Those people who have links to Blogs or Websites in their signatures will need to read this - and ensure they comply with this rule going forward:

Policy for signature links:
Linking to personal blogs in signatures is allowed, but you must have a reciprocal link on your site to at least one of the following: (artwork available at, BrokeStraightBoys CollegeDudes (artwork available at

We also do not mind if you wish to link to,,, or Additionally, only one link is allowed per signature.

If you are linking to a commercial site that you own or work for, then you must be a JUB Sponsor and the link to your site must use the official JUB redirect link to credit us for sales. To become a JUB Sponsor you should go to and create a ticket seeking information. Signature links to blogs or sites that promote adult sites as an affiliate are in direct competition to and can not be allowed under any circumstance.