From time to time you may encounter situations in the forum that you think need resolution. There are a variety of ways you can communicate problems to the moderators and administrators. You can also limit the content you view from other members.

It is important to recognize that use of this website is governed by our Terms of Service. In addition, we have a Code of Conduct, which functions as a set of guidelines for use of the interactive and community aspects of the site, such as the forums. Links available on the Frequently Asked Questions help page offer additional details regarding certain aspects of the site. The Current Events and Politics forum also has its own unique Posting Guidelines that convey more detailed expectations associated with participation in this particular forum. Members are expected to read, understand, and follow the various rules and guidelines.

Ask the Moderators

One of the most effective ways to communicate with the moderators is by creating a new thread in the “Ask the Moderators” forum. The ATM forum offers a convenient and confidential way for you to gain greater clarity of the various rules and guidelines. It also provides a direct channel to voice specific concerns or suggestions that might not be appropriate to post in the public forum. The ATM forum is provided as a practical resource enabling JUB members to privately interact directly with the mods.

Reporting Posts that violate the Guidelines

Moderators do not attempt to read every post added to the many threads in the forum. In this regard, members have an opportunity to assist the mods by recognizing content that contravenes the Posting Guidelines and then alerting the mods to review specific posts.

There is a “Report Post” link located at the lower left corner of every post (small icon resembling an exclamation point within a triangle ). Clicking this link will open a dialog box into which members can add remarks to explain why they think the post they are reporting may include content that does not comply with forum Guidelines. Personal attacks and excessive baiting are two reasons for which posts in this forum are most-often reported.

The mods and/or administrators review each reported post to determine what action is needed to correct the reported problem. In most cases, the member reporting the post will not receive a follow up communication from the mods; however, every reported post is reviewed as a matter of priority.

If you notice that one of your posts was removed, it usually means that it in some way violated our Code of Conduct or forum Posting Guidelines. Given the volume of posts, it is not feasible to notify members of every instance in which something is removed. You can always contact a moderator or create a new thread in the Ask the Moderators forum to inquire about your post, if you are still confused after reviewing the Posting Guidelines and Code of Conduct. Please recognize that we do our best to encourage productive and entertaining discussions, but we reserve the right to remove any content anywhere on the site at any time.

Personal Conflicts

Members should activate the “Ignore” feature whenever interaction with another member becomes annoying. Ignoring the other user will prevent any of their private messages from reaching you, and will block the content of their posts from appearing as you browse the forums. It is always a good idea to ignore someone sooner rather than later to prevent disputes from spiraling out of control.

To place another member on ignore, go to your “My Settings” menu, then select “Edit Ignore List” (or navigate directly using this link). Enter the screen name of the member you wish to ignore in the data field and then click “Okay.” There is also a link on member profile pages titled “Add to Ignore List.” Clicking this link will open a new page requesting you to confirm that you want to add the member to your ignore list. Click “Yes” to complete the process.

Ignoring another member remains in effect until you remove that member from your Ignore List. You have the option to add or remove members from your Ignore List as often as you wish.

It is important to recognize that the Guidelines and Code of Conduct apply to all interpersonal communications initiated through These include Personal Messages (PMs), Visitor Messages, Post Comments, and Emails sent through links on the site. JUB has a zero tolerance policy for harassment and threats. If you have been threatened, please contact a moderator or create a new thread in the Ask the Moderators forum.

PMs may be reported by clicking the small icon resembling an exclamation point within a triangle located at the lower left of each message. A dialog box will appear into which you should type an explanation of why you are reporting the message.

Keep in mind that if it turns out that you were involved in the same types of behavior you are complaining about, both you and the other party may be permanently banned from JUB.

Support Tickets

Most problems will be resolved by following the above recommendations. If, after following those protocols, you find that your efforts have not resulted in an adequate resolution of the problem, you can submit a Support Ticket. This will bring your issue directly to the attention of JUB’s staff and management personnel. You are welcome to also use a support ticket to provide general feedback about the site or the Guidelines under which we operate.

When you submit a request, be sure to make note of your request or ticket number. This will ensure that you will be able to lookup the response to your request even if for some reason you don’t receive the responses via email.

If you have been banned, rest assured that a lot of discussion and debate took place behind the scenes before such action was taken. The best thing to do if you've been temporarily banned is to patiently wait for the ban to end and then come back refreshed and ready to play by the rules. The worst thing you can do is create another account to circumvent the ban. It is generally pretty easy for moderators and other members to spot these accounts, and when discovered, all of your accounts will be permanently banned. If you've been permanently banned, there really isn't much that can be done except in the most extraordinary of cases. If you feel that an egregious mistake has been made, you can put in a support request with an explanation of the problem.

You can view moderator forum assignments and see which of the mods are online here.