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What is a thread prefix?

When a “prefix” is assigned to a thread, the chosen designation will appear prefixed to the title in the forum display of that thread. Thread Prefixes denote special characteristics assigned to the threads on which they appear.

There are currently 5 thread prefix options – each corresponding to a unique meaning.

Use of prefixes is optional. They function to help other members better understand the intent of the person who created the thread or to identify the nature of the content in the thread’s introduction. They also assist moderators in monitoring posts within designated threads.

What does each prefix mean?


An “On-Topic” designation means that the member creating the thread has restricted the discussion to its original topic, as detailed in the opening post.

In order for everyone to understand the scope of the intended on-topic discussion, the subject should be clearly presented in a way that outlines the parameters of whatever concepts may be considered part of the discussion or to specifically exclude one or more aspects from the particular subject. On that basis, posts that do not reasonably relate to the original topic may be edited or removed from the thread.

Members wishing to introduce aspects of a subject that are excluded from any particular on-topic thread may create an alternative thread to explore the topic from a different or less-restricted point of view.

Breaking News

The “Breaking News” designation should be used to mark a new or developing story that has significant importance or special interest to JUB members or the general public.

These stories or events often lack details in the early stages of their reporting, so the initial post will usually be supplemented with more details as they become available. The opening post of a Breaking News thread may serve more as an announcement than a source for information. Including a link to an external source may help readers to better understand what is happening. As in all opening posts, quotes from an external source require personal commentary by the member creating the thread. (Please don’t quote the entire article.)

Moderators will remove the Breaking News prefix soon after the story is no longer a developing news item.


A “Humor/Satire” designation indicates that the purpose of the thread is to share and/or discuss an item that primarily denotes comedy, amusement, funniness, hilarity, parody, caricature, lampoon, mockery, irony, sarcasm, absurdity, or the like. Humor/Satire threads may be clever or shrewd in their presentation, but should always be introduced in a spirit of camaraderie and may not be employed as a means to chastise or abuse other members.


An “Op-Ed” designation is appropriate when sharing an “Opinion-Editorial” publication from an outside source – usually a commercial news outlet, but may also include any reasonable source, such as Internet blogs, newsletters, or websites. Quotes from external sources are always subject to copyright limitations as outlined in the CE&P Posting Guidelines.

Members may also use the Op-Ed designation to introduce material written by them personally. In these instances, please be sure to indicate that you are the original author. You should also recognize that whatever content you post here may be freely quoted within the JUB forums as a means to facilitate discussion, in accordance with the usual customs and practices of this site.


Threads designated “Video” will include one or more video segments in the opening post. These may appear as an embedded YouTube (or similar) format, a hotlink to an external video, or a link to an external web page that includes video content.

It is important that video threads include an introduction or explanation of the video and its relevance for discussion. It may also be helpful to direct viewers to a specific time-point in the video’s sequence, if it contains one segment of particular interest.

How do I add a prefix to a thread?

Each time you create a new thread in the CE&P forum, you will notice a pull-down menu to the left of the text box where you enter the title of the new thread.

Using this menu, scroll down to choose the appropriate prefix and assign it to your new thread.

What if a thread does not have a prefix?

By default, threads are not assigned a prefix. This implies that the topic is “open” and may expand to include other ideas, concepts, opinions, and related discussions that may develop as members add additional posts. An open thread should not be interpreted to allow blatant hijacks, but open threads implicitly accommodate a reasonable ebb and flow of the topic as it is influenced by member interaction.

Can new thread prefixes be added to the menu?

The CE&P moderators are always open to new ideas.

Given an explanation for a new prefix and sufficient interest among members, we will be happy to include new choices in the menu. Please add posts to this thread to suggest new additions or to discuss appropriate use of the prefixes that are currently available.