You all know that reading README.TXT is LIFE saving .. well at least you should know

This post is a list of some good threads about reoccurring or important issues concerning this forum.

If you have a question and/or are looking for tech support, please read this thread first:
How to ask questions in a way that us tech guys can help you. It makes it a lot easier for us if you stick to it, even when you are not that tech-savy it helps us to find the source and solution to your problem faster.

Also there is a thread about using meaningful headlines, because that makes it for people here to help much more convenient to find the topics where they actually can help.

For some problems it can be very helpful if you can post screenshots, here is a thread that explains how you can do it.
Sometimes the screenshots turn out to be too big to be posted here, you can learn here how to resize them for posting.