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    Yes, I can make breakfast including eggs, oatmeal, etc. When I say I can cook, I mean more along the lines of meals, like pot roast or chicken and dumpling. Part of why I think I don't cook is because it doesn't really interest me and when I have done it, it often was a failure. When Tomas and I started living together in college, I decide I would bake us chicken. When it got a lovely golden color, we sat down to eat. It was bloody inside. I tried again but longer time in the oven. It was so overcooked it was like leather. Could I have mastered it? I'm sure I could have but it is not one of my interests of passions. I've made meatloaf too, but it never seems as good as other peoples. The woman who cooks for us is brilliant at it and can cook anything, so I have no incentive to try much. Are you a good cook? I've never made a stir fry. I'm not big on fried food, anyway.
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    You must have missed the posts where I said I was not that domestic. I can cook a few things, like braised beef tips, partially because it requires a long baking time and not much prep and ingredients. Maybe I should post what you presume about me in the perceptions thread? Haha, nah.
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    You're welcome to my child-bearing organs, but I must warn you that they are already waaay past their use by date!
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    I guess that's better than being black balled.
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    I don't remember that. I'm amazed you do.
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    I AM vague, blank, & aloof !!!
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    Hi there! yes, it's me.
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    I climax every day. There is nothing "anti" about it.
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    I just noticed that. It was not intentional. Can you be a slut if you love the man his "missle" is attached to? Be kind to your rocket, now.
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    Already handled his missle in the shower this morning.
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Just someone plain (sometimes out of this world) who struggles between his fate and his sedentary life. Nothing great. But if you insist...


come now, my child. if we were planning to harm you, do you think
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Quite A Good Read with A Twist

by freefall on October 19th, 2013 at 06:20 AM
[Chuck Lorre Production, Vanity Card #424]

Sometimes when I hit a particularly bad golf shot, I find myself looking for the ball where I want it to be, rather than where it most likely is. On a personal level this could be written off as a harmless bit of wishful thinking. But on a macro level, it reveals an evolutionary character flaw that has Darwinian implications. What are the long term survival chances of a species that is unwilling to see things as they are - when 'as they are'

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Conflicting points (about my field of job)

by freefall on September 24th, 2013 at 08:35 AM
For those who don't know, I am a freshly graduated doctor, currently working for a year in the rural area for internship period. Before I go to the core of my blog post, a little prelude may be explanatory.

Right now, being a doctor is probably the most enduring and stressful occupation in Indonesia. I'm not exaggerating; times have been difficult, not just for doctors, but for all health workers as well. Why?

There are many causes. First, the government is not doctor-friendly.

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Being gay and my future

by freefall on August 31st, 2013 at 01:13 PM
When I first accepted being gay, I did not give it a lot of thoughts. I just thought that being gay was only one aspect of life which will just fit into the slot.

Too bad those dog days were over.

Now that I see it clearer and clearer everyday, I can see that I have no future as a fully functioning gay man in my birthplace. I can pursue a career and life but not as a gay man as people will stigmatise and dogmatise my life. I will eventually be forced and relent to marrying

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Drained and all

by freefall on August 6th, 2013 at 10:45 AM
I'm drained. That's it. I'm exhausted. I'm through. Physically, morally, mentally, spiritually.

Everything seems to be walking on the spot for me. Nothing really changes for me or in me. Sometimes I just want to stop fighting and struggling and just rest but I can't because I keep on reassuring myself there is something to chase and grasp. But for what aim?

The river is just a river, the trees are all barrens, and the streets are full of strangers.

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Gone with the Wind

by freefall on May 31st, 2013 at 06:30 AM
Being absent for a mere three months, I checked my comments for bittersweet memories - only to get more bitterness. So many people I know self-deleted during the time-out period! And half of them are my close friends here.

I don't know what happened; some might need more time in real life, some might not see the need of hanging out in JUB anymore, some might be fed up of JUB, or some just...move on. There might not be any information about their decisions and even if there were there's

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