The new "Ask the moderators" (sub)forum is your direct line to the moderators of Whether you have any question about the rules governing the JUB forums or problems with another member, or anything else that you want to ask the moderators - ask your question, voice your concern in the "Ask the moderators" forum.

Any threads that you create in this forum will only be seen by you and JUB moderators/admins/staff. Everything you post there will be completely confidential. If we feel that any issues you have raised need discussing with the forum members then a moderator will start a discussion on the public forum or PM the member in question. You will still remain anonymous.

For fastest and most efficient results, members should use the “Ask the moderators forum,” rather than PMing specific moderators. This helps avoid the problem that occurs when a mod who appears to be online has already signed off (their green light may remain on for some time) and ensures that any issue will be addressed by the first available Mod.

Of course, there may be other conversations between you and a specific moderator that are more appropriate to the PM system. You should continue to reply by PM when you receive a PM from a mod.

If you have a problem with a specific post, please still use the "Report post" function - you can find that link in every post (below the poster's avatar).

The actual forum to start your threads in is HERE: