Welcome to the Health & Wellbeing forum of JUB!! This is a place to discuss any health concerns in a safe environment. It is not exclusive to sexual health issues by any means.

Here are the guidelines for this forum:

No Flame Zone: This forum is in the No Flame zone which will be strictly enforced. There are no dumb questions in this forum- we take all questions seriously. Personal attacks are never allowed and disagreements should be addressed in a constructive manner. We want this to be a safe environment for people to be able to openly and honestly discuss health concerns without being ridiculed.

Code of Conduct: In addition to the No Flaming policy, please be abide by the code of conduct for JUB. If you haven't read the Code of Conduct (COC), there's a link on the bottom left side of each post that will take you there.

Check out the Stickys: At the top of the first page of this forum are some threads that contain commonly asked questions. There is a lot of information available in these threads that may be of help in answering your question. You're still welcome to post your question but sometimes the sticky can save you the trouble- especially if you're embarassed to ask.

Nudity: This forum doesn't allow erotic photos but in cases where a nude picture is needed to illustrate the thread, they will be allowed. For example, we have weight loss and fitness threads where we do allow users to post before/after photos of their bodies. And on threads about medical issues with the penis, we do allow users to post both photos of themselves and from other websites to illustrate their question.

Follow-up with your Personal Physician or Therapist: Advice given in this forum is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice. For diagnosis, specific advice and treatment you should consult with a qualified professional.

Many times there are threads where the advice you will receive is to go talk to your physician or to see a therapist. Please do not take that to mean that we don't care or that we are dismissing your problem. There is no substitute for the advice you will receive from a qualified professional who knows you, who you can talk to face to face and who can properly diagnose and treat you. So while you can obtain a lot of valuable information in this forum and from the people here, it should only be considered non-professional advice. You should follow-up with a visit to a professional if the advice you receive doesn't resolve the issue.

Thanks for your help and we look forward to your participation!

Forum Moderator

--Thanks to Jockboy01 for originating these forum rules!