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So I'm brand-new to comics. Like, I read my first one a few days ago. The Secret Invasion Deadpool tie-in was the one that broke my cherry, and I really enjoyed it. I just bought and downloaded The Killing Joke a few minutes ago and I'm about to go read it!

So, my question is, where do I start?
If you want something to make you think get Alan Moore's "Saga of the Swamp Thing" - it is one of the best written and beautifully drawn comic stories ever created.

What you won't understand because you are new to comics is that the Swamp Thing was a muck monster - it started off as a horror title. And Alan Moore took the title and sent it in a completely new direction without ever contradicting what had gone on before.

So many of todays writers just want to start over and say "that never happened" - but Alan Moore instead said "that is what happened - but the reason why may be different than you thought it was...."

Another book that you would enjoy is "DC Universe: The Stories of Alan Moore" - it is a selection of stand alone stories he did of different characters in the DC Universe. It is again a great read and nice to see his view on a variety of heroes.