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    Health and laughter to you this year.
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    [continued 2]

    Kulindahr blades were also easier to enchant than regular blades, and it was rare to find one that didn't at the very least have the enchantments "Fine Edge" (makes the edge sharper than the finest razor), "Ever Sharp" (reduces dulling from wear and abuse by 99.99%), and "Ever Pure" (won't corrode), with "Strike Fast" (increases user's speed with the weapon by a tenth to a fifth) and "Strike Hard" (increases the power of each stroke by a tenth to a fifth) fairly commonly found as well.

    In sunlight a well-polished kulindahr blade was as reflective as the finest silver mirror, while in the dark or shadows it would almost seem to absorb light so that on a cloudy moonless night it was practically invisible.

    I've been told by some of my fellow gamers who knew about kulindahr blades that it's a fitting name for my online personality.
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    In the game followers of some "patrons" -- higher powers one could pledge to serve and receive certain benefits in return, often in a very religious way -- declared kulindahr blades forbidden for their followers, as did certain Guilds. Anyone who owned and used a kulindahr blade was regarded as walking very close to the "dark side", even crossing the line sometimes; they also tended to bouts of melancholy and brooding, though sages argued whether the swords made their owners that way or if it was just that people who were melancholy and brooding were the kind attracted to acquiring and using a kulindahr blade.
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    It's from a fantasy role-playing game I game mastered for back in college. It's pronounced coo-lin-dahr, where the "hr" is sort of a breathed "r" sound (though originally the last syllable was emphasized). In the game it was the name of an ancient master smith and the special steel he created for making swords; he was accused of using dark magic in forming the steel and in fashioning the blades, and though the blades he himself made show no evidence of enchantment the only way anyone has been able to duplicate his results had been by use of some rather dark magic. A kulindahr sword can learn, and pass on learned skills to a new owner, so if you can get one that was owned by a blademaster you can learn swordsmanship without the need of an instructor -- but the value of such a blade was such that complete castles with large estates had been traded for one.
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    Morning. Thanks for the comment, i can see and understand your position. Because of my work i deal with situations like this one on a frequent basis.

    I always refer to a therapist, more their field. Although you know it is going to be a difficult topic to handle when you take into consideration his choice of username.

    I just wish that there was a support group near where he lives that we could direct him to.
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    I used to be there a lot. Maybe I'll come back.
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    Evening. Quite ironic as it was a necro thread, but yes a very detailed examination, even though it was rather "chilly".....
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