JustUsBoys.com includes several sub-forums that are considered “safe harbors” or “no-flame zones.” Those areas of the site are intended for constructive discussions. In some cases a member may use those sub-forums for help or suggestions relating to a personal situation or health issue. It is not unusual for discussions in the safe zones to include disclosure of somewhat sensitive information relating to a particular issue.

It is important for all members to respect the purpose of the various safe zones, the personal nature of matters sometimes discussed in those areas of the site, and the necessity to refrain from using that information for any reason other than to offer advice within the safe zone itself.

Please do not reference, replicate, or otherwise engage in any attempt whatsoever to use personal information from the no-flame zones at JustUsBoys.com to characterize, malign, or otherwise discredit any other member.

Any intentional breach of this policy will be considered a serious violation of our Terms of Service. Members should anticipate that the corresponding punitive consequences resulting from any such use of personal information could be swift and severe.