard-on. My balls slapped against Josh's chin as I past the point of no return.

    Josh stuck a third finger in and that did it. I came in a bucket-load all over Josh, the bed, and the wall.

    "Aaah," I said for a third time. "Oops," I added. "Sorry."

    Josh giggled and scooped up a little of my jizz and slathered it all over my cock. Since I'd already cum, and I'd done it without so much as a single touch on my dick, the sensation of Josh's hand jacking me with a little wet sperm was too much!

    I wiggled my butt against Josh's face. "Oooh! Oh my god, Josh!" I whispered. "What was that?"

    "Nice one, TJ," Josh said. "That's pretty cool you can cum without me even touching your dick."

    "Um, yeah," I said. "Sorry, that sort of came out of nowhere."

    "No worries, it was cute." Josh stuck his tongue into my butt again and I jumped.

    "Fuck Josh!" I whispered loudly.

    He laughed again.

    "I guess you're a little sensitive tonight."

    "Yeah, I guess, I mean, well. I mean, where did you learn to do that?"


    "That?" I said. "You know, to eat out my butt like that?"

    "You'd be amazed what you can read about on-line," Josh giggled.

    I laughed too.

    "I've been practicing all summer at home," Josh said.

    "With your dad?" I asked, teasing him.

    "Yeah," Josh played along.


    "Come on, TJ, my dad's got a pretty fearsome ass! You'd like it too."

    "Totally gross! Don't even go there."

    I placed my lips around the tip of Josh's penis again. The idea of Josh rimming his father was a weird mental image and I wanted to make it go away. In seconds, I had Josh quiet and lying back as I worked his perfect little rocket cock up and down into the back of my throat.

    "Oh fuck," Josh whispered.

    I felt his abs tighten. I felt his legs try to move. I kept him on his back, pinned under my weight. Just as Josh would get close to cumming, I'd slow down and let him come back to earth for a moment. Then when his hips stopped bucking, I'd drive him crazy again. I repeated the cycle, multiple times. Josh was going nuts!

    Finally when I'd had enough fun toying with him, and Josh had begged me to finish him off at least three times, I decided to let him cum.

    I remember how far Josh could shoot, and I wasn't' sure I could handle it after I'd cum myself, so for the very end I put my mouth over Josh's scrotum and let my slippery hands finally get him off.

    "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oooooooh!"

    Josh was so loud when he came that there's no way that Alan and Gage didn't hear. There's probably no way that the entire rest of our dorm floor didn't hear either!

    I burst out laughing. For such a quiet, easy-going guy, Josh could sure come like a Shakespearean actor!

    I volunteered to tip-toe outside of our bedroom and to get a wet wash cloth in the bathroom of our suite. I was naked and still semi-hard (am I every truly soft?), but thought I could safely get back and forth quickly without being spotted by the other two guys in their room.

    When I got back, Josh was already asleep. I gently rubbed up some of Josh's semen from between his legs, and cleaned up the mess I'd left on his chest. I pulled the sheets up to his neck, kissed him lightly on the nose, and switched off the lamp.

    Wow. The first night back in Boston for school and I'd already had sex with my roommate from the track team. I had two more guys, probably also sleeping naked, across the other side of the suite. My mind was racing ahead to tomorrow morning and the possible site of Gage's tight little butt in the shower. Or maybe Alan's tight little butt in the kitchen. Ack! Where would I get all the energy?

    I could get very used to this. And, I assured myself, I would find the energy. If it killed me.

    This all might be very dangerous in the grand scheme of things. But well, for now, I wasn't going to worry about that. I needed to sleep. Josh was breathing in that rhythmic zen that said he was happy and had just had a happy orgasm. Finally my mind calmed down and I fell asleep in my own bed with the happy taste of Josh's cock on my lips. Yum.

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    I can well see that TJ is going to enjoy every minute of his sophomore year. I loved the finale of the Italian escapade. Also that Sergio may be coming to BU. But, TJ is going to be busy with Josh, Gage, Alex, Sam, and every other hot dude at BU. I hope you put all this together some day, Spike. TJ's life is worth a full Great to have a new year starting out.


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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Thank you once again Craiger

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    It's so good to see you writing again. I missed TJ and his 8 1/3", Joey and the family, and the BU crowd.

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Once again, you have provided an excellent story! Many thanks

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    AWESOME story!!!

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Great story , looking forward to more, certainly set up plenty of opportunities

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    can't wait til the next part!

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Quote Originally Posted by Scottyboi View Post
    can't wait til the next part!
    And, neither can the rest of "US"!

    A BIG "THANK YOU!" to You, Scotty! I only found this now because of the link YOU left in "Summer After Freshman Year"!

    Keep smilin'!!

    MORE, Please, Spike!!
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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Feels like I've neglected this so here's two more parts.

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    That weekend, our first since beginning our sophomore year at BU, the four of us roommates thought we'd just hang out.

    You know, sort of getting re-acquainted after being apart for 3 months over the summer. We agreed not to make any other plans. We would pick up some food. Get some beer and wine. And just chill.

    Sounded to me like a great way to start off my sophomore year at BU. I'd had a total blast back home in Apple Valley all summer. Now I was really looking forward to getting back into the groove. Studying my ass off. Running my ass off. And well, you know...that other stuff about my ass too.

    Not one of the four of us looked even close to 21, so buying our own alcohol without a fake ID was not going to happen. Fortunately Josh was from just up the road in New Hampshire and he knew tons of people around Boston who could score for us. So Josh was our man; he was put in charge of acquiring beverages.

    Gage and Alan were sort of foodies and they seemed to know great places to eat for cheap. Wrestlers really need to load up, I guess. As a result, they took charge of stocking up our refrigerator with a crazy combination of healthy organics and junk food.

    I had no particular skills to contribute to our plans for the weekend. So, by a vote of 3-1, I was put in charge of cleaning up the apartment.


    Friday afternoon, once we were all back from classes and the weekend was just about to get into full swing, I realized that I was really going to have to do it. I was really going to have to clean the place up. I tried reasoning with my roommates to avoid cleaning, but I didn't really get anywhere. After all, I argued, the place had been pretty much clean when we moved in. And we had only been living here live five or six days. Surely a total antiseptic overhaul was completely silly!

    "Just do it, TJ, and stop whining about it," Alan said, smiling. "It won't kill you."

    Alan handed me the hose of the vacuum as he walked past me toward the door. I gave him my best screw-you-grin.

    "Yea," Gage agreed. He was a man of few words. He pushed the vacuum hose up against my crotch, clearly outlining for my roommates that I was currently commando.

    "Come on Teej," Josh added. "We're all doing our part. I got booze. These two have got food. You don't even have to leave the apartment; you can just clean really quick and then we'll be back." Josh moved the hose back and forth across my crotch. Alan and Gage watched.

    "Plus you've got a vacuum hose to entertain yourself with," Alan said. "Once you've finished the floor, of course!"

    They all laughed and shut the door behind them.

    I looked down at the hose leaning against me. Hmm. I'd never used a vacuum hose on myself before. I wonder if...

    "Not now TJ, only once you've used it on the floors first!" somebody shouted from outside the door.

    "Fuck you guys!" I shouted back at them.

    Then I sighed once and got to work.

    It was a little warm in the apartment for a Friday evening in September. I took off my t-shirt and tossed it in the general direction of me and Josh's bedroom. It landed in a heap way short of the door. Thank god I was a runner and not a basketball player.

    Much to my surprise, I discovered that there's something strangely nice about vacuuming.

    Yes, I know. I can be a total pervert, but still...

    I found out that I didn't mind vacuuming at all! Once I sort of got into a nice smooth back and forth rhythm, I learned that vacuuming the floor was just like masturbating. And since I excel at that, I was done with my task in no time! I did also sort of like when the hose kept banging into my penis as I would move the little roller thing back and forth along the carpet. While I tried hard not to get an erection, in the end I did.

    I hoped that Alan and the guys would take a while before they came back with the goods. I would never hear the end of it if my roommates came back and saw me jerking off with the vacuum.

    Then I saw the mess in the little mini-kitchen of our suite. My dick got soft immediately. Shit.

    I was up to my eyeballs in work, scrubbing up the mess from what 4 guys had managed to do an apartment in less than a week when I heard voices outside. They were back. I squirted the bottle of Windex into the air a few times to remind them I'd been hard at work. Then they came in.

    Alan wrinkled up his nose, sniffing the place. "Smells like somebody has been a busy little beaver," he drawled.

    I laughed. "That's me. A beaver all right. Beaver, beaver, beaver."

    "Looking good, Mr. Beaver," Gage said.

    "Yeah, nice job buddy," Josh said. "All three of us thought for sure you'd be flat on your back with the vacuum cleaner on your weenie when we got back."

    "Naw, he's done beating his meat already," Alan said. "If I know my TJ, he doesn't take too long to get himself off!"

    Everybody laughed. I looked up at them and pouted. I would have flipped them off but my hands were full.

    "Really guys! Come on, gimme a break."

    They laughed even louder.

    "Is that even possible anyway?" I asked.

    "You'd figure it out," Alan answered.

    Josh pitched in to help me finish cleaning. It made the time go faster, and we got done a lot more quickly.

    Fifteen minutes later, Alan and Gage put some Chinese food on the table. Josh opened up a bottle of wine and put some beers out. I went into the bathroom to wash my hands and make sure my t-shirt wasn't completely slimed.

    Between the four of us, we polished off an astonishing amount of Chinese, and then fought over the fairest division of the 6 fortune cookies. Mine said, "You will greatly benefit from the help of others nearby." I smiled to myself and pocketed the fortune for safe-keeping. In case I needed it later.

    We talked about our summers back home.

    Alan and Gage both wrestled their way through their summer. Gage, in fact, won a local tournament back home in Boulder, Colorado. Alan didn't win any tournaments, but he got in some great practice, and was particularly proud that he managed to avoid losing only two matches on points. Josh ran, of course, near his home in the mountains of New Hampshire; he was determined to make the squad for the elite New England Regionals this year.

    After a while, we finally got off the subject of sports. We covered lots of other ground while we worked on our third bottle of wine.

    Fishing. Gage.

    Hiking. Josh.

    Girls. Alan.

    Work. Me.

    Shopping. Gage.

    Red Sox games and family picnics. Josh.

    Seriously Josh? Red Sox games?

    Girls. Alan.

    Boys. Me.

    Though I held back on the lurid details.

    "Do we have anything else to eat?" Gage wanted to know.

    "Just popcorn," Alan said. "TJ, why don't you make us some?"

    "Why me?"

    "Cause you make it the best," Alan responded.

    I smirked.

    "What? You do. You always did. All last year as freshmen."

    "Come on, TJ, popcorn!" Josh said. "We're starved!"

    "Yeah," Gage agreed.

    Reluctantly I got up from the table. I staggered a bit. Three bottles of wine were a lot for me. Even though I had only drank my share, about a fourth. The truth was that I wasn't really a big drinker; I was pretty fucking buzzed. Totally. No question about it.

    After I finished with the popcorn, I put it into a bowl, sprayed on some artificial butter, and brought it into the room for my roommates.

    Alan was talking and laughing at the same time. "So, anyway, when she finally found her panties and high-tailed it out of there, my dad was totally pissed!" Gage and Josh were sitting forward in their seats listening to his story.

    "It was only later that night when she called me to say that she'd put them on inside out!"

    The three of them burst into laughter.

    "What's going on?" I asked.

    Alan, Gage and Josh exchanged a look.

    "Um," Josh started.

    It seemed like he didn't want to tell me.


    "Well, um. Actually we're sort of playing Truth or Dare. It was Alan's idea."

    "Truth or Dare? Really? Aren't we a little old for that?"

    "Never too old, little buddy!" Alan said with a big grin.

    So that was that. The four of us began to play a game that I'd pretty much forgotten about. I set the popcorn down on the coffee table in our little mini living room.

    Gage took his shirt off and sat down on the couch beside me. I swallowed hard and tried not to gawk at what an amazing body Gage had. His chest was perfect. Just the right amount of muscles for an experienced wrestler. Hairless. And, after a summer in Colorado, he was tanned and lean. If I was scheduled to wrestle against him in a match, I would have just given up and let him do whatever he wanted to do to me.

    Hmm. Maybe I should sign up for wrestling.

    Sitting so close to Gage and his beautiful body, just inches away, I knew it wouldn't be long before I'd be hard. Gage looked over at me with searing eyes. I gulped again. And right on cue, I felt a pulsing in my groin.

    Yup. It wouldn't be long now.

    "You go first, Gage," Alan said. "Wrestler's rules."

    "Wrestler's rules?" Josh and I asked in unison.

    "What the hell are they?" I added.

    But Gage and Alan just chuckled and ignored us.

    "Okay Gage, I'll ask. Truth or dare?" Alan said, moving on.


    "Okay dare. Hmm." Alan rubbed his chin. Deep in thought. "Okay, I've got one."

    Gage sat forward. Ready. He rubbed his palms together.

    "First, Josh and TJ need to get on the floor on the backs. Face up, lying right beside each other. Then you need to do 10 push-ups."

    "So, what's the big deal with that?" Gage asked.

    If there was anybody in the room who could easily do 10 push-ups, or 100 push-ups for that matter, it was Gage.

    "Well, the dare is that you have to do your push-ups on top of them. While they lie on their backs, you have to do your push-ups with your two hands on each of their dicks."


    "No way!"

    "That's ridiculous!"

    Alan stood up to quiet us all down.

    "Guys!" he shouted. "Guys, knock it off. These are the rules of Truth or Dare. If you choose 'dare,' then you have to do what you are asked to do."

    "Even if it's stupid?"

    "Yessirree," Alan drawled. "Even if it's stupid. That's the rules."

    Gage looked over at me and Josh. I rolled my eyes. Josh sighed.

    Alan looked at all of us and nodded toward the open space on the floor. "Let's get to it, dudes!"

    "You'll pay for this when it's your turn, Alan," Gage said.

    "Mmm hmm," I agreed. "Big time!"

    Alan smiled and clapped his hands together.

    Josh and I got up and went over to lie down on the floor. Gage stood up to direct traffic, to get us into just the right position.

    "TJ, you need to skooch your hips a little bit to the left. Josh, move your shoulders over there."

    "Over where?"

    "Over there."

    "No TJ, I said to the left, not the right."


    It was much harder than it should have been for Josh and I to lie down side by side and get our crotches aligned so that Gage could kneel down and put his hands onto the two of us and still be in a reasonable push-up position.

    When we were finally aligned to Gage's liking, Josh's bare feet were by my head. Our hips were touching. I crossed by ankles and instinctively put my hands over my crotch.

    "TJ, this is not going to work if you put your hands there. You have to move them off to the side, out of the way," Gage said with a sigh.

    "Isn't this a little ridiculous?"

    Alan chuckled. "It's Truth or Dare, Teej. It's supposed to be ridiculous!"

    With a great effort, I managed to grin.


    Oh well, at least I would have Gage's paw on my privates for a few seconds while he did his push-ups.

    "Are we ready gents?" Gage asked. Despite all my fussing, he seemed excited. He seemed to like the 'dare' he'd been assigned.

    "Affirmative," Josh called out.

    I raised my neck to look at Josh's head, way down by my feet. He smiled back at me. He was clearly enjoying this.

    "Whatever, let's just do this. The sooner we start, the sooner we're done," I said.

    Alan shot me a look.

    "Are you seriously asking us to believe that you are not thrilled to have somebody else's hand on your dick? I think we all know you better than that TJ," Alan said.

    He had a point. Okay, I'll be quiet.

    I closed my eyes and braced myself for Gage's weight.

    While I did, Gage leaned down onto his knees and started off by putting his weight onto my upper thigh. I groaned dramatically. Josh groaned a little too, not quite as loudly.

    "Boys, relax. As wrestlers go, I'm a lightweight," Gage said. "You'll be fine. I'm sure you can both hold me up without any trouble at all."

    I exhaled.

    "Plus, fortunate for you guys, I happen to be a true master of the push-up. This will be over in no time!"

    "Good," I said.

    And Gage moved his hand to the side and found my dick. Instead of just putting his palm on top of it, he was able to move his fingers into a position and sort of lift my whole shaft up off of me and practically wrap himself around it. I gulped.

    "Whoa," Josh said. Apparently Gage's wrap-around technique was being used on the both of us. "Shouldn't you be taking me to the movies first?"

    Gage and Alan both laughed.

    "This is way better than a movie," Alan said.

    "Sort of like soft porn, right?" Josh said with a giggle.

    "I'm not going to be soft for long if Gage doesn't get these push-ups over with," I added.

    Everybody cracked up.

    But it was true of course. The way Gage had my cock inside of his hand, there was absolutely no way I wouldn't get a hard-on.

    Finally, Gage did his push-ups.

    Alan counted off each one. 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2--- pause. Gage flexed and un-flexed his fingers, like he was squeezing an orange, and I felt my dick stretch out a bit inside his hand.

    How the heck was I not supposed to get a hard-on when somebody does that to you?

    Gage's pause before his final push-up continued.

    "Gage!" Josh and I said together.

    So he gave me another squeeze, smiled and finished his last push-up

    By the time he was done, I had a semi-erection. Well, maybe more than semi.

    As he lifted himself up off the floor, Gage smiled at me. "Nice one, TJ," he said.

    "What?" Josh asked.

    He was so sweet and na´ve. Sort of cute, really.

    "There's a surprise," Alan said, seeing the tenting in my Lycra running shorts.

    I said down on the floor with my boner and crossed my legs. Criss-cross applesauce.

    The game went on.

    For the next few minutes we all chose to just do some 'truth' questions.

    Josh had to describe the very first time that he'd ever seen a girls tits. Not my idea. And I tuned out while he answered.

    When it was my turn, I had to talk about the time I'd masturbated four times in one day. No biggie.

    Then Alan and Gage each got asked the same thing. How many times had they gotten a hard-on while they were wrestling?

    "Two," Alan answered.

    He didn't elaborate.

    "That's it," Josh asked.

    Alan laughed. "You guys wanted to know how many times. Well I gave you the answer. Two," he said again.

    "And that's all we get to know," Josh pushed. "No extra details? No story?"

    "Nope. It happened two times. I've given you all I'm going to give on the subject."

    "Well, that doesn't feel very satisfying," Josh whined.

    Alan folded his arms in front of his chest.

    "Come on, man," I said. "Just forget it. We can ask Gage the same question. He'll talk."

    Josh nodded, apparently satisfied.

    "Okay Gage, same question, how many times have you gotten a hard-on while wrestling and please provide the details of at least one of these events," I said very formally.

    Gage grinned.

    "You boys wouldn't believe it if I told you," he said.

    "Why? That many times, eh?" Josh asked.

    "Well, actually, I'm sorry to disappoint you skinny runner perverts, but..."

    "But what?"

    "But the truth's never happened. Nope. Not even once. I've never gotten a woody while I was wrestling."


    Gage pursed his lips and shook his head.

    "I don't know. I figured that one day it would. But, well, it just never has."

    "Wow," I said. "I think it would happen to me every time."

    "It would," Alan agreed.

    Everybody laughed.

    "You see boys, wrestling is serious business. It's not about getting down and dirty with another dude. It's about raw, brute power. And intimidation," Alan explained. "Your opponent is your enemy. And you have to win. You have to subdue him at all costs."

    "Yup," Gage agreed.

    "The mental part is like most of the battle. You have to be ready and focused before you ever lay your hands on him."

    "Yup," Gage said again.

    "If I wasn't focused, if I was thinking that I might pop a boner before a match, I'd get pinned every time. And I'm not about to let that happen. I want to beat the guy. I want to pin him!"

    "I mean...guys...don't get us wrong...there's plenty of ball grabbing that goes on in a match. There's plenty of time that you use that for your advantage. If you can get away with it and the ref doesn't see it, of course you're gonna do it. It is a distraction. And if you can get his mind off of wrestling. Off of what he's supposed to be doing, then you can win. And that's what it's all about."

    Alan unfolded his arms and nodded. Finally, the ways of the universe had been explained to Josh and me. Now we knew.

    "Whoa," Josh said.

    "Yeah," I said.

    There was a prolonged silence as the four of us seemed to contemplate what Gage had said. It was actually the most sentences I'd ever heard him string together. The guy was usually not much for talking at all.

    Okay then.

    We did a couple more benign 'truth' questions. When it came to be Alan's turn, he agreed to a 'dare' and somehow he escaped having to do anything crazy. Gage made him stand on his head against the wall for 15 seconds. Which, of course, Alan did it easily on his first try.

    Finally it was time for payback. It was my turn to have Gage do something. And bravely, he chose a 'dare' too.


    "All right, I think we'll bring back the push-up. Gage, since you were so good at doing them the first time, I sort of feel like we need to have you show us what you can do again. Only this time, I think we'll make them a little more challenging."

    The room was quiet. All of my roommates waited for me to say what exactly I was going to have Gage do.

    I looked at Alan.

    "On the floor, buddy," I said.

    Alan stood up, removed his shirt, and tossed it in the general direction of him and Gage's room. The wrestlers were now naked above the waist. Josh and I still had ours on.

    Then Alan began to move onto the floor, in the exact place where Josh and I had been a little while ago. He started to lie down on his back, just like we had done.

    "Nuh uh," I said. "On your stomach."

    Alan flipped himself around and got down on his knees, about to lie down on the floor of our living room.

    "You too Josh," indicating the exact spot where he should join Alan on the floor.

    Josh stood up and then worked himself in close with Alan. He looked at Alan's chest and raised his own shirt to begin taking that off.

    "It's fine with me," I said. "But you may want to wait until I tell you guys exactly what Gage is going to have to do."

    "Uh oh," Alan said.

    I smiled and nodded. 'Uh oh' was about right. "Mm hmm. Payback's a bitch roomie," I said.

    "What?" Josh asked.

    "Pants off, underwear too," I said.

    "Uh oh," Josh echoed.

    Alan had already slipped his thumbs under the waist band of his shorts. "I don't got no underwear on, roomie," Alan said with his thick Texas accent. "Just these little old gym trunks."

    "I have underwear on," Josh said.

    "Good, take 'em off."

    They both removed everything below the waist. Alan's dick, which I said at least a thousand times when we were living together last year (and Alan loved being naked in our room), was in its usual soft state. He hadn't kept up with his trimming and the hair above the base of his cock was dense and sort of scraggly. His weenie dangled from above and Alan gave it an absent-minded tug. Josh's dick, which I had also seen plenty since we had to shower together pretty much every day last year after track, was definitely a much more impressive specimen. In contrast to Alan, he was clean-shaven, and he was pretty thick besides. The comparison between the two was much bigger than I'd imagined it would be. Josh was packing!

    So they paused on their knees to rearrange their equipment before they had to lie down on the floor, face down. They made a big production of wiggling around to get themselves oriented next to each other.

    "Now what, Teej?" Gage asked.

    I just smiled.

    "What?" Josh caught my eye and asked. His voice sounded a little nervous.

    "Gage is just going to do ten push-ups. Just like he did so nicely before, with me and Josh's penises in his hand. Only this time there's a twist."

    "I think I know where this is going," Alan said with a little chuckle.

    "Gage has to put his middle finger inside of Alan and Josh's butts while he does them," I said.

    "No way!" Josh said.

    "Oh fuck." Gage said. He inspected his two middle fingers.

    "TJ, that's ridiculous!" Alan objected.

    I laughed. "Yes, Alan, it is ridiculous. I agree with you. You're totally right. But, I believe that's the whole point of 'Truth or Dare.' Right? You said it to me just a few minutes ago. It's a ridiculous game."

    Gage was smiling. "Roommate bonding, guys, that's what tonight is all about."

    Alan rolled his eyes.

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah," Alan said.

    Josh lifted his chest up off of the floor and craned his neck around to look at our mini-kitchen. "Um, can Gage at least use some kind of lube on his finger? Like maybe some lotion or something?"

    "You're fucking right he's gonna use some fucking lotion," Alan said. "I've got some Lubriderm in our bedroom. It's right on top of my dresser."

    "Okay, lube is fine. I'll get it," I said.

    "Thank god," Josh said with a sigh.

    "TJ, you're such a jerk," Alan said.

    I smirked and then left the room to get Alan's Lubriderm. I brought it back in and squirted a little bit onto both of Gage's middle fingers.

    "Put a lot on," Alan shouted.

    "Yeah," Josh agreed.

    Gage held both of his hands up and flipped me two birds. I took advantage of the opportunity to grease up Gage. Actually it seemed to me like I was masturbating both of Gage's middle fingers at the same time. I made a big dramatic production of it and Gage caught on to what I was doing. He giggled.

    Just as Gage got down to climb aboard Alan and Josh, Josh spoke up.

    "Um, TJ, can I get a little bit directly on my ass also?" he asked.

    "Of course dude. One squirt or two?"

    Josh spread his cheeks and exposed the tiny rosebud of his butthole. I pumped the Lubriderm twice and coated him with lube.

    "Thanks," he said, probably really meaning it.

    Alan put his head in his hands. "Me too," he said, into the floor.

    He didn't spread his ass cheeks for me, so I did it myself. I made a bulls-eye with one perfect little pump of Lubriderm.

    "Fuck! That's cold."

    We all laughed.

    "My fingers are warm," Gage said.

    "That's great. Just fucking great!" Alan said.

    Gage lowered himself further and probed around Josh's butt for the opening. When he found it, he pushed his middle finger right in.

    "Uh," Josh said.

    "That was easy," Gage said. "I thought it would be tighter."

    "Fuck you Gage," Josh said.

    "Okay Alan, you're next. Are you ready?"

    "I can't believe I'm letting you fucking do this to me," he said.

    "Does that mean 'yes?'?"

    "Whatever. Yes, I'm ready. Just do it already."

    Gage only had one hand this time since the other one was already in Josh's behind. It wasn't as easy to find Alan's butthole and it took him a little longer.

    "You're getting that lotion all over my ass," Alan said.

    "Sorry buddy," Gage said. "This isn't easy as you'd think."

    "It better not be easy," Alan said. "It better be fucking tight as hell!"

    Gage laughed.

    "There," he said. "Got it."

    "Holy crap!" Alan yelped. He cradled his head in his hands again.

    The rest of us cracked up.

    "Come on, come on, come on! Let's go."

    This time I counted off for Gage as he did his pushups. "10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2..."

    Gage teetered a little. Apparently balancing up there with his middle fingers up their buttholes took a lot of concentration. He started to laugh so hard that he fell off. His hands popped out Alan and Josh with a sort of double suction sound.

    Josh exhaled and rolled onto his back. Alan put his hand down between his cheeks and rubbed himself lightly. Gage was doubled up in laughter; he couldn't stop.

    "That was only nine," I said quietly.

    "TJ!" Josh and Alan shouted together.

    "Okay, okay, I guess nine is good enough."

    Then everybody noticed that Josh had a hard on, and it got very quiet.

    Like I said before, Josh has a pretty impressive cock when he is soft. So with his thin little body and his huge fat erection lying there on his lower abs, it sort of sucked all the sound out of the room.

    "Wow," Gage said. "You're hard, Josh."

    Josh looked down at his mid-section. He blushed red and then tried to cover himself with his hands. But Josh's dick is not the sort of dick that you can hide easily when it's at full staff. The three of us just stared at it. Like we'd never seen one before.

    "Well, I couldn't help it. Gage was like, I don't know, touching my prostate or something when his finger was in there."

    Still, nobody else said anything. Of the four of us, I had the most clothes on since I was still wearing a t-shirt and my running shorts. Josh had on only a thin nylon shirt and nothing of course from the waist down. Gage had on his own shorts, but had been the first one to take his shirt off when we first started to play 'Truth or Dare.' And Alan was totally naked except for some small black ankle socks. We made quite a group!

    Finally, the silence got a little bit uncomfortable. "Okay, now what?" I asked.

    "I don't know," Alan said. "Josh has a stiff dick. Maybe our next 'dare' should have something to do with that."

    "I'll take 'truth' please," Josh said quickly. "No 'dares' for me."

    "Whose turn is it anyway?" I asked.

    "Josh's," Gage answered.

    "Really? Why me?"

    "Because it's your turn."

    "Man!" Josh whined. "Maybe we should just be done with this game. I mean, look what TJ just made us do."

    "TJ will pay," Alan said. "I think we need to continue the game at least for us to make TJ pay, right? Don't you guys agree?"

    "Abso-fucking-lutely." Josh said.

    "Okay then, that's better. Now...Josh, do you want to have a 'truth' or a 'dare?'" Alan asked. He sat up and put his palms onto his knees. He made no effort to cover himself up. He was totally comfortable being naked in front of just about anybody, I guess.

    ", I guess I would say 'truth' but if we need to get TJ back for what he just did to us, then I guess I would have to change to 'dare.'"

    "Good deal. Then I have the perfect 'dare' for you Josh."

    Josh's hands had strayed from his erection and he was now leaning back on his elbows. His cock throbbed lightly with his heartbeat on his belly. Gage was still being quiet. His eyes were still pretty much stuck on Josh's penis.

    "Jerk yourself off into TJ's mouth."


    "You heard me Josh. Jack off into TJ's mouth."


    "Yup. Your 'dare' is for you to cum in TJ's mouth. Right here. In front of the rest of us."

    "Come on! Really?"

    Alan rubbed his hands together excitedly.

    "I think you've earned it, dude," Alan drawled. "You get to beat your meat. And TJ has to swallow every drop."

    "I don't know Alan. I don't know if that's such a good idea."

    "Are you fucking kidding me? A good idea? It's a great idea! I think it's perfect."

    "Um, do I have anything to say about this?" I asked sheepishly.


    So Josh started to stand up. Alan stayed put on the floor, but he leaned back against our couch. Gage sat down on the floor next to Alan and tucked his knees under him.

    "Okay Josh, let's do this!" Alan commanded.


    "Stop being a pussy. We all do this. I mean, for crissakes, we're 19! We all do this all the time! Now stand up and start stroking it dude! And make sure you let him know when you're getting close. I don't want TJ to miss out on a single drop!"

    Josh came over to where I was sitting on the floor. Our eyes met. He took his cock in his hand. When he was standing up, his cock wasn't flat against his abs, but it was pretty darn close. His balls hung away heavily from his fat cock. I have to admit. Josh had one of the prettiest penises I'd ever seen.

    "Go on Josh," Alan urged him. "Do it. This is your 'dare.'"

    "All right, here goes," Josh said. With one hand, he pulled his scrotum down. That made his dick look even bigger. With the other, he began to move it up and down on his shaft. Secretly, I knew Josh was loving this.

    I moved my face a little bit closer to Josh's crotch. I looked up at him and gave him a little smile that said 'don't worry Josh, this is okay with me.'

    "Um, I think I need some of that Lubriderm," Josh said.

    Gage found the bottle on the floor and tossed it up to Josh. Josh stopped jacking his dick long enough to pump some of the lotion into his hand. Then he put it all over himself.

    His eyes closed a little bit and a happy, contented look came across Josh's face. He was just sort of getting into the moment. He was stroking his dick in front of his roommates. And he knew he was going to be able to blow his load into my throat.

    What was not to like?

    Alan and Gage paid close attention to Josh and I. Every minute or so Alan would bark out some command to poor Josh like "faster" or "closer" to get Josh to focus on the task at hand. This tended to crack Gage up every time he said something.

    "Oh man, oh man!" Josh said.

    I looked up and saw his rippled abs start to contract under his shirt. I leaned in a little more. Then he lost his rhythm as his hips moved from side to side.

    "All right Josh! Go Josh!" Alan screamed.

    "Do it Josh," Gage said more quietly.

    I grabbed hold of Josh's thighs to hold onto him as he came. He was stroking himself in long, loopy scoops and my view of the show was totally awesome!

    "Oh man, I'm cumming!" Josh screamed.

    I pulled him into my mouth and let his nuts hang against my chin.


    Josh came with a huge shudder. His sperm blasted against the back of my throat. I thought I'd swallowed a fire hose.

    "Oh my fucking god!" Josh said.

    He kept cumming and cumming into me. He held onto the back of my head and pushed my face onto him even more. I gagged and choked. Shit, what a load!

    After about three or more good shots into my mouth, Josh was finally done. My mouth was pretty much full of dick and semen at the same time. I forced myself to swallow and gulped it down with another little gag.

    "Fuck TJ!" Josh said.

    I held onto the base of Josh's cock and managed to knead a little bit more out of him and into my mouth. Alan and Gage whistled and applauded.


    Josh tried to pull away, to pop his dick out of my mouth. But I tightened the hold my lips had around his shaft and he was frozen, unable to move.

    "Very nice, Josh," Alan said. "I hope that was a good one for you."

    "Are you fucking joking? That was amazing!"

    I kept sucking Josh. Dammit if I had to give one of my roommates head in front of the other two, I was totally sure that I was gonna enjoy it. Josh couldn't move.

    "TJ, your part of the task is done. You can stop now. Give Josh his cock back."

    "Mmm," I said.

    "TJ, come on. It's over. You did your thing, now knock it off."

    Josh looked down at me. "Teej?"

    I looked back at Josh and gave him a smile around the head of his dick. Finally I let my mouth slip off of him and I wiped away a little saliva with the back of my hand.

    I looked at Alan, who was still naked. And definitely not soft anymore. I looked at Gage, whose little shorts also seemed a lot more full than they had been ten minutes ago.

    "Okay guys, who's next for a 'dare?'"

    Both of their hands shot up immediately. Hmm, this means I get to choose. So I did.

    - - - Updated - - -

    It was nearly midnight and all four of us were still awake.

    Outside the front door of our suite, we could hear other people partying too. Boston University wasn't exactly famous for its wild and crazy parties. After all, this was New England! But I'd been to a few last year when I was a freshman, and I think we could hold our own against at least a few schools. A couple of times during the beginning of our roommates only Truth or Dare game, there was even a knock on the door as some of the other students on the floor tried to get us to come out. We ignored them all. Right now, it was guy's night, roomies' night. My kind of night.

    Round two of Truth or Dare was on!

    If this next round was going to be anything like round one, this would be something I could definitely write about later. Bring it! In round one, I'd gotten my roommates to do naked push-ups. And then they'd gotten me back and had Josh jerk off, spilling his load into my happily waiting mouth. It was pretty crazy! I was sure I would be able to get off just thinking about it again for weeks to come.

    Now that I had a mouthful of Josh's cum, I was primed and ready for more. I hadn't exactly cum yet myself. And I'd hoped that little problem would get fixed during round two.

    As the four of us considered what had actually just happened, none of us was quite sure how to move things along. Me included. While my brain was saying 'let's get this fucking show on the road, dudes,' the actual words that came out of my mouth didn't exactly come across that way. What my mouth came up with was 100% geek.

    "Whoa, that sure seemed like a lot of sperm, right Josh?" I managed.

    The guys laughed.

    Well, come on! He came a lot! Really.

    Josh blushed.

    None of us probably imagined that a simple weekend evening just hanging out with your college roomies playing 'Truth or Dare' would turn into such a crazy dare-fest. Nobody seemed to care about the truth option.

    But I wasn't complaining. I got a mouthful of man-seed out of the deal. Yum.

    It was still the first month of sophomore year at BU. I was having a blast.

    In the sex department, I'd figured out so far that I had one for-sure-gay roommate, one for-sure-straight one, and one more who I couldn't make up my mind about.

    And, come hell or high water, I intended to suck them all off at some point. Tonight seemed like a perfectly good time to start. One down, two to go.

    It wasn't long after that when Alan decided he had to go to sleep. Uh oh.

    "I'm beat," he said.


    Me and Josh and Gage looked at him with our mouths slightly open as he took his clothes and padded off quietly to he and Gage's room. He closed the door behind him.

    Really? Come on!

    Right now! Alan decides to leave? Right now! Right when things were really getting interesting?

    And what about me sucking him dry tonight? Oh well, maybe tomorrow. At least I had another option for the immediate future.

    "Shall we continue the game without him, gentlemen?" I asked, trying to move things along.

    Josh and Gage looked at each other. I rolled my hands in the air, the universal sign for 'hurry the fuck up and decide.'

    Josh pursed his lips and nodded at me. He looked great either in clothes, or out of them. Right now, he was mostly out of them. No pants. Gage looked at Josh's dick, still bigger than soft in that post-orgasm state - it sort of glistened in the cheap overhead fluorescent lights of our dorm room.

    Josh still had his shirt on.

    Gage still had his work-out shorts on.

    Together they had a matched set. One fully clothed person. But separately, they were just totally fucking hot!

    Gage stood up and took his shorts off. He threw them at Josh's face. "Let's go," he said as his penis flopped out.

    Josh took off his short and flipped it back at Gage.

    "Whose turn is it?" I asked.

    "Mine," Josh said.

    "Um, no, I think it's mine," Gage argued.

    "Guys, guys, actually it's mine," I said.

    "Seriously, TJ? Come on, you're like the beneficiary here, you're getting all the good stuff already. You just got the chance to suck my dick, at least at the end there.. You don't get to choose what happens next in this game. Just sit down and be quiet."

    I smiled. I knew that Josh was mostly joking. But I sat down anyway. With Josh I knew I had nothing to worry about. He would take good care of me.

    "So it's my turn," Josh said again, this time more emphatically.

    Gage looked up at the ceiling for help. "But..."

    "Don't worry Gage," Josh said. "You'll like this dare."

    Gage and I looked at Josh. I think I knew exactly where Josh was going. But, Gage obviously did not. I was enjoying watching Gage's penis in its semi-flaccid state. I'd thought I'd try to communicate with it through my mind. Like on Star Trek, maybe do a Vulcan mind meld. Just Mr. Spock and Gage's weenie. That would have been a great episode!

    My brain reassured Gage's cock. 'Don't worry, Mr. Wee-wee, you'll get a chance soon. Real soon!'

    To my amazement, Gage's dick seemed to hear me! It grew a little.

    Encouraged by this little victory, I tried a little more mind melding.

    'If you can get totally hard, you can fuck Mr. TJ'

    It grew some more.

    Fuckin A!

    Josh and Gage kept talking. I kept up my silent conversation with Gage's dick.

    'And every morning, right before Gage has to go to class, Mr. TJ will come in and jerk you silly! You can have as many orgasms as you want!'

    Success! Gage's cock kept up its slow climb up toward the sky.

    Jesus! I was pretty good at this Vulcan mind meld stuff!

    I smiled to myself as my two roommates continued their discussion of whose turn it was.

    I wondered if I was like a snake charmer for dicks or something. Maybe I could make them hard by just willing it! This could be a second career! Or even a first, if this whole college thing didn't work out so well.

    Gage's cock continued to grow, as I ignored the out-loud conversation and I concentrated on the silent conversation I was having with it.

    I was making it harder than it has ever been before. What a skill! Try this on America's Got Talent!

    "Okay, okay, whatever," Gage finally agreed. "You get the first turn. I mean, it's probably fair anyway. You did just have to jack off in front of your roommates, after all."

    "Uh, yeah," Josh said, as if it was obvious that having to undergo public masturbation meant that he was deserving of receiving the next turn in our game.

    "Uh, hello?" I interjected. "I'm sort of here too. And if I remember correctly, I was sort of involved in all of this jacking off stuff too. After all, I had to swallow Josh's load."

    They said nothing.

    "In front of my roommates," I added. "That should count for something."

    "Shh, Teej," Josh said. "It's not like you hated it."

    I tried to shoot Josh a wounded look, but managed only to look confused. He was right, it was pretty fun. And I definitely didn't hate it.

    "Right TJ, you perve, you loved it," Gage added.

    I sighed. They had me.

    "All right, that's settled then. TJ is happy to have my cum in his mouth. I'm happy to take the next turn in our game of Truth or Dare. I'm the one who had to be inconvenienced by having to put my cum in TJ's mouth. And Gage, old buddy, my Dare is for you."

    "Don't I get to pick if I want Truth or not?"

    "No!" Josh and I said in unison.

    Gage giggled.

    "Okay, what do I have to do?"

    "Well, Gage, you're in luck." Josh started, "As we all know, our little TJ here, he likes cum. He likes it a lot."

    "I do?"

    "He does?"

    "Yes, TJ likes cum. And, as we all know, TJ is all about balance. Symmetry. Alignment of his chakras."

    "I am?"

    "He is?"

    "What are chakras?"

    "Never mind about chakras," Josh said. "But as a middle distance runner myself, I also appreciate the importance of balance and symmetry. Teej and I, we would fall down on the track if we weren't perfectly balanced and aligned at all times."

    "I would?"

    "He would?"

    "Shut up you guys!" Josh shouted.

    Gage and my eyes met. We were both a little puzzled.

    "I think I need more beer to understand all this," Gage said. He walked to the fridge and opened it up. "Anybody else?"

    "Yeah, I'll have one," Josh said.

    "Me too," I said. If we all had one, maybe our chakras would be aligned. Drinking beer naked with your college roommates surely got your chakras in order. I wondered if we should wake Alan up.

    Gage brought us all back a beer. We opened them and took a sip.

    "So?" I asked. "What's his Dare?"

    Gage's weenie had softened up, and now hung loosely down onto his scrotum. He absently gave himself a rub while my mind got to work making him hard again.

    Josh paused and looked at each of us slowly.

    "Well?" Gage asked.

    Josh looked away at the door of Alan and Gage's bedroom. Then back at us.

    "Well?" I asked.

    Josh smiled. It was a total shit-eating grin. Uh oh.

    He spoke to Gage. "You have to fuck him."


    "Yep, you have to cum in his ass. Balance."

    "Oh, I see, you came in his mouth, so I have to balance it out by cumming in his ass," Gage said, stating the obvious.

    This was no great surprise to me. I sort of figured this was where Josh was going with all this balance and symmetry stuff. Gage's penis was responding to my brain waves, it was getting longer and thicker again.

    Josh noticed Gage's cock stiffening up and he nodded.

    "I think your dick likes the idea," Josh said.

    We all looked at Gage's privates. Gage grabbed hold of himself and brought it to fully erect with a few quick strokes up and down.

    Josh started to direct traffic. Since he had responsibility for this particular Dare, he obviously felt like he was authorized to take charge of the whole scene. Josh had me get on the floor, my head down and my butt in the air. He rested my back against the couch. I was sort of upside down and flexed at the neck. My legs were in the air but Josh opened them up to a straddle and used his hands to spread open my ass cheeks.

    "Is this comfortable TJ?" Josh asked politely.

    "Um, well..."

    "He will be in a minute," Gage said. "Once I'm blasting my big dick into his behind."

    Josh and Gage chuckled together. I took a few deep breaths to try and get used to being upside down with my ass to the sky. I felt fingers around my hole, but had no idea who they belonged to. Somebody squirted some Lubriderm onto my butt, it felt cool and seemed to make everything pretty smooth back there (or up there).

    Josh grabbed hold of my cock and gave it a few tugs. I was totally hard, of course. But this was a weird position to be in. My balls sort of hung down the shaft of my cock and there wasn't as much to grab as usual. My eight and a third inches was more like four and a third after the part at the bottom was blocked by my scrotum. This intrigued me.

    Someone kept playing with my butthole. Gage I think. In the meantime, I tried to move my nut sack down toward where it was supposed to be. I wanted to see if I could slide my hand onto the base of my cock and keep my balls out of the way. Unfortunately gravity kept winning and I couldn't get hold of the entire length of my cock. My balls kept bouncing down over my hands.

    Josh totally figured out what I was doing. He watched me, amused.

    "TJ, don't worry, it's all still there," he said.

    "What's all still there?" Gage asked. He had been concentrating on the little opening between my cheeks and had missed the whole business going on just a few inches away.

    "TJ is freaked out that he can't feel his whole cock," Josh explained.

    They both laughed again.

    "But," I started to say, but I never finished the thought.

    "TJ, seriously, your dick is still there. All eight inches of it. Or eight and a third, or whatever you say it's supposed to be," Josh said with a giggle.

    "I know, but..."

    About then, I felt something actually slide into my hole. A ping pong ball? A big toe?

    Actually it was Gage's thumb.

    The sensations of being thumb-fucked started in my ass, tingled through my groin and caused my dick to get even harder, and then they exploded throughout my entire body. Even my ears felt like they were being thumb-fucked.

    Gage's thumb found my prostate.


    Gage shushed me. He moved his thumb in and out of my butt. Man!

    "Good, right?"

    Has he ever been thumb-fucked too? How would he know it's good?

    "Yeah," I gurgled from down below.

    "I have a really big thumb, right? You like my fuckin' thumb don't you?"

    Dirty talk turned me on.

    "Yeah, I mean, yeah, it's a really big, fat, HUGE thumb," I gurgled again.

    This cracked Josh up and he fell over onto the floor. We both looked over at him. Gage kept up his thumb-work. I kept trying to breathe.

    While I was watching Josh get up, Gage popped his thumb out of my ass. There was a much louder sound that you'd think. It made me smile, even though there was nothing at all up my butt at that very minute.

    Josh saw that we seemed to be changing gears and he stood up to check things out. The two of them spread my legs apart like a wishbone.

    "Should we make a wish?" Gage asked, as the two of them had me pretty much doing the upside down splits.

    Clearly they were thinking exactly what I was thinking. We all laughed.

    "Watch this," Josh said, moving his face closer to ground zero. Gage took a step back as Josh planted his mouth right onto my butthole.

    Holy fuck!

    Josh used his fingers to open me up a little wider, his tongue driving into my hole.

    "Whoa!" Gage mouthed silently.

    "Tastes like chicken," Josh said without lifting his tongue out of my butt. His beard was tickling me, but his lips were doing something totally different. I felt a drop of pre-cum ooze out of from the head of my dick. It felt so fucking great!

    "That's nice Josh," I said, grinning.

    Josh whispered something to Gage that I didn't hear. Whatever it was, they both burst out laughing. Now it was Gage's turn to fall on the floor. He was laughing so hard that tears came out of his eyes. He rolled onto his side, his knees against his chest. Meanwhile Josh was half-laughing, half-licking my butt at the same time.

    I shook my head. "What?" I asked Josh, whose head was nearly directly above mine, but my view of his eyes was blocked by the silhouette of my dick.

    Josh looked up from what he was doing.

    "Nothing, Teej, don't worry about it."

    "Chicken!" Gage finally said when he caught a breath. "That's so fuckin' funny!"

    "What?" I asked again.

    Gage rolled up into a ball again and couldn't answer me he was laughing so much. Josh finally had to take a break from rimming me and wiped a tear away from his own eye.

    "Hello?" I said to both of them.

    They both laughed even more at the sound of my voice.

    Gage choked, and then started to cough. Josh sat down on the floor beside him and put his elbows around his knees.

    "Gage, man! You gotta stop! We're gonna wake up Alan!"

    Gage was convulsing with laughter and said something in a really high-pitched voice. But it was unintelligible and neither of us could understand it.

    Josh and I looked at each other. Now I started to laugh. Josh pointed to my legs, still spread-eagled and wide in the air. That made him laugh and he started to shake. He tried to laugh quietly, but hat just made his arms shake and he couldn't hold onto his knees anymore. He fell back onto his back and landed with a thud on top of Gage's hand.

    "Ouch!" Gage yowled, laughing even harder.

    For some reason, the two of them both found that hysterically funny. They both wound up being rolled into the fetal position and unable to control themselves. I wish I'd had my camera. They were quite a sight, two college students, naked and curled up on the floor, laughing about some secret joke I hadn't quite heard. I could only imagine.

    I finally brought my legs back down to the floor.

    "I have to pee," I announced. "You guys just stay there."


    Josh looked over at Gage. "He has to pee," Josh said, giggling. Gage guffawed, followed quickly by Josh. I shushed them but it was no use. The whole things started all over again, they were too far gone.

    I shook my head and walked to the bathroom. I took my time in there. Even though all the laughing had made my dick soft, it still took forever for me to get the stream started. I watched myself in the bathroom mirror while I waited and waited. I looked like hell. I was worn out from the first days of school. I was pretty buzzed from all the beer and wine. I'd swallowed a mountain of cum from Josh. Then I'd just spent the last 20 minutes or so upside down while Gage had his thumb up my butt and then Josh was eating me out. I could still hear the two of them outside, half-laughing, half-crying, trying to pull themselves together.

    I sighed and stared at my penis, dangling over the toilet.

    Still nothing.

    I looked at my chest. Not bad, I guess, but I still needed to put on some muscle. Running, running all the time, it was hard to build anything my pecs and arms up. Then I saw something glisten in the light.

    Oh my god!

    It was a hair. I looked more closely. Yep. Definitely! There was one tiny, blond, curly, chest hair, right in the middle of my chest, squarely between my nipples.

    I opened my mouth to tell my roommates. They were quieter now. Hmm, wonder what they were up to. Announcing the growth of one chest hair, even while we were all pretty much naked and being pretty fucking intimate with each other, somehow seemed like too much information. TMI. So I kept quiet and looked at the little guy in the mirror again. I squinted my eyes for a better view.

    Wow. Maybe this was the start of something for me in the chest hair department. I thought of my dad's chest. He had a few. Nothing crazy, but you could definitely see a tiny little patch if you got up real close. Tomorrow, after me and my roommates finished off this crazy night, I would call my dad and tell him. He'd be happy for me.

    I looked around for any more. Nope. Oh well.

    I reached up with my hand and straightened out the little hair. Then I tugged on it lightly.


    That hurt. Who knew? Quickly I smoothed it out and lay it back down.

    Do I pull it? What if it comes out? After all these years of waiting and hoping, it seemed silly to finally get just one. I'd read someplace that if you pull one out, at least two will grow back. And then if I pull those two out, won't I get four? And then...


    I tugged on it again, this time harder, and it popped out into my fingers.

    Fuck. I didn't really mean for it to come out. What if I didn't get two back in return? What if this was the only one I would ever have? I looked at the tiny hair in my fingers, then I set it down lightly on the bathroom counter. I exhaled and watched it curl itself into a little ring. Huh.

    Then the pee came.

    Because I'd leaned forward to examine my one chest hair more closely in the mirror, I missed the bowl and the pee hit the underside of the raised toilet seat. I adjusted quickly and then waited and waited while an evening's worth of drinking came out of me. When I was finally finished, I washed my hands, then pulled off a piece of toilet paper and picked up my one little hair from the counter. I folded it up neatly and put it into my drawer. Each of us had one drawer, and mine was on the bottom. I tucked the folded up piece of paper under some soap and closed the drawer back up.

    Before I opened the bathroom door to go back and join the party, I stopped and listened carefully. Still nothing. No laughing, no talking. Had I really been in here that long? Could they have fallen asleep?

    I was still nude, of course, when I left the bathroom. What I saw when I got back to my two roommates shocked me. I took a couple of small steps forward to get a closer look and my jaw dropped.

    We'd all been sort of drunk and had pulled some pretty wacky shit with each other so far, but I wasn't prepared for this!

    Josh was lying on top of Gage. They were making out. Josh had his hands up around Gage's ears. Gage's hands were around the small of Josh's back, drawing him closer. Gage's legs were spread wide and Josh filled the space inside of him.

    I stood there watching them for a full 30 seconds. I felt myself start to get aroused again. Something about two guys kissing each other always gets me. I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff I guess. Old fashioned.

    I heard a moan, I think it came from Gage, but I wasn't quite sure.


    Nothing. No change. The kissing went on.

    "Ahem," I said again, this time even louder.


    "Um, what about our game? What about my butt?"

    Somebody moaned something unintelligible.


    Another moan.

    "I still don't..."

    Oh well, maybe they wanted a third. I kneeled down on the ground beside them and put my hand on Josh's back. I let one of my knees rest against Gage's shoulder. They both opened their eyes and noticed me. Their lips parted slightly.

    "Come here," Josh said.


    "Come here, you idiot! Get down here!"


    "TJ, lie down and stick your tongue in Gage's mouth, there's plenty of room."

    I looked at Gage. He nodded.

    Okay. If you say there's room. What the fuck?

    I wriggled down onto the floor beside them and managed to get my face wedged into the little space between their cheeks. Josh held the back of my head closer and we all managed to kiss. A three-way kiss.


    Somehow Gage moved out from under Josh and both Josh and I ended up on our backs with Gage on top. He was heavy. All muscle probably. All 100% prime wrestling stud muscle probably.

    Both Josh and I pawed at Gage's butt cheeks. They were like tiny steel cushions, they barely moved. By the time I got my fingers around to Gage's asshole, Josh's fingers were already there.

    While I was French-kissing Gage's mouth, Josh was working over Gage's neck. Gage let out a little moan. It was cute.

    I could feel Gage's erection sort of dangling between me and Josh's hips. That felt like steel too.

    Was I making out with Superman?

    I wasn't feeling too cute at this very second. I was ravenous. I'd been wanting Gage to fuck me ever since the day I'd laid eyes on him back in the gym last year. I was going to get this boy's hard, titanium cock up my ass. And I was going to do it tonight!

    Josh moved his body lower on Gage, leaving me with the head. Gage was a freaking amazing kisser! I made the most of it and tried to swallow every bit of him that I could.

    Meanwhile, Josh found one of Gage's nipples and got to work.

    "Aah," Gage said lightly into my mouth.

    My fingers found Gage's butthole. I brought them up to my mouth and forced two inside of the lip lock I was having with Gage. With both of our saliva's on there, they were plenty slick and I easily slid one into Gage's backside.

    "Aah," Gage said again as he was penetrated.

    Josh squirmed down a little further and got himself into position under Gage's dick. I couldn't really tell what was going on down there, but from all the slurping and carrying on I gathered that Gage was getting a great blow job. I kept kissing him, and despite what Josh was doing to him, he kept kissing me back.

    "You've got a great dick Gage," Josh said.

    He did, I'd seen it. It was thick, not super-duper long, but more just right. More like a Polish sausage than a foot-long hot dog.

    "Thank you," Gage said, mostly into my mouth.

    Josh giggled.

    Eventually, Josh flipped Gage over onto his back without ever taking his lips off of Gage's dickhead. No easy task considering that I wasn't really giving much up in the mouth department. When Josh had him where he wanted him, Josh got Gage's legs in the air and then moved around the side to make room for me. If Josh wanted his cock, that only left me with his ass. Not one to ever turn down an opportunity like this, I moved into position too, centering my face between Gage's rock-solid ass cheeks. There was no need to actually bury my mouth deep down inside, Gage's little pink asshole was just sort of there. Front and center. Exhibit A.

    "Oh my fucking god!" Gage moaned. He was getting head and getting rimmed all at once. His abs tightened and he arched his back.

    "You guys are fucking incredible!" he whispered. None of us had really ever forgotten about our 4th roommate, who'd gone off to bed and was missing out on all the fu.

    Me and Josh's eyes met. Silently we agreed to swap. I took over blow job duties while Josh and his amazing, multi-talented tongue took their turn on Gage's butt.

    "Fuck!" Gage said, this time pretty loudly.

    Me and Josh both shushed him and then went back to what we were doing.

    "Sorry," he said sheepishly.

    I tugged Gage's ball sack down just a bit. Not enough to get in Josh's way, but, you know, just a little to make Gage's cock stretch out just a little taller.

    Gage yelped. "Oh my god!"

    After another couple of minutes, Josh and I exchanged another look. With that as confirmation, I stood up and then squatted down on top of Gage, his hard steely cock position right in the center of my ass. I liked facing guy when they had their dicks inside of me. I loved to watch their faces.

    "You ready to fuck him?" Josh asked. "You ready to fulfill your 'Truth or Dare' responsibilities?"

    Gage smiled.

    "I'm good," Gage said. "Get me inside of him."

    Josh grabbed hold of Gage's cock and guided it into the right spot.

    "Lube?" Josh asked.

    "We probably better," I agreed, "he's pretty thick."

    Josh jumped up to grab a bottle from inside our room. While he was gone, I bent over to kiss Gage again on the lips.

    "Mmm," he said. "Your mouth was just sucking my dick, hmm, I don't know about this."

    "I was licking your butt too," I said. "What do you think about that?"

    Gage backed off from kissing me for a moment. He looked up at the ceiling. He pursed his lips as if to think this one over carefully.

    "I guess I've worse things in my mouth," Gage said. "We're good."

    I kissed him again, trying hard not to imagine what those worse things could be.

    Vagina? Eggplant?

    Not sure which one of those two was worse. Well, actually I was. I hated eggplant!

    Gage's tongue explored the deepest reaches of my throat. We heard Josh shuffling around in the other room. What the fuck was taking so long?


    What the fuck was that?


    Gage and I looked up and saw Josh taking a picture of the two of us with his phone.

    "Josh!" me and Gage said in unison.

    "Don't worry, I won't send these out to anybody but your parents."

    "Great," Gage said.

    I laughed, hoping that Josh was just being funny.

    "You're gonna delete those right?"

    Josh was looking at his phone.

    "Um, yeah, sure, I guess."

    "Good," Gage said. "I'll beat the crap out of you later. Right now, put some of that lube on me."

    Dutifully Josh bent down and rubbed a little all around the fat shaft of Gage's dick. And for good measure, he added a couple dabs onto my butthole.

    Then we started again and Gage slipped easily inside of me. While Gage bucked his hips up and down, I held my position as best I could. Holy fuck what a thick cock he had!

    Josh took full advantage of my fragile state. He kissed my mouth and stroked my hard-on at the same time. Now it was my turn to moan.





    "I can't!" I said. "His dick is too fucking wide!"

    Josh circled his lips around mine to shut me up.

    "Harder," Josh whispered, when he took a breath. Gage did as he was told and fucked me harder.

    "Oh god!"


    I sighed. What was I supposed to do. It was a really fat cock!

    Josh spit on his palm and then placed it right onto the tip of my dick.



    "Holy shit!"

    Josh stroked me. Gage pounded me. Josh kissed me. Gage's fingers tugged on my nipples.

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck!"


    Now Gage gave a little yelp. Another cute one. If it's possible, his dick got even harder; it felt like a giant flashlight in my ass.

    Then Gage's abs tightened into a 12-pack. His mouth let out a sound that sounded like 'whoosh.' And Gage came with a jolt. Inside of me.

    He shuddered a bit, unable to move his hips up and down anymore. Both Josh and I watched as Gage's eyes rolled back in his head. A tiny drop of his own spit trickled out the side of his mouth. He had a few involuntary pelvic thrusts and then he melted into the floor.

    "Aah," Gage said quietly.

    "Nice work, roomies," Josh said to both of us.

    "Thanks," Gage said.

    I pursed my lips and nodded. Nice work, indeed!

    "Now it's my turn," Josh said.

    My eyes met Josh's again. I think this meant he wanted to get off another time. And since I was such a nice boy, who was I to argue?

    I slid myself upward and Gage's dick came out of my butt with a little suction pop.

    "On the floor, dude," Josh commanded.

    "Here?" I asked, pointing to the spot right next to Gage's body.

    "Yes. On your stomach."

    "My stomach?"

    "Yes, your stomach. And lie flat."


    "Yes. Flat."

    Josh smiled. Gage looked over at us, just inches away.

    I lay down flat on the floor.

    "But this isn't part of the game," Gage said. "I just did my 'Dare,' now it's somebody else's turn."

    "It's TJ's turn," Josh said.

    "Oh," I said.

    "Oh," Gage said. "Well then, TJ should get to choose who he wants to pick. And what he wants them to do."

    "Really Gage? Are you serious? Don't you know Teej well enough by now?"

    Josh looked at both of us on the floor.

    Gage looked confused. I smiled.

    Josh pointed to his dick. It was already hard, of course. Definitely one of the most perfectly shaped boners I had ever seen. Long and straight. Josh's low hanging nuts added just the right amount of roundness to the solid squareness of the cock above. Josh had trimmed his pubes recently and the silhouette of his dick in the low light of our dorm room was all penis. Nothing else to get in the way.

    "This is exactly what our little TJ wants," Josh said. "To get plowed for the second time tonight by one of his roommates."

    I looked at them both again. I nodded. Josh was right. I did want to get plowed again. If I'd gotten to have my turn in the game, this is exactly what I would have asked for.

    "Okay then," I said. "Let's get to it."

    So with me lying flat on the ground, my erection pressed painfully into the floor, Josh fucked me. He fucked me hard when Gage urged him on. He fucked me more lightly when I looked like I was about to cry and Gage told him to back off.

    I was moaning and squawking so much, I can't believe we didn't wake Alan. While Josh's massive meat thrust into my butthole time after time, I must have leaked about a quart of pre-cum from the tip of my cock.

    Josh's penis was longer than Gage's and Josh had slammed into me so far I thought I could feel it in the back of my throat!

    Finally Gage took pity on me and asked Josh if he would let me up. Josh agreed, and I got up onto my knees. Josh got on his knees behind me and penetrated me to the full length of his cock.



    Gage put his lips around my dick and sucked a little bit of the pre-cum off the head. Then he put a few drops of lube onto his fingers. While Josh screwed me every possible way, Gage jacked my dick up and down.

    Despite what great physical shape Josh was in, he finally started to get tired. He was breathing heavy. Gage and I both thought that this meant Josh was getting close to cumming again. Gage increased the pressure of his hand around my cock and his mouth found mine.

    "Aah," Josh said really loud as he came with a shudder. The second load of the night in my ass.

    I came immediately, biting Gage's lip in the process.

    "Youch," Gage said, pulling away.

    Gage's hand jerked a giant load out me. Josh held on tight from behind.

    When it was all done, I had to pee again. But I couldn't get up. Neither could anyone else. I curled up in a backward spoon into Josh, and Gage lie down on the ground and faced me. He put his arm over my shoulder and held onto Josh's chest. The three of us fell asleep.

    It was mid-morning when we heard noises in the apartment.

    I opened my eyes to see Alan standing over his three naked roommates on the carpeted floor of our little suite living room. He was shaking his hand.

    "Un-fucking-believable," Alan said quietly.

    It took a few more minutes before the three of us were fully awake. Josh was still wrapped around me from behind. Gage was on his back with his arm under my head. My arm rest heavily on Gage's hard steely pecs. We were a sticky, smelly, disgusting mess.

    "Who wants Cheerios?" Alan asked from the question.

    "Me!" the three of us on the floor said in unison. And so that's how I got my first two fuck buddies. Probably, getting the third one was going to take a little longer than I had hoped. Right now I needed Cheerios, and fast.

    I still didn't know what a chakra was, but mine was definitely fucked.

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    So it's extra long as it was put in as one part. Hope you enjoy.

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    My night is now complete, Spike, however I may never get to sleep. At least if I can, my dreams will be of TJ, Gage and Josh. Alan pooped out to What a bunch of sex fiends and I love it. I'd even go back to school and study my ass off if I could have them for roommates. Always look forward to one of your stories.


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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    So glad there was another update to this thread. Always love reading it

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    WHAO!, Spike, Dude!

    You should Seriously consider Publishing this stuff!

    Well ... I guess you just did!

    AWESOME Story, Bud!! I can't seem to get enough of TJ!

    And, it would seem, Everybody else feels the same way!

    THANK YOU! MORE than you can possibly Know!!

    Keep smiln'!!
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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Great great job ! Thank you !

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Hi Spike, I'm glad to see you back in action .......... nice long chapters. Tku, keep us entertained. Well done


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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Another good story then

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Oh great! TJ and his famous 8 1/3" cock are back! Terrific writing Spike

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Thanks guys!

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Quote Originally Posted by 2008spike View Post
    Thanks guys!
    Oh, No! Thank YOU!!

    Keep smilin'!!
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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Thanks for a new episode. I always enjoy another TJ story. You've done such a great job developing the TJ character that I've become fond of him. He's not overdone and is very real, with a kind of geeky character and quirks and weaknesses that you've kept consistent through the series. I like his combination of being worldly wise about some parts of life and naive about others, loving sex and always horny. His combined pride and anxiety about his long dick is endearing and amusing.

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Many thanks for a great update!

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    This saga from the beginning has been proof that you don't need to be at the top of the New York Times Bestsellers list to be a better read than anybody on there Brilliantly polished, fresh, and entertaining work as always, Spike! I'll be keeping a sharp lookout for the next installment!
    "I can always be distracted by love, but eventually I get horny for my creativity."

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Thank you so much!!

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Since I had been a sophomore at BU for like a month now, I felt like I owned the place. I knew BU. I knew Boston.

    As a freshman, I'd been totally clueless. Of course!

    Now, in my second year, I knew it all. It was time to start acting like an upper classman. Well sort of. Mostly, I was just a kid in a candy store. And for sure, when it came to important college activity, like sex in public, for example, I was definitely over my head. An amateur trying to find his way, in a group of professionals.

    But, my brain forgot to mention this to my dick.


    So, after practically an entire year here at BU, I was getting to know what I needed to know to get by. I knew the streets around the university so I could make my way to class since we didn't really have much of an actual campus. I knew the running paths along both sides of the Charles—as a member of the track team, this tended to be pretty important. And, since I sort of liked to eat, I sort of knew the restaurants in the area of Allston and Brighton, plus a few in Brookline and in Back Bay too (not that I could actually afford to go to either of those fancier parts of town very often).

    When it came to hooking up, I was getting to know all the good secret spots around the U where I could find good looking guys.

    As usual, my dick didn't particularly care how public or how safe or how filthy the place was. Just so it's very simple needs got met. When my dick had these little internal debates with my brain, it was obvious who would win. Once I'd seen cops walking into a particularly skeevy bathroom just as I was about to shoot a huge load into a very nice Brazilian boy who was sucking me off.

    My weenie got soft in like a nanosecond. And I almost fainted as all the blood rushed out of it and back into my body. But, I was back in that same disgusting men's room like three days later, praying that Mr. Brazil would show up again and finish what he started. After waiting around like two hours (well, maybe just 90 minutes, actually), I finally left since I had to study for a mid-term. And I took like a half hour shower that night, trying to scrub off the grime I was sure I'd collected after waiting in that bathroom.

    But, of course my dick dragged me back again. I can't believe I didn't catch scurvy, or cholera, or malaria or something.

    When I had a few hours between classes and didn't have to sweat through some big paper, I'd grown pretty fond of one particular bathroom in the basement of the divinity building. It was dirty too, but somehow knowing that Godly things were happening upstairs made up for it. That john was pretty notorious for guys taking religion classes to hang out, usually without their collars though. There were little holes behind the toilet paper things (probably created by male students, not the man upstairs). The holes were just big enough so that you could see through to the next stall if you moved the paper dispenser out of the way. Unfortunately, the little spaces in the walls of the stalls had sharp edges, and if you weren't careful, you cock could be cut to shreds.

    I don't think the BU janitorial staff had actually set foot into the basement bathroom since sometime in the 1970's. Maybe they thought God would clean up, I don't know.

    Anyway, the place was sort of crude and holy and smelly and exciting all at the same time! I became a regular.

    And there was another men's room that my dick was fond of too. It was up on the second floor of the Student Union and it had bigger holes between a few of the stalls. You could actually get your entire dick sucked without worrying about gangrene. Or, if one was so inclined, you could suck somebody else's dick.

    Generally I was so inclined, but I still found it a little weird to have a dick in my throat where I had no idea what the guy on the other side of the wall looked like. So I only sucked the nice looking dicks, not the ones that looked a little funny.

    The student union bathrooms were a tiny bit cleaner, but they were a little on the dangerous side. There were constantly guys coming in to just use the bathroom while just a few of us were there for alternative purposes.

    Come on!

    On the other hand, my brain reminded me that most of the guys who came in and out of that particular men's room must have known exactly what they were getting themselves into. I mean, how could you not? Some guys who were way braver than me wouldn't even stop giving head when somebody fresh walked in; they just keep sucking away.

    Still, despite all the risks, and all the crazy smells, the bathrooms at BU were always good for a quick tug when I had time. I suppose that I could have jerked myself off back in my dorm room when Alan wasn't around. But what fun would that have been?

    I remember one time a guy with red hair and an extremely long and extremely white dick actually crawled under the wall of the stall to come into mine. It was a total turn-on to be actually seeing the entire guy and still be in a public bathroom! The guy also had extremely red pubic hair, by the way. Anyway, once he got into my stall, what we figured out was that one of us had to sort of crouch down on the toilet seat so that if somebody was looking under the wall of our stall they wouldn't be able to see two people, that there wouldn't be able to see two sets of feet on the ground. In case somebody came into the head and they decided to count feet, of course.

    Who does that?

    So even though I absolutely, positively had to get off, I couldn't. It was just too exciting and too scary all at once. This particular guy was new and I hadn't seen him around campus before. And, he was kind of hot, you know, in a red-headed Irish guy sort of way.

    My brain started to hum 'Oh Danny boy' as he was sucking on my Johnson with his red Irish lips. And then, for maybe the first time in history, my brain won. My dick doesn't lose many, but that day was not my day. In the end, his dick was probably just too white and his pubes were probably just too shocking red. The whole Irish thing just sort of distracted me. His handsome green eyes looked a little sad when I started to get soft. I had been hard at first—all eight and a third inches practically poking a hole in the back of the poor guy's Irish throat, but then.....disaster struck and I completely lost my boner.

    I pulled up my jeans, picked my backpack off of the dirty floor and headed back out into the real world. I'm sure I was as red as him when I closed the stall door behind me.

    A few days later I bumped into him in the line at Starbuck's on Comm Ave. I wasn't exactly sure what the right thing to say was. But I was still embarrassed so I apologized. He looked at me like he didn't recognize me and said nothing. He ordered a non-fat latte with a dash of hazel nut.

    Hmm, I wonder if that was code for something.

    After bumping into him a couple more times walking between classes, and having him continue to totally ignore me and totally give me attitude, I finally started to catch on. Oh! So that's how this game goes. All right then. I could play along with the 'I never saw you before' game too.

    All the same, I made a personal note that if I found him in a campus bathroom again, I would give him the best blow job of his life. Not matter if the campus cops were banging the dammed door down while I did. Of course, I'd have to close my eyes while I inhaled his cock. I didn't want to get freaked out by how pale and while his long cock was.

    I know, I know. Call me shallow.

    But, for those times when I was feeling a little bit more adventurous, and didn't want to have to endure the smells of a men's room, there was always the library.

    The truly bat-shit crazy could have sex in the stacks, when just about anybody looking for a weird book could walk right up and catch you. Mr. Dick had no problem with that, of course, but Mr. Brain finally won that debate.

    I'd heard about a conference room on the fourth floor of the library that always seemed to have an unlocked door so that it could be used to hook up. Somebody very helpful with a black marker had written a very clear description on one of my favorite bathroom stalls in the Divinity Building.

    So, 19-year old pervert that I had become, I decided to check it out. Mr. Brain liked this plan, of course, since it meant that I could study too.

    In the afternoons, when I didn't have class, I'd park myself in a strategically placed study carrel and open up a notebook. I'd watch and learn.

    It took a couple days of careful observation, but eventually I figured out what you were supposed to do in there. It seemed that if the light was on under the door, that meant that the door was locked and you (or somebody else who was hot and knew the rules) should go in. After somebody went in, the light went off. The light then stayed that way until the two guys came out, separated by a minute or so, to try and confuse anybody who might be watching the door, of course. Clever. But I was the master sex detective and I was onto them.

    Eventually, Mr. Dick could stand it no longer and we decided to give the conference room a try.

    After a particularly long and dreadful Chemistry class, I scrambled up to the fourth floor of the library and grabbed my usual study carrel. I did a little studying and waited for somebody to go into the conference room that maybe I could deal with.

    It took forever! I even got my homework done! Over the course of a couple hours I had to watch a few little sexual trysts run their course before Mr. Right finally walked in.

    Mr. Penis took immediate notice when the light was left on and shone from under the door!

    In this case, the Mr. Right who walked into the conference room on the fourth floor was tall and black and pretty fucking good looking! He had short-cropped dark hair, and he had on some wire-rimmed glasses. Nice! He had a nice face, and he sort of looked like a good kisser. Well, at least I hoped to find out!

    I spit-combed my hair with my hand, moved my wiener from right to left (it shows better that way) and tucked my wallet into my back pocket. Not that I had anything valuable in it anyhow; I think I was down to like seven dollars. I left my books on the carrel, thinking that I'd just get back to studying when I was done having a very nice blow job from Mr. Right.

    When I opened the door, the guy was standing with his back against the far wall, reading something from his notebook. He smiled when he saw me come in. His teeth were startlingly white in contrast with the darker color of his skin. He put his notebook down on the table and walked over to the door. He wedged a chair under the door knob and flipped off the light.

    Instantly, everything in the room was pitch black. I stood frozen in one spot; it was sort of scary being in here with a stranger, nice rimmed glasses or not, who I had no idea what he had in mind for me.

    Mr. Brain was screaming: "Oh fuck, we're gonna die here!" Mr. Dick was urging me to grab to forget about all that and just grab the other guy's crotch immediately.

    While I broke into a sweat working all of this out, Mr. Right moved. A hand touched me lightly on the shoulder and I jumped like three feet into the air.

    "Easy tiger," he said with a little laugh. He had a nice voice; he certainly didn't sound like an psychopathic killer.

    "You okay?"

    "Uh, it's dark," I said.

    "Um hmm, got a problem with that?"

    "Uh, only if you're gonna kill me," I said, half joking.

    He laughed again. If he was smiling, I couldn't see his teeth in the darkness. If he even had teeth.

    "Nope, but I am gonna rock your world," he said in a voice, trying to reassure me.

    "Ha ha," I said. "Rock my world, that's funny."

    In one quick motion, he unbuttoned my pants and dragged them down over my hips.

    Whoa! That was fast. Mr. Dick felt the cool air on his backside, up at the top, where the bases peeked out of my shorts. I shivered.

    "Uh," I said, "Is know, is this...?" I stammered.

    "Your lucky day?" he finished my sentence for me. Only that's not exactly what I had been meaning to say.

    "Um, well yeah, you know, is this my lucky day?"

    He exhaled in a sigh before responding.

    His hands were on my hips, inside my underwear. I think I was shaking; I still hadn't decided yet if this was a very good idea. If he could get my pants down from my hips with one simple swipe, he could probably cut my throat in like half a second. He could kill me and dump my body behind the stacks and nobody would find me until spring when the cleaning staff finally showed up on the fourth floor.

    "It is your lucky day if you like black dick. Big, that is. Big black dick."

    "Um well, I do, I guess, I mean. Yes. I do. Definitely. I definitely like black dick, big black dick. Who doesn't?"

    "Good, glad to hear it."

    "I like it much better than being killed."

    He laughed again.

    And then something bit my nipple and I jumped out of my skin.

    "Fuck!" I whispered.


    "You bit my nipple, right?"

    "Yes, that was me. We're the only two in here."

    "Well it scared the crap out of me."

    "You get scared when somebody bites your nipple?"

    "What? No, I like it. I mean, it's just that, um... Well, I wasn't expecting you to, you know..."

    "Do you want to bite my nipple? We'll call it even."

    "I don't know. I mean, yes I guess."

    "Good," he said.

    "Only I don't know where it is. It's dark in here! I don't really know where you are," I said.

    "I'm right here..."

    "Well fuck; I just can't see a dammed thing. I'm sorry. But I don't know where your nipple is. Or you for that matter!" I said, restating the obvious.

    "I turned the light off. That's what you're supposed to do in here."

    "Um, yeah, I guess. But, you know, you're black."

    "Yes. Always have been. I was born that way. Clearly you're a college boy, smart."

    I giggled nervously. What a smart ass!

    "Yeah, well, it's sort of not easy to see you in the dark," I said.

    "I know. I can't really see you either."

    "But you found my nipple."

    "Just got lucky. I took a shot in the dark."

    Now we both laughed.

    "So, are you gonna stay way over there? Or do we get started. I have a class to teach in 45 minutes."

    "You're a professor here?"

    "No, not yet. I'm just an associate. I'm not tenured or anything, I'm trying to get a full time job."

    "I don't think that this would look too good on your resume."

    "You mean, having sex with you in the library?"


    "Thanks for the tip; I won't put it on my resume then."

    I giggled quietly. This guy was pretty funny.

    "That's great," I said, bring the conversation back round to his employment status. "What department are you in?"

    "Do you really want to have this discussion right now?"


    "Or do you want to get your cock sucked?"

    "Um, well you're right. I don't think I really need to know all of that stuff. At least not right now."

    "Good. Come back over here please."

    I took a few steps back in the direction of his voice. At least I think I walked in the direction of his voice. It was so dark; I had to rely on my other senses. I could actually sort of smell him. So I followed my nose. He smelled like Zest. Or Dove. Or one of those soaps that my parents had at home.

    As I got closer to him, I could feel the heat from his body. But I still couldn't see anything. I could smell him and I could feel this warmth. Then he reached out his hands again and grabbed hold of me. His hands wrapped around my waist and drew me in. They felt soft and warm. Mr. Dick was all in. Mr. Brain wasn't so sure.

    "Whoa," I said.


    "Nothing, I just wasn't expecting..."

    "Are you always like this when you have sex?"

    "I don't know. It's just weird doing it like this. You know, in total darkness."

    "Plus I'm black. And that doesn't help."

    "What? Right. I mean, no. I didn't say that. I mean..."

    He put his fingers on my lips and shushed me. His other hand on my waist pulled me in closer. Our bodies touched. He was a rock. His abs were tight. His waist was lean and firm. His legs were solid.

    "Wow," I said.

    "Good, right?"

    "Yeah, I'll say. What do you do to stay in such good shape?"

    "Really? You still want to talk? I do Martial Arts."

    I sighed.

    "Really, that's really interesting."

    He sighed heavily.

    "No, I'll shut up," I said. "I won't say another word. Promise."

    His mouth found mine in the darkness and his lips sucked me completely up inside of him.


    We kissed like this for what seemed like forever. I kept my eyes open, hoping to see something. He was a fantastic kisser, just like I'd thought before when I watched him walk into the conference room. Making out with him got my dick completely hard. Despite my shorts, he noticed. And then he reached a hand down to cup the shaft of my dick with his palm.

    "Very nice," he said.

    "Thanks," I started to say before his mouth surrounded mine again.

    He slid a hand inside of tighty whities (I still had like two pair. I mostly wore them only in emergencies, like when I hadn't done laundry in a while.)

    His hand was way bigger than my dick, and this shocked me so I pulled my mouth away from his to start up the conversation again.


    "What now?"

    "I just can't believe how big your hand is," I said.

    "I thought you said that you weren't going to talk anymore," he said.

    "Yeah, I know, but..."

    He slid my underwear down my legs and my dick sprang free. A few drops of pre-cum splattered us both. He wrapped his hand around my dick and swallowed up my balls too. Man!


    "What?" I said.


    As he stroked my cock, he didn't have to move his hand very much. He kissed me harder and I got lost inside of his mouth. One of his fingers found my butthole and he pressed against it.

    "Ahh," I said into his throat.

    I tried to wriggle my arms free and get a hold of his dick. Anybody with hands like this has got to have a dick of death. And he did. I felt puny next to him.

    Finally he pulled his face away from mine. I inhaled deeply of the air. And got a major whiff of Dove.

    He bit my nipple again. I jumped again.

    "Fuck." I said again, this time not in a whisper.

    "What's with you?"

    "I don't know, this usually doesn't happen," I said.

    "Good. You're not supposed to leap across the room when somebody touches your chest."

    "Yeah, I know. Don't worry, I'll be okay. You can do it again if you want to."

    He paused and had another heavy sigh. "Nope. Don't think I will."


    "You heard me. I don't think I will. I don't think I will go anywhere near your chest again."

    I was hurt.

    "Well, that's okay, I mean, you don't have to," I said.

    "But I do mean to your penis in my mouth. That okay?"

    "Yeah, sure, that's okay."

    "Good. Here goes. I'm bending down now."

    "Thanks for the warning."

    As he went down on my, a finger popped into my ass. After the slam-fest I'd had recently with my two roommates, I was still a tiny bit on the sore side. But his thick finger slipped in pretty easily all the same.

    "Whoa," I said, involuntarily.

    Immediately he stood up. As he did, his finger came out of my butthole.

    "What are you doing?" I said.

    "I think this isn't gonna work," he said.

    "What are you talking about? I haven't even seen your dick yet. I mean, I haven't even touched it yet."

    "I don't think it's gonna happen. I have to teach soon."


    "You're like. I don't know. You're too jumpy."

    "I'm sorry. I'll stop. Really. I will."

    "Plus you talk too much."

    "I can stop that too," I said.

    I groped in the darkness for the top button of his pants. It took way longer than it should have, but finally I found it. I pulled hard to open it up, but he stopped me by putting his hand on the top of his pants.

    "What? Why can't I?"

    "TJ, just stop."

    I stopped. He knows who I am. Uh oh!

    "TJ. You called me TJ. How do you know my name?"


    Oh fuck. Now I've done it. Now he knows I know. Now he filets me open like a trout and spreads my insides all over the 4th floor of the library. Behind the Anthropology books.

    "Seriously. How do you know who I am?"

    If I'm really gonna die now. Without getting a blow job. Well then I'd better keep the guy talking, maybe Mr. Brain would think of something.

    More silence.

    I reached down for my underwear to pull them up. It probably wouldn't be a good idea for me to be found dead and to have my pants down around my ankles! I could just see the headline in the local paper back home in Apple Valley!

    "All right, just forget it. Maybe you should just tell me your name. Professor..."

    He didn't say anything.

    "I mean, after all, you know mine. It seems only fair, right?"

    Maybe if he tried to kill me but didn't quite finish the job, I could speak his name to the police with one of my last breaths.

    "You weren't supposed to know," he said finally.

    "What? Are you fucking kidding me? What are you talking about? What wasn't I supposed to know?"

    I found my pants all tangled up around my legs and struggled to get them up and over my hard dick. Sad, I know, but I was still hard as a rock. Even in the face of death. Mr. Brain was clearly no match.

    "That this was a set up."


    "Someone you know set this up."

    "That's crazy talk," I said.

    Who do I know that would set me up to get killed? I thought quickly, I didn't think I had any enemies.

    Well, actually there was that one time. That time when I had sex during a track meet last year with a guy named Jeff (or was it Jack?). Jeff told me he had a jealous boyfriend.


    Naw! That was like months ago.

    "Crazy? I'd say it was nice. I'd say that your friend was doing you a favor, TJ."

    "A favor? You're mean you're not here to kill me?"

    "Seriously? TJ? Are you really freaking saying that? You're really thinking that you're in this conference room on the fourth floor of the library to die and not have sex with me? Really? Come on!"

    "Um, well."

    "TJ, we're done. I gotta go teach my class."


    "Listen, a good friend of yours is in one of my study sections. I'm not going to tell you who it is, but, well, of course, he knew I was gay. And he knows you are too."


    "So, somehow he knows you've been hanging out here at the library on this floor. Sort of stalking this room."


    So, he thought that you and I might like each other, that's it!"


    "He asked me if I would come up here and smoke your joint. He said you were a pretty nice guy and that we would like each other. But..."

    "But, what about....?"

    "TJ, something is seriously wrong with you. We're supposed to be getting it on. Getting down on each other's dicks. Your friend said you're packing. Eight and a third inches or something like that, right? However the fuck you measure that third of an inch, I have no earthly idea. But whatever! That's a pretty prodigious piece of meat. Well, the truth is, I'm packing too. I've got my own version of eight and a third inches...or so...but you know what?"

    My mouth was open, and there was a stirring down below in my shorts. All that Mr. Dick heard was the length of this guy's cock, and Mr. Brain hadn't caught on yet.

    "I'm outta' here. See ya'."

    He moved the chair out of the way and opened the door. Light from the library flooded in.

    "History," he said.

    All I saw was his back side, but even that was awfully cute. The guy had a fantastic body.

    "I do History, your friend is in a class I teach," his voice trailed off as the door shut behind him.


    History? Oh, the History department. That's where he's trying to get a position. Huh. I made a mental note to take a History class next semester.

    Or maybe I shouldn't.

    I don't know. When the door closed it was dark in the room again. Fuck! And I sort of still had a hard on.

    I buttoned my pants and got the heck out of there in like three seconds. I was back at my study carrel with my head in a Biology book in about six seconds. I took a deep breath. Maybe if I get busy trying to learn what makes a frog tick, I'll be able to put the whole sorry episode out of my mind. What an idiot I am!

    For the rest of the afternoon studying was hopeless. I had to figure out who set me up with the History guy. Who knew that I was stalking this conference room in the library? I hadn't told Josh, or any of my other roommates. I hadn't told any of the guys on the team.

    I had no idea!

    The next day I went for a ten mile run with Josh along the river, all the way to Watertown. When we got back to the gym I was rubbing down my poor tired legs and didn't even see Josh strip down and jog off to the showers. It was late and he must have taken one of the world's fastest showers on record. He got out of there in like two minutes; I was still in my jock.

    My legs really ached!

    I think Josh explained to me where he was going, but my mind didn't really register it. I don't really remember. Being in a locker room, even one that's practically abandoned late in the day, always put my cock in charge. My brain was sort of on auto-pilot and just along for the ride.

    I was still peeling off my socks when I discovered that I was not all alone in the locker room. Way, way off in the distance, I could hear that distinctive low whine of water running through a pipe.

    Somebody was taking a shower. Yay! I listened again. It sounded like it might be coming from the coach's showers. In the far side of the gym, there was a little section that was set aside for the coaches and managers from all sports. They had bigger lockers over there, and there was sort of this funny twisty way you had to walk through a bunch of locker rows just to find it.

    Mere students, like me, were supposed to shower in the main area and not really trespass into the forbidden zone reserved for the elite. But, of course, most of the guys from the track team looked awfully good naked so I had no objection and I showered with everybody else. And, to be honest, most of our coaches from track couldn't be bothered to have to walk way across the building just to clean up in their special reserved section, so they just showered with the rest of us. Plus, they probably thought that by getting nude and showering with us underclassmen, it would be good for team bonding. Our coaches were hot, so again, I had no objection.

    But I heard water running, so, like a moth drawn to a flame, I wrapped a towel around my waist and headed off in search of it.

    It took me a while and I made a couple of wrong turns but I finally found the coach's showers. I hadn't ever been over here before so I wasn't totally sure what they were like.

    When I got close enough and saw the source of the running water, I smiled. There were actually two showers running.

    The coach's shower room was sort of retro, with real tile on the walls in a pretty pattern. The tile was yellow, and it actually looked clean! They didn't have formal dividers between the shower stalls, just sort of a little bump where the wall jutted out like a foot. Basically, you were in this big room where everybody showered together. The only thing you wouldn't be able to see in the shower stall right next to you was maybe the handle of the faucet. Cool.

    I chose a stall directly across from the two men already there. They were next to each other, but both had their backs turned toward me, so I wasn't sure which coaches they were.

    I tried to act like my being in this special section of the locker room was the most natural thing in the world.

    I hoped my face looked like I was older, but that wasn't too likely. I still got mistaken for a junior high kid on occasion!

    I turned to face the wall too, squirted some shampoo from the dispenser into my hand and set to work on my head. While the lather was running down my eyes, I thought I'd be brave and turn around.

    Holy fuck!

    The shampoo got in my eyes and burned them, but it was definitely worth it!

    Guy number one, on the left, was a coach all right. It was Dyson Marshall. Actually Dyson Marshall, III.

    Everybody knew Coach Marshall. He was one of the assistants from the Lacrosse team, but more importantly he was also the son of the university president. And like way hot too! Dyson Marshall III always seemed to be in the school paper, either because the Lacrosse team beat the crap out of somebody, or maybe because he was related to the big boss. Or most likely, just because we was just so incredibly good looking. A total New England blue-blood, but totally cute at the same time!

    Coach Marshall on the short side, about 5'7" I'd say. But, he more than made up for that by having this very cut, very hot body. I'd seen him running along the river a couple of times and almost tripped over my feet as I went past. He had short, dark brown hair and very tight features. I'd estimate that he had approximately 0% body fat. I'd actually jerked off in my own bed thinking about the guy. Twice!

    And now Dyson Marshall III was showering just a few feet away from me.

    He had no hair on his chest, and just a dusting of it around his pubes. He probably had servants who were paid to remove it for him. And he was sort of pretty soaped up, so it was hard to get a good sense of his dick, partly because my eyes were on fire, but I was pretty sure that was not a flaccid dick.

    Guy number two was my red-head from the bathroom, with all the attitude. And he was pretty soaped up too but there was no mistaking what he had going on below the waist. He was uncircumcised and you could see the little half head peeking out from his sleeve of foreskin.

    And, he was almost totally hard!

    I'm pretty sure the two of them must have thought that my eyes were closed since I had lather all over my face. After all, who would be so stupid to open their eyes when there was shampoo dripping down?

    Well, me actually.

    So anyway, they probably thought I hadn't actually seen anything—the hardening wiener of Dyson Marshall III, or even my favorite red-head from one of my BU bathroom adventures.

    I turned back around quickly to face the faucet on my wall.

    About a nanosecond later, as the water ran down my face and the stinging in my eyes got a little bit better, my cock got heavier and stretched out. That didn't take long. I hadn't even laid a hand on it! Uh oh, here we go, I thought.

    I had to think. I needed a little time. What exactly did one do in this particular situation?

    For the next few minutes, I made a huge deal about washing my rear end, over and over again. And, of course, I steered way clear of my dick. I used so much soap on my butt that I made this gigantic mountain of lather between my cheeks that fell in little splats onto the tile floor.

    If the two of them were watching me, they must have thought now had the cleanest backside in Boston! Which, of course, was a matter of debate.

    It had been like five minutes of butt-scrubbing when I finally got up the courage to turn around again. This time with no soap on my face and I got a clear view of Dyson Marshall III and Mr. Red-Head with the Attitude.

    They were both stroking their dicks with soap and they were both totally hard.

    The tip of Dyson's cock was bright red. From where I stood, I guessed it to be somewhere in the six to seven inch department. I'd already seen the redhead's dick up close and personal. It was still shockingly white but also had sort of a red tint out on the end. It was bigger and fatter than Dyson's.

    Of course I had a hard-on too. At first Dyson didn't notice me, but the other guy did. He cleared his throat in a quiet little 'ahem' and Dyson looked up.

    Dyson smiled. The red haired guy did too, but not quite so much.

    Taking my cue, I squirted a little soap into my hand and began stroking the shaft of my cock. Just like they were doing.

    For about a minute or so, the three of us worked our meat. Dyson Marshall III on his 6-7 incher. The guy with red hair and attitude on his 7 plus incher. And me on my eight and a third incher. It was a totally hot scene. Just like I'd imagined it in like a million or so of my greatest jerk-off fantasies.

    We all kept half an eye on each other and half an eye on the entrance to the shower area. I'm not sure who we were exactly hoping would not come in, but we all kept up the vigil all the same. I was pretty certain that in the year or so that I'd been taking showers in the gym at BU I had never seen a single campus cop patrolling around.

    So we kept beating off.

    And looking at each other.

    Finally, Dyson moved a little bit closer to the other guy. He responded in turn by moving closer to Dyson.

    Oh my god! They were going to actually touch each other! Dyson Marshall III was about to actually touch another guy's weenie! Right in front of me! Holy fucking crap!

    Without any warning, I came. Just like that!


    My little squirt of sperm shot like three feet away from me and made a straight line of white.

    My two companions looked at me with funny grins. I turned beet red. What a time for me to get over-excited! Fuck, fuck, fuck!

    After a moment of so, Dyson smiled a little bigger. He looked down at my load and then back up at me. He gave me an almost imperceptible nod.

    I exhaled. Whew. A nod of approval.

    Me cumming a little prematurely was apparently okay with him. I had just spooged in front of Dyson Marshall III and that was just fine. I stopped tugging on my cock and gave my balls a tug instead. Kind of by habit.

    Dyson looked over at the red-haired guy and moved right next to him. He was totally out of the stream of his water now. As I watched closely, the other guy grabbed Dyson's dick. I took in a little quick breath and looked down at my penis. Sadly I was getting softer. But, but, I wanted to be grabbing some Dyson dick.

    Oh well.

    So, for the next five minutes, I watched my red-headed guy give Dyson an awesome blow job. A little masturbating. A little sucking off.

    After a few more slurps from the red-head, Dyson's face contorted in a half twist. His abs tightened. And he blew a few drops of cum out from the top of his cockhead. Some landed on the other guy's cheek, and a little bit just kind of hung there, in mid-air, dangling from the end of Dyson's hard-on. Dyson looked over at me and I repeated the process of looking down at Dyson's load and then back up to his face. Finally I smiled, just like I'd seen him do with me. I tried to seem like I approved.

    Which I definitely did.

    Now there was only one of us left. Dyson and I looked at each other again, then back at the red-haired guy, whose ghostly white dick still poked upward. Dyson gave me a little head tilt, indicating that I should come on over and help him out to get the redhead off.

    My eyes looked over at the other guy for a moment. Would it be okay?

    For a moment the red-haired guy paused like he was thinking over some great dilemma. There was an uncomfortable pause as Dyson's dick began to droop. Mine even drooped a bit while the other guy thought over whether or not I was going to be allowed anywhere near his private parts. Finally, he smiled and nodded. He touched his index finger to his lips and then looked down at his boner. I took this to mean that I was to come over there and suck his dick.

    As I have previously explained, I am always very agreeable. So I did.

    I turned off my water and headed across to the other side. I got down on one knee and reached up for the long white weenie. But he stopped me. He grabbed my wrist and held it about three inches away from my goal. Dyson watched us. The redhead looked over at Dyson and made the same signal with his index finger on his lips. So Dyson turned off his water too and joined me on the floor.

    When Dyson was in position, the red-haired guy finally released my wrist and allowed me to take hold of his dick. Dyson moved his head in close and the two of us met lips at the tip of the guy's cock. I let Dyson take the lead and he put his lips all the way around the fat head. I used my tongue on the bottom side of the shaft. Dyson pulled on the guy's balls and I put mine on his ass, my fingers digging lightly for the crease. While Dyson gave him head, I kept everything nicely lubed up with my tongue. Then we switched. I moved into a spot where I could get most of the guy's penis in my mouth and Dyson took up the licking. A few minutes later, Mr. Attitude lost control and really got into it. A couple of times, Dyson and I just jerked the shaft back and forth and managed a full-mouth kiss just between the two of us. Every time we did that I could feel Dyson's cool breath against the back of my throat and somehow that got my dick hard again.

    While me and Dyson sucked off the redhead, Dyson reached over and found my cock. I had just gotten off but I was rock solid and erect already. Dyson smiled when he realized this. I grabbed for his dick too, but it didn't seem to have any life left. But I kept up stroking him all the same.

    Oh my god, I was actually jacking off Dyson Marshall III!

    Well, not exactly jacking him off, but you know, rubbing him up and down all the same while we both willed him to get harder.

    Kissing Dyson was amazing.

    He had a pretty small mouth, and really tight lips. It sort of felt like he was spring-loaded and tied up with rubber bands. But he was a really nice kisser and had very small but perfectly straight teeth. I'm sure that the university president had spent a fortune on Dyson's teeth!

    Soon, kissing Dyson and man-handling his cock became much more important to me than sucking off the red-haired guy with attitude. Dyson seemed to appreciate that I had much more interest in him than in the other guy so after a while, Dyson and I just kept our mouths locked together. Meanwhile, Dyson stroked the red-head's cock with one hand, mine with the other. I pulled absently on the red-head's nut sack. Way up above us, I don't think he really noticed anyway; he was sort of lost in his own little world, trying hard to get off.

    When the red-haired guy finally shot his load, it was pretty unimpressive. Dyson was at the helm for the final moment since I was too busy trying to get Dyson hard and concentrating on trying to get his entire mouth inside of mine.

    We both looked up at the red-headed guy after he had cum. Dyson still had a fistful of sperm so he put it under the warm shower water from above to rinse it off. While he did, the red-haired guy turned off the water and abruptly left.

    Dyson and I were still on the floor on one knee when he did. When we found ourselves alone, and Dyson still had sticky cum on his hand, we both smiled. True the red-haired guy was hot, but what a jerk!

    Dyson stood up and turned the water back on. I joined him under the water. We kissed standing up. Dyson washed his hand off with a little help from me to get rid of a last few stringy bits. I was now completely erect, raring to go. There was a little extra something in Dyson's cock too. As we kissed some more, he got harder and harder.

    It took about another half an hour for the two of us to finish up with our second orgasm of the afternoon. Well maybe it was evening by now.

    When it was done, we walked back to Dyson's locker in the coach's section. He plugged my cell phone number into his cell and promised to call me the next day. I grinned to myself as I thought of Josh high-tailing it out of there after we'd gotten back from our long run. He'd missed out on a fantastic public fuck!

    Too bad for him. Pretty fucking good for me.

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Oh, oh! TJ is now into hot public sex.....I'll give him a little tip. Next time he is in a stall with someone else, he needs a shopping bag. One person stands in the bag and if anyone was to make a leg check, they'd only find a lonely However, after meeting with Dyson Marshall III he probably won't be doing that much public work. I'm glad to see he is really learning at good old BU. Thanks, Spike, for the update.


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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Terrific update from my favorite author

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    WOW!, Spike!

    THANK YOU! for another, AWESOME, 'TJ' installment!

    I can not adequately put into words just how much I ADORE the way You write Him!

    Keep smilin'!!
    WISDOM is the Knowledge you've gained ... After you could have used it! _Me

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Any news on what happens next?

    Need my fix haha

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    I agree with Scottyboi, Spike. The sophomore year is almost half over.... We all need our fix. At least a Christmas present from our Apple Valley boy.


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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Sorry for neglecting the site for a while, I have been very busy. But here it is...

    - - - Updated - - -

    Now that I was in my second year at Boston University, I had decided to be pre-med.

    I always liked Biology, and I'd done pretty well in stuff like that so far. Plus, being a doctor was sure to allow me to pay off all my student loans.

    On the other hand, somewhere in the back of my mind I suppose I recognized that doctors got to check out a lot of dick.

    Some more rational part of my brain reminded me that seeing the weenies of the sick wasn't probably the very best reason for someone to become a doctor. But, you know, if I could help out mankind (and womankind, every once in a while, perhaps on a case-by-case basis) then a few extra bonus boners was not too bad.

    So, if I was really going to do this, I was going to have to buckle down and study my ass off! I pretty much could only get straight A's from here on out if I had any hope of getting into a good med school.

    TJ's BU Weenie World would have to wait. There would be plenty of time for that once I'd gotten all my work done.

    Chemistry, Calculus, Physics, more Chemistry! All these classes I was going to have to get through practically wore me out just thinking about them. I'd taken a few of the pre-requisites for med school already, but there was plenty to do still. And lots of studying.


    In the stacks of the library, perhaps.

    First semester, sophomore year, I was in Organic Chem, Physics for Dummies (at least that's what the Engineering guys called it), Math (again), and two other classes to make me well-rounded: Twentieth Century Russian History (what the fuck was going on in this class, I had no idea), and Jazz Theory (a Mick if there ever was one).

    Many days I came home after classes, study section, and lab and my brain ached. Two or three times after I sat in Chemistry Lab across from an amazingly cute Greek boy named Stavros (sp?), my dick ached too. Since Stavros had a maddening way of pretending that I completely didn't exist, I had decided that I just had to have him. Abso-fucking-lutely.

    Poor Stavros. He had no idea what he was dealing with here.

    Regardless of what was bothering me, running helped. After all my years of training back at Apple Valley High, and now here in New England, running was just a part of my routine. Fortunately for me (and also for Stavros), my BU Cross Country season was in full swing. I had to put in a lot of miles. And that kept me from stirring up trouble for myself.

    And for guys like Stavros.

    This season, I was concentrating almost exclusively on the 8K. It had been a new event for me last year as a freshman. Now, in my sophomore year, I began to understand how to run it. And I started to race well, even winning a few events in our meets with other schools in league.

    Unlike last year, I qualified for an invitational that was held every year down in New York City.

    When Coach came to tell me that I'd made it, I was shocked. It was a great achievement. Only four other guys on the squad made it. Nobody else made it for the 8K though. My roommate Josh was another one who qualified—he would be running the mile.

    Trying to prepare for my first ever Invitational, I'd put in a huge amount of time. Since Josh made it too, we ran together. Early, late, between classes. Whatever. He and I seemed to be always out there slogging along the River or zipping around the track. My parents were excited too when I told them that I'd made the meet, they told me I could pick up a few extra pair of shoes on the card. Thank god!

    I was determined to do well. Josh was too.

    One day about 10 days before we were heading down to New York, I was lying on my bed trying to decide whether to get up or not and get some Advil for my legs when my phone rang. I answered it on the last ring, just like usual.



    I grinned. There's nobody else who calls me that. It was Danny Leeman.

    "What the fuck? Where have you been, dude?"

    "Oh, you know, the usual shit. Running. I'm a Duck, remember, it's what we do here. Not much else."

    Danny and his twin brother David were buddies from my high school team. They both got into the University of Oregon. Danny was definitely the evil twin. He was a very talented runner. But he was always a total loud mouth too. An arrogant, sex-starved piece of work!

    He was a duck all right. More like a fuck.

    I sighed.

    "Amigo, I saw your name on the list for the 8K for this New York Invitational," Danny said. "It's awesome you qualified!"

    I squinted my eyes. Wait, did he qualify too?

    "Um," I said. "Thanks."

    "Thanks nothing," Danny interrupted before I could get my question out. "I'm running it too! And I'm gonna pound your ass into the track."

    "Oh my god!" I said. "You're coming back here to run it?"

    "You bet your ass, amigo," Danny said. "It's my fifth Invitational already this year."


    "My first on the East Coast though," he added. As if that should provide me with some comfort.

    "Um, what about David?"

    "Nah, he didn't make it?" Danny explained.

    Not really a total surprise that David didn't make the time. Danny was always the better runner, even if he didn't have to work very hard at it. David had always done pretty well for himself however, just by sheer force of will alone.

    "Aw, that's too bad, it would have been great for us all to be together again," I said, meaning about 50% of it.

    David was not only the nicer one, the twin who tried harder. David was always much easier to be around too. Danny was always getting himself—or the rest of us—into some kind of trouble!

    "Don't worry about my bro, amigo," Danny said. "He's fine. He's got himself hooked up with a little stud muffin upper classmen."

    "Really, I didn't know..."

    "His name's Victor." Danny pronounced it 'Week-tore.'

    "He's Ukrainian or Latvian or something. He has a giant Russian sausage and my poor tender bro gets impaled by the thing practically every night."


    "I mean it's really big, TJ," Danny whispered, conspiratorially. "Even you'd be impressed."

    "That big?"

    "I mean, I've never seen it of course, but you know, it's how my bro describes it."


    "Don't get me wrong, I've certainly thought about sneaking over to ol' Vlad the Impaler's dorm room on many occasion and pretending to be Danny."

    "Of course you have." I smiled.

    "But, you know, I've got plenty of my own."

    "Of course Danny. Guys are banging your door down."



    I paused and took a breath. Any conversation with Danny Leeman was always exhausting.

    "So what about you amigo? Boys?"

    I grinned. "One or two," I said.

    "At the same time I hope," Danny added with a chuckle.

    "Yup, always."

    "That's my boy,. TJ."

    There was a silence. I think I was supposed to ask Danny more about his conquests with the men in Eugene.

    "And you? Are you still seeing Smash?"


    "Yeah, wasn't that what his name was? That guy who could always beat you? You know, from your team?"

    "Oh Smash."


    Danny sighed. "Nope, just a one night stand. I think he's straight anyway. I've tried quite a few times since that weekend you were out here with us. But, believe or not, he is somehow resisting the temptation to have sex with me."


    "I know! Right?"

    "Sorry about that Danny," I said. "Seemed like a nice guy."

    "Yeah, he's all right. But he's sort of stuck on himself."

    Uh, hello! Wasn't I talking to the King of Stuck on Himself?

    "Oh, yeah, that's not good," I said.


    "So anyway, when are coming out to New York?"

    We were back on track now. Talking about running was safe territory.

    "Well, actually..."


    "Well, that's the thing. I thought since I hadn't been out to visit back east in a really long time...."


    "Well, actually, I thought maybe I'd fly into Boston and visit you there at BU. You know, spend a little time."


    "You know, and then the two of us could, you know drive down to NYC together."

    I took a breath. I needed time to think about this. Danny Leeman in Boston? Danny Leeman in a car with me all the way down to New York? Hmm.

    "Well, I suppose."

    "Do you have room for me? I mean, I could just sleep on your couch or something."

    "Um, well, yeah, I guess. Sure."

    "Do you have a couch?"

    I laughed.

    "Of course we have a couch. We have sort of a suite. There are four of us. I room with Josh in one room, and my other two roommates have the other bedroom. Alan and Gage."



    "Isn't that a porno name?"

    "It's funny, that's exactly what I said to him the first time I met him."

    "See, I told you."

    "But he's just a wrestler," I said. "A fucking hot wrestler. Just like my other roommate Alan."

    "Whoa! Let me get this straight. You live with three other hot guys. One from the track team, and two from the wrestling team?"


    "And they're each fucking hot as hell?"

    "Mm hmm."

    "Holy fellatio Batman! I can't wait to hear some stories!"

    I nodded into the phone.

    "I mean, you have stories, right?"

    I giggled.

    "Yes Danny, there are a few things we could talk about."

    "Jesus Christ! I knew it! Why can't things like this ever happen to me? Why can't I live in a fucking college dorm with three other hot guys and get my brains fucked out on a daily basis?"

    Maybe it's because you're an obnoxious pain in the ass and nobody wants to live with you?

    "I don't know Danny. Maybe it'll happen next year. When you're a junior."

    "From your mouth to God's ears," Danny said peacefully. "I only hope my folks don't make me live with brother for the third year in a row!"

    I laughed.

    "I mean, we're twins. Not Siamese twins! It's time to cut our ties and move on with our lives!"


    "Besides, I think bro is going to want to live on or around the huge penis of Mr. Week-tore."

    I laughed harder.

    So Danny and I made the arrangements for him to fly out to Boston about two days before the meet in New York. He would stay on our couch.

    Really. I swear.

    And then we would either take the train down to New York, or catch a ride with Coach if there was room. I had a feeling that Coach would be glad to fit in a runner from Oregon. That was the college track Mecca, of course, and Coach was always talking about the resources they had in their program that little programs like ours at BU could only dream about.

    Eight days later, I got another call from Danny Leeman. He was at Logan, and he was going to take the T into the city. I explained to him how to use the Silver Line to South Station and then catch the right train over here to Comm Ave.

    Instead of studying Physics (what was really the point, anyway?), I decided to shower and clean up. Nothing quite like a double-clean butt.

    Just in case.

    I was tugging on my underwear when the room phone went off telling me that "A Meester Donny Reemer" was downstairs for me.

    I agreed. Knowing full well that this was already not a very good idea. I hustled into the rest of my clothes before Danny could walk in and seem me half-naked. Obviously, the boy had seen me with nothing on plenty of times.


    I suppose there would be time for that later.

    The very loud knock on the door scared the shit out of me! I took a breath and opened the door. There stood Meester Donny Reemer.

    "Amigo!" he shouted, hugging me and smacking me on the back of the head at the same time.

    "Hey Danny! Great seeing you!"

    Danny released me and leaned backward to check me out. His brown eyes moved like an elevator up and down my body, and then back up to the top again. He gave out a low whistle as our eyes met.

    "Looking fucking great, amigo! Boston's obviously treating you well."

    "Yep. Um, I mean thanks!"

    "You're getting laid all the time, I bet!"

    "Um, well..."

    He reached out a fist to squeeze my nipple, but I thought he might and wriggled backward just in time. He laughed and dropped his bag on the floor with a thud. He hitched both thumbs into his jeans and tried out a James Dean look. I think this meant I was supposed to look him over and pay him a compliment.

    "You look pretty good too, Danny," I said. "You've been running a lot."

    Danny turned his James Dean face into a smirk. "Duh!"

    I smiled.

    "Of course I've been running. I'm a Duck! A fucking Oregon Duck! That's all we do! We run! We fucking run all the time!"

    I chuckled.

    "You're a fucking duck, all right," I taunted.

    He grabbed his package and gave it a light tug. I shook my head at him. This boy would never change. He was never gonna grow up.

    Danny clapped his hands. He looked around our little apartment. I had picked up some of the stuff usually lying around. It looked pretty neat. For a college apartment where four guys lived! "Not bad," Danny said, pursing his lips again. He walked over to the windows at our view of the Mass Pike. "Pretty," he added with a smile.

    "Thanks," I said. I joined him at the window and pointed to the cars zipping by on their way in and out of Boston. "Sometimes, if we're lucky and there's some traffic, you get a really awesome view of some hot guys in their cars."


    "Naw! This is New England, dude! You can't have a convertible here, the snow would like, I don't know, it would break the top."

    Danny laughed. He shoved his hands in his pockets and looked around. "Who's here?"

    "Nobody. Right now, at least, I mean, it's just me."

    Danny nodded.


    "What do you think?"

    "Oh." Danny was horny. Well, isn't that a shocker?!

    "Do you think we have time to?"

    I smiled. Probably blushed too.

    "You know, I mean right now. Just for old time's sake."

    I felt my cock stretch out in my pants. It had been a few months since I'd had sex with Danny and his twin brother. On the way back home from Oregon. Danny was like a little sexual dynamo. But so was I, so what the fuck?


    He raised his eyebrows. "Yes? That's a yes? That's it? That's all I have to do? Just ask?"

    I nodded. Our eyes met again. I slanted my head toward the door to me and Josh's bedroom.

    "In there?"

    "Mm hmm."

    "That's your room?"

    "Mm hmm."

    Danny had his pants around his ankles by the time he got to my door. He was wearing black Calvin Klein boxer briefs. I grinned and followed him in. As I closed the door behind me, I pulled the green rubber band from its hook on the door jamb and placed it on the door knob. Hopefully Josh would see it before he barged in.

    Inside my room, Danny flipped his Polo shirt over his head and onto the floor. Standing there nude in my room, with only his Calvin's on he looked amazing. His dark brown hair had grown a little longer and fell lightly onto his upper back. He had a tiny growth of dark thin hair right over his breast bone. His skin was smooth and pasty white where the singlet always covered his torso, a sort of bronze tone on all the other spots the singlet didn't cover.

    All us runners had similar tans back in California. That is, those of us who could run outside and not have to deal with Boston cold!

    Danny looked at me looking at him. "Yeah, I try to get outside and run without my shirt when I can. Just can't seem to get rid of these lines."

    I giggled. "At least you have lines," I said. "I can't even run in a singlet. Have to wear long sleeves back here."

    Danny nodded and walked over to me. He held my head in his hands and drew our faces together. His lips found mine and we kissed. Hungrily. Our bodies pressed together, I could feel Danny's dick get hard through his shorts. We came up for air and we smiled at each other.

    "Been a long time, amigo," Danny said. "You taste fucking great!"

    I turned red.

    "You too dude." I added stupidly.

    Then his mouth covered mine again, his teeth on my lips. His hands pulled my hips forward, our mid-sections smashed together. We both had erections. Danny slid his tongue out of my mouth and licked my lips like he was eating an ice cream cone.

    "Let's get these fucking pants off of you amigo," he whispered.

    Deftly, Danny's fingers unhitched my khaki pants and they immediately fell to the ground. My underwear was a soggy mess where my pre-cum had soaked them through.

    "Nice!" Danny yelped as his palm rubbed my dick head through my shorts.

    Then I yelped. "Whoa!"


    I shook my head. "No, it's okay, I guess it's just a little, you know, sensitive today."

    Danny smiled and slid my underwear down onto my thighs. My hard cock popped up and a little drip of pre-cum flew into the air, landing on Danny's wrist.

    "That's what I remember," Danny said smiling. "Now let's get this puppy all lubed up."

    Danny dove down and wrapped his mouth around my dick, deep-throating me effortlessly. One hand pulled my nuts down, the other held onto my butt, for balance.

    "Aah," I said, liking the feeling of my penis in the back of Danny's throat. "You're still cock.......amigo," I managed. I was getting a fantastic blow job and it was not that easy to talk.

    Danny mumbled something unintelligible. Even with the sound, he kept up his rhythm. Stroking my cock shaft, tugging on my balls, pulling my ass forward into his face. Fuck! He was really good at this!

    "Danny, Jesus, take it easy, you'll get me off in like two seconds!" I warned.

    "That's the idea, amigo," he said.


    "Then after you shoot your load down my throat, I'm gonna keep sucking you until you get hard again."


    "Then, you're gonna fuck me with this big, huge TJ pole."

    "Well, okay."

    "Long and slow."

    "All right."

    "My brother isn't here. And I want all eight and a third inches all to myself."


    "Today I'm not a twin. I'm just me."

    I smiled. Must be tough for the poor guy, I thought to myself. As Danny eased his lips around the tip of my rock hard dick again, I stopped thinking about being a twin. All I could do was think about what Danny was doing to my penis.

    "Mmm," Danny said, licking a bit of my pre-cum from the corner of his mouth.

    Uh oh.

    With a few more strokes up and down on my hard-on, Danny got me off.

    "Holy fucking shit!" I squealed, covering my mouth with my hand. Fuck! That was a really fast one. I can't remember when anybody had given me such good head!

    "Danny, that was incredible." I whispered loudly.

    Danny looked at me with my cock in his mouth. He smiled. "Shh," Danny said, as he lustily licked around the shaft, all the way from the top to the bottom. When he was through cleaning up the spermy mess, he finally came up to kiss me again. My dick was spent and my mouth was dry. Danny's mouth tasted faintly of that soap I'd used in the shower earlier and what I knew to be my usual scent.

    I made a face.

    Danny gave my dick a squeeze to see if he could milk just a little more out of me. I was still hard, but the cum was all gone. All swallowed. I shrugged my shoulders and Danny yanked me a few more times. Nope, nothing. It was like he sucked every last drop of cum right out of me. Just like he seemed to want.

    Danny put his tongue in my mouth again. I tasted more semen. All right, already! He seemed to sense what I was going to say. We both laughed.

    "Danny, that was fucking amazing."

    "Thanks, it's my goal to eventually give a blow job to everybody I know. I'm just working my way down the list."

    "Oh really, how's that going for you so far?"

    "Not bad, Teej. Not bad. I'll let you know when I get down to your dad."

    I stuck my tongue out in disgust. "You're such a pervert!" I said.

    "Fuck you. I'm not! I just like sucking dick." He grabbed hold of my weenie again and rubbed his thumb around the top. While he was distracted, I thought I'd take advantage of the opening and peel off the rest of Danny's clothes. I tried to move Danny's boxer briefs down from his waist, but he resisted.

    "No, not yet. There will time enough for that in just a few minutes."

    "Uh, well..."

    "But right now, I'm gonna suck your dick some more. I want it in my ass!"

    "You do?"

    He nodded.

    "Uh, well, okay. I have no idea how long it will take me to get going again."

    Danny pursed his lips and shook his head, ignoring my remark. Then he bent his knees and went down on the floor again. His lips felt cool and damp on my dick. I was still in that very sensitive post-orgasm state and my butt contracted as I tried not to giggle. Reflexively I pulled away, but there was really no place for me to go.

    We hadn't moved even an inch since we'd walked into me and Josh's bedroom. Sensing that some change of scenery was in order, I dragged Danny and his mouth over to the side of my bed. Owing to his uber-flexibility, his lips never left my cock. I eased myself onto the edge of my bed and Danny assumed a new position, kneeling between my spread out thighs.

    Danny began to rub the outer fabric of his shorts. I could just make out the famous Leeman jewels. I felt a drop of saliva form at the corner of my mouth. If Danny noticed me watching him rub himself, he didn't let on. I sort of enjoyed the show. He was definitely hard, but he wasn't really trying too much yet. I could see a moist area where I was pretty sure the end of his penis banged up against his underwear. I didn't remember him to be a big pre-cummer like me. This was new!

    It didn't take long before Danny had me going again. Hoovering away, he'd gotten me past that super-sensitive phase. Not I was starting to enjoy it again. And Danny knew it. He seemed to sense that my dick got a little stiffer once I relaxed.

    He took his mouth off for a moment. He fisted the base of my dick and squeezed, making the parts above his hand get a little thicker.

    "Fuck yeah, TJ!" he said. "Are you sure you're not up to nine and a third?"

    "No Danny, sorry, I didn't grow an inch since you last saw me a few months ago."

    He grinned. Then he went back to work. Why was the second time around always so much better? After a minute of two, Danny had me bucking my hips up and down in rhythm with him, another fantastic blow job!

    "Danny, you'd better stop, you'll make me cum again," I said.

    He lightened the pressure and let his lips linger just below the red ring. He moved his hand to my balls and played with those for a while so I could come back down to earth.

    I watched as Danny finally pushed his Calvin's down.

    His erect cock slipped out. It wasn't as big or as thick as mine, but it had a really nice shape. He had let his pubic hair grow a little more than the last time we had sex on the way down from Oregon.

    It was a really beautiful dick! If I was going to take a picture of a penis and put it on my wall as a fine example of what they are supposed to look like, Danny's would have been just perfect! I longed to put it in my mouth, and I tried to sit up a few times and grab hold of Danny's hips to pull him up toward my face. Nothing doing, Danny wasn't interested.

    "Danny," I said. I needed to register some kind of protest.

    He shook his head. We both looked down at his cock approvingly. He rolled his eyes and then licked his fingers. He was using a mix of spit and whatever tiny little bit of my cum was left to moisten up his hole. He used one hand to sort of hold his own butt cheeks apart and he kept yanking on my cock with the other. I helped him out by using my own hand to hold his other ass cheek apart. This he let me do.

    While he sucked me harder, I heard him say "Thanks."

    "My pleasure," I said, grinning. He was being polite. Just before getting fucked, he had remembered his manners!

    "Sure," I said, remembering mine too.

    "Fuck me TJ."


    "Now," he commanded.

    "Okay," I said again.

    Danny crawled up on top of me, facing me. He positioned my dick in the crack of his ass and we both blindly tried to find the opening.

    "Yow," Danny said.

    Apparently the opening had been located.

    "You've got a big fucking dick, TJ," Danny said with a smile.

    "Um, we don't have to do this," I said.

    "Yes we do."

    I raised my eyebrows at him, silently asking him again if he was sure. I mean, I had already gotten off. I would probably be okay if we stopped. Plus I could just return the favor and suck him off as well.

    "That first few seconds are always the toughest," Danny reminded me unnecessarily.

    "Yeah," I agreed.

    "Then, it's gonna be smooth sailing," Danny added.

    Butt-fucking 101. Taught by Danny Leeman. This was a class I could take.

    Danny took a deep breath and put my cock on the target again. I was about to remind Danny that I probably had some lube some place; we didn't have to do this with just saliva! We both heard the door to the outside hallway close. We both stopped and became quiet immediately, listening for sounds outside the bedroom door.

    Who was home? I thought everybody still had late classes today. Josh had a Chemistry lab, I know, and my other two roommates, Alan and Gage were in an Econ lecture I thought. Plus then they both had wrestling practice. I had thought that Danny and I would have the place to ourselves for like 3-4 hours.

    Then we heard a backpack was thrown noisily onto a table. The refrigerator door was opened. I heard the distinctive sound of a Coke can being opened.

    Danny looked at me to see what we should do. I held a finger to my lips. We both turned our heads toward the bedroom door. It was closed, but I hadn't locked it. What an idiot!

    Outside the door, I thought I heard somebody sit down on the couch. Danny and I stayed absolutely still, though in all the excitement Danny had somehow managed to get my cock into his butthole by about an inch.

    A thud.

    Danny pointed at his foot. Probably, whoever it was out there had just taken off a shoe and let it fall on the floor.

    Another thud, this one slightly louder.

    Danny and I looked at each other. Definitely the shoes.

    Danny slipped down a little bit lower on my dick. I saw his eyes close as he willed away the pain. The good pain. His mouth opened and he took me in completely. Quietly, he remained perfectly still. Only breathing. Letting his ass get used to my dick inside there. Finally he sighed and opened his eyes.

    "Good, right?" Danny asked in a whisper. "You're all the way in?"

    I looked down. Danny's cock was standing upright, his ass straddled my hips. I could see no air between Danny's ass and the base of my penis. Yep, I was probably already completely in him.

    "I think so," I said, nodding.

    "Good," he said. "I don't think she could take much more Captain." Danny imitated the famous Star Trek line.

    I laughed out loud. Even with a dick up his ass, the guy was pretty fucking funny.

    "Shh," Danny whispered. This time, he held his finger up to his lips.

    I mouthed the word 'sorry.'

    Apparently Danny's finger must have smelled good to him. He stuck it in his mouth and gave it a lick.

    "Ew," I said.

    "You want some?" He popped his finger out and stuck it inside of my mouth. I tried to bat him away with an elbow but he was too quick. He finger wound up on top of my tongue. It tasted like butt.


    "Shh," he whispered again, more loudly.

    We heard something slam outside the bedroom door. What was it? We both stopped what we were doing (actually I wasn't doing much of anything, other than trying to spit Danny's finger out of my mouth).

    "Is somebody in there?"

    I exhaled. The voice outside was Gage. It wasn't Josh.

    Oh no, Gage didn't know the code with the door knob!


    Silently, Danny ground his butt around in a circle as if he was trying to make the hole bigger. I gave him my best 'what the fuck?' look.

    I sighed.

    "Hey Gage," I shouted. "Just me."


    "Yeah, I'm just studying."

    Danny shot me a look like I was a moron.

    "I guess I need a little quiet time right now," I said. "Big test coming up."

    "Oh really," I heard Gage say.

    I shook my head at Danny. He was grinning ear to ear, now starting to bounce up and down on my hips. There was a faint slapping sound. I used a hand to try and stop Danny from fucking himself on my dick. Now was not the time to be making any sound at all. Not while I was trying to lie to my roommate. Not while I was trying to keep him out of my bedroom by convincing him that I needed to study. Danny was not slowing down. In fact, he seemed to enjoy the little sounds his ass cheeks made as they smacked down again and again on me, skin to skin.

    "TJ, I'm gonna make a sandwich, do you want something?" Gage asked.

    "No thanks," I shouted. I tried to sound as if this was my final answer.

    The bedroom door opened. "Are you sure?" Gage asked.

    "Don't come in," I said, sort of in slow motion. Danny and I watched Gage's face as he slowly realized that he had just walked in on one of his roommates fucking another dude. He turned red and his jaw dropped.

    "Whoa," Gage said.

    Danny lifted one fist in the air. Like a rodeo cowboy. He was smiling, loving that he had just been caught in the act. Of course, Gage being fucking amazing looking helped.

    "Gage, can you..." I started.

    "Um, yeah, I mean, yeah, of course. I'm sorry. I didn't..."

    He quickly closed the door.

    Me and Danny were alone again. I sighed again.

    I listened carefully. I wanted to make sure that Gage had really walked away and hadn't just closed the door so he could listen in. I heard nothing.

    "Gage?" I said, mostly in a whisper.

    The reply was instantaneous. "What TJ? Do you need something?"

    "What the fuck, Gage? Are you standing right there?"

    "Right where?"

    Obviously he was. His voice came from just outside the bedroom door.

    "Gage, why are you just standing there?"

    Danny bounced on my cock some more, the skin on skin smacking sound louder than ever. Danny brushed my hands away as I tried to slow him down. He would have none of that.

    "Um, how do you know I'm just standing here?"

    "Gage. Seriously dude? I'm not an idiot."

    Danny let out a little whoop. I shot him a look of death.

    "It's true Gage," Danny decided to speak. "I can definitely vouch for my friend here. TJ is not an idiot."

    Gage laughed. He was like inches away, the thin door made it seem like he was practically standing right beside us.

    "Right," Gage agreed.

    "And I can also verify another thing about our friend TJ."

    I shook my head vigorously. Unsuccessfully I tried to pull my penis out of Danny's ass, but he clenched down around me and I was trapped.

    "Oh yeah," Gage asked with a chuckle. "What's that?"

    "I can verify that our boy TJ has a huge fucking wiener," Danny said calmly. One hand reached down and tugged on my nut sack.

    "Aah," I said.

    Gage cracked up.

    "Jesus Christ, Danny!" I said.

    "You're buddy is hung long and thick. Like a little pony," Danny added with a giggle.

    I exhaled loudly and tried to pull my cock out of Danny. Again I failed.

    "Thanks, but I already know that," Gage said.

    "Oh really?" Danny said. He was bouncing up and down on my dick shaft like he was on a trampoline now. "TJ never mentioned that he had a roommate who knew the secret."

    "The secret?" Gage asked.

    "Well, you're right. I suppose at this point, it's really not such a secret back here in Boston," Danny said. "I mean, the guys been here for over a year now. I'm not surprised at all that most everyone know."

    "Knows what?"

    "That I have a big dick!" I shouted. "That it's eight and a third inches from top to bottom. That I love to fucking show it off. That I..."

    Danny and Gage laughed out loud together. Clearly the two were enjoying this very odd situation. Danny clenched his butt again and wiggled side to side at the same time.

    I let out a little moan. Despite everything, my dick was definitely having a good time!

    The door opened. And there, once again, was the smiling face of my roommate Gage. He had taken off his shirt.

    Oh fuck.

    Danny whistled.

    "Oh boy!" Danny said. "TJ never told me anything about you!"

    "Really?" Gage asked.

    Gage took a couple steps into the room. Danny kept springing up and down on my hips. I closed my eyes, covering them with my elbow.

    Danny reached out to shake Gage's hand. "Hi, I'm Danny." Danny's rhythmic bouncing never missed a beat.

    "Pleased to meet you Danny," Gage said, offering his hand as well. "Gage."

    Danny nodded.

    "And you have a very nice chest, Gage."

    "Thank you, you're not so bad yourself," Gage said.

    Oh God. Here we go.

    "Thanks dude. I run a lot. Plus they make us spend a crazy amount of time in the weight room."

    "Yeah? Me too. Coaches here at BU are brutal tyrants."

    "Same at Oregon."

    "You go to Oregon? You're a Duck?"

    "Yep. I'm a fucking Duck!"

    I looked up at the two guys having this strange college conversation above me. "Guys! Seriously? Can we talk about this later? Over a beer?"

    "Teej, you're being rude," Danny said. "I'm merely trying to be friendly with your roommate here. We've only just met. I was always raised to be polite."

    Danny kept his eyes glued to Gage's chest. It was clean shaven and perfectly defined. Gage was having a pretty good wrestling season so far. I think some of the credit probably goes to the great conditioning.

    Meanwhile, Danny kept fucking himself on my cock. Gage watched carefully as well.

    "Nice ass," Gage said.

    "Thanks amigo," Danny said. "When I'm done with TJ here, would you like to..."

    Gage turned red.

    Seriously? Now he gets embarrassed?!

    "Would I like to what?" Gage asked. Clearly he knew what Danny was going to say. He was just playing with him.

    "You know, would you like to see my nice ass a little more? You know, up close and personal?"

    Gage smiled and rubbed his hands together. "Hmm," he said. He was pretending to think it over.

    "I can verify for you roomie," I said. "Danny does have a tight little butt."

    "All us runners do." Danny agreed.

    Gage rubbed his chin. I could see that Gage's mid-section was even fuller than usual. No surprise there. Here in the apartment, the group of us had talked many times about Gage's ability to get an erection at the blink of an eye.

    "Well, guys, it really sounds tempting, but..."

    Danny frowned.

    "I'm sorry, but I actually do have to study. I've got an Econ mid-term that I'm like way behind on."

    "Aw," Danny whined.

    "Plus I smell pretty bad. I had practice earlier and I didn't bother to shower."

    "Yum," Danny said.

    Gage grinned again. "Trust me, I'm gross," he said.

    Danny reached out and tweaked one of Gage's nipples. Gage didn't move.

    Gage backed away a few steps.

    "Come on," Danny begged.

    In one smooth motion, Danny lifted himself up off of my cock. As his butt released me, there was a little popping sound. Danny partially stood up and pointed his ass toward Gage, now at the door.

    "See? Plenty of room for more, amigo."

    "Very nice," Gage laughed. "Let me check back with you guys later. After I get through some of this stuff."

    "Aw!" Danny said again.

    Gage quietly shut the door. Danny and I were alone again.

    "Huh!" Danny said.

    I don't think that Danny was used to being turned down when he made somebody a serious sexual offer like that. And he was certainly not happy to have his offer declined when he was even pointing his butt in the air and spreading his cheeks wide!

    Very classy, I thought to myself.

    Danny lay down on my bed. This time on his back. He put my pillow under his hips and hoisted his legs into the air.

    "Okay amigo, get back in there," he said. "You promised."

    Classy or not, a fuck was a fuck.

    So, I dutifully maneuvered Mr. Happy once again in between Danny's thighs. I bent my knees and then grabbed hold of both of his bare feet to get into the right angle.


    Like a well-trained magnet, my cock miraculously found the perfect spot between Danny's cheeks and slipped right in. I hadn't done anything at all to help! I was in. I took a moment to let Danny breathe, and for his ass muscles to loosen up so I could move back and forth.

    "Ahh," Danny said. He was smiling. His muscles relaxed and I plunged in all the way.

    "Are you sure you can live with just me?" I asked, as I watched the shaft of my cock appear and disappear. "I mean, if you want to wait for Gage, it's okay with me."

    A surprised expression came over Danny's face.

    "No amigo, I'm ready to get fucked by you. I've been looking forward to this for a few months now. And now that it's happening, I'm going to do it. No third party needed."

    "Okay then," I said.

    "Of course, if he walked back in here with his man-meat hard as a rock, I might reconsider."

    I smiled. Of course he would. Our eyes met and he blew me a kiss with his lips. My hips started smacking against Danny's ass, and I started to enjoy myself all over again. Fucking my high school track buddy was one of those good things in life that I thought about a lot when I beat off by myself. Only most of the time, I had myself being gang-banged by the pole vaulters or the sprinters.

    I looked down at Danny. He had his eyes closed and was probably thinking about pole vaulters too.

    "Fuck me TJ, fuck me," Danny shouted, way too loudly. Uh oh, there's no way Gage didn't hear that.

    Outside the door, Gage laughed. Fuck.

    Oh well, I thought to myself. Apparently Gage really was trying to study and really wasn't going to join us. At least, not yet. And so I rammed myself into Danny's behind as hard as I could.

    "Is that good?" I asked, really wondering if I was doing a good job. I was definitely more of a bottom than a top and I was never sure whether I was all that great fucking somebody else.

    "Aah," Danny shrieked. "Fuck yeah, amigo! That's fucking great!"


    "Guys!" Gage yelled from outside. "Can you keep it down just a tiny bit? I am trying to get some work done here."

    "What? Does the guy not have his own bedroom where he can study?" Danny said softly to me. I put my finger on his lips to shush him. Then I giggled and jack-hammered Danny again with my dick. Danny let out a moan of pain mixed with pleasure. I used my thumb along with my index finger and squeezed his lips together so that he couldn't talk.

    The perfect way to hang out with my buddy Danny Leeman! Legs spread wide in the air, unable to speak. I blew Danny back the same kiss he had sent me before.

    "Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!" Danny said through his closed mouth.

    Outside the room, I heard a loud bang.

    "Oh what the fuck?" I heard Gage say through the closed door. Then footsteps.

    Danny and I looked over to the door. It opened. There stood my roommate Gage. Still shirtless, one hand on the edge of the door, one hand down the front of his pants. He had a smirk on his face. His sandy blonde hair was still messed up from wrestling practice earlier. His gorgeous eyes zeroed right in on my cock, pounding the shit out of Danny's ass.

    "All right, I'm not actually getting anything done out there," he said. "I might as well help you guys along. "

    Danny grinned from ear to ear. "Yippee-fucking-yay!" he said.

    "What do I do?" Gage said.

    "Nothing," Danny answered. "Absolutely nothing! Just get yourself over here and I will do it all."

    Gage smiled. "Okay, just go easy on me," he said.

    Danny and I looked at each other. Yeah sure.

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Just when I thought the Mayans got it right and selectively ended the world of TJ et al, you proved they didn't know shit about predictions, and there was 8-1/3" to prove it. Just what BU needs, a nymphomaniac twin without the nice package of identical DNA, stealing all the good ones back east. TJ might be hung like a horse, but Danny might be the Trojan Horse who single handedly, or, more correctly, single assedly destroys BU's chance of winning a thing at the New York invitational. Spike, your timing was good with this update. I've been gorging myself on salmon and was ready to hibernate until I hear the boids choiping in the spring!

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Thank you sheep

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Yeah!, Spike!!

    What a Fantastic, Awesome, chapter!!

    And, now I can't wait for MORE of TJ, Danny, AND Gage (and whoever else might "walk in")!

    Thank You! Thank YOU!! THANK YOU!!!

    Keep smilin'!!
    WISDOM is the Knowledge you've gained ... After you could have used it! _Me

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Damn, Spike. It's good to have TJ and Danny back. And interestingly, Gage, as well. What a great chapter! It sure has given the fix we all have needed for a while. Going from sexy eroticism to pure comedy. Love it.


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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Thanks Spike that's a hot one and just like all the good writters you've stopped it at a very exciting point can't wait to see what's going to happen ?? Please dont make us wait too long ....

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Thank you guys. Hopefully I won't leave it as long again!

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    anyone know what happened?

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    any updates on the story? I really miss TJ and his not so Tender but very juicy schlong...

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    Spike, I'm only gonna say this a few more times. I miss TJ and his 8-1/3" cawk. Tell you what, I'll keep writing if you do!

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    Re: Sophomore Year #1

    It would, of course, be amazing if there was more... Though I understand real life gets in the way!

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