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    Steve's Weekend With Damon

    Damon had just finished reading one of Steve’s porn stories online. He loved reading domination/submission stories, and Steve was his favorite author. Damon was a naturally dominant top, and he had got so many hot jerk-off fantasies from Steve’s stories that he decided to write him a fan letter. He composed a gushing email and attached a picture of himself jerking off to one of the stories. But before he hit the send button, he had a second thought. It occurred to him that writers of porn stories probably got a lot of emails telling them how good their stories were, and he wanted to send something that would set his message apart from the rest. It was clear from Steve’s stories that he was seriously submissive, so Damon thought he might get a kick out of a dominant, somewhat abusive email. He deleted what he had written and started over.

    “Listen, asslick,” he wrote, “my dick is sore and it’s your damn fault. I’ve been reading your stories and jerking off to them so much it hurts just to take my dick out to pee. So what you’re going to do to make it up to me is this: you’re going to get up off your knees, wipe the cum off your chin, and start writing me a story NOW. And don’t even think about touching your dick until you’ve sent it to me and I’ve approved it. Then, if it’s good enough, maybe I’ll give you permission to jerk off.”

    Damon had some trepidation about sending it. He didn’t want to offend the guy, but he decided to take a chance and send it, hoping that Steve would take it in the spirit in which it was intended. If not, perhaps he could make an apology later. Instead of the picture of himself jerking off, he substituted one of himself in tight white briefs standing in a dominant pose with his hands on his hips looking down at the camera, as if to say, “Suck me!”

    Steve logged onto his email account with hopeful anticipation. Whenever he posted a new story he couldn’t help checking his inbox several times a day, hoping to hear from one of his regular readers, or better still a new one. It was vain of him, but he got a rush out of having people tell him they liked his stories. He thought it must, in a small way, be similar to the way performers feel when the audience applauds. It turned him on to think of guys getting off reading his stories, especially the scenes which were based on his actual experiences. It was a little like being watched while having those things done to him.

    He was thrilled to see an email from a new reader, named Damon. He opened it expecting to read the usual gratifying “I loved your story. Thanks for posting it. Please write more.” But this one was very different. It was abusive, but in a highly erotic way. He got a hardon just reading it. He normally wasn’t into verbal abuse, but being talked to like that turned him on. There was also a very hot picture attached. He wanted to jerk off looking at it, but he also wanted to obey. He wrote back, “Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

    It usually took Steve several days to write even a short story, and the process of writing sex scenes always turned him on. He didn’t look forward to being horny for a couple of days without being able to do anything about it, but he liked the idea of willfully submitting to Damon’s orders. He got to work. Two days later he had a story he was pleased with. It was about a guy named Steve who agrees to spend a weekend as a house slave for a dominant guy named Damon. He sent it off, excited to find out what Damon thought of it. He waited for a reply impatiently, at one point even getting up in the middle of the night to check his email. Finally, the next morning it arrived.

    “OK, that story is good enough. You can go ahead and jerk off now. When you come, smear it on your face and wear it for the rest of the day and all night.” Steve was so horny, he jerked off right away, before he even read the rest of the email. Fortunately, it was a Saturday so he wouldn’t have to go to work with dried cum on his face. When he was through, he resumed reading.

    “In fact, I liked your story so much, I want to live it out. I want you to come to my place next weekend and do everything you wrote about, plus some enhancements of my own. But first I have to approve you. Send me several naked pictures, plus your age and measurements. Tell me your limits. Also, tell me where you live.”

    Steve was shocked, but also intrigued. His stories reflected his fantasies, and like most people, his fantasies were more extreme than what he was really willing to do. He would have to think about this.

    Damon didn’t really expect Steve to agree to spend a weekend submitting to someone he didn’t know. He was just having fun flirting. He also figured that someone who spent his time writing smut was probably some old troll. He thought most likely he would never hear back from Steve, or that he might get an email saying “Fuck off.” He certainly didn’t expect what he got. A day later there was a message from Steve.

    “Thank you, Sir, for letting me jerk off. I kept it on my face for 24 hours as ordered. I’m glad my story pleased you. I hope you will permit me to spend next weekend serving you. I am 25 years old, 6’2”, 210 lbs., chest 47”, waist 34”, biceps 17”, cock 6” long and 6” around. My limits are: no scat, piss or heavy pain.” He went on to give his city, which was halfway across the country from Damon.

    Damon’s jaw dropped when he saw the photos. This guy was certainly no troll. His face was attractive enough, but his body was incredible. He had the exaggerated muscular physique of someone who spends way too much time at the gym. At first, Damon was intimidated by the thought of trying to dominate someone so much bigger and stronger than him, but it was clear from the pictures that Steve was indeed submissive. In most of them he was on his knees. In one he was jerking off with his finger up his ass and a pair of underwear in his mouth. Another was a close-up of his face splattered with cum. Damon couldn’t believe there was really a possibility he would be hooking up with this guy. He sent a reply.

    “You’ll do. Be on my doorstep at precisely 10:00 PM Friday. Be on your knees, naked, holding your clothes. Here are your rules:

    You will be kept naked all weekend.
    You will work all day, both days, cleaning, cooking, doing yard work, and any other projects I can think of.
    After each chore, if you do your job well, you may ask for your reward, which will consist of ten spanks.
    At night you will sleep on the floor, leashed to the bed.
    You will eat and drink from dog bowls on the floor. You may use your hands to eat, but no utensils.
    You may stand as needed to do your work, but when you’re not working you will remain on your knees.
    You must ask permission to use the bathroom.
    You will not be allowed to pleasure yourself.
    At the end of the weekend, if I am satisfied with your performance, I will consider permitting you to jerk off.”

    Steve’s reply was brief. “Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

    Steve was excited about this adventure, but also a little apprehensive. He had done dom/sub scenes before, but never anything this hard-core.

    Friday morning he took out a bag to pack for the trip, and then realized he had nothing to pack. He wouldn’t need any clothes, and he figured he could use Damon’s razor and toiletries. He arranged to leave work early to catch his flight.

    Miraculously, the flight got in on time. He took a cab from the airport and arrived at Damon’s house about 15 minutes early. It was a nice house in a pleasant looking suburb. He walked around the block so he wouldn’t be early. Just before 10:00 he walked up to the door. He looked around and didn’t see anyone on the street. He took off his clothes, got down on his knees, and rang the doorbell.

    Damon deliberately waited a minute before answering. When he opened the door, he was impressed. Steve knelt there with his head bowed, holding out his clothes, with his wallet and keys on top. He looked even bigger and more muscular than he had in the pictures. This was going to be fun. Damon took the clothes and said, “Come in.” Steve crawled inside.

    Damon wanted to sound reassuring so Steve would know he wasn’t a psycho. “You’ve got a busy weekend ahead of you, so I’ll go easy on you tonight. Would you like a drink?”

    “A beer would be great, if you have one.”

    “In the fridge. Bring me one too.” Damon sat down while Steve crawled into the kitchen. He crawled back with the beers and handed one to Damon, then knelt in front of him. They chatted normally for a while, getting to know each other. It was the usual first date conversation about what they did for a living, where they grew up, etc. When they finished their beers, Damon said, “Well, you’re probably tired from your flight. Do you want to go to bed?”

    “Yes, Sir.”

    Steve took the empty bottles into the kitchen on his knees, while Damon went into the bedroom and hid Steve’s clothes in the back of the closet. Steve crawled into the bedroom and undressed him. Damon was older than Steve, in his mid-30's. He had a nice body, though not as muscular as Steve’s, and a chest mostly covered with soft hair. Steve was surprised and pleased to discover that his big cock was uncut.

    Damon sat on the edge of the bed and said, “There’s some lube in the nightstand.” Steve crawled over to fetch it. He squeezed some onto his hand and stroked Damon’s dick with it a few times, then reached down and spread some on his own asshole. He stood up, turned around, and lowered himself onto the shaft. He squatted up and down, fucking himself on it. He started going faster and faster. Soon Damon put his hands on Steve’s shoulders and shoved down hard. Steve ground his ass all the way down to the pubes and wriggled it around. He felt the big cock pulse as Damon shot his load into his guts.

    Afterward, Steve got down onto his knees and crawled into the bathroom to get a washcloth to clean them both up. He gently wiped up his partner’s dick, then cleaned himself. Damon got up and took a piece of rope about 6 feet long from the dresser. He tied one end to the bedpost and the other end around Steve’s dick and balls. It wasn’t tight enough to be painful, but Steve would have to be careful not to roll over in his sleep. It was only a symbolic restraint since he could easily untie himself, but in some ways that made it even more demeaning. Steve had always felt that willing submission was more submissive than forced submission. Damon said, “Goodnight,” turned out the light, and climbed into bed. Steve lay on the floor. It was uncomfortable, but he was tired and quickly fell asleep.

    He woke up with a start when he felt something moving in his ass crack. He looked back to see Damon’s foot in his butt, his toes tickling the hole. The faint light of dawn was just beginning to shine through the window. Damon moved his foot to Steve’s face and pinched his nose with the toes. They smelled like butt. Steve licked them.

    “Time to get up,” Damon said. “You’ve got a lot of work to do today. First, go to the kitchen and make us some breakfast. Just cereal and fruit, you don’t have time to cook anything.” He untied the rope. Steve crawled into the kitchen, then stood up to prepare the cereal. He poured one serving into a regular bowl, and one into a dog dish that was sitting on the counter. He cut up some fresh fruit into each and added some milk. He didn’t put much milk into his, just enough to make it moist. He remembered that he wouldn’t be allowed to use a spoon. He set Damon’s bowl before him on the dining room table, and his own dog dish on the floor. They ate at the same time, Steve on all fours, scooping up the cereal with his hand. When they were through, Steve cleared the dishes, then got back down on his knees.

    “Come with me,” Damon said, and led Steve into a second bedroom. “This morning’s project is to paint this room. Just the walls. You should have everything you need here. Do a careful job, but be finished by lunch time, or you won’t have time to do everything you need to do this afternoon. You’ll do the first coat today and the second one tomorrow.” He left to go take a shower. There was no point in Steve taking one, since he was going to be getting plenty messy painting naked.

    Steve surveyed the situation. He had painted often before and he knew what was involved. Getting it done in one morning would not be easy but was doable. Almost all the time would be spent prepping and cutting in. He always laughed at the home improvement shows, which made it look like rolling paint on the wall was all there was to it. That part would take about 20 minutes. It looked like he had everything he needed. He got to work.

    After a couple of hours, Damon checked in to see how he was doing. Everything seemed to be going well. Steve was sweaty and had quite a few paint splotches on his naked body. Damon gave him a quick spank and left him alone.

    Shortly before noon, Steve finished painting. He cleaned off the tools and called Damon. Damon inspected the work and announced, “That’s a good job.”

    “Thank you, Sir. I’m happy I was able to please you. Might I be permitted to have my reward now?”

    “Absolutely, you’ve earned it. Bend over. Count them out.”

    He smacked Steve’s muscular globes.

    “One. Thank you, Sir.”


    “Two. Thank you, Sir.”


    “Three. Thank you, Sir.”

    And so on, up to ten. When he was through, Damon said, “OK, go get cleaned up. Then you can make us lunch while I tell you the agenda for this afternoon.”

    As Steve made some sandwiches, Damon gave him his instructions. “I’m having two guests for dinner. You’re going to cook us a full Thanksgiving-type turkey dinner, with all the trimmings, all made from scratch. Everything you’ll need is in the refrigerator. During the idle times while things are cooking, you’ll multi-task by cleaning the house: vacuuming, dusting, cleaning the windows and mirrors, scrubbing the toilets, you get the idea. The guests will arrive about 6:00, and we’ll eat at 7:00. You’re desert.” Steve found that last part exciting, but also a little scary.

    Steve was a pretty good cook, and he knew a meal like that required a fair amount of choreography so everything comes together at the right time. He spent a few minutes laying out a schedule, timing everything backward from 7:00. The turkey would have to go in the oven soon, but he’d have to make the stuffing first. The potatoes, vegetables and cranberry sauce could wait until later. That would leave plenty of time for cleaning during the afternoon. He ate his sandwich from the dog dish on the floor, and then got to work.

    It was a hectic afternoon, but by 6:00 the house was spotless and everything was on schedule for dinner. When the doorbell rang, Damon said, “Get that.” Steve crawled over to the door and opened it. Rick and Kevin looked down at the big naked guy on his knees, and laughed. They were lovers, and good friends of Damon’s. Rick was an average looking, guy-next-door type, about Steve’s age. Kevin was every twink lover’s ultimate fantasy. He was barely 20 and looked even younger. He was impossibly cute, with his tousled blond hair and baby blue eyes. He was a little short, which made him look even more boyish.

    They came inside and sat down in the living room with Damon. They all chatted while Steve served drinks and attended to his cooking.

    Dinner was served only a few minutes late. The three of them sat at the table as Steve got down on his knees to eat his meal from his bowl. He picked up a large piece of turkey, dipped it in gravy, and was about to eat it when Damon looked down and said, “Wipe your ass with that before you eat it.”

    Steve reached back and wiped the meat on his hole, then brought it around to eat it. It smelled like turkey, gravy and sweaty asshole. There was a curly dark hair stuck to it. But he ate it. The other three laughed. His ass felt slimy from the gravy.

    For the rest of the meal, the others ignored Steve and carried on typical dinner party conversation. When they were through, they retired to the living room again.

    Damon said to Steve, “Leave the dishes for later. Serve us cognac and cigars.”

    “No cigar for me,” said Kevin, “but I will take a cognac.” Steve poured them each a brandy and lit cigars for Rick and Damon.

    Damon said, “Now ask each of my guests what else you can do for them.” He looked at the other two and added, “His asshole is mine, but he’ll do whatever else you want.”

    Steve crawled over to Rick and asked, “Is there anything you’d like?”

    Rick said simply, “Give me a blowjob.” Steve unbuckled Rick’s belt and lowered his zipper. He slid his pants and underwear down below his knees and licked his balls. He slowly licked up the shaft, put his mouth over it and went down. He fondled Rick’s balls as he serviced him. Rick continued to smoke his cigar, blowing each puff directly into Steve’s face. The smell of the smoke didn’t bother him, but he felt humiliated having it blown in his face. Occasionally Rick would take a sip of cognac. When he started getting excited, he put down his glass and the cigar and grabbed Steve’s head tightly. He humped his cock into his mouth. Suddenly he let out a moan and shoved Steve’s head all the way down, nearly gagging him. He shot his wad into the back of Steve’s throat. He took a few deep breaths and roughly shoved the cocksucker away. He stood up, pulled up his pants, then sat down again. He said to Damon, “That was good.”

    Steve crawled over to Kevin. “Is there anything you’d like?”

    Kevin said somewhat nervously, “I want to feel you up.”

    Steve stood up and straddled Kevin’s legs. Kevin reached up and kneaded his big pecs. He moved his hands down Steve’s torso and felt his muscular thighs. Steve’s dick was rock hard. Kevin swatted it back and forth, then stroked it with his fingertips, causing it to throb.

    “Careful,” Damon said, “he’s not allowed to come.”

    Kevin said to Steve, “Turn around.” He massaged his bubble butt. “That’s the firmest ass I’ve ever felt.” He turned to Damon and asked, “Can I make him rim me?”

    “Of course.”

    Steve got back down on his knees and took off Kevin’s loafers, then his socks, then his pants, and finally his underwear. Kevin unbuttoned his own shirt, revealing a flat and hairless chest. His pink cock was a bit smaller than average, nestled in a bush of honey colored pubic hair. Steve raised Kevin’s legs and went to work on his hole. It was the first time he had ever licked a completely hairless asshole. He licked all around it and fucked it with his tongue.

    After a while Damon said, “Merely a suggestion, but why don’t you let him jerk you off while he does that?”

    Kevin nodded to Steve. He licked his hand and started to stroke Kevin’s cute cock while he ate him out. Fairly quickly, Kevin groaned, “Ahhhhh,” and blasted several loads onto his stomach. Steve leaned forward and lapped the sweet spunk up.

    Afterward, Steve put Kevin’s underwear back on him, then his pants, socks and shoes.

    “My turn,” Damon said. He tossed a tube of KY to Steve. He intended it to land in front of him, but it missed and hit him on the side of the head and bounced off. Everybody but Steve laughed. Steve lubed up his hole. Damon quickly stripped and got on his knees behind him. He eased his cock into him and fucked him gently at first, gradually getting faster and rougher. He gripped Steve’s waist tightly. When he was ready, he plunged in deeply, shuddered, and planted his seed into him. Then he collapsed on top of him. When he caught his breath, he pulled out. He wiped up the mess with his hand and smeared it on Steve’s back, then stood up and got dressed.

    “Now go clean up the kitchen,” Damon said. “It looks like a disaster area in there.”

    Steve crawled away while the others chatted. Damon poured another round of drinks. It took Steve some time to get everything put away and all the dishes and pots and pans into the dishwasher. When he was through, he crawled back into the living room and knelt in the center. Damon looked at him and said, “The dinner was acceptable.”

    “Thank you, Sir. I’m glad you were satisfied. May I have my reward?

    Damon patted his lap. Steve climbed up and lay across it. He counted out ten spanks as Rick and Kevin watched, amused.

    Damon said, “Now crawl over to the corner and stay there on all fours, facing the corner.”

    “Yes, Sir.”

    The others went back to their conversation, talking and laughing. It was hard for Steve to keep awake after his exhausting day. Eventually the party wound down and the guests got up to leave. At the door they looked back at Steve and shook their heads in amazement.

    “OK, time for bed,” Damon said after they were gone.

    They went into the bedroom. This time Damon tied the rope loosely around Steve’s neck. He looked down at Steve. He wanted to pick him up and hold him and kiss him, but he knew they’d both enjoy the weekend more if they kept to their dom/sub roles throughout. Steve caught the look and understood. They both smiled. Damon got undressed and turned out the light. Steve was out cold almost immediately.

    Steve woke to Damon’s voice saying cheerfully, “Time to get up, asslick.” He groggily opened his eyes. The sun was up. Damon was lying on the side of the bed, his morning hardon jutting out over the edge in Steve’s direction.

    Damon gestured toward his cock and said, “First, take care of this.” As Steve got up and went to work on his cock, he continued. “When you’re through down there, we’ll have breakfast. Pancakes, I think. Then you’ll finish your painting, and after that the lawn needs mowing. Then lunch.” His voice was starting to waver as the blowjob was taking effect. “We’ll go over the rest later.” He leaned his head back and enjoyed the feeling. In about a minute he felt it coming. He didn’t thrust or grab Steve’s head, he just let it spurt into his mouth. Steve liked it that way. When a guy plunged in too deep, he didn’t get to taste the sperm. Damon pulled out and got up while Steve crawled to the kitchen.

    He took a shower as Steve cooked breakfast. When they ate, Damon made Steve put extra syrup on his own pancakes. Since he had to eat with his fingers, his hands and face became a sticky mess.

    After breakfast, Steve started in on the painting. Now that the prep work was done, the second coat went a lot faster. When he finished, he cleaned up the brushes and rollers and put everything away. Damon inspected the results and administered his reward.

    “OK, now the lawn. You just have to do the back. If you did the front, everyone would see, and you’d be arrested, and then who’d make my lunch?”

    It was a decent sized lawn and there was some trimming to do first, around the edges and along one wall. When he got to the actual mowing, he glanced up. In a second-story window of the house next door, a middle-aged woman was staring at him, wide-eyed. “What’s the matter,” he thought, “hasn’t she ever seen a naked guy mowing the lawn before?" He tried to pretend she wasn’t there. He was done in less than an hour. Damon came out and administered his second reward of the day. It occurred to Steve that it was the first time he had ever been spanked outdoors.

    Damon said, “OK, time for your shower. Get down on your knees in the middle of the lawn, with your hands behind your head.” He turned on the lawn sprinkler and went inside. For 15 minutes Steve was sprayed with icy water. Luckily, it was a warm day and he was in the sun. He closed his eyes to keep the water out, but at one point he opened them and looked up at the neighbor’s house. The woman was still there, looking at him, now seated in a chair by the window. He couldn’t tell for sure, but he thought it looked like she was masturbating. He closed his eyes tightly.

    Damon came out and turned off the sprinkler. He looked at his watch and said, “I think you have time to wash the car before lunch. You’ll have to do it in the driveway, so I’ll get you something to wear.” He went inside and came out with a skimpy pair of nylon running shorts and a pair of scissors. He cut out the built-in supporter and tossed them to Steve. He put them on. They were too small to begin with, and without the liner they couldn’t begin to cover him. If he pulled them up all the way, his dick and balls hung out the bottom. If he pulled them down enough to cover his genitals, half his ass showed. He did his best to strike a compromise. He looked like a sleazy male prostitute. Damon backed the car out of the garage and showed Steve the supplies. He wouldn’t have time to wax it, just wash, rinse and dry. As he worked, every time he stretched, his balls were exposed. The shorts were scarcely better than being naked. A few people walked by, but he kept close to the car as they passed, and he didn’t think they noticed. When he finished, he went inside and Damon gave him his reward, with the ridiculous shorts pulled down just to his thighs.

    Steve made hot turkey sandwiches from last night’s leftovers for lunch. Afterward, Damon looked at his watch and said, “I’ve scheduled something for 4:00. That gives you time to do the laundry. There should only be enough for two loads. Be sure to sniff each pair of underwear before you put them in. While the machines are going, you can shine all of my shoes. After that, there are some weeds in the garden, and the roses need to be trimmed. Be careful with the roses, you wouldn’t want to prick your prick. When the clothes are dry, iron my shirts. If there’s time, iron my underwear.”

    At about five minutes before 4:00, Damon called out from the bedroom, “Crawl in here.” He was on his computer. There was a webcam pointed at the bed. “Get on the bed, on your stomach, with your head turned toward the camera. I’ve arranged for some of my online buddies to watch us. They probably spread the word. I have no idea how many people are watching.” Damon got up and walked to the bed. He got undressed and squirted some lube on Steve’s ass. He spanked him hard and then mounted him. As he plowed into him, Steve instinctively buried his face in the crook of his arm, embarrassed. Damon grabbed his hair and forcefully turned his head back toward the camera. He fucked him fiercely, plunging deep with every thrust. When he was ready, he pulled out and jerked himself for the last few strokes so the audience could see him come, just like in a porn movie. He shot load after load onto Steve’s back. When he was done, he scooped up the cum and smeared it on Steve’s face, for all to see. Then he rolled Steve onto his side so his cock faced the camera.

    “Now jerk off. When you come, catch it in your hand and show it to the viewers, then lap it up.” Steve was so on edge by this time, he came after about ten strokes. He shot huge wads of thick, creamy goo. As ordered, he held his hand close to the camera, then moved his head in close so they could get a good view of him slurping it up.

    Damon looked at the camera and said jokingly, “That concludes our program for tonight, folks. I hope you enjoyed the show.” He turned the camera around, and shut off the computer.

    He leaned over and kissed Steve. “It’s over now. You’d better start getting ready to leave. Your clothes are in the bathroom.”

    Steve showered and dressed, then joined Damon in the living room. Damon asked, “Was it OK for you?”

    “It was fucking fantastic.”

    “I’m glad. It was fucking fantastic for me, too.” There was an awkward pause.

    “Uh, can I use your phone to call a cab?”

    “No need. I hired a limousine to take you to the airport. It’s waiting outside. Also, I found your ticket in your clothes and bumped you up to first class for the trip home. And I got you this for you so you’ll have something to remember this weekend by.” He tossed him a small package wrapped in plain brown paper. “Don’t open it now.”

    “Thanks. And don’t worry, I’ll remember this weekend!” They both laughed.

    “Now go home and rewrite your story to include everything you’ve done here, then post it online so everyone can read it.”

    “Will do.”

    “One last thing. Give me a kiss goodbye.” Steve walked over to him and leaned toward his face, but Damon held up his hand. “Not there.” Steve knew what he meant. He stepped behind Damon and got down on his knees. Damon pulled down his pants and bent over. Steve spread his cheeks, took a last deep whiff, and kissed the puckered hole. Damon pulled up his pants. As Steve got up, Damon said in a kind and loving voice inconsistent with his words, “Now get the fuck outta here.” They smiled at each other and Steve left.

    In the car, he opened the package. It was an elegant 18k gold Tiffany watch, engraved on the back, “To Steve from Damon.”

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    Re: Steve's Weekend With Damon

    Hawtt story

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    Re: Steve's Weekend With Damon

    Great story! The scene with the slice of turkey was rather, um, inventive. I love the way you include things that I haven't seen before. You have good balance of detailed description and exciting action assembled into a hot story.

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    Re: Steve's Weekend With Damon

    Fucking Hot Story, Sir!

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