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Thread: All About Ass

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    All About Ass

    Anal Anatomy 101:

    Quote Originally Posted by Versatastic
    Starting from the anus, the rectum goes up a bit, and then makes a sharp 90 degree turn before making another 90 degree turn into the descending colon (hence the name "sigmoid" or "s" shaped). If a guy is just the right length, he hits at just that first turn, and it hurts a lot. It's not a sharp pain, it's blunt and doesn't subside with prolonged thrustings. If he's shorter, he doesn't hit it and everything's great. If he's longer, his thrusting will straighten it out so there's no turn anymore, and it's pure joy!

    The colon and small intestines are held loosely together by connective tissue and blood vessels, so they're not static and can be moved around to some degree. Everything is packed pretty tightly in there, so it takes some effort to move things around.

    Quote Originally Posted by KaraBulut
    Here's another view (not for the squeamish) that might help. This is a sagittal view. Think of it this way- if you were to divide the body in half by running a line through the body between the eyes through the middle of the body, the picture below is what things look like from the inside.

    On the right side, number 8 is your asshole. Number 9 is the internal sphincter. Number 5 is your rectum. Number 21 is the prostate gland. 15 is the penis.

    If you follow the space from 8 to 5, you'll see that the anus (#8 ) takes a turn. If you insert your dick in #8, you'll see that it will follow the space and take a turn upward. Along the way to the rectum (#5) it bumps into the internal sphincter (#9- ouch!) and then the prostate (#21- yippee yay!).

    Hopefully, this will help visualize what you're feeling.

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    All About Ass

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