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    I agree. What's missing is fun, goodwill, camaraderie, youth, optimism, diplomacy, and interest in others. What is left is endless culture war, the politicization of everything, trolls-a-gogo, and old men who should all know better. It was nice to see you though. I followed your YouTube vids when you were making them.
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    Gosh, most of your friends in your list are gone now. JUB needs them back too.
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    I give up. Is this supposed to be yours? Hope your bone has knit okay.
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    Be careful about a "boot" in front of Canadians.
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    It's whinge about language time? This isn't a question so no need for a question mark.

    Is it whinge about language time? is a question; It's whinge about language time. is a statement.

    You are going to hate me for nit-picking aren't you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taz

    It's whinge about language time? The pet peeves thread must be just around the corner.

    This isn't a question so no need for a question mark.

    pet peeves thread This is a title and should have capital letters.

    Please don't be angry, sometimes I can't control myself.

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    Sounds delicious. Buen provecho
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    I had this crazy random dream about you last night where you had a house in my home town, and you had a Muslim girlfriend, and you both invited me over, and then I said some blunt remarks to your girlfriend because she was covered over in that conservative way that Muslims are, and then you angrily grabbed me and you were screaming and yelling at me.... after which everything returned to normal and your girlfriend prepared some food or something....

    Don't worry Taz I don't obsessively dream about you! That was the first time in fact! Hopefully next time I'll dream something more homo and erotic about you.
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    People fascinate me. I'm always wondering what brought them to where they are today. In his case, he seems incapable of going beyond the most superficial human intimacy. He's like a grade schooler.
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    You a sex, sex, man. haha!

    Hi, Taz, Hope you're doing ok.

    Larry (windsors)
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by Taz on May 23rd, 2012 at 12:44 AM
So I am officially 100% out. nobody is bound to secret anymore. everyone I deemed important enough to tell has been told!

I'm in my hometown for a couple of weeks visiting my family, and all my old mates. I spent a couple of days telling more fringe family members, and those I thought wouldn't take it well. To my pleasant surprise, everyone was really good about it. Even my conservative old pop, who's only concern was my continuing the family line.

So a little

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by Taz on May 11th, 2012 at 07:34 AM
It's been a while since I posted. I got pretty sucked into couple life.

So its time for an update.

Last time I wrote I had come out to my mum, well now my dad knows too, as well as half of my family. I'm actually going back to my hometown this Sunday, so I'll be telling the rest of my family and my close friends. Not in a flaunting it way, just telling people who would care and who deserve to know.

I'm actually really looking forward to it. I love the

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Out of the closet

by Taz on February 28th, 2012 at 08:30 PM
So it's done. My mum came up for her holiday, and I told her I was gay. And I feel so much more free because of it :)

It was terrifying, the first few days she was up i couldn't find the courage to tell her. so I talked to my best friends and my boyfriend and they all helped me until eventually I broke it to her.

We were alone at my house sitting on the couch playing mario kart, when I paused the game and said there was something I had to tell her, she said yes i know

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Telling Mum

by Taz on February 22nd, 2012 at 12:40 AM
In 2 days time my mum is flying up from Tasmania.

She's flying up for a 5 day visit to see how my new out of the nest life is.

I'm going to tell her I'm gay.

I'm not as afraid as I was when I initially came out, because now that I have been me for a while, it feels natural, and I'm happy with myself. But still, I'm feeling a little apprehensive. I mean I don't know when or how to break it to her. or how she'll react.

Ok so I'm a lot apprehensive,

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by Taz on December 6th, 2011 at 06:07 AM
I'm becoming convinced that life only gives you things, so that it can get a laugh when it takes them away.

The last couple of months were the highest point for me in a good few months. Finally got my shit together, surlifesaving in my spare time, got a job that I enjoy, finally got the courage to come out to myself and my friends, and then a relationship.

Then life noticed it was all going a little too well and slammed on the breaks.

First I got news

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