Below are links to discussion threads on frequently asked fitness questions.

General Fitness / Getting Into Shape Threads:
Burning fat thread 1 thread 2
Getting into shape
Gaining Weight
Getting Your Baseline and Progress Measurements
How often can I work out?
Motivation & Help Getting Fit
Need motivation to lose weight
Two questions about getting started for the beginner
Resistance machines vs free weights / reps and sets
Tips for Working out

Nutrition and Diet:
Muscle gains
Protein/nutrition thread 1 thread 2 thread 3
Trimming fat/Diet

Junk in the Trunk/How to Shape Up Your Butt:
Getting that muscular butt!
How do I get a big bubble butt?
How Do I Develop a Rounder Butt?
Getting a cute butt
Exercises to get a nice butt

Individual Muscle Group Workouts
Biceps and triceps
Gluteal exercises thread 1 thread 2
Shoulder/chest workouts

Gynecomastia / Man-boobs
Man Boob Problem
Saggy man-boobs
chest fat - aka "man boobs"

Offsite Resources:
General do's/don'ts for adding muscle
Training different muscle groups

Individual Member Workout/Fitness Threads:

Codeerror's fitness thread

Seiya174's fitness threads 1 2

Treanir's fitness thread

BlackHoleSun's Workout
Doctor106's Workout Thread
Fire1986449's Fitness Thread
Flinginflamez workout thread
Flowbot's workout thread
Justusbrent's fitness thread
Ordinary's workout journal
Vegetaishott2003's Fitness Thread